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The hidden story about vaccines, autism, drugs and food… Americas health has been BOUGHT. Your health, your family’s health. Now brought to you by Wall Street… “If you thought they hurt us with the banks, wait till you see what they’re doing to health care.” Vaccines. GMOs. Big Pharma. Three big, BIG, okay… HUGE topics in one film. Why? Why not 3 films, why put all this in one movie? Great question, 2 answers. 1st and most importantly: We need to band together. We need a mainstream film, not another radical movie that only interests the “already converted”. Over 5 million people supported Prop 37 in CA. Reportedly, over 2 million worldwide marched against Monsanto in a global protest. There...ane vaccine expansion, and our love affair with pharmaceuticals- it’s the same villain. It’s a risky story to tell, but would be a tragedy to passively consent to with silence. There is something horribly wrong with health care today. Huge money, billions and billions of dollars flowing into the same pockets. Meanwhile, MD’s aren’t being allowed to actually practice the art of medicine and anyone who questions vaccination safety, pharmaceuticals, factory farms, etc. is ridiculed and belittled. Meanwhile, the billions keep flowing, carried on a river of pain and anguish. Huge corporations funded by individual misery, one broken life at a time. Three huge stories, each worthy of multiple films, but each brought together by one staggering fact: it’s the same villain. These three story lines converge on Wall Street, in a tale of corruption, greed and shocking lack of conscience.


All the News Posted January 4, 2010

* ►January/February 2010 - The Search for Autism's Missing Piece - Autism Research Slowly Turns Its Focus to Environmental Toxicity - E/The Environmental Magazine

* ►January 5, 2009 - Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule: United States, 2010 (free full text) - journal article (Annals of Internal Medicine)

* ►January 5, 2009 - Adult Immunization Guidelines: Challenges and Opportunities - journal article (Annals of Internal Medicine)

►January 5, 2009 - Association of Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence and Health Care Costs - journal article (Annals of Internal Medicine)

* ►January 5, 2010 - A unhealthy dose of fear - From health mission to manipulation - commentary - Washington Times - "Alarmed by the 'national emergency,' parents were desperate to find the vaccine. Even that desperation was part of the CDC design. CDC communications strategist Kristine Sheedy actually complained that 'people generally don't panic.' Being 'overreassuring and minimizing a threat . . . actually presents a risk,' she continued. They want to 'alarm people just enough so they'll get the vaccine.'"

* ►January 5, 2010 - Chinese H1N1 flu vaccine not responsible for deaths: official - Shanghai Daily

* ►January 5, 2010 - Ahmedabad drug firms in race for H1N1 vaccine - Indian Express

►January 5, 2010 - France defends flu vaccine surplus - AFP via Sydney Morning Herald

►January 5, 2010 - Mother of Twins Saved From Deadly Influenza - Cuba Headlines

►January 5, 2010 - No fresh polio cases in city since 1997, say civic officials - Indian Express

►January 5, 2010 - Immunise wise in Healesville - Lilydale & Yarra Valley Leader

►January 5, 2010 - Testing of cocaine vaccine shows it does not fully blunt cravings for the drug (requires registration) - Washington Post - "The vaccine, called TA-CD, shows promise but could also be dangerous; some of the addicts participating in a study of the vaccine started doing massive amounts of cocaine in hopes of overcoming its effects, according to Thomas R. Kosten, the lead researcher on the study, which was published in the Archives of General Psychiatry in October."

* ►January 4, 2010 - Another Libel Suit – This Time Against Paul Offit - NeuroLogica Blog

►January 4, 2010 - Paul Offit, Amy Wallace, and Conde Nast being sued by anti-vaccinationist - Terra Sigillata via ScienceBlogs - "Thanks to the always vigilant eyes of Liz Ditz, is reporting that pediatric immunologist and vaccine developer Dr. Paul Offit, writer Amy Wallace, and Condé Nast (publisher of Wired magazine) are being sued for libel in US District Court by Barbara Loe Fisher, founder and acting president of the so-called National Vaccine Information Center."

