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Daily Vaccine News Posted July 11, 2011

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Anonymous posts: Liberating or unprofessional? - Doctors who tweet incognito like the freedom to vent their frustrations with medical practice. Critics argue anonymity opens the door to posting questionable content. - amednews

Vaccination – 20 objections and responses - Translated from German by ECDC.

Universal malaria vaccine to enter human trials - A malaria vaccine developed at Griffths University that aims to protect against all known strains of the parasite will enter clinical trials within the next 12 months.

Research Aims to Boost Pertussis Control - journal article (JAMA)

Flu jab for all under fives could save 'thousands of people' - Thousands of lives could be saved a year if all young children were vaccinated annually against flu, say Oxford University academics. - The Telegraph, UK

Vaccine expert: revolution ahead in R&D - VaccinesToday

Vaccine efficacy can be predicted by molecular signatures - Efficacy of new vaccines can be more accurately predicted by studying molecular signatures after vaccination, researchers believe.

Comment:  What does this say about how much we know about vaccine efficacy now?

The Great Divide In Autism Research: Genetics Vs. Environment by Karen Weintraub - Guest Blogger, CommonHealth

Global Action Plan to increase supply of pandemic influenza vaccines (GAP-II) - ecdc

FDA approves vaccine preventing common diseases in elderly

Jennifer Lopez Public Service Announcement for Pertussis (Whooping Cough) (video)

New research Links Autism and Environmental factors -

Environmental factors play a critical role in development of autism

Why You're Paying More to Breathe | Mother Jones - PharmaGossip

Teens Should Get Meningitis Booster Shot: CDC Panel
- HealthDay "The panel made the recommendation because the vaccine appears not to last as long as previously thought."

Comment:  What else don't they know?  How many shots are going to be recommended to not necessarily be protected against meningitis?  PS  Here's one thing they do know: Menigitis is rare.  (And was before there was vaccination for it.)

Health Tip: Whooping Cough Can Lead to Complications - HealthDay

Vaccine safety: Misinformation about vaccine risks is making us less safe (opinion) - Baltimore Sun

Don’t suppress dissent, says the Australian - Living Wisdom/AVN

Vaccine Confidence: Attitudes and Actions - Science-Based Pharmacy

Comment:  Pray tell, who paid for most of the pro-vaccine "science"?  Oh, right, BigPharma. "Evidence-based medicine: What’s not to like?"

Masterpieces, but only if unmedicated - We could diagnose and heal the human frailties found in literature. But why? - StarTribune

MEP: ‘EU must help restore public trust in vaccines’ - VaccinesToday

Death by Vaccination: The Gates Foundation and the New Eugenics – By Gary Null & Richard Gale - The Refusers

My Turn: The academic debate over the causes of autism hits home for this family - Environment or genetics? It's probably a combination. - LA Times

Major Health Problems Linked to Poverty - NY Times

Comment:  Pardon my French, but "Duh".

"Think Inside the Box" - call for plain English facts labels about Rx drugs
- Gary Schwitzer's HealthNewsReview Blog

Oh Dear The Baltimore Sun is Running A Multiply-Mendacious Opinion Piece on Vaccine Safety by Liz Ditz

FDA Approves Boostrix Vaccine for Seniors - FDA approves Boostrix to prevent tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis in older people -

"The Great American Tragedy" of the overtesting of the worried well - Gary Schwitzer's HealthNewsReview Blog

Amish & Autism by Anne Dachel - Age of Autism

Autism Science Digest August Issue: ADHD Treatment, Thyroid and More - Age of Autism

The Op-Ed: Do Pharma & Social Media Not Mix? by Ed Silverman - Age of Autism

Aucklanders flock for measles vaccination

Joe Mercola plays the religion card against vaccines - Respectful Insolence

Heavy Metal in Children’s Tooth Enamel: Related to Autism and Disruptive Behaviors? -

Measles cases on rise in US

Research Shows Vaccinations Are Causing Surge Of Asthma In Children by Christina England - VaccineTruth

The origin of AIDS / HIV - P1

Shots in the dark (letter) by Bob Moffitt - NY Post

WITHDRAWN: Delayed acquisition of neonatal reflexes in newborn primates receiving a thimerosal-containing Hepatitis B vaccine: Influence of gestational age and birth weight. - journal article

Comment:  What's up with that?

