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Daily News 2015-08-27

BOUGHT Watch the BOUGHT - FREE!... BOUGHT Watch the BOUGHT - FREE!... August 24, 2015 - September 4, 2015 - Is Your Family's Health Being Traded For Profit? New BOUGHT Documentary Exposes Ugly Truth Behind Vaccines, GMO's and Big Pharma...

Man Sheds Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus for 28 Years - Chronic virus excreters may complicate polio eradication efforts

Roll Up Your Sleeves Folks, There are 271 New Vaccines in Big Pharma’s Pipeline - Into Whose Bodies Will They be Injected?

Mandatory Vaccine Opponents Plan Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op Boycott Over Senator’s Invitation

Coffee with Colin: Premier Colin Barnett rules out no jab, no play

Lawmaker says flu shots should not be mandatory

DHHS Withholds Vaccine Injury Data and Rolls Out Vaccine Confidence Plan by Theresa Wrangham, NVIC Executive Director

Immunization debate: Why we chose “not” to vaccinate our children

Immunization debate: Why I say “yes” to vaccinations - National Immunization Awareness Month

Immunization Debate: A mom explains medical exemptions - National Immunization Awareness Month

Jeffrey Kluger: TIME to Be Less Condescending About Vaccine Safety by Anne Dachel - Age of Autism

Dachel Media Update: NOVA on Vaccines by Anne Dachel - Age of Autism

Washtenaw officials estimate 500 mandatory vaccine waiver meetings needed

Dozens of children exposed to healthcare worker with whooping cough in Melbourne

California is Ground Zero for the Vaccination Civil War

RAGE Against The Vaccines ~ Lisa Pipella HPV Vax Victim & Host Sallie O. Elkordy

National, State, and Selected Local Area Vaccination Coverage Among Children Aged 19–35 Months — United States, 2014

Vaccination Coverage Among Children in Kindergarten — United States, 2014–15 School Year

World Health Organization Guidelines for Containment of Poliovirus Following Type-Specific Polio Eradication — Worldwide, 2015

QuickStats: Percentage of Children and Adolescents Aged 5–17 Years with Diagnosed Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),* by Race and Hispanic Ethnicity — National Health Interview Survey,† United States, 1997–2014

Despite Pockets of Resistance, Most U.S. Kids Getting Vaccinated

CDC Sometimes Struggles to See Who's Not Vaccinated

How a good story can overcome anti-vaccination resistance

Health official: More states should post local info on vaccination and exemption rates

Washington County school officials: 900 students still need to provide shot records

More than 1,800 vaccines administered during Green’s 20th annual Immunization Day

No Vaccine Mandates in Canada! Petition to the CMA Update

Canadian doctors call for vaccination proof before entering school

Saskatchewan considering mandatory vaccination records in schools - Canadian Medical Association calling for kids to be vaccinated

Editorial: Heed CMA call on vaccinations

CMA delegates urge action on declining vaccination rates

NYS changes required vaccines for school students

Thousands of girls in anti-vaccination hot spots skip cervical cancer vaccine

Flu Vaccines Offer About 6 Months of Protection

Universal flu vaccine now comes within sight

Influenza vaccine programme further extended

The Best Drug Commercial You Will Ever See

HPV vaccine offered to 'vulnerable' boys, young men in B.C. - B.C. is the 4th province to announce it will provide the vaccine to males

Risks, benefits of HPV vaccine for boys

Child Dies of Bacterial Meningitis in Cape May County

The amazing hidden benefit of flu vaccine — it can stop heart attacks

Vaccines Weren’t Ready for Ebola. We Can Do Better

Sanford Health seeks patients to test Ebola vaccine

Single dose of oral cholera vaccine could save more lives in crisis situations

Takeda expands vaccine platform rights with Nanotherapeutics agreement

Jordan reports another MERS case, Riyadh cases rise by six

News Scan for Aug 27, 2015 - India tetanus elimination; Global water sanitation; Food pathogen network; Pneumococcal vaccine protection

Flu Scan for Aug 27, 2015 - H5N1 in Ivory Coast and Nigeria; H7N9 research highlights; Global flu update


Woman who exhibited symptoms does not have Ebola, Columbus health officials say

Health officials didn't immediately know where the woman had been, but thousands of people have died in several Western African nations from Ebola ...

