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All the News Posted February 8, 2010

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* ►February 24, 2010 - Webinar on PsychRights' Medicaid Fraud Initiative Against Psychiatric Drugging of Children & Youth - ICSPP's 2010 Distinguished Lecture Series will begin with Attorney Jim Gottstein's webinar presentation on PsychRights' Medicaid Fraud Initiative Against Psychiatric Drugging of Children & Youth. -

* ►February 8, 2010 - URGENT: Call Now, Stop NY Bill, Allows Kids To Decide All STD Vaccines Allowed Without Your Consent - The Autism Action Coalition

* ►February 8, 2010 - The Conflicting Views of Dr. Ben Goldacre and the Wakefield Affair - Ben Goldacre The conflicting views of Dr Ben Goldacre and the Wakefield affair: dumbing the public down. By John Stone - Age of Autism

* ►February 8, 2010 - Rapid Responses to: Why did the Lancet take so long? - journal article (BMJ)

* ►February 8, 2010 - There's still no cure for bogus science - letters - New York Post - "As the proud grandfather of a lovable, 10-year-old, nonverbal boy who was diagnosed with autism, I can assure [Dr. Elizabeth] Whelan that connecting my grandson's autism and his intestinal problems was no 'bizarre assumption.' The widespread rumors of a vaccine-autism link will prevail because, after decades of opportunity to do so, the scientific community cannot explain why one in every 110 children is being diagnosed with autism, and why thousands of them will require treatment for gastrointestinal problems."

* ►February 8, 2010 - What do vaccine sceptics have in common with climate change deniers? - Croakey the Crikey health blog - "The life and death of the MMR-autism theory has been less about the science than about the man himself and deeper divides. Wakefield’s fall from grace has been particularly dramatic. He was masterful at casting himself as the brave whistleblower, willing to put his career as a doctor on the line in the name of ‘truth’. He was urged on by parents who found a champion for their deeply held views and an anti-vaccine lobby always seeking opportunities to advance their cause."

►February 8, 2010 - Best. Conspiracy. Theory. Ever. - Respectful Insolence via ScienceBlogs

►February 8, 2010 - Remaining open to scrutiny keeps science credible - StarPhoenix - "The British medical journal Lancet's belated but welcome admission last week that it had been wrong to publish a badly flawed study on autism came too late for countless thousands who suffered needlessly from diseases that could have gone the way of smallpox."

►February 8, 2010 - U.K. journal retracts vaccine-autism link - AP via The Durango Herald

►February 8, 2010 - We might err, but science is self-correcting - If claims about climate change need to be debunked, you can rely on scientists to do it. Scepticism is what we are all about - The Times, UK

* ►February 8, 2010 - Body of Murdered 8-Year-old Boy Lies Unclaimed in City Morgue - - "Nearly three days after the shocking murder of an 8-year-old autistic boy in the Peninsula Hotel, his body sits unclaimed in the Medical Examiner's morgue. His mother, Gigi Jordan, a wealthy pharmaceutical executive, is locked in a psychiatric ward at Elmhurst Hospital, in Queens, awaiting arraignment on charges she murdered the little boy called Jude Michael Mirra with a drug overdose."

* ►February 8, 2010 - Vaccines' Benefits Trump Concerns, Experts Say (includes audio) - Morning Edition via NPR

* ►February 8, 2010 - Adapting Vaccines For Our Aging Immune Systems (includes audio) - Morning Edition via NPR

* ►February 8, 2010 - More smokers than non-smokers accept HPV vaccination for their daughters - American Association for Cancer Research via EurekAlert!

* ►February 8, 2010 - A H1N1 Vaccine is Safe and should continuously be given to the public - Radio Television Brunei - "In the meantime, members of the public have been advised not to be alarmed with the rumours regarding the A H1N1 Influenza vaccination that has been circulating throughout the country. The vaccination contains Thiomersal that is a preservative derived from Ethilemercury but not Methilemercury that contains toxic substance. This has been clarified by the Acting Director of the Environmental Health, Ministry of Health about the current issue that has been going around among the public that the Vaccine for the A H1N1 Influenza contains Methilemercury and said to cause public's fear with the side effects."

