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Daily News 2014-07-24

Invisible Threat: Ugh. by Ginger Taylor - Adventures In Autism

Dr. Andy Wakefield - You Had Me at Microbiome by Teresa Conrick - Age of Autism

Cash injection for herpes vaccine - IAN Frazer’s push to develop a vaccine for the herpes virus has been given a welcome boost with listed biotech Admedus raising its stake in the joint venture company Admedus Vaccines, which is chaired by the award-winning medical researcher and creator of the HPV vaccine.

Australia: My Gardasil Survivor by Kate, from Sydney - SaneVax

Vaccine Adjuvants Market in Infectious Disease

Progress on the horizon to implement ‘lifelong’ immunization registries

Too few U.S. youth getting vaccine for sexually transmitted virus: CDC

TCA: Nova’s ‘Vaccines’ Producers Aim to Dispel Internet Rumors

Meningitis Vaccination

Chickenpox Vaccine

HEALTHWATCH; Vaccines for Shingles (video)

CDC: HPV vaccination rates unsatisfactory among teens

The Most Important Vaccine, 1980-2014

"It's perverse when GSK claim that they are going to be more transparent when they do not offer transparency when writing about their transparency." - Bob Fiddaman

First Vaccine Candidate for Malaria is Accepted for EU Regulatory Review

CDC MMWR Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Coverage Among Adolescents, 2007–2013, and Postlicensure Vaccine Safety Monitoring, 2006–2014 — United States

CDC MMWR WHO Global Rotavirus Surveillance Network: A Strategic Review of the First 5 Years, 2008–2012

CDC MMWR National, Regional, State, and Selected Local Area Vaccination Coverage Among Adolescents Aged 13–17 Years — United States, 2013

Safe and effective vaccine that prevents cancer continues to be underutilized

City's Top Hospitals Fail to Vaccinate Newborns Against Hep B, Study Shows

Oral Vaccine Delivery Developing in Peppas Laboratory at UT Austin

Haiti to Launch Cholera Vaccination Push

Autism Experts Slam Jenny McCarthy For Vaccine Stance

Ties between industry & academia deepen as 7 pharmas offer ‘deprioritized’ drugs for research

Worst of this flu season yet to come

Are Mandatory Flu Shots the *Moral* Choice?

CDC: Antibiotics May Have Been Wrongly Prescribed For Influenza

Rise of measles linked to report

Richland County-area health officials hope measles waning

Mike Hall: Reader beware of misinformation passed online - Snopes offers rebuke of popular myths

Working towards eliminating measles by 2020: Health Minister Harsh Vardhan

Official cause of death ruled in mysterious death of Snowville mother and daughter (video)

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry releases first set of data from National ALS Registry

CDC MMWR Notifiable Diseases and Mortality Tables

Do Prescription Drug Prices Worry You? Join our Twitter Chat by Ed Silverman - WSJ Blog Pharmalot

Are Serial Whistleblowers Useful Tipsters or Only in it for the Money? - by Ed Silverman - WSJ Blog Pharmalot

News Scan for Jul 24, 2014 - CDC lab biosafety update; GM mosquitoes to fight dengue; GSK's malaria vaccine; Cholera vaccination in Haiti; Global hepatitis progress