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All the News Posted August 6-8, 2006

Posted August 8, 2006


►August 8, 2006 - New test roots out bioterror fakes – FDA - UPI
►August 8, 2006 - Good Fish, Bad Fish - Sorting Seafood's Benefits From Risks Can Leave Consumers Floundering. Here's Help (requires registration or subscription) - Washington Post

* ►August 8, 2006 - Another MeNZB Fully Vaccinated Child Dies - press release - Ron Law via - "How tragic that the Ministry of Health brags about the 'calculated' lives being saved at the same time a Tangi is taking place in the Waikato for a fully vaccinated 2 year old boy who died of meningococcal disease in Starship Hospital during the weekend....We repeat our call for a full Royal Commission of Inquiry into how a nation can be so totally swayed by officials and advisors into spending a quarter of a billion dollars for such a gamble that has delivered false hope to trusting New Zealanders."

* ►August 8, 2006 - Novartis MeNZB(TM) Vaccine Campaign Data Show 80 Percent Efficacy Rate During Epidemic Meningococcal B Disease Outbreak in New Zealand - Meningococcal B disease rates are five times higher in children who have not been immunized than in those who have received MeNZB - Partnership with New Zealand Ministry of Health and Norwegian Institute of Public Health supported rapid vaccine development to combat epidemic - MeNZB data should contribute to broader understanding and development of additional meningococcal disease vaccines and programs - Novartis advances meningococcal vaccines development with programs for multivalent (ACWY) vaccine and broad coverage meningococcal B vaccine - press release - Novartis via PRNewswire via Yahoo!

* ►August 8, 2006 - $200 Million Program Saves (Estimated) Three Lives (includes audio) - - "Dr Richard Arnold, head of the Victoria University team which carried out an effectiveness study into the staggered roll-out of the MeNZB(TM) immunisation programme today told a media conference that an estimated two to three lives to date had been saved due to the $200 million vaccination program....Listen to the media ask questions about the effectiveness of the $200 million Meningococcal B vaccine program."

* ►August 8, 2006 - Vaccination massively reduces meningococcal risk, says study - New Zealand Herald

* ►August 8, 2006 - MeNZB Immunisation Programme effectiveness shown - press release - Ministry of Health via - "Children and young New Zealanders who are not immunised against the epidemic strain of group B Meningococcal disease have a five times higher risk of getting it than those who are fully-immunised, preliminary results from an independent study show."

* ►August 8, 2006 - Hodgson welcomes MeNZB effectiveness news - press release - New Zealand Government via - "Evidence released today demonstrating the effectiveness of the MeNZB vaccine confirms that the government's decision to invest in ending the Meningococcal B epidemic was the right one, Health Minister Pete Hodgson said today."

* ►August 8, 2006 - New Study Confirms MeNZB Vaccine Effectiveness - - "The head of the study, Doctor Richard Arnold, says the staggered roll-out of the programme enabled researchers to separate the effects of the vaccine, from the effects of the natural progression of the epidemic over time. Programme Director Doctor Jane O'Hallahan says the study confirms the vaccine does work."

* ►August 8, 2006 - Official test confirms Chinese soldier died of bird flu in November 2003 - Canadian Press via CBC - "Formal acceptance of the cause of the soldier's death rewrites China's official chronology on the emergence of H5N1 in that country. China first acknowledged outbreaks of the virus in poultry in February 2004 and reported its first two human cases of H5N1 to the World Health Organization in November of 2005."

* ►August 8, 2006 - CDC: Baby did not die of pertussis - Guam via Pacific Daily News - "Laboratory tests from the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that the death of a 1-month-old child in early July was not a result of pertussis, or whooping cough, a Public Health official said yesterday."

* ►August 8, 2006 - Ultrasounds may harm brain - A new study reports scans reduce fetal nerve cell development, may cause some disorders. - AP via Detroit News

* ►August 8, 2006 - Parents grapple with implications of new vaccine - Cervical: Girls as young as 9 can get shot for sexually transmitted virus. - Detroit Free Press via Anchorage Daily News

►August 8, 2006 - Anchorage Women's Clinic to offer 100 vaccine doses - Anchorage Daily News

* ►August 8, 2006 - Taking it in the arm for public health: Parents get students caught up on vaccinations - Parents get students caught up on vaccinations. - The Shreveport Times - "Caddo Parish gives the parents seven to 10 days and after that they will be asked to stay home until they are in compliance, said Bridget Causey, supervisor of school nurses. 'We send mother a note that they have to be caught up to date,' said Causey, who added that the parish has about four students out of 48,000 who haven't gotten vaccinated for either religious or medical reasons. 'There is a medical and religious dissent that parents must talk to the state department of health about that. We tell those parents that if there is an outbreak the child will have to be put out of school until the outbreak is over.'  The last scare for Caddo and Bossier parishes was in 1989 for a measles outbreak. In 2004 there was a suspected case of measles that turned out to be negative."

►August 8, 2006 - Experts warn test-tube bananas may mutate to new virus - Baguio City – Experts promoting tissue-cultured bananas warned Kalinga banana growers that proper management among farmers is needed in growing test-tube banana species or else new viruses might be formed. - Tempo

►August 8, 2006 - Influenza hits hard in Ashburton - The Ashburton Guardian

►August 8, 2006 - AIDS: 25 years, 25 million lives - 7DAYS

►August 8, 2006 - Vibrio parahaemolyticus Infections Associated with Consumption of Raw Shellfish --- Three States, 2006 - MMWR Dispatch/CDC

* ►August 7, 2006 - Olin announces recall for meningitis vaccine - MSU State News - "Olin Health Center has sent a letter to 2,300 people informing them the meningitis vaccine they received has been recalled. Aventis Pasteur is the only company in the country to produce a meningitis vaccine which protects against strains A, C, Y and W-135. The strain B is prevalent in the United States, but no vaccine has been produced to protect against it. The recall stems from the company finding that the vaccine didn't meet its standards. Anyone who received the vaccination from Jan. 2001 until now is considered adequately protected, but should be vaccinated again if the patient is traveling to certain regions such as Africa and Saudi Arabia, or if they are working in lab conditions where they would be exposed to the disease."

