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All the News Posted April 15, 2010

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►May 2010 - Oseltamivir-induced resistant pandemic A/H1N1 influenza virus in a child with cystic fibrosis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection - journal article (Journal of Clinical Virology)

►May 2010 - Cultivation and Serological Characterization of a Human Theiler's-Like Cardiovirus Associated with Diarrheal Disease - journal article (Journal of Virology)

* ►May 2010 - Primary Immunodeficiency and Autoimmunity: Lessons From Human Diseases - journal article (Scandinavian Journal of Immunology)

►May 2010 - Epidemiology and molecular characteristics of community-associated methicillin-resistant and methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus from skin/soft tissue infections in a children's hospital in Beijing, China - journal article (Diagnostic Microbiology & Infectious Disease)

►May 2010 - Engagement in Multidisciplinary Interventions for Pediatric Chronic Pain: Parental Expectations, Barriers, and Child Outcomes - journal article (The Clinical Journal of Pain)

* ►April 15, 2010 - Hib vaccine: Are press releases telling whole truth? - Indian Journal of Medical Research via IANS via Yahoo! - "The Bangladesh study compared Hib vaccination status among children with confirmed pneumonia or meningitis against those without these diseases (controls). The major finding that there was 'no difference' in the Hib vaccination status of children with pneumonia compared to community controls was omitted in the press release, the Indian doctors claim. The study also found that among those who received all three doses of the vaccine, there was 'no statistically significant protective effect' against either confirmed meningitis or probable meningitis but it found statistical significance in a sub-group that received only two doses of the vaccine."

* ►April 15, 2010 - HPV Vaccination Campaign Suspension Demanded Globally - U.S. Called on to Take Lead - The via PRNewswire-USNewswire via AlphaTrade

* ►April 15, 2010 - India has sparked global demands to suspend HPV vaccines worldwide by Christina England - American Chronicle

* ►April 15, 2010 - The White House Wants to Hear from You: Responses are due April 15th - Advance Science, Serving Society (AAS) - "Complete DNA sequencing of every type of cancer; smart anti-cancer therapeutics that kill cancer cells and leave their normal neighbors untouched; early detection of dozens of diseases from a saliva sample; nanotechnology that delivers drugs precisely to the desired tissue; personalized medicine that enables the prescription of the right dose of the right drug for the right person; a universal vaccine for influenza that will protect against all future strains; and regenerative medicine that can end the agonizing wait for an organ transplant."

* ►April 15, 2010 - Wakefield’s "autistic enterocolitis" under the microscope - Andrew Wakefield’s claims for a new bowel condition in autistic children have been largely overlooked in the furore over MMR vaccination. Brian Deer reports - journal article (BMJ)

* ►April 15, 2010 - Does autistic enterocolitis exist? - Despite the retracted Wakefield study, questions remain - journal article (BMJ)

* ►April 15, 2010 - Rodgers: How we can take the 'aww' out of autism - Alexandria Town Talk - "I realize that vaccines and immunizations represent big money, and more importantly they've been a significant part of the improved quality of life we've all learned to enjoy. Few of us remember the horrible diseases the vaccines eradicated from existence, so there is little debate whether vaccines are a good thing. But can there be 'too much of a good thing?' Just ask those parents who believe their children came down with Autism as a result of their immunizations. For those like me struggling with a severely autistic child, I'd take polio, measles, mumps and rubella any day of the week over the misery, torment and anguish we've faced over the past two decades."

* ►April 15, 2010 - Paul Offit Admits He Has No Expertise in Autism: So Why Does Media Turn to Him? - Age of Autism

►April 15, 2010 - Wyndham Garden Austin Texas Offers Special Support For Guests with Autism - Age of Autism

►April 15, 2010 - Breaking autism's silent grip - Local occupational therapist co-authors Autism Recovery Manual - Wicked Local Marion

* ►April 15, 2010 - Lifting jab rates won't come free - New Zealand Doctor Online - "In response to a suggestion from the Health Select Committee that it might be easier to pay parents to have their children immunised rather than to 'chase and chase and chase', Dr Turner replied that the Australian strategy would be costly and comes with risks. 'I think we can do it in other ways, because you can get a kickback from the community saying 'you're just bribing us',' she said."

* ►April 15, 2010 - GPs call for more education about immunisation - The Royal College of General Practitioners says more education is needed if doctors are to meet the Government's target for childhood immunisation. - Radio New Zealand

* ►April 15, 2010 - Fairfax Medical Reserve Corps helps county health department in emergencies (requires registration) - Fairfax County Times via Washington Times - "'Those 3,700 volunteers have volunteered to help the health department because we don't have enough staff for a large emergency,' Barbour said. 'The health department did not have enough employees to vaccinate everyone [against H1N1], so we called volunteers to help assist us. They are trained to do that.'"