►January 4, 2010 - Suppression of speech through legal intimidation, anti-vaccine edition: Barbara Loe Fisher sues Dr. Paul Offit, Amy Wallace, and Condé Nast for libel - Respectful Insolence via ScienceBlogs

►January 4, 2010 - The anti-vaccine movement strikes back against Dr. Paul Offit - Science-Based Medicine

* ►January 4, 2010 - New Childhood Vaccines Schedules Released - HealthDay via Yahoo! - "Boys should get the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to protect them against genital warts, and all children should receive the H1N1 vaccine to guard against swine flu, according to updated guidelines on childhood and teen vaccines. The new vaccine schedules -- issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Family Physicians -- also recommend using combination vaccines whenever possible."

* ►January 4, 2010 - CDC Adds HPV to Adult Immunization Schedule - Annals of Internal Medicine via MedPage Today - "Two members of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices have disclosed receiving grants from Sanofi Pasteur or Novartis. The editorialists disclosed no conflicts of interest."

* ►January 4, 2010 - New Pediatrics Report Urges Medical Community to Address Underlying Pathologies in Patients with Autism - press release - National Autism Association

* ►January 4, 2010 - Another study finds no MMR-autism link - A new study provides further evidence that the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine is not associated with an increased risk of autism. - Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal via Reuters

►January 4, 2010 - Yet another study finds no MMR-autism connection - The Mommy Files via San Francisco Chronicle

* ►January 4, 2010 - Evidence Lacking for Special Diets in Autism (requires registration) - The New York Times

* ►January 4, 2010 - The Media Misrepresents Tim Buie on Dietary Intervention in Autism (includes video) - Adventures in Autism - "Today there is a slew of stories in the media about a study by headed by Tim Buie of Harvard that claim that dietary interventions doesn't work for autism. Except that I sat through Dr. Buie's lecture at the Maine CDC Autism conference last year while he talked about how dietary interventions do work for some with autism."

►January 4, 2010 - Autism Diets: No Evidence They Work or Not, Say Experts - Report on Treating Stomach Issues Finds No Current Proof That Special Diets Help Autism - ABC News

►January 4, 2010 - How Anti-Vaccine 'Science' Holds Back Credible Research - Left Brain/Right Brain

* ►January 4, 2010 - UC Davis researchers identify autism clusters in California - Clusters are associated with areas of greater parental education - UC Davis Health System

* ►January 4, 2010 - Genes implicated in twins' autism - Researchers suspect multiple genetic roles, environmental triggers - Baltimore Sun

* ►January 4, 2010 - Katie Wright: About that CDC Autism Press Conference Right Before Christmas - By Katie Wright - Age of Autism

* ►January 4, 2010 - Age of Autism Coverage of CDC's December 23 Press Conference - Age of Autism

* ►January 4, 2010 - Demand Now That IOM Includes Autism As Adverse Vaccine Event - Please email IOM demanding that autism is included in the list of adverse vaccine events, otherwise, it is likely to be left out. Submit your comment to the project e-mail at - Age of Autism

►January 4, 2010 - Reports on Historic UK MMR Compensation Battle - Age of Autism

►January 4, 2010 - Pediatrics Gastrointestinal Consensus Statement & Recommendations Provide First Step Toward Needed Guidelines for Children with Autism - Autism Speaks Advances Standards for Care to Alleviate Medical Problems of Children with Autism - Autism Speaks

►January 4, 2010 - Editorial: Autism report shows there's no substitute for science - The Aurora Sentinel

►January 4, 2010 - Uniform Method to Interpret Autism Spectrum Disorders - A researcher from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has defined a new, integrated interpretation of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), which makes it easier to understand both the commonalities and differences between ASD and other conditions. - American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev via ScienceDaily