* ►August 7, 2006 - Senate wants Army to keep paying for vaccine centers - Army Times - "Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., who has been a champion for the centers, said there has been an 83 percent increase in patients at the centers since they started operations in 2001. The centers, Biden said, 'are unique in the nation for their expertise in adult vaccinations and adverse reactions to them.'  'The military today relies on vaccines as an element of force protection,' he said. 'These vaccines are generally considered to be safe but they are still drugs that are put into the body. As such, there are always a small number of personnel that have adverse reactions.' Those with adverse reactions 'are our responsibility,' Biden said. 'While serving their nation, they are required to take these vaccinations. If they are made ill by that requirement, we must give them the best possible care, just as we do for those who lose a limb.'"

* ►August 7, 2006 - Pneumonia shot protects against only one kind of pneumonia - North America Syndicate Inc. via Charlotte Sun-Herald - "Is it possible to get pneumonia from the pneumonia shot? I have heard of two people who never had pneumonia, but within two months of getting the shot came down with it and had to be hospitalized. Please comment. -- J.J."

* ►August 7, 2006 - China probes problematic injection - Xinhua via China View - "A three-member investigation team from the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) is conducting a probe into a medical injection suspected of killing three people and making 78 others seriously ill across the country. The drug, clindamycin phosphate, is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections."

* ►August 7, 2006 - Despite $28 billion program, U.S. remains vulnerable to bioterror attack (requires registration or subscription) - KRT via McClatchy Newspapers via Mercury News

* ►August 7, 2006 - The person who mailed anthrax spores in 2001 remains at large (requires registration or subscription) - KRT via McClatchy Newspapers via Mercury News

* ►August 7, 2006 - Test rules out 17 having whooping cough - - "To date, Guam has six confirmed cases of pertussis. Fourteen are probable and await lab results and fourteen are currently being evaluated."

* ►August 7, 2006 - Indonesia Records 43rd Bird Flu Death - Indonesia Records 43rd Death From Bird Flu, More Than Any Other Country in the World - AP via ABC News

►August 7, 2006 - Avian influenza – situation in Thailand – update - World Health Organization

►August 7, 2006 - Indonesian teenager tests positive for bird flu - Reuters India

►August 7, 2006 - Cats infected with bird flu in Iraq -report - Reuters AlertNet

►August 7, 2006 - Latest avian flu news roundup - CIDRAP News via Bangkok Post

►August 7, 2006 - New bird flu drug being developed - Life Style Extra

►August 7, 2006 - New Bird Flu Drug Promises To Beat The Problem of Resistance -

►August 7, 2006 - Georgia considers purchase of anti-flu medication - AP via

►August 7, 2006 - Government finalises bird flu preparations - The Federal Health Office has updated its national plan to deal with a potential bird flu pandemic. - NZZ Online

* ►August 7, 2006 - Mysterious skin ailment surfaces here - The Mississippi Press via

►August 7, 2006 - Measles vaccination campaign faces up to challenges of ongoing Lebanon conflict - United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) via ReliefWeb

►August 7, 2006 - Lebanon: Vaccination campaign struggling - IRIN via Reuters AlertNet

►August 7, 2006 - Angola: Zaire - Over 50,000 Children Vaccinated Against Polio, Measles - Angola Press Agency (Luanda) via

►August 7, 2006 - Angola: Moxico - 30,000 Children Vaccinated Against Polio And Measles - Angola Press Agency (Luanda) via

►August 7, 2006 - Two successful rounds of vaccination protect Namibia from polio and measles - United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) via ReliefWeb

►August 7, 2006 - Dialysis patients infected with Hepatitis C - Radio Polonia

* ►August 7, 2006 - Vaccine credited with drop in West Nile in horses - Number of infections at this point in the year has dropped from 48 in 2005 to six this year - Sacramento Bee via Contra Costa Times - "Unfortunately, developing and testing a human vaccine is far more complicated, requiring years of clinical trials. Even if the Food and Drug Administration approves a vaccine, persuading people to get inoculated may be tricky; in many parts of the country, the incidence of West Nile virus -- and public concern over it -- has diminished significantly. The federal government, however, has a huge investment in fighting the mosquito-borne disease, spending $43 million on human vaccine development this year alone."

►August 7, 2006 - Rabies Vaccination Program Beginning In Western Pennsylvania - Medical News Today

►August 7, 2006 - Lyme disease is an uphill battle - Bennington Banner

►August 7, 2006 - China dog cull brings heartbreak - Xu Keju's two dogs were her friends and coworkers, keeping her company and guarding her goat and chickens. - AP via CNN International

►August 7, 2006 - Cold, Flu, Anthrax Symptoms -

►August 7, 2006 - A Vaccine Against Putting on Weight? - Corante

►August 7, 2006 - Medicine morality - Long Beach Press-Telegram - "'In the perfect-case scenario, with every female in the targeted age group vaccinated, (HPV experts) expect a dramatic decrease in the incidence of this type of cervical cancer,' said Jerome A. Zack, a professor and researcher in immunology at UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine."
►August 7, 2006 - FDA approves Gardasil, will help prevent some cancers - The Saratogian

►August 7, 2006 - Association of Public Health Laboratories Congratulates CDC on 60 Years of Protecting Public's Health - press release - The Association of Public Health Laboratories via U.S. Newswire

►August 7, 2006 - IAC EXPRESS Issue #613 - Immunization Action Coalition

►August 7, 2006 - Czechs' R&D role in bird flu, HIV - Czech Business Weekly - "Gilead Sciences’ decision to earmark $1.1 million (€ 862,267 / Kč 24.5 million) annually to fund a new R&D institute in Prague is testimony to the contribution of Czech scientists in developing medicines combating HIV and avian influenza."

►August 7, 2006 - Biological, Chemical Threats -

►August 7, 2006 - Customised mobile data changes business models -

* ►August 7, 2006 - In utero health may affect life`s success - UPI via Monsters & Critics - "The study analyzed adult economic outcomes of those exposed in utero to the 1918 influenza pandemic, which lasted only a few months -- meaning those born a few months apart had markedly different in utero conditions. The Columbia scientists found children of infected mothers were 15 percent less likely to graduate from high school, and sons of infected mothers earned approximately $2,500 less per year than those who did not have fetal influenza exposure. Additionally, those who were in utero at the height of the epidemic had 20 percent higher disability rates at the age of 61. The study is detailed in the Journal of Political Economy."

