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All the News Posted June 23, 2011

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The PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now"

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Mercury in Drug and Biologic Products - FDA

Comment:  Interesting that they don't list vaccines.  (They do here.)

South Dakota Waste Management Identifies Thimerosal Free Vaccines as Hazardous - In an undated document from the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources, state waste management officials say

The Child Cases - Frontline "When a child dies under suspicious circumstances, abuse is often suspected. That's what happened in the case of six-month-old Isis Vas, whose death was deemed "a clear-cut and classic" case of child abuse, sending a man named Ernie Lopez to prison for 60 years. But now a Texas judge has moved to overturn Lopez's conviction, and new questions are being asked about the quality of expert testimony in this and many other similar cases. In this joint investigation with ProPublica and NPR, FRONTLINE correspondent A.C. Thompson unearths more than 20 child death cases in which people were jailed on medical evidence -- involving abuse, assault and "shaken-baby syndrome" -- that was later found unreliable or flat-out wrong. Are death investigators being properly trained for child cases? The

Aluminum in vaccines may be linked to health risks

Katie Wright: An Open Letter To NIH & Autism Research Community -- Watch CD Foakley, Broken Nights and Lost Days: Inside World of Severe Autism by Katie Wright - Age of Autism

Big Pharma: What Went Wrong? Comments By a Former Merck Executive - The Refusers

Pregnant Women Dying, Spontaneous Abortions, Stillbirths and Birth Defects After H1N1 Flu Vaccination - The Refusers

Supreme Court Strikes Down Data Mining Law - Pharmalot

AMA Votes To Discourage Commercial CME - Pharmalot

Pharmalot… Pharmalittle… Good Morning - Pharmalot

Sitting may be just as dangerous for your health as smoking - NaturalNews

More Kids Have Food Allergies Than Ever, New Study Shows... But Why?

A Look Inside The Immunization Dilemma

Autism more common in high-tech centers

CDC urges pregnant women to get whooping cough vaccine - Doctors want to 'cocoon' infants by vaccinating the teens and adults around them who might transmit the disease

Comment:  Breastfeeding is protective against flu.

Meningitis vaccine suggested for at-risk babies - Shot for life-threatening bacterial infection safe for infants as young as 9 months who travel outside the US

Comment:  Extremely low risk of even getting meningitis.  Vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe", so is any risk from the vaccine justified?

Scarlet fever, measles, and other diseases that have come back to haunt us - Washington Post blog

State sued over measles vaccination - The High Court has been told that the State has an obligation to compensate those injured as a result of being vaccinated in a public health vaccination scheme.

Farce of looking to the US for answers - IT beggars belief that Australia had to wait for a US watchdog to blow the whistle on problems at our biggest pharmaceutical plant.

Measles outbreak at Sands School in Ashburton

A Path Less Traveled

Guest view: Autism vs. vaccination, the debate continues

Attachment Parenting Mom Starts Pro-Vaccine Group Among an Unlikely Cohort

Five measles cases reported in Noble County - Indiana Health Officials confirmed Thursday that there have been five cases of measles reported in Noble County.

SLU part of study into possible bird flu vaccine

Media bashed at Pacific Health Summit; journalist told not to talk - Humanosphere

Report Lifts Veil on ALEC’s Pro-Corporate, Anti-Consumer Mission - Front group ghostwrites the law for corporate America on behalf of oil, drug, asbestos, and insurance interests - American Association for Justice

Measles: Encore Appearance in Vermont and Utah

Moving vaccines away from the horse-and-buggy stage - Humanosphere

Gardasil; Look into My Life. (video)

Rick Perry's mixed record on regulatory robbery "In February 2007, Texas Governor Rick Perry bypassed the legislature, and used an executive order to require all girls to receive a vaccine against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus, which can cause cervical cancer. He also subsidized the drug through Medicaid and other channels...In a storyline I would have made up were I writing a novel about this, Perry's former chief of staff was a lobbyist for the drug company that crafted the policy."

Quality of nano toxicity data is ‘not great’, says expert

List of products using nanoparticles:

Vaccine family to sue CSL over flu shots - "A PERTH family whose 11-month-old daughter was severely disabled after being vaccinated with CSL’s influenza vaccine is about to launch legal action against the Australian pharmaceutical giant."

FDA Anger over Australian flu vaccine investigation/SMH by Meryl Nass, MD

Vax maker CSL hit with FDA warning

Anger over Australian flu vaccine

PATH runs into vaccine resistance, accusations of unethical research in India (includes video)

TB trial highlights challenges with introducing new vaccine into childhood immunization schedule

New TB vaccine most effective when not co-administered with other childhood vaccines

Vaccine Trial's Ethics Criticized - Collapsed trial fuels unfounded vaccine fears

Trial of new TB vaccine raises questions on timing - MVA85A TB vaccine less effective when given with others - New TB shots urgently needed, data pose timing questions

Failed vaccine trial raises questions - In contrast to yesterday’s news about the success of an HPV vaccine program in Australia, an Indian trial of the vaccine is stoking unfounded fear among the public and exposing some questionable ethical standards

Linkages in marginalisation - "The selection of these girls for the project is striking for multiple reasons. The girls were all minors, and the vaccinations took place without any informed consent, from them or their legal guardians. Ethical and legal guidelines for consent approval, monitoring and follow-up were absent from the process. There was no justification for why the vaccinations were carried out on adolescent girls, without a prior trial on adults, as per legal guidelines. During the course of the study, there were four reported deaths of girls who had been vaccinated."

