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Daily News 2011-09-12

09-12-2011_for_monday_batch_1 WWII Military Handbook Reveals Pesticide Chemicals Used In Infant Vaccines by Jeffry John Aufderheide - VaccineTruth

Kathleen Sebelius Throws Arthur Allen Under The Bus by Jake Crosby - Age of Autism

National Vaccine Advisory Committee Meetings 9/13 and 14 - Age of Autism

British Medical Journal Sabotages Free Academic Discourse Over Wakefield/Lancet Paper by John Stone - Age of Autism

Change in Time by Cathy Jameson - Age of Autism

Tell Us About Back to School - Age of Autism

Lab finds HPV DNA in Blood of Gardasil Recipient 2 Years Post-Vaccination - Age of Autism

AB499 and Governor Brown: CDC Page on Gardasil & Cevarix HPV Vaccine Adverse Reports - Age of Autism

Bill Gates-Funded Charity Fights To Keep Mercury In Vaccines - The Refusers

Vaccine Deniers and the Fear Behind ‘Contagion’ – Live Science - The Refusers

SANE Vax Inc. Discovers Potential Bio-hazard Contaminant in Merck’s Gardasil™ HPV 4 Vaccine - The Refusers

When people decide not to vaccinate their children, I take it personally – by Michelle Au, MD - The Refusers

U.S. doctors steeped in financial ties - drug money from Big Pharma - NaturalNews

Health officials urge people to get flu vaccine

CDC recommends flu vaccinations be taken early for the season

Bats Seen In NC Shelter; 11 People Get Vaccinations

Merced County keeps up with overall vaccination rates

State dictates immunization requirements for schools

Vaccination and HPV

School nurses work to get teens vaccinated

Research Results from T.H. Jin and Co-Authors Update Knowledge of Vaccines

Russian pilgrims will go to Mecca with vaccination certificates

More pledges for polio dingy voyage

Run raises $2800 for polio eradication

Cristine says she had viral meningitis

Kenya: Daadab Camp the Source of Measles Outbreak

Bihar reported no polio case in last one year

Superbug Antibiotic Resistance Caused By Specific Genome Change

Chronic diseases: slow-acting, silent killers?

Where to Find Vaccination Records

S. Ariz. vets seeing more dogs ill with virus

Pertussis in adults

How to Keep Cold and Flu Out of the Office

Sutherland Shire babies may have been exposed to whooping cough

Schoolgirl dies after flu

CDC Emphasizes Importance of Flu Vaccine for Pregnant Women

Scientists at University of Connecticut Publish New Data on Vaccines

Pharmaceutical Patents: Method for diagnosing autism spectrum disorder

Pharmceutical Patents: Purification of vaccinia virus- and recombinant vaccinia virus-based vaccines

Lessons from a Virus: Public Health Laboratories Respond to the H1N1 Pandemic - PDF

Who Should Get Vaccinated Against Influenza

Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report

Have You Heard, September 6, 2011: Number of Swine Origin H3 Infections in Pennsylvania Rises to Three

Are You Contagious?

As a kid, I contracted most of the other childhood diseases; chicken pox, measles, and unfortunately, the mumps. Not pleasant experiences, any of them -- in fact, a couple of the diseases could be life-threatening to some. ...
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Andrew Wakefield « Antiviral Immunity

Posts tagged 'Andrew Wakefield'. comment. 3September 11, 2011What do we have to do to prove that a vaccine is safe? ...

Gottlieb Dr Andrew Wakefield is the fraud who promoted the vaccine

Dr Andrew Wakefield is the fraud who promoted the vaccine autism link httpwwwcnncom2011HEALTH0106autismvaccinesindexhtml He has found a new home in Texas ...

Free vaccinations now on offer for Haj pilgrims

... kidney disease or other conditions can also opt for a vaccination against pneumococcal disease, a bacterial infection that can develop into pneumonia if ...

Failed vaccine campaigns are a global issue

Europe's last smallpox outbreak exemplifies how a pocket of disease can spread through mass gatherings, particularly the Hajj. In 1970, an Afghan family contracted smallpox while travelling to the Shi'a holy city of Mashhad, Iran. ...
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Why One Great Vaccine Researcher Wasn't Afraid Of Bird Flu

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for its part, has criticized over-hyped news coverage of this season's H5N1 uptick. The reality is that while Contagion presents a worst case scenario – one that it's worth being prepared for – it's ...
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Flu Vaccine Now Available in SC

The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the 2011-2012 vaccine will protect against the three most common strains of the virus circulating this season. The vaccine includes protection against H1N1, H3N2 and an influenza B ...
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Anti-Vaccine Activists Apparently Immune To Science

... the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Vaccine Education Center, the National Academy of Sciences, ...