* ►April 15, 2010 - $2 million worth of H1N1 vaccine headed for trash - QMI Agency via CNews - "Health Minister Theresa Oswald said all the provinces have agreed to co-ordinate efforts to recoup some of their money by working with the federal government and GSK. She said it's her understanding it was GSK that told Health Canada the vaccine would last 18 months. Ottawa had originally agreed to pay 60% of the cost of the vaccines that went out to each province. In Manitoba's case, that was about $6.7 million of the $11.2 million it cost for the more than 1.1 million doses ordered by Manitoba Health -- about 200,000 have yet to arrive -- to ensure every person in the province had access to the shot. Manitoba paid 100% of the cost to administer the shots."

* ►April 15, 2010 - First Meeting Of WHO H1N1 Response Probe Concludes - Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report

►April 15, 2010 - Where can I get H1N1 jab? - Malaysia Star

►April 15, 2010 - 24 Students With H1N1 Symptoms Quarantined - Bernama

►April 15, 2010 - Avastin, Tamiflu Boost Roche Sales - Wall Street Journal

* ►April 15, 2010 - Liquidia Technologies Appoints Dr. Jonathan Smith as Chief Scientific Officer - Liquidia Technologies via Business Wire - "Dr. Smith is a pioneer in the development of novel vaccines based on RNA viruses and has over twenty five years of experience in virology, infectious diseases, and vaccine development. Prior to joining Liquidia, Dr. Smith was a co-founder and served as Chief Scientific Officer of AlphaVax, a biotechnology company focused on developing vaccines for infectious disease and cancer. At AlphaVax, Dr. Smith was responsible for optimizing vaccine vector technologies, developing clinical and regulatory strategies, and generating vaccine candidates and adjuvants based on vector technologies. His efforts resulted in over 20 issued patents and contributed to the advancement of multiple vaccine candidates into clinical studies."

►April 15, 2010 - Kids get required vaccines for free - Charlotte Observer

►April 15, 2010 - The New Doctors in the House - By  Bernadine Healy, M.D. - U.S. News & World Report

►April 15, 2010 - China Makes Progress in Thwarting Avian Flu - Xinhua via

* ►April 15, 2010 - Pfizer plays make-believe with American justice - - "Look, if you charge me with wrongly marketing this one painkiller, it’s going to impede my ability to deal drugs to all of my other clients," you explain. "There are thousands of people, patients, and employees who depend on this business and our products. There would be a major economic and healthcare impact if you shut us down. So, how about you charge Jack Rack here with the crime instead?" "Well…," the feds say. "If Jack Rack pleads guilty, he’ll be excluded from selling drugs to Medicaid and Medicare." "No problem," you reply. Jack Rack never sold drugs in the first place, so it’s no loss. All Jack does is hold coats and hats. ..."Well…I guess this is okay," the feds say. "As long as no one was hurt, and justice was served…"This might sound like a Saturday Night Live skit, or perhaps some absurdist Harold Pinter play. But it’s what really happened at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, after the drug-making giant was found guilty of illegally marketing the drug Bextra."

►April 15, 2010 - Swine flu shots important before peak season, say experts - News-Medical.Net

►April 15, 2010 - Life in Zimbabwe in the time of measles - ~ an online community of Zimbabwean activists

►April 15, 2010 - UK - Fear mongering over pig diseases - Meat Trade News Daily

* ►April 15, 2010 - "Autism - Drug Pipeline Analysis and Market Forecasts to 2016" now available at Fast Market Research - New Pharmaceuticals market report from GlobalData: "Autism - Drug Pipeline Analysis and Market Forecasts to 2016" - GlobalData via

* ►April 15, 2010 - Autism in African American children is under-identified and under-treated in Metro St. Louis - Washington University School of Medicine via The St. Louis American

* ►April 15, 2010 - Malpractice Reform — Opportunities for Leadership by Health Care Institutions and Liability Insurers (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►April 15, 2010 - The Potential Health Effects of Citizens United (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►April 15, 2010 - Implementation and the Legacy of Health Care Reform (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►April 15, 2010 - Treatment with Monoclonal Antibodies against Clostridium difficile Toxins - journal article (NEJM)

►April 15, 2010 - Infliximab, Azathioprine, or Combination Therapy for Crohn's Disease - journal article (NEJM)

* ►April 15, 2010 - Pronuclear transfer in human embryos to prevent transmission of mitochondrial DNA disease - journal article (Nature)