Media sensitization workshop

Participants were imparted knowledge on pentavalent and inactivated polio vaccine, which is to be introduced in the State from October this year.

Vaccination provides a healthy start for children

PIERRE, S.D. Immunization gives parents the safe, proven power to ... to protect your child and others in the community from infectious diseases.

Early Childhood Education kicks off with new rule for immunizations

Parents now have to have immunization forms into the school before students can start their first day of school, Dawson Orman Coordinator Darrell ...

Give the MenB Vaccine

Hi. My name is Paul Offit, and I am talking to you today from the Vaccine Education Center here at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Sierra Leone celebrates as last known Ebola patient leaves hospital

Sierra Leone's last known Ebola patient has left the hospital, dancing down a red carpet with the president of the country cheering her on.

Celiac Disease Increases Risk for Pneumonia

Health officials in the United Kingdom recommend that people with celiac disease be vaccinated against pneumococcus. However, only about 30% of ...

Getting a flu shot? There are new options

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- People planning on getting a flu shot this season have several options to discuss with their doctors. Three vaccines may ...

Flu Vaccines Offer About 6 Months of Protection, Study Finds

26, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Flu vaccines offer moderate protection ... at the International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases in Atlanta.

Single Cholera Vaccine Dose May Slow Cholera Epidemics

Justin Lessler, an epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health, led the study looking at the effectiveness of a ...

Polio free province: Sindh gives kids a fighting chance with IPV

The inactivated polio vaccine is said to be more effective than the oral polio vaccine. The Sindh government is determined to rid the province of polio ...

CMA: Let Schools Ask Parents For Immunization Status

But the Canadian Medical Association wants the government to allow schools to ask parents for their children's immunization status. President Cindy ...

Saskatchewan weighing pros and cons of mandatory vaccination

Back to school has kids packing their paper and pencils, but what about their immunization records? The Canadian Medical Association would like to ...

Vaccine, immunization disclosures focus of Halifax medical conference

It will not result in increased immunization rate by advocating for mandatory. It really inflames the conversation," she said. But Forbes says gathering ...

Ebola response panel is studying ways to enforce compliance with key UN legal health instrument

Adama Sankoh, who is the last ?Ebola? case in ??Sierra Leone? so far, was released from the Makheni Ebola treatment unit on 24 August 2015.

Stehr-Green: Immunizations 'through the ages'

Children must be vaccinated against certain diseases to attend public or ... Human papilloma virus (HPV) HPV infection can cause genital cancer, ...

Whooping cough outbreak declared in north region

In Alberta, pertussis immunizations are offered for free through Alberta's routine childhood immunization program. The health authority is encouraging ...

Alberta Health Services declares whooping cough outbreak in north zone

Whooping cough, or pertussis, is a bacterial infection that causes severe coughing lasting for weeks. It can lead to pneumonia, convulsions, brain ...

Schools should to be able to request students' vaccination records: CMA

... schools to require parents to declare their child's immunization status. ... for federal leadership in establishing a national registry of immunizations.

Dr. Roach: Risks, benefits of HPV vaccine for boys

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there are ... It is possible, but unproven, that the HPV vaccine will provide protection ...

From the Archives: Young Omaha zoo gorilla comes down with chicken pox

Ever heard of a gorilla with the chicken pox? Dr. Lee Simmons Jr., director of the Henry Doorly Zoo, hadn't either. Simmons had brought this 20-pound, ...

Canadian Medical Association wants parents to give schools proof of immunization

HALIFAX -- The Canadian Medical Association says school officials should be able to ask parents for proof that their children have been vaccinated.

Alberta Health Services has declared a whooping cough outbreak in northern Alberta.

This year, 182 cases of whooping cough, or pertussis, have been confirmed in northern Alberta, and three of those have required hospitalization.

Polio pedal pusher recalls WTX

Rotarian Nick Hall, 67, stopped in Fort Stockton during his coast-to-coast bike ride to raise awareness for the End Polio Now campaign. (Photo ...

