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All the News Posted May 13, 2010

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American Rally for Personal Rights Announces Andrew Wakefield as Keynote Speaker

Rapid Responses to: Wakefield’s "autistic enterocolitis" under the microscope Brian Deer and enterocolitis ohn A. Dodge, Hon Professor of Child Health University of Wales, Swansea

Rapid Responses to: Wakefield’s "autistic enterocolitis" under the microscope Re: Who will grasp the nettle on whether autistic enterocolitis exists? Mark Struthers, GP and prison doctor Bedfordshire

Rapid Responses to: Wakefield’s "autistic enterocolitis" under the microscope Re: Caution in assessing histopathological opinions. Brian Deer, Journalist London

Rapid Responses to: Wakefield’s "autistic enterocolitis" under the microscope Autism Syndromes: Clinical issues behind the label. Lorene E A Amet, Principal Scientist Autism Treatment Trust

Andrew Wakefield and the great autism fraud

Are Drug Companies Liable for Effects of Vaccines?

Referrals for MMR immunisation in hospital

Pregnant women trial ear disease vaccine

American Rally For Personal Rights Music by The Refusers audio

Advances in vaccine delivery and efficacy discussed at National Immunization Conference

FSU Researchers Awarded $3M Grant to Study Autism Curriculum

RV5 vaccine diminished acute gastroenteritis-related hospitalizations

Vaccination reduces burden of childhood rotavirus disease

A License to Kill? Part 2: Who Guards Gardasil’s Guardians?

Editor removed after scoop on deadly vaccines

Gardasil’s Scare Tactic Ads Do More Harm Than Good, One Woman Says

How to Get Gardasil for Free or a Lower Cost

Newest Gates Foundation Grants Include Sweat-Activated Vaccines, Laser-Guided Parasite Killers

Targeting of antigens to skin dendritic cells: possibilities to enhance vaccine efficacy

The evolving function of Langerhans cells in adaptive skin immunity

Nierians refuse Pfizer compensation

UK - A lot of Bull over BSE

CDC Updates Recommendations for MMRV Vaccination

FDA: ‘Bad Ad Program’ to Help Health Care Providers Detect, Report Misleading Drug Ads

Two cases of measles confirmed in Greene County

First responders need vaccinations to safeguard the nation, NATO assembly told

Do Whistleblowers Get Too Much Money?

Drug shortage hits public health sector

Tort Reform Expert Questions $500 Million Verdict Against Drug Makers in Hepatitis C Case

Single-Dose of H1N1 Vaccine Elicits Strong Immune Response in Children: Presented at ESPID

Measles outbreak hits prison in Malawi

Measles outbreak worries Turkey

Reported whooping cough case (includes video)

South Dakota veterinarian calls for anthrax vaccinations

Brainstem Serotonin in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Brainstem Serotonin in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome—Reply

S.D. Health Department watching for mumps

Hepatitis B: Silent Scourge

County health officials report rise in mumps cases

Mumps Cases On The Rise In Los Angeles Jewish Community

Vaccinate before the next pandemic?

Importance of vaccines stressed

Safe to Administer Meningococcal Vaccine With '6-Disease' Vaccine in Toddlers: Presented at ESPID

Cancer Testis Antigen Vaccination Affords Long-Term Protection in a Murine Model of Ovarian Cancer

Studies from University of California, Division of Dermatology update current data on bacterial vaccines

UNITED STATES: Another Vaccine, Another Decision; HPV Shot Marketed Toward Boys

Flu expert urges pre-vaccination against possible pandemic strains

Cadila gets nod for swine flu vaccine launch

Response to Vaccines Could Depend on Your Sex, Researchers Find

Booster Shots Rotavirus vaccines reduce hospitalizations in kids, study finds

Texas Children's Hospital vaccine experts present 4 studies

Almost Half of Deaths in Kids Under 5 Occur in 5 Countries (includes video)

Gates visits frontline of war against polio

Lower, Upper Cape shingles vaccine clinics booked up

Doctors see an increase in shingles outbreaks

Free Mumps Immunizations Saturday at Micro Mall

Lee County chickenpox resurgence sounds alarm

Rabies Vaccination and Post-Exposure Procedure

Whistle-Blowers' Experiences in Fraud Litigation against Pharmaceutical Companies