►April 15, 2010 - Control of cortical GABA circuitry development by Nrg1 and ErbB4 signalling - journal article (Nature)

►April 15, 2010 - Innate lymphoid cells drive interleukin-23-dependent innate intestinal pathology - journal article (Nature)

►April 15, 2010 - Olfactory pattern classification by discrete neuronal network states - journal article (Nature)

►April 15, 2010 - Widespread transcription at neuronal activity-regulated enhancers - journal article (Nature)

►April 15, 2010 - American Board of Internal Medicine Maintenance of Certification Program — Polling Results (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►April 15, 2010 - A More Accurate Picture Of The Autistic Brain Provided By Dual Approach - McGill University via Medical News Today

* ►April 15, 2010 - Biofeedback therapy - The Indianapolis Star - "Neurobiofeedback can help with a number of other conditions, such as autism, attention deficit, tinnitus, fibromyalgia and sleep disorders. Lisé DeLong, a developmental neurocognitive specialist with clinics in Greenwood and California, uses specially designed programs in conjunction with neurofeedback to teach the brain new tricks."

►April 15, 2010 - St. Louis native, attorney and mom of autistic child offers everyday advice for caregivers in new book -

►April 15, 2010 - School for autism to open soon - The Border Mail, AU

►April 15, 2010 - Creating a community for those with autism - Woodview Manor encourages development of personal responsibility and independence skills -

►April 15, 2010 - East High project: Blanket autistic children with love - The Des Moines Register

►April 15, 2010 - Autistic kids at Grattan get a playful gift - San Francisco Chronicle

►April 15, 2010 - Medical Schools: Tips and Stats - U.S. News & World Report

►April 15, 2010 - Sheriff's officials target infectious diseases - The Daily Sound

►April 15, 2010 - Doctors focus on improving tuberculosis treatments - The Dallas Morning News

►April 15, 2010 - Dallas County's tuberculosis cases decline - The Dallas Morning News

►April 15, 2010 - Kenta Biotech Reports 100% Survival with Panobacumab in Life-Threatening Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia - Phase IIa study presented at ECCMID shows all critically ill patients survived hospital-acquired Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia with first-in-class drug - Kenta Biotech via Business Wire via Alpha Trade

►April 15, 2010 - Raising Celiac Disease Awareness - Letter To the Editor - The Observer

►April 15, 2010 - Artificial pancreas trial successful in 11 Type 1 diabetes patients - Science Translational Medicine via The Money Times

►April 15, 2010 - Drs. Richard Rieselbach, Patrick Remington, Marc Drezner and Robert Golden: Academic medical centers and community health centers can be partners in health reform - The Cap Times

►April 15, 2010 - Study: Moms affect vaccination rate - The Dartmouth - "College women are more likely to be vaccinated against human papillomavirus, or HPV, if they think their mothers would approve of getting the vaccination, Dartmouth researchers found in a study to be published in the May 2010 issue of Pediatrics."

►April 15, 2010 - Officials face action over poor drive against polio - In view of an unsatisfactory coverage of target children in five towns of Karachi and three other districts of Sindh during the last polio campaign, high-ups in the Sindh health department have decided to take stern action against the health officials concerned, it was learnt on Wednesday. -

* ►April 15, 2010 - Balance MS treatment, doctor says - Blocked Vein Theory - National Post - "The work by Dr. Paolo Zamboni, spurred on by sometimes-glowing media coverage, has triggered a sensation in the MS world, with Canadian patients bombarding their doctors for a chance at the operation or more information about it. A few have travelled to Italy or Poland to obtain the therapy. Medicine must strike a balance between the needs of such patients, and the rigorous science needed to prove -- or disprove-- the idea, Dr. Robert Zivadinov, Dr. Zamboni's chief research collaborator, told a forum at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology."

* ►April 14, 2010 - Ron Paul on H1N1 - video - Healthy Eating Blog - "In his latest C4L update, Ron Paul discusses the H1 N1 'emergency,' health freedom, and Obama’s interesting decision."

* ►April 14, 2010 - Chair seeks to tackle bias in WHO swine flu review - The head of an expert group brought in to review the World Health Organization's response to the swine flu outbreak said Wednesday that some members of the panel would inevitably be biased because of their close links to the global body or national governments. - AP via Seattle Times

* ►April 14, 2010 - Alberta wants refund for early H1N1 vaccine expiry - CBC - "The premature expiry of a batch of adjuvanted H1N1 vaccine has prompted the Alberta government to ask manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline for a refund. The vaccines were supposed to last for 18 months, based on scientific evidence at the time. Last Friday, Health Canada announced a new expiry date of only six months, after tests found the vaccine's potency declined after that time period. Alberta has around 650,000 to 700,000 doses of the affected vaccine, worth $2.2 million."

