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In about a year and a half, unless the site has become fully membership-funded, you will start seeing only RSS feed articles like those that are posted below the currently manually posted links.  (Do check out the difference!)

In order to accomplish full funding of the site, we are going to start charging the very small access fee of $5.00/year as soon as possible.  Of course, donations will always be welcome and will help meet the very important goal of covering my costs.

I’m sorry that it has to be this way, but I can no longer afford the considerable expense required to maintain the only vaccination news and information website that provides “all sides” in one very convenient,  time-saving place.  

All the best,
Sandy Gottstein
President, Vaccination News, A Non-Profit Corporation

Dr. Philip Incao

Thank you, Dr. Incao, for your kind words.  It has been an honor and a privilege to assist you in your unflinching work championing medical freedom. - Sandy

About Dr. Incao

I have known Sandy Gottstein since 1990, when she generously sent me copies of dozens of research articles on measles and the MMR vaccine, to help me prepare for court testimony on behalf of a conscientious father who had refused the MMR vaccine for his daughter and was being charged with neglect by the health authorities.  He eventually prevailed, with Sandy's help.

I have always known Sandy to be a fair-minded, dedicated and very knowledgeable researcher in the vaccine field.  I have learned a lot from the information she has discovered and generously made available.

Her web site has been a valuable resource for anyone seeking deeper knowledge of both sides of the vaccine question.

Good luck and Best Wishes, Philip Incao

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