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The Archie Tapes - Uncut and Uncensored (2004) - Vaccination News

Daily News 2016-05-16

Immunizations (audio) Heather Fraser at the CBC building on Metro Morning radio talking about vaccine risks

Editorial: Religious exemptions ill serve public health

California Law #SB277 Goes Into Effect July 1, 2016 #Vaxxed

CDC Corruption Exposed: The MMR – Autism Link - Our Guest: Brian Hooker, Ph.D. (audio)

Merck, HuffPo, ‘Vaxxed’: The censorship connection

10-year-old boy awarded $174,000 after vaccine caused permanent brain damage and narcolepsy

Scientists clone Zika for vaccine race

Inovio Pharmaceuticals Zika Vaccine Produces Robust Immune Responses in Non-Human Primates

What patients think about flu and Tdap vaccination in pregnancy

Pregnant Women Who Shun Flu Shots May Also Skip Baby Vaccines - The research finding may present a clue for doctors to discuss childhood immunizations

Michigan Baby Dies, Pathologists Confirm Vaccines Responsible

QUICK POLL - MAY 13, 2016 - Should parents be allowed to opt-out of vaccines for their children?

Trailblazing GM vaccines ‘are held back by red tape’

VAXXED This week's activities

Are recent mumps and measles outbreaks caused by the unvaccinated?

Polio May Be Eradicated by 2020

Seven-month-old baby is nearly killed by meningitis because she was 10 days too old to qualify for an immunisation jab - Little girl was born less than two weeks before cut off date for vaccine - Her mother later found a purple blotch on her chest but she was saved - Doctors said the youngster would not have got meningitis with the jab - Mother says her daughter's case shows why more children should get it

Above All, Autism, When It Comes to the Microbiome and the Immune System by Teresa Conrick - Age of Autism

151 posts categorized "Teresa Conrick" - Our own Teresa Conrick has been studying and writing about the Microbiome. - Age of Autism

Right to Know by Cathy Jameson - Age of Autism

Massachusetts' Measles Case Linked To European Tourist With Unknown Vaccination History

Measles vaccinations a must for Morrinsville college

Under President's directives, UAE provides 19 million polio vaccines in Pakistan

Mississippi leads nation in measles vaccination rate

The first vaccine was created thanks to a shocking experiment on an 8-year-old boy

New stocks of meningitis B jab being sent to clinics after global shortage

Are you up-to-date with your vaccinations?

More Than 100 Seniors Died After Receiving This Flu Shot Given By Pharmacies

Vaxxed: Smoking gun on autism in Black boys, others

Review launched after flu-linked death of boy

NYC to begin spraying for Zika over Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island (video)

Medicine’s Crisis Plus Big Pharma’s Eventual Downfall by Catherine J. Frompovich

How cognitive biases contribute to people refusing the flu vaccine - Framing people’s choices differently could boost uptake, economists suggest.

Tougher requirements for vaccine exemption welcomed by health unit

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: An Absolutely Shocking Statistic From England by Dan Olmsted - Age of Autism
DDA to set up BSL-3 lab to gauge vaccine quality

New vaccine measures require objectors to attend class

Caught on video: California Sen. Richard Pan FLEES on foot after VAXXED filmmakers attempt to confront him over vaccine mandate

Vaccination: a vexatious history 

Canada Has A Novel Compromise For Those Parents Who Are Against Vaccinations

Non-vaccinated students barred after measles case (video)

Anti-vaxers not getting the point as number of immunised five-year-olds falls

FOX40 Coverage of Vaxxed

Why college students keep getting the mumps — even though they’ve been vaccinated

“I Wish I Could Strike You With Thunder”: China’s Vaccine Scandal Reveals a Culture of Corruption

MHLW Study Group Drafting Guidelines for Assessing Cost-Effectiveness of Vaccines Proposed for Inclusion in Public Vaccination Programs

Rangers charity funds a million vaccinations

Combined Vaccines Study Misses Primary Endpoint in Pancreatic Cancer

Two-minute video boosts pneumonia vaccinations - Many older adults don't get pneumococcal vaccination

Decision Analytic Modeling for Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation of Adjuvanted and Non-Adjuvanted Flu Vaccines in the Elderly 65+ 9Decision Analytic Modeling for Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation of Adjuvanted and Non-Adjuvanted Flu Vaccines in the Elderly 65+ (pdf)

HIV vaccine design should adapt as HIV mutates

Senate Vote Expected Next Week on Zika Funds - Vote on $1.1 billion in emergency funding seen as soon as Tuesday

IBM Creates A Molecule That Could Destroy All Viruses

Sponsored content gets even more slippery: Disappearing disclosures and other dirty tricks designed to fool readers

Nurse Whistleblower: Hospitals Vaccinating Patients by Force Without Their Knowledge

Trump Speaks About Being Branded An Anti-Vaxxer

Tuberculosis Vaccine Journal

Flu-associated pneumonia tied to skipped flu vaccine

Researchers unveil first human-made Zika virus clone

News Scan for May 16, 2016 - Saudi MERS case; More chikungunya infections; H5N1 illness in Egypt


Ebola epidemic: Deadly virus detected in sperm of survivors in UK

THE tragic Ebola virus has been detected in the semen of survivors nine months after their recovery, creating fears of another epidemic.