* ►August 7, 2006 - Asian Autism Conference 2006 Held in Hong Kong on Aug. 12 and 13 - press release - Autism Parents Network Foundation via Xinhua-PRNewswire

►August 7, 2006 - Speakout: Criminality, autism incomparable - opinion - Rocky Mountain News

►August 7, 2006 - Court warning for Red Arrows - - "An autistic boy in Cyprus has been awarded some 430,000 euros (250,000 Cypriot pounds) in damages after a court ruled that displays by the Red Arrows aerobatics team had caused the child great distress."

►August 7, 2006 - Autistic adults face lifelong challenges - AP via Khaleej Times

►August 7, 2006 - Coping with Autism - CNN via Moneycontrol India

►August 7, 2006 - Bridging the gap between dads and their kids with autism -

* ►August 7, 2006 - Parents at contaminated day-care center ask governor to intervene - Cherry Hill Courier Post - "Manganello's clients say their 5-year-olds both have exhibited symptoms consistent with mercury poisoning."

* ►August 7, 2006 - Authorities must track contaminated property - Cherry Hill Courier Post - "It is unthinkable that a day-care center would be allowed to open in a building contaminated with mercury. As Attorney General Zulima Farber said recently, someone must be held accountable for putting children in harm's way."

►August 7, 2006 - Editorial: DEP, Vitali right on mercury contamination - State Environmental Quality Board members are in the midst of gathering public comment on the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s proposed plan to reduce toxic mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants. If enacted, it would usurp the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s March 2005 rule that allows coal-fired power plants throughout the country to exceed legal limits of mercury emissions by purchasing "credits" from other plants that overcompensate or go off-line. - The Delaware County Times

►August 7, 2006 - Feingold critical of mercury plan - It caters to special interests, he says - The Capital Times

►August 7, 2006 - No More Mercury - PennEnvironment

►August 7, 2006 - Chronic Diseases are Leading Causes of Death among Senior Citizens - Heart disease and cancer remain top killers of older Americans -

* ►August 7, 2006 - Schools Change Food Policies over Allergy Hazards - New Hampshire Public Radio

* ►August 7, 2006 - Allergies on the Rise - New Hampshire Public Radio - "Goodman says that in developing countries where infections and parasites are more common, people have less allergies. In terms of public health, industrialized countries have the better deal. Infections and parasites kill millions in developing countries. Whereas according the national institutes of health, only about one hundred fifty Americans die each year from food allergies.
Goodman: In the total range or problems of children, this is a very small proportion. But for the families whose children are affected, it’s very important."

►August 7, 2006 - Four Corners cat has plague - AP via

►August 7, 2006 - Fish and shellfish advice for pregnant or breastfeeding women - Fish and shellfish can be an important part of a balanced diet. It is a good source of high quality protein and other nutrients and is low in fat. The US Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency are advising pregnant women and nursing mothers to eat the types and amounts of fish and shellfish that are safe to prevent harm to the development of their baby or young child. -

►August 7, 2006 - Mother convicted of hiding HIV status for son's birth (requires registration or subscription) - The Globe and Mail

* ►August 7, 2006 - Experimental Drug Based on Chinese Herb Might Be Effective Treatment for HIV -

* ►August 7, 2006 - Utah Medical seeks review of "abusive" FDA process - Reuters

►August 7, 2006 - A chief for the FDA - editorial - Washington Times

►August 7, 2006 - Distorting science - op-ed - Washington Times

►August 7, 2006 - BioCryst receives go-ahead from FDA for key trial of cancer drug - Birmingham Business Journal

* ►August 7, 2006 - Gilead Gives Up Trade Secrets to Get AIDS Drugs to Poor Nations - Bloomberg

►August 7, 2006 - Global HIV Experts to Discuss Keys to Clinical Success in the Developing World - Two Collaborative African Studies to be Highlighted as Examples of Successful HIV Intervention Programs - press release - GlaxoSmithKline via CNW Group

►August 7, 2006 - India: HIV / AIDS - Goa India

►August 7, 2006 - Postpartum Depression Hits Dads, Too - HealthDay via Forbes

* ►August 7, 2006 - 'Cancer risk' of miscarriage drug - Women whose mothers used an anti-miscarriage drug in pregnancy have double the risk of breast cancer than others their age, a US study suggests. - BBC

►August 7, 2006 - Insulin pathway component explains insulin resistance, age-associated metabolic syndrome - Fly genetics reveal key workings of Atkins Diet - Burnham Institute via
►August 7, 2006 - New roles for old medications - Washington Times
►August 7, 2006 - Early exposure to synthetic estrogen puts 'DES Daughters' at higher risk for breast cancer - American Association for Cancer Research via
►August 6, 2006 - New path for diabetes - Cells transplanted six months ago from pigs into diabetic monkeys are alive and producing insulin — without the need for immune-suppressing drugs, a biotech company announces Monday - USA TODAY
►August 6, 2006 - Alleviating the burden of Multiple Sclerosis - Researchers discover a cellular signal that aggravates the symptoms of MS and might be targeted in new therapeutic approaches - European Molecular Biology Laboratory via

►August 6, 2006 - SA 'dangerously ill-prepared' for possible bird flu outbreak - Sunday Independent

►August 6, 2006 - Boy Still Recovering From West Nile Virus - - "The 16 year old Melba boy is in a Boise hospital. He was hospitalized last week with West Nile Meningitis. This year, Idaho is leading the US in West Nile cases. So far, 54 people have been infected."

►August 6, 2006 - Raw milk: Fit for human consumption? - USA Today

►August 4, 2006 - Penn researchers determine structure of smallpox virus protein bound to DNA - Structure could aid in anti-viral drug design - University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine via

* ►August 4, 2006 - Discuss: HPV vaccination - Anchorage Daily News - "I am concerned that the company that brought you VIOXX (that as we now know ignored negative study results)... is also rushing this vaccine to market without adequate studies."