* ►February 8, 2010 - SciClone and Sigma-Tau Announce Additional Positive Results in Clinical Study Examining ZADAXIN's Ability to Enhance Response to H1N1 Vaccine - Study Shows Sustained Seroconversion at Day 42 Continues to Favor ZADAXIN Over Vaccine Alone - Marketwire via CNNMoney

* ►February 8, 2010 - Novavax Terminates Negotiations with ROVI Pharmaceuticals for Influenza Vaccine Collaboration - press release - Novavax, Inc. via PRNewswire-FirstCall - "Novavax, Inc. (Nasdaq: NVAX) announced today that the company has decided to discontinue negotiations in its pursuit of the previously announced collaboration with ROVI Pharmaceuticals (Madrid: ROVI) to develop Novavax's virus-like-particle (VLP)-based vaccines against influenza in the country of Spain."

►February 8, 2010 - Time to start the swine flu blame game - It’s official: The swine flu “pandemic” is now an embarrassing fiasco. - Health Sciences Institute via

►February 8, 2010 - Parents urged to vaccinate children against swine flu - Southern Courier, Australia

* ►February 8, 2010 - Chief Medical Officer Mobilises GPs To Support Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Influenza Vaccinations - Royal Australian College of General Practitioners via Medical News Today

* ►February 8, 2010 - Inovio Biomedical Cervical Cancer Therapeutic Vaccine Generates Dose-Related Immune Response in Clinical Trial -  Inovio via BusinessWire via Technology Marketing Corporation - "VGX-3100 is a DNA vaccine targeting the E6 and E7 proteins of human papillomavirus (HPV) types 16 and 18 and is delivered via in vivo electroporation. Similar to previously reported data from the initial lowest dose cohort of this phase I trial, the vaccine was found to be generally safe and well tolerated. While previously reported data showed significant cellular and humoral immune responses, data from this second, intermediate dose group highlighted a significantly increased and dose-related immune response specific to the antigens targeted by the vaccine."..."While recent HPV preventive vaccines have been successful in protecting against infections that may lead to cervical cancer, Inovio's therapeutic vaccine targets the millions of women already infected with HPV and is intended to treat pre-cancerous cells and cervical cancer caused by this virus. Current vaccines do not serve this group of women," Dr. Kim added."

* ►February 8, 2010 - Short Needle May Short HBV Protection for Obese - Immunization with a 1.5-inch needle was associated with 80% higher anti-HBV titers than a 1.0-inch needle, researchers reported online in Pediatrics via MedPageToday

►February 8, 2010 - Govt apathy seals vaccine plant fate - India Today

►February 8, 2010 - Haiti volunteers could get break on immunizations -

* ►February 8, 2010 - Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc. Appoints Market Media Connect as Communications Agency of Record - Biotech Company Taps Consultancy for Communications Expertise - Cutting Edge Information via Northwest Biotherapeutics via PRNewswire - "As drug companies face requirements to report all spending on physician-related activity, relationships between thought leaders and drug manufacturers are feeling the strain, says research firm Cutting Edge Information ("

* ►February 8, 2010 - Does vCJD still pose a major public health threat? - As families who lost loved ones attempt to renegotiate their compensation in the courts we look at the latest information on mad cow disease - Telegraph, UK

* ►February 8, 2010 - A mother's mission (includes video) - Lavada Robertson of Hardy breathed a long-awaited sigh of relief two weeks ago when an insurance company approved coverage of treatment services for her 4-year-old daughter, who has autism. In the two years since Audreanna was diagnosed, Robertson has racked up thousands of dollars in debt, battled with insurance companies over denied claims and urged Virginia lawmakers to mandate coverage for the developmental disorder that affects one in 110 U.S. children. -

* ►February 8, 2010 - House autism bill killed in committee - The Franklin News-Post - "A bill requiring health insurance companies in Virginia to cover the treatment of autism has been killed in a House of Delegates subcommittee."

