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All the News Posted March 6, 2011

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Pneumonia Vaccine Approved as Deaths Mount During Trial - The vaccine trial is ongoing in Argentina. Parents agreed under threats of losing their children and without informed consent. GSK says it's not the vaccine—but where's the proof?

Four infant deaths trigger vaccines halt - "All four children were administered a vaccine against streptococcus pneumonia made by Pfizer Inc., and all except the girl in Nishinomiya received ActHIB, an Hib vaccine made by Sanofi Pasteur Inc. In addition, all except the boy in Takarazuka received a mixed vaccine against diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus on the same day they received other vaccines."

Alarm sounds over jab for infants - "The Department of Health has expressed concern over deadly incidents in Japan involving Prevnar, a vaccine against pneumococus and meningitis."

DH response on Japanese suspension of Pfizer pneumococcal vaccine - "The Department is aware of the news and concerned, especially because pneumococcal vaccination is in Hong Kong's childhood immunisation programme since 2009.We will be in touch with our Japanese counterpart for details."

Wakefield Accusation - American VAERS Suggests Otherwise There Goes That Argument! by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

Supreme Court Press Conference - Vaccine safety and autism leaders to denounce last week's Supreme Court decision. Vaccine-injured families denied the right to sue for defectively-designed vaccines in civil court. - Russ and Robalee Bruesewitz, plaintiff's parents - Emily Tarsell, daughter died following Gardasil vaccination - Rolf Hazlehurst, Esq, son developed serious medical injuries and received autism diagnosis following vaccination - Mary Holland, Esq - Jim Turner, Esq - Louise Kuo Habakus (includes link to video)

Press Conference About the U.S. Supreme Court’s Bruesewitz Decision by Catherine J. Frompovich

AAP's fever and antipyretic policy statement shores up big pharma by Hilary Butler

Inoculating vaccine makers - The Supreme Court correctly shields drug firms from lawsuits over children who have suffered severe side effects from vaccines.

Court ruling is a win for public health

URGENT - Action Needed Immediately - WA Vaccination Exemptions At Risk - SB5005 scheduled for hearing in House Health and Wellness Committee, March 9th, 8:00 am, Olympia, WA

Autism advocacy groups headed to Trenton to support vaccine bill

Tomorrow's Legislative Meeting Update - March 7, 2011 by New Jersey Alliance for Informed Choice in Vaccination

Monday Morning Rally: NJ Call To Action to Pass Conscientious Exemption Bill

NJ - A243, A3746 Hearing on March 7th 10am - "We have just been informed that A243 – The Conscientious Exemption to Mandatory Immunization – will be heard in the Assembly Health Committee on March 7th"

NH - Letters Needed to Support Conscientious Exemption Bill HB 416

British Medical Journal fails to disclose commercial conflicts in Wakefield attack

Free "I Support Dr. Wakefield Sticker" Available

Alms for the Poor

Vaccination Status and Health in Children and Adolescents - Findings of the German Health Interview and Examination Survey for Children and Adolescents (KiGGS)

JHS students held in gym for not receiving vaccinations (Nov. 2010)

No Pharma Liability? No Vaccine Mandates. (includes video)

Dr. Ken Bock and Michael Larsen on Fox News Discussing Dietary Intervention for Autism (video)

Vaccine Autism no-link studies are FUNDED by BIG PHARMA (video)

TACA Events Feature The Age of Autism! - Age of Autism_cover quote (3) Foothill Autism Alliance Features Age of Autism Authors - Wed, Mar 9th, 2011, @7:00pm-9:30pm - The Age of Autism - Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-Made Epidemic

The Science and Family Struggles of Autism (includes audio)

Theory of Autism - Simplified

Deadly Choices - Paul's Porkies by Hilary Butler

Vitamin D Deficiency Rickets: Yet Another Family Shattered

Vaccinated kids at lower risk of infections

Vaccines and immunization - Immunization in Europe “at crossroads”

Battle to save chimps from experiments

Novartis Faces Lung Drug Questions - The company hopes to win approval for two dosing levels of inhaler for chronic disease. Safety concerns may trip up the panel of government advisers next week.

