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The hidden story about vaccines, autism, drugs and food… Americas health has been BOUGHT. Your health, your family’s health. Now brought to you by Wall Street… “If you thought they hurt us with the banks, wait till you see what they’re doing to health care.” Vaccines. GMOs. Big Pharma. Three big, BIG, okay… HUGE topics in one film. Why? Why not 3 films, why put all this in one movie? Great question, 2 answers. 1st and most importantly: We need to band together. We need a mainstream film, not another radical movie that only interests the “already converted”. Over 5 million people supported Prop 37 in CA. Reportedly, over 2 million worldwide marched against Monsanto in a global protest. There...ane vaccine expansion, and our love affair with pharmaceuticals- it’s the same villain. It’s a risky story to tell, but would be a tragedy to passively consent to with silence. There is something horribly wrong with health care today. Huge money, billions and billions of dollars flowing into the same pockets. Meanwhile, MD’s aren’t being allowed to actually practice the art of medicine and anyone who questions vaccination safety, pharmaceuticals, factory farms, etc. is ridiculed and belittled. Meanwhile, the billions keep flowing, carried on a river of pain and anguish. Huge corporations funded by individual misery, one broken life at a time. Three huge stories, each worthy of multiple films, but each brought together by one staggering fact: it’s the same villain. These three story lines converge on Wall Street, in a tale of corruption, greed and shocking lack of conscience.


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Thank you, Sherri, for your welcome words of support.  You, like many who use and support the site, have been courageously outspoken about the potential dangers of vaccines and I am grateful to you for that. 

And although I heartily welcome any spotlight on the role Vaccination News has played in fighting vaccine mandates and promoting genuinely informed choice, I take strong exception to Colgrove’s characterization of Vaccination News, which presents ALL SIDES of the vaccination controversy, as being “anti-vaccination” (see mission statement).  

Granted, my personal view is that the benefits of vaccines are over-rated and the risks generally unknown or unacknowledged.   But if there is to be any meaning in the phrase “informed choice” and if I am to have any integrity in promoting it, I must stand for the rights of all parents, those who choose to vaccinate as well as those who do not.  

So I must also thank you for providing the opportunity to clarify that point. – Sandy


I purchased a new book this week, "State of Immunity" by James Colgrove. It is an historical account of vaccination policy and how we came to have mandatory vaccination. On page 6 of the book, Vaccination News is mentioned:

        "Those skeptical of vaccination, especially parents, have forcefully rejected the use of coercion. Their stance is succinctly captured by an anti-vaccination Internet site called Vaccination News, which declares itself to be 'against a parent, any parent, being forced to do something that has even a remote chance of harming their child.'  This altitude exemplifies an important psychological phenomenon relevant to vaccination and risk: the preference for errors of omission over errors of commission." The web address, is fully referenced in the book's endnotes. 

Sandy has spent many, many years of devoted time putting together a library of information. There is nothing like this site, with so much information all in one place. Her tireless drive to educate the public about the hazards of vaccines is starting to pay off. The mention in a very mainstream book and the more than 1 million site visitors demonstrate how much progress has been made. Many thanks to your efforts, Sandy!

Vaccination News needs to continue. It cannot be replaced nor recreated. I urge everyone to support this site. If each visitor could contribute $5-10 per month, this valuable work can easily continue. 
Best regards,
Sherri J Tenpenny, DO
Cleveland, Ohio