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Daily News 2012-06-07

VaxNewsO Canada! Gardasil® Vaccine May be a Medical Experiment on Older Women by The Refusers

Keystone Kop pediatricians store vaccines at the wrong temperature and use expired lots – Reuters by The Refusers

Smarter vaccine consumers are making life difficult for vaccine pushers – Forbes by The Refusers

Link between whooping cough outbreak and vaccine storage probed

HHS HealthBeat (June 6, 2012) - On the vaccine schedule

Vaccine ingredient causes brain damage; some nutrients prevent it

Re: Polio eradication: a complex end game by Dr Viera Scheibner (PhD), scientist/author retired - journal article (BMJ)

Meningitis vaccine testing at Saint Louis University

New hope for a universal pneumococcal vaccine

Whooping Cough Epidemic Leads More Adults to Get Vaccinated

Extra whooping cough booster shot might protect more kids

Fears About Vaccines and Autism Endure In the Face of Scientific Evidence

Dr. Eisenstein Speaking at Health Freedom Expo June 15th - 17th

Dr. Michael Stoto Claims Parents Not Sophisticated Enough Understand A Vaccine Injury

CDC Influenza E-Bried (pdf)

Update: Influenza Activity — United States, 2011–12 Season and Composition of the 2012–13 Influenza Vaccine

AARP Launch of PHR Gives Boost to Personal Health Records Industry and MyMedicalRecords

The MMR-Autism Controversy: Did Autism Concerns Affect Vaccine Take Up?

Re: BMJ response to David Lewis' accusations of scientific fraud by John Stone UK Editor, London N22 - journal article (BMJ)

Arizona Father Freed: Dawn of a Sunnier Era?

NIAID Funding Newsletter

TB Vax for Bladder Cancer - How the bacteria found in a tuberculosis vaccine can improve the outcome of bladder cancer treatment

Grassley To SEC: Probe Vertex Stock Sales by Ed Silverman - Pharmalot

Gulp: Antidepressants, Autism & The Water Supply by Ed Silverman - Pharmalot

Dear Janet: What Does The FDA Really Do?
by Ed Silverman - Pharmalot  

Do Sunshine Disclosure Laws Make A Difference?
by Ed Silverman - Pharmalot  

FDA warns 8 manufacturers for failing to register plants - The US FDA has sent warning letters to eight biopharma companies for failing to register production facilities.

Autism 'could be triggered by very low doses of anti-depressants or other chemicals found in water supply' - Just traces of drugs appear to bring on disorder - Scientists test fish swimming in water contaminated with low levels of medication - Disorder appears to be combination of environmental and genetic factors

NIH study finds childhood CT scans linked to leukemia and brain cancer later in life

Autism signs in fish 'astonishing'

Xenoport's Horizant gets new marketing approval

The companies said the Food and Drug Administration approved Horizant as a treatment for nerve pain that follows shingles, a viral infection related to chicken pox. Xenoport and GlaxoSmithKline said around 1 million cases of shingles, or herpes zoster, ...
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Thirteen New Grant County Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Cases

(Grant County, WA) Public Health Nurses at the Grant County Health District (GCHD) continue to investigate cases of Whooping Cough (pertussis). To help control the spread of disease, the Grant County Health District and several clinics are offering ...
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Watertown Daily Times | Boys, young men can get HPV vaccine too

... and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics that say boys ages 11 and 12 should get the vaccine to help prevent the sexually transmitted virus.

AAP Response to Inspection of Vaccine Management | Parent Network

CHICAGO — The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) appreciates the report ... provide additional training to office staff monitoring vaccine stock, examine ...

Rabies death prompts travel warning

In the case of India, for example, it now says: “Rabies: High risk – Pre-exposure immunisation [is] recommended for travellers and other people for whom contact with domestic animals, particularly dogs, and other rabies vectors is likely” – advice that ...
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Thimerosal organic mercury swine flu and you at Vaccination Debate ...