Teva to appeal $356m compensation ruling - Alan Dershovitz will defend Teva and Baxter against claims they were responsible for infecting a patient with hepatitis C.

SaneVax Analysis of VAERS Reports Post-HPV Vaccination

Why The Wart Virus is Not the Cause of Cervical Cancer

Call for boys to get HPV vaccine

HPV Infects Millions of Men: Vaccinate the Boys!

MMR (video)

Fluzone Vax Report 01-21-2011 (video)

Global Backlash on HPV Vaccines (webinar archive)

Why the New Mumps Outbreak Puts You At Risk by Robert J. Rowen MD

Animal Vaccination

Vaccination policy booster

Tina Tidmore with the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Worldwide Patient Alliance on Holy Hormones Honey! on KRFC

Talk Doesn’t Pay, So Psychiatry Turns Instead to Drug Therapy

Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of polio vaccine, exposed as criminal-minded scientist who conducted illicit medical experiments on mental patients

Lax oversight of medical devices responsible for thousands of deaths

Smallpox Vaccine: Origins of Vaccine Madness by Jennifer Craig BSN, MA, Ph.D

Vaccinations by Lorraine Day, MD

Hepatitis B virus in Pakistan: A systematic review of prevalence, risk factors, awareness status and genotypes

Safety and Immunogenicity of Therapeutic DNA Vaccination in Individuals Treated with Antiretroviral Therapy during Acute/Early HIV-1 Infection

Re: Anaphylaxis or allergic reactions following the H1N1 pandemic influenza vaccine in 2009: $100 per patient.

High genetic compatibility and increased pathogenicity of reassortants derived from avian H9N2 and pandemic H1N1/2009 influenza viruses

Unusual delayed reaction after H1N1 vaccine - We reported a case of allergic contact dermatitis three weeks after the H1N1 vaccine, probably involving thimerosal additive. Patients should be aware of this possible unusual delayed reaction.

VRM: Medical Industry Studies Prove Influenza Vaccine Is Both Dangerous & Ineffective

Fresh cases of bird flu in Tripura

Mother of swine flu victim, 3, now reveals she may have lost her unborn baby to the virus

Bell City Council Candidate, 34, Dies; May Have Had Swine Flu

2010-2011 Influenza Season Week 8 ending February 26, 2011

Perfect storm of flu viruses spreads throughout Nanaimo - Several influenza strains attacking people at the same time

Rule calls for Nebraska children to get 2nd dose of chickenpox vaccine before new school year

Chicken pox outbreak hits Calaveras

Many ways to alleviate shingles pain

Hanoi suffers rubella breakout - Hanoi’s Central Tropical Hospital said it has treated 848 cases of rubella, or German measles, since mid-January and the number is rising every day.

Report of measles has Mass. city on alert - Health officials suspect they've identified a possible fifth case of measles in the state

Massive anti-measles vaccination drive set in Dipolog

Families sue Ohio University over students' health care

Meningitis scare has lake off limits

MP health workers to conduct door-to-door immunization

Lupus Disease Increases

Online children’s allergy test 96% accurate

Helping Children Cope with Asthma and Allergy in School

Allergies In Young Children Double In A Decade

Indian Autism Experts Promote Television Causes Autism Myth

Mind Games - How toxic chemicals are impairing children’s ability to learn

Autism in an age of austerity (subscription)

The Dr. Temple Grandin School

Joe Mohs Pays Homage To The Dr. That Helped Him Recover From Autism (video)

Feehan takes a shot and makes The Shot - Special needs student at Wheaton North provides inspiration to teammates, and classmates

Love for An Autistic Son Leads To Plans for Activities Center

More Autism Coverage

Interactive Game Helps Autistic Children Recognize Emotions, Study Suggests

LAPD killing of autistic man was wrong, Police Commission rules

Local initiative can lead to earlier autism diagnosis

Autism group offers network for parents, children

Parents Charged With Endangering Welfare Of Autistic Teens

Panel rejects Beck's recommendation on '10 autistic shooting

3 Allen Correctional guards fired after investigation into suicide of Newark prisoner

Bob Probert's Autopsy Reveals He Suffered From Brain Disease - Family using results to create awareness of disease, doctors say there isn't much treatment.