Bill Gates signs agreement with Bihar to boost health standards

Walgreen says won't stock genetic test kits pending talks between the FDA and manufacturer

Wireless health institute gets $20 million injection

Recent Announcements Suggest Cellceutix Is Well Positioned With Autism Compound; Pfizer and Novartis Announcements Indicate Interest in Autism by Major Companies

Pioneering Treatment Cures Infant of Often-Fatal Metabolic Disorder at Packard Children's Hospital

Statement of Charles D. Connor, President and Chief Executive Officer, American Lung Association on the Kerry-Lieberman Bill, The American Power Act

U.S., Vietnam talk infectious diseases during Pacific Angel 2010

Chronic sufferers able to manage disease at home

Incoming MCG president laments grant efforts

Vacaville's Ulatis Community Center is location for town hall meeting about autism

Dr. Claudio Cerullo suggests intervention methods when dealing with Oppositional Defiant Disorder

ANA Advocates For Chemical Reform During Capitol Hill Nurses Week Event

No proof that supplements and gimmicks prevent Alzheimer's

Health Department calls on you to improve health system

Autistic Individuals Exhibit Normal Brain Activity

Rep. Jason Grill's Sponsored Autism Bill Receives Final Approval

Benefits of prenatal vitamin A last a decade: study

Vitamin D for Health: Dr. Mayer Eisenstein’s Website Educates About Vitamin D and Children, Vitamin D and Brest Cancer

Potential for Q Fever Infection Among Travelers Returning from Iraq and the Netherlands

Annual High-Dose Oral Vitamin D and Falls and Fractures in Older Women

High-Dose Vitamin D Supplementation

Doctors do not understand herbal medicines

Reaching the Limits of Genome-wide Significance in Alzheimer Disease

Genome-wide Analysis of Genetic Loci Associated With Alzheimer Disease

Diagnosing and Managing Common Food Allergies

Reports Promote High Standards for Ethical Conduct of Pediatric Clinical Trials

Health Care Is Different—That's Why Expenditures Matter

Bring Back Home Economics Education

Public Health Emergencies and Legal Standards of Care

Quantitative Decision Tools in Medical Education

Quantitative Decision Tools in Medical Education—Reply

Studies Probe Possible Link Between Bisphosphonates and Femoral Fractures

FDA Tries to Catch Up on Food Safety

Scientists Explore Use of Anti-HIV Drugs as a Means to Slow HIV Transmission

Decrease in Reported Tuberculosis Cases—United States, 2009

Monitoring Tuberculosis Programs—National Tuberculosis Indicator Project, United States, 2002-2008

Epidemiology and Biostatistics: An Introduction to Clinical Research

Dutch Govt Cancels Part Of Swine Flu Vaccine Order From Glaxo

Quebec man dies after H1N1 infection

Hospitals end flu season visitation restrictions

How well did Vt. respond to swine flu?

IIL launches four new vaccines

Health officials concerned over pertussis deaths

Seventh graders required to have TDap shot

Flu claims two more deaths in Minnesota

Seminar focuses on infant deaths

Adults should keep up-to-date on vaccinations

Distinguishing Dengue from Other Infections

2 new swine flu deaths reported in Minnesota

Infections Hepatitis C Therapy Area Pipeline Report - new market report published

Military Medicating

Congressional Physicians

Tetanus Shots Offered After Tornadoes

Immunovaccine Announces 2010 First Quarter Results

Medicare Fraud

Food Allergies

Politicians: Far More Dangerous than Terrorists

Lyme disease sees signficant up-tick in Pennsylvania

The great Indian vaccine scam

Changing course: Stemming the deadly twin epidemics of HIV and tuberculosis

Rockefeller immunologist receives Gates Foundation Grand Challenges grant

Dispatch: Allergy or Intolerance?

