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Daily News 2016-05-31

No More Vaccines at Cool Springs Family Medicine

Mandurah mother asks for legal advice after father threatens to vaccinate child

Help share Reid's story on a board

Chicago Autism One Q&A 5/28/16

My Live Interview Reports From AutismOne 2016 on the Robert Scott Bell Show

Parents Of Vaccine Injured Children Asked To Stand And It’s Heartbreaking

Ministry to appeal court ruling on vaccine-death link

How India punishes those who expose corruption - Whistle-blower BR Singh has been slapped with a Rs 102 crore suit for blowing the lid off a massive scam relating to substandard vaccines.

Herd Immunity Examined: Natural Immunity in the Pre-Vaccine Era versus Modern Vaccine Immunity

We call him Dr Andrew Wakefield Hero!

Has Pharmaceutical Control of our Medical System United Races & Countries? Stand Together of Fall alone

Citizens In Dallas Are REFUSING to Vaccinate Their Kids

Activists crash vaccine event

Shots for Holly educating others about flu after tragedy

Before Caitlin, Edward and the Temple of Vaccinia - Age of Autism

'Vaxxed’ filmmakers in Cleveland for special screenings, Q&As

Where Can I See VaXxed From Catastrophe to Cover Up? - Age of Autism

Dispatches from the Front - A Series of Sketches - Age of Autism

Dachel Morning Wake Up: How Big Pharma Manipulates Media, FDA, MDs & You - Age of Autism

Breaking: Arizona Latest State To Suffer Measles Vaccine Failure Epidemic

Anti-Vaccine 'Anti-Vaxxer' Movement Responsible for 2016 Arizona Measles Outbreak? Measles Spread from Illegal Immigrants to Americans

How World War II spurred vaccination innovation

This 12-Year-Old Went Viral After 'Exposing' the Link Between Vaccines and Autism

The really stupid things Paul Offit says

What a freakin’ idiot

Many Doctors Vaccinate Out of Fear

Global Market for Vaccine to Reach 59.2 billion by 2020, Growing at CAGR of 11.0% by 2020

Mali: Under-5 years Children Vaccination on the Rise

Health officials confirm measles outbreak in Arizona

How Researchers Are Using Google to Find Chickenpox Seasons

32 000 Cape schoolgirls get HPV shot

Vaccine compliance growing in VT, stats show

Early vaccine reminder for students

The power of vaccinating pregnant women

Conspiracy theories muddy Zika public health message, study finds

Govt to rename 'Mission Indradhanush', adds four new vaccines to immunisation drive

Rainbow Pediatrics & Immunizations: Fewer Injections Mean Happier, Healthy Kids

What could be the potential impact of a dengue vaccine in the Yucatan?

Giving Flu Vaccine a Boost

Why ALL pregnant women should have the flu shot: Infection 'can increase your baby's risk of autism and schizophrenia'

Novel method may lead to more precise influenza vaccine

40,000 Doses of swine flu vaccine still available in Uruguay

More than 15,000 children administered polio vaccine drops

Shantha Biotechnics starts manufacturing at its new vaccine unit

New Sanofi vaccine facility starts commercial production

Alaska scientist receives $1.6 million award for vaccine research

Pattaya locals briefed on HIV vaccine development

Vaccines might be able to stop Alzheimer’s plaques from forming

News Scan for May 31, 2016 - Costs vs benefits of new antibiotics; More chikungunya; Arizona measles outbreak; Gender and pneumococcal disease; Lassa fever in Nigeria

Flu Scan for May 31, 2016 - H5N6 case in China; H5N1 in Cameroon; H7N9 transmission; Flu bacterial co-infections


Confirmed whooping cough cases down to five: GN

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is a highly-contagious bacterial infection marked by a cough, followed by high-pitched inhalation. You can ...

Union councils vow to keep Islamabad polio free

International public health community now agrees that vaccination is the top public health achievement of the 20th Century, said Dr Rana.

LIST: More measles cases confirmed, exposure areas expanded

State health officials announced the potential exposure area has been expanded; they said some of the people with measles may have exposed ...

Free HPV vaccinations will save boys' lives - doctors

Year 8 girls can get free immunisations against HPV, but boys wanting the ... Pharmac was considering making a new version of the HPV vaccine, ...

With 4 new vaccines, govt to revamp immunisation drive

New Delhi:The health ministry will soon revamp its flagship immunisation programme 'Mission Indradhanush' to include four new vaccines.

Drop in Google searches reveals success of chickenpox vaccine

The effect of immunisation was best seen in Germany, says Bakker. There was a reduction in searches each time the government expanded its ...

Google searches for 'chickenpox' reveal big impact of vaccinations

Countries that implement government-mandated vaccinations for ... "It's a very clear signal, and it shows that the vaccine is having a strong effect. ... number of Google searches spikes in response to an infectious-disease outbreak as ...