* ►April 14, 2010 - Alberta wants refund for expired H1N1 vaccine - Calgary Herald via Vancouver Sun

* ►April 14, 2010 - Mich. state health department reverses denial of H1N1 records - Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press

* ►April 14, 2010 - MDCH overturns FOIA denial, releases H1N1 information - Documents show nothing related to terrorism - The Michigan Messenger - "After originally claiming that they could not release documents related to the state’s spending on H1N1 prevention and treatment for national security reasons, the Michigan Department of Community Health has reversed its denial and released the documents."

* ►April 14, 2010 - Numbness cases unrelated to influenza A/H1N1 jabs: HK experts - Xinhuanet - "The illnesses of three patients who developed limb numbness recently are unlikely to be related to their influenza A/H1N1 vaccination, a Hong Kong expert group said on Tuesday."

* ►April 14, 2010 - Pandemic still threat to young, expert says - The H1N1 flu pandemic is as severe as influenza pandemics in 1957 and 1968 and remains a threat, especially to healthy young adults, a leading health expert said Wednesday. - Reuters

* ►April 14, 2010 - Governor Paterson Signs Ten Bills into Law - readMedia - "Governor Paterson also signed into law A.775-B/S.4645-B, which will direct the Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health of children between six months and 18 years of age, who are in school or day care, to provide information about influenza and the importance of annual vaccination against influenza on the agency's website. Schools and other child care settings will be required to notify parents that the information is available."

* ►April 14, 2010 - Bill would require hospitals to provide flu shots for workers - Atlanta Journal-Constitution Gold Dome Live Blog - "Hospitals will have to provide annual influenza shots to all employees  – who want then – who come in contact with patients, under a bill the Senate passed Wednesday. HB 1179 would require that all hospitals provide the shots, although the shots are not mandatory.  The bill passed 38-10."

►April 14, 2010 - Pharmacists seek OK to administer more flu shots - Chicago Tribune

►April 14, 2010 - Broome County Health Department Seeks Community Input on Local H1N1 Response - Newschannel 34 WIVT/WBGH

►April 14, 2010 - Washtenaw County keeps eye on H1N1 as it prepares for next flu season -

►April 14, 2010 - Most still vulnerable to H1N1 - Straits Times - "Most adults in Singapore remain vulnerable to the Influenza A (H1N1) virus as only 13 per cent developed immunity after being infected, a recent study has found."

►April 14, 2010 - Expert warns A/H1N1 pandemic still not over yet - Xinhuanet

►April 14, 2010 - Kenya health workers get H1N1 vaccine - The government will immunise 110,000 health workers in the next two weeks against the H1N1 virus commonly known as Swine flu. - Capital FM Kenya

►April 14, 2010 - Get H1N1 jabs, high-risk group urged - Malaysia Star

* ►April 14, 2010 - Unvaccinated kids sent home during measles outbreak - Vancouver Sun

* ►April 14, 2010 - Common Test Done on Newborns Questioned - Dr. Jennifer Ashton Discusses "Heel-Stick" Test; What Parents-to-Be Can Do Before Baby's Birth (includes video) - CBS News

* ►April 14, 2010 - Mandatory Vaccinations - Associated Content

* ►April 14, 2010 - India's HPV vaccination project inquiry: Is the investigation committee truly independent? -

►April 14, 2010 - Sex virus lasts longer in uncircumcised men - While uncircumcised men don't seem to be at higher risk of acquiring human papillomavirus (HPV), it takes them longer to clear the virus from their bodies, new research shows. Because HPV causes genital warts and certain cancers, the finding, say researchers, could help explain why uncircumcised men have a higher risk of such penile cancers. - Journal of Infectious Diseases via Reuters

* ►April 14, 2010 - Dynavax's Chronic Kidney Disease Study Confirms HEPLISAV's Enhanced Seroprotection Against HBV Infection - Phase 2 Data Presented at National Kidney Foundation - press release - Marketwire via MarketWatch

* ►April 14, 2010 - Guidelines urged on vaccination - Irish Medical Times

* ►April 14, 2010 - Trial of TB vaccine candidate begins in people with HIV - Crucell and the Aeras via aidsmap

* ►April 14, 2010 - Two sick with bird flu in Vietnam, 11 undergo tests - Two people in northern Vietnam have been infected with the H5N1 bird flu virus and health authorities are carrying out tests to see if 11 others who have come down with fever have been infected. - Reuters

* ►April 14, 2010 - Novartis Reorganizes US Operations, CEO Leaves - Pharmalot

* ►April 14, 2010 - Nuclei swap to stop disease? (requires registration) - The Scientist - "A technique may one day prevent something that is currently unpreventable -- the transmission of mitochondrial diseases from mother to child, according to a proof-of-concept paper published online today (April 14) in Nature."

