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The Archie Tapes - Uncut and Uncensored (2004) - Vaccination News

Daily News 2012-11-07

New York Times – Flu Vaccine Does Not Work – Yet More Research Says - Child Health Safety

Dachel Media Update: 11/7 - Age of Autism

AAP Calls Autism an Epidemic - Age of Autism

President Obama Will You Acknowledge and Act on Vaccine Injury? -
Age of Autism

Plea for child flu vaccinations

Flu Near You campaign aims to improve monitoring of flu outbreaks, vaccinations

Nigeria: WHO Says 83 Percent of Chilldren Worldwide Received DPT Immunisation

Canadian HIV vaccine trial results promising

A Universal Flu Vaccine Without Needles

GAVI takes vaccines to world’s poorest

Canadian call for health worker flu shots stirs debate

Whooping cough vaccination plea to St Helens parents

Using Self-Destructing Bacteria to Carry a Vaccine

Don’t be lulled by slow start to flu season, say health officials - Public health » Why wait? Protect yourself and loved ones, get your flu shot now, officials urge.

Weems: Flu shots: Still a good idea  

Meningitis outbreak investigators say quick work paid off

UPDATE 1-US Congress subpoenas co-owner of meningitis-linked pharmacy - House, Senate both plan hearings into meningitis outbreak - Co-owner of compounding pharmacy to be center of attention - NECC faces mounting number of lawsuits

NEWS SCAN: Meningitis hearings, ECDC coronavirus report, MRSA in wastewater, melioidosis & glanders recommendations, undetected viruses

by themaryandsallieshow in Politics - "3/The State can decide for example to vaccinate every child in Ireland and the parent, and even the child have no say in the matter. You do not need to be consulted or give permission. Joan Burton has already hinted that Child Benefit will be tied into vaccination records, this could be extended to school admission."

Did Innocent Father Plead Guilty to Baby’s Death? (video)

NEWS SCAN: West Nile outbreak grows, widespread dengue in India, yellow fever in Sudan

Just Words? You Say Efficacy, And I Say Effectiveness by Ed Silverman - Pharmalot

Pediatric clinical trials not going overseas - study

Stanislaw Burzynski: Slapped down by the FDA once again

Mass. pharmacy board director fired for allegedly ignoring complaint about ...

New England Compounding is the Framingham pharmacy blamed for a national outbreak of fungal meningitis caused by contaminated steroids it produced between May and August of this year. The Colorado Board of Pharmacy alerted the US Food and ...
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Meningitis patients afflicted by new infections

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Puzzled health officials are investigating reports that some fungal meningitis patients in Tennessee and elsewhere have developed new health problems, knocking some back into the hospital just when it seemed they were recovering ...
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Meningitis outbreak: Report shows who's most at risk

2012 - NASHVILLE -- Gender and age as well as frequency and timing of injections have been shown to be key risk factors for people developing fungal meningitis after they were treated with potentially moldy medicine, state health officials said in a ...
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Catholic parents weigh in on HPV vaccine

Calgary Catholic School District is reconsidering whether to administer the HPV vaccine, Gardasil. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/ AP - Harry Cabluc). Parents of children in the Calgary Catholic School District are getting a chance to have their say on whether ...
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Bigfork school district responds to Pertussis outbreak

As of Friday afternoon there were four confirmed cases of Pertussis, more commonly known as “whooping cough,” in the Bigfork School District and antibiotics were recommended to students who came in contact with the infected. Since last week's first ...
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Mumps gives away brothers in crime

The duo allegedly robbed the Horana Filling Station 17 months ago before fleeing the area and was hiding in Anuradhapura and Kekirawa. One suspect was suffering from mumps and both had gone to the devale to attend the pooja to obtain relief.
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Second Adams County Deer Tests Positive for Chronic Wasting Disease

There is no evidence that humans or livestock can get the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Symptoms include weight loss, ... The disease is fatal and there is no known treatment or vaccine. Surveillance for the ...
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Flu shots are safe...but do they work?

The Minnesota report is provocative and will no doubt raise eyebrows at the Centers For Disease Control, which strongly endorses widespread administration of the flu vaccine. So I'm still giving flu shots...and bracing for even longer conversations ...
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HIV vaccine safe for Phase II human trials

Researchers from the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Canada's University of Western Ontario have issued a statement saying the first phase of clinical trials of an HIV vaccine have produced “no adverse effects observed including local ...
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Canadian-developed HIV vaccine shows promising results, no adverse effects ...