Research and Markets: Pertussis Global Clinical Trials Review, Q2, 2011

Pertussis Global Clinical Trials Review, Q2, 2011 provides data on the Pertussis clinical trial scenario. This report provides elemental information and data relating to the clinical trials on Pertussis. It includes an overview of the trial numbers and ...
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Flu shot clinics planned in Clinton, Califon, Flemington

By Hunterdon County Democrat The Clinton Sunrise Rotary Club and Dr. Ronald M. Frank have announced the dates and locations of their expanded flu vaccine clinics this year. To fill the void created by Hunterdon County Health Department's decision to ...
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Drug users help boost hope for hepatitis C vaccine

FOUR injecting drug users have helped Australian researchers identify two "Achilles' heels" in the hepatitis C virus, boosting chances of an effective vaccine. Team leader Andrew Lloyd, with the University of NSW Inflamation and Infection Research ...
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Kiphire gears up for Measles Catch-Up Campaign 2011

Dr.Khriezotuo, DIO Phek, Dr. Pewezo MO and Dr. Kibang DIO Kiphire during the District TOT on Measles Catch-up Campaign and T. Roy DC Kiphire during the District Task Force meeting held at Kiphire. Kiphire | September 12 : The District Task Force ...
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'Contagion': Could A Similar Virus Happen In Real Life? (VIDEO)

"It's possible for a thing to spread very fast, take for example the measles virus," Frieden told Hill. "Without vaccines each person with measles infects about 15 other people. One person with measles can infect someone who is 100 feet away. ...
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COLUMN: Death penalty nothing to applaud

Rick Perry went from “always erring on the side of saving lives” with the HPV vaccine to not losing any sleep over exercising the death penalty. Though these positions confuse me, I wasn't nearly as troubled by them as I was by the audience's reaction ...
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Revolution PAC hits Romneycare, HPV vaccine

Paul, a physician, attacked Perry in the POLITICO/NBC debate last week over his attempt to mandate the HPV vaccine, blasting: “This is not good medicine … It's not good social policy.” After hitting Perry and Romney, the video continues: “How 'bout a ...
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After 9/11: Health IT lessons that followed

What followed was a series of emergency health events some of which, like the largely unsuccessful Smallpox vaccination program, can be traced to 9/11, the wars that followed, and fears of bioterrorism. Other events turned out to be largely unconnected ...
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An American reverend's faith in Turks, Islamic science revolutionizes modern ...

Undeterred by this act of terrorism, Mather continued to advocate for the use of an Ottoman medical procedure, inoculation, in which a doctor gives smallpox material to a healthy person through a cut, to combat the highly lethal disease. ...
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Variations on a theme of anti-vaccine nonsense

HPV DNA in the HPV vaccine Gardasil is in fact a variant of the "toxins" gambit. Let's put it this way. SANE Vax made a huge deal over how Merck states on the package insert for Gardasil that there is no HPV DNA in the vaccine. ...
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EC makes further commitment to saving lives

This donation, combined with the evident commitment from developing countries to expand immunisation programmes, will further support our efforts to protect children from death and disability,” said GAVI's CEO Dr Seth Berkley. ...
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CDC Announces 2011 Flu Vaccine Recommendations

The vaccine recommended for the coming flu season will protect against the same three viruses that last year's flu vaccine did, a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said today. Still, those who received the influenza ...
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Fox News

Manchester Metrolink works cause travel disruption

By A. Samuel · September 12, 2011 · Metros, Projects, Rail News Work to divert over 200 utility pipes and cables away from the routes of Metrolink lines through Oldham town centre and at Oldham Mumps is continuing, with the next major phase of work ...
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Steps for a Successful School Year

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention has created a free online course to prevent heat-related illness. For the free course, please visit 10. ...
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Russian pilgrims will go to Mecca with vaccination certificates

Moscow, September 12, Interfax - The Russian pilgrims, who will carry out the hajj to Saudi Arabia this fall, will be vaccinated against meningitis and influenza, head of the Russian consumer rights watchdog (Rospotrebnadzor) and country's chief ...
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Health Officials Urge People To Get Flu Vaccine

Health Secretary Catherine Torres says children should be vaccinated against the flu each year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that those older than six months get flu vaccine. The department said flu vaccinations are ...
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Tekmira and Collaborators Demonstrate Efficacy of RNAi Against Hepatitis C Virus

HCV is transmitted by blood-to-blood contact, and no vaccine against HCV is currently available. Approximately 85 percent of infected individuals develop chronic infection; some will progress to cirrhosis, liver failure, and liver cancer. ...
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Spots for shots: Flu vaccines available around the area

Currently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that anyone 6 months or older gets vaccinated against the flu each year, Thackery said. Cost is generally about $30, except as where noted below. Remember to take your insurance card ...
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Vaccinations in 72 poorest countries could avert 6.4 million deaths

During this period—scaling up the delivery of vaccination against pneumococcal disease, Haemophilus influenza type b, rotavirus, pertussis, ...