* ►August 4, 2006 - Effect of needle size on immunogenicity and reactogenicity of vaccines in infants: randomised controlled trial - journal article (BMJ)

* ►August 4, 2006 - Study encourages diabetics to get flu jabs - Diabetes Care via Independent Online

►August 2006 - Antidepressant Drug Therapy and Suicide in Severely Depressed Children and Adults - A Case-Control Study - journal article (Archives of General Psychiatry)

►August 2005 - Decrease in Anogenital Distance Among Male Infants with Prenatal Phthalate Exposure. - Environmental Health Perspectives via

* Emergency Management: Can America Respond to a Bird Flu Pandemic? - (The following is a summary from the National Association of Chiefs of Police with regard to the possible "Bird Flu" pandemic. The Chiefs of Police Association is concerned with the possibility of the intentional spread of the Avian Influenza by terrorist organizations.) -

Avian flu could be a real killer; here’s what you need to know and do - University of Bridgeport


Posted August 7, 2006


►August 7, 2006 - Administration Aims to Set Health-Care Standards (requires registration or subscription) - Washington Post

* ►August 7, 2006 - Drug test victim tells of despair - New Zealander David Oakley has spoken publicly for the first time about how he "just lives day by day" after his violent reaction in a British drug trial and recent diagnosis of cancer. - Dominion Post via - "Mr Oakley was one of six volunteers paid £2000 ($NZ6100) to test the drug TGN1412, made by German firm TeGenero, in March. He told Britain's Mail on Sunday that he had entered the trial to get money for his wedding to Katrina, a fellow Kiwi he met at Canterbury University five years ago."

* ►August 7, 2006 - Poking holes in autism's wall - column - Seattle Times - "In 2005, Rasmussen sponsored SB 5311, approved unanimously by the Legislature, which established the Caring for Washington Individuals with Autism Task Force. Since December, this group of 14 educators, autism advocates, parents, state workers and legislators, including Rasmussen, have been trolling for the best information and ways Washington can better help those with the disorder and their families."

* ►August 7, 2006 - Fund vaccine, urges Aussie - Howick and Pakuranga Times - "New Zealand’s fight for a meningitis vaccine to be government funded was given support by Australia’s Meningitis Centre last week."

►August 7, 2006 - Childhood vaccinations -- Life savers - We can now stop a number of diseases before they spread, and the cost is manageable - opinion (requires registration) - Pittsburg Morning Sun

►August 7, 2006 - Dr. Edward J. Mayeaux Jr.: Scientific trials of HPV vaccines show them to be safe - Shreveport Times

►August 7, 2006 - Indonesian teenager tests positive for bird flu - local tests - AFX via Forbes

►August 7, 2006 - Lab result complicates bird flu case - Victim's chickens were not infected - Bangkok Post

►August 7, 2006 - 'Keep your sick kids at home' - The Ashburton Guardian

►August 7, 2006 - Mass polio vaccination in Bangladesh - ABC Asia Pacific - "More than 700,000 volunteers have fanned out across Bangladesh to help vaccinate 24 million children against polio."

►August 7, 2006 - Bangladesh vaccinates 24 mln children against polio - Xinhua via People's Daily Online

►August 7, 2006 - Polio Case In Dailekh Has Officials Fretting - Himalayan Times

* ►August 7, 2006 - Food wrappers put thousands at risk - Latex contained in packaging and rubber gloves can trigger fatal allergic reactions - The Times, UK

* ►August 6, 2006 - The Political Corruption of Science -

* ►August 6, 2006 - Keeping our border safe from affordable medication - opinion - Seattle Times - "In case you haven't noticed, a large wall is being built around the American people to ensure that they remain prisoner to the drug industry. It's easy to understand why drug makers want to force Americans to buy their products in the United States. Ours is the only industrialized country that doesn't negotiate the prices the drug companies may charge. As a result, a 90-day supply of Fosamax sells for $105 in Canada but $210 here."

►August 6, 2006 - Ouch! It's time to get your child ready for kindergarten - Charlotte Observer

* ►August 6, 2006 - Students need to be immunizations for school - Brownsville Herald - "As Brownsville parents prepare to immunize their children before the coming school year, they should be prepared to check off a long list of acronyms and hard-to-pronounce diseases. This year, six immunizations are required, and several more are recommended. Because the vaccines often carry heavy private-sector price tags, uninsured or partially insured parents worry about these rising costs."

►August 6, 2006 - Parents facing vaccine maze - Required shots grow in number and cost - AP via Memphis Commercial Appeal

►August 6, 2006 - Time has come for back-to-school vaccinations - Oshkosh Northwestern

* ►August 6, 2006 - Annual flu shot benefits adults with diabetes - Zee News - "Like other high-risk groups, adults with diabetes benefit from having a flu vaccination every year, regardless of age, Dutch researchers confirm."

* ►August 6, 2006 - Journal advocates 'gender-neutral' HPV vaccine - Cox News Service via St. Paul Pioneer Press - "So, a paper in the August issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology argues that the vaccine should be 'gender-neutral' and given to both."

* ►August 6, 2006 - Vaccine targets cervical cancer - Corvallis Gazette-Times - "Dr. Amey Lee, an ob-gyn with the Corvallis Clinic, said education is the key. 'We will be putting on some talks on the HPV vaccine this fall with the new school year to educate families with middle-schoolers and high-schoolers,' she said, 'because that’s really the target group for the vaccine.'"

►August 6, 2006 - FDA Approves HPV and Shingles Vaccines - Kansas City infoZine

* ►August 6, 2006 - FDA needs a scientist, not another politician - The FDA's acting head continues to play politics with Americans' lives. The Senate should refuse to confirm Dr. Andrew von Eshchenbach. - opinion - Roanoke Times

►August 6, 2006 - Politics, not science - Lebanon Daily News

►August 6, 2006 - Ortec's FDA Approved Cell Line Plays Pivotal Role In Creation Of First Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Fit For Human Clinical Trials - Medical News Today

* ►August 6, 2006 - 'Well child' visits revisited - USA Today - "'Once a parent expresses a concern around a child's development, that in and of itself is significant,' he says. 'We'd like to get 'wait and see' taken out of the vocabulary of the well-child visit.' Nancy Wiseman of Merrimac, Mass., would like that, too. Doctors told her to 'wait and see' when she first expressed concerns about her toddler daughter's poor language, communication and play skills — warning signs of an autism-related disorder that was diagnosed months later. Today, her daughter is 10 and doing well, but Wiseman says too many doctors still fail to respond when a child falls behind. 'I'd like to see screening at every visit,' says Wiseman, founder of First Signs, which promotes early diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders and author of Could It Be Autism? A Parent's Guide to the First Signs and Next Steps. (Full disclosure: I was a paid contributor to that book.)"

* ►August 6, 2006 - Supplies of Tamiflu plentiful, and cheaper - A year ago, in the first throes of bird flu panic, Tamiflu was flying off the shelves and chemists had waiting lists for the drug. - Sunday Star-Times via - "A year ago, in the first throes of bird flu panic, Tamiflu was flying off the shelves and chemists had waiting lists for the drug. Supplies around the world were quickly depleted as governments stockpiled the anti-viral agent ahead of a possible pandemic. However, far from being a scarce commodity this winter, Tamiflu is being heavily marketed on television, and manufacturer Roche Pharmaceuticals has recently slashed the wholesale price by 15 per cent."

