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All the News Posted June 16, 2011

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The PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now"

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Estimating the Number of Births to Hepatitis B Virus-infected Women in 22 States, 2006  - journal article

Comment: The CDC and “The New Math”, where 1 + 1  does not equal 2 by Sandy Gottstein

Do Pigs Get Autism? - What happens to a pig if it has a gene for autism?

Pfizer Breaks Psychological Need To Always Seek FDA's Approval - The Onion

Whistle-blower claims his accusations cost him his job - University denies it retaliated against researcher who questioned supervisor's data. - Nature

Gavi Protest (video) - Autism Media Channel

Weigh the Risks of Vaccination - SmartVax

Contaminated food for thought - If it is to deal effectively with outbreaks of infectious diseases, Germany must streamline its convoluted systems for reporting and communication. - Nature

Some vaccines used in the developing world may do more harm than good - Dr. Richard Halvorsen (MD)

Action Alert! DSM V Threatens Autism Families - The Autism Action Network and ACHAMP

Stupid Fucking Anti-Vaccine Hippies - Why Are Washington Residents Opting Out of Vaccinations?

Letter to the Editor: Facts about autism and vaccines (Disputing Jeff Edelstein)

This Week's Cover Story: The Refusers

Confidential Expert Witness Report Documents Psychiatrists' Corrupt Practices - AHRP

Yellow Fever Vaccine Risky for MS Patients

NB doctors stress need for vaccinations - More than 300 cases of measles in Quebec highlight importance of immunization

Babies are polluted at birth, new report says - PBS

June 18: 90 Years of Tuberculosis Vaccination

Comment:  BCG rarely used in United States, even in Alaska, where TB used to a problem among the Native population.  Still, it never spread to the rest of the population.  The terrain vs. the germ....

Staph infection vaccine trial ended with terrible results - VIHC

Parents blame infant`s death on polio drops - A 13-day old baby died reportedly after she was administered polio drops in Naseerabad on Wednesday.

Kamuli health workers forcefully immunise kids - New Vision, Uganda -  "Policemen pursued the followers and dragged some of them out of the sugarcane plantations, where they were hiding. About 10 children were immunised immediately. The four pastors, who are brothers, were arrested and detained at Kamuli Police Station."

Rotavirus Vaccination: Mortality Benefit and Intussusception Risk - Now@NEJM

Rotavirus Vaccine Linked to Bowel Disorder - CDC: Benefits of Vaccination Still Far Exceed Risks

Intussusception Risk and Health Benefits of Rotavirus Vaccination in Mexico and Brazil - NEJM

Rotavirus Vaccination and Intussusception — Act Two - NEJM

Trials, and tribulations, of a rotavirus vaccine

New Rotavirus Vaccine Reduces Cases of Infant Diarrhea - In Mexico and Brazil, use of the new monovalent rotavirus vaccine is associated with a short-term risk of intussusception in vaccinated infants but prevents a far higher number of hospitalizations and deaths from diarrhea, according to a study published in the June 16 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Immunodeficient Patients May Be at Risk for Polio - Patients with long-standing immunodeficiency are susceptible to chronic infection with poliovirus, which may develop into poliomyelitis, according to a case report published in the June 16 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. - "'Patients with common variable immunodeficiency can be chronically infected with poliovirus, and poliomyelitis can develop despite treatment with intravenous immune globulin,' the authors write."

Vaccine-Derived Poliomyelitis 12 Years after Infection in Minnesota - NEJM

Fatal Polio Reported 12 Years After Exposure to Vaccine (registration)

Formaldehyde in Vaccines by Catherine J. Frompovich

Vaccinations and The Right to Refuse - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on The Ageless Sisters - Blog Talk Radio

Informed Consent – A Review - The Refusers

New Refusers Song: Vaccination Choice is a Human Right - The Refusers

Vaccine law is an unnecessary burden

The Original Paul Offit By Jake Crosby

Best of AofA: Back to Christmas 1962 - Age of Autism

Barbie Doll Circa 2000: With Chicken Pox - Age of Autism

SmartVax Brought to you by SafeMinds - website

Getting Past Vaccine Skepticism - CBC

“Fright Doctors”– the Vaccine-Autism Controversy

Health official disappointed at immunisation rate - A senior health official says he is disappointed with the low immunisation rate at a school in west Auckland which has been affected by a measles outbreak.

'Get vaccinated or lose your job' increases vaccine prevalence, so does being ostracized

The Truth About "The Anti-Vaccination Movement" - There is No Anti-Vaccination Movement, it is a Myth

Docs Find Rise in Measles Cases a 'Tragedy' (includes videos)

All shall have vaccines – and now how about some more Aids drugs too? - After the triumph of the London replenishment conference for Gavi, donors must not be allowed to sit on their wallets and assume they have done their bit. Major shortfalls exist in the funding on offer for other areas of global health

Combating childhood diseases needs integral national action plan – Pate

The Potential for Medical Journalism in Kenya - A country that’s aching for quality health reporting

Tory principles drive David Cameron's resolve to help the world's poor

International Donors Support New Global Vaccine Initiatives

Renewed Commitment to Global Vaccines and Immunizations Will Save Lives - The White House Blog

Child Vaccine Efforts Get Big Boost

Hope for vaccine discount - SA does not qualify for the Gavi vaccines because of its “upper middle- income” status but government is hoping to use the lower Gavi rates to lobby for its own discounted prices, says the health department’s financial planning manager, Anban Pillay.