Government response to Health Select Committee - Press Release: No Forced Vaccines - Government response to Health Select Committee Vaccination Report raises serious concerns

The promise of the global health campaign

Childhood Vaccination: Introducing a Promising Milestone for Tomorrow's Children

From the Pacific Health Summit: Vaccines Equity Could Be a Possibility - UN Dispatch - "The 2011 Pacific Health Summit opened yesterday with a goal to have every child in the world get access to life saving vaccines on time and using better technologies."

Vaccine programme for world’s poorest children gains support from Dumfriesshire MP

No leeway on school shot law - Students must get immunized by July 1 to enroll

Face-mask mandate improved flu vaccination rates among HCWs

Company to Require Flu Shots as Condition of Employment

Mandatory Child Immunization Act boosts Phl healthcare services

State Chapters Use AAFP Resource to Fight Pharmacist-Administered Inoculations Legislation

Indiana Health Information Exchange Connects to Indiana State Department of Health Immunization Registry - Link supports better patient care and public health improvements

ACIP: Vaccine for Meningococcal Disease OK for High-Risk Infants

Influenza vaccination during pregnancy protects newborns

Help for parents to tackle whooping cough

States' drug info demand blocked - STATE health departments are demanding a shake-up of the federal government's medicine regulator to allow public access to its database of side-effects. - The Australian

Rate of Whooping Cough on rise in Clatsop County, immunizations declines statewide

Indiana Health Information Exchange Connects to Indiana State Department of Health Immunization Registry

Docs: Beware of camps that promise cheap medicines - Times of India - "Health experts feel that vaccines beyond expiry date are sold cheaper to unscrupulous elements who target housing societies and colonies. A doctor said that a leading vaccine manufacturer's medical representative was a few years back caught selling expired vaccines."

Sanofi Pasteur opens $100M R&D centre in Canada

Sanofi Pasteur's Typhim Vi Granted Prequalification By WHO - Quick Facts

Immunovaccine receives thumbs up for Ph1/2 ovarian cancer trial, NanoBio starts second intranasal flu vax trial

GeoVax Initiates Third Site For Therapeutic Testing of Its HIV Vaccine

Immunovaccine Announces 2011 First Quarter Results

University innovations head to world’s biggest biotech market

Government to consider incentives for vaccination

Govt eyes cash offer for kids immunisation

Govt supports immunisation report

Possible explanations for Tumor Vaccine study

Cancer fight gets injection of hope

NEWS SCAN: H5N1 death in Egypt, CSL flu-vaccine probe called 'inadequate,' H1N1 vaccine and pregnancy, measles spread

Study: Doctors overtesting for cervical cancer virus - Surprising number of health providers aren't following guidelines, study finds

Feedback at 5:00 -- "HPV Vaccines"

Moms Talk: HPV Vaccine - Ask questions or get answers from moms in and around Suisun City

What Do You Think About Vaccines Being A Requirement to Attend School? - Tdap vaccines will be a requirement for 7th to 12th graders statewide in order to attend public or private schools. What do you think about that?

WHO joins fray on killer fever

Pulse polio drive: Dist admin ropes in madrassa students

Nigeria records 15 polio cases in six months – The Guardian

DOH to launch maternal/neonatal tetanus elimination campaign in Abra, Benguet

People Encouraged To Check Immunization Status

Millions of lives

School measles outbreak increases calls for bigger MMR uptake - An independent school has been struck by an outbreak of measles amid fears the reduced uptake of the MMR vaccine is leading to a resurgence of the disease.

Measles Back in Canada

Video: Mumps outbreak hits Metro Vancouver

Mumps outbreak not likely to spread

Health officials step up efforts in fight against measles, mumps

More Measles in Vermont and Utah

Auckland measles outbreak grows to 26 cases

Measles warning issued for Washington County

Verbatim: 5 confirmed measles cases in Noble

Response expected today to measles alert - Local district says no area cases reported

High Number of Measles Cases Reported in US, CDC Says (registration) - Medscape

State health officials investigate rare measles outbreak in northeast Indiana

Over 4,000 children vaccinated against measles

TEMECULA: Disabled actress pushes through polio

Cab riders help raise hundreds to fight Polio

Dr. Andrew Wakefield And GMOs

Financial Haircut for the FDA Means More Health Freedom

Scarlet fever cases continue to rise

Authorities ‘concerned’ over scarlet fever outbreak

Haydn, 10, loses meningitis battle

Woman left disabled by meningitis blunder wins £4.3m payout

CSULB student dies of meningitis at age 27

Woman sues pet shop, claiming she contracted brain damage from parrots

Seattle School Nurses Unite Community in the Fight Against Meningitis, a Potentially Deadly Disease

Paralysed by a PORK CHOP: Father-of-two, 46, almost dies after eating undercooked meat

Hospital wins battle against baby virus

What's Going Around 6-22 - In this week's what's going around doctors in central Virginia, and the Shenandoah Valley are seeing shingles cases.

Could a Dangerous Fungus Lurk in Your Dishwasher? - Disease-causing microbes thrive in moist household appliances, but experts say they're not a serious threat

How your pillow is the perfect breeding ground for gruesome array of pests and diseases

Mumbai's 3D theatres on notice for spreading eye flu

Life Getting Shorter for Women in Hundreds of U.S. Counties

The great leap backwards - A more affluent lifestyle is increasing the incidence of non-communicable diseases across poor and developing nations, writes Mark Metherell.

Pfizer Animal Health provides immunization guarantee

Risk Perception Pitfalls: Why Saying We Should Be More Rational About Risks Is Actually Irrational




The Greater Good A Documentary Film looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program.

The PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now"

Click here for all of the Dr. Andrew Wakefield GMC/Lancet Decision Articles and Videos

Click here for the most recent articles by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

Click here if you might be interested in participating in a study of never-vaccinated children


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