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All the News Posted May 13, 2011

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Northern Ireland Vaccine Reactions Report with Jackie Fletcher and MMR Injured Son Age of Autism

Vaccine Video: Dr. Mayer Eisenstein on Alex Jones Radio Show Discussing Vaccine Controversy

Vaccines, Bribes and Brain Damage- or is it Autism? Video

Whooping cough outbreak a result of vaccine phobia?

Whooping cough shot the law

Poll: Compulsory MMR vaccination?

State Law Makes It Difficult To Opt Out of Vaccinations For Kids (audio)

Vaccine Program/Office of Special Masters

NRC seeks changes in US vaccine program for biodefense workers

Study links autism to mother's health issues

Babies given anti-obesity drugs in the womb - Babies to be given diet drug in the womb to stop them being born overweight in trial described as ‘disturbing’ by weight loss groups.

Science Weekly Extra: Sense About Science lecture – epidemics - In the 2011 Sense About Science lecture 'Epidemics and refuseniks' on Monday, historian Professor Richard Evans explored the lessons politicians might learn from major epidemics of the past, including cholera and BSE

Comment:  Trying to avoid BSE as a vaccine contaminant is a major issue, e.g.,
Safety testing of Biotechnology Products derived from Cell Lines of Human and Animal Origin
Cell Culture Contamination: An Overview
Animal cell cultures : Risk assessment and biosafety recommendations
Risk of BSE Contamination in Viral Vaccines - FDA
Research Project: Detection of TSE Agents in Livestock, Wildlife, Agricultural Products, and the Environment Location: 2008 Annual Report - BSE Atypical USA

Vaccines Responsible for Massive Decline in Natural Immunity
- New book reveals why childhood vaccines, flu shots and other kinds of inoculations have contributed to the dramatic decline of natural immunity among millions of children, adults, and members of the older population.

Groups Call for Federal Investigation of Human Fetal DNA/Autism Link in Vaccines

New doubts over shaken-baby evidence - New Scientist

Immunization Nation - Michael Willrich's smallpox research reveals that, when it comes to our nation's vaccine wars, history is simply repeating itself.  by Shaun Brady

Speak Up! The 2011 Virtual Immunization Symposium - virtual immunization communication network (VICNetwork)

‘Vaccine Epidemic’ findings further ignite Autism-vaccine debate - (VRM)

Past Pfizer autism unit chief to join major advocacy group
"The former head of Pfizer Inc.'s autism unit in Groton has landed a new job at Autism Speaks, the nation's leading advocacy group for people with the neurological disorder."

Peer review - Written evidence submitted by the BMJ Group (PR 41) - UK Parliament

Hospital sanitary measures need improvement - American Countil on Science and Health (ACSH)

Suicide After Medical Error Highlights Importance of Support for Clinicians

Handley Backs Out of Agreement Regarding Offit Website - kwomblesCountering...

The Pigeons Have Come Home to Roost

The FDA is there to serve the drug industry, not the public says Dr. David Graham of the FDA (video)

Pharmalot... Pharmalittle... Good Morning....the latest headlines

‘ASIA’ – Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants

Register for 2011 Conference - CLE Autism Training for Attorneys & Advocates at Autism One, Chicago, IL, May 26, 2011 - EBCALA

Purifying an image: Baxter Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Fraud and Blood Money

Domestic Hate Murder Coverage Style Guide
(GREAT BIG WARNING: This post deals exclusively with parents who murder their disabled children, and the ableism in media coverage of these murders.)

Study: It’s OK to Give Shingles, Pneumococcal Vaccines At the Same Time - WSJ

Comment:  Given that the two study groups were "together" and "apart", all we know is that they are either equally effective or equally ineffective, regardless of timing.  And the incidence of shingles if not vaccinated at all?  Not addressed in this study.  What about safety?  Not addressed either.

