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Daily Vaccine News Posted July 28, 2011

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The First Annual Canary Party Convention Report

Long-term, universal flu shot on horizon - USA Today

Assessing the Safety of Adjuvanted Vaccines - journal article

Comment:  One indication that this "study" carries a heavy bias burden is their reference to the "rarity" of adverse vaccine events.  Given that this "conclusion" is based on dismissing, ignoring, trivializing and not studying the over 100,000 SERIOUS adverse vaccine-associated events reported to VAERS (which probably represent far more), one can reasonably conclude that this is not a serious attempt to get at the truth.

One Vaccine Story - OMSJ

Is It Really No Shots, No School? - Thousands Of Kids Not Vaccinated In Texas Schools -

Vaccines and breast cancer by Sherri Tenpenny, DO - Dr. Coldwell blog

Study of Medical Device Rules Is Attacked, Unseen - NY Times

The Role of Public Relations in Responsible Healthcare Reporting

Europe To Revise ‘Advertising In Disguise’ Proposal by Ed Silverman - Phamalot via Pharma Marketer

UK: Vaccine Mother Demands Answers from BMJ by Dan Olmsted - Age of Autism via OMSJ

Website accuses Jennifer Ashton & CBS Early Show of bias on mammography "debate" - Gary Schwitzer's HealthNewsReview Blog

Health officials urge vaccination to quell pertussis, measles outbreaks

Children Need To Be Sick In Order For Them To Get Well - Wednesday, August 17 lecture by Larry Palevsky, MD

How vaccinations can save your pet's life

Tina Dupuy: Vaccinations and ice cream scare

Comment:  It's interesting that Dupuy can say "it was the lack of harmless immunizing infections during infancy due to better sanitation that attributed to the epidemic" re: why polio became epidemic and not see that it is an argument against vaccinating, not an argument for doing so.

Turnout Low For Measles Vaccination Clinic

WHO pledges to fight hepatitis B "Approximately 25 percent of people with chronic hepatitis B infection die prematurely due to complications."

Comment:  Is that really true?  Stated as a fact, but a wide range of estimates.

Stanford expert discusses environmental and genetic factors in autism risk (audio)

150 human animal hybrids grown in UK labs: Embryos have been produced secretively for the past three years -

Peer-review in science 'can be improved', MPs report - BBC

Brian Deer "Immensely Proud" of Using Deception to Collect Data Included in the BMJ Article - Autism Jabberwocky

Comment:  I wonder if someone who lies about who he is would lie about what he learned?

Late Onset Autism and Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Part 2 by Teresa Conrick - Age of Autism

The importance of childhood immunizations "Prior to the availability of HIB vaccine, in the United States about 20,000 children under 5 years of age got severe HIB disease each year. Nearly 1,000 people died annually."

Comment:  Gosh, I wonder how they know this given that they apparently didn't start tracking until after the vaccine was licensed.

Health surveys: Run the other way!!!

Scientific fraud in the UK: The time has come for regulation - MPs have called on the government to establish a regulator to set standards and help root out wrongdoing in science. Brian Deer anticipates stiff opposition from scientists -

European Immunization Week 2011 (video)

A Vaccine for Obesity? - The Vaccine Xchange

Stories that don't quantify benefits/harms/costs are poorly-framed health policy stories - part 4 of 5 - Gary Schwitzer's HealthNewsReview Blog

Top U.S. Health Official Sees Universal Flu Shot on Horizon - Fox News

Mammography for Breast Cancer Screening: Harm/Benefit Analysis

Physics paper retracted “on ethical grounds” — aka the data had already been published - Retraction Watch

Chickenpox Takes A Hit -

Massive Piles of Faked Data - But Right On Time - In the Pipeline

Births Of Prescription Drug Addicted Babies On The Rise (VIDEO) - Huffington Post

Drug firms paid ‘independent’ experts - Practice led to AG-whistleblower lawsuit

Autism doctor here under scrutiny

Measles spike prompts warning for traveling abroad

Immunization crucial for prevention

Urgent Warning about Gardasil

Are US pharmaceutical companies using India’s poor as guinea pigs in sometimes deadly trials for new medicines?

FDA finds drug research firm faked samples, documents - The Refusers

Under Attack in Colorado: Religious and Personal Exemptions to Mandatory Vaccinations - NVIC Advocacy

No Shots, No School, Not Really. by Dawn Richardson, NVIC Director of Advocacy

Is It Really No Shots, No School? - Thousands Of Kids Not Vaccinated In Texas Schools (includes video)

Broad Coalition of Advocates, Public Call on CDC to Recommend Infant Meningitis Vaccine - At Final CDC Regional Meeting, Pro-vaccine Community Presses CDC for Greater Use and Availability of Life-saving Vaccines

MEDIA ADVISORY: Is the CDC Rationing Vaccines? - Meningitis Vaccine Hearing in Chicago - Publisher: The Heartland Institute

Grieving relative of a young Sheldon engineer killed by meningitis battle to raise money for a vaccine in his memory

Parents Lose Bid to Enroll Unimmunized Daughter - New York Law Journal - "A Long Island couple who claimed their religious beliefs bar them from vaccinating their daughter have lost their bid to enroll the girl in a public elementary school."

