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The hidden story about vaccines, autism, drugs and food… Americas health has been BOUGHT. Your health, your family’s health. Now brought to you by Wall Street… “If you thought they hurt us with the banks, wait till you see what they’re doing to health care.” Vaccines. GMOs. Big Pharma. Three big, BIG, okay… HUGE topics in one film. Why? Why not 3 films, why put all this in one movie? Great question, 2 answers. 1st and most importantly: We need to band together. We need a mainstream film, not another radical movie that only interests the “already converted”. Over 5 million people supported Prop 37 in CA. Reportedly, over 2 million worldwide marched against Monsanto in a global protest. There...ane vaccine expansion, and our love affair with pharmaceuticals- it’s the same villain. It’s a risky story to tell, but would be a tragedy to passively consent to with silence. There is something horribly wrong with health care today. Huge money, billions and billions of dollars flowing into the same pockets. Meanwhile, MD’s aren’t being allowed to actually practice the art of medicine and anyone who questions vaccination safety, pharmaceuticals, factory farms, etc. is ridiculed and belittled. Meanwhile, the billions keep flowing, carried on a river of pain and anguish. Huge corporations funded by individual misery, one broken life at a time. Three huge stories, each worthy of multiple films, but each brought together by one staggering fact: it’s the same villain. These three story lines converge on Wall Street, in a tale of corruption, greed and shocking lack of conscience.


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All the News Posted November 9, 2010

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Sponsor a SafeMinds Flu Shot Safety Video at Major Market Movie Theatres Video

Dawn Richardson of PROVE and NVIC will present on the new state advocacy portal called NVIC Advocacy.  Host: Sherri Tenpenny, DO. Nov 17, 2010 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM CST

CDC Announces New Adult Immunization Rates: Public Health, Infectious Disease and Oncology Experts

Secular trend of viral genotype distribution in children with chronic hepatitis B virus infection after universal infant immunization

Clinical Trials of an Anti-HIV DNA-Vaccine Started

CDC Looks to California for Whooping Cough Vaccine Study

Vaccination Rates Falling For Children WITH Health Insurance

Senate OKs bill requiring Hepa B shots for infants

HPV Vaccination In Australian Women Reduces Genital Warts Cases By Nearly 60% In Young Women And By Nearly 30% In Heterosexual Men

Common Adult Vaccinations Do Not Increase The Risk of Developing Rheumatoid Arthritis

GeoVax receives $244,500 grant under QTDP program for HIV/AIDS vaccine development

Homeopathic Vaccines are Unhygienic and Ineffective

Early Employer-Based Flu Vaccinations Can Protect Health And Improve Company's Bottom Line

Didn't get your flu shot? Airport a new option

Look out, your medicine is watching you

Crucell reports weak Q3 results after vaccine facility contaminated

Influenza Vaccination: Healthcare Workers Attitude in Three Middle East Countries

Chicken pox vaccines for children donated by baby powder manufacturer (includes video)

Scientists at University of Brasilia, Department of Nutrition describe research in pediatric vaccines

Therapeutic HCV Vaccine Opens Door to Potential Treatment Option

Immunovaccine Inc. Successfully Formulates Cel-Sci's CEL-2000 Rheumatoid Arthritis Vaccine in DepoVax(TM)

Local clinic recruits for HIV vaccine study

Hundreds of families demand TB jabs in Birmingham

Get Your Flu Shot, For Me

Vaccinations encouraged to protect infants from whooping cough

Sun Metro in Vaccine Business Sun Update

H1N1 study compares 1st, 2nd waves in Canada

Glaxo Lawyer Indicted For Obstructing The FDA

FDA Risked Its Integrity During Heparin Probe

Group B Strep Meningitis Still Has Poor Outcomes in Infants

Quality of Data Affects Detection of Turning Points in Flu Pandemic

Toronto Public Health issues red measles warning

Haryana to launch measles-eradication campaign

India, US join hands to set up global disease detection centre

Gov't finds Siga Technologies ineligible for smallpox contract, sending shares tumbling

Whooping Cough Cases up 226 Percent in n. Ky.

Mother Hopes To Save Others From H1N1

A Deadly Misdiagnosis

Spike in children with croup

No test for Adelaide man with meningitis

Epilepsy patients build lives around unpredictable illness

Viruses 'can remin in drinking water' after desal treatment

Infection control Leader of nation’s AIDS research effort laments complacency about the disease

PolyMedix Organizes Infectious Disease Clinical Advisory Board

Selection and viral load kinetics of an oseltamivir-resistant pandemic influenza A (H1N1) virus in an immunocompromised patient during treatment with neuraminidase inhibitors

Antibody-rich bovine colostrum could be a simple and cheap solution for preventing and treating influenza pandemics, Australian researchers say.