* ►February 8, 2010 - Mothers call for more autism support - Macarthur Chronicle - "The Education Minister said 900 students had been diagnosed as autistic and were supported in integrated classes. There were only 182 autism-specific placements with an extra 35 in multi-categorical classes. It has been reported the number of NSW students with autism has blown out by more than 65 per cent in the past three years."

* ►February 8, 2010 - State Mandate Helps Parents in Fight Against Autism - NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

►February 8, 2010 - Measles prevention critical to beef industry - BPA Daily News

►February 8, 2010 - Combatting infection - The Irish Times

►February 8, 2010 - Common Childhood Diseases and Disorders that You Should Know - American Chronicle

►February 8, 2010 - E. coli O157:H7 - By Dr. JoAnne Stolen - Summit Daily News

►February 8, 2010 - Obama targets federal deficit - The president wants a commission to address the national debt, projected to double by 2020, with Medicare and Medicaid consuming about a quarter of spending. -

* ►February 8, 2010 - Calif. limits how long HMO patients wait for appointments - Primary care doctors in the state will have to see patients within 10 days. Physician organizations say some requirements in the new regulation are troublesome. -

►February 8, 2010 - Hospital mass layoffs hit new high in 2009 - The number of workers affected by layoffs of 50 or more people also was high in ambulatory health services settings. -

►February 8, 2010 - Obama budget freezes physicians' Medicare pay for 10 years - If Congress follows the White House proposal, $371 billion would go toward reversing planned annual cuts but would not increase Medicare rates. -

* ►February 8, 2010 - "Speed dating" matches physicians, patients - A Texas hospital uses the matchmaking model as an informal way for both parties to check out compatibility before entering a doctor-patient relationship. -

►February 8, 2010 - Another Medicare pay patch on the horizon? - Enactment of a debt limit bill would allow for a five-year Medicare rate freeze without a requirement to find offsets. -

* ►February 8, 2010 - Space invader: Meteorite hits Virginia doctors' office - The exam room where the space rock landed has become the most requested room among patients, who joke about wearing hard hats to appointments. -

►February 8, 2010 - Mental health treatment varies by location - Mexican-Americans and blacks receive the least care for depression, researchers find. Another study says multiple prescriptions may be causing some harmful interactions. -

* ►February 8, 2010 - Social media consults may harbor dangers - Scenario: When is an online network a good choice for consultations? -

►February 8, 2010 - What editorial writers are saying about health reform after Brown's election - The victory by Republican Sen. Scott Brown to fill the late Sen. Edward Kennedy's seat stalls Democratic attempts to pass national health reform legislation. -

►February 8, 2010 - Pa. Blues plan may pursue capitation - Highmark will confirm only that it's thinking about "alternative reimbursement approaches." The plan canceled its last capitated contract in 2006. -

►February 8, 2010 - Job-sharing can boost work-life balance, cut practice expenses -

►February 8, 2010 - News in brief: Government & Medicine - Wisconsin may expand doctor liability - 3 groups to accredit imaging services - Veterans care bill signed into law - HIV/AIDS panel gets new members - California Medical Assn. gets new CEO -

►February 8, 2010 - News in brief: Professional Issues - Murder conviction in Kansas abortion doctor's death - Gene patent case begins - Oversight sought for VA med centers' physician credentialing program -

►February 8, 2010 - News in brief: Business - Hospital mergers down in 2009 - Final safe harbor rule for small retirement plans issued - Medical society requesting documents in United-Health Net deal -

►February 8, 2010 - EU revives GMP for excipients - The EFCG has welcomed the addition of excipient GMP requirements to the draft amendments of the EU falsified medicines directive but warned that deeper analysis is needed to establish which products warrant further regulation. -

►February 8, 2010 - Canada switches to growth charts based on WHO, not U.S., standards - The Canadian Press via C-Health Canoe

►February 8, 2010 - Transparency Could Hamper Thought Leader Relationships, Says Cutting Edge Information - Marketwire via COMTEX via MarketWatch

►February 8, 2010 - Call for immunisation register - Irish Medical News

►February 8, 2010 - Is the HPV vaccine worthwhile? -

►February 8, 2010 - Giving polio the boot - Next

* ►February 8, 2010 - CSPI calling for outright censorship of "structure and function" claims for nutritional supplements - - "he Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has put together a 158-page report for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that contains detailed information about food manufacturers that it says are making false or misleading health claims about their products. The powerful lobbying group is urging a restructuring of the regulatory system that would likely damage the nutritional supplement industry and eliminate freedom of health speech."

