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Daily News 2014-07-17

Religious exemptions to vaccines shouldn’t exist

New study claiming vaccines are safe has some very suspicious origins -
Vaccine alert: Don’t be tricked by this deceptive new ‘study’

FDA found more than smallpox vials in storage room

300 vials labeled influenza, dengue found at lab

Guard Yourself (video)

Dangerous Practice of Vaccinating - Support Mary's Rights

What it's like to have HPV: How the vaccine failed to protect me as a black woman

Two Senators Call for Hide No Harm Act for Execs Who Conceal Product Dangers - Age of Autism

Dachel Media Update: Time Teaches More Fear to Parents RE Vaccine Compliance by Anne Dachel - Age of Autism

Findings suggest antivirals underprescribed for patients at risk for flu complications

MMWR Notifiable Diseases and Mortality Tables

Pneumococcus identified as potential protectant against secondary infection with flu

Scream #94: Caregivers Who Refuse Preventive Care for Their Children

Voices for Vaccines: 12 Facts Show How it’s a Propaganda Ploy for Emory University, CDC, and Big Pharma

CDC Vaccines and Immunizations Current Issues in Immunization NetConference (CIINC)

Study Findings on Vaccines Are Outlined in Reports from University of Lausanne (Enhancing efficacy of anticancer vaccines by targeted delivery to...

A natural solution to the flu?

Risking the herd - Contagious diseases on the rise in La Plata County, and vaccination naysayers may be compounding the problem

Flu jab not total defence

7th grade vaccine requirements take effect

Free Vaccine Clinics Offered for Incoming Seventh-Graders

FDA offers new draft guidance on informed consent process -  For the first time since 1998, the US FDA is offering draft guidance on what it expects from IRBs (institutional review boards), clinical investigators and sponsors regarding informed consent.

Protein Sciences and Partners Launch Health-At-Work to Bring Flublok® and Other Vaccines to the Workplace

Mass. Hospital Workers’ Flu Vaccination Rates Fall Below Target

Vaccine-Chemo Combo Alters Tumors in Pancreatic Cancer

New measure requires meningitis vaccines for Missouri college students (video)

Justina Pelletier seeks defunding of involuntary medical research

Mexico Health & Infections: 90 Percent of Adult Mexicans Carry Mononucleosis

What's the risk you'll be falsely accused of shaken baby syndrome?

NIH scientists identify gene linked to fatal inflammatory disease in children

Pertussis Booster (Tdap) Vaccination Requirements* (pdf)

Research and Markets: OpportunityAnalyzer: Dengue Vaccines - Opportunity Analysis and Forecasts to 2020

Vaccines have 'low risk of serious side effects'

The Dangers of Shingles: Why to Get Vaccinated in Houston

Measles Outbreak Linked to Restaurant in Kansas

IPV improved intestinal immunity among children given OPV

In Vt., Asst. US Surgeon General urges vaccinations; not all are listening (video)

Measles warning for Dapto Mall shoppers

More measles cases confirmed

This assessment is titled, “A Response to ‘Thank God for Vaccines’”. Introductory Remarks by Paul G. King, PhD

Big Data strategy to revolutionise infectious disease diagnosis

Metal fillings in your teeth could make you sick (video)

Video: Dan Olmsted Brags About Supporting Kathleen Seidel

Immunization is critical to stop spread of diseases

CDC July 2014—Public Health Law News

CDC Reports First Domestic Chikungunya Case in U.S.

Clark unveils 'war cabinet' on antimicrobial resistance

US reports first locally acquired chikungunya cases

News Scan for Jul 17, 2014 - MERS-CoV origins; Resistant bacteria in hospitals; Haiti sanitation effort; Pertussis vaccine in pregnancy; Tattoo recall expanded