Docs Take Fewer Freebies, But Disclosure Is Poor

Congress Probes FDA Inspections In Puerto Rico

Allergan Plans To Train Doctors, Sell Insurers on Botox for Migraines

Pfizer's Wyeth Defeats Australian Generic Challenge Against Effexor Patent

Drugging the children in America: 84 percent of ADHD kids put on medication

More Johnson & Johnson drug factories cited for terrible quality control

American Citizens as Guinea Pigs Part 7

Drug-induced hepatic injury in children: a case/non-case study of suspected adverse drug reactions in VigiBase.

Clinical characteristics of children with group A streptococcal toxic shock syndrome admitted to pediatric intensive care units.

An emerging super pathogen threatens us all

Community-Acquired Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Pneumonia: Epidemiology, Clinical Presentation, and Guidance for Management

Priaxon and Technical University Munich partner to develop anti-infective agents against infectious diseases

Nationwide implementation of adjunctive dexamethasone therapy for pneumococcal meningitis

Norovirus Encephalopathy in A Previously Healthy Child

Prenatal and infant acetaminophen exposure, antioxidant gene polymorphisms, and childhood asthma

Infectious Causes of Appendicitis

Anti-TNF Therapy Increases the Occurrence of Shingles and Chicken Pox in People with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatology Mythbusters: Thirteen Things About Rheumatic Diseases That Just Aren't True

Antimicrobial resistance: revisiting the “tragedy of the commons”

Prophylaxis of migraine with melatonin

A two-part, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of exogenous melatonin in REM sleep behaviour disorder

Public health deserves wide attention and respect, vice health minister

Republicans' vow to repeal health care reform could hinder California efforts

Meet The Age of Autism's Mark Blaxill & Dan Olmsted At the NAA Conference

IBC's Viral Safety for Biologicals Conference Returns in 2011

Hebrew University-developed method for control of malaria applied in Africa

Antibiotics Research Subsidies Weighed by U.S.

ORVACS Phase II Clinical Study Combines Immunomodulatory Intervention and Antiretroviral Intensification to Attack Viral Reservoir of HIV Patients

Genetic and diabetic auto-antibody markers in Saudi children with type 1 diabetes

The Body Against Itself: Bacteria Inside One’s Own Body Linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Autoimmune Diseases

Molecular characterization of paediatric idiopathic hypereosinophilia

Management of gastroesophageal reflux disease and erosive esophagitis in pediatric patients: Focus on delayed-release esomeprazole

Follow-up after anaesthetic anaphylaxis.

Assessment of problematic severe asthma in children.

Stressful life events and the onset of asthma.

N- methyl-D-aspartate Glutamate Receptor Antagonists and the Promise of Rapid-Acting Antidepressants

MicroRNAs and LPS: Developing a Relationship in the Neonatal Gut

Influences of Intestinal Bacteria in Human Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Antibiotic use and inflammatory bowel diseases in childhood

Laterobasal Amygdalar Enlargement in 6- to 7-Year-Old Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

High-risk autism gene 'changes brain patterns'

NexGen Digital Supports Talk About Curing Autism's (TACA) 4th Annual Ante Up for Autism

Rethink Autism Website: A Unique Resource for the Autism Community

Why the holidays are so difficult for families with autism and what can help

Local author tells of journey with Autism

Autism services proposal hits snag

Is autism treatable?

Autism research fundraiser a hit

The Struggle to be Healthy, Pregnant and Over 35

Cadets proved 'lifeline' for Edmonton teen with Asperger's

Gilbert man's paintings raise awareness about autism

Autistic teen's death opens 'can of worms'

Play with your kid, for their mental health's sake

Bisphenol A goes through the skin

Nobody’s Using Their Health Insurance–But HMOs Aren’t Offering Refunds

Low Blood Levels of Vitamin D Linked to Chubbier Kids, Faster Weight Gain

No cause found for Florida cancer cluster

Infectious Causes of Colorectal Cancer

Affymetrix Sues A Rival For Poaching Employees

National Pain Strategy Needed For Canadians Suffering in Silence

Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Unhealthier than Table Sugar?

Fish oil helps prevent brain damage after stroke

Omega-3's, Good Fats - True or False?




The Greater Good A Documentary Film looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program.

The PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now"

Click here for all of the Dr. Andrew Wakefield GMC/Lancet Decision Articles and Videos

Click here for the most recent articles by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

Click here if you might be interested in participating in a study of never-vaccinated children


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