* ►April 14, 2010 - Clinical features of H1N1 2009 infection in critically ill immunocompromised patients - journal article (Critical Care)

* ►April 14, 2010 - PowerPoint Fail: Pfizer Slideshow Depicts Neurontin as a Witch's Brew - BNET - "The drug was also referred to internally as “snake oil.” Both are indicators that dubbing your product with a cute internal nickname can be a bad idea."

* ►April 14, 2010 - Statins may slow progression of multiple sclerosis, new study finds - University of California - San Francisco via EurekAlert!

►April 14, 2010 - Examining the plague's place in the lexicon of medicine - Irish Medical Times

►April 14, 2010 - Isolation and characterization of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus subtype H5N1 from donkeys (pdf) - journal article (Journal of Biomedical Science)

►April 14, 2010 - ‘Release Funds for Campaign against Bird Flu’ - This Day

►April 14, 2010 - New UN study urges sustained momentum to tackle human, animal influenza threats - UN News Centre

►April 14, 2010 - New horizons in psychiatric care - Irish Medical Times

►April 14, 2010 - Merck presents antiviral drugs pipeline at conference - Drug Store News

►April 14, 2010 - Pfizer, GSK present at FDA's continuous processing symposium - FiercePharma Manufacturing

►April 14, 2010 - Little City Foundation Presents Senior Clinical Consultant Dr. Mark Holzberg Tonight on Little City TV Generating Awareness for Autism Spectrum Disorder - Little City Foundation (LCF)  via PRNewswire via COMTEX via Cable.TMCnet

►April 14, 2010 - Animal activist Temple Grandin's autism makes her unlikely celebrity - Marin Independent Journal

►April 14, 2010 - Cotrimoxazole Shows Similar Efficacy, Safety Profile as Vancomycin for MRSA: Presented at ECCMID - 20th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) via Doctor's Guide

►April 14, 2010 - Baxter Immune-System Drug Preserves "Thinking" Abilities - TopNews

►April 14, 2010 - 'High Heel Hike' in Fla. promotes autism awareness - AP via Herald Tribune

►April 14, 2010 - Autism Center 5K race to offer help to families - The Eastern Echo

►April 14, 2010 - The onion, a natural alternative to artificial preservatives - FECYT - Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology via EurekAlert!

►April 14, 2010 - Incentives for Drug Development — The Curious Case of Colchicine (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►April 14, 2010 - Haiti Earthquake Relief, Phase Two — Long-Term Needs and Local Resources (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►April 14, 2010 - The First Disease Forecasting Center in the World... For Haiti - OpEdNews

►April 14, 2010 - Pharmaceutical giant punished over subsidiary's data falsification - The Mainichi Daily News

►April 14, 2010 - A mom, a boy and a cry for intervention - The Union Democrat

►April 14, 2010 - Combined chiropractic interventions for low-back pain - journal article (Cochrane Reviews)

►April 14, 2010 - Fidaxomicin Shows Promise Against C Difficile in Second Phase 3 Study (requires registration) - European Congress on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases via Medscape Medical News

►April 14, 2010 - Better Treatment Found for Crohn's Disease - Two drugs aimed at taming overactive immune system worked best, study found - NEJM via  HealthDay News

►April 14, 2010 - Let’s Move — Childhood Obesity Prevention from Pregnancy and Infancy Onward (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►April 14, 2010 - Opexa Presents Tovaxin(R) Data at the American Academy of Neurology 2010 Annual Meeting - Opexa via Business Wire via Market Watch

►April 14, 2010 - Drugs firm Pfizer hires Ketchum Pleon to promote global baby milk business - PRWeek

►April 14, 2010 - Genzyme sees MS drug topping efficacy league - * 71 pct of patients see no disease activity after 4 years * No new cases of ITP identified in Phase II trial * Company sees drug becoming most effective MS treatment - Reuters

►April 14, 2010 - The Generic Problem with Health Care Reform - The Huffington Post

* ►April 14, 2010 - Autism: A Mother’s Journey - The Montclarion

►April 14, 2010 - Autism: New Imaging Lights Up Clues - Human Brain Mapping via Ivanhoe

►April 14, 2010 - Mother provides hope for parents of autistic kids - The Detroit News

►April 14, 2010 - April is Autism Awareness Month....Again -

►April 14, 2010 - David Kirby On HuffPo: Drugs, Poisons and Metals in our Meat.. - Age of Autism

