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Daily News 2014-07-18

New Study Claiming Vaccines Are Safe Has Suspicious Origins - Posted on July 18, 2014 by The Refusers

Committee pushes for answers on mishandled smallpox, influenza samples

Researcher Calls For ‘Risky Research’ Review System

Thousands Might Need New Vaccines Over Refrigeration Problem

Vaccines—Calling the Shots
- Examine the science behind vaccinations, the return of preventable diseases, and the risks of opting out. Airing September 10, 2014 at 9 pm on PBS

Sunnybrook offers hospital staff a choice: flu shot or mask

Robert Kennedy Jr.’s belief in autism-vaccine connection, and its political peril

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Joins Thimerosal Cover-up by Jake Crosby - Autism Investigated

Vaccinations: Should you or shouldn’t you?

Vaccinations required

Flu jab not total defence

China-made vaccine ready to help world's children

World’s first vaccine for heart disease closer

Phase II study reveals potential biomarker for HIV vaccine

Vaccines Are Poison, Cellphones Cause Cancer, and Other Medical Conspiracies

Mymetics to manufacture Imugene's Virosome based HER-Vaxx cancer immunotherapy

Still Crazy? by Bill Welsh - Age of Autism

An Open letter to Tom Insel, Director of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) - Thank you to our good friend Laura Bono and our sponsor Safeminds for this letter. Please share with family, friends throughout social media. Thank you. -
Age of Autism

Dachel Media Update: Alamgam Fillings (Pssst, that's Mercury) by Anne Dachel - Age of Autism

How to Find the Perfect Doctor

TIME Magazine fails us again -

Vaccinations: Should you or shouldn’t you?

U.N. allocates funds to vaccinate Somali children against measles

Saskatchewan to take proactive approach to flu season

Pneumonia, swine flu outbreak barely contained at U.S. naval base housing illegal immigrant children north of Los Angeles

Ignorance fuels dangerous decline in vaccinations

Uganda: MSF calls for wider access to vaccinations in emergencies

Drug-resistant superbug infections explode across U.S. hospitals: 500% increase foreshadows 'new plague' caused by modern medicine

Could a single injection stop diabetes?

Nature's vaccines: children who live on dairy farms have almost zero allergies. Ever wonder why?

Japan Declared Free from H5N8 Bird Flu

Are Vaccines Unsafe For Children? These 2 Minutes Cover Everything You Need To Know.

Human Influenza A(H7N9) Virus Infection Associated with Poultry Farm, Northeastern China

Can the decision to refuse vaccination be truly 'personal'?

More measles reported

End of measles outbreak could be in sight

Travelers to China, Southeast Asia warned of measles

Measles cases hit 15-year high in Victoria, prompting an alert to doctors and hospitals

DPHSS: Confirmed Case of Measles on Guam

Top officials at FDA's India office bolt after less than a year

CDC Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs) Patient Safety: What You Can Do to Be a Safe Patient

Reports profile Caribbean chikungunya threat to Europe

WHO reports 18 new Ebola cases in West Africa

News Scan for Jul 18, 2014 - ECDC questions gain-of-function work; AIDS researchers' deaths; More chia salmonellosis; Polio in Equatorial Guinea