►January 4, 2010 - SW Ind. school cleaned after mercury found - AP via Chicago Tribune

* ►January 4, 2010 - More Toddlers, Young Children Given Antipsychotics - Researchers question the 'worrisome' trend - HealthDay via BusinessWeek

* ►January 4, 2010 - 'One in six' children have difficulty learning to talk - Nearly one in six children - and almost one quarter of boys - have difficulty learning to talk, research suggests. - BBC

* ►January 4, 2010 - Are Vaccinations Good Parenting? - VacTruth

* ►January 4, 2010 - Julie Gerberding Primed Big Pharma’s Pump with Flu and HPV Vaccines - VacTruth

* ►January 4, 2009 - FDA still reviewing Pfizer’s updated Prevnar vaccine -  Philadelphia Business Journal

* ►January 4, 2009 - Was Swine Flu A False Pandemic? (vote) - Pharmalot

►January 4, 2009 - Boston Hospitals Limit Pharma Board Compensation - Pharmalot

* ►January 4, 2009 - Charles Nemeroff And The House That Glaxo Built? - Pharmalot - "Grassley’s probe prompted Emory to suspend Nemeroff’s work on an NIH grant and asked him to step down as chair of psychiatry while it studied his conduct (look here). And the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General began an inquiry into Emory’s handling of the matter (see this). Meanwhile, Pascal Goldschmidt, the Miller school dean, recently told The Miami Herald that he read reports from Emory about Nemeroff’s activities and found nothing to indicate that payments the psychiatrist received had in any way influenced his research results."

* ►January 4, 2009 - India’s Docs Get New Rules For Pharma Dealings - Pharmalot
►January 4, 2010 - Will bundling include doctors? Medicare looking for alternative payment plans - CMS is testing bundled payments to hospital-physician groups for inpatient episodes of care. Expanding to post-acute care may be the next step. -

►January 4, 2010 - Achieving work-life balance: More than just a juggling act - Making life manageable is not about how many hours you work, experts say. It's about setting realistic goals and working toward them. -

►January 4, 2010 - Hospitals make big strides in delivering timely angioplasties - A national quality initiative has helped facilities markedly reduce their "door-to-balloon" times in treating patients with ST-segment elevation heart attacks. -

►January 4, 2010 - Senate-passed health reform bill faces tough negotiations with House - Physician organizations will be pushing for more changes in an effort to minimize future Medicare pay cuts. -

* ►January 4, 2010 - Autism increase may reflect greater awareness - Physicians say the developmental disorder is more commonly diagnosed as the definition broadens. -

►January 4, 2010 - Deadline near for patient safety/liability reform proposals - Experts discuss viable projects and challenges in preparing proposals to qualify for some of the $25 million available in federal grants. -

►January 4, 2010 - ICD-10 deadline causing worry, even 3 years away - Physician organizations are working with CMS to ensure doctors have sufficient information to prepare for the new code sets. -

►January 4, 2010 - Ohio court to decide what damages are reasonable -

►January 4, 2010 - More Medicare paperwork: Time short for PECOS chore - As many as 200,000 physicians will need to re-enroll with the federal program by April 5 to continue receiving payment. -

►January 4, 2010 - Reflections, wishes for AMA's new year -

►January 4, 2010 - Humana gets 1-year extension on Tricare contract - The insurer was still waiting to find out if it would win a new five-year contract, following its challenge of contracts awarded to other plans. -

* ►January 4, 2010 - 86% of physicians use Internet to access health information - Most primary care doctors, 65%, search the Web more than once a day. Physicians say the information available has made their jobs easier. -

►January 4, 2010 - Want to keep workers engaged? Ask for their ideas -

►January 4, 2010 - Divorcing your practice requires a plan -

►January 4, 2010 - Letters to the Editor - Health care reform needs tort reform -