* ►August 6, 2006 - Vietnam makes progress in production of H5N1 vaccine - The Central Hygiene and Epidemiology Institute will carry out the experiment of H5N1 vaccine on human in September, if there is no change, said an official of the institute. - VietNamNet Bridge

►August 6, 2006 - Bird flu case points to under-reporting - Bloomberg via Business Day

►August 6, 2006 - Are hospitals ready for a flu pandemic? - Editor's note: This is another in an occasional series exploring how the suburbs and state are preparing for the possibility of a deadly flu pandemic. - Chicago Daily Herald

►August 6, 2006 - Hospitals taking proactive approach to infection control - Quincy Herald Whig

* ►August 6, 2006 - Cremation's popularity awakens mercury fears in California - KRT via Contra Costa Times via Grand Forks Herald - "'People are dying with more teeth, not fewer, because of better dental care,' he said. 'But those teeth are loaded with mercury-laced fillings.'"

* ►August 6, 2006 - Art projects teach kids about mercury danger - Janesville Gazette - "Conference Co-Chairman Jim Hurley of Evansville wanted to get kids from around the world involved because mercury effects children more while their nervous systems are still developing and because it's a problem they'll be inheriting, said his wife, Nancy Hurley."

►August 6, 2006 - Power industry seeks high-tech solutions to mercury puzzle -  AP via

►August 6, 2006 - American Indian Traditions: Toxin endangering tribes' way of life - AP via Detroit Free Press

* ►August 6, 2006 - Glowing chickens bring hope in fight against cancer - Sacramento Bee - "Take a chicken, add a pinch of jellyfish DNA, and you'll not only get a slightly fluorescent bird, but also one that's likely to play an important role in the development of cancer treatment. The creation of the glow-in-the-dark chicken, described in June in the journal Nature, explained a new method used to easily modify the DNA of chickens."

►August 6, 2006 - Five questions for Denise Resnik - Co-founder and board chairwoman, Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center - Arizona Republic

►August 6, 2006 - Lone star tick isn't household name, but it should be - Poughkeepsie Journal

* ►August 6, 2006 - 3 Idaho deaths are linked to West Nile virus - AP via Deseret News - "West Nile virus has likely contributed to the deaths of at least three people in Idaho this summer, state health officials said Friday, and at least 54 people have been sickened by the disease."

►August 6, 2006 - Don't get bit: West Nile Virus can strike closer to home than some may think - The Daily Sentinel

►August 6, 2006 - Idaho teen diagnosed with West Nile - AP via Jackson Hole Star-Tribune

►August 6, 2006 - Number of West Nile Virus Cases Rising Nationwide - AXcess News

►August 6, 2006 - West Nile aerial spraying opposed - Daily Democrat

►August 6, 2006 - Polio Returns? - Real Rehab Blog via Houston Chronicle

►August 6, 2006 - TB may be hard to spot due to rarity - UPI via Monsters & Critics

►August 6, 2006 - Antibiotics not always earache fix - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via Arizona Daily Star

►August 6, 2006 - Treatment offers new hope for depression sufferers - Chronically depressed people are reporting positive results from vagus nerve stimulation - Dayton Daily News

►August 6, 2006 - Avoiding rainy season illnesses - Watch out for WILD - Philippine Daily Inquirer

►August 6, 2006 - HIV virus can survive efforts to destroy it by hiding in the mucosal tissues of the intestine - UC Davis researchers have discovered that the human immunodeficiency virus, the virus that causes AIDS, is able to survive efforts to destroy it by hiding out in the mucosal tissues of the intestine. -

►August 6, 2006 - HIV infected baby: Dad salutes FG over LUTH CMD sack - Daily Sun

►August 6, 2006 - Area inmates part of HIV rapid-test study - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

►August 6, 2006 - Research Leads to First Treatment for Drug-Resistant HIV - MedIndia

►August 6, 2006 - HIV-Positive Man Jailed For Raping Wife - All Headline News

►August 6, 2006 - The Dengue Virus Unplugged - MedIndia

►August 6, 2006 - NC joins baited vaccine effort to try to stop rabies' spread - AP via The Asheville Citizen-Times via Myrtle Beach Sun News

►August 6, 2006 - On the Farm: Detect anthrax before it's too late - Bryan College Station Eagle

►August 6, 2006 - Vaccine targets obesity in rats - Blogger News Network

►August 6, 2006 - Post office holds emergency drill - Salem Statesman Journal

►August 6, 2006 - World Breastfeeding Week: Continuing to breastfeed when returning to work - Yes, you can continue to breastfeed if you're going back to work. - Celebrity Baby Blog

* ►August 5, 2006 - August is National Immunization Month: Get your children’s shots - Picayune Item - "Vaccines cause multiple sclerosis, sudden infant death syndrome, autism, immune dysfunction, diabetes, neurological disorders, allergic rhinitis, eczema, and asthma. There have been rumors of immunization causing a variety of medial problems; however, scientific research does not support this claim. These rumors have most likely resulted from the fact that these problems are discovered around the same time that the child is immunized. Research has shown that symptoms appear long before the child received the vaccine; therefore, immunization is not to blame."

* ►August 5, 2006 - Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine - - "The vaccine is injected about eight weeks after surgery and again after chemo and radiation treatment. Researchers at Johns Hopkins will conduct another study to refine the vaccine's targets. That study will start next year. If results come back as expected, they will apply for FDA approval."