* ►February 8, 2010 - Exposed: "Scandalous Abuse" of the Elderly Being Killed With Psychiatric Medications -

►February 8, 2010 - 'Super spinach' that boosts immunity set to go on sale in UK - Oneindia

►February 8, 2010 - Field Testing Genetically Engineered Eucalyptus: Environment Assessment Still Inadequate - Institute of Science in Society

* ►February 7, 2010 - Scientist: Autism Paper Had Catastrophic Effects - transcript (includes audio) - NPR - "The prestigious British medical journal Lancet took a rare step this week: It retracted a 1998 paper that sparked a firestorm about potential links between vaccines and autism. That paper has been a bane to Dr. Paul Offit, co-inventor of the rotavirus vaccine and chief of infectious diseases at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. Offit tells host Guy Raz why he thinks the paper was a disaster for parents seeking answers about autism."

* ►February 7, 2010 - A reality check on autism and vaccines - editorial - San Francisco Chronicle - "Many worried and angry parents of an autistic child believe that vaccines may cause the disease. But it's pure myth - disproved by numerous studies and now a final slap from a British journal disowning a report that started the dangerous nonsense. Will these parents accept reality - and allow their children to receive shots against a dozen or more illnesses? And will fringe groups that play to fears of autism give up their indefensible claims?"

* ►February 7, 2010 - Kozlowski: Following emotions can be dangerous - The Pitt News - "This whole situation causes problems. Whether or not the charges of the Council are valid, trust in peer-reviewed journals is now less than absolute. With this comes the possible danger that somebody who says something unpopular or aberrant will be regarded as less credible, regardless of what the data suggests. Occasionally, the people who are right get laughed at — much like the way that those who suggested that a bacterium caused stomach ulcers were ridiculed before they won the Nobel Prize for their work. There is also the problem of tighter regulation of peer-review. If The Lancet and other major scientific publications turn away controversial publications, there is a possibility that voices might not be heard, causing us to lose out on important developments."

►February 7, 2010 - Lancet Retraction Sparks Continuing Controversy -

►February 7, 2010 - Medical Update: UK Journal Retracts Flawed Vaccine Study - Israel National News

* ►February 7, 2010 - The Time is Now to Redress the Autism Research Imbalance - Facing Autism in New Brunswick

* ►February 7, 2010 - Hello CDC? New York City Mumps Outbreak - Vitals Spotlight - "I get it. Scientists last week published in a medical journal the retraction of an infamous 1998 study that had linked the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism. Here’s what I don’t get. My own son had the vaccine, so why on earth did he wake up with the mumps this morning?  Now for the rest of the story. ... So, I can assume that some level of government knows about the resurgence of mumps on kids and adults who already were vaccinated. Where is the outcry of the CDC? Code red, orange or any other color?"

* ►February 7, 2010 - Blow to Cadila's H1N1 vaccine plan - Chandigarh Tribune - "Cadila Pharmaceuticals’ plan to indigenously develop Influenza A HINI (swine flu) vaccine in collaboration with US-based Novavax is likely to be delayed as the government has shown caution in giving go-ahead for the clinical trials. 'We have not given approval (for clinical trials) to Cadila yet as they are using a new technology called virus like particles (VLP),' Drug Controller General of India Surinder Singh said."

►February 7, 2010 - Algeria wants to cut flu vaccines order; ministry - AFP via Yahoo!