►January 4, 2010 - News in brief: Government & Medicine - 9 states receive bonuses for getting health coverage for children -

►January 4, 2010 - News in brief: Professional Issues - California court approves challenge to Blues rescissions - CDC lax in policing advisers' conflicts, says inspector general report - Rising antibiotic resistance charted in study -

►January 4, 2010 - News in brief: Business - Cost of medical care increasing at a rate similar to inflation - Humana makes public its tool for tracking Twitter comments -

►January 4, 2010 - News in brief: Government & Medicine - 9 states receive bonuses for getting health coverage for children -

►January 4, 2010 - News in brief: Professional Issues - California court approves challenge to Blues rescissions - CDC lax in policing advisers' conflicts, says inspector general report - Rising antibiotic resistance charted in study -

►January 4, 2010 - News in brief: Business - Cost of medical care increasing at a rate similar to inflation - Humana makes public its tool for tracking Twitter comments -

* ►January 4, 2010 - Red Bluff man loses his driver's license after flu shot - Contra Costa Times

* ►January 4, 2010 - France joins neighbors in sell-off of swine flu vaccine - France has added its name to a growing list of nations selling off excess doses of swine flu vaccine. Governments are eager to cut deals as the virus appears to have reached its peak in western Europe. - Deutsche Welle

* ►January 4, 2010 - Taiwan gives H1N1 vaccine choice to public - eTaiwan News - "Members of the public can choose whether they are immunized with Taiwanese or with imported vaccines against the A (H1N1) swine flu virus, Department of Health Minister Yaung Chih-liang said Monday. The announcement followed public doubts about the Taiwanese shots, made by Adimmune Corporation, after the estimated deaths of seven people after their vaccinations. The death of a seven-year-old boy in Taichung last month and alleged other deaths as well as miscarriages caused a drop in the number of people willing to receive the shots."

* ►January 4, 2010 - H1N1 Plasma Treatment Raises Concern in China - Before It's News

►January 4, 2010 - HHS to Offer Special Webcast on H1N1 Flu - Featuring Experts from CDC, the Medical Reserve Corps & Alexandria Public Schools - press release - HHS Press Office via Business Wire - "The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will host a Know What to Do about the Flu Webcast on Wednesday, January 6, 2010 from 1 – 2 p.m. EST."

►January 4, 2010 - US Olympic staffers getting swine flu vaccines - AP via USA Today

►January 4, 2010 - Zydus Cadila Gets DCGI Approval To Conduct Clinical Trials For H1N1 Vaccine - RTT News

►January 4, 2010 - Litzman gets vaccinated against swine flu, calls on public to do same - Ynetnews

* ►January 4, 2010 - 25-year-old woman with no prior ailments dies of swine flu - Ha'aretz - "The young woman arrived to the emergency room at Afula's Haemek Hospital in serious condition, suffering from shortness of breath and high fever.  The hospital reported that she was diagnosed with swine flu and was treated with Tamiflu and later with the experimental drug Permivir, which is intended for patients in critical condition. The woman's health nonetheless deteriorated and she died overnight."

* ►January 4, 2010 - Three H1N1 vaccine studies confirm safety, weigh dosing - CIDRAP News

►January 4, 2010 - Swine Flu Vaccines Pile Up In Washoe As H1N1 Hype Subsides - What was once scarce, is now easy to come by--almost too easy. -

►January 4, 2010 - Follow the Evidence - Why Reasonable (Non-allergic) People Must Get Flu Shots - Patient Empowerment Blog via

►January 4, 2010 - Insect Cells Provide the Key to Alternative Swine Flu Vaccination - Wiley-Blackwell, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS via ScienceDaily

►January 4, 2010 - China records 659 H1N1 flu deaths in 2009 - AFP via Channel News Asia

►January 4, 2010 - Better the vaccine than the virus - nursing officer - Times of Malta

►January 4, 2010 - Oriental Magpie Robin tests positive for H5N1 virus - 7thSpace Interactive

