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All the News Posted April 6, 2011

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United Nations Urged to Ban Mercury in Vaccines - Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD) Press Release

"I'm are from the government and I am here to help" - Adventures in Autism

Vaccine bills challenge medical establishment - Panel hears from parents - "One bill, L.D. 694, sponsored by Rep. Andrea Boland, D-Sanford, would require doctors to give parents a list of all the ingredients in childhood vaccines. The second would make it easier for children to stay in school without being immunized."

Activists, officials voice concerns about child vaccine bills

Ministry of Health seriously misled the Immunisation Select Committee by Hilary Butler

Experts Recommend Delaying Breastfeeding Until Vaccinations Have Taken Effect by Christina England

Don’t Let Your Child Be the Next Victim of This Deadly Vaccine (includes videos)

VAERS Results - Gardasil Serious (4/5/11)

FDA Rejects Gardasil For Use In Most Adult Women

Merck says FDA turns down Gardasil for older women

One vaccine could protect your kids against cancer on the rise

Girl seized in Detroit standoff to remain in state custody

Physician who advised Detroit mother says she was right to refuse psychotic drugs for daughter - "'She did what she was supposed to do,' says Dr. Margaret Betts, a veteran Detroit MD who specializes in holistic treatments and who consulted with the mother, Maryanne Godboldo, on alternative treatments for her child. 'The treatment they recommended wasn't helping. Maryanne sought further medical attention. She acted like a good parent. It's a parent's right to choose.' The trouble began after Godboldo went looking for help with her child's behavior, which she says grew erratic after a series of immunization shots. Godboldo went first to the Children's Center, a group that helps 'at-risk' youth. There, she was directed to administer the psychotic drug to her 13-year-old daughter."

Ethics of Marketing Vaccines: Dr. Jacob Puliyal - Dr. Puliyal's presentation can be viewed  or view at The One Click Group: or on You Tube: Part IPart II,  Part III "

The Ethical Use Of Newer Vaccines (includes videos) - "In the space of an half hour, Puliyel speaks from a pro-vaccine perspective - how new and relatively useless vaccines (like the pneumococcal vaccine) are being pushed on to poor countries giving huge cash incentives to doctors who prescribe them - and this at the expense of more needed standard vaccines. Every statement is substantiated by reference to original papers."

Anti-Vaccine-Safety Junk Science – Criticised in English Parliament

New Vaccine/Autism Study – Apoplectic Anti-Vaccine-Safety Bloggers - "What is remarkable about all of the anti-vaccine-safety blogs is they attack professional journalist and CBS news reporter Sharyl Attkisson for reporting on a published peer-reviewed study.  This is typical of a ploy adopted in the UK by the anti-vaccine-safety lobby, viz, that of attacking journalists who publish any stories remotely critical of vaccine safety."

GlaxoSmithKline – Knowingly Killing & Injuring Children With Drugs & Vaccines (includes video)

MMR – Hypocrisy & Lies – Videos

Covered up in plain sight
Vaccinations, Allergies, Autism, and Inflammation by Maribeth Gieseke, RN, MS and Lynn Thesing, BA

Australia 'on verge of allergy epidemic' - An allergy expert says Australian children have the highest recorded rate of food allergies in the world and warns the statistics could translate into a wave of chronic diseases.

Alarm as child food allergy rate soars - The record rate of childhood food allergy in Australia could represent a "second wave" of allergic illness, following the now waning epidemic of asthma seen in the 1990s.

GPs must return flu vaccine over narcolepsy fears/ Independent

North Carolina SB 31 bill seeks to turn healers into felons; but the health freedom backlash has already begun

NC bill to criminalize natural medicine delayed: Call and oppose NOW

Amid medical controversy, children saved - "Many said they have seen their children misdiagnosed with arthritis, dyslexia, or even autism — a result, they said, of the medical community’s denial that chronic Lyme disease exists."

Legislation takes aim at Lyme disease

GAVI supports a pneumococcal vaccination programme for Congolese children - Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation plans roll out to more countries

WIAAP Urges Vaccination Against Pertussis (“Whooping Cough”)

Whooping cough outbreak in Floyd County blamed on lax vaccinations - Blue Mountain School closed after an outbreak of whooping cough among children who never got vaccinated.