* ►February 7, 2010 - H1N1 influenza: Algeria nagociates the cancelling of 15 million doses of vaccine - Algeria has started negotiations with the British laboratory GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to reduce from 20 to five million doses of the order of vaccines against H1N1 influenza, said Sunday an official of the Ministry of Health. - Ennahar

* ►February 7, 2010 - A family left behind by the H1N1 virus - Virginia Romo was pregnant with her sixth child when she caught the swine flu. Her husband and children, raising the baby on their own, are still stunned at how swiftly the disease took her from them. - Los Angeles Times

►February 7, 2010 - Swine flu vaccine safe, California and CDC data show - USA Today

►February 7, 2010 - Hong Kong reports 66th fatal case of A/H1N1 flu - China Daily

* ►February 7, 2010 - Swine flu looms: vaccination urged - The Age - "Chief Medical Officer Jim Bishop said he expected swine flu to be the dominant strain of flu this year, warning that the disease had accounted for 95 per cent of flu cases during the US winter. 'We don't know how it will pan out in Australia, but we expect the dominant strain will be swine flu, as in the United States,' Professor Bishop said. He said he would be writing to all GPs to ask them to promote vaccination, warning the current take-up rate of the free vaccine was still too low."

►February 7, 2010 - Lessons from the swine flu pandemic - Booster Shots Blog via Los Angeles Times

►February 7, 2010 - Bird flu out of mind but still a threat - book review - Philadelphia Inquirer - "The Fatal Strain On the Trail of Avian Flu and the Coming Pandemic By Alan Sipress"

* ►February 7, 2010 - Call from a midwife - No Compulsory Vaccination Blog

►February 7, 2010 - Medics and politicians unite in Brussels to screen out cervical cancer - New Europe

* ►February 7, 2010 - SA ready for swine flu 2010 - Vaccination highly advised Although Britain has decided to close its swine flu crisis unit, South Africa will be on high alert throughout the coming Fifa World Cup. - Times LIVE, SA

►February 7, 2010 - Preacher perishes to meningitis after working in Haiti - - "He was in Haiti the last week of January with 12 members of his congregation working on fixing a temporary shelter for orphan children destroyed in the earthquake. He died after at the medical center after returning to Santo Domingo."

* ►February 7, 2010 - Autism Services for Free? - Central Illinois News Center

* ►February 7, 2010 - Worrisome chemical found in canned foods - Is your bowl of soup safe or are you sipping a toxic time bomb? - NewsOK

►February 7, 2010 - Sanofi to decide soon on reviving Merck venture (requires subscription) - The Wall Street Journal

►February 7, 2010 - We’re only human - Genes, experience, and limited free will – what is it that makes us human? - The Star, Malayisa - "Risk and probability in the human context is underpinned by the nature/nurture question. For the last hundred years, scientists and thinkers have pondered the question of nature versus nurture. How much of our bodies, minds, personalities, traits, and abilities are a result of our genes, ie determined by what we inherit from our parents? How much is a result of the environmental forces we are subjected to from the time we are conceived? How much do our childhoods and teenage experiences matter?"

►February 7, 2010 - HRT Linked to Asthma Risk - Thorax via MedPage Today

►February 7, 2010 - Study of mice shows hope for HIV vaccine - Charlotte Observer

►February 7, 2010 - A petition - academic bullying - Scientific Misconduct Blog

►February 7, 2010 - Olympic security doesn't stop at Canadian border - USA Today

* ►February 7, 2010 - New vaccines for cattle could cut risk from deadly bacteria – but who will pay for it - The Kansas City Star - "Meanwhile, Cargill is trying out the vaccine on 100,000 animals that will start heading to slaughter in May. For now, the company is bearing its cost even as the medicine undergoes more scientific trials under the gaze of a Kansas State University researcher. What’s unsettled is whether the cost — at between $3 and $10 per cow — will be paid by packers, feedyard operators, ranchers or none of the above. 'Those are all unknowns,' said Michelle Rossman, the director of beef safety at National Cattlemen’s Beef Association."

