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All the News Posted April 27, 2011

The PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now"

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PBS Autism Series Under Attack by Ari Ne'eman IACC Member: Contact PBS Now Managing Editor's Note: From our friends at Autism Action Network. Take 2 minutes to sign this action alert please: HERE.

US Government Concedes Hep B Vaccine Causes Systemic Lupus Erythematosus - ChildHealthSafety

STIPULATED DAMAGES DECISION (SLE) - United States Court of Special Claims Office of Special Masters (Vaccine Court)

Simple food test makes all the difference for Alicia (7) - "Alicia Fortune from Co Wexford was developing normally until she received an MMR vaccine at 18 months. For the next five years her condition deteriorated, she suffered from chronic stomach and breathing problems and would often end up in the emergency department of Wexford General Hospital."

A PBS series injects doubt back into the autism issue - LA Times

PBS Gets Earful In Response To Autism Series

Autism Now: MacNeil Answers Viewer-Submitted Questions on Series - PBS NewsHour

Navy revises vaccine exemption policy and regs by attorney request - twice! -

Challenging The NYT On Andrew Wakefield

Childhood Vaccinations and ASD: No Relationship Between Number or Schedule of Vaccinations and Diagnostic Outcome or Severity - - blog

Vaccination law challenged on religious grounds

Editorial: No one should catch measles or mumps

Comment:  Perhaps there are limits to our ability to control these things... e.g. Total elimination of measles in Finland, The Future of Measles in Highly Immunized Populations,  A Modeling Approach More on what happens in the absence of natural boosting of immunity

MYKIDSMYCHOICE - This blog is dedicated to vaccine freedomg and parent's choice.  Watch a NY school attorney interrogate parents on their relationship with God - They filed a religious waiver to refuse vaccines.  I guess he was absent the day they talke about the first amendment in law school. - blog

Children without proof they got a whooping cough booster shot may have to miss class in fall

Rwanda rolls out cervical cancer vaccine for girls

Landmark Gardasil article by Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD 

SaneVax Introduces One More Cervarix Girl: Lara from Wales

SaneVax Introduces One More Cervarix Girl: Gemma from the United Kingdom


Susceptibility factors in mercury toxicity: immune reactivity, detoxification system function, enzymatic blockages, synergistic exposures by B. Windham (Ed.)

Birth interventions: More or less sometimes equals the same

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: Statement of Reasons for Not Conducting Rule-Making Proceedings - Federal Register "SUMMARY: In accordance with section 2114(c)(2)(B) of the Public Health Service Act, notice is hereby given of the reasons for not conducting a rule-making proceeding for adding Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) to the Vaccine Injury Table at this time."

Detroit mother's heroism sends message to all parents: Say "no" to child drugging -

N.J. lags nation in childhood vaccinations

Bill Gates: Vaccines Save Lives | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Comment:  Unsubstantiated claims:  e.g., We were originally told that one dose of measles vaccine would last a life-time.  Given that it was based on nothing, i.e., no life-long or even long-term studies, it turned out to be false.  Now being told 2 doses will absolutely do the trick.  Show me the studies that prove 2 dose schedule lasts a lifetime and that disprove the following two related/relevant articles... (Hint:  Why make such claims prior to life-long testing of immunity?)

Outbreak of mumps in a vaccinated child population: a question of vaccine failure? (two-dose schedule)

Total elimination of measles in Finland. "As there is a continuous risk of measles originating from a foreign source, the only tool against an outbreak is to maintain a high vaccination coverage and to continue the two-dose schedule as a minimum policy."  (Note:  As a "minimum policy".)

Deaths from prescription drugs reach epidemic levels - WDDTY

Immunization Action Coalition - current issue Needle Tips

New vaccines may diminish ‘Vaccine War’- Tufts scientists have made great strides in needleless vaccines

Get the Picture - childhood immunizations - CDC-TV

Childhood Vaccinations and ASD: No Relationship Between Number or Schedule of Vaccinations and Diagnostic Outcome or Severity - blog

National Infant Immunization Week: Spotlight on Diphtheria - History of Vaccines blog

National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD)10 Years of Service - CDC

NVIC Says AAP Destroying Public Trust by Bullying Parents Instead of Being Partners in Preventing Vaccine Reactions

Immunize for Good:  Parents Talk - Videos and Written Testimonials

Jenny McCarthy, Vaccine Expert? A Quarter of Parents Trust Celebrities - Time Healthland

An API Supplier Practices Revisionist History - Pharmalot

The FDA, Conflicts Of Interest & Provenge E-mails - Pharmalot

Could Bacteria Communicate by Bouncing Electrons Around Their Chromosomes? - Discover Magazine

HHS move to bar Solomon raises pharma fears - FiercePharma

Court files prove Maryanne Godboldo had full legal authority to stop administering dangerous drugs to daughter; CPS raid nothing but illegal kidnapping -

Expert: FDA strategy document lacking in detail - FiercePharma

FDA issues rules for mobile medical devices

SAVE THE BEES!! - petition

Don’t Tase Me With Your Electro-Shock Vaccine Gun, Bro - The Refusers

Child and Adolescent Health and Health Care Quality: Measuring What Matters - IOM

Celebrity defense atty Alan Dershowitz advising mom charged in autistic son's NY hotel death

Patients who enter hospitals are at high risk of potentially deadly infections or medical mistakes -

Why We Need Vaccine Epidemic – Louise Habakus & Mary Holland, Editors by Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD

Robert MacNeil’s daughter blames vaccines for autism - AutismNewsBeat

Immunization Rate Up Among Local Children - Rate Of Immunizations Rose From 60 Percent In 1991 To 86 Percent In 2009

Smoking during pregnancy factor in childhood disorders

Utah asks dozens to quarantine themselves to stop measles

Vaccine Mania - Alliance for Natural Health

FDA approves meningitis vaccine for 9-month-old infants - LA Times

Comment:  There were just 28 cases reported, that's cases, w/the Menactra serotypes in <1 year olds in 2007 and 31 in 2008.

