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Daily News 2012-11-23

Danish-Made TB Vaccine Sickens 115 Children in Romania

A Vaccine to Curb Addicts' Highs - New research shows that our immune system can mute the effects of cocaine and other stimulant drugs

Why do patients want nurses to give them vaccinations (and why that’s a big deal)?

Nurses can help improve vaccination rates: study - More elderly and at-risk adults get their flu and pneumonia vaccinations when the shots are coordinated and given by nurses instead of doctors, a new analysis suggests.

Global H1N1 Vaccines Market

Flu vaccines still up for grabs

Azerbaijan to increase number of vaccinations for children - The number of vaccinations for children will be increased in Azerbaijan, Deputy Health Minister Elsavar Aghayev told journalists.

Belief not science is behind flu jab promotion, new report says Rapid Responses John Stone, UK Editor, London N22 - journal article (BMJ)

2,000 children given polio vaccinations

CDC 2012-2013 Influenza Season Week 46 ending November 17, 2012

CDC Updated National Influenza Vaccination Week: Calendar of Events

CDC Seasonal Influenza (Flu) New Video/Audio Tools

11-11-12 The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust

More vaccines please; we're British!

The Autism Team Reality TV Program and Reality for Autism - Age of Autism

USA Openly Starts BioWars Arms Race – With Big Pharma’s Help

Government Media Manipulation? – With Leveson Inquiry Reports On Murdoch and UK Media Standards Due Next Week

Why Do People Follow Medical Authorities?

Can't Get to DC Autism Hearings? Send a Message Online. - Want to attend the Federal Response to Autism Hearing on November 29th but can't? - Age of Autism

Health minister urges Africans to eradicate polio

Luanda - Angolan minister of Health, José Van-Dúnem, Friday in Luanda requested all member states to be vigilant and active to ensure the eradication of polio in Africa. The minister was delivering a closing speech at the 62nd session of the WHO/Afro.
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Calgary Catholic school board should reverse ban on HPV vaccine ...

Calgary Catholic school board should reverse ban on HPV vaccine Add to. The Globe and Mail. Published Tuesday Nov 20 2012 730 PM EST ...

Meningitis Lawsuit Update: Death Toll in Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Reaches ...

Bernstein Liebhard LLP continues to investigate meningitis lawsuits on behalf of alleged victims of NECC epidural steroid injections, as plaintiffs seek to freeze nearly $500 million in assets belonging to NECC, its owners and two related companies ...
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Flu vaccine protects the vulnerable

... The Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee, the U.S. National Patient Safety Foundation, The American Hospital Association, The American Academy of Family Medicine, The American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American College ...
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Research suggests cultural sensitivity needed to increase HPV ...

The Boston University School of Medicine research assessed the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices towards HPV vaccination among African- American ...

hpv vaccination for men that have been infected already? - MedHelp

Ive read online that the vaccine may help prevent future occurences of HPV if already infected..... has anyone had success with this? Are their any men who had ...

Sex trumps emotion in 'Sessions'

O'Brien (John Hawkes) contracted polio as a boy and lives his life on a gurney in 1988 San Francisco. He has graduated from U.C. Berkeley and is a published poet, but he has never known a woman's caress other than the utilitarian touch of his various ...
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New Haven High School cleaned after student diagnosed with bacterial meningitis

A student at New Haven High School has been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, according to the school. The student became ill on Monday and was taken to the hospital by ambulance, Principal Carl Wagner wrote in a letter sent home to parents.
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Whooping cough cases on decrease, but vigilance needed

“People need to be aware that pertussis is out there and it is serious,” said Doug Schultz, spokesperson for the MDH in a separate interview. “It's treatable if caught early enough with antibiotics.” Following are parts of Mburu's Nov. 8 presentation ...
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Coon Rapids Herald

Alert over baby girl contracting measles virus in Adelaide

SA Health chief medical officer Paddy Phillips said measles was highly contagious among people who were not fully immunised and was spread through coughing and sneezing. Anyone at the following locations at the specified times should contact their ...
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Indiana chickenpox outbreak largest in US, official says

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. – The chief medical officer of the Indiana State Department of Health says western Indiana's Vigo County is experiencing the largest known current outbreak of chickenpox in the U.S.. Dr. Joan Duwve (DUH'-vee) told the Terre Haute ...
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A shot to stop pain turns into meningitis nightmare