Rabid raccoon attacks dog, whose owner then kills raccoon in Raleigh

The dog's rabies vaccination was current, and its owner was provided with counseling concerning appropriate steps that should be taken, police said.

Hundreds of seven- and eight-year-olds face suspension for school for incomplete immunization ...

Roughly 375 children in Wellington, Dufferin and Guelph could end up missing as many as 20 days of school because of incomplete immunization ...

Pak claims progress in fight against polio

Islamabad, May 30 (PTI) Pakistan today claimed it was winning the war against polio as for the first time in its history all the previous months ...

Raccoon in Raleigh tests positive for rabies

Residents should ensure their pets have a current rabies vaccination. If a pet is allowed outside, a booster vaccine is recommended. Outdoor pets ...

Measles campaign successful

Health Principal Secretary Nicholas Muraguri said the country surpassed its target by over 30,000 of children between nine months and 14 years.

Pak claims progress in fight against polio

Pakistan today claimed it was winning the war against polio as for the first time in its history all the previous month's environmental samples for the ...

NJADO Awards Scholarships to Ebola Orphans

The Njaluahun Development Organization (NJADO) on Friday 27th May 2016 awarded scholarships to 54 Ebola orphans in Segbwema Town, ...

Power over Cervical Cancer

The World Health Organization Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (WHO-SAGE) on Immunization reiterates the importance of getting girls as young ...

MPP Sylvia Jones says she won't quit fighting for autism therapy

Sylvia Jones and her conservative party faced disappointment recently, when their motion to reverse the age limit placed on Intensive Behavioural ...

Indradhanush programme to be renamed

"We have added four new vaccinations - rotavirus, measles rubella, inactivated polio vaccine biavalent and Japanese Encephalitis for adults. We have ...

Indradhanush programme to be renamed

NEW DELHI: Health Ministry's ambitious programme 'Mission Indradhanush', which provides immunisation against seven life threatening diseases, ...

Positive steps in the fight against polio

Polio invades the nervous system and can cause irreversible paralysis within hours - and WHO's repeated warning is that as long as any polio virus is ...

WHO reports negative polio sample for Pakistan first ever

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) The environmental samples for polio collected from different cities of the country has been tested negative which is a sign ...

Eh Oh! Brace Yourself Autism Families. Nick Jr is Bringing Back Teletubbies.

We need a battle plan to prevent the regression that's sure to follow in so many of our homes. Kim. Posted by Age of Autism on May 30, 2016 at 05:43 ...

Eight additional confirmed cases of measles in Pinal County

The Arizona Department of Health Services and Pinal County Public Health Services District have given confirmation to eight additional measles ...

Vaccine compliance growing in Vermont, statistics show

It's still fewer than 1 percent of families with kindergarteners going the religious exemption route, said Christine Finley, immunization chief for the ...

Beat the flu this winter

The colder winter months often bring along a number of different flu viruses. ... Flu vaccinations: The South African Medical Journal indicates that ...

Vaccine compliance growing in Vermont, statistics show

Religious exemptions for childhood immunizations are up slightly in ... State immunization chief Christine Finley says the numbers show efforts to ...

How Immunisation Plus Boosts Compliance In Sokoto Aliyu

Sokoto State is recording progress in routine immunisation especially with the introduction of plusses for immunisable aged children, Clinician ...

Pakistan reports negative polio samples for first time ever

ISLAMABAD A Pakistani health official says that for the first time in the country's history, all the previous month's environmental samples for polio ...

Pakistan reports negative polio samples for first time ever

ISLAMABAD (AP) " A Pakistani health official says that for the first time in the country's history, all the previous month's environmental samples for polio ...

Pakistan Reports Negative Polio Samples for First Time Ever

A Pakistani health official says that for the first time in the country's history, all the previous month's environmental samples for polio have tested ...

West Africa Better Prepared to Contain Future Ebola Outbreaks

In an exclusive interview with VOA, Moeti said in May, 2016, West Africa was better prepared to tackle future outbreaks of Ebola VOA Credit.

Dog wardens to canvas Mercer County homes for licenses and vaccinations

Beginning May 30, dog wardens will check homes throughout Mercer County to make sure all dog owners have current rabies vaccinations and ...

World No Tobacco Day: Doctors demand steep tobacco tax

The government can take a leaf out of its own experiments in Polio and Filariasis, two debilitating diseases, that it so handsomely contained. A solid ...

Family planning twist on immunisation vaccines threatens future campaigns

Agriq Quest Ltd has threatened to sue the government for failing to pay Sh13.8 million for tests on the controversial tetanus and polio vaccines which it ...

Dispatches From The Front: Keep Austin Weird

... for parents of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder their relatives, .... Zero, I asked, why were you institutionalized at age five?.