* ►January 4, 2010 - Revisiting the Swine Flu Lies and Hysteria (includes video) - John Birch Society

►January 4, 2010 - County wages flu vaccination plan at schools - Brazosport Facts

►January 4, 2010 - Cepheid Gets Special Authorization for Flu Test - Cepheid receives special FDA authorization for use of 1-hour swine flu test - AP via ABC News

►January 4, 2010 - Swine Flu "Emergency" Test in an Hour - Silicon Valley company to help FDA - NBC Bay Area - "Cepheid says its Xpert Test can identify H1N1 in less than an hour."

►January 4, 2010 - Could kimchi help prevent the H1N1 virus? Korean chef praises health benefits of kimchi -

►January 4, 2010 - National Influenza Vaccination Week begins - WWSB ABC 7

* ►January 4, 2010 - 70% of childrens hospital workers say flu shots should be required, survey finds - Booster Shots Blog via Los Angeles Times

* ►January 4, 2010 - Deadly animal diseases poised to infect humans - Environmental disruption set to trigger new pandemics, scientists warn - The Independent, UK

* ►January 4, 2010 - Refusing chickenpox vaccine associated with increased risk of disease - JAMA and Archives Journals via EurekAlert! - "Jason M. Glanz, Ph.D., of Kaiser Permanente's Institute for Health Research, Denver, and colleagues studied 133 children enrolled in one health plan who developed chickenpox between 1998 and 2008. Each case was matched to four randomly selected children who were the same age and sex and had been enrolled in the plan for the same amount of time, but had not developed chickenpox.  Among the 133 children who developed chickenpox, seven (5 percent) had parents who refused the varicella vaccine, compared with three (0.6 percent) refusals among the 493 controls. 'Compared with vaccine acceptors, children of vaccine-refusing parents had a nine-fold increased risk of varicella illness,' the authors write. 'Overall, 5 percent of varicella cases in the study population were attributed to vaccine refusal. We believe these results will be helpful to health care providers and parents when discussing decisions about immunizing children.'"

►January 4, 2010 - Without Chickenpox Shot, Kids' Risk Rises Ninefold - HealthDay via Palm Beach Post

* ►January 4, 2010 - Army saves Afghan boy stricken with tetanus - Father praises 'fantastic' efforts of military doctors and nurses at Camp Bastion - The Independent, UK

►January 4, 2010 - Should Pediatricians Recommend Routine Circumcision? - Wall Street Journal Health Blog

►January 4, 2010 - Nurses who battled flu outbreak at Leicester school up for award - Leicester Mercury

►January 4, 2010 - Hard work and luck 'staved off measles' - Northern Advocate, New Zealand

►January 4, 2010 - Liverpool Local News Liverpool scientists working on vaccine for mouth cancer - Liverpool Echo

* ►January 4, 2010 - Leukaemia vaccine being developed - A vaccine for leukaemia is about to be tested on human patients for the first time, in a breakthrough which could offer hope to thousands. - The Telegraph, UK - "British researchers have developed a treatment that can be used to stop the disease returning after chemotherapy or bone marrow transplant."

►January 4, 2010 - Leukaemia vaccine to be tested - NHS, UK

►January 4, 2010 - IAC Express 2010 Issue number 844 - Immunization Action Coalition

►January 4, 2010 - AGs offer support to FDA - Legal News Line

►January 4, 2010 - Infectious disease research in US receives new funding - TropIKA

►January 4, 2010 - Vaccines, food allergies, and good questions - White Coat Underground via ScienceBlogs

►January 4, 2010 - Using a Virus's Knack for Mutating to Wipe It Out (requires registration) - The New York Times

►January 4, 2010 - Novartis looks to buy out Alcon for $38.5 billion - Star-Telegram
* ►January 4, 2010 - CDC Aims For Improved Efficiency, Increased Support Of Science - Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report