A Canadian-made HIV vaccine has cleared a major hurdle. Scientists announced on Tuesday that initial results from human clinical trials show no adverse effects and significantly boosted immunity. Developed by researchers at Western University in London ...
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Toronto Star

Meningitis victim's dog needs home

I like this Like I dislike this. Add to. Share Flag as inappropriate. Interactive Transcript. Loading... Alert icon. Sign in or sign up now! Alert icon. Loading... There is no Interactive Transcript. Published on Nov 6, 2012 by wish. Meningitis victim ...
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The meningitis outbreak and those who depend on drugs and surgery for back ...

The recent fungal meningitis outbreak in the United States was linked to a tainted steroid used to treat back pain. In 19 states, it has made 419 people ill, including 10 joint infections. It has killed 30 according to this week's most recent count ...
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Meningitis Risk Period: a 'Moving Target'

The 42-day risk period for contracting fungal meningitis from tainted steroid injections ended on Wednesday, since the drugs were recalled on Sept. 26, but new case reports will probably continue to trickle into the Centers for Disease Control and ...
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ABC News

Catholic school boards should make HPV vaccine available to girls ...

There is absolutely no evidence that the HPV vaccine will lead to promiscuity A major U.S. study published in Pediatrics journal last month found no ...

As Dengue Fever Sweeps India, a Slow Response Stirs Experts' Fears

Experts from around the world said that India's failure to construct an adequate dengue surveillance system has impeded awareness of the illness's vast reach, discouraged efforts to clean up the sources of the disease and slowed the search for a ...
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New York Times

Movie Review | 'The Sessions' affirms hype

In the film, Mark O'Brien is a poet/writer who suffered from polio at a young age and is now confined to a gurney. He relies on an iron lung to breathe and has an assistant throughout the day. Already in his mid−thirties, O'Brien (played by John Hawkes ...
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Polio risk increases in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI - After teachers' refusal to administer polio drops, making the polio campaigns successful would be a challenge as Rawalpindi is one of the high-risk districts of Punjab where over 598,000 children under the age of five years will be vaccinated.
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Third Dose of MMR Vaccine May Help Control Mumps Outbreak

American Academy of Pediatrics Logo .... A third dose of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine may have helped to control a mumps outbreak in a highly ...

President Obama Will You Acknowledge and Act on Vaccine Injury?

Will the President acknowledge the grim side of the ever rising childhood health epidemics including vaccine damage like this adverse reaction to birth dose vaccination against Hepatitis B? Meet Ian Gromowski. He died at 47 days old, never having left ...
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Leading Canadian newspaper calls for HPV vaccinations at Catholic schools

Denying any link between the HPV vaccine and promiscuity, the Canadian newspaper with the second-highest circulation has called upon Catholic schools in Calgary to administer the vaccine to fifth-grade girls. “Other publicly funded Catholic school ...
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Congress subpoenas co-owner of meningitis-linked pharmacy

BOSTON (Reuters) - The chief pharmacist at the company linked to the deadly meningitis outbreak has received a subpoena to appear before a congressional committee after he declined to appear voluntarily. The House of Representatives Energy and ...
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Meningitis outbreak: House subpoenas Mass. pharmacy director

House lawmakers have issued a subpoena for the director of the Massachusetts pharmacy linked to the deadly meningitis outbreak. The subpoena comes after Barry Cadden, co-founder of New England Compounding Center, indicated through his lawyer ...
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Extra MMR vaccine helped prevent mumps in outbreak

The study covers a mumps outbreak in the Orthodox Jewish community, which researchers say began at a religious camp in the Catskill Mountains and was spread by a method of schooling involving close one-on-one contact between study partners, known ...
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AAP Calls Autism an Epidemic AGE OF AUTISM

The new head of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. James Perrin, calls autism an epidemic. He really does. Perrin was the focus in an interview just ...