Sierra Leone: More School Children to Receive WFP Take-Home Food Rations in Sierra Leone

"In line with the government's National Ebola Recovery Strategy to roll-out and scale-up national school feeding programme, WFP's take-home rations ...

Study Suggests Cutting Some Vaccine Boosters For Rare Diseases

People are supposed to get vaccine boosters for tetanus and diphtheria once every 10 years. But researchers in Oregon say that's overkill: For adults, ...

Liberia: Impoverished Hard-Hit Area Points to Ebola Recovery

The densely populated and squalid township, located along the capital city's coastline, was a major flashpoint during the world's worst Ebola outbreak.

Council calls for vaccine vigilance

Parents are being urged to take advantage of free immunisation sessions at Gisborne, Kyneton and Woodend this week, with health data showing too ...

Catholic Church on Measles vaccination matter

Going by the laboratory findings as recorded in a letter by Imanyara and Company Advocates, the contents of the Measles vaccine administered ...

Pharmac plans vaccination campaign for all children

All New Zealand children could soon get a free dose of a chickenpox vaccine as the government's drug-buying agency looks to use its expanded ...

Liberia: Ebola Survivors Network Eases Transition Home

The twenty-nine-year-old had contracted Ebola while taking care of her sick parents. Both of them died. Josephine beat the odds and survived, despite ...

HPV Vaccine Is Valuable for Boys as Well as Girls

The vaccine is against a virus called human papilloma virus (HPV). There are more than 100 strains of HPV; about 40 of these strains can be ...

Ebola - While World Waited, Liberians Acted

Monrovia Ebola hit close to home hard as it reached its peak in 2014. Two members of my church - one a nun and the other a social worker who ...

Liberia: The Ebola Stories That Don't Get Told

International news reports about Liberia left the impression of overwhelming irrationality in response to the Ebola crisis an impression that endures ...

Chickenpox vaccine for all children

Pharmac has proposed extending funding for a chickenpox vaccine to all children and making the HPV vaccine funded for males under 26 years old.

Immunizations Offered

If your child does not have insurance there is an administrative fee of $19.85 for each immunization. Payment schedules are available. If you have ...

Proposals to widen funding access to important vaccines

PHARMAC is asking the public for feedback on proposals to widen funding access to the varicella (chickenpox) and human papillomavirus (HPV) ...

Government warn of measles outbreak

More than 400,000 people, mostly aged between 10 and 29, are at risk of catching measles in an outbreak, Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says.

Government warns of measles outbreak

"Measles is now rare in New Zealand thanks to immunisation ... but outbreaks like these are an important reminder for Kiwis to ensure they're ...

Columbus County Animal Shelter to offer discounted rabies vaccines

Columbus County Animal Shelter to offer discounted rabies vaccines ... of the state public health veterinarians before they may vaccinate animals.

Horowhenua students still at home after measles outbreak

No new measles cases have been detected in Horowhenua but 180 high school students are still at home waiting out the outbreak. Waiopehu College ...

'Man Flu' Is A Real Thing And It's Testosterone's Fault

The research also revealed that weaker responses to flu vaccinations were observed in some males with particularly high levels of testosterone.

Measles outbreak highlights importance of immunisation

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says the ongoing measles outbreak highlights the importance of being immunised. The Waikato region is ...

Measles outbreak highlights importance of immunisation

The Waikato region is experiencing a significant measles outbreak, and visitors to and from Waikato have led to further measles cases in the Nelson ...

50 Ebola Survivors Begin Psychosocial Training

About 50 Ebola survivors from Montserrado and Margibi counties over the weekend began three days of intensive psychosocial training in Sinkor, ...

Fighting polio: Drive against crippling disease ends

RAWALPINDI: Anti-polio campaign ended in Rawalpindi District on Sunday. During the drive which started on May 23, almost 8,11,798 children below ...

Anti polio drive in Rawalpindi

RawalpindiAnti polio drive concluded in district Rawalpindi, which started on May 23. During the campaign, almost 811,798 children in the district ...

Measles cases continue to rise 50 confirmed across four DHBs

There have now been 32 confirmed cases of measles in Waikato, including eight people who have been hospitalised since the outbreak began in ...

Not too late to get the flu jab

NORTH West Hospital and Health Board Chair, Paul Woodhouse got the flu jab recently and would like to encourage other residents of the North West ...

Tomato Ebola

Likening the pest's destructive power to the dreaded and deadly Ebola virus helped to define its colossal capacity for damage. Painting a picture of the ...

Punjab approves Rs 25.312 billion EPI

It has eradicated smallpox, lowered the global incidence of polio so far by 99% and achieved dramatic reductions in illness, disability and death from ...

Day 1: Drops administered to 55311

Summary: On the first day of the campaign, teams administered polio drops to 55,311 children, and covered 1,21,164 houses. Under District ...