* ►February 6, 2010 - Andrew Wakefield, Scientific Censorship, and Fourteen Monkeys; A statement by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey - - "When it comes to vaccines, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey get it. They see how the pharma industry is engineering a campaign to silence Dr. Andrew Wakefield in order to suppress the publication of startling new evidence linking vaccines to severe neurological damage. At great risk to their professional careers, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey have found the courage to dare to tell the truth about vaccines and autism. Despite the vicious attacks by the pro-vaccine zealots who will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who challenges conventional vaccine mythology, McCarthy and Carrey have issued a powerful, inspired statement that reveals the truth behind the Big Pharma smear campaign that is intent on destroying the reputation of Dr. Andrew Wakefield before he can publish the final results of this important new study."

* ►February 6, 2010 - Autism Findings Retracted - The New American - "Actress Holly Robinson Peete remembers, 'When my son was two-and-a-half, he was just recovering from an ear infection and had been on antibiotics, therefore his immune system was suppressed. He had already missed several appointments for his vaccination so his pediatrician wanted to catch him up on all of them in the same day. Althrough I asked if he’d consider waiting or breaking up the cocktail, which contains three viruses, he laughed me out of the office and belittled me. I firmly believe that it took my son to a place of no return and his body could not handle it. He had a violent reaction with convulsions and then he stopped talking and slipped into a silence. He no longer said, 'Hi, Mommy,' he no longer responded to his name and he no longer made eye contact.”

►February 6, 2010 - School shots start next week - Owen Sound Sun Times - "Twelve years ago The Lancet, a British medical journal, published a study that linked some childhood vaccines with autism. The magazine formally retracted the flawed study this week. 'It's great that came out,' [Jody] Kroeplin said. "A lot of parents became leery of immunization" because of the article. 'Lots of parents do call us with that concern.'"

* ►February 6, 2010 - FDA Clears Drug Chief of Conflict - Wall Street Journal

* ►February 6, 2010 - Big Pharma executive murders 8-year-old son with Xanax and Ambien (opinion) -

* ►February 6, 2010 - In a California Town, Birth Defects, Deaths and Questions (requires registration) - The New York Times

►February 6, 2010 - HPV Vaccine Shows Promising Results in Genital Diseases in Young Women - Emory University School of Medicine via - "A five-year, multi-site international study has shown that human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations given to adolescents and young women decrease the number of abnormal Pap smears, biopsies and cases of genital warts, researchers report in the final analysis of a study published online Feb. 5, 2010, in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. ... During the study, [Dr. Kevin] Ault received consultancy and advisory board fees from Merck and Co., Inc. (the maker of Gardasil), and has previously received funding through his prior institution to conduct HPV vaccine studies for GlaxoSmithKline. He currently is receiving funding from Merck and Co. on another HPV vaccine trial."

►February 6, 2010 - Commercial Prospects For Dengue Vaccines - New Market Report Published - New report provides detailed analysis of the Healthcare and Medical market - OfficialWire

* ►February 6, 2010 - Swine flu, vaccine and vitamins -

►February 6, 2010 - LYNCH: Drug czar should go - $400 million goes up in smoke - The Washington Times

►February 5, 2010 - A More Vigilant FDA - DTC Perspectives

►February 5, 2010 - Baptist studies New Town area’s chronic health issues - Jacksonville Business Journal 

►February 5, 2010 - Current Vaccine Shortages & Delays - Last Updated February 5, 2010 - CDC

►February 5, 2010 - Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 - update 86 - WHO

►February 5, 2010 - US Flu and Cold Cases Remain Lower Than One Year Ago -

►February 5, 2010 - H1N1 vaccine readily available in Las Cruces - Las Cruces Sun-News

►February 5, 2010 - Project HOPE Volunteer Dr. Paul Firth Offers an Eye-Opening Description of the Life of a Medical Volunteer in Haiti - Reuters AlertNet

►February 5, 2010 - News brief: HPV vaccines may reduce a wide range of genital diseases - Journal of the National Cancer Institute via EurekAlert!

►February 5, 2010 - Woman receives ‘incompatible’ kidney with ground-breaking operation - The Times, UK

* ►February 5, 2010 - Swine flu scandal: billions of pounds are wasted on vaccines -

* ►February 5, 2010 - Flu Vaccination Rate At BJC HealthCare Rises Dramatically Due To Mandatory Policy - Washington University School of Medicine via Medical News Today - "Although physicians employed by BJC were required to get the flu shot, most physicians affiliated with BJC HealthCare are in private practice or are employed by Washington University School of Medicine and are not covered by the mandatory policy."