Bats on the rise

While no one has yet tested positive for rabies, bats can carry the disease ... She added it's important to make sure pets have the rabies vaccination.

Ebola medics cry foul over pay

A team of doctor s led by Dr Monica Musenero (with microphone) who fought Ebola in West Africa during an Ebola Solidarity Run at Parliament on ...

AHS declares whooping cough outbreak in northern Alberta

Alberta children are typically given a pertussis immunization shot as part of the province's immunization program, with doses administered at ages two ...

Whooping cough cases continue to rise

The number of confirmed cases of the disease, which was also called pertussis, had risen slightly since August 14, when 29 people had been ...

Mumps outbreak hits close to home

Mumps specifically targets the parotid salivary glands located in the front of the jaw. They become enlarged and the cheeks can become puffy and ...

Call for flu jabs to prevent heart attacks

A flu jab may be even more beneficial than giving up smoking when it comes to the secondary prevention of acute myocardial infarction (AMI), ...

Sierra Leone News : Natcom all set for 'Big Data' & Ebola International Meet

Sierra Leone's National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) is now all set for a two days Regional Ministerial Consultative Conference on ...

Erratum: Genetic diversity and evolutionary dynamics of Ebola virus in Sierra Leone

In addition, the Fig. 3c legend should have stated that the bar chart was adapted, with permission, from Ebola response roadmap - Situation report, ...

Parents shocked after boy, 4, dies from the chicken pox

When Euan Harbottle from Dumfriesand Galloway, UK, came down with the chicken pox earlier this year, his parents Harry Harbottle and Sian Roberts ...

3 Answers to the Question "Will Your Autistic Child Lead a Normal Life?"

Boys can be drafted into the military at age 18. Drinking is legal at 21. The IDEA provides services to young adults with autism until their 22nd birthday.

HPV vaccine offered to 'vulnerable' boys, young men in BC

"At-risk" B.C. boys and men start getting access to a new free vaccine that targets the human papillomavirus (HPV) next month.

Flu jab plan to cut heart risk

Flu jab plan to cut heart risk Dr. Richard Choong from Port Kennedy Medical Centre prepping a flu vaccine for a patient. Picture: Mogens Johansen.

UTSC anti-vax course is dangerous quackery

In 1998, Andrew Wakefield published a paper purporting to demonstrate a link between vaccines and autism. Yet, the paper was eventually exposed ...

Surviving Ebola - the Real Battle Begins Once You've Beaten the Disease

Ebola is an infectious and generally fatal disease. It's marked by fever and severe internal bleeding, spread through contact with infected body fluids.

Sierra Leone News: Ebola vaccine for Salone on standby

Dr Margaret Harris World Health Organisation (WHO) official Dr Margaret Harris has said that the ebola vaccine test that Ministry of Health and WHO ...

JCPS still missing 700 immunization forms

About 700 of Jefferson County Public Schools' youngest students still had not turned in their required immunization forms Wednesday morning before ...

U of I Mumps Cases Keep Going Up

The number of mumps reports continues to grow at the University of Illinois. In an attempt to combat the outbreak, health officials are offering two free ...

Boston Physician Starts Campaign for Ebola Health Workers

Nahid Bhadelia first went to Sierra Leone last year to work for two weeks on a team of health-care workers treating Ebola-infected patients at the ...

Public Health Officer reminds parents about immunizations

Children entering kindergarten or 7th grade this year are required by law to have certain immunizations. This fall the law is the same as it was in 2014.

Study finds mobile phone data can help predict seasonal infectious diseases

The researchers used anonymous phone records from more than 15 million people to track the spread of rubella in Kenya, quantitatively ...

Hospitalized woman did not have Ebola, officials say

Health officials have ruled out Ebola after a Columbus woman who'd recently visited West Africa reported concerning symptoms, including a fever, on ...

As Sierra Leone waits for Ebola all-clear, its emotional scars will take longer to heal

Sierra Leone has just reported one week of zero confirmed Ebola infections the first time since the deadly virus reached its border in May 2014.