Child Abuse: Blood Lies (SBS) - WFTV

Autism Becomes a Political Football - AofA

NuLife Foods Grandparent Packs for Autism One/Generation Rescue Conference - AofA

Did the Dominus Effect Begin with Seth Mnookin’s Uncle Bob? - AofA

The Neuroscience of the Gut - Strange but true: the brain is shaped by bacteria in the digestive tract - Scientific American

Lawsuit against FDA a success! Court rules censorship of two specific health claims unconstitutional -

Child immunisation tracker app launched

The European Union may be set to introduce ‘vaccination passports’ for children travelling across the EU.

European Immunization Week

Brain effects of chronic IBD in areas abnormal in autism and treatment by single neuropeptides secretin and oxytocin - Molecular Neuroscience

Top U.S. Health Official Defends Smallpox Retention

New 13-Valent Pneumococcal Vaccine Publicly Funded and Available to All Canadian Children

Brazilian president gets flu vaccination

Smartphone app seeks ‘superspreaders’ of flu

No, it is not ok to reuse that syringe!

BVIHSA celebrates ‘Vaccination Week 2011

10 Mistakes Even Smart Moms Make

Mommy Notes - Infant Immunization

Infant Immunization: How safe are vaccines? - This week is National Immunization Week. On Channel 3 News at noon we talk about the safety and importance of immunizations. (video)

National Infant Immunization Week

No better time to get immunised

My View: Getting kids vaccinated one of best things parents can do

Vaccinations During Pregnancy

Nevada Health District goes for record immunizations

New Vaccinations Required for Adolescents

What parents need to know about their baby's immunizations

Not As Good As It Could Be

Vaccinations of children falling off

Charity seeks girl power to fight killer disease

Shot Smarts Workshop Aims To Boost Immunization

Health officials, schools team for new whooping cough law

One of the Most Important Things You Can Do for Your Child: Get Them Vaccinated!

Alachua County wins national award for flu immunization

WHO wants people of the Western Pacific immunised

U.S. Congresswoman Betty McCollum and Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota Host Minnesota Vaccination Awareness Forum - State and National Experts Come Together to Dispel Myths, Improve Minnesota's Vaccination Rates

County and schools sponsor immunization contest

Grandma knows all about immunization

39% of Capiz kids already immunized against measles

Group Works To Get San Diego Kids Fully Immunized

NHS West Kent urges parents to vaccinate children against serious diseases such as meningitis

New Biomarkers Study Could Lead to Better Malaria Vaccine Design

Parents unaware of severity of childhood illnesses

Booster shot needed every 10 years

Polio survivor lives normal life

Over 400,000 children to get polio vaccine

Alzheimer’s ‘vaccine’ tested on thousands

Nabi Biopharmaceuticals Completes Final PentaStaph(TM) Milestone - $5 Million Payment Received From GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals

Kenya: Aids Vaccine Trials

KENYA: Steady progress in infant AIDS vaccine trial

Merck Sharpe and Dohme and Sanofi Pasteur begin new vaccine trial - "The companies have begun a phase III study of the hexavalent combination vaccine that will test the safety and immunogenicity of the drug when administered concomitantly with Prevnar 13 and Rotateq."

Vical Announces Encouraging H1N1 Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Phase 1 Results

Merck & Biogen to expand NC capabilities & add jobs

Merck, Qiagen Begin Rwandan Cervical-Cancer Program, Times Says

Glaxo's Profit Rises 5.1%, But Revenues Slide

GSK eyes healthier times beyond Q1 flu sales gap

Compass and Arecor to Develop Heat-Stable Hepatitis B Vaccine

1,500 girls in Sefton have been given their first HPV vaccination

Discoverer of HPV vaccine to speak at seminar - Professor Ian Frazer, one of the scientists to discover the vaccine against cervical cancer, will deliver a speech at a seminar on May 5 at the Medical Center on 215 Hong Bang Street in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City.

Gardasil debate renewed - Critics doubt benefits for women up to age 45

Opinions: Keep Smallpox Samples; Cholera In Haiti; 'Bad Milk' In Haiti; Haitian President-Elect; Corruption; World Malaria Day Opinion Roundup

Anti-poverty group launches vaccine PSA

Health Matters: MMR jabs-autism link discredited

Journal of the American Medical Association - Table of Contents April 27, 2011

A prospective study of urinary pneumococcal antigen detection in healthy Karen mothers with high rates of pneumococcal nasopharyngeal carriage

Detection of small RNAs in Bordetella pertussis and identification of a novel repeated genetic element

Dr. Jeff Hersh: Chicken pox dangerous for mom and baby

Chicken pox outbreak at Burnley’s flagship women’s and childen’s unit

Model contracts tetanus from dress; sues designer

Angola holds polio campaign with neighbouring countries

Chippewa Co. Health Dept Warning Parents of Virus

Ask Karen Whooping Cough Protection

Measles (Rubeola) - Situation Update (4/27/11)

MSAR near measles-free

Kenya: Measles Cases Reported

Spike in measles triggers EU action

New Measles Case Highlights Need for Continued Vigilance - Press Release: Auckland District Health Board

Utah asks dozens to quarantine themselves to stop measles

Family left caring for disabled son

Warning over killer disease

Playboy Mansion outbreak: Officials use Facebook, Twitter, social media to track mystery illness

Pet Pointers: Vaccinations for your new kitten

Vaccinating Horses: Common Response or Cause for Concern?