* ►April 14, 2010 - From the Archives: Smallpox sweeps over Eastern Michigan campus - Ypsilanti Courier

►April 14, 2010 - HHS sees little progress on healthcare-related infections - CIDRAP News - "Full text of the 2009 National Healthcare Quality Report"

►April 14, 2010 - Deaths during childbirth may have dropped sharply worldwide — or maybe not - Booster Shots Blog via Los Angeles Times

►April 14, 2010 - Governor Jindal Declares April "Pediatric Blood Pressure Awareness Month"s - Alexandria Town Talk

►April 14, 2010 - Obama Recognizes Breastfeeding Moms Need for Privacy in the Workplace in Health Care Reform Bill -

* ►April 14, 2010 - Evidence of First Virus That Infects Both Plants and Humans - Popular Science

►April 14, 2010 - Fish-Killing Virus Found Again In Lake Superior - AP via

►April 14, 2010 - Mark Keaton's Extension News: It's time for rabies vaccinations - Baxter Bulletin

►April 14, 2010 - When is the right time to dump your doctor? - Houston Chronicle

* ►April 14, 2010 - David Kirby: Drugs, Poisons and Metals in Our Meat -- USDA Needs A Major Overhaul - The Huffington Post

* ►April 14, 2010 - After Monsanto’s GM Meltdown in the USA… - Syngenta comes to the rescue to keep the transgenic treadmill going Prof. Joe Cummins - Institute of Science in Society

►April 14, 2010 - Secretary General’s Leadership Luncheon - speech transcript -

►April 14, 2010 - Future Directions for the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports - Consensus Report - Institute of Medicine

►April 14, 2010 - Snatched: Drugs rank high in stolen goods - Pasadena Star-News

►April 14, 2010 - BNN: Genetically Modified Food in Focus (includes link to video) - Shiv Chopra Blog

* ►April 14, 2010 - Cafe owner sorry over nut allergy death - The West Australian - "Mr Di Costa said he had noticed a surge in the number of his customers who had allergies over the past few years. He said the cafe would serve a customer with a reported allergy 'almost weekly, if not daily at times'."

* ►April 14, 2010 - Killing You with Drugs: Legally - The Market Oracle

►April 14, 2010 - Engineered Virus Harnesses Light To Split Water - Scientific American's 2006 researcher of the year, MIT's Angela Belcher, has engineered a virus so that it captures light energy and uses it to catalyze the splitting of water, a first step in a possible new way to generate hydrogen for fuel cells. - Scientific American

* ►April 13, 2010 - Study Finds Military Prone to Infection With H1N1 Flu - Living in close quarters and young age increased risk, Singapore researchers say - HealthDay via Business Week

►April 13, 2010 - Study Finds Wide Variation in Those Infected By H1N1 - Infection Control Today

►April 13, 2010 - European conference offers findings on H1N1 - CIDRAP News

►April 13, 2010 - WHO pandemic probe focuses on media, Internet role - AFP via The Independent, UK

►April 13, 2010 - H1N1: A Lesson To Remember - Cattle Network

►April 13, 2010 - U.S. Hospitals Get Low Marks on Curbing Infections - Federal reports also say health care providers can do more to help obese patients - HealthDay via U.S. News & World Report

►April 13, 2010 - UF-led effort creates virus reference standard that can improve patient safety in clinical trials - University of Florida News

►April 13, 2010 - Recommendations and Guidelines: ACIP Members - Updated April 13, 2010 - CDC

►April 13, 2010 - E-Health Records No Quick Fix - Study says electronic health records alone have limited ability to control costs or improve quality, at least in the short term. - InformationWeek

* ►April 13, 2010 - Newborns' DNA - Don't Deny Scientists this Useful Resource - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News - "Most people won’t deny the value of the genetic testing following the blood collection from newborns. Yet, the practice of the heel prick test – or rather, what becomes of the cards containing the collected blood – has recently come under fire. In some states, the cards with the infants’ blood are stored indefinitely, a process referred to as DNA warehousing. So why keep the samples? Well, in the short term, samples are predominantly kept as a backup, in case any of the genetic tests need to be repeated. Long-term storage, on the other hand, allows geneticists and neonatology researchers access to an incredible genetic database. These blood spot samples can be utilized to develop new genetic tests, to learn more about existing genetic disorders, and to study factors such as the mother’s health and in utero environment in relation to rare disorders. Despite these noble intentions, the process of DNA warehousing has angered a sect of the general population because in most cases, parents are not aware that the blood sample from their child is being kept at all. So there’s the heart of the matter – is it ok for hospitals to keep newborns’ blood (and potentially give it to scientists for research) without the parents’ consent?"