I read last week how the U.S. Geological Survey did a study that found mercury in fish from every one of 291 streams they tested across the United States.

2012 Flu Season Was Mild

This past flu season was one of the mildest on record, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Twenty-six children died from the flu in the United States between October 2011 and May 2012, the fewest since ...
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West Cork measles students segregated for exams

by Brian Hayes Curtin The school at the centre at the measles outbreak in West Cork has set up a separate exam room for four infected students who are sitting exams. The four teenagers have developed the infectious disease but the principal of Schull ...
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Bieber fever is worse than measles, according to actual science

Bieber fever is more infectious than measles, a new study suggests. The study found that the hysteria over singer Justin Bieber has the ability to spread effortlessly to children all over the world, with no signs of stopping. The work was conducted by ...
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National Post

A casualty of the immunization wars: The reemergence of measles

In 2005, coverage against varicella was added (the MMRV vaccine). ... but in 1989, the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics changed the recommendation ...

Shingles Vaccine Available For Older Adults

The disease is caused by the varicella zoster virus, the same virus responsible for chickenpox. After someone recovers from chickenpox, the virus remains dormant – in a “sleeping state” – in the body, only to reactivate without warning years later.
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Travelers advised to update immunizations

... that children traveling outside the country get the vaccine starting at age 6 months. The only vaccines against measles available in the United States are the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) and the measles-mumps-rubella-varicella (MMRV) vaccines.
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In Brief 06/07/12

Four cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, were confirmed among Eau Claire Memorial High School students over the past two weeks, said Richard Thune, director of the Eau Claire City-County Health Department. Public health nurses identified those that ...
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Washington State whooping cough epidemic worst since the 1940s

The Washington whooping cough or pertussis epidemic has topped numbers that haven't been seen in 70 years according to health officials. According to a Washington State Department of Health news release Tuesday, the number of cases reported going into ...
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Meningitis, know the signs

I was sad to read that three-year-old Luca Williams lost his legs after being struck down with meningitis. Everyone at Meningitis UK was encouraged to read your recent articles concerning the 4th Newport North Brownies and members of Riley's Snooker ...
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Health Department Announces Clinic Schedule for Week of June 11

The following services will be offered during the week of June 11 at the Nick Sterio Public Health Center, 70 Bunner St., Oswego. Those who are covered by Medicaid or Medicare Part B should bring their cards to the clinic. No one will be turned away ...
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International Patent Application Submitted for the Therapeutic and Potentially ...

OSLO, NORWAY, Jun 07, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Bionor Pharma ASA (oslo:BIONOR) announced today that it has initiated the international patent process for protection of the Company's peptide vaccine candidate Vacc-HIV, a combination of Vacc-4x ...
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11 Vaccines That Can Save Your Money and Your Life

I know a grandmother who got chickenpox – in her 70s. And I've lost count of how many people I've seen hospitalized with the flu. I met these patients during the decade I worked in an internal medicine practice. They all share something in common: ...
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Money Talks News (blog)

Health Partners Forum to boost NRHM projects in Uttar Pradesh

The running cost of these generators would be extracted from funding under individual projects such as national programme for routine immunisation. The aim is to maintain the cold-chain of vaccines stored at these centres to avoid adverse effect after ...
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Donation brings metabolic profiling to Africa to fight liver disease

Hepatitis B is a viral infection transmitted through bodily fluids that attacks the liver. Despite being preventable with a vaccine, infection is endemic in sub-Saharan Africa and about one in four adults with chronic infection die of liver cancer or ...
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International Patent Application Submitted Covering Vaccines for Influenza ...

