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The hidden story about vaccines, autism, drugs and food… Americas health has been BOUGHT. Your health, your family’s health. Now brought to you by Wall Street… “If you thought they hurt us with the banks, wait till you see what they’re doing to health care.” Vaccines. GMOs. Big Pharma. Three big, BIG, okay… HUGE topics in one film. Why? Why not 3 films, why put all this in one movie? Great question, 2 answers. 1st and most importantly: We need to band together. We need a mainstream film, not another radical movie that only interests the “already converted”. Over 5 million people supported Prop 37 in CA. Reportedly, over 2 million worldwide marched against Monsanto in a global protest. There...ane vaccine expansion, and our love affair with pharmaceuticals- it’s the same villain. It’s a risky story to tell, but would be a tragedy to passively consent to with silence. There is something horribly wrong with health care today. Huge money, billions and billions of dollars flowing into the same pockets. Meanwhile, MD’s aren’t being allowed to actually practice the art of medicine and anyone who questions vaccination safety, pharmaceuticals, factory farms, etc. is ridiculed and belittled. Meanwhile, the billions keep flowing, carried on a river of pain and anguish. Huge corporations funded by individual misery, one broken life at a time. Three huge stories, each worthy of multiple films, but each brought together by one staggering fact: it’s the same villain. These three story lines converge on Wall Street, in a tale of corruption, greed and shocking lack of conscience.


All the News Posted September 2, 2010

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Lobby group under siege

India halts HPV vaccine trial after six girls die, US does nothing in response to 67 deaths and counting

O.C. vaccine refusals above state average

Schools must enroll even without vaccinations

India Rejects H1N1 Shots After Vaccines Kill Children

The MMR Causes Brain Damage, Just Not of the Autism Kind

Vaccine Deaths: Alex Jones Latest Target

Evidence-based vaccinations: A scientific look at the missing science behind flu season vaccines

Tie Healthcare Jobs to Flu Vaccination, Groups Say

Doctors Staying Busy with Back-to-School Vaccinations

Measles jab warning to all parents

Parents can protect their children against measles, mumps and rubella

Seasonal Flu Videos in American Sign Language

Latex labeling change causes minor delay for some flu vaccine

MMR plea follows surge in unvaccinated mums

Prepare for measles outbreak

2nd case of measles reported

A second, unrelated measles case in Philly suburb

Take Action—Get Your Child A Hib Booster Vaccination Now

CDC begins national bird flu vaccination program

SHEA joins call to require flu shots for health workers

No government plans to revive vaccine units, says MPs panel (includes video)

Walmart, Sam's Club kick off flu vaccine program

Global pediatric healthcare market is expected to grow at CAGR of 7.2% from $65.8 billion in 2010 to $81 billion by 2013.

Merck, Adcock deal extends reach into Africa; Takeda nabs $42.8M in vaccine subsidies;

Shigellosis update: advancing antibiotic resistance, investment empowered vaccine development, and green bananas

Japanese encephalitis: update on vaccines and vaccine recommendations

Development of a live and highly attenuated Listeria monocytogenes-based vaccine for the treatment of Her2/neu-overexpressing cancers in human

Pneumonia vaccine cuts admissions by a fifth

HPV Disease Burden: It’s Not Just About the Cervix

Health officials promote early flu vaccines

HPV vaccine to be rolled out this month

State seeking vaccination compliance

Risk of Fatal Adverse Events after H1N1 Influenza Vaccine: Limitations of Passive Surveillance Data

Informal Network of Communication Tools Played an Important Role in Sharing Safety Information on H1N1 Influenza Vaccine

Adult vaccination: a must know!

Drop in pneumonia cases linked to increase in vaccinations

Diosynth Inks Manufacturing Deal for Nabi’s Pivotal-Stage Nicotine-Addiction Vaccine

New vaccinia virus findings from Bavarian Nordic GmbH described

Paleoclimate and bubonic plague: a forewarning of future risk?

SIDS, sleep-related deaths are the biggest killer of babies in Oklahoma

Why Jenny McCarthy Shouldn't Single Out Your Kid’s Health

Join Jenny McCarthy in San Francisco for Comedy for Kids with Autism!