* ►February 4, 2010 - BJC gets results with mandatory flu policy - AP via CNBC - "BJC HealthCare says requiring mandatory flu shots dramatically increased its employees' vaccination rate to more than 98 percent. The health system reported its findings in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. The study's lead author, Dr. Hilary Babcock, says BJC's efforts show it is possible to implement a large-scale vaccination campaign in a health care setting."

►February 4, 2010 - GlaxoSmithKline Q4 profits up 66% from H1N1 vaccines -

►February 4, 2010 - Chimerix hires former GlaxoSmithKline executive Painter as chief medical officer - Triangle Business Journal

►February 4, 2010 - 12M H1N1 Vaccines to Expire Early - Hospital Review Magazine

* ►February 4, 2010 - Swine Flu: The Pandemic That Wasn't - Swine flu is waning, but the lessons of H1N1 could come in handy during a more serious epidemic - BusinessWeek

* ►February 4, 2010 - Children will get the swine flu jab in March - Children in Romania aged 10 to 16 will be vaccinated against swine flu in March at the earliest, Cantacuzino Institute manager Radu Iordachel. Initially, children should have started to be vaccinates in the beginning of the year, but Iordachel claims hat the vaccination campaign was delayed because it was difficult to finds subjects for tests. - - "As for the underage, they can only be included in a clinical trial with their parents' consent and home less children or children in orphanages cannot be considered for tests. The first testing interval in children is remunerated with 200 euros and the second, with 150 euros. 'All these studies do not include the therapeutic aspect and the period of medical watch is one year. During this time, they receive medical insurance', Iordachel noted. According to him, there have been no side effects so far."

►February 4, 2010 - Why getting vaccination can protect you and your family from danger of swine flu - Scottish Daily Record

►February 4, 2010 - Parents told to contact GPs for swine flu jabs - Healthcare Republic

* ►February 4, 2010 - New Television Ad, "New One" - Today, Texans for Kay Bailey Hutchison launched its latest television ad, “New One.” Rick Perry has presided over a decade of cronyism where his top contributors and staffers-turned-lobbyists have seen their interests prevail ahead of the needs of Texans. Perry’s culture of cronyism in Austin – which brought us the Trans-Texas Corridor and the HPV mandate -- won’t change until we have a new governor. The ad will begin airing today. The script and viewing link are below. -

* ►February 4, 2010 - The government has your baby's DNA (includes video) - CNN  - "Many parents don't realize their baby's DNA is being stored in a government lab, but sometimes when they find out, as the Browns did, they take action. Parents in Texas, and Minnesota have filed lawsuits, and these parents' concerns are sparking a new debate about whether it's appropriate for a baby's genetic blueprint to be in the government's possession. 'We were appalled when we found out,' says [Annie] Brown, who's a registered nurse. 'Why do they need to store my baby's DNA indefinitely? Something on there could affect her ability to get a job later on, or get health insurance.'"

►February 4, 2010 - Research and Markets: Brief Report: Interleukin-17 (IL-17R) and IL-17 Receptor Antagonists - press release - Research and Markets via Business Wire

►February 4, 2010 - Worst drug side effect…EVER - Here’s a strong contender for worst drug side effect EVER… - Health Sciences Institute via

* ►February 4, 2010 - The Great Vaccine Debate - Part 1 - Sound Mindfulness Blog

* ►February 4, 2010 - The Great Vaccine Debate - Part 2 - Sound Mindfulness Blog

►February 4, 2010 - Debunking the link between autism and vaccination - opinion - Sydney Morning Herald

* ►February 4, 2010 - Reflexive Doubt: The Psychology Of Misguided Scientific Beliefs -

* ►February 4, 2010 - Junk science kills - Who'll apologize to dead kids? - New York Post - "Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelan is president of the American Council on Science and Health ("