* ►April 13, 2010 - Autism Class Action Settlement Approved by Federal Court - Mantese Honigman Rossman and Williamson, P.C. via PRNewswire via redOrbit - "The federal court in Detroit today approved a landmark class action settlement which mandates that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan shall provide insurance coverage for children with autism for the six year period at issue in the lawsuit."

* ►April 13, 2010 - Rodney Peete's Journey To Accept Son's Autism (includes audio) - NPR

* ►April 13, 2010 - Italian judge: Google profit prompted guilty verdict - CNET News - "Profit was the motive behind Google keeping online a video of an autistic teen being bullied, according to the Italian judge who convicted three company executives over it."

* ►April 13, 2010 - A New Theory About the 'Autism Epidemic' by: Kristina Chew -

►April 13, 2010 - Nadia Bloom: Missing Autistic Child Found Alive (includes video) - Right Juris

►April 13, 2010 - Voices of Autism: a "lucky" mother's perspective - City Brights Blog via San Francisco Chronicle

►April 13, 2010 - Autism doesn't stop this Eagle Scout - Joe Keely of Bloomington never gave up on his lifelong goal of making Scouting's highest rank. - Minneapolis Star Tribune

►April 13, 2010 - Florida Legislature Autism Human Services - First Coast News

* ►April 13, 2010 - Vitamin D Newsletter: Pseudomonas pneumonia - Vitamin D Council via

►April 13, 2010 - HAZMAT exercise simulates terror attack - - "Hazmat crews didn't know what they were dealing with, so they had to test for everything. Once they eliminated that it was an explosive or a chemical substance, they started testing to see if it was something like anthrax or H1N1."

►April 13, 2010 - Responders React to Mock Anthrax Attack - MyFox Phoenix

* ►April 13, 2010 - Here’s what’s really behind some of those very dangerous best selling drugs - Health Sciences Institute via - "Every time a drug company gets rich while consumers die by the thousands (Vioxx, Avandia, etc.), Congress realizes it’s time to kick it into high gear and convene an investigation. Hello! Earth to Congress! The trail of evidence leads right back to your house. (At least partially.)"

* ►April 13, 2010 - Ghana: 2.5 Million H1N1 Influenza Vaccines to Arrive, as Govt says Pandemic is Under Control - The Chronicle via

* ►April 13, 2010 - Chad: Funding Injection Allows UN Agencies to Fight Outbreaks of Measles, Meningitis - UN News Service via

* ►April 13, 2010 - Jenner’s statue Leave Jenner in peace (letters) - journal article (BMJ)

►April 13, 2010 - Panel to take broad view of bioethics - President Obama appoints commission to advise on stem cells, clinical trials and more. - news (Nature)

►April 13, 2010 - Avoid heartache, get vaccination - Victoria Advocate - "We urge all dog owners to protect your pets. Always be aware of your pet's routine - anything out of that routine is a warning flag telling you something is not right."

* ►April 12, 2010 - Mother-Daughter Communication and Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Uptake by College Students - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►April 12, 2010 - Yield of Retinal Examination in Suspected Physical Abuse With Normal Neuroimaging - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►April 12, 2010 - Suicide and Self-injury Among Children and Youth With Chronic Health Conditions - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►April 12, 2010 - Mothers' Spanking of 3-Year-Old Children and Subsequent Risk of Children's Aggressive Behavior - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►April 12, 2010 - Standardized Screening for Suicidal Adolescents in Primary Care - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►April 12, 2010 - Teaching Pediatric Residents to Assess Adolescent Suicide Risk With a Standardized Patient Module - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►April 12, 2010 - Screening, Triage, and Referral of Patients Who Report Suicidal Thought During a Primary Care Visit - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►April 12, 2010 - Comparative Safety of Antidepressant Agents for Children and Adolescents Regarding Suicidal Acts - journal article (Pediatrics)

►April 12, 2010 - Concurrent Treatment of Steroid-Related Mood and Psychotic Symptoms With Risperidone - journal article (Pediatrics)

►April 12, 2010 - Cumulative Hardship and Wellness of Low-Income, Young Children: Multisite Surveillance Study - journal article (Pediatrics)

►April 12, 2010 - Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Children Adopted From Eastern Europe - journal article (Pediatrics)

►April 12, 2010 - Detection of Surreptitious Administration of Analog Insulin to an 8-Week-Old Infant - journal article (Pediatrics)

►April 12, 2010 - Severe Asthma With Fungal Sensitization in a Child: Response to Itraconazole Therapy - journal article (Pediatrics)