Hepatitis C (HCV) may lead to liver failure and liver cancer. -- Vacc-CMV is a vaccine for treating cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection, which has been associated with inflammatory diseases as well as aggravating various cancer forms such as brain tumors ...
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Can India remain polio-free?

by Vincent Racaniello India has been free of polio for over one year. This is a remarkable accomplishment, considering that just 30 years ago the country recorded 200000 cases of the disease annually, or one every three minutes. With polio endemic in ...
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12 Year-old Michigan Girl Dies From Meningitis

The fire started on Saturday night in the 600 block of Pine Street in Lansing.get more >> A 12 year-old girl from northwestern Lower Michigan has died from complications of meningitis. The Traverse City Record-Eagle reports Alexandra "Allee" Romeo of ...
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SLU researchers study meningitis vaccine

LOUIS (AP) — Saint Louis University scientists are conducting a clinical trial of a vaccine for the last remaining strain of meningitis for which no vaccine is available. The trial is part of a national study of an investigation vaccine for ...
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Clinical study shows positive effects of CAD106 vaccine against AD

In the hunt for a cure, scientists are following several avenues of attack, of which vaccination is currently the most popular. The first human vaccination study, which was done almost a decade ago, revealed too many adverse reactions and was ...
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Medical News Report Cites Problems in CDC Vaccine Program in ...

The American Academy of Pediatrics which wasnt involved in the study said in a statement that itencourages all practices to continue monitoring vaccine ...

Join Annmarie on 5km walk for Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

The HPV vaccine is proven to protect women for cervical cancer. For those who haven't had the HPV vaccine there is such a good screening process in Britain which is not offered in many countries.” Jade Goody, who shot to fame after appearing in the ...
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Health Department offers free kids' shots

The vaccinations offered during the two-week promotion are Tdap, HPV, and meningococcal. This year, Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) vaccination is required for all children entering the seventh grade. This vaccination has been recommended for ...
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Doesn't every child deserve a 5th birthday?

In 1990, I remember attending the Candlelight Vigil for Children at Trenton State College, my 5-year-old daughter by my side, as we heard about the then 12 million children dying each year from the lack of treatment for diarrhea, pneumonia, measles and ...
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Fresh cases of measles at Lewes school

Fresh measles cases at school Fresh cases of measles have been reported at a school. Priory School in Mountfield Road, Lewes, has issued a warning to parents that several more pupils have been diagnosed as having contracted the disease.
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HPA urges football fans to get measles vaccination

Football fans heading to the Euro 2012 tournament in Poland and Ukraine next month have been urged to get measles vaccinations before travelling. The warning from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) comes in the wake of an outbreak in one of the two ...
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Measles outbreak spreads

By Jackie Keogh Saturday June 9th, 2012 A MAJOR outbreak of measles in West Cork has prompted the HSE to urge parents to ensure their children are vaccinated. In an interview on RTÉ's This Week programme on Sunday, Dr Kevin Kelleher, ...
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Pate Gets Harvard 2012 Health Leader Award

By Ruby Leo, 7 June 2012 The Minister of State for Health, Muhammad Ali Pate, has been given an award for his efforts in combating various health threats by the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and Harvard Kennedy School (HKS).
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Rabies: A preventable deadly viral infection

In the United States, transmission of the disease to humans is very effectively prevented by routine public health measures, including epidemiologic surveillance. Although there is an effective vaccine against rabies, routine immunization of everyone ...
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OPKO Health to acquire 45% stake in Israeli hepatitis B vaccine maker

Miami, USA-based OPKO Health (NYSE: OPK) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a 45% stake in an unnamed private Israeli company that produces a third-generation hepatitis B vaccine - Sci-B-Vac - in its state of the art biologics ...
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Why everyone* should get vaccinated

To demonstrate this point, let's look at three totally different vaccine-preventable infectious diseases, the immunizations for which were introduced at different times — tetanus, hepatitis B and haemophilus influenzae type B (HiB).
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The League of Ordinary Gentlemen

Dr. Michael Stoto Claims Parents Not Sophisticated Enough ...

By Katie Wright When my son Christian was small he had a couple of really bad reakshuns to those bunches of those baby shots, I mean vaccines, whatever the ...


“Adults 60 or older can receive a single dose of the shingles vaccine, Zostavax®, which is available at your local health department,” Grant said. At this time, National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not have a recommendation for ...
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Does Thimerosal Prevent Autism? Epidemiology Gone Wild - Bio-IT ...