* ►August 5, 2006 - Chinese contraband raises risk of flu in Vietnam - Poultry smuggling boomed after Vietnamese started slaughtering about 50 million chickens to contain bird flu epidemic - Washington Post via Contra Costa Times

►August 5, 2006 - Indonesia to import bird flu vaccine for poultry - Xinhua via People's Daily Online

►August 5, 2006 - Comatose man not ailing from bird flu, despite symptoms - Viet Nam News

►August 5, 2006 - West Nile virus threat lessens; still be careful - Health: Humidity, heat raise chance of getting the virus. - Press-Telegram

►August 5, 2006 - Area biker infected with West Nile virus - Pasadena Star-News

►August 5, 2006 - Licenced drugs can prevent HIV - Rediff

►August 5, 2006 - HIV baby: FG sends LUTH CMD on terminal leave - The Tide

►August 5, 2006 - Officials: TB case no threat to community - Naples Daily News

* ►August 5, 2006 - AIDS Could Be History in Half a Century - Daily News Central

►August 4, 2006 - Churches seek to anticipate flu pandemic - Virginian-Pilot

►August 4, 2006 - Senate Democrats Question New FDA Requirements For Nonprescription Plan B Application At Von Eschenbach Confirmation Hearing - Medical News Today

* ►August 4, 2006 - FDA Scientist Was Told Nonprescription Plan B Application Would be Rejected 'To Appease the Administration's Constituents,' Deposition Says -

►August 4, 2006 - Penn researchers determine structure of smallpox virus protein bound to DNA - Structure could aid in anti-viral drug design - University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine via
►August 4, 2006 - Governments, Aid Agencies Must Do More To Increase HIV Prevention, Education Programs For Children, Report Says - Medical News Today
►August 4, 2006 - New hope in cancer vaccines emerges as novel therapies are developed and tested - Scientists say advances in immunology help them design therapeutic vaccines - University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center via
* ►August 3, 2006 - Allergy New Zealand asks schools to ban nuts in lunches - Radio New Zealand

* ►August 3, 2006 - Autism not related to day of birth - Sydney Morning Herald - "One of the largest studies to date to look at the issue has found no link between the month a person was born and risk of autism. The risk of some psychiatric disorders, for example schizophrenia, has been linked to season of birth, Dr Abraham Reichenberg of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City and colleagues note."

►August 3, 2006 - A Can-Do Approach to Autistic Children and Athletics (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times

* ►August 3, 2006 - Ex-FDA head says White House gave no Plan B orders - Reuters - "A former head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said he briefed the White House on an application for wider access to a morning-after contraceptive drug, but was never told what decision to make, according to court documents released on Thursday."

►August 3, 2006 - Policy Blocks Potential Blood Donors - KGO ABC7

►August 3, 2006 - Our safeguards are working - USA Today - "All this confirms what we already knew — there is no significant BSE problem in the USA, and there never was."

►August 3, 2006 - Movie Spies on Malaria Parasite's Sneaky Behavior - Howard Hughes Medical Institute
►August 3, 2006 - FDA approves vaccines for upcoming flu season - MarketWatch

* ►August 3, 2006 - Depositions Indicate Bush Administration Exerted Political Influence on FDA During Plan B Review Process - Center for Reproductive Rights Requests White House Subpoena - press release - Center for Reproductive Rights via PRNewswire via Yahoo!

* ►August 3, 2006 - India Facing Polio Outbreak in Poor Region - India facing polio outbreak in poor northern state; global outbreak feared - CBS News

►August 3, 2006 - US measles, cough outbreaks blamed on vaccine fear - Reuters AlertNet

►August 1, 2006 - Under a microscope - opinion (requires registration or subscription) - Baltimore Sun - "The big, new and very secret biodefense lab now being built at Fort Detrick, in Frederick, will be developing even-deadlier strains of some of the world's most dangerous microbes, so as to find ways to ward them off."

►August 2006 - Coding for administration of HPV vaccine - AAP News

►July 26, 2006 - Immunisation drive against Japanese encephalitis - Vaccination campaign being carried out with the help of PATH - The Hindu

►July 25, 2006 - Russian HIV Vaccine Research Center To Cost $40M, Health Official Says -

►July 25, 2006 - Los Angeles Unified School District To Offer Female Students Merck's Gardasil -

►July 21, 2006 - EU agency backs first avian flu vaccines for birds - Reuters

►Summer 2006 - Dealing with Avian Influenza and Other Viral Infections - The Sports Supplement

* We Are Everywhere and we’re not going away... - National Political Action Organizing Campaign -


Posted August 6, 2006


* ►August 7, 2006 - Cervical Cancer R&D Continues Locally Despite New Vaccine - Life Sciences Firms Seek Their Share of $650 Million Market - San Diego Business Journal

►August 6, 2006 - Down to Earth - Marianne Gray talks to Sigourney Weaver ahead of her visit to the Edinburgh Film Festival - Sunday Herald - "How did you prepare to play a high-functioning autistic?"

►August 6, 2006 - Founder of BitTorrent unlocks the secrets of online file sharing - He figured out how to break up video into small pieces that can quickly be sent over the Net - San Francisco Chronicle - "Relating to people can be difficult for Cohen, who has Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism that affects social skills."

* ►August 6, 2006 - Loudoun Officials Recommend Rabies Shots for Campers - Bats at Loudoun Cabins Test Negative, but Parents of Nearly 1,000 Girls Contacted - Washington Post - "At least 14 girls have begun the series of shots, local officials said, including all of the children so far notified who were deemed most likely to have had contact with a bat. But the parents of about 400 children, including a handful of girls who officials believe slept in shelters with bats, have not responded to initial outreach efforts and are slated for aggressive telephone queries this week."

* ►August 6, 2006 - Rabies shots urged for 950 girl scouts (requires registration or subscription) - AP via Mercury News - "There is only a small chance that any of the girls were infected by bats that were found in some of the sleeping shelters at Camp Potomac Woods, Loudoun County officials said. But authorities are erring on the side of caution because around 1 percent of bats carry rabies, a viral disease that is incurable once symptoms appear. Bats can bite children in their sleep without waking them."

* ►August 6, 2006 - Schools struggle with autism increase - Santa Cruz Sentinel - "'Special education is bankrupting us,' Santa Cruz Trustee Tim Willis said. 'I think any fair-minded person would look at it and say it's excessive. 'We're totally sympathetic to children who need that amount of support and attention, but why can't they be funded by the state and federal government? That they're not is pathetic. It's worse than pathetic, it's criminal.'"

* ►August 6, 2006 - Meningitis toll highest in years - New

Zealand Herald - "Meningitis killed five children last month, prompting fears the $220 million Government vaccination campaign against the MeNZB epidemic strain has failed to deliver as promised. The latest monthly death toll is the highest in nine years. Anti-vaccination campaigners said analysis of Ministry of Health figures showed that north of the Bombay Hills, the vaccine for the epidemic strain, given to more than one million children, had an efficacy, or effectiveness, rate of only 9 per cent."

