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Daily Vaccine News Posted July 16, 2011

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FDA Considers Ban on Mercury Amalgam Fillings  by Dr. Edward Group -

Microbes may sky jump to new hosts - Terrestrial microorganisms may have adapted to use clouds as a way station. - Science News

Measles Map - The Epi Times

TV Autism Benefit Gets Emmy Nod

Rational Design of a Meningococcal Antigen Inducing Broad Protective Immunity
- journal article

Comment:  Meningitis is a fairly rare event.  Death from meningitis even more rare (so rare, apparently not even kept track of by the CDC).  Is it worth any risk from a vaccine?

Reported Cases and Deaths from Vaccine Preventable Diseases, United States, 1950-2009 - CDC

Comment:  Note meningitis deaths are so rare they are apparently not even reported.

CDC Public Meetings on Vaccine Schedule (A Personal Account)

Disgusted and Offended by some in the Autism Community by Stuart Duncan

Studies of studies show that we get things wrong by Ben Goldacre -

Cynicism will ruin your life (and your grants) by Morgan Giddings

Rethinking SIDS: Many Deaths No Longer A Mystery - NPR

Patients worseoff with more-experienced docs? - In a study that flies in the face of common sense, sicker patients turned out to fare worse under the care of seasoned doctors than when newcomers to medicine looked after them. - Reuters

Gardasil Vaccine Victims and Deaths - Did You Know? (video)

Most drugs for Parkinson's psychosis unproven - Nearly every prescription written to treat Parkinson's psychosis -- a common psychiatric side effect of Parkinson's disease -- is for medications that have not been shown to improve the condition, a new study finds. - Reuters Health "The study also found that about three of every 10 prescriptions are for drugs that can actually harm patients."

UPenn President is urged to resign as chair of Obama's bioethics commission for ignoring scientific misconduct allegations by Alison Bass

National Academies panel ponders research university overhaul - Nature

Meta-Analyses And A Capricious Drug Approval Process: The Actos And Avandia Stories (opinion) by Matthew Mintz, MD

Some ideas for improving the quality of health and medicinal information - blog

Actress Amanda Peet Encourages Parents to Vaccinate Kids -

Shot may be inadvertently boosting superbugs (2007) - Strains tied to kids’ ear infections flourish as vaccine fights common germs - MSNBC

Flacking for Big Pharma - Drugmakers don’t just compromise doctors; they also undermine top medical journals and skew medical research by Harriet Washington - The American

Wellness requires more ownership by John Mandrola, MD

When Science Journals are Scarier than Science Fiction by Kent Heckenlively, Esq. - Age of Autism

First Lawsuits Against Controversial Cervical Cancer Vaccine - Though no widespread risk had been identified since the release of the Gardasil vaccine, several young French women have suffered what they say are brutal side effects from what was supposed to protect them from cervical cancer. - Le Monde

Canary Party FaceBook Badge Says "My Family's Health Matters!" - Age of Autism

For Interns: Ten Rules to Go By by Dr. Wes

Shared Decision-Making "...give patients the care they need and no less, the care they want and no more."

India's Pharma Industry to See Healthy Sales, Sick Margins - PharmaNewshound

Are Increasing 5-Year Survival Rates Evidence of Success Against Cancer? (2000) - journal article (JAMA)

Doc feels heat over foster care idea for obese kids - Opinion piece in medical journal has triggered a backlash - MSNBC

So how often does medical consensus turn out to be wrong? - Retraction Watch

Without This, Vitamin D May Actually Encourage Heart Disease -

Sunlight can help kids avoid asthma - The Clinical Advisor "Summertime may become even more youth-friendly with the recent discovery that the vitamin D produced from sun exposure plays a role in protecting against childhood asthma."

Comment:  Note that vitamin D production is thought to be decreased by sunscreen use.

Medical mumbo-jumbo that might be true

Mass Psychosis in the US: How Big Pharma Hooked Americans on Drugs by James Ridgeway -

AIDS drugs linked to premature aging, dementia, and heart disease - NaturalNews

Conflicts on Earth (Opinion) - Follow the money: War and Drugs - by Carl Watts

Direct mail direct-to-consumer disease-mongering - Gary Schwitzer's HealthNewsReview Blog

Most major drugs are effective in only 25 to 60 percent of patients - The Refusers

Dietary Supplements Face Overkill While FDA-Approved Drugs Have a License To Kill – Bill Sardi - The Refusers

FDA reorg puts a Merck industry veteran in charge of drugs - The Refusers

Prophylactic Acetaminophen Before Vaccination in Infants Reduces Vaccine Response (2009)

Marketing Menopause: An Analysis of How the Marketing of Premarin Changed as Social Perception of Menopause Changed

Mammogram ad from 1990
- Mother Jones "If you haven't had a mammogram, you need more than your breasts examined."

Doctors aim to stop pancreatic cancer before it forms
- Focus on the cysts can lead to early treatment

Parents have good reason to distrust childhood vaccines
(opinion) - Baltimore Sun

Measles is making a comeback across the globe

Autism Raw Data - Timeline for Causation

Comment:  A timeline indicates correlation, not necessarily causation.  A red flag, certainly, but more research is necessary to determine that.