National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day-May 18, 2010

Imported case of poliomyelitis, Melbourne, Australia, 2007.(DISPATCHES): An article from: Emerging Infectious Diseases

Need to draw contingency plans to mitigate spread of H1N1 in schools - NADMO

SME launches new cookware to fight toxins

E. coli-romaine lettuce traceback probe

Twins thank ward for saving brotherwins thank ward for saving brother

Infections Cause 68 Percent of Child Deaths, Study Finds

State has new vaccine rules

Why nearly 9 million small children die every year

War against malaria

The Hidden Wikipedia: How to Find Deleted Material about Nutritional Medicine

MAD Doctors! FDA Deputizes Docs to do DDMAC Ad Reviews!

Initials are more, not less, in pharmaceutical advertising.

Recent Announcements Suggest Cellceutix Is Well Positioned With Autism Compound; Pfizer and Novartis Announcements Indicate Interest in Autism by Major Companies

Study Challenges Key Autism Theory

Chemtrails: The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health

Low vitamin D tied to depression in older people

Legislature sends autism insurance bill to governor

Workshop to focus on autism, PDD

FSU Researchers Awarded $3M To Study Autism Curriculum

Autism and God the Connection.

Parents of Children with Autism Get Good News for Treatment Coverage

Health care reform may help cut costs for treating autistic patients

Mom alleges Gilbert school abused autistic daughter, 5

Jersey City firefighters learn to cope with autistic individuals

Lack of disability funding 'disappointing'

The International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR)

What Is the Parental Rights Amendment?

Improving Cellular Immunity to Fight Influenza Virus

Update on cluster of human swine influenza cases in Kwai Chung Hospital

Is oral immunotherapy the cure for food allergies?

Biosecurity laws hobble research

DNA robots get sophisticated

Reduction of major histocompatibility complex class I expression on bladder carcinoma following tumor antigen-pulsed dendritic cell vaccine: Implications for immunoresistance in therapy

Trends in Well-Child Visits to Family Physicians by Children Younger Than 2 Years of Age

Head trauma outcomes of verifiable falls in newborn babies

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Co-occurring Developmental, Psychiatric, and Medical Conditions Among Children in Multiple Populations of the United States

Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Children With Down Syndrome: Population Prevalence and Screening Test Characteristics

A Randomized, Controlled Trial of a Behavioral Intervention to Reduce Crying among Infants

Preferred treatment and prevention strategies for recurrent community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus skin and soft-tissue infections: a survey of adult and pediatric providers.

The Frequency of Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors in a Community Sample of 15-Month-Old Infants

Instability in Teacher Ratings of Children's Inattentive Symptoms: Implications for the Assessment of ADHD

Intrapartum antibiotics and risk factors for early onset sepsis

Psychometric profile of children with auditory processing disorder and children with dyslexia

Prevalence of subclinical vitamin K deficiency in Thai newborns: relationship to maternal phylloquinone intakes and delivery risk

School-based Prevention of Depression: A 2-Year Follow-up of a Randomized Controlled Trial of the beyondblue Schools Research Initiative

Mixture regression analysis on age at onset in Bipolar Disorder patients: Investigation of the role of serotonergic genes

Pneumonia during the first two years of life does not increase risk of respiratory infections in preschool children

Various effects of different probiotic strains in allergic disorders: an update from laboratory and clinical data

A role for human endogenous retrovirus-K (HML-2) in rheumatoid arthritis: investigating mechanisms of pathogenesis

Virus-Specific Cytotoxic CD4+ T Cells for the Treatment of EBV-Related Tumors

Infantile spasms treated with the ketogenic diet: Prospective single-center experience in 104 consecutive infants

Many pregnant women not getting enough vitamin D

Supplements might be needed to achieve optimum selenium levels

USP proposes standardising labels to reduce drug misuse

Partially Hydrolyzed Formula to Prevent Eczema

How Botulism-Causing Toxin Can Enter Circulation

The Cost Implications of Health Care Reform

Health Insurance Reform and the Tensions of Federalism

Health Insurance Exchanges — Key Link in a Better-Value Chain

Health workers risk needle-prick injuries

NASA Students Use Satellites to Check for Ticks

Never a dull day for school nurse

NICHD Brain and Tissue Bank for Developmental Disorders

Comparative Effectiveness and Health Care Spending

Clarifying Sources of Geographic Differences in Medicare Spending

Genes Found For Schizophrenia Are Involved In Brain Signaling

Make sure your child is getting enough vitamin D

Find balance of fatty acids

Alzheimer's Disease

Expect better vaccines to quit smoking

FDA panel: Rotavirus vaccines worth any PCV risk

Why Other Cancer Vaccines Won't Follow in the Footsteps of Dendreon's Provenge

New law to reduce childhood vaccine costs

Marker vaccines could beat IBR

Heavy price to pay

Ask the Appeal: Child Immunization Issues

NHS trust cash problem after £1.1m swine flu bill

Soligenix Announces Grant of Broad European Patent for Topically Active Steroids to Treat Inflammatory Gastrointestinal Disorders