ACT government seeking advice as human papillomavirus immunisation rate drops

The NHPA report found immunisation rates varied dramatically nationwide, from as low as 56 per cent in south-east Tasmania to as high as 94 per ...

Woburn Rabies Clinic is Sept. 12

The Woburn Board of Health will be sponsoring a Rabies Vaccine Clinic on Saturday, Sept. 12, at the West Woburn Fire Station on 121 Lexington St., ...

Mumps outbreak at U of I continues to grow

An outbreak of mumps at the University of Illinois' Champaign-Urbana campus continues to grow with what officials now say are about 100 cases.

Ebola spread in West Africa 'could be stopped by end of year'

Ebola's devastating grip on West Africa could be lifted by the end of year, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). WHO says Guinea is still ...

Florida health officials promote pertussis awareness and immunization

Recently, an elected official was diagnosed with pertussis, a disease more ... Pertussis has a wide range of symptoms and some infections are more ...

Influenza vaccine also prevents heart attacks, UNSW study finds

People who get the flu vaccine are less likely to have a heart attack. ... University of Sydney infectious disease specialist Professor Robert Booy said ...

Uprising Against HPV Vaccine Mandate Sweeps Rhode Island

Mandating a vaccine that is attached to school attendance that is not a public health threat or transferable in the classroom is not okay, she said.

Flu shot protects against heart attacks

The flu jab doesn't just keep the virus away, it can reduce the risk of a heart attack for people over 50. The risk is reduced by 29 per cent when ...

Flu vaccinations cut risk of heart attack by 29pc: UNSW

Influenza vaccination massively reduces the risk of heart attack, with a new ... who heads UNSW's school of public health and community medicine.

The amazing hidden benefit of flu vaccine it can stop heart attacks

YOUR flu shot can stop a heart attack as well as the dreaded winter virus. And it's more effective at reducing cardiac events than actual heart ...

The amazing hidden benefit of flu vaccine it can stop heart attacks

Researchers are now calling on the government to consider making a free flu vaccine available to all those aged over 50 to help prevent heart attacks.

Flu vaccinations cut risk of heart attack by 29pc: UNSW

Influenza vaccination massively reduces the risk of heart attack, with a new study suggesting flu jabs protect the heart as much as giving up smoking.

Hunter girls more at risk of cervical cancer

Nationally, immunisations rates varied between 94 per cent in Mackay, Queensland, to 56 per cent in south east Tasmania and parts of outer Sydney ...

More than 1800 vaccines administered during Rep. Gene Green's 20th Annual Immunization Day

Rep. Gene Green's 20th Annual Immunization served over 2,500 participants this year, with qualified volunteers delivering more than 1,800 vaccines.

Children's recommended vaccines include for sexually transmitted disease

This vaccine, for which Massachusetts has an immunization rate of 60 to 69 percent rate for girls, and about 50 percent for boys, protects against the ...

Sierra Leone's treatment center discharges country's last Ebola patient

While the mood was celebratory, Koroma reminded the gathering that Ebola transmission would not be considered ended in Sierra Leone until the ...

Looking for Autism

Autism isn't exactly something parents want to find in their child, so it's ... in ways we might normally expect for his or her age, we do think about autism.

I didn't think I wanted kids but cancer forced me to decide

Nearly all cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV. Globally, cervical ... We have an HPV vaccinewhy aren't people using it? Today, three ...

California home school interest surges as parents look to sidestep vaccine law

Because Ryan had an adverse vaccine reaction when he was young, Arango has chosen not to vaccinate further. Rather than put them in school in ...

Vaccine shortage in France leads to expensive alternative

France has been particularly affected by a world-wide shortage of vaccines, notably DTP (diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus), a compulsory ...

Scientists take a step closer to a universal flu vaccine

That would eliminate the problem with current flu vaccines when needed to be given anew each year as they focused on the mutating part of the virus.

'Flu jab for life' on the horizon

An annual flu jab is essential if you want to protect yourself against spending ... But now a lifetime flu vaccination may be on its way -- slowly but surely.

Meghalaya Health deptt to undertake mass immunisation to

Health authorities in Meghalaya today decided to undertake mass immunisation and launch an awareness campaign against the spread of Japanese ...