What We Wanted To Tell You About Mumps But Couldn't

It administered a third dose of the measles-mumps-rubella, or MMR, vaccine to children in the exposed Jewish communities who hadn't yet come down with the disease and who had already received the standard two doses. The CDC's experiment appeared ...
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Dollar 700 million GPEI funding gap threatening global fight against polio

The $700 million funding shortfall through 2012-13 for Global Polio Eradication Initiative, a public-private partnership led by national governments and spearheaded by World Health Organisation, United Nations Children's Fund and Rotary International, ...
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House presses meningitis probe

No meningitis infections have been linked to Ameridose, which has separate operations in Westborough, Mass., but the company says it issued the recall “out of an abundance of caution.” Cases of meningitis have been reported in 19 states: Florida ...
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UPDATE 1-US Congress subpoenas co-owner of meningitis-linked pharmacy

House, Senate both plan hearings into meningitis outbreak. * Co-owner of compounding pharmacy to be center of attention. * NECC faces mounting number of lawsuits. BOSTON, Nov 6 (Reuters) - The chief pharmacist at the company linked to the deadly ...
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Intense exposure likely led to mumps outbreak among Orthodox Jewish boys

An outbreak of mumps among Orthodox Jewish boys from 2009 to 2010 likely occurred because of intense exposure to the virus that led to decreased protection afforded by the vaccine, researchers reported in The New England Journal of Medicine.
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Weems: Flu shots: Still a good idea

The safety of any vaccine is of the utmost importance and the flu vaccine is no exception. The U.S Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have several quality assurance systems in place to ensure that vaccines are ...
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HIV vaccine possibly five years away

The announcement today that 24 patient enrollment has progressed smoothly and with no adverse effects observed — including local reactions, signs/symptoms and laboratory toxicities — proves the vaccine offers “safety and tolerability in humans” and ...
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London Community News

Putting An End To Polio

(NAPSI)—Here's good news about health: There has never been a more opportune time to finish off polio, with new cases at an all-time low and the wild poliovirus now confined to only a few pockets in Afghanistan , Nigeria and Pakistan -and you can be a ...
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North American Press Syndicate

Teachers refuse to take part in anti-polio drives

RAWALPINDI, Nov 6: In what is being seen as a setback to the anti-polio campaign in the district, schoolteachers have refused to be part of the immunisation campaigns. They said due to the sense of insecurity and meagre financial benefits, they would ...
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Anti-polio drive: apathetic officials

THE government has started anti-polio campaign in collaboration with World Health Organisation. Many government and local volunteers have been appointed for this task. But some of them are not serious or sincere about their work. A polio team for ...
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Is Andrew Wakefield a good guy or a bad guy

Is Andrew Wakefield a good guy or a bad guy. In HealthEdit categories. Answer. i dont no thats why i asked the questioni think he is a bad guy ...

chicken pox and shingles

We are currently in the initial experiment about what happens when you try to vaccinate chickenpox out of existence, and we went into this giant experiment not understanding all the variables, or even fully understanding the ecology of chicken-pox ...
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FDA Warns of Meningitis Treatment Claims

A Tennessee company made false claims that its "light therapy" has benefits for fungal meningitis, the FDA said. The Avalon Effect, of Franklin, Tenn., has been illegally marketing the Quantum Series Personal Wellness Pack -- which its website says ...
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Drug-resistant gonorrhea blamed on oral sex

The Gardasil vaccine protects against four strains of HPV. Changes in sexual behaviors have led to drug resistant strains of diseases. Sex therapists Amy and Charles Miron participated in an “Ask the Sexperts” discussion on Thursday night about safe ...
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FCT Records Measles Outbreak

The Federal Capital Territory Administration said it has recorded cases of measles virus in three of the six area councils in the territory. Secretary, FCT Primary Health Care Development Board, Dr. Rilwan Mohammed who disclosed this yesterday listed ...
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Canadian call for health worker flu shots stirs debate

Today CMAJ published replies by two groups of researchers who took issue with the evidence cited by Flegel, plus a reply from a Canadian advocacy group that raised similar questions and also expressed concern about vaccine side effects. A growing ...
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Plea for child flu vaccinations

The Southern Hemisphere Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Research and Surveillance (SHIVERS) study aims to give a better picture of hospitalisation rates. The study is an international effort to control ... It is a collaboration between the Auckland and ...
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Gardasil vaccine and infected HPV women - Discussion - National ...

I got my first dose of the Gardasil vaccine the same time that I got my first ever Pap smear. Unfortunately, I was unlucky and my pap smear showed moderate/ ...