By Bill Frezza. June 6, 2012 | The Skeptical Outsider | Human beings are born pattern recognizers, part of the repertoire of survival skills that separates us from ...

Public urged to protect families from whooping cough

In response to a large scale outbreak of whooping cough (Pertussis), Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) is urging the public to think and act to protect their families. From 1 January 2012 to 31 May 2012 there have been 322 cases of ...
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Washington state surpasses 2000 pertussis cases

Washington state has had more than 2000 reported cases of whooping cough, also known as pertussis, since the beginning of 2012, hitting numbers that the state has not experienced since the 1940s. The number of cases represents a 12-fold increase over ...
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Vaccine News Daily (blog)

Did the measles vaccine kill two infants in Madhya Pradesh's Satna district?

Two nine months old infants died on Wednesday after being administered the measles vaccine at a primary healthcare centre in Satna's Majhgawan block. The two infants, named Ravi and Deepu, died 10 minutes after the auxiliary nurse/midwife injected them ...
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Six Children Die From Measles in Seraf Umra Camps

Seraf Umra — Six children have died from measles in over past week in Jebel, Dankoj and El Naseem camps in Seraf Umra in North Darfur. Witnesses from the camps told Radio Dabanga that the medical reports in Seraf Umra hospital indicated the cause of ...
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Bieber fever more infectious than measles, Canadian researchers say

Bieber fever is more infectious than measles a recent study has shown. TORONTO — Bieber fever is more infectious than measles, capable of spreading effortlessly to children in far flung parts of the globe, a new study suggests. The work, by ...
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18 teachers suspended for negligence in anti-polio drive

TAKHT BHAI: The district administration on Wednesday suspended 18 teachers for not cooperating with the anti-polio teams in the district, an official communiqué said. Taking serious note of the negligence by the teachers, the District Coordination ...
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Unicef clarifies news report

Unicef Pakistan has clarified a story published in 'The News' on June 5, 2012 titled '46% unaware of vaccination being a way to prevent polio: Unicef' saying a study commissioned by Unicef in January 2012, showed that only 55% of people among the high ...
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16m children to receive polio drops in 82 districts

ISLAMABAD - A special polio eradication drive continued on Wednesday in 82 districts of the country to vaccinate over 16 million children of under five-year age. According to an official of Polio Eradication Programme, the campaign activities are being ...
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Security forces escort polio teams in Bara

LANDI KOTAL, June 6: Escorted by the security forces and officials of political administration, health teams administered anti-polio drops to children in Sipah area of Bara tehsil in Khyber Agency. Local sources said that a Bara-based militant ...
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Building Relationships With Parents Can Make a Difference in Vaccine Acceptance

Immunizations are among our greatest public health achievements. As family physicians, we are in a unique position to use our influence and relationships with patients to convince resistant parents that vaccinations are the medical miracles they truly ...
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Southern Nevada Health District's statement on childhood vaccines

It also underscored the importance of maintaining a robust public health system to support quality assessment and improvement in immunization services. VFC providers generally manage their public and private stock vaccines in a similar manner and 90 ...
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It may be time for guys to roll up our sleeves

In October 2011, the prestigious American Academy of Pediatrics changed their ... Many doctors have been quietly giving the vaccine to their own sons.

Letter: There's a reason doctor was jailed

The plan was, under the ruse of vaccinating area children for Hepatitis B, he would obtain DNA samples that could confirm the presence of the bin Laden family. But the vaccine program he was administering was fake. Only one of three necessary doses was ...
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Childhood Vaccines Found Frozen and Expired

The Centers for Disease Control turned the microscope on itself and was shocked when the Health and Human Services inspector general found severe storage violations in the federal vaccine program. Some of the findings were ice on flu shots, ...
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Parents And Doctors React To Vaccine Dangers

An investigation by the Centers for Disease Control found that medical facilities that are part of the Federal Vaccine For Children Program had serious violations in how they stored their drugs. Seventy five percent of the doctors' offices checked by ...
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hpv vaccine - Hormone Help and Healthy Immunity

my 20 year old daughter went to the doctor and had a pap it came back saying she has the hpv virus her doctor suggested she get the gardisil vaccine what do ...