Massachusetts' Measles Case Linked To European Tourist With Unknown Vaccination History

On Friday, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) and the ... attributing it to an European tourist with an unknown vaccination history.

IBM Designs Macromolecule 'Like Honey' To Prevent Viral Infections, Like Zika And Ebola, From ...

The Zika virus, Ebola, and dengue fever often elude vaccines with their shape-shifting abilities. Strains of these viral infections rapidly mutate, ...

St. Bernard Parish to host rabies vaccination, microchip drive Saturday

The rabies vaccination and microchip drive will take place from 11 a.m. to 3 ... Dog and cat owners can get their pets vaccinated against rabies and ...

Promoting 'healthy India' plan

In March 2014, India was certified polio-free by an independent commission under the World Health Organisation certification process. It was in ...

Andrea Jenkyns MP visits India as country marks two years 'polio-free'

Andrea Jenkyns, MP for Morley and Outwood, visiting a clinic in India to learn more about how the country has combated polio.

Mississippi leads nation in measles vaccination rate

We in Tennessee rank only slightly better, prompting one of my public health colleagues to remark, "Thank God for Mississippi." Yet Mississippi does ...

Baby nearly killed by meningitis missed out vaccine because she was TEN days too old

A baby was nearly killed by meningitis B after being denied the vaccine because she was 10 days too old. Mum Sarah Kinsey called 999 after ...

Lofa County: A Hospitality That Overshadows Visitor Pains From Phobia of Ebola

I am not an indigene of Lofa Countyand I would never be in terms of ethnicity. My ancestral home is the Wedabo chiefdom in Grand Kru County in ...

Parents reminded to check on immunizations

The Eden Prairie School District is reminding parents that their children should be up-to-date with immunizations before they attend school in the fall.

4 Confirmed Cases Of Whooping Cough In Council Rock

There have been 4 recent confirmed cases of pertussis, known as whooping cough, within the Council Rock School District.

Good hygiene can help against genital warts, doctor says

Genital warts are caused by human papillomaviruses (HPV), with more than 130 types identified, Lin said, ... avoiding unsafe sex, or getting the HPV vaccine, which is most effective if administered while the person is still a virgin.

Countrywide three-day anti-polio drive starts on Monday

According to a health official, over 36 million children under the age of five years will be administered anti-polio drops during the campaign. Over 2.4 ...

A sea of pink as 1300 take on the Wakefield Race for Life

The Race for Life at Thornes Park, Wakefield. Picture: Andrew Bellis. ... The Wakefield Race for Life always has a nice vibe about it and there was a ...

Yobe Deputy Governor Leads State Immunisation Campaign Team

immunisation-in-Nigeria The Yobe state Deputy Governor Abubakar Aliyu has led the state taskforce on immunisation and primary healthcare ...

Churches urged to spearhead measles vaccine campaign

Kisii health officer George Ombati has called upon churches to help spread the message on the importance of measles vaccine and awareness ...

Anthony Kloepper

Kloepper was born with autism and epilepsy, but by the age of 9 was ... Though born with autism and epilepsy, Kloepper was fine until age 9, when he ...

Anti-vaxers not getting the point

WORRYING new figures show a decline in immunisation coverage among five-year-olds in Queensland, as health authorities vow to ramp up the ...

A vaccine, a few lifestyle changes can prevent liver diseases

The early use of the potent vaccine for Hepatitis B and timely changes towards a healthy lifestyle are the two best and affordable weapons to prevent a ...

Study: FDA Recognizes Treatment That Uses Polio Virus To Fight Brain Cancer

There is a new potential solution for brain cancer. According to reports, polio virus can fight brain cancer and FDA wants to fast-track this treatment in ...

Anti-polio drive to begin in Balochistan on Monday

QUETTA (Staff Report) The anti-polio drive will kick off across the Balochistan province on Monday. Health authorities said that children aged five ...

Ebola virus can persist up to 9 months after recovery

Ebola virus can persist in the semen of survivors of the epidemic for up to nine months after their recovery, said a new study. These results stress the ...

Ebola virus can persist in semen 9 months after recovery

New York, May 15 (IANS): Ebola virus can persist in the semen of survivors of the epidemic for up to nine months after their recovery, said a new study.

Ebola virus can persist in semen 9 months after recovery

New York, May 15 : Ebola virus can persist in the semen of survivors of the epidemic for up to nine months after their recovery, said a new study.