WHO Says 83 % Of Chilldren Worldwide Received DPT Immunisation

Four in five children (about 83 per cent) worldwide received the recommended three doses of diphtheria–tetanus–pertussis (DTP) vaccine during infancy in 2011, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said. Pertusis is whooping cough, a highly contagious ...
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Leadership Newspapers

New Employer-Sponsored Program Effective at Increasing Influenza Vaccination

A study presented at the American Public Health Association annual meeting in San Francisco and recently published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that influenza-like illness took a significant toll on employee health ...
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Chicken I need to expose my kids?

Should they not have had chicken pox by now? My dr said if my eldest didn't contract them by age 9 I should have her vaxxed since CP apparently is more risky in older people....not quite sure what that means, I haven't been able to find any concrete ...
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HPV Vaccination Plays a Vital Role in Preventing Cervical Cancer

HPV-Vaccination Few times back, human papillomavirus virus (HPV) vaccine was added to the immunization schedule for children. Parents are trying to know the reason for giving younger generation a vaccine against cervical cancer. And is it safe for them ...
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TopNews Arab Emirates

Does Free Speech Cause Meningitis? The New York Times Thinks So

New York Times columnist Linda Greenhouse isn't directly saying that the Supreme Court's 2002 decision in Thompson v. Western States Medical Center upholding the commercial speech rights of compounding pharmacies caused the national meningitis ...
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Reason (blog)

Myanmar children benefit from pentavalent and measles vaccines

Nay Pyi Taw – Over half--million children across Myanmar will be protected against five major childhood diseases in the next six a months thanks to the introduction of the five-in-one pentavalent vaccine with support from the GAVI Alliance. The first ...
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Measles Infection Rate Increases in North Darfur

Khartoum - North Darfur declared an increase in the rate of measles infections in Alsereef, Omra, and Kabkabiya to 77 cases, despite the recent campaign in these localities to combat the disease. General Manager of the state's Ministry of Health, Dr ...
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Sudan Vision

Pfizer's Downside Risks To $26 Estimate From Prevenar And Weaker Margins

The vaccine has shown consistent double digit growth rates in the last couple of quarters and we expect the vaccine sales to more than double by the end of our forecast period. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently recommended ...
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Third dose of MMR vaccine halts mumps

An extra dose of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine given to previously vaccinated children during an intense outbreak of mumps appears to have controlled the spread of the disease. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ...
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Learned Intermediary Doctrine Defeats Suit Against Shingles Vaccine ...

NEW YORK — The learned intermediary doctrine defeats failure-to-warn claims brought against Merck (NYSE: MRK) in connection with Zostavax because the plaintiff's prescribing physician testified that she was aware of the adverse reactions associated ...
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Doc Pomus: Racism turned blues singer into legendary songwriter

The movie follows the Brooklyn kid, born Jerome Felder in 1925, stricken by polio in childhood, who spent his teen years in the early 1950s balanced on his crutches while fronting a blues band in New York clubs. He made up the name Doc Pomus so his ...
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Sexual Healing

Initially, the combination seems almost inappropriate—and that thought dashes through one's head once during The Sessions, when the polio-plagued protagonist, Mark, a 38-year-old virgin, screams in pain as his sex surrogate undresses him for the first ...
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Baltimore City Paper

Investment Opportunities Surface With 3 Vaccine Players

Inovio is working on the development of a broad portfolio of DNA vaccines, also known as immunotherapies, to prevent and treat cancer, HIV, hepatitis C, and host of other chronic infectious diseases. These vaccines have the potential of protecting ...
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Vigo County Health Commissioner declars Chickenpox outbreak

The shot clinics will target Vigo County children who are not optimally immunized for chickenpox. This includes students currently enrolled in school, parochial and private schools, and home schooled children. Also targeted are children older than one ...
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MERCKs GARDASIL LAWFULLY GIVEN TO 12 yr olds without parental ...

Originally Posted by toutelemonde charlie, you are a disappointment to me that you would advocate FASCISM! areas globally pushing mandatory.

Vaccine for existing HPV infection may thwart cervical cancer

A vaccine for women already harboring human papillomavirus (HPV) appeared to fight cervical cancer in a small study. Most cervical cancers are caused by HPV infection. Unlike prophylactic vaccines that prevent the acquisition of HPV, VGX-3100 is a ...
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