Comparative Evaluation of the Potential Impact of Rotavirus versus HPV Vaccination in GAVI-Eligible Countries: A Preliminary Analysis Focused on the Relative Disease Burden

Africa: 105 Ways to Eliminate HIV/Aids, by Heads of Government

Health is the real wealth

State changes immunization schedule

Kentucky has new requirements, schedule for childhood immunizations

Texas immunization registry now covers adults in addition to children

"Wise Guys Immunize" Week Underway

Request made for vaccine funds - Health department hopeful county will provide money needed because of change in state policy

Englewood and Bergenfield join forces to test mass immunization

CDC considering meningitis vaccine for infants

CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Meeting - The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) consists of 15 experts in fields associated with immunization who have been selected by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to provide advice and guidance to the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary for Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the control of vaccine-preventable diseases. - "Wednesday and Thursday, June 22-23, 2011, from 8:00am to 5:30pm ET"

Family Medicine Residency Programs Recognized for Improving Childhood and Adult Immunizations Rates in Underserved Communities - The American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation Announces 2011 AAFP Foundation Pfizer Immunization Award Winners

Effectiveness of Vaccines May Be Reduced By Aspirin or Acetaminophen

What’s Pharma Done For You Lately? A Lot

Up In Smoke: Pfizer’s Chantix Raises Heart Risk - Pharmalot

J&J Risperdal Project ‘Subverted Scientific Integrity’ - Pharmalot

Malaria vaccination strategy provides model for superior protection

BiondVax reports positive results for flu vaccine

Flu shot lowers risk for premature delivery

GSK deals to boost vax stability, fight flu in Asia

TPIV shows significant potential plus a forward looking FDA trade catalyst

Novartis application for expanded Menveo® indication from 2 months of age accepted for review by FDA

Testing starts on first Ross River vaccine

Emergent BioSolutions (EBS)' Investigational Anthrax Vaccine, NuThrax, Granted Fast Track Designation

Cancer vaccine co Vaxil to join TASE via reverse merger - The company's therapeutic vaccine ImMucin is currently undergoing a Phase I/II clinical trial for multiple myeloma, a blood cancer.

AVI BioPharma and Naval Medical Research Center Successfully Complete Simultaneous Rapid-Response Exercises Against Bacterial and Viral Threats in 18 Days - PMO-Based Platform Chemistries Used by AVI to Design and Manufacture Novel RNA-Based Drug Candidates Against Both Undisclosed Bacterial and Viral Targets

Research from Center for Molecular Medicine and Infectious Diseases in Vaccines Provides New Insights

Study Findings on Vaccines Are Outlined in Reports from Sanofi Pasteur

Researchers from Veterans Affairs Medical Center Describe Findings in Hepatitis B Virus

New Findings in Vaccines Described from National Cancer Institute

Two European Countries Purchase Smallpox Vaccine

Inviragen Initiates Phase 1 Study of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine in Singapore

Billionaire-Led Indian Drugmaker’s Vaccine Beats Glaxo’s Version in Study

Cheap meningitis vax beats out GSK's version

Most HIV-Positive People Vaccinated for Hep A Have a Durable Response

Measles eradication hits funding, vaccination snags

Measles Is Fighting Back Against Eradication

Measles are back as parents refuse vaccines

U.S. Measles Fate Inextricably Linked to Global Situation

A Measles Vaccine for Michele Bachmann

Measles reported in state, but area spared

Vaccine for measles at an earlier age - Two new cases of infant measles appeared this week, in a nursery school in Alicante, making a total of six cases affecting children under the age of 15 months.

Measles Outbreak On The Uprise (includes video)

Randomised cluster trial to support informed parental decision-making for the MMR vaccine

Vaccine shows positive results - THE number of Victorian teenagers with early signs of cervical cancer has halved since the introduction of Gardasil vaccine.

Finally, a Selfish Reason To Get Boys Vaccinated for HPV - Slate

Why boys should get the ‘cervical’ cancer vaccine too.

Boys and the cervical cancer vaccine - A proposal for a national program to immunise boys with the cervical cancer vaccine was recently knocked back. So should parents pay for their sons to be immunised?

Pertussis can kill, and you can help stop it (includes video)

Whooping Cough Case Reported at Meadowbrook Middle School - A 13-year-old Poway student is among eight new cases of pertussis, the county reported Wednesday.

Potential Pertussis Exposure in Carlsbad - A 4-year-old who is up-to-date with immunizations and attends Carlsbad Country Day School is one of the newer pertussis cases in San Diego.

Denver takes key role in state's fight against meningitis

New meningitis shot could halt African epidemics

Study Finds Two-Seat 'Hot Zone' for Flu Spread on Planes - Experts had thought the danger area was much larger, researchers say

Flu misses Gympie so far

AP: Monsoon brings back swine flu

Will swine flu cross our borders?

Multi-resistant bacteria found in Sweden

No Deaths from Vitamins - None at All in 27 Years - Commentary by Andrew W. Saul and Jagan N. Vaman, M.D.

Rinderpest eradicated - International organizations declare "cattle plague" dead

Mouse virus erroneously linked to chronic fatigue syndrome, UCSF collaborative study finds

Study: US Life Expectancy Lags Behind Healthiest Countries

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on 'The Last Mountain': 'It's About the Subversion of Democracy'

VIC (Vaccine Information Coalition) "Educate BEFORE You Vaccinate" 2011 Schedule




The Greater Good A Documentary Film looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program.

The PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now"

Click here for all of the Dr. Andrew Wakefield GMC/Lancet Decision Articles and Videos

Click here for the most recent articles by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

Click here if you might be interested in participating in a study of never-vaccinated children


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