One in three girls missing out on protection against cervical cancer

Dr Julia Brotherton from the National HPV Vaccination Program register says their research shows it is the third dose of the vaccine that is most often ...

Polio fight continues

AS THE CEO of national charity The British Polio Fellowship, I am delighted to announce that one of the biggest days in the charity's year, PPS Day is ...

Why Sierra Leone's last case of Ebola may not be its last

When Adama Sankoh, 40, Sierra Leone's last-known Ebola patient was released from the hospital on Aug. 24, she did so dancing and ...

Today in History: Thimerosal Flu Vaccines Banned in California

Vaccines with thimerosal contain less than one microgram of mercury. This is less than 2.5 percent of acceptable daily intake of mercury according to ...

Today in History: Schwarzenegger Bans Thimerosal Flu Vaccines in California

On August 26, 2004, Arnold Schwarzenegger banned flu vaccines Image: Stefanie Broughton, U.S. Navy, Wikimedia that contained thimerosal.

Measles outbreak faded, so did push to force more vaccinations

Measles outbreak faded, so did push to force more vaccinations ... debate over vaccines and parents who skip them, with public health experts ...

U Illinois mumps outbreak nears 100, health officials advise on prevention

In order to make it convenient to receive the third MMR vaccination, McKinley is working with the Champaign Urbana Public Health District to provide a ...

St. Ignatius College Prep Student Diagnosed With Mumps

A St. Ignatius College Prep student has been diagnosed with the mumps, school officials announced Tuesday. The Chicago Department of Public ...

As Last Ebola Patient Discharged 42 Days Countdown Starts Today

President Ernest Bai Koroma yesterday told Sierra Leoneans that the country will start counting 42 days today after the last Ebola patient was ...

The Deaths At Kalia (an Ebola Diary From Sierra Leone)

The aftermaths of Ebola's catastrophe is not like the aftermaths of war: a village can die out, but the physical infrastructure, the houses, huts, the small ...

Autism cases are becoming more prevalent in Australia; Researchers wonder why

At the age of 6 or 7, nearly 2.5 percent of the children were diagnosed with ASD. On the ... Each year, nearly 1 child in 100 is diagnosed with autism.

Cholera Vaccine: Reduction to Single Dose May Save Lives

Our results suggest that providing a less protective single-dose OCV regimen to more people could have larger public health benefits than providing ...

Review and Highlights from Vaccine Whistleblower by Kevin Barry

Current supporters of today's vaccine program quote as fact research ... getting the MMR vaccine before age three increased the risk of an autism ...

Finance & Operations Manager, Immunization Center

Finance & Operations Manager, Immunization Center. United States. Mid-level; Posted on 26 August 2015. United States. Mid-level. Posted on 26 ...

Washtenaw officials estimate 500 mandatory vaccine waiver meetings needed

According to state law, immunization records or a waiver are required to be presented on the first day of school for students entering kindergarten or ...

Attacks on dogs spur rabies worries

SANFORD Foxes have attacked dogs while out for walks with their owners several times in recent weeks, according to the Lee County Health ...

BC-KY--Immunization Forms

(AP) Officials with Jefferson County Public Schools say they are still waiting on immunization forms from about 1,200 of its youngest students.

School officials: Missing immunization forms from about 1200 students; must have to attend

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky Officials with Jefferson County Public Schools say they are still waiting on immunization forms from about 1,200 of its ...

Whooping cough cases top 270 with new reports at Hawker Primary School

"Vaccination is recommended for all Australian children with the first dose of pertussis-containing vaccine given from six to eight weeks of age, ...

Pertussis alert issued by Greenlee health officials

A least eight cases of pertussis in Greenlee County have been confirmed by local health officials, with at least one of those cases originating at ...

Harmonie-Rose's Parents Welcome Meningitis B Vaccine

GP practices will offer the vaccine alongside other routine infant vaccines at ... Rebecca Reynolds, Consultant in Public Health at Bath & North East ...

