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All the News Posted June 4, 2011

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The PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now"

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REGARDING: House Bill 416, adding an exemption from immunizations for conscientious beliefs (New Hampshire) by Alan Philips, JD

Protests greet opening of new Gates Foundation campus

Two towns to test mass vaccination plan

Influenza A(H1N1) pandemic: the right steps were taken. Science-based arguments to support this statement.

Is “Dr. Bob” Sears moving away from his profitable anti-vaccine pandering? by Seth Mnookin

The next plague

Vaginas, Vaccines, and Vitriol - kwomblesCountering...

AIDS at 30: Medical Milestones in the Battle Against a Modern Plague - The First Champanzee, 1999 - Time HealthLand

Measles, vaccination and homeopaths

The Illusion of Certainty: Risk, Probability, and Chance - Scientific American

Parental Concerns Regarding Vaccine Exemptions -

A ‘Game Changing’ Ruling For Whistleblowers - Pharmalot

CRO Employees Indicted For Falsifying Study Data - Pharmalot

Let Them Eat Dirt - The practice of dirt-eating, or geophagy, is common, perhaps because "clean" dirt appears to impart some protection against parasites and pathogens. Cynthia Graber reports. - Scientific American

The Jabs That Really Sting - Only a tiny percentage of people experience adverse reactions to vaccinations. Naomi Snell did - and as she writes, and the Federal government provided her with little help

TB vaccination for all London newborns proposed - Tuberculosis bacteria London has the worst rate of cases of TB in Britain

Weird Dreams Involving An Annoying Canary and Ibit - kwomblesCountering...

The National Academies Press Makes All PDF Books Free to Download; More Than 4,000 Titles Now Available Free to All Readers

Influenza vaccines, KOPS, and the truth. by Hilary Butler, Beyond Conformity

Pneumonia vaccine not only useless, but dangerous. by Hilary Butler, Beyond Conformity

Polio and lemmings by Hilary Butler, Beyond Conformity

UK Government Documents on Aluminium in Vaccines by John Heptonstall - Age of Autism

Help Autism Families in Joplin Missouri - Age of Autism

Global Health Philanthropy and Institutional Relationships: How Should Conflicts of Interest Be Addressed?  

MMR Vaccine: Hang your heads in shame

1 in 4 parents buys unproven vaccine-autism link 

Protect families with MMR vaccination

Local pediatrician and parent weigh in on importance of vaccines (includes video)

E coli food-poisoning outbreak shows how fear can triumph over reality - The gulf between our fears and the facts of this E coli story may put us in greater danger, says risk consultant David Ropeik

Health bill would require hospitals to develop vaccine policies for employees - "Under a wide-ranging health care bill approved Friday by the Texas Senate, hospitals would have to develop policies requiring immunizations for employees who have contact with patients. The provision, which can include everyone from housekeepers to doctors, is intended to protect patients from exposure to preventable diseases, particularly the flu."

Committee investigates ethical violations in HPV vaccine trials

New vaccines: Gates Foundation’s philanthropy or business? - Vaccines play an important role as public health tools in preventing diseases. Immunisation is one of the most cost-effective interventions for disease prevention. Traditionally, the major thrust of immunisation services has been in the reduction of infant and child mortality.

Australia to face new foreign aid request - Australia's commitment to curb global infant death rates will be tested this month when Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd faces requests for a fresh wave of funding.

Vaccination costs $1.2 million annually - Fiji Times

Aid group calls for more vaccines

UNICEF publishes vaccine prices for first time

Vaccine value recognised in Sierra Leone

Global alliance focuses on immunizations

Rick Perry's Gardasil Problem

Govt breaches promise, vaccine PSUs still shut

Donohue: Son should get missed vaccinations

Warning issued on child vaccines

Immunization Works May 2011 Issue

Huge crowd attends Kids Health Fair to get up-to-date vaccinations

Missed deadline jolts anti-pneumonia vaccination drive

State clarifies eligibility guidelines for immunizations

Vaccination Rates Fall Short of Goal

Vaccination Debate Rages On In Washington State (includes video)

Northwest States Among Top Vaccination Refusers (includes audio)

Department of Health Urges Parents to Use Summer Break to Make Sure Students' Vaccinations are Up-to-Date

Vaccinate Before You Graduate: Immunizations are a lifelong practice - Northern Nevada Immunization Coalition

Teen volunteer at aquarium was contagious with measles


Parents warned over rise in measles cases

Lancs health experts say vaccination vital as measles cases treble

Health official urges measles vaccine for those traveling abroad

Traveler from Italy brings contagious measles virus to northern Arizona

Pennies for polio

Pregnant? Get that flu shot. It's good for the little one, study finds

Next flu season could look much like last season's -- i.e. normal

Flu jab action for Wairarapa

Flu vaccine safe after kidney transplant
Feds Sniff Out Bogus Bird-Flu Drug

Inventor of Zicam flu remedy arrested in Calif.

Flu jab action for Wairarapa

Blacks and AIDS: 30 years later

AIDS research focuses on  vaccine to prevent infection

Thirty years of AIDS with no vaccine in sight

NIH scientists reactivate immune cells exhausted by chronic HIV

Tens of thousands of babies to have TB jab as NHS bosses admit infection 'out of control'

Crook capital: diseases on the rise

The next plague

Nut allergies affect more than sufferers

Vaccine First to Show Improved Survival Rates for Metastatic Melanoma

Delaware business: Fraunhofer's H1N1 vaccine passes first human test

'Therasense': Vaccine for a plague - The Federal Circuit issued a much needed ruling, tightening requisite proofs to render a patent unenforceable for inequitable conduct.

Rabid cat bites two people

1800 are hit as E.coli outbreak goes global

E.Coli outbreak: clear shops of German food to cut risk, says leading microbiologist - British supermarkets should withdraw German produce from their shelves to reduce the risk of an outbreak of a deadly strain of E. Coli, one of Britain's leading microbiologists has said.

Analysis: Fighting E.coli war with smart machines and soap

WHO: Unhealthy lifestyles to kill 52 million yearly by 2030

New strain of MRSA found in dairy cow milk also present in humans

Including Hardjo-Bovis in Calf Vaccination Program May Reduce Chronically Infected Carriers - The economic losses associated with Lepto hardjo-bovis disease often go unrecognized or are attributed to other factors. These expenses can have a significant impact on your operation’s profitability.