BMA says national flu advertisement campaign not needed

There is little evidence that pricey TV campaigns are value for money or effective at increasing uptake of the seasonal flu vaccine, according to GPC Scotland chairman Dr Dean Marshall, BMA negotiator on flu planning. Money would be better spent on ...
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Two Doses of HPV Vaccine May Work as Well as Three Cancer ...

Information on many different cancers includes symptoms, cancer detection and prevention, and treatment options.

British Medical Journal Sabotages Free Academic Discourse Over ...

If there has been fraud, the one person who has not committed it is Andrew Wakefield. And for those interested in sartorial elegance, Godlee's presentation ...

Time to shoo the flu

Sue Amato, director of health education and planning with the St. Clair County Health Department, said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hasn't indicated whether this year's flu season will differ from previous years. ...
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Childhood chickenpox can lead to shingles for adults

The good news is that a shingles vaccine is available. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006, the vaccine is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for all people over age 60. ...
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Smaller flu shot needles on the way

At least 166 million doses of flu vaccine are expected to be produced this year. ... But federal health officials and the American Academy of Pediatrics ...

Mum Zoe puts the heartbreak behind her to honour tragic Jack

Immediately following this, Jack contracted pneumococcal meningitis, ... Hib, Men C and, more recently, the pneumococcal vaccines are routinely given to all ...

HA gets ready for Government Vaccination Programme

Long-stay inpatients aged 65 or above will additionally be offered pneumococcal vaccinations. The HA will also arrange vaccinations for staff from ...

Hep C weaknesses could lead to vaccine

Study leader Professor Andrew Lloyd said the discoveries were significant because of their potential to overcome the barriers that have slowed development of an effective hepatitis C vaccine. "Hepatitis C is very difficult to target because there are ...
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HPV Vaccine More Effective Than Hepatitis A | TopNews United States

Till now three doses of Hepatitis A vaccine is given to women but it has been found that two and sometimes even one dose of HPV vaccine is quite effective for women to protect them from the risk of cancer. To confirm their above given ...
TopNews United States

Bihar reported no polio case in last one year

Patna: From recording the second highest number of polio cases in the country in 2009, Bihar has not reported even a single case of the disease in the last one year, an official said Monday. Sanjay Kumar, executive director of the state health society, ...
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Lax immunisation work causes worry

Slackening field-level health activities, with little or no monitoring or supervision by health inspectors and medical officers, and complacency among the community about immunisation may cost the State dear at the year-end evaluation of its ...
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Rick Perry On Science

CDC and the White House caved in to the anti-vaccine crazies and pulled ... but also the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family ...

Vaccination subsidy schemes for small children and elderly to be ...

... elderly people aged 65 or above will be entitled to an $80 subsidy for each dose of influenza vaccine and $140 for each dose of pneumococcal vaccine. ...

Kathleen Sebelius Throws Arthur Allen Under The Bus

By Jake Crosby Arthur Allen: tomato writer and the vaccine industry's original ... career to defending the vaccine industry – particularly the mercury-based ...

Ten treated for measles

CHIENGI district in Luapula province has recorded an outbreak of measles with more 10 patients treated for the disease. Both District Commissioner (DC) Freeman Kaputo and district medical officer James Zulu confirmed the development in separate ...
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Vaccinations up to date?

Children should have been vaccinated against Dipththeria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough, Polio, Haemophilus influenza type B infection, Meningitis C, Pneumococcal ...

Ask Dr. H: Hypertension drugs, cataract risk | Philadelphia Inquirer | 2011-09-12

Although in years past, doctors have given flu shots in early fall, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends getting the vaccine as soon as it becomes available. They say even August is not too early. It should provide at least six to ...
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Roxon strips final veil from ConOps

But as far as the PCEHR carrot for consumers is concerned the minister said those who do opt in; “Will no longer have to remember every medical test, immunisation or prescription they have. Doctors and other health care professionals will no longer ...
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Gardasil bill an assault on parental rights Catholic official says ...

SAN FRANCISCO (CNS) -- The California Catholic Conference is urging Californians to call Gov. Jerry Brown Jr. and urge him to veto AB 499, which would allow ...