Joe Nelson is one of 167 Michiganians infected with fungal meningitis since early October. His wife, Apri, cares for him in their West Bloomfield home. He became infected after getting a steroid shot for neck and back pain. (Elizabeth Conley / The ...
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Meningitis Claims Another Michigander

Officials say the Michigan death toll from a national meningitis outbreak has risen to 13, with at least 167 infections reported. The fungal meningitis is linked to contaminated steroids produced by a Massachusetts pharmacy used in injections for neck ...
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Measles epidemic likely: Ayesha Mehnaz

Ayesha Mehnaz talking to sources on Thursday said that there had be an outbreak of measles last year and it would be appropriate that relevant departments prepared for a relapse in the province this year. She told that rashes, red marks, fever and ...
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HIV vaccine studies show promising results

Koff said that in order to make a product that could be given to the public, a vaccine would have to be at least 50 percent effective in testing. For example, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention estimates that the yearly flu vaccines have ...
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The GA Voice

2000 children given polio vaccinations

Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome was the first to administer the drops. The Nov. 14 event at the city Public Health Center on Soi Buakaow, attended by city council members and bureaucrats, was facilitated by volunteers trained through a Ministry of Public ...
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'Anti-polio efforts'

It is quite disturbing that at a time when most countries have managed to eradicate polio, Pakistan and Afghanistan still remain polio-endemic in the region. Despite regular anti-polio drives across the country, polio cases are frequently being ...
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Is universal HPV vaccination necessary?

For information, here's a link to a letter I've forwarded to Chris Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief of The Australian newspaper, on this topic: “Is universal HPV vaccination necessary?”: ...
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More Information On Gardasil | Principled Policy Blog

Way back in 2007 the Institute For Principled Policy Led the fight to oppose mandatory Gardasil vaccinations for girls as young as 10.

Meningitis outbreak: Maury County man sues drug firm

A Maury County man and his wife have filed suit against the Massachusetts drug compounding firm being blamed for a nationwide outbreak of fungal meningitis. The suit, which was transferred Wednesday to U.S. District Court in Nashville, charges that ...
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New Haven High School student diagnosed with bacterial meningitis

Bacterial meningitis can be spread through the exchange of respiratory and throat secretions such as coughing and kissing, according to a health department fact sheet. Signs of the infection of membranes over the spinal cord and brain include high ...
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WDIV Detroit

Michigan meningitis death toll rises to 13

The fungal meningitis is linked to contaminated steroids produced by a Massachusetts pharmacy used in injections for neck or back pain. The Michigan Department of Community Health said Wednesday that the state has had 67 cases of meningitis, including ...
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Texas Researchers Developing New HIV Vaccine

More than 1.1 million people in the United States are HIV positive, though one in five are unaware of their status, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Texas ranks fourth in the nation in the number of HIV cases reported to ...
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KUT News

Thousands deprived of polio drops in Bajaur

Friday, November 23, 2012 - Bajaur Agency裕hree-day anti-polio campaign in Bajaur Agency concluded on Thursday, however, thousands of children still remained deprived of Polio vaccines, due to sheer negligence of the officials. Sources said the local ...
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'Parents unaware of pneumococcal disease burden'

Friday, November 23, 2012. From Print Edition. Karachi. Pakistan is among the few countries where many parents of children younger than five-years-of-age have little or no information about the pneumococcal disease burden, according to global estimates.
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Meningitis Infections Linked to Tainted Steroid Near 500 Cases

A deadly outbreak of infections linked to tainted steroid injections is approaching 500 cases nearly two months after it began, and health experts said on Wednesday it was unclear whether the epidemic had peaked amid new risks facing patients.
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High schooler has meningitis

Two more people have died in Michigan in the national fungal meningitis outbreak, bringing the total number of statewide deaths to 10, the Michigan Department of Community Health reported this week. The latest deaths were of two Livingston County women ...
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New Documents Detail The Ineffective Regulation Efforts Of The FDA In The ...

The deadly meningitis outbreak, which has so far sickened close to 500 people, and has killed 34, is directly linked to steroidal injections produced by Massachusetts-based New England Compounding Center. In documents released Tuesday, the FDA said it ...
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