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Daily News 2014-09-03

Translational Neurodegeneration Removes Vaccination Timing Article - Age of Autism

Fraud at the CDC uncovered, 340% increased risk of autism hidden from public - CNN iReport

Chemistry professor corroborates whistleblower's claims; links mercury in vaccines to autism, neurodevelopmental issues

SafeMinds Calls for Immediate Investigation Into Vaccine-Autism Science Manipulation at HHS - Fraud investigation is warranted, says SafeMinds.

Dr. Bob Sears on #CDCwhistleblower
by Anne Dachel - Age of Autism

Dachel Media Update: Jackson and Sharpton Silent on CDC Whistleblower by Anne Dachel - Age of Autism

SCHNEIDEREIT: Vaccines don’t cause autism and other ‘wild’ ideas

Vaccinations and Autism: Massive Cover-up at the CDC!

Letter: What’s behind autism diagnoses?

Hundreds of Colombian girls hospitalized after vaccinations

Health Workers' Opinions on Vaccines Based on Emotion, Personal Experiences

Plunge in kindergartners' vaccination rate worries health officials

Donald Trump On Breaking News of CDC Fraudulent Denials That Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism

Press Herald reporter to join national panel on vaccines - Joe Lawlor’s story on Maine’s vaccination issue draws national attention.

CDC whistleblower admits cover up about vaccine/autism link

Ask The Pharmacist: Were you lied to about vaccines and autism?

ALTRES Medical announces statewide need for nurses for flu season

More kids starting school in California without vaccine

Sore point - Despite doctors’ urgings, growing numbers of Canadian parents refuse to vaccinate their children. Who should be calling the shots? by Alison Shouldice

Amid Bexsero negotiations, Novartis medical director slams U.K. vaccine assessment system

Sanofi posts positive PhIII dengue data with eye on global vaccine lead

Flu vaccines already available (video)

4,200 Montgomery County students yet to show proof of vaccinations (video)

S.D. sees results in high use of vaccines

ONC, CDC Piloting Web-Based Portal for Immunization Record Access

Soligenix announces promising preliminary results from study with ricin toxin vaccine

Back to school means back to germ fest

No excuse for not vaccinating children

Free vaccines offered to students

News highlights: Ebola exploding, UK medical police state, truth about CDC scientific fraud and more

GSK can't deep-clean its image overnight. But it can revamp its websites

TMF to provide highest flu-vaccine in East Texas

CHP notified of two cases of human infection of avian influenza A(H7N9) in Mainland

Infectious Disease, Fear, And The Stock Market: How Panic Causes Health And Economic Collapse

UPDATE: Free measles immunization today

Responding to 15 Things We Need to Stop Saying in the Vaccine Debate

WILTIMS #176: Vaccines PLUS

Measles reaches epidemic margin in Northern Mindanao

BioCryst to Present Peramivir Trial Results for the Treatment of Influenza at the ICAAC 2014 Meeting

Pharmaceutical Doctors Want All Trial Data Published

Ebola Outbreak Accelerates As Vaccine Begins Human Safety Trials This Week; Senegal Sees First Patient

CDC warns Ebola epidemic in West Africa is outpacing current response

World turns to University professor amid Ebola outbreak - Michael Osterholm is an expert in infectious disease epidemiology.

Quarantine escapee sparked more Ebola in Nigeria

News Scan for Sep 03, 2014 - Fatal H7N9 case; Possible MERS in Philippines; HPV vaccine in women over 25; Dengue vaccine