Sierra Leone Releases Last Known Ebola Patient

As President Ernest Bai Koroma handed Ms Sankoh her discharge certificate he reaffirmed his commitment to supporting over 4000 ebola survivors ...

Why healthcare workers need seasonal influenza vaccination

Seasonal influenza vaccinations are important for healthcare workers in both the ... Infectious disease risks associated with occupational exposure: a ...

United States Pediatric Vaccines Market, Doses, Immunization (Vaccinated), Cases & Forecast

Pediatric Vaccines market for United States is a multi-billion dollar industry. The value of United States pediatric vaccines market alone is expected to ...

Mumps outbreak at U of Illinois continues to grow

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) _ An outbreak of mumps at the University of Illinois continues to grow with what officials now say are almost 100 cases.

U of I Mumps Outbreak Worsens

An outbreak of mumps at the University of Illinois continues to grow with what officials now say are almost 100 cases. Champaign-Urbana Public ...

Mumps outbreak at U of Illinois continues to grow

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. An outbreak of mumps at the University of Illinois continues to grow with what officials now say are almost 100 cases.

Deadlier variant of hepatitis A virus identified in seals

They discovered a new virus that was genetically similar to hepatitis A and named it phopivirus. (Read: Anti-Hepatitis A vaccine provides immunity for ...

Ban Ki-moon Commends Nigeria For Interrupting Polio

Ban touched down at Abuja's worldwide airport just hours after the military revealed Boko Haram fighters had ambushed a convoy carrying Nigeria's ...

Under 5's targeted in $1.5 million vaccination drive

The calls are part of the Palaszczuk government's unveiled vaccination drive to help achieve 95% immunisation among young Queenslanders.

Now, an antiviral drug that could protect humans from Ebola

In the study, eight British health-care workers were evacuated to the Royal Free Hospital in London, UK after possible accidental exposure to Ebola ...

Immunization Clinic

Immunization Clinic. If you have either of the Boston University Student Health Insurance plans offered through AETNA Insurance, all of the shots listed ...

ON THE MARKET: Part 2 - CVM's share of the Human Papillomavirus [HPV] pie. (And then some! *)

The market for HPV vaccines, testing and treatment regimens against the virus is huge and in the single digit billions of dollars. So let's look at the ...

A Step Closer on Universal Flu Vaccine

Severe cases of this disease are detrimental. As of February this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cases of this in the ...

Celebrations at Treatment Center as Sierra Leone Declared Ebola Free

Adama Sankoh, the Sierra Leone's last Ebola patient, was released from a treatment center Monday. That is twice the maximum incubation period of ...

Ministry conduct polio vaccination campaign at border regions

NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- Kenya plans to carry out its second round of polio vaccination campaign targeting 1.5 million children under the age of five in the ...

Queensland government announces vaccination drive targeting the under-fives

"Recent state and federal government changes make it not just a public health issue but one that will directly impact family budgets. "Using 13HEALTH ...

[Video] Quick, paper-based Ebola test may help diagnosis in remote areas

To address this challenge, researchers have designed a paper-based testing device that changes color, depending on whether the patient has Ebola, ...

Rotary invites public to monthly End Polio events

The club hosts Pilsners for Polio on the first Thursday of each month at a different local establishment. One dollar from each beverage purchased is ...

How a good story can overcome anti-vaccination resistance

Faced with facts that invalidate a belief (for example that vaccines do not cause autism) another belief can be found to support the original contention ...

St. Ignatius student diagnosed with mumps

St. Ignatius College Prep parents and students were notified Tuesday that a student has been diagnosed with the mumps, officials confirmed.

Catholic Church Snubs the Polio Forum

The Catholic Church yesterday did not send representatives to the second national immunisation stakeholders' forum, despite opposing polio ...

Unvaccinated Queensland children could lose childcare access video

... 35,000 children under the age of five whose vaccinations are not up-to-date will be called from 1 October to arrange to complete their immunisation.

Immunization Conversation

Sarah Ellison calls the immunization question "an important public health issue," and one that pits a parents' right to decide against the risk an ...

Health & Fitness File

Childhood vaccines include DTaP, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Hib, HPV, MMR, meningococcal, pneumococcal, polio, rotavirus, Tdap and varicella.

