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The Archie Tapes - Uncut and Uncensored (2004) - Vaccination News

Daily News 2012-07-30

vacciination news sandyAutism File Magazine: What We Can Learn From Silent Spring - Thank you to our friends at The Autism File Magazine for allowing us to excerpt this article by  Jonathan Rose.  - Age of Autism

The Scientist: Some with ALS Becoming Medical Mavericks
- Age of Autism

Watch the Archive Video Mayor Eisenstein MD Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate July 29th, 2012

Parents urged to get kids vaccinated before school starts - This year, the United States is on pace to have the most cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, in five decades. There have been 18,000 reported cases this year, according to the CDC. Minnesota is one of the states reporting high numbers of the bacterial disease that is preventable by vaccines.

Mounting Evidence Shows Many Vaccines are Ineffective and Contribute to Rise of Outbreaks Caused by Mutated Viruses by Dr. Mercola

The Refusers: Vaccine Protest Music Gone Viral by Norma Erickson, President - SaneVax

Know Your Rights Hour - Dr. Mayer Eisenstein & Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips discuss your concerns about vaccines, medical politics & your personal rights.

Father of Gardasil Injured Girl Speaks - [Note from SaneVax:  When one thinks of vaccine injuries, it is not often those thoughts extend beyond the person who was actually given the vaccine. Unfortunately, the families of those injured are also on the list of victims as their lives are also affected by whatever ‘new medical conditions’ appear in their children. - SaneVax

The kids are all right

DARPA's Blue Angel - Pentagon prepares millions of vaccines against future global flu

Are There Chemical Markers in the Urine of Autistic Children? by Catherine J. Frompovich - Vactruth

Strong uptake of whooping cough vaccine sees WA cases drop again "WITH a growing number of Australians opting not to immunise against whooping cough, the West Australian Government has recently extended its free vaccination program for parents of young babies until the end of the year."

Required Tdap vaccines now available - TDAP required for all incoming 6th grade students

Vaccine Requirements Credited With Low Rates of Whooping Cough

The Mary and Sallie Show ~ Vaccines & Parental Rights by themaryandsallieshow (audio)

Hepatitis vaccines – all you need to know

Rite Aid pharmacists provide vaccinations, advice for BTS season

Poll: Should It Be Harder to Exempt Your Kids from Vaccinations?

Vaccine denialism

immatics Announces Publication of IMA901 Cancer Vaccine Data in Nature Medicine: Immune Response Associates With Longer Survival

NanoPass Secures Series B Investment to Accelerate Commercialization of its Intradermal Delivery Products

Vaccines developed from DNA nanostructures come one step closer to a clinical reality

Title:  AIDS virus vaccines using Sendai virus vector (patent)

Back-to-School Vaccinations - Before heading back to school, parents need to make sure their children are up to date on their vaccinations.

Whooping Cough Is Coming Back - Whooping cough is on the rise.

Alnylam gets $3.2M payment from Glaxo

September 11, 2012: Pediatric Advisory Committee Meeting Announcement

Title: Powerful vaccine composition comprising lipopeptide and poly I:C as an adjuvant

Ark. Health Dept. urging parents to have children vaccinated

ND Health Department urges vaccines

Time running out to get vaccinated

40 Percent Of High-Prescribing Docs Get Pharma Perks

"1000 NEW JOBS IN CHINA - AND THAT'S GOOD FOR BASEL" - Roche CEO Severin Schwan more than 300 new jobs in Switzerland and outrageous profit margins

Study raises hope of effective TB/HIV therapy

Cost Of Doing Biz: Pharma Regulatory Salaries Rise by Ed Silverman - Pharmalot

Leaders call for more research to achieve goal of AIDS-free generation

2012 Public Health Law Conference: Practical Approaches to Critical Challenges - Atlanta, Georgia October 10 – October 12, 2012

New vaccines 'a gift of life'

Fiji has become the second country in the world to introduce the Pneumococcal and the Rotavirus vaccine into its public health care services.

Gardasil and Cervarix – what's the controversy about the HPV ...

Gardasil (Merck) and Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline) are the brand names of the two currently available HPV vaccines. Both protect against HPV-16 and HPV-18 ...

Parents urged to get 7th-grade students vaccinated

According to the Centers for Disease Control, pertussis incidents are up for the year. In April, Washington ... Sellers said the health center is open to anyone who wants the vaccine, though students are the priority of the center's physicians. She ...
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Merck's Gardasil, GSK's Cervarix HPV vaccines see poor adherence, experts ...

A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report indicated only 32% of US females aged 13 to 17 received all three doses of an HPV vaccine in 2010. GlaxoSmithKline's Cervarix is the other marketed HPV vaccine and is also administered ...
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Sanofi Pasteur to add 2D barcode to six more vaccines

SWIFTWATER, Pa., July 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi (EURONEXT: SAN and NYSE: SNY), announced today it will transition six more products of its pediatric vaccine portfolio to two-dimensional (2D) barcoding ...
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CDC allocates up to $6.5 million for vaccine PR

ATLANTA: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is increasing its promotion of the benefits of immunization via a trio of RFPs worth a collective $6.5 million targeting audiences ranging from preteens to medical providers. The federal health ...
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Infection warning system in cells contains targets for antiviral and vaccine ...

No vaccines exist for the viruses that cause West Nile or hepatitis C. New therapies are urgently needed to prevent and treat serious infections by these and related viruses. The University of Washington is engaged in a major, multipronged effort to ...
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Health department reminds about required immunizations for school children

For more information visit or contact your local public health agency. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reminds parents to prepare for the upcoming school year now by getting their children's annual ...
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Meningitis victim hits out at NHS privitisation after privately-run practice ...