Evaluation of the incidence of herpes zoster after concomitant administration of zoster vaccine and polysaccharide pneumococcal vaccine - Vaccine

Integrity and Honesty - Harpocretes Speaks

Value judgements
- The scientific endeavour needs to deliver public value, not just research papers. (Editorial) - Nature

Combating the Silent Epidemic of Viral Hepatitis: Action Plan for the Prevention, Care and Treatment of Viral Hepatitis - HHS

The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment

Bacterium found to kill malaria in mosquitoes

AIDS Study Marks Prevention Breakthrough - Antiretroviral Drugs Are Shown to Make Patients Far Less Infectious - WSJ

Anti-vaccine movement takes case to Capitol Hill
- AutismNewsBeat

So what do parents really think causes autism? -

What You Can Do To Avoid Medication Errors - IOM

The World Health Organization needs major reform (subscription required) - NatureNews

Say WHAT? Feds say vaccines do not cause autism, yet have compensated families

Whooping cough outbreak a result of vaccine phobia?

Vaccines do cause autism (video) Congressman Burton

Fever During Pregnancy, Diabetes and Obesity May Raise Autism Risk - But study finds births by C-section didn't seem to have any impact

State looks to remove autism panelist with links to suspended doctor - Panelist works with father who uses controversial, potentially dangerous treatment

Bad medicine - An explosion of medical research fraud underlines the wisdom of boosting public funding for research to reduce dependence on drug company money.

Hansen: Autism documentary hits home for mom

Parents need doctors note to skip vaccinations

Prosecutors Seek $1 Billion From J&J in Marketing Probe

HIV versus Measles - Pediatric HIV may be hindering measles eradication efforts - Scientific American

Top 20 Questions about Vaccination - The History of Vaccines

Online image - The Internet offers ways for researchers to steer public perceptions, for bad and good. - Nature

Finding Middle Ground in the Vaccine-Autism Debate - Autism Key

Video of IMFAR Press Conference (with thank to WrongPlanet)

Childhood Vaccinations and ASD: No Relationship Between Number or Schedule of Vaccinations and Diagnostic Outcome or Severity -

Northern Ireland Vaccine Reactions Report with Jackie Fletcher and MMR Injured Son - Age of Autism

Making the World Safe for Cancer by Alison Rose Levy - Huffington Post

Action Alert:Get Personal: Write a Letter to Your Senator (re: toxic chemicals reform)

FDA Approves Fluzone Intradermal - Sanofi Pasteur's New Influenza Vaccine Delivered by Intradermal Microinjection -

What To Do About All Those Non-Vaccinating Parents
by Robert Sears, MD (pediatrician) 

Anthrax Vaccine: Children Targeted for Testing

Andrew Wakefield Interview Part 1 (video)

Andrew Wakefield Interview Part 2 (video)

Moms Talk: Immunization Debate – Safe or Harmful? Do you believe all children should by immunized against infectious diseases, by law? Or should parents have the right to choose if vaccinations are proper for their kids?

UK HPV vaccine victims

HPV vaccine trial: AIDWA demands action against rights violators

Hpv Vaccine and Cervical Cancer: is it Worth Vaccinating?

KARK 4 Investigation: Unvaccinated Kids (includes video)

La Russa's case of shingles has more St. Louisans seeking vaccine (includes video)

State law requires incoming students to provide chickenpox history

GAVI commits US$100 million to fight meningitis A Funds support introduction of new vaccine in Cameroon, Chad, and Nigeria

Pertussis clinic at SVHS on Monday

The best way to control a pertussis outbreak is to vaccinate

MCHD introduces Spring Shots Across Texas

Competitor Analysis: Influenza Vaccines Available through Bharat Book Bureau

Biovest Reports New BiovaxID(R) Cancer Vaccine Manufacturing Site Has Been Completed At Its Minnesota Cell Culture Center

AAPS national biotechnology conference to highlight breakthrough cancer treatments

HIV/AIDS: Milestones in vaccine research

Shot in the arm for immunization program

Measles exposure at Winthrop hospital

Travel alert issued on European measles outbreaks

HIV and Measles - What's the Connection?

Experts debate destroying last smallpox viruses Smallpox, one of the world's deadliest diseases, eradicated three decades ago, is kept alive under tight security today in just two places - the United States and Russia.

