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All the News Posted March 12, 2011

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Risk of fits prompts bans of four flu jabs FOUR brands of flu vaccine have been banned for young children due to the risk of fits, in new Health Department advice for the start of the flu season.

New flu vaccines not to be used in children

H1N1: International Press release Swine Flu: Lessons not Learned and Health Freedom Increasingly at Risk! English - French/Français - Dutch/Nederlands - German/Deutsch - Spanish/ Español - Italian/Italiano - Portuguese/Português

Sanofi’s ActHIB Vaccine Recalled in Japan "Sanofi took action after finding that two syringes used to dispense the vaccine contained an undetermined “foreign matter,” a spokeswoman tells the Health Blog. The move is precautionary only, and the recalled ActHIB vaccine doses don’t present a safety risk, she says. The ActHIB vaccine is administered using syringes — which contain a solution that renders the powdered vaccine ready for injection –  in Japan, but not in the U.S."

Daiichi Sankyo to recall some lots of Sanofi ActHIB vaccine Daiichi Sankyo Co said on Friday that it will recall 13 lots of the ActHIB pediatric vaccine after it found an unidentified substance in two syringes.

Vaccine Epidemic the Book Video

Efficacy Studies of Influenza Vaccines: Effect of End Points Used and Characteristics of Vaccine Failures

Study: Some trials overestimated flu vaccine efficacy

Nunavut infant deaths, flu outbreak revive drug debate

Response of W.H.O. to Swine Flu Is Criticized

A.M. Vitals: J&J Subject to Five Years of FDA Oversight "The panel, however, says there’s no evidence to support accusations that WHO purposely exaggerated the dangers of the epidemic to stoke demand for vaccines, the NYT says."

For the anti-vaccinationists out there: The results of a real "vaxed versus unvaxed" study

'Vaccine Epidemic' book launch party invades my alma mater, part 3

K registration and vaccination exemptions

Innovative Pneumonia Vaccine to Be Produced in Russia

February 25, 2011: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting Presentations

ATAGI recommends influenza vaccine use in children PBR Staff Writer

Voluntary Recall of Hemophilus Influenza Type B Conjugate Vaccine “Acthib”

Army to use "origami" method to fight bioweapons

HPV type-specific prevalence using a urine assay in unvaccinated male and female 11- to 18-year olds in Scotland

A West Nile Virus DNA Vaccine Utilizing a Modified Promoter Induces Neutralizing Antibody in Younger and Older Healthy Adults in a Phase I Clinical Trial

AFFiRiS AG; Alzheimer's Vaccination Shows Promising Results

Settings Where High-Risk Persons and Their Contacts May Be Targeted For Vaccination

Letters to the Editor Vaccination debate

Says immunizations not mandatory

Vaccinations Will Help Lower The Risk Of Mumps

Mumps warning issued for Whistler Advisory issued after five cases confirmed locally

Democratic Congo: Vaccination Campaign against Polio

Heathhall Primary children support polio vaccinations

Our View: Political juxtaposition not in our interests "Thumbs down: To parents who are choosing not to vaccinate their children. Minnesota’s childhood immunization rate dropped to about 77 percent in 2009 from 80 percent in 2007. For every percentage point decline in the immunization rate, more than 4,200 children are exposed to diseases that can be prevented by vaccinations, according to The Associated Press."

Paging Dr. Frischer - Vaccines

Mutant antigen may improve meningitis vaccine development

Decline in uptake of meningitis vaccine

Better Meningitis Vaccine

Health Dept. recommends children receive two doses of chickenpox vaccine

More Measles Cases Reported

BMJ Admits Competing Commercial Interests in Wakefield Attacks Warranted Disclosure

BMJ Rapid Response to Medical journals with advertising are more likely than subscription journals to recommend drugs -
What about BMJ, Merck and GSK (and Andrew Wakefield)? - John Stone, UK Editor Age of Autism

BMJ Rapid Response to Medical journals with advertising are more likely than subscription journals to recommend drugs - In response to John Stone -  Fiona Godlee, editor BMJ 

Notice: Determination of Regulatory Review Period for Purposes of Patent Extension; CERVARIX

Regulatory update: Nimenrix® (MenACWY vaccine)

Staff flu shot rates at health care facilities disappoint health unit

Canterbury Gardens applauds releasing immunization rates of healthcare workers

Actions needed to reduce barriers to immunization for adolescents

Citywide measles immunization up

Feature : Immunization saves lives, finances

Brain Tumor Vaccine

Vaccine may relieve mice

Whooping cough vaccine a must for preteens Q: I have heard that whooping cough is very dangerous and is becoming more prevalent. My 11-year-old had all of his baby shots and kindergarten boosters.  Is it really necessary to receive boosters as an adolescent?

UPDATED: Mandated whooping cough shots around the corner

New whooping cough upsurge

About pertussis

Differential Expression of Type III Effector BteA Protein Due to IS481 Insertion in Bordetella pertussis

New Advances In Myeloma Vaccines – Part 4: Ongoing Research

The Flu Virus Has Arrived in Madison County

Vaccinations ready for flu season

Flu deaths reported in China

Three strains of the flu circulating

External Panel Issues Draft Report Saying WHO Response To H1N1 Lacked Cohesion, Clarity

Shifting Genetic Structure of Invasive Serotype 19A Pneumococci in the United States

Title: Methods for treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)

Possible meningitis case prompts Ector schools into action

Mum loses baby after meningitis tragedy at St George's Hospital

Biopharmaceuticals: Gates Foundation Funds Liquidia’s Vaccine Development Program

Pepscan closes vaccines deal with Crucell; Update on J&J takeover Privately-held Dutch biotechnology firm Pepscan Therapeutics, which focuses on protein mimicry technology, has signed a research and license agreement with fellow Netherlands-based vaccines company Crucell, which is the subject of a $2.29 billion takeover by US health care giant Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ).