Parents' suit over vaccinations is tossed (subscription) - Newsday

Scientific fraud in the UK: The time has come for regulation - MPs have called on the government to establish a regulator to set standards and help root out wrongdoing in science. Brian Deer anticipates stiff opposition from scientists - The Guardian, UK

Peer-review in science 'can be improved', MPs report - BBC

Andrew Wakefield Autism and Vaccines exclusive interview for the Sovereign Independent (video) - YouTube

Tina Dupuy: Vaccinations and ice cream scare

Varicella Vaccination Program Success - Science Based Medicine

Chicken Pox Vaccination and Chicken Pox Deaths -

Zicam inventor to plead guilty to marketing unapproved drug

Solantic Takes The Pain Out of Back-To-School Immunizations and Physicals

Dynavax: FDA Agrees With Hepatitis B Vaccine Findings

FDA Agrees With Dynavax on Consistency of HEPLISAV(TM) Lots

Vical Announces News Release and Conference Call Schedule for Second Quarter 2011 Financial Results

Entest Announces Promising Results From ImenVax(TM) Canine Cancer Vaccine Safety Study

AIDS vaccine: NARI dithers over taking the next step

Sanofi: Sales Growth of 6.9% Thanks to Genzyme Acquisition and Performance of Growth Platforms

Studies from Sanofi Pasteur Reveal New Findings on Vaccines

Vaccinate before travel to yellow fever-prone countries

Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in the Elderly Based on Administrative Databases: Change in Immunization Habit as a Marker for Bias

Universal Flu Vaccine a Possibility In 5 Years - Flu vaccine coming soon, which will protect against all strains

Coming soon: Universal flu vaccine

Pediatric patients with pandemic strain of flu did not differ much from those with seasonal flu

Health board raises flu shot cost

Strengthening Kosovo's Capacity to Prevent Flu Pandemics

Rotavirus Infection Gives Lower Protection in India - Rotavirus infection in India tends to occur early in life, has higher reinfection rates, and lower rates of protection against severe gastroenteritis than reported elsewhere, according to a study published in the July 28 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

English teacher climbs Kilimanjaro for meningitis girl

Climbers raise £5k for meningitis charity

Polio on the verge of defeat

Immunization crucial for prevention

Deadline For Whooping Cough Vaccine Extended - Middle and high school students must be immunized

Whooping Cough Cases On Track To Hit 300 for Region

Whooping Cough On The Rise In Virginia

State to enforce whooping cough vaccine mandate

No shot, no school - Students must have Tdap immunization

Editorial - Believe it or not, new school year isn't far off – check kids' vaccination records

Back to school means making sure vaccinations are up to date (includes video)

Health department prepares for back-to-school vaccination rush (includes video)

Getting Vaccinations for Less - Vaccinating your family for the upcoming school year can be costly, but there's an alternative to the clinic that can save you some cash.  (includes video)

Facts about childhood immunizations

Healthy Families, Healthy Homes: Vaccines

NISD: Make sure children's immunizations are current

Health officials urge vaccination to quell pertussis, measles outbreaks

Turnout Low For Measles Vaccination Clinic

Measles Exposure in Doylestown Believed to be Contained - The county health department says it knows who might have been exposed to the disease and is working with them on treatment.

Measles spike prompts warning for traveling abroad

Possible measles exposure in Media

Measles cases in Sussex continues to rise

Outbreak of measles set to escalate

Flu virus expected to hit hard in Rotorua

South Africa: Seeking to Reduce Flu in Babies - Living With Aids # 482

Hepatitis is not just a health issue - World Hepatitis Day recognises the enormous public health challenge viral hepatitis represents and gives us a chance to tackle the stigma around the disease

One-third of world has hepatitis: WHO report

WHO renews push to cut hepatitis in babies in Asia

WHO vows to reduce hepatitis infection rates in Vietnam

Nearly 100 baby deaths potentially avoidable

Prescription drug prices set to fall as patents expire

Too much vitamin D can be harmful

NIH researchers trace early journey of modulating cells in brain - Mouse study offers clues to brain structure key to memory and attention

August is immunization awareness month

World Bank warns on economy if China fails to tackle diseases

Prescriptions rise 70pc in a decade - The advance of 'lifestyle' health problems like heart disease and diabetes has fuelled a dramatic rise in prescriptions, new figures indicate.


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