Transmission of Mitochondrial DNA Diseases and Ways to Prevent Them

Nuclear transcription factors in mammalian mitochondria

UNICEF supports drive against measles

Officials probe 10 infant deaths at Fort Bragg

Poor Flu Vaccine Response in People With HIV—But Experts Still Recommend Vaccination

USA - Drug companies exploit egg recall

The Flu Shot: How it Came to be, Why it Works

RCA team begins vaccination drive in Pakistan's Nowshera city

PHO provides free A(H1N1) vaccines

Increase in number of students falling victim to H1N1

Meningitis: Help Prevent It

Child Autism Epidemic Firmly Linked to Environment

Teen Vaccination Rates Continue to Climb, Though Raising Awareness Remains Key

Importance of adults getting vaccinated for pertussis (whooping cough) (includes video)

Neonatal Administration of Thimerosal Causes Persistent Changes in Mu Opioid Receptors in the Rat Brain

UNICEF supports drive against measles

RCA team begins vaccination drive in Pakistan's Nowshera city

Association between Single‐Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Mal/TIRAP and Interleukin‐10 Genes and Susceptibility to Invasive Haemophilus influenzae Serotype b Infection in Immunized Children

An Epidemic of Hepatitis C Virus Infection While Treating Endemic Infectious Diseases in Equatorial Africa More than a Half Century Ago: Did It Also Jump‐Start the AIDS Pandemic?

The Disclosure Dilemma — Large-Scale Adverse Events

Vaccination imperative: protecting residents from pneumococcal disease

Human trials begin on dengue fever vaccine

$1.5 million for fly-in doctors

Origins and relatedness of human leukocyte antigen class I allele supertypes

Last Year's H1N1 Scare, This Year's Caution

Back to school meningitis warning

A Parents' Guide to the Flu - 2010

Antivirals for Influenza: Strategies for Use in Pediatrics

Risk for Acute Bacterial Meningitis in Children with Complex Febrile Seizure

WIU student hospitalized with meningitis

Four more Mesa County residents contract West Nile

Nanoimaging for prion related diseases.

Insiders settle $14M SEC trading suit in MedImmune for $650K

Iron lung bound for Kamloops

UV Flu Technologies UV-400 Generating Excitement in the Air Purifier Marketplace

New Research Shows How Disease-Causing Parasite Gets Around Human Innate Immunity

Environmental Factors Contributing to the Onset of Autism Spectrum Disorder by Stephen Barrie, ND

Immune System Research Sees Many Similarities Among People

Mercury and Mega-Toxins Found in Certain Body Care Products

Products & Devices That May Contain Mercury

Study Suggests New Way To Fight Staph Skin Infections

Toddler Eneny Nunber One: Spary Cleaners

iAIDS: HIV‐Related Internet Resources for the Practicing Clinician

U.S. to aggressively pursue drug misbranding cases

The chemotherapy of tuberculous meningitis in children and adults

Drug Costs Would Push Millions More Into Poverty: Study

Awareness, preventive measures, symptoms of Dengue

FDA Warns On Increased Death Risk With Pfizer Antibiotic

American Heart Association, Avandia & Ghostwriting

Diagnostic Radiation Exposure in Pediatric Trauma Patients

Melatonin therapy effective in treating primary insomnia

Merck Blinks Over Plant Closings In The Netherlands

AIDS Cure Quest to Kill `Sleeping' Viruses Enlists Merck Cancer Medicine

Should The FDA Have Moved Faster On Meridia?

Europe says yes to AstraZeneca’s Seroquel XR

What Will Medicare Pay ASCs in 2011?

iBio and Fraunhofer Execute Business Development and Marketing Agreement with GE Healthcare

Some donated malaria drugs being stolen in Africa

New automated diagnostic test can identify TB infections in 2 hours

What Does Discovery Of Bovine Tuberculosis In A Herd In Ohio Mean For Ohio Livestock Farmers?