A 76-year-old man hit out this week at the privatisation of the health service after he was refused treatment by a Hackney NHS health centre run by a private contractor for what was later diagnosed as potentially deadly meningitis. Comments; Email ...
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HAAD launches adult vaccination campaign

Adults above 65 and those who have diabetes or any immunity-reducing illnesses should be vaccinated against the seasonal influenza (flu) and pneumococcal ...

Incoming college students need immunizations, too

The vaccine isn't required for those who already have had measles, according to the Oregon Health Authority, but a doctor must verify history of the illness or have a blood titer done that shows the student is immune. Check with your college for other ...
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Sanofi Pasteur to add 2D barcode to six more vaccines

In December 2011, Sanofi Pasteur became the first vaccine company to launch ... participated in a group led by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and ...

Why polio hasn't gone away yet

There have been 96 cases of polio reported worldwide this year, said Dr. Stephen Cochi, a polio specialist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That represents a two-thirds reduction in cases compared with the same point in 2011. “We're ...
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Fox 13 Now - Salt Lake City

PolitiFact: Testing Thompson claim on smallpox vaccine for every "man, woman ...

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson says "Donna Shalala left me with 12 million doses" of smallpox vaccine and "I created enough" to vaccinate "every man, woman and child against smallpox in America." We check it out. © 2012, Journal ...
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Protect against whooping cough

Terry Rhody, R.N., of Marysville injects Larry Minke II, of Wadhams with a Tdap Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis boost shot, Friday July 27, 2012, at the St. Clair County Health Department in Port Huron. Minke's wife is pregnant and due August, 16th and ...
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Make Sure Your 7th Grader Is Protected Against Pertussis

Imperial, California - As students head back-to-school, California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Director and State Health Officer Dr. Ron Chapman, urges parents to ensure their 11- and 12-year-old children have been immunized against pertussis, ...
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Pertussis vaccinations required

After an increase in whooping cough in recent years, students entering sixth and ninth grade will be required to have a pertussis vaccination. The vaccination, named Tdap, is designed to protect against tetanus, diptheria and pertussis. A new law ...
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DH advisers consider HPV vaccination for gay men

Minutes published earlier this month reveal the Joint Committee on Immunisation and Vaccination (JCVI) has recommended a review of the current immunisation programme – which vaccinates all girls aged between 12 and 13 years of age – as it does not ...
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Whooping cough vaccine plans for pregnant women and teens due to 'rocketing ...

The Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) (a board of specialists that advises on vaccination policy) is considering offering a vaccine against whooping cough to teenagers and pregnant women. The reason this step is being considered is ...
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New Cancer Vaccine Target Discovered

A new type of white blood cell has been identified that activates a killing immune response to an external source—providing a new potential target for vaccines for conditions such as cancer or hepatitis B. Publishing in the journal Immunity, a team of ...
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Rotarians ready to climb Kilimanjaro, fight polio

15, will follow months of collecting donations for the fight against polio in Africa and other nations. The Rotarians' campaign is themed “Push for the PEAK,” standing for “Polio Ends At Kilimanjaro.” Rotary International began its push to polio in ...
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Blame game: Washington blamed for ruining anti-polio effort

Even though Pakistan is closer than ever to polio eradication, it has now held the US responsible for hampering its efforts to purge the debilitating disease from the country, saying US activities, specifically the spy hunt for Osama bin Laden, have ...
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The Express Tribune

US Medical Insitute, Others Worry Over Rising Cases of Polio in Nigeria

The Institute of Medicine (IOM), Washington, has described as worrisome, the up surge in polio cases in Nigeria in spite of the general accolades the country received in 2010. Ms Bridget Kelly, Senior Programme officer, said this at the ongoing ...
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Vaccine Requirements Credited With Low Rates of Whooping Cough

... of mandatory vaccination requirements for seventh-grade students, according to school district officials, the San Jose Mercury News reports (Vorwerck, ...

Uganda Ebola outbreak kills 14

Ebola vaccine shows promise. The deadly Ebola virus has killed 14 people in western Uganda this month, Ugandan health officials said on Saturday, ending weeks of speculation about the cause of a strange disease that had many people fleeing their homes ...
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Whooping cough making a comeback

Nearly 18000 cases have been reported so far in 2012, more than twice the number seen at this point last year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At that pace ... “In Indiana, state law requires that all children entering ...
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Why? announce new album, 'Mumps, etc.'

Along with finding out that Why? will release their fifth full-length, Mumps, etc., on October 9th via Anticon/City Slang, we also get to gain some perspective on how much work can go into an album's cover art. What do I mean? Well, Yoni and guys put ...
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Back to School Immunization Clinics Start Today in Springfield

Free immunizations will also be provided during the month of August at Westside Public Health Center at 660 S. Scenic Ave., from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday. Students must bring their immunization records in order to receive the vaccines.
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Keeping up to date on hepatitis viruses, vaccines

Deaths are rare, according to data from the American Academy of Pediatrics, with a hepatitis A case fatality rate of .01 percent to 2 percent.

Merck & Co net income declines by 11% to $1793 mn in Q2

Its pharmaceutical sales grew by 2 per cent to $10.6 billion largely reflect strong sales growth for Januvia, Victrelis, Janumet, Singulair, Isentress and Gardasil. These increase partially offset by expected declines in sales of Cozaar and Hyzaar as ...
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Vaccines: How necessary, safe and effective?

Consequently, both the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend simultaneous administration of all ...

Aluminium Sensitivity Behind Gardasil Side Effects

A new study on the cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil. Reports from the mainstream media were glowing. Literally. They intentionally painted a warm, ...

Australia steps in with vaccines for Fijians: envoy

Acting Australian High Commissioner Glenn Miles said that two of the new vaccines, Pneumococcal and Rotavirus, will be given to Fiji's newborns from September 2012, while the HPV vaccine will be administered to young girