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All the News Posted August 18, 2010

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Braasch Biotech's human anti-obesity vaccine is recognized as important early pipeline vaccine candidate.

Lawsuit alleges Gardasil vaccination caused minor's seizures

Vaccine alarm exposes flaws in public health

Vaccines switched to pass tests, court is told

Vaccination clinic turns away crowds

E coli production an option for affordable conjugate vaccines

Sutter asks 3,000 to get revaccinated

Barbara Loe Fisher on Flu Vaccine Changes (includes video)

Health Care Worker Flu Vaccination Rates up 13 Percent Among Participants in Joint Commission Resources' Challenge

Complex Febrile Seizures Followed by Complete Recovery in an Infant with High Titer 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) Infection

Parental Attitudes About Influenza Immunization and School-Based Immunization for School-Aged Children

Whooping Cough is Making a Comeback - How to Stop It
(includes video)

Whooping Cough Outbreaks Blamed on Less Children Being Vaccinated

Whooping cough immunization now required
(includes video)

Antibody Persistence 12 Months After A Booster Dose of Meningococcal-C Conjugated Vaccine in the Second Year of Life

Immunogenicity of Alternative Regimens of the Conjugated 7-Valent Pneumococcal Vaccine: A Randomized Controlled Trial

The Future of Global Vaccines - Market Forecasts to 2016, Stockpile Analysis, Competitive Benchmarking and Pipeline Analysis - new market report released

Pneumococcal Vaccination and Cardiovascular Events in Men

Pneumococcal Vaccination and Cardiovascular Events in Men—Reply

Naturally Fluctuating Low Incidence of Invasive Pneumococcal Infections Not Affected By Large-Scale Haemophilus Influenzae Type B Vaccination

A Pandemic Influenza H1N1 Live Vaccine Based on Modified Vaccinia Ankara Is Highly Immunogenic and Protects Mice in Active and Passive Immunizations

Experimental MRSA Vaccines Successfully Block Staph Infections, New Study Finds

Residents need two vaccines to prevent pneumonia

Opting out of vaccines for school is a rarity

State will no longer pay for free vaccines for all

Student Vaccines: School is Just Around the Corner for Many Children.
(includes video)

Back to school prep includes getting necessary vaccines (includes video)

Vets accused of unnecessary vaccinations

In-depth: Re-emerging diseases
(includes video)

Focus: Ohio school vaccine requirements change (includes video)

How T follicular helper cells are made pivotal for developing perfect vaccines

Type 1 Diabetes Nanoparticle Vaccine

Immune-system vaccines to fight cancer are advancing but still have a way to go

MabVax Therapeutics Receives Small Business Innovation Research Program Award from the National Cancer Institute

Vaccine may prevent recurrent UTI

History shows vaccines' value

DCA to inquire mass vaccination

Targeted disease campaigns can be detrimental to general health

Nationwide Initiative to Define Changes in the Human Immune System

Flupirtine may stop the progressive course of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis

Sinovac After 2009's Flu Scare

NOVAVAX to Present at the Immunotherapeutics and Vaccine (IMVAC) Summit

Maine Lab Announces Advance in Typhoid Research

Midlands Voices: Improved vaccination rate is imperative for Nebraska

Indication for a role of regulatory T cells for the advent of influenza A (H1N1)-related pneumonia

APhA to consumers: Get your flu shot

Vietnam must maintain alerts to H1N1 virus: health official

Pericardial Effusion Complicating Novel Influenza A (H1n1) Infection in An Infant

Good Riddance to Polio: A Conquered Disease Still Clings to Life

Health campaign to combat polio

Fishing For Answers - Melanin, Mercury and Autism?

Cow vaccines go vroom

Clinic at fairgrounds to offer rabies vaccinations, dog licenses

The Commons: Supporting the troops

INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Meningococcal vaccines urged

Do boys need HPV vaccine?

HPV shots for boys

Successes, Challenges Emerge From Efforts to Shift Away From Industry-Funded CME

Drug companies accused of 'conning' the public

Experts hit back at claims swine flu 'scare' was unwarranted

Dad jailed for measles deaths

FACTBOX-Measles: A contagious but preventable disease

ANALYSIS-Measles complacency allows deadly surge in Africa

Malawi opens 8, 500 measles centres

Measles deaths fall to 6.7 percent

NAFDAC tasks Nigerians on injection safety

Reports from National Institute for Public Health and the Environment advance knowledge in pandemics

Doctor conducted secret clinical trial prescribing hayfever tablets for neck pain and earache

Environmental epigenetics and allergic diseases: recent advances

Minimizing Bias in Randomized Trials

New study: 85% of Big Pharma's new drugs are "lemons" and pose health risks to users

Physician Compensation, Cost, and Quality

Scientists to research ways to fight infectious diseases and viruses

Libs may wash hands of superbugs project

Doctors Dispel Infection Fears

New Test Can Detect Meningitis Within an Hour

Physicians Warn Freshmen Face Higher Risk from Meningitis, Which Can Kill Quickly

Meningitis Claims 4yr Old Life in Pretoria

Viral meningitis cases rise in Edmonton

Plea by family of tragic ‘overdose’ blunder teenager

We'll remember toddler Ryan by working towards meningitis vaccine

Dirty Doctor Will Get A New Sentence

Enterovirus outbreak in Finland

Day 2: Health reporting 'boot camp'

Assessing Critical Illness During Emergency Medical Services Care

Every Patient's Advocate: Doctors, insurers speak in medical code

Discarding Data a Dastardly Deed, Consumer Advocates Assert

Evolution may have pushed humans toward greater risk for type 1 diabetes

Bill Gates Blazes Investment Trail in Green

Autistic spectrum disorder traits in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

A multi-centre study of efficacy and safety of Intratect®, a novel intravenous immunoglobulin preparation

Pediatric common variable immunodeficiency: Immunologic and phenotypic associations with switched memory B cells

During peak mosquito season, public health officials warn of triple threat: West Nile, dengue fever, encephalitis

Keep guard against EEE

Do rotation diets help food, sugar addictions?

Study Says Brain Trauma Can Mimic A.L.S.

Concomitant Respiratory Viral Infections in Children With Kawasaki Disease

PUBLIC HEALTH: Let’s ask questions

Endotoxin tolerance and cross-tolerance in mast cells involves TLR4, TLR2 and FcepsilonR1 interactions and SOCS expression: perspectives on immunomodulation in infectious and allergic diseases

Mycobacterial Infections in Texas Children: A 5-Year Case Series

New Superbug emphasises ill-preparedness across Europe to meet this emerging public health challenge

New Sporadic Prion Protein Disease Identified By Case Western Reserve

Parkinson’s Disease: Mitochondrial Molecular Pathology, Inflammation, Statins, and Therapeutic Neuroprotective Nutrition

Degradation of coeliac disease-inducing rye secalin by germinating cereal enzymes: diminishing toxic effects in intestinal epithelial cells

Acetaminophen Use and Risk of Asthma, Rhinoconjunctivitis and Eczema in Adolescents: ISAAC Phase Three

Allergic transfusion reactions from blood components donated by IgA-deficient donors with and without anti-IgA: a comparative retrospective study

Prebiotic oligosaccharides: In vitro evidence for gastrointestinal epithelial transfer and immunomodulatory properties

Body mass index in young children and allergic disease: gender differences in a longitudinal study

IgE to peanut allergen components: relation to peanut symptoms and pollen sensitization in 8-year-olds

The role of the T cell in asthma

Update in Pediatrics: Focus on Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Effects of vitamin D supplementation to children diagnosed with pneumonia in Kabul: a randomised controlled trial

Nutrition in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Bone Health

REGULAR ARTICLE: Improvement of developmental outcome between 24 and 36 months corrected age in very preterm infants

Choline Deficiency during Pregnancy may lead to Birth Defects

Autoimmune diseases 'due to natural selection'

Helminthic Therapy for Autoimmune Disease

SSRIs May Pack More Punch At The Cellular Level Than Believed

The effect of gestational age on developmental outcomes: a longitudinal study in the first 2 years of life

What's Up Doc? Angelman syndrome has genetic cause

Why is panic disorder a psychiatric condition?

Tourette's syndrome in adults

Primary school questionnaire aims to discover prevalence of autism

The Brain's Language Processing in Williams Syndrome and Autism

Experts Affirm Zero Connection between Vaccines and Autism

Autism diagnosis 'is complex'

Schools must do better job of helping autistic students

Could Diet Be Solution To Autism?

7 Easy Ways to Help a Family Diagnosed With Autism

Five Benefits of Growing Up With an Autistic Sibling

You Too Can Lose a Million-Dollar Home

Autistic child beaten while in state custody (includes video)

New autism diagnostic tool 'can aid understanding of the condition'

Autistic boy, five, left stranded after thieves steal customised bike

Autistic Adults Lose All Government Assistance At Age 21, Struggle To Map Out Future

Doctors plan to speak to autism group

15 NY Autism Groups Call on Governor Paterson To Veto Autism Insurance Bill

Join NY Families to Fight Insufficient Autism Insurance Bill

Elks Lodge Sponsors Fish Fry for @TannersDad and His Son with Autism: Will You Help?

California Moms Live in Breastfeeding Haven

The President's Global Health Initiative

The US Global Health Initiative

Lyme disease among CNY pets a warning for people

Drugs Encased In Nanoparticles Travel To Tumors On The Surface Of Immune-System Cells

Change in Prevalence of Hearing Loss in US Adolescents

Hearing Loss in Teens Is on the Rise Study Shows 1 in 5 Teenagers Has Signs of Hearing Loss