Take Action for Children's Health -

The Talk- Parents Refusing Vaccination (includes video) Our hosts discuss some doctors saying they'll require parents to vaccinate their children and the ongoing concerns surrounding vaccines.

Nurse Dies from Swine Flu Despite Vaccination

I Don’t Vaccinate My Kids and It’s None of Your Business

CIA 'Vaccine Plot': a Risk to Global Health Security There were media reports this week that the CIA created a vaccination drive in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad in an attempt to collect from the needles DNA samples from residents of a compound it suspected Osama bin Laden of living in. This is a setback for immunization programmes and for the wider effort to fight disease in developing countries.

The fallout from the CIA’s vaccination ploy in Pakistan

'Swine Flu' Breath Test Could Reduce Future Vaccination Shortages, Research Suggests

Meningitis B Vaccine Closer to Development

Title: Tuberculosis antigen detection assays and vaccines (patent)

Vaccination Rates Up for Those With Liver Disease, Diabetes Vaccination rates for hepatitis A and hepatitis B in patients with chronic liver disease and diabetes increased from 1999 to 2008, but remain low, according to a study published online July 2 in Hepatology.

Gardasil Warning

Novartis begins shipment of Fluvirin® seasonal influenza vaccine to US customers for 2011-2012 influenza season

CDC Seasonal Influenza What's new on this Site

Notice: Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff; Establishing the Performance Characteristics of In Vitro Diagnostic Devices for the Detection or Detection and Differentiation of Influenza Viruses; Availability

Measles comeback prompts vaccination plea

Preventable Measles Virus Still Kill in Poor Africa: UN

Florida measles cases on rise this year

Southwest Va. health offices open for schoolchildren's vaccinations

Free Tdap Shots For Monterey County Students Offered

Genome Blueprint for Horse and Human Vaccines Two strains of Streptococcus bacteria, that have evolved to cause potentially fatal infections in either horses or humans, use the same box of tricks to cause disease. Exploiting their genetic similarities could lead to novel vaccines for both man and beast, according to a review published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology.

Kids May Need New Shots, Papers Before Starting School Ky. Rule Standardizes Vaccinations, Paperwork (includes video)

Another victory for vaccines: Uganda eliminates tetanus

CDC shouldn’t waver on meningitis vaccine

Meningitis debate at CDC meeting Fighting disease together

National Meningitis (ACWY) Vaccination Service for Hajj & Umrah pilgrims proving popular

Vaccines in the developing world

It's nearly time for back-to-school shots

Martin County parents urged to ensure kids up on shots for school

WHO Says World Is Better Prepared For Influenza Pandemic

Tracking a moving target A family tree of the 2009 pandemic influenza viruses in Japan reveals a high rate of viral evolution

Title: Methods for the detection and/or quantification of gram positive bacterial contaminants (patent)

Notice: Agency Information Collection Activities; Submission for Office of Management and Budget Review; Comment Request; Adverse Experience Reporting for Licensed Biological Products; and General Records

Potential Signals of Serious Risks/New Safety Information Identified from the Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS)

DRC facing cholera, measles outbreaks, U.N. says

The real significance of two HIV ‘breakthroughs’

State Regulators: Florida Physician's Lax Infection Control Caused Hepatitis Outbreak

Hepatitis: A silent killer

Students bound for US get tips before departure

Hepatitis A Vaccination Clinic in Labrador

20 HCMC children die of hand-foot-mouth disease The death of a child with the hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) a few days ago has taken the toll among children in Ho Chi Minh City to 20.

Legionnaires’ Disease Infests Aria Resort and Casino

Lyme disease: It's worse than people think

Proposed Rule: Removal of Certain Requirements Related to the Prescription Drug Marketing Act; Opportunity for Public Comment

FDA must be empowered to oversee supply chain; report Congress must grant the FDA additional powers to bring oversight of manufacturing inline with shifts in production practices, according to a report.

FDA offers grant to improve biopharm production steps The FDA is offering a grant to research projects that improve the reliability, speed and quality of biopharm production processes.

Notice: Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; Data To Support Communications To Educate Consumers on How To Safely Purchase Drugs Online

CardioGen-82 PET Scan: Drug Safety Communication - Increased Radiation Exposure

Placebo Effect Rivals Steroid Benefit for Asthmatics (includes video)

Placebo effect seen in treating colds People who believe a cold remedy will work may indeed feel better sooner -- even if they don't get the real treatment, a new study suggests.

Parkinson's Patients Still Prescribed Antipsychotics Despite Warning Six years after FDA cautioned drugs may worsen symptoms, overall prescription number unchanged, study finds

FDA MedWatch: The following drugs had modifications to the BOXED WARNINGS, CONTRAINDICATIONS and WARNINGS sections:  

TACA E-Newsletter July 16, 20011

Schafer Autism Report July 15, 2011