* ►February 4, 2010 - 79 MW participates on mobile H1N1 joint vaccination teams throughout NCR - Capital Flyer

►February 3, 2010 - Vaccine 'autistic link' KO'd - Study 'fatally flawed' - New York Post

* ►February 3, 2010 - Army vaccines cut by half - Ministry denies retreat is linked to Klaus' swine-flu comments - The Prague Post - "The Defense Ministry has denied its retreat on compulsory swine-flu vaccinations for the entire armed forces is "related" to comments made by President Václav Klaus. Under the Constitution, the president, though commander-in-chief, does not have the power to order or instruct the army in matters related to health and safety, according to Radek Lopata, an attorney with Giese & Partners in Prague. ... Klaus spoke out forcefully against government plans to vaccinate all members of the army against swine flu, calling the step extremely 'controversial, if not unacceptable.'"

►February 3, 2010 - No Tayside tally for under-fives swine flu jabs - Tayside’s health board doesn’t know how many under-fives have been given the swine flu vaccine under a government-approved programme of jabs - Evening Telegraph, UK

►February 3, 2010 - 500 doses swine flu vaccine pulled from Treasure Coast health departments - TCPalm

►February 3, 2010 - Girls to be offered vaccine against papilloma virus - The vaccination of young boys will apparently follow, as, when they get older, they are the ones who infect women. - Jerusalem Post

►February 3, 2010 - Former Wyeth CEO: Pharma Chiefs Face ‘More Punishing’ Environment -

►February 2, 2010 - Another Boost for Vaccines - Pharmaceutical Technology Magazine Blog

►February 2, 2010 - Role of health workers vital to achieve 100% immunisation - The Morung Express

►February 2, 2010 - Cohn: Afghanistan: Unhappy ending to a very Canadian mission - Helping other countries often is a thankless task but it is in our DNA – and that's a good thing - Toronto Star - "We had designated the polio campaign a 'Canadian Signature Project' to showcase our do-goodism. Yet despite our goal of eradicating polio by 2009, there were 22 cases across Afghanistan last year, including 14 in Kandahar. In other words, we failed. We couldn't even conquer polio in Afghanistan, let alone vanquish the Taliban. Things didn't turn out as planned."

►February 2, 2010 - Hovione's TwinCaps(R) Dry-Powder Inhaler Filed in Japan for the Treatment of Influenza - press release - Hovione via PRNewswire

►February 2, 2010 - Fighting HIV in developing countries – with tobacco - Tobacco may become an unlikely ally in the fight against HIV in developing countries - The Guardian, UK

►February 2, 2010 - Gates Seeks Partnership With Korea on Vaccine - The Korea Times

►February 2, 2010 - NIH Seeks Volunteers for Smallpox, Bioterrorism Study - Saint Louis University is seeking volunteers for a study on a vaccine against smallpox as a bioterrorist agent. - AP via FOX News

►February 1, 2010 - Shots for Tots...Thanks Bill! - Child Health 411 via WebMD

►February 1, 2010 - Vaccines may help smokers kick addiction - The Oregonian via

►February 1, 2010 - 80,000 given swine flu jab - The Star, UK

►February 1, 2010 - Preventive program associated with reduced spread of H1N1 at summer camp - JAMA and Archives Journals via EurekAlert!

►February 1, 2010 - Virus pulls bait and switch on insect vectors - Penn State via EurekAlert!

* ►February 1, 2010 - Mitochondrial energy metabolism impairment and liver dysfunction following chronic exposure to dichlorvos. - journal article (Toxicology)

* ►February 2010 - Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health - Ever worry that that gadget you spend hours holding next to your head might be damaging your brain? Well, the evidence is starting to pour in, and it's not pretty. So why isn't anyone in America doing anything about it? - GQ Magazine

March 11-12 - Lititz, PA: Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania (HMSSP) conference on “Autism: A Holistic Approach,” featuring Sally Fallon Morell, Sandra M. Chase, MD, DHt, Boyd Haley, PhD, Todd Hoover, MD, DHt, Ioana Razi, MD and Kayla Evan, ND. Contact: (800) 811-1266, -