"Fantastic response' in Brantford and Brant County to vaccination request

"We've had a fantastic response to our school immunization reminder ... us to report updates," said Ruth Gratton, manager of infectious diseases at the ...

Researchers 'a step closer' to universal flu vaccine

"Universal flu vaccine comes closer, scientists say," BBC News reports after two independent teams of researchers each found ways to target multiple ... offers info on which vaccines children need

The state website offers a new feature displaying the the required vaccinations, and those recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

New study links HPV to pregnancy complications

If pre-eclampsia, which is estimated to affect around 5 per cent of deliveries, is indeed caused or compounded by HPV then vaccination becomes an ...

Evidence Supports Flu Vaccine for Nursing Home Residents

(HealthDay News) New evidence supports yearly influenza vaccination for protection among nursing home residents, a population for whom ...

Evidence Supports Flu Vaccine for Nursing Home Residents

New evidence supports yearly influenza vaccination for protection among nursing home residents, a population for whom vaccine efficacy has been ...

HPV linked to pregnancy problems

New research has found links with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), ... Dr Hung said the vaccine immunises against four strands of HPV but there are ...

Queensland on brink of influenza epidemic, doctors fear

Dr Herdy warned the official flu statistics were likely to be the tip of the ... Dr Kidd said the delay in the flu vaccine this year was also having an effect, ...

StreptAnova Phase 1 clinical trial to start: Vaccine designed to prevent Streptococcus pyogenes ...

Group A streptococcal diseases are more common in children than adults. GAS infections cause substantial morbidity and mortality, with illnesses ...

States looking for more effective ways to encourage vaccinations

The risk of getting the disease is higher than the risk of getting a vaccine, said Dr. Mark H. Sawyer, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the ...

Under 5's targeted in $1.5 Million Vaccination Drive

The Palaszczuk Government has unveiled a vaccination drive to help ... it not just a public health issue but one that will directly impact family budgets.

Researchers test Ebola vaccine for wild apes

... of effective Ebola vaccines for humans, a vaccine that could potentially protect endangered wild apes from deadly infectious diseases, including the ...

Universal flu vaccine could be something real soon

Universal flu vaccine could be something real soon ... year in the United States, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mother mistakes whooping cough for common cold, transmits to kids

According to the Centers for Disease Control, pertussis is a highly-contagious respiratory disease. It is caused by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis.

Last minute back-to-school vaccinations crowding local clinics

Staff at health districts in the area always expect many patients during this time ... the public health educator for the Benton Franklin Health district.

Playing through the pain

Right here, in Kano, northern Nigeria, Abdul performs a sport referred to as para-soccer, a type of soccer performed totally on skateboards by polio ...

Bait containing rabies vaccine dropped in NB

They contain fat, wax, little bit of vegetable dye, a marshmallow or vanilla flavouring, and most importantly, a liquid rabies vaccine, said Bell.

Ebola vaccine for wild apes tested in New Iberia

... a vaccine that could potentially protect endangered wild apes from deadly infectious diseases, including the Ebola virus, is being tested at the New ...

Updated: Number of mumps cases nears 100 in local outbreak; more clinics set

Have a question about hospitals, the mumps or another health topic? ... control by offering two more free, all-day vaccination clinics for students this week. ... Pryde said the public health district has also blanketed medical providers ...

Steve Silberman on autism and the 'neurodiversity' movement

Autistic people are actually better than neurotypical people at certain ... I completely understand why parents are convinced vaccines cause autism.

Vaccination rate for kids climbing in Vancouver, but can still be improved

We're all busy and it's really about forgetting that this is an important piece as well that's needed by public health and that's needed for the protection of ...

Dragsbaek: Recommended vs. required vaccines: What do kids really need?

While vaccine requirements vary widely from state to state, the CDC's ... They are a useful public health tool, but they shouldn't be the only thing that ...

Hundreds of JCPS early education students can't start class Wednesday

"All of the vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics, they're all meant to protect a child ...

Scientists a step closer to universal flu vaccine

REDEE FLU is a single replication live influenza virus vaccine that can ... deaths, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.