* ►January 4, 2010 - Use of potentially harmful chemicals kept secret under law (requires registration) - Washington Post

►January 4, 2010 - EPA Program Spreads Toxins on America's Farmland - The New American

►January 4, 2010 - FDA finds roaches, listeria at airline caterer - AP via Atlanta Journal-Constitution

►January 4, 2010 - Authorities: Millions from Medicare fraud paid exotic cars, jewels -

►January 4, 2010 - My diary of love, by the mother robbed of her memory by meningitis - Daily Mail, UK

* ►January 4, 2010 - The last heartbreaking picture of two cuddling toddlers, both killed by meningitis within just 24 hours of each other - Daily Mail, UK

►January 4, 2010 - Vitamin D can help with bone density and immunity - The People's Pharmacy via Los Angeles Times

►January 4, 2010 - AIDS drug cocktails saving lives: study - Taking a cocktail of powerful AIDS drugs appears to have cut the average death rate by half in a group of people infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, who were followed for an average of more than three years. - AIDS via Reuters

►January 4, 2010 - FDA warns of lead and arsenic in Nzu, a traditional morning sickness remedy - Monthly Prescribing Reference

►January 4, 2010 - Anthrax scare increase to 9 cases; FBI investigating -

►January 4, 2010 - Elusys Receives Contract for up to $143 Million from the U.S. Federal Government to Fund Advanced Development of Anthim(R), a New Treatment for Anthrax - Funding awarded by BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority); Anthim being developed to treat inhaled anthrax, one of the top bioterrorism threats - press release - Elusys Therapeutics, Inc. via PRNewswire

►January 4, 2010 - Anthrax Stages Two-Pronged Attack on Cells, New Research Shows - Howard Hughes Medical Institute

►January 4, 2010 - Cargill's E.coli vaccine testing draws attention - Lincoln Journal Star

* ►January 3, 2010 - Vaccines: The Cause of Disease, More Proof by C. Linderman Sr. - Autism Today Online

* ►January 3, 2010 - Vaccine Choice and One Great Advocate! by C. Linderman Sr. - Autism Today Online

* ►January 3, 2010 - Autism Resolutions: New Routine, Path & Hope By Cathy Jameson - Age of Autism

►January 3, 2009 - A pill for your investment woes - Business Standard

►January 3, 2010 - What to expect for Sanofi-Aventis approach on novel mAb against amyloid beta - GLG News

►January 3, 2010 - For Baby and Mom Alike, Breast-Feeding May Be Best - Experts explore the why and wherefore of method's benefits - Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry via HealthDay News via MSN

►January 3, 2010 - Risk taking attitude is

►January 2, 2010 - Scientists to probe global warming's impact on avian flu virus - IANS via

►January 1, 2010 - The Linderman Live! Top 10 Pharmawhores of 2009 by C. Linderman Sr. - Autism Today Online

* ►January 1, 2010 - Science, efficiency to drive CDC changes - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

►January 1, 2010 - New study: amino acids could heal brain damage -

* ►January 2010 - Recommended Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedules—United States, 2010 (free full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►January 2010 - Empyema Hospitalizations Increased in US Children Despite Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine - journal article (Pediatrics) - "Among children ≤18 years of age, the annual empyema-associated hospitalization rates increased almost 70% between 1997 and 2006, despite decreases in the bacterial pneumonia and invasive pneumococcal disease rates. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine is not decreasing the incidence of empyema."