"The Chicken Whisperer" in Fun USDA Video Promoting Healthy Flocks

Equine Encephalitis: A Threat in Northwest Florida Again

Qualitative Look at DDMAC NOV and Warning Letters During 1st and 2nd Quarters 2010

Mucosal Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Responses

Chronic Lyme disease: How often is it diagnosed and treated?

Nice bacteria finish last

[CTU]-Organizations advocate for adolescent care

Should Mayo Clinic have told patients about hepatitis risk sooner?

How population care management can help your employees manage diseases

Drug-resistant germs found to help their brethren through the attack

Infection rates rise at WNY hospitals

Long–Term Health Risks for Children and Young Adults after Infective Gastroenteritis

Review Of Modern Oral Medications Used For Treating Infectious Diseases

Tuberculosis Diagnosis — Time for a Game Change

Rapid Molecular Detection of Tuberculosis and Rifampin Resistance

MRSA's Evolving Epidemiology

Drugs May Be Robbing Your Body of Nutrients(2)

Pharmaceuticals are bankrupting Canada, too

Food and Drug Administration Issues A Warning Regarding MMS

Abbott says FDA approves hepatitis B test

UC Merced Connect: Biochemist seeks to combat hepatitis C

Assessing the STIRR Model of Best Practices for Blood-Borne Infections of Clients With Severe Mental Illness

Macrophages: The 'defense' Cells That Help Throughout The Body

Cranberry juice shows promise blocking Staph infections

Yale Team Finds A Genetic Rarity: A Mutation That Restores Health

New Option for Home Rescue Treatment of Seizures in Children

New Parkinson's Gene Is Linked To Immune System

Deep-Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease

Allergy is an important factor in asthma exacerbation: A Pro/Con Debate

Variants of DENND1B Associated with Asthma in Children

Unraveling the complex genetic underpinnings of asthma and allergic disorders.

Genomewide association studies in allergy and the influence of ethnicity.

How to improve employee health and well-being and the bottom line

More Patients Research Their Own Diseases, Seek To Manage Chronic Conditions

Study shows fluoride may not help teeth at all

Delay Cervical Ca Screen Until Age 21 for Most Young Women

Assessment of JC virus DNA in blood and urine from natalizumab-treated patients

New Criteria May ID Alzheimer's Earlier

Overpopulation: 9 Billion Things to Talk About

Researchers Develop New Low-Cost, Bacteria-Killing Water Filter

Pediatric Cancer Rates After Universal Folic Acid Flour Fortification in Ontario

Developmental dyslexia: clinical aspects

New Option for Home Rescue Treatment of Seizures in Children

Less Commonly Known Eating Disorders

Suicidality: risk factors and the effects of antidepressants. The example of parallel reduction of suicidality and other depressive symptoms during treatment with the SNRI, milnacipran

Intensive intervention for children and adolescents with autism in a community setting in Italy: a single-group longitudinal study

Pharmacological management of core and comorbid symptoms in autism-spectrum disorder

How a supplemental needs trust can ensure lifelong care for your child

Want to learn about autism? Stanford Autism Center's 10 part series starts soon

New Autism Study Concentrates On Infants Gaze

How to Welcome a Student with Autism Back To School

Actress Holly Robinson Peete will speak about autism at the Freshman Convocation

Attitudes toward autism in the Muslim community

First Autistic preschool in NSW opens

Vermont schools to see improved support for autistic students

Autistic kids sing, roar in ‘Jungle Book' musical

Lineagen, Inc. Selected to Present at the 2010 Genetic Risk Factors for Autism: Translating Discoveries into Diagnostics Symposium in Toronto

Stem-cell ruling threatens Stanford research

Study Finds Important Interaction Between Vitamin D And DNA

Child’s Ordeal Shows Risks of Psychosis Drugs for Young

Killeen parent outraged after autistic child placed into wrong class (includes video)

Bullying Can Happen Anywhere, but Home Is Often First Line of Defense (includes video)

Walking the Tightrope of Health Insurance Reform between 2010 and 2014

Truth and Consequences — Insurance-Premium Rate Regulation and the ACA

Organic produce superior to conventional on every level, study finds

Removing Junk Food and Beverages from School Vending Machines

TACA E-Newsletter September 2010 #1

Schafer Autism Calendar