Rick 'Gardasil' Perry | Lew Rockwell's Political Theatre

Rick 'Gardasil' Perry. Posted on September 11, 2011 by Lew Rockwell. Cowboy? Or cowboy cheerleader? See Paul Mulshine. (And thanks to Joe Sansone). This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. ← Ron Does Well ...
Lew Rockwell's Political Theatre

School nurses work to get teens vaccinated

Preteens and teens are at greater risk for meningitis than other age groups, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta recommends they be vaccinated beginning at age 11, with a booster dose by 18 years of age, Allan says.
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Contagion: Find a Vaccine

In response to the disease, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention forms a team headed by Dr. Cheaver (Fishburne) to try and contain it on the home front. Cheaver hires Dr. Mears (Winslet) to investigate the Minneapolis death. ...
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Ask vet about flu vaccine for dogs

There is a vaccine available that is designed to aid in control of the disease. The vaccine will not prevent the disease entirely but has been shown to decrease the severity and duration of illness. In addition, the vaccine reduces shedding of the ...
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DOH calls on parents to vaccinate children

Immunization will assure that children will grow healthy and free from diseases preventable by vaccines such as measles, polio, and Hepatitis-B which could kill a child. According to Tan, the Mandatory Infants and Children Health Immunization Act of ...
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Govt sets up call centre to track mom, baby health

By TEENA THACKER In a bid to ensure an effective implementation of immunisation programme, the Union health ministry recently set up a call centre to keep a track and verify children and mothers getting vaccinated across the states. ...
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Thimerosal | Measles Info

Does the vaccine preservative thimerosal cause autism? Thimerosal is a mercury -containing compound that has been utilised given that the 1930s as a ...

GCC panel for infectious diseases holds meeting

MUSCAT The GCC Committee for Infectious Diseases and officials of immunisation programmes which follows the executive office of the GCC Health Ministers' Council held a two-day meeting at InterContinental Hotel on Sunday. The meeting is organised by ...
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More pledges for polio dingy voyage

A Tasmanian man who circumnavigated Australia in an inflatble dinghy has raised more than $200000 for Rotary International's polio eradication program. Robert Pennicott arrived in Sydney Harbour yesterday, after 101 days at sea. ...
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Measles warning for RWC visitors to New Zealand

Australian health authorities are urging rugby fans travelling to New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup to make sure their MMR vaccinations are up to date, following news of the measles outbreak in Auckland, Medical Observer reports. ...
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QRCS, WHO join hands to fight measles in Somalia

DOHA: The Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) will soon join the World Health Organization (WHO) to combat an outbreak of measles amongst the tens of thousands of families living in camps for the internally displaced in Somalia, escaping from drought and ...
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The Real Threat of 'Contagion'

A presidential directive in 2007 led to the establishment of the National Biosurveillance Advisory Subcommittee, at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to assess our biosurveillance capabilities and make recommendations for improving ...
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Growing theft incidents in hospitals may affect polio drive

Karachi: The upcoming polio campaign in ongoing month might be affected due to growing theft incidents in different towns and non-timely payment of salaries to employees. A few days back, an incident occurred in Sindh Government Dispensary, ...
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Trovan drug test victims threaten to sue Pfizer

The ultimatum came from counsel to a group, Trovan Victims' Forum, Etigwe Ewa, in a petition to the Healthcare/Meningitis Trust Fund set up by Pfizer and the Kano State Government to execute the out-of-court settlement in 2009. On behalf of the forum, ...
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Health Law articles: The New England Journal of Medicine

In February 2009, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) released decisions for the first three test cases heard under the program's ...

Ministry urged to recall vaccine

This finding is highly concerning as the Health Authorities were told that all viral DNA had been removed from the vaccine through purification. The Merck Sharpe and Dohme (NZ) HPV Virus vaccine Gardasil has been linked to adverse reactions leading to ...
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Influenza Vaccine Life-Saving For Pregnant Women

The importance of the influenza vaccine is emphasized to pregnant women because of the severe impact of influenza on mother and infant/fetus, US health officials say. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly ...
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Training on measles catch-up campaign in Mkg, Wka

District level training on measles catch-up campaign was held on September 8 at IDSP conference hall IMDH Mokokchung. During the training, programme officers, medical officers, DPM, BPMs and ASHA coordinators were trained on how to carry forward the ...
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Meningitis cases prompt warning

Associate Health Minister Tariana Turia says whanau in the north need to be on high alert for symptoms of meningitis. Eight cases have been recorded in Tai Tokerau in as many weeks of which half were Maori babies and teenagers. ...
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Video: Free Seasonal Flu Vaccine Available This Fall

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone over 6 months of age get a flu vaccine. Those at higher risk for complications of the flu, including seniors over 65 years, pregnant women, children under 5 years and people ...
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