Case of whooping cough at Ridgeview MS - The disease can be more serious in infants

Doctors report whooping cough cases in Floyd - It's unclear how many have the disease, also called pertussis, but many people are already seeking preventive antibiotics.

Whooping cough strikes

PNG suspected whooping cough under control

U.S. Supreme Court Preemption Trilogy: The Sequel - "The Preemption Trilogy Take Two:  Bruesewitz, Williamson, and Mensing."

Preemption of Vaccine Injury Lawsuits Upheld

How The 'Pox' Epidemic Changed Vaccination Rules (includes audio and transcript)

Pox: An American History (Penguin History of American Life)

High school students suspended for incomplete immunization records

High school students suspended over immunizations (includes video)

Girl dies and second is rushed to hospital after meningitis outbreak at secondary school

Christopher McKee: Meningitis probe over student death - A student from Northern Ireland has died of suspected meningitis in England.

Measles case a false alarm: health officials

Measles warning after children struck down with virus

American Red Cross Calls on Global Health Community to Fight Measles Outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo - Rising number of new cases putting thousands of children at risk.

Willoughby: Immunisation a must

Magnet key to immunisation campaign

Researchers Explore Ways To Boost Immunisation Rates

DR Congo: UN-partners introduces Pneumonia vaccine

Brian Deer wins award for MMR reporting

Measles: The Human Cost of Vaccine Fraud

Colloque – Vaccination, Society and Politics - Berlin, 28-30 April

The Vaccine Times Oct-Dec. 2010 Issue

Vaccine boosters required, recommended for adolescents

More than 1/2 of Iowa's 2-year-olds up to date - 78 percent of 2-year-olds in Dubuque County have received the recommended schedule of shots.

Myths and Facts

GMOs, vaccines, and the new eugenics — tools for covert population reduction?

Zimbabwe: Government to Enforce Vaccination By-Laws

Can Protein Intake and Immunization Compliance Affect Pre-schooler’s Eyesight?

Immunization and Nutritional Profile of Cases with Atraumatic Microbial Keratitis in Preschool Age Group

Phillip Morris buys stake in vaccine company

Nuron Biotech Acquires Assets Related to HibTITER® Conjugate Vaccine

Doctor admits to charging for vaccine received for free

Medicago announces research collaboration for the development of a non-influenza vaccine candidate with a top 10 global pharmaceutical company

Experts Develop Tool to Predict Course of Haitis Cholera Outbreak, Offer Disease Control Strategies for Immediate Implementation

TPIV seeking to advance smallpox program “quite significantly” in the days ahead

Study finds statins reduce pneumonia death rates

Whistleblower Lawsuits And Off-Label Marketing

Itching For Change: Lice & Pharmaceutical Products

Fly Me To The Moon? Mylan CEO & A Company Jet

Novartis Hopes To Revive A Zombie

FDA issues guidance on cross-contamination prevention

Why Medical Records Should Include Patients' Sexual Orientation

Japanese drugmakers face radiation challenge

Lipoxen research agreement with IAVI extended

Outbreak probe finds drug resistance, Salmonella in turkey samples

New drug for bacterial infections wins support

Bill Gates wins added German funding for vaccination drive

Germany, Gates foundation to give immunization aid

Gates Foundation to fund clinical trials at Pune’s Serum Institute

Island-wide Dog Vaccination Campaign in Bali Significantly Decreases Rabies Cases

“Every 9 minutes one infant needlessly dies from this silent killer”

MAF Shuttling Vaccine, Humanitarian Workers to Combat Congo Measles Epidemic - Rampant Disease Kills at Least 210 to date, Nationwide Spread Feared

Bihar govt identifies polio endemic blocks

MoH to host 24th Meeting of Regional Certification Commission for Polio Eradication

Fresh outbreak of polio recorded in Kebbi, Jigawa

Ulema help cut polio refusal cases - : With the help of ulema and prayer leaders the health staff successfully convinced refusing parents to administer vaccine to about 300 children, who were earlier on the refusal list.