Advances and Barriers To A Cure For HIV: Part 1 – Types Of HIV Cures

Could AIDS Disappear If Enough Patients Get Treated?

Nebraska legislature moves towards passage of ‘medically inaccurate’ HIV criminal law

A Pilot Study of the Safety and Immunogenicity of the Rotavirus Vaccine in Infants with Intestinal Failure (pdf)

Detection of G3P[3] and G3P[9] rotavirus strains in American Indian children with evidence of gene reassortment between human and animal rotaviruses

Rapid responses to Personal View: The NHS is right to fund homoeopathy Re:Re:Re:Re: Luc Montagnier ... and Andrew Wakefield: living parallel lives - John Stone, UK Editor Age of Autism

Hemispherx Biopharma's Ampligen(R) Cited at Barcelona Vaccine & Active Immunotherapeutics Forum 2011

Briefs for May 13, 2011: VNA now offering free vaccines

Sinovac posts larger 1Q loss as costs increase

Sharing information on adverse events

Researchers make computerized proteins that can block flu virus

Influenza - Pandemic Influenza virus MILVAX

Severe swine influenza A (H1N1) versus severe human seasonal influenza A (H(3)N(2)): Clinical comparisons;

Rate and influence of respiratory virus co-infection on pandemic (H1N1) influenza disease;

Bird flu discovered in The Netherlands

FDA to amend trial investigator disqualification regulations The FDA is planning to change clinical investigator disqualification regulations following GAO recommendations.

Data law adds to cost & time of clinical trials, says ACRO ACRO has spoken in support of IMS Health amid concerns restrictions on prescriber identifiable (PI) data could hinder research.

Big pharma asks FDA to clarify electronic data guidance Big pharma has called for the FDA to clarify the scope and purpose of its draft electronic source documentation guidance.

Private nonprofit foundations & Public Health: Potential conflicts of interest in corporate links

Local mom wants parents to know about meningitis (includes video)

Mid-Michigan girl dies after meningitis diagnosis

Newport baby with meningitis fights for life

Bi-County Health Dept. to conduct tetanus clinics May 18

Zombie Brains: Sci-Fi Teaches Science Scientists Ponder Zombies To Study Fast, Deadly Viruses

Article by GeoVax Labs CSO Featured in The Scientist

Is cash on delivery the future for aid? Results-based aid is a welcome innovation, but the problem about what to do when targets aren't met is profound

UMMC maternity ward honored for preventing spread of Hepatitis B

HHS Announces Action Plan to Prevent and Treat Viral Hepatitis

Hepatitis C transmission causes UPMC kidney program shut down

Signs of Rise in Hepatitis C Cases Among Young

Telaprevir Ups Response Rates Across IL28B Genotypes in Hepatitis C

Aide named in Vegas hepatitis C case pleads not guilty to federal conspiracy, fraud charges

2 Va children undergoing treatment after being bitten by rabid fox

Leading the fight against HIV

Early drug therapy curbs HIV transmission: study

Kerry files bill to expand home care treatment for immune diseases

Twitter Helped Doctors Tell Patients Where to Get Meds After Japan Earthquake

Ask the vet's pets: Start socializing puppy before completing vaccination schedule

Dogs can get their own type of influenza

Rabies Found in Local Bat; Officials Encourage Pet Vaccinations (includes video)

Study finds pigs susceptible to virulent ebolavirus can transmit the virus to other animals

Roster of the Pediatrics Advisory Committee to the Food and Drug Administration


Do We Want to Be Supersize Humans? If human bodies become taller, bigger and longer-living -- is that progress? More Calories and Allergies

Enforcement Report for May 11, 2011 RECALLS AND FIELD CORRECTIONS: FOODS - CLASS I

Selectmen rally around lupus awareness

ADHD Drug Shortage Has Patients, Parents Scrambling Switching from one med to another isn't always an option, experts note

Pet vaccines available in Mooresville Bookmark and Share

IVF restrictions could reduce newborn deaths Limiting the number of embryos used for in vitro fertilization (IVF) would prevent up to 40 newborn deaths in Canada each year, researchers say.