HPV Vaccine | Peds to Parents

Should I give the HPV vaccine to my son? You may have heard the news that the HPV vaccine (brand name Gardasil) is now recommended routinely for boys as ...

anti-cervical cancer HPV vaccine - the government has admitted ...

Originally Posted by purehuman I'm curious how a measles outbreak could happen (such as the one Eleanora1 above posted) when the huge majority of.

Colorado Gov. promotes whooping cough vaccine

Infectious disease prevention, specifically for pertussis, is a one of Colorado's 10 Winnable Battles campaign. "This is a very real and very dangerous disease, and we're seeing outbreaks nationwide, even here in Colorado.
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OPKO Health to buy 45% of Israeli hepatitis B vaccine producer

By Financial News · June 6, 2012 · No comments US drug maker OPKO Health Inc (NYSE:OPK) said it has agreed a deal to acquire 45% of an unnamed privately-held Israeli firm, which manufactures a third-generation hepatitis B vaccine, for an undisclosed ...
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Opko Health to purchase shares in Israeli hepatitis B vaccine manufacturer

Opko Health is set to purchase 45% shares in an Israeli company that produces hepatitis B vaccine (Sci-B-Vac). The company manufactures a recombinant mammalian cell produced third-generation Sci-B-Vac in its biologics manufacturing facility in Rehovot, ...
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Bieber fever more infectious than measles, Canadian researchers say

TORONTO — Bieber fever is more infectious than measles, capable of spreading effortlessly to children in far flung parts of the globe, a new study suggests. The work, by researchers who use formulas to predict the spread of diseases, suggests Bieber ...
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Hope on horizon

Shingles is a very painful, blistering rash caused by the same herpes virus that causes chickenpox. Almost every adult has had chickenpox and is therefore at risk of shingles, health officials say. That risk increases with age, especially after age 50.
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HPV Vaccine A Mom's Dilemma

Helps empower women through articles and discussion related to women's issues including beauty, relationships and parenting.

Alarming rise in measles cases

According to the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians, people of all ages should have the MMR vaccine. And though it is routinely given to children at one ...
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Leland girl, 12, dies from rare form of meningitis

By AP Leland — A 12-year-old girl from northwestern Lower Michigan has died from complications of meningitis. The Traverse City Record-Eagle reports Alexandra "Allee" Romeo of Cedar died Sunday at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids.
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After girl, 12, dies of meningitis, doctor suggests ways to help protect ...

By Sue Thoms | AP PhotoThe CDC recommends that children receive a series of four vaccine shots to protect against pneumococcal meningitis. Vaccines are the best way parents can protect their children from pneumococcal meningitis ...
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Vaccination Campaign Underway in Kunene

Opuwo — At least 105 teams were dispatched throughout the Kunene Region on Monday in preparation for this year's National Immunisation Days (NIDs) campaign, which kicked off yesterday. The campaign will see children aged nine months to 15 years ...
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Kaduna Records Five New Cases Of Polio Virus

Alhaji Mustapha Jumare, the Chairman of the Committee on Immunisation, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Kaduna. Jumare said that two cases each were recorded in Birnin Gwari and Ikara Local Government ...
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Leadership Newspapers

Vaccine Mishap Could Mean Your Kid's Not Protected After All

Aside from the yearly flu shot, we were looking at no more vaccines for a good long while, and she was safe from all sorts of nasty diseases. And then the CDC had to go ahead and release a vaccination report today that makes me want to run straight ...
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News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE; KLKNTV.comHeaded to Europe this ...

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 37000 measles cases were reported from Europe in 2011, and France, Italy and Spain were among those hardest hit. As of late April, 1279 suspected measles cases have been reported In the ...
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