* ►August 6, 2006 - Firm at forefront of bioterrorism fight - Mt. Pleasant's GenPhar developing vaccine against deadly Ebola virus - Charleston Post Courier

* ►August 6, 2006 - List of vaccinations for children continues to grow - AP/Staff via Central Maine Morning Sentinel

* ►August 6, 2006 - Breaking the habit: UCSF is conducting a clinical trial for a nicotine vaccine - San Francisco Chronicle - "'People would have to be serious to get involved in this,' Rathjen said. 'It's going to be a series of injections, and most of us don't like shots. It's a matter of somebody really wanting to quit.'"

* ►August 6, 2006 - Vaccines aplenty at IDH, but no takers - Express News Service via Lucknow Newsline via

* ►August 6, 2006 - Diagnosis Sometimes Overlooked for TB Victims in the US - Tuberculosis afflicts some patients for years before being correctly treated, because doctors simply don't expect it. (requires registration or subscription) - Los Angeles Times

* ►August 6, 2006 - Uthai Thani man dies of bird flu - Virus claims second victim in two weeks - Bangkok Post - "Dr Thawat said the man, whose name was withheld, developed flu-like symptoms and a high fever shortly after burying a dead chicken in his backyard with his bare hands on July 17. He was hospitalised last Sunday and referred to the provincial hospital a day later. The doctors treated him with oseltamivir, an anti-viral medicine to combat the virus, but his condition continued to deteriorate until he died on Thursday."

* ►August 6, 2006 - Not quite the easy JUMP - The Sunday Express - "The notorious avian influenza virus may not be as easily transmitted as previously thought, government scientists concluded after a daring series of experiments in which bird flu genes were intermingled with those responsible for seasonal flu."

* ►August 5, 2006 - Bird flu kills Thai man, Bangkok area on risk list - Reuters AlertNet

* ►August 5, 2006 - Drug trial victim's cancer claim - A man who fell ill following drug trials at Northwick Park Hospital says he now has the early signs of cancer. - BBC

* ►August 5, 2006 - Senate approves autism bill - Valley News Dispatch via Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - "'By passing this landmark single-disease legislation, the Senate has recognized the plight of the thousands of families struggling every day with autism, and has acknowledged autism as a national health care crisis,' Autism Speaks cofounder Bob Wright said in a written statement. 'We now must look to the House to pass the bill and get it to the President's desk as soon as possible.'"

* ►August 5, 2006 - Services respond to rise in autism - MetroWest Daily News - "'There is a tremendous demand for services,' said Cathy Welch, Director of Admissions at NECC. 'We turn away a majority of the families and children who are applying because we don’t have the resources to be able to meet the demand for specialized services, especially (Applied Behavioral Analysis) services.'"

* ►August 5, 2006 - Hundreds share autism stories at TRAC - Mid Columbia Tri-City Herald

►August 5, 2006 - People don't understand autism - letter - Salt Lake Tribune

►August 5, 2006 - A camp all their own - For the first time in their 73-year history, the Mt. Hood Kiwanis create a camp just for children and adults with autism - At the Mt. Hood Kiwanis’ camp for autistic people, victories are measured in baby steps. - Gresham Outlook

* ►August 5, 2006 - Vaccination vexation - Battle Creek Enquirer - "Michigan schools will accept a reliable history of having contracted chicken pox in lieu of getting the shot, according to the Michigan Department of Community Health. So whenever a cousin or neighbor had the itchy-red bumps, Mom would send Darcy over to play, hoping she'd catch a 'free' dose."

* ►August 5, 2006 - Probe Set for NJ Daycare Mercury Case - AP via Forbes - "Attorney General Zulima Farber called the situation at Kiddie Kollege 'outrageous.' The center closed July 28 after owners were told of the mercury fumes."

►August 5, 2006 - Researchers target mercury - Portsmouth Herald News

►August 5, 2006 - Granholm's mercury reduction target just the beginning - AP via

►August 5, 2006 - Finding The Source Of Mercury Contamination In Fish - Medical News Today

►August 5, 2006 - Mercury-tainted fish special concern in native communities - AP via

►August 5, 2006 - Methods for cutting mercury emissions from coal incineration - AP via

►August 5, 2006 - Questions and answers about mercury - AP via

►August 5, 2006 - Mercury Spill Found At Gas Station; Testing Available - People Who Visited Gas Station May Be Tested For Contamination - - "Someone had disposed of mercury in a trash can next to the fuel pumps nearest to the Lauman's store. The mercury apparently spilled across the Crown site when the trash can was carried to a dumpster."

►August 5, 2006 - Campaign aims to end mercury contamination - Liquid metal has proven useful, but it's deadly as well - AP via Lansing State Journal

►August 5, 2006 - Measles and whooping cough make a comeback - Reuters via Gulf News

* ►August 5, 2006 - Shots required for all students - Sand Mountain Reporter - "Questions concerning the immunization requirements of students entering schools around Marshall County have popped up lately, keying in on the assumed fact that children of the homeless or migrant classification did not have to get their shots before starting school. 'That isn’t the case at all,' Boaz City Schools Assistant Superintendent Randall Haney said. 'It’s not like we have a bunch of kids running around our schools without their shots.' Haney specifically mentioned that Alabama state law requires all students — in public school or private — to have the proper documentation concerning immunization on file before they can start school. Exemptions are only provided for either religious or medical reasons."

►August 5, 2006 - State planning to stockpile flu drugs - Honolulu Advertiser

►August 5, 2006 - Vietnam kills wild storks to prevent bird flu spread - Reuters India

►August 5, 2006 - Thailand Alert for Bird Flu Is Expanded (requires registration or subscription) - Reuters via The New York Times

►August 5, 2006 - West Nile virus hits a Staten Island man - Food Consumer

►August 5, 2006 - First human case of West Nile in Michigan this year confirmed - AP via Detroit Free Press

►August 5, 2006 - Idaho sees spike in West Nile virus cases -

* ►August 5, 2006 - Five Members Of Same Family Contracted West Nile Virus -

* ►August 5, 2006 - Indonesia to produce bird flu vaccine suitable for local people - Xinhua via People's Daily Online - "Minister Siti Fadilah Supari said the Indonesian version of H5N1 vaccine will be fully produced at home once the research is completed. 'Hopefully, there will be no further impediments because formulating the vaccine is really a daunting task,' she told reporters here. It will take another three to six months to test the vaccine before mass reproduction begins, she said. Supari said earlier that Indonesia needs to formulate its own vaccine suitable to Indonesians, as the death toll from the virus has reached 42. To make a vaccine effective, it should be adjusted to the physical conditions of the local people, she said."