Findings could aid vax distribution in developing nations

Emergent BioSolutions Raises Global Awareness of Biopreparedness

HIV non-progressors have super-charged T cells

Over 20,000 kids inoculated against Polio in Seles

Third round of Polio campaign targets 1m children

Health bits: Survivors of polio urged to join group

FACTBOX-Free-speech, business cases await US court pick

'Grant accepted'

Parents raise £1,000 for Meningitis Trust after son amazes doctors

Therapy suggested for rare brain infection

Our baby was gone before we could even meet

South-south drug collaboration: No longer 'parent-child' status

PAUL EDWARD PRATT, Individually and as Guardian Ad Litem for CHERYL J. PRATT and on behalf of DP and PP, Minor Children, Plaintiffs, v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Defendant.

Collaborations Leading to Cheaper Drugs in Developing Countries Drug Discovery & Development

Rotary Club Hosting Fundraiser to Eradicate Polio

Stem cell therapies: Dangers and opportunities

ME sufferers battle to raise profile of condition during national awareness week

Britain's Unofficial One Child Policy

Vaccine-wary parents guarded over new pitch to boys

Health funds wasted on 'worried well' (includes video)

Rally Alert: New Speaker. House Parties. More Satellites. Join Our Exhibitors and Sponsors!

Influenza A (H1N1) not likely to become epidemic: Health Minister

Dozens of soldiers recovering after contracting H1N1

Novavax loss widens on research costs

FDA Grants IQuum Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for 2009 H1N1 Influenza Assay for CLIA 'Moderate and High Complexity' Certified Laboratories Liat™ Influenza A/2009 H1N1 Assay identifies the 2009 H1N1 Influenza Virus starting from collected samples in less than 30 minutes

Swine Flu vaccinations to be given to public

Directing immune traffic -- signposts to the lung

Health officials look at status of H1N1 (includes video)

A(HINI): 34 new cases in the last 24 hours (Updated)

Poultry import curbs to remain for now

In Pune, H1N1 more severe than other 20th century pandemics

Vaccine Panel Looking at H1N1, National Plan Next Month

Town with no vaccine

Taking the pinch out of seasonal flu jabs

Bionex Formula Bx-36 Test Results Prove H1n1 Virus IS DESTROYED

AVI BioPharma Announces First Quarter 2010 Financial Results

Croydon Hepatitis C scare: lawyer says more women may come forward

New hep B website to assist GPs

Five in one vaccine to be injected free for infants

Seroprevalence of HIV, HBV, HCV and syphilis infections among blood donors at Gondar University Teaching Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia: declining trends over a period of five years

HIV Vaccine Secret Found in 'Elite Controllers'

People who support autistic children are many

Campaigners win fight for Ferntree Gully autistic school

Parents of Autistic Children Weren't Entirely Wrong

Autistic golfer at home on course

Test Your Emotions With Magnify

Awed by Awareness

NEA group promotes autism awareness

Flu-infected soldiers to leave hospital after A (H1N1) scare

A year later, a wary look at a killer

Walgreens tapped for national award for its flu vaccination efforts

Adult Hepatitis Vaccine Project gains traction in California

Uncircumcised men with HPV may be more likely to acquire HIV than men without HPV

Practice parameter update: management issues for women with epilepsy--focus on pregnancy (an evidence-based review): obstetrical complications and change in seizure frequency. Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee and Therapeutics and Technology Assessment Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology and American Epilepsy Society.

Practice parameter update: management issues for women with epilepsy--focus on pregnancy (an evidence-based review): teratogenesis and perinatal outcomes. Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee and Therapeutics and Technology Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology and American Epilepsy Society.