New Zealand: Waikato measles outbreak at 20, Morrinsville College closed Monday

The number of measles cases reported by the Waikato District Health Board Population Health Service (DHB) is now up to 20 confirmed cases of ...

The smallpox death that locked down Birmingham could have been avoided

The photographer at the University of Birmingham medical school was infected with smallpox. What's more, she had contracted the deadliest strain, ...

Right to Know

The chance to educate parents in Oklahoma of the risks associated with products advertised for children known to have side effects was recently ...


J Pediatr (Rio J). 2016 May 10. pii: S0021-7557(16)30032-8. doi: 10.1016/j.jped.2016.05.001. [Epub ahead of print] ...

'Swimarathon' makes a splash to raise $1m

... a total of $202,596 for End Polio Now and a further $46,188 for other charities, bringing the overall total raised for End Polio Now to $1,030,005.

Anti-polio campaign to begin in Balochistan, GB on Monday

During the drive, anti-polio vaccine and vitamin A drops would be administered to over seven hundred thousand children of under five years age.

Parents warned against skipping the anti-measles vaccination

He has warned parents from his location against failure to bring their children for the anti-measles jab during the upcoming countrywide vaccination ...

Joining hand to protect community

In response to World Immunization Week 2016 themed Close the ... Medical facilities should inject newly-born babies vaccine against hepatitis B within ... is one of effective ways to prevent people from infectious diseases and protect ...

Non-vaccinated students barred after measles outbreak

The Morinsville College grounds were empty today and are staying that way come school time tomorrow to prevent a potential measles outbreak.

'I knew death was imminent': nurse Pauline Cafferkey on surviving Ebola

Considering what Cafferkey has been through, this is nothing - and her tiny flat in Cambuslang, Glasgow feels a million miles from the hell of the Ebola ...

RiverStone Health wins state DPHHS award

The RiverStone Health immunization team received a quality improvement award from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services ...

The planet's health is essential to prevent infectious disease

Evidence shows that Ebola may have been spread to humans who came ... Take existing public health solutions to Ebola, for example, which are to ...

Signs to watch out for in your child for influenza infection

An annual seasonal flu vaccine (either the flu shot or the nasal spray flu vaccine) is the best way to reduce chances of getting flu. Flu vaccines induce ...

Traditional rulers, religious leaders tasked on polio

The Coordinator of Kaduna State chapter of Journalists Initiative on Immunization against Polio (JAP), Lawal Dogara, urged parents in the state to ...

Prepared to travel with pet?

To qualify for the Scheme your dog or cat will require microchipping and it will need a rabies vaccination which has to be done after the microchipping.

KidsCan founder Julie Chapman busts child poverty myths

As part of the conference Rotarians held a march at the Invercargill Velodrome in support of Rotary International's efforts to eradicate polio, she said.

As chickenpox cases increase, officials encourage vaccination

LAPEER COUNTY The Michigan Dept. of Health and Human Services is advising Lapeer County parents to make sure their children are up to date ...

Morrinsville parents back 'stay away' order

Students and college staff born after 1969 have to provide written evidence that they have had two MMR or measles vaccinations or face a two-week ...

Simultaneous polio drive in Pakistan, Afghanistan from 16th

ISLAMABAD: The decision to launch an anti-polio campaign in the whole of Pakistan and Afghanistan simultaneously has created a severe shortage ...

Distinct folding in autism brain hints at condition's origins

A brain region involved in reading faces shows fewer folds in toddler boys with autism than it does in controls. As they age, these boys may acquire ...

Four Council Rock students being treated for whooping cough

Three more Council Rock students have been diagnosed with the highly contagious respiratory disease pertussis, commonly known as whooping ...

Steps for anti-polio drive reviewed

AHMEDPUR EAST- During a three-day anti-polio campaign starting on May 23, about 597,000 children would be administered drops in district ...

OUTLANDER Recap: The Circle of Trust Expands, Also Swords

Then, when Claire and Fergus were working on the mixture of herbs and medicines to simulate a case of smallpox, Murtagh wasn't having any of it.

Army organizes Medical camp at Anzwala, Anantnag

In light of upcoming summer season, numbers of locals are being diagnosed with getting diseases like Chicken pox, Measles, Back pain, Skin rashes ...

Four Council Rock students being treated for whooping cough

Four Council Rock students have been diagnosed within the past two weeks with the highly contagious respiratory disease pertussis, commonly ...

Morrinsville parents scramble for health records in measles outbreak

Students and college staff have to provide written evidence that they have had two MMR or measles vaccinations for them to be allowed to return to ...

Another viewpoint: Malaria or Ebola? The US presidential race

National party leaders have long resisted limiting voting to registered Republicans, fearful that such a contest would produce an unelectable purist ...

Canada Has A Novel Compromise For Those Parents Who Are Against Vaccinations

It's called the Immunization of School Pupils Act, because decorum kept the provincial Liberal government from calling it the Read A G*ddamn Book ...


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