* ►January 2010 - Health Care Utilization by Adolescents on Medicaid: Implications for Delivering Vaccines - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►January 2010 - Randomized, Controlled Trial of an Intervention for Toddlers With Autism: The Early Start Denver Model - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►January 2010 - Prophylactic Acetaminophen May Blunt Immune Response to Vaccines - journal article (AAP Grand Rounds)

* ►January 2010 - Streptococcus pneumoniae–Associated Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome: Classification and the Emergence of Serotype 19A - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►January 2010 - Understanding offenders with autism-spectrum disorders: what can forensic services do? - journal article (Advances in Psychiatric Treatment)

* ►January 2010 - Autism in fiction and autobiography - journal article (Advances in Psychiatric Treatment)

* ►January 2010 - News Coverage of FDA Warnings on Pediatric Antidepressant Use and Suicidality - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►January 2010 - Prevalence and Treatment of Mental Disorders Among US Children in the 2001–2004 NHANES - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►January 2010 - Child Abuse, Confidentiality, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (free full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Delayed Identification of Pediatric Abuse-Related Fractures - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Bruising Characteristics Discriminating Physical Child Abuse From Accidental Trauma - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - To Treat or Not to Treat Is the Nagging Question - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Food Allergy Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs of Primary Care Physicians - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Age at the Introduction of Solid Foods During the First Year and Allergic Sensitization at Age 5 Years (free full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Use of Supplemental Vitamin D Among Infants Breastfed for Prolonged Periods - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - The art of evaluating the impact of medical science - WHOBulletin

►January 2010 - Responding to the needs of adolescents - WHOBulletin

►January 2010 - Hearing Impairment in Childhood Bacterial Meningitis Is Little Relieved by Dexamethasone or Glycerol (free full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Innovation in Residency Education and Evolving Pediatric Health Needs (free full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Effect of Music by Mozart on Energy Expenditure in Growing Preterm Infants (free full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Biological and Environmental Predictors of Behavioral Sequelae in Children Born Preterm - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Motavizumab for Prophylaxis of Respiratory Syncytial Virus in High-Risk Children: A Noninferiority Trial - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Neonatal Screening for Treatable and Untreatable Disorders: Prospective Parents’ Opinions - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Transcutaneous Bilirubin Levels for the First 120 Postnatal Hours in Healthy Neonates - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Neonatal Neurobehavior Predicts Medical and Behavioral Outcome - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Clinical Utility of Rome Criteria Managing Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders in Pediatric Primary Care - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Annual Summary of Vital Statistics: 2007 (free full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Immediate Treatment Versus Sonographic Surveillance for Mild Hip Dysplasia in Newborns (free full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Part-time Work Among Pediatricians Expands - journal article (Pediatrics)

►January 2010 - Patterns of Work and Retirement Among Pediatricians Aged ≥50 Years - journal article (Pediatrics)

►December 31, 2009 - Indianapolis philanthropist Ruth Lilly dies at age 94 - Indianapolis Star

►December 31, 2009 - Flu shots aren't just for people - AP via Omaha World-Herald

►December 23, 2009 - Vaccine keeps germy kids from infecting elders - Holiday spikes of bacterial illness in older adults have fallen, study says - AP via TODAY via MSNBC

* ►June 2009 - What are infant siblings teaching us about autism in infancy? (pdf) - journal article (Autism Research)

* ►Volume 72 Issue 24 2009 - A Prospective Blinded Evaluation of Urinary Porphyrins Verses the Clinical Severity of Autism Spectrum Disorders (pdf) - journal article (Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A)

* MMR: a mother's story - As a journalist, Jo Payton knows the power of a good headline. But when the time came to have her son Eliott vaccinated, she couldn't blame other mothers for feeling apprehensive - advertisement feature - The Guardian, UK

* A doctor's view: 'The MMR vaccine was a godsend' - Dr Tom Smith has been practising medicine since before the MMR jab was introduced – and knows just how serious measles, mumps and rubella can be - professional opinion - advertisement feature - The Guardian, UK

Five key facts every parent should know about MMR - With the numbers of measles cases on the rise, it's vital parents and carers have all the information to make an informed choice - advertisement feature - The Guardian, UK

Your free guide to childhood immunisations - Download our free guide to childhood immunisations, from birth right through to teenage years - advertisement feature - The Guardian, UK