Practice parameter update: management issues for women with epilepsy-focus on pregnancy (an evidence-based review): vitamin K, folic acid, blood levels, and breastfeeding. Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee and Therapeutics and Technology Assessment Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology and American Epilepsy Society.

Occupational therapy practice guidelines for adults with neurodegenerative diseases.

New antiretroviral drugs: maraviroc, raltegravir, and etravirine.

False accusations of Munchausen by Proxy, The Truth Behind the Label Part: 2 | Part: 3 | Part: 4 | Part: 5 | Part: 6)

Dangerous Liaisons

Mitochondrial dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders: Cause or effect?

Neuroscience: Illuminating the brain

Regulations increase cost of dangerous-pathogen research

Biomarkers for kidney damage should speed drug development

Genomics goes beyond DNA sequence

UM School of Public Health to provide prevention research expertise on health disparities and workforce shortage

Baby dies after receiving vaccination in east China province

New public health research has been reported by scientists at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Move UConn Medical Schools To Hartford

PNG Authorities Unmoved by Spreading Cholerla

Gulf oil spill could threaten human health

Health care law may help families with autism costs

State budget: Joy over autism school

Horse riding provides autism relief for son

Autism and horses, football and rap

Health IT Savings May Reach $261 Billion

Never Able to Forget a Chronic Disease

When Treating One Worker’s Allergy Sets Off Another’s

Dr. Day Focus: Food Allergies Leave a Bad Taste

Ballarat whooping cough cases fall

Editorial: One fact is clear in flu shot debate

Virtual Ball raises global awareness to kick polio out of Afric

Third round of Polio campaign targets 1m children

Uzbekistan to vaccinate children against poliomyelitis

Website Announces Its Top 3 Remedies for Flu after Stringent Testing

CVS profit rises, mild flu season dents sales
Don't skimp on getting your child immunized (includes video)

WHO gives Tonga 100,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine

Vaccine company must pay $2.5M

National Vaccine Information Center Calls on FDA to Raise Vaccine Safety Testing & Labeling Standards

Safety and Immunogenicity of Therapeutic DNA Vaccination in Individuals Treated with Antiretroviral Therapy during Acute/Early HIV-1 Infection

Pharmaceutical Companies Earned Over $3 Billion on H1N1 Vaccine: Report

Crucell Announces First Quarter 2010 Results

SCANCELL HOLDINGS PLC - National Institutes of Health Licensing Agreement

Africa still lagging behind in MDGs' child mortality reduction

Vical to Present at Rodman & Renshaw Global Healthcare Conference

Behavioral Economics Tested In New Health Law

Grow your own body parts? The future is now

Shariah supports science that is not harmful: expert

'Striking Improvements' Toward MDG Targets, Progress Is Unequal, WHO Report Says

Law will lower vaccine costs

H1N1 Influenza Hits Older Children

New Method for Developing Safer Drugs

Gates makes 78 global health grants

Tips on keeping children healthy

Rabies vaccinations recommended in northern Ariz.

Rabies cases confirmed in city, county

Many parents and pros advocating 'calming rooms' for schools

Differences in Language Circuits in the Brain Linked to Dyslexia: Important 'Information Highway' Less Well Organized in the Dyslexic Brain

No Clean Bill of Health for New Jersey's Big Pharma

Glaxo Pays $60M To Settle 700 Avandia Lawsuits

Genital wart virus may raise men's risk of HIV

Which Drugs Are Linked To Compulsive Behaviors?

Elana Kagan Sided With Merck Investors

UK drug shortages to last till 2011? 

VA Proposes Rule To Limit Access To Sales Reps

Novartis Faces First Zometa Trial In New Jersey

European Agency Should Release Side Effect Reports

NYC Wants Pfizer To Repay $12M In Tax Breaks

The Debate Over Generics & Counterfeits In Africa

17 States Join Whistleblower Suits Against Wyeth

Mild-Mannered Metabolic Helper Rushes To Fight Invading Viruses, Researchers Report

Vitamin D status is associated with relapse rate in pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis

New drug may help MS patients walk

Dissent and Efficiency: Difficult Trade-offs for FDA