New Research Study Shows Developmental Delays in Monkeys Given Hepatitis B Vaccines (2009) - News release, Thoughtful House Center for Children

Autism and Vaccines Before and After by politicol

Doctors Come Clean contd. - No Free Lunch - UK Confessions - PharmaGossip

Pediatricians balk at treating unvaccinated children - The Refusers

New Study Confirms Role Of Environment In The Development Of Autism

Environmental Triggers for Autism (includes audio) - interview w/Dr. Martha Herbert, Harvard

When Poverty and Unemployment Are Misdiagnosed . . . The Limits of “Medicine” Trailer (video)

XMRV-positive activists raising money to test man's wife for retrovirus

Injecting personal values into vaccine policy (includes audio)

Vaccine efficacy can be predicted by molecular signatures - Efficacy of new vaccines can be more accurately predicted by studying molecular signatures after vaccination, researchers believe.

Drive to Stem Shingles Meets Few Expectations

Bird flu vaccine trial on babies

Haiti Passed Up Cholera Vaccine Offer, Crucell CEO Says

No scientific evidence to link deaths to HPY immunisation - Liow

Some believe HPV vaccine 'eliminates need for future cervical screening'

Schools work to get students vaccinated for pertussis before fall schedule begins

Outlook better for school vaccinations

REGION: Many still need to turn in vaccine records

Viet Nam to produce own diarrhoea vaccine - The first domestically produced Rota vaccine is expected to enter the Vietnamese market by the end of this year at a fraction of the cost of its imported counterpart.

Uni ready to unveil new malaria vaccine

Researchers optimistic on malaria vaccine

Universal Malaria vaccine ready for human trials

Scientists Come Closer to Production of Universal Flu Vaccine - Annually changing flu vaccines with their hit-and-miss effectiveness may soon give way to a single, near-universal flu vaccine.

Dietary Supplements: Knocked Down and Counting . . . Only 90 Days Left By Bill Sardi

Inovio expands DNA vaccine intellectual property license with University of Pennsylvania

GSK wins FDA nod on Boostrix use; India's Orchid ordered to close API plant on pollution

Mayo Clinic tests Antigen Express vaccine technology

Emergent BioSolutions to Release Second Quarter 2011 Financial Results and Conduct a Conference Call on August 4, 2011

Molecular Diagnostics in Infectious Disease Testing

BMA recommends use of Gardasil in HPV vaccinations

Why didn’t Medicare pay for my flu shot?

Quick test can predict immune responses to flu shots

Udupi: Swine Flu Claims its Fifth Victim in Two Months

Obesity a Risk Factor in H1N1 Pandemic Flu

Swine flu kills woman in Malegaon

Bangalore hospitals are all geared up to tackle swine flu virus

Don't take measles on holiday

Extra precautions urged after measles outbreak

Resurgence in measles causes local health officials to urge immunizations

Strep pneumonia kills 13 in Upper West Region

Immunise to beat whooping cough

Our View: Stop the cough; get the shot

Meningitis drug back on shelves after dire shortage

Brave Lauren's ride raises £3k for Meningitis Trust

Williams column: Sidelined by typical childhood illnesses

Celebrities make charity a new tradition

Carole Estabrook: As diseases spread, keep washing your hands

WHO lauds India''s effort to combat HIV in Africa, S America

Local Kiwanis clubs join fight against tetanus

Secondhand smoke 'could increase risk of ADHD in children by 50%' - Passive smoking may be to blame for 274,100 cases of ADHD and learning disabilities

Hospitals should use probiotics to fight superbug, scientist says

Lack of Vitamin D May Have Killed Mozart - If the composer had spent more time in sun, he might have forestalled his early death.

Common Anti-Inflammatory Painkiller Can Cause Irregular Heartbeat and Meningitis