►April 12, 2010 - Animated Video vs Pamphlet: Comparing the Success of Educating Parents About Proper Antibiotic Use - journal article (Pediatrics)

►April 12, 2010 - Are Diagnostic Criteria for Eating Disorders Markers of Medical Severity? - journal article (Pediatrics)

►April 12, 2010 - The Effectiveness of Baby Books for Providing Pediatric Anticipatory Guidance to New Mothers - journal article (Pediatrics)

►April 12, 2010 - Policy Statement—Alcohol Use by Youth and Adolescents: A Pediatric Concern (free full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

►April 12, 2010 - Guilt by intimate association: What makes an allergen an allergen? - journal article (The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology)

►April 12, 2010 - Diversity and evolution of methods and practices for the molecular diagnosis of congenital toxoplasmosis in France: a 4-year survey - journal article (Clinical Microbiology and Infection)

* ►April 9, 2010 - David Kirby: You Want Chicken Poop With That Steak? Why FDA Should Ban Feces From Feed - The Huffington Post

* ►April 9, 2010 - Norovirus RNA in the blood of a child with gastroenteritis and convulsions—A case report - journal article (Journal of Clinical Virology)

►April 9, 2010 - Fragile X Protein Loss Alters Brain Pathways Responsible For Learning And Memory - Emory Univeristy via Biocompare

►April 9, 2010 - Scientists Unravel Brain-Hormone Circuit That Helps Police Diabetes, Female Fertility - UT Southwestern Medical Center via Biocompare

►April 8, 2010 - Integrating pediatric hospitalists in the academic health science center: Practice and perceptions in a canadian center - journal article (Journal of Hospital Medicine)

* ►April 5, 2010 - Human cytomegalovirus elicits fetal γδ T cell responses in utero - journal article (Journal of Experimental Medicine) - "The fetus and infant are highly susceptible to viral infections. Several viruses, including human cytomegalovirus (CMV), cause more severe disease in early life compared with later life. It is generally accepted that this is a result of the immaturity of the immune system. γδ T cells are unconventional T cells that can react rapidly upon activation and show major histocompatibility complex–unrestricted activity."

►April 5, 2010 - Survival effect of PDGF-CC rescues neurons from apoptosis in both brain and retina by regulating GSK3β phosphorylation - journal article (Journal of Experimental Medicine)

►April 2, 2010 - CHARGE: An association or a syndrome? - journal article (International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology)

►April 1, 2010 - Perceptions of Parents, Nurses, and Physicians on Neonatal Intensive Care Practices - journal article (The Journal of Pediatrics)

►April 1, 2010 - But For the Grace of Genes (requires registration) - Science may consider fundamentalism a threat, but our study shows that most scientists are spiritual—suggesting both sides may have more in common than they think. - The Scientist

►April 2010 - Microencephaloceles: another dual pathology of intractable temporal lobe epilepsy in childhood - journal article (Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics)

►April 2010 - Sickness absence in daycare and reported hygiene routines - journal article (Primary Health Care Research & Development)

►March/April 2010 - Aeroallergen sensitization in asthma: Prevalence and correlation with severity - journal article (Allergy and Asthma Proceedings)

►March 25, 2010 - Three distinct episodes of GBS septicemia in a healthy newborn during the first month of life - journal article (European Journal of Pediatrics)

►March 2010 - Medical students and acupuncture: a short sharp placement experience! - journal article (Acupuncture in Medicine)

* Ethical, Legal, Social, and Policy Issues Related to the Access to, Use and Storage of Newborn Screening Samples - When: May 24, 2010 (9:00 AM) - Where: Keck Center (100) • 500 Fifth St. NW, Washington, DC 20001 - Institute of Medicine - "Over 4 million infants a year are screened throughout the United States through the collection and testing of blood samples shortly after birth.  Individual states store these samples not only for use in newborn screening, but also for quality control of current tests, the development of new tests, forensic studies, and epidemiological purposes.  These uses are in line with the IOM report Assessing Genetic Risks which recommended that 'blood spots should be made available for additional research.'  Since the collection of blood spots from each infant is mandated by individual state-based legislation, informed consent is not routinely obtained from the parents or guardians of the children and legal challenges have recently shed light on the utilization of these samples for purposes other than that which the donors were made aware.  A successful settlement of a lawsuit filed by a coalition of parents in Texas led to the recent agreement by the Texas Department of Health Services and Texas A&M University to destroy 5.5 million samples while a similar challenge in Minnesota has been summarily dismissed."

Meeting 1 - Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Diseases: The State of Science - When: April 29, 2010 (12:30 PM) Where: Keck Center • 500 Fifth St. NW, Washington, DC 20001 - Institute of Medicine