Bill Gates telephones President Zardari

Villagers make polio campaign a tool to demand development

Countries of Origin of Foreign-Born Cases of Tuberculosis (TB) Diagnosed in the United States

DILG lauds local execs for leading in measles immunization drive

Pfizer takes campaign against pneumococcal disorders to schools

Effects of pneumococcal vaccination program on pneumococcal carriage and invasive disease - "Although the recent introduction of PCV13 into UK vaccination schedules is likely to have an incremental benefit on the reduction of IPD compared to PCV7, this benefit might be offset by increases in the carriage of some high invasiveness serotypes. These emerging serotypes should be considered for inclusion in future vaccines."

Effect of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccination on Serotype-Specific Carriage and Invasive Disease in England: A Cross-Sectional Study

Coinfections of B. pertussis, respiratory viruses may just be coincidence

Our Germs in the Gorillas' Midst

Expert Ponders Whether Remaining Stockpiles of Smallpox Virus Should be Destroyed

Correction: Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule: United States, 2011

Increase of Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 6C at 8 children's hospitals in the United States from 1993-2009

Guillain-Barré Syndrome: Modern Theories of Etiology

Serological responses following influenza A H1N1 2009 infection in adults

The effect of Kawasaki disease on childhood allergies – a sibling control study

Clinical characteristics of pediatric patients evaluated for primary immunodeficiency

Prescription pain med abuse a growing problem - Study suggests reducing prescriptions to kids and young adults may help combat issue

Manitoba, Saskatchewan to fund 'liberation therapy' trials for MS

Californians please act today!

Doctor pursues career exposing lies, quackery and fraud in "medical science"

New antidepressant warning - Prozac and other drugs cause thick arteries, raise heart risk

Study helps confirm effectiveness of intravenous vitamin C in fighting cancer

Soy poses no risk to breast cancer patients, says study - Doctors were concerned because of soy's potential impact estrogen levels

CT Scan Use Soars in Children, Raising Concerns Over Radiation

Media is wrong on the dangers of radiation

Apple pectin used for radiation protection after Chernobyl

Homeopathy may offer the best radiation treatment

Radiation exposure - Find protection with Calcium Bentonite Clay

4/5/2011 -- Radiation and Jet Stream forecast UPDATE - Cesium-137, Xenon-133, and Iodine-131 (video)

Radiation Exposure common sense strategies for minimizing the damage to your health

Fukushima is now the radioactive Deepwater Horizon of the Pacific

Researchers Link Herpes To Alzheimer's Disease; "Cold Sores" Connected To Cognitive Decline

Eat your broccoli – and ward off cancer

Can Eating Strawberries Prevent Cancer?

Meditation a powerful tool against pain: study

Can Formula Marketing Affect a Mom's Decision to Breastfeed?

The Unhealthy Truth About our Modern Processed Foods

Do Drugs Make the Conditions They Treat Worse? (video)

Skin cancer rates triple among UK young (video)

Self Healing the Gut on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour

MotheringDotCommunity › Forums › Health › Vaccinations

Joint Letter to CDC on Wandering

Sheriff's Office offering locator bracelets

Something else overcome, another dream realized.

More convoluted logic from Laurent Mottron

CT Bus Driver Texted 1000 X - Tell Court No Rehab Release!

Autism's $100,000 question (includes video)

Kids with autism face double standard (includes video)

Judge: Minnesota 'inconsistent' on autism care

Dallas Rock Against Autism April 9

It’s time

Two Drugs Deemed Effective for Autism

April and Autism: Ready? Set? Action!

Read A Thin Place A Novel by Jack Peterson and Support SafeMinds

Few Effective Treatment Options for Autism - 'Critical Need' for Additional Research Into Behavioral Interventions

When Autism Awareness month isn't so cute.

Connecting the Dots: Autism Awareness

Study: Socioeconomics playing reduced role in autism diagnoses - But poor children from low-income neighborhoods are still underdiagnosed

Autism expert at MC

Murder Trial Begins for Mother Who Withheld Cancer Treatment for Autistic Son

Conservatives--And Gov. McDonnell--Are Wrong About Autism Coverage

ARI e-newsletter April 2011