New Research Could Bring Gene Therapy A Step Closer For Rett Syndrome, An Incurable Genetic Disorder

No polio case reported in Nepal in six months - Disease eradication likely by 2012

Echo of a nightmare: Polio survivors face reoccurring symptoms as adults, join support group

Anti-polio campaign from tomorrow

Call to rid city of polio menace

Government calls army for anti-polio drive in tribal areas

CNBC - TV SV40 part 1 (video)

CNBC - TV SV40 part 2 (video)

Killer cough returns - "'Despite high childhood vaccination coverage against pertussis, it remains endemic worldwide, while many countries still experience serious comeback epidemics,' said Dr David Johnson, senior director of global medical affairs for Sanofi Pasteur. ... 'Parents are aware that vaccination is generally considered to be the most effective methods of preventing infectious diseases. However, they may not know that the conventional pertussis vaccination cannot provide ‘lifelong immunity’ and must be supported with booster shots for continued protection.'"

When Immunity Fails: Behind the Story - "For the past four months, KPBS and the Watchdog Institute have tracked the whooping cough epidemic across California and other affected states. In an effort to better understand who is getting sick, we examined data from San Diego County Health and Human Services agency that contained immunization history for each person diagnosed with pertussis. In September, KPBS reported that almost two-thirds of the people diagnosed with pertussis in San Diego County had been up to date on their immunizations. The figure surprised local health officials."

Whooping Cough Case Reported at Santa Sophia Academy Preschool - With this case, the total number of reported cases in the County climbed to 101.

DPHSS Gets 22 Reports of Whooping Cough; 8 Confirmed

Cough cases spark fears

13,000 hepatitis patients vaccinated

How top anaesthetist's 'fraudulent' claims have put millions of NHS patients at risk

Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory

Growth of Breastfed Infants

Fewer Child Ear Infections: Vaccine? Smoking? Breast Milk?

A Guide to Choosing Vaccines: A Vet Finally Gives Her Honest Opinion

Simple blood test for Down's syndrome is on its way, say scientists

Scientists want to help regulators decide safety of chemicals

EPA issues final standard on toxic air pollution - Students exposed to pollution from boilers on college campuses

Heart Attack Grill's 29-Year-Old Spokesperson Dies

TSA, DHS plan massive rollout of mobile surveillance vans with long-distance X-ray capability, eye movement tracking and more

Does topical fluoride really protect tooth enamel? Study suggests NO

Prescription stomach acid drugs lead to magnesium deficiency

Dead baby dolphins continue to wash ashore on Gulf beaches

Strategies needed to resist GMOs successfully

Natural remedies and tips to prevent, relieve and eliminate painful shingles outbreaks

Dirt! The Movie explores the vital importance of soil and why we must do everything possible to preserve and protect it

FDA to pull 500 unapproved drugs from market after allowing them to be sold for decades

Power Pills for jet lag and other maladies are a bad thing

NC State, Tulane Professor To Study Roach Control, Asthma Links

Alix Won #1 Health Transformation Video on Natural News TV!

What has the Food Safety Modernization Act done for us?

Do CFL light bulbs make people crazy?

The need to protect the internet from 'astroturfing' grows ever more urgent - The tobacco industry does it, the US Air Force clearly wants to ... astroturfing – the use of sophisticated software to drown out real people on web forums – is on the rise. How do we stop it?