* ►August 5, 2006 - Scripps and IBM ask for $500 million for bird flu research - AP via Tampa Bay's 10 - "IBM and Scripps have been collaborating on computer models to track the spread of pandemic flu since mid-February in what is called 'Project Check-mate.' Now, they're asking for federal money as well as 20 million dollars in state funds."

►August 5, 2006 - Hundreds turn out for free immunization clinic -

►August 5, 2006 - Committee advises second shot - Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil - "The National Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices now recommends that a routine second dose of chickenpox, also known as varicella, vaccine be given to young children to further improve protection against this disease."

* ►August 5, 2006 - Hey, what happened? - McAlester News-Capital - "The turnout was low, but many people got the idea and can now make plans. 'We didn’t have that many people show up to get their shots at the immunization clinic at McDonald’s,' said Keith Reed, of the Pittsburg County Health Department. 'We did have a lot of people sticking their heads in the door and tell us they plan to get theirs soon.'"

* ►August 5, 2006 - Fresh polio cases in city confirmed - Hindustan Times - "Now, alert has been sounded by the authorities and they are planning to carry out another immunization campaign for administering the vaccine to kids under 5 years of age, to prevent further cases."

►August 5, 2006 - Three polio cases reported in Meerut - PTI via The Hindu

►August 5, 2006 - Pet owners spread deadly dog virus - Norwich Evening News 24, UK

►August 5, 2006 - Baby Eniola's HIV Status:  ‘It shouldn’t have happened to her or anyone else’ - Vanguard

►August 5, 2006 - Treatment breaks could slash HIV drug costs - HIV patients whose immune systems remain intact can temporarily stop taking drugs without incurring health risks, say researchers in Geneva. - Swissinfo

►August 5, 2006 - Area tract held promise, but vaccine firm picks sure thing - Assessing a loss (requires registration) - Online Athens - "Athens and Oconee County had plenty to offer, but in the end, an international drug giant's decision to build a vaccine plant in North Carolina came down to an educated and qualified work force, a state economic development official said Friday."

* ►August 4, 2006 - North Indian state faces polio outbreak - AP via Gulf News - "'The problem with most of these places is that they do not have very good immunisation coverage so although there was no polio, their population was essentially at risk,' said Jay Wenger, who oversees polio eradication efforts in India for the World Health Organisation. How polio got from northern India to southern Africa, authorities can't say. But 'it's a threat we're obviously concerned about,' Wenger said."

* ►August 4, 2006 - Blood Banks Detecting West Nile Virus In Donors - The First Human Case Of West Nile Virus Has Been Reported In Sacramento County. -

* ►August 4, 2006 - Tests Confirm Summer Camper Had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - Fox 12 Boise - "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that 12 year old Rocco Magliozzi did have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It's believed that disease and the West Nile virus contributed to the Massachusetts boy's death."

►August 4, 2006 - D.E.E.T. Dangers -

►August 4, 2006 - CD86 Found On B Cells Boosts Immune Response - MedIndia

►August 4, 2006 - Avian flu pops up in German zoo - CIDRAP News

►August 4, 2006 - Immunization clinic set at Crossroads Mall - San Antonio Express-News - "Immunized children will receive back to school goody bags courtesy of State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer and KISS Radio. 'Immunize Your Pint-Size' will begin at 10 a.m. at the Crossroads Convention Center on the lower level beneath Hobby Lobby."
►August 4, 2006 - Research shows meth increases HIV spread - United Press International

* ►August 4, 2006 - Highlights From MMWR: Diabetes Prevalence Outstrips National Growth Rate and More (requires registration) - MMWR via Medscape

* ►August 4, 2006 - New Smallpox Protein Structure Could Aid in Drug Design - Infection Control Today - "Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have determined the structure of an important smallpox virus enzyme and how it binds to DNA. The enzyme, called a topoisomerase, is an important drug target for coming up with new ways to fight smallpox. The researchers present their findings in the August 4 issue of Molecular Cell."

►August 4, 2006 - New Smallpox Protein Structure Could Aid in Drug Design - University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine via Newswise

►August 4, 2006 - "This Is Scary Stuff" - - "'Smallpox is horrible; It's a disease that's spread like the common cold, through the respiratory route,' says Dennis Hruby, the Chief Scientific Officer of Siga Technologies in Corvallis."

►August 4, 2006 - Provinces brace for delay in arrival of vaccine for next winter's flu season - Canadian Press via CBC

►August 3, 2006 - Local Health Department Begins Pandemic Influenza Preparedness - Memphis Democrat

►August 3, 2006 - BioBlower - MedGadget - "A University of Buffalo group has developed a system to defeat pathogenic spores on a large scale."

►August 3, 2006 - Romanian teens infected with HIV 'facing persecution' - New Zealand Herald

►August 3, 2006 - Indiana Measles Outbreak Spurs Call to Toughen Vaccine Rules - MedPage Today via Psychiatric Times

* ►August 2, 2006 - Mumps outbreak slowing down - AP via Sioux City Journal - "The Health Department provided 14,500 vaccinations during special immunization clinics. Just over 3,200 shots were given at universities and technical schools, another 5,100 to staff and faculty at K-12 schools, and another 3,000 at adjustment training centers and state facilities. Vaccinations were given to 2,310 people who had direct contact with someone who was infected."

* ►August 2, 2006 - Foot and mouth vaccines imported, bird flu still a risk - Vietnam is to import 2 million more doses of foot and mouth vaccine in August, and has advised farmers to vaccinate poultry in the program’s second phase, said the National Veterinary Medicine Company Tuesday. - Thanh Nien Daily - "To avoid fake and low-quality vaccines and maintain stable pricing, farmers who need to vaccinate pig stocks should contact their local steering committee directly."

►August 2, 2006 - Sanofi-Aventis Q2 Net Profit Up On Strong Human Vaccines Sales; Lifts FY06 Adj. EPS Growth Target - Update - Trading Markets

►August 2, 2006 - Sanofi Raises Profit Estimate on Vaccines, Lantus (Update1) - Bloomberg

►August 2, 2006 - 81 Americans infected by West Nile virus so far this year - Food Consumer

►August 2, 2006 - Virus kills Great Lakes fish in droves (requires registration or subscription) - Globe and Mail