Hepatitis B vaccination camp at UoE on 15th

University student dies of brain swelling Alexis Pennington, a senior business administration major, was active in campus organizations

Prevent Shingles

GenVec Inc. Reports Operating Results (10-K)

Merck aims to be in the top league "Merck and Co, the world's second-largest pharmaceutical company, with an annual sales turnover of $46 billion, is present in India [ Images ] through three subsidiaries - Merck Sharp & Dohme Pharmaceuticals, Organon India and Fulford India."

Pharmacists Make Significant Contributions To Improving Community's Immunization Rates

OAP flu jab figures soar

Situation Update: Summary of Weekly FluView

2010-2011 Influenza Season Week 9 ending March 5, 2011

Seasonal Flu: International Situation Update

Review Committee Supports WHO's Pandemic Response

Bird flu outbreaks up sharply in Bangladesh Outbreaks of H5N1 bird flu among poultry in Bangladesh - already three times higher this year than the same period last year - have caused “serious concern” for the authorities.

Guidance for the Prevention and Control of Influenza in the Peri- and Postpartum Settings

Recently Issued FDA Warning Letters/Notice of Violation Letters Sanofi Aventis Deutschland GmbH (Significant violations of Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations for Finished Pharmaceuticals)

Fort Bragg Infant Death Toll May Climb to Twelve "The odds of three babies dying in a short order in the same house without an underlying condition of some sort, it’s very unlikely. It’s enormously unlikely,” Abramson said. “Common sense would dictate there’s something common in the environmental exposure."..."The Consumer Product Safety Commission, the lead agency in the federal government’s two-year investigation of tainted drywall, has examined the 11 infant deaths and last month ruled out environmental causes."

FDA, Justice Department take action against McNeil-PPC Inc. Charged with manufacturing and distributing OTC drugs in violation of federal law

Notice: Common Formats for Patient Safety Data Collection and Event Reporting

Mass vaccination vs. rabies okayed

Take care of your beloved pet with vaccinations, microchipping at the Bellyrub Klub in Lombard

Safety-Engineered Needles for Dentistry: Some Clinical Impressions

The Drug Development Process - From Discovery to Commercialization

5 Funds for Japan Earthquake Relief

Tsunami: 10 health threats that could come next

Travel warning for Japanese encephalitis

Pawlenty faces skeptical doctors at a NH hospital

Amid War on a Mystery Disease, Patients Clash With Scientists

Hundreds quarantined after influenza death in Malaysia

500 hospitals to get help fulfilling data reporting requirement

Kiwanis International, Unicef To Fight Tetanus Disease

Waging War On Infectious Diseases

Mycobacterial Factors Relevant for Transmission of Tuberculosis

Sanctions needed to help prevent infection

Questions about Rep. Gerlach's environmental record "An amendment blocking the EPA from doing its job to cut mercury and other toxic air pollution from cement manufacturing facilities was adopted overwhelmingly, with the support of local Congressman Jim Gerlach. Exposure to mercury puts children at risk of learning disabilities, developmental disorders and lower IQs, and the EPA estimates that 1 in 6 women of childbearing age has enough mercury in her body to put her unborn child at risk should she become pregnant."

The Right and Freedom to Have Disagreements Settled by a Jury

Notice: Children's Products Containing Lead; Technological Feasibility of 100 ppm for Lead Content; Notice, Reopening of the Hearing Record

Notice: Request for Information: Update of NIOSH Nanotechnology Strategic Plan for Research and Guidance

CDC Develops Crisis Response Toolkit for Public Health Response Authorities

Temple police have to vacate ‘sick’ building

Deformation-based morphometry of prospective neurodevelopmental changes in new onset paediatric epilepsy

Early-onset pure absence epilepsy: a distinct epileptic syndrome

Emotion Discourse, Social Cognition, and Social Skills in Children with and without Developmental Delays

Developmental Pathways to Integrated Social Skills: The Roles of Parenting and Early Intervention

Overview of diagnosis and management of paediatric headache. Part I: diagnosis

The Role of Peer Relationships in the Development of Early School-Age Externalizing Problems

Danish Majority Children’s Reasoning About Exclusion Based on Gender and Ethnicity

Influence of Eye Gaze on Spoken Word Processing: An ERP Study With Infants

Parents: Autism cuts could ruin children's future

Effort Allows Autistic Children's Return to City

Nevada Autism Funding Cuts: Penny Wise and Pound Foolish?

What life is like with autism

New autism support group in Young

$1 Million Goal for Autism Partnership Campaign

Drowned autistic boy's mum sues Tas govt

Parents: Autism cuts could ruin children's future

Autistic boy's mother to sue over drowning The mother of an autistic Tasmanian boy who died in state care is suing the State Government.

Autism activist motivates students Temple Grandin inspires students to put effort into being the best they can be

Hope found in autism

475 attend Anderson Center conference on autism (includes video)

Coming to the AID of adults with autism

Bermudians Seek Justice for Autistic Son

Drinking coffee appears to offer protection against stroke, a major study of women concludes.

Unawareness of deficits in Alzheimer’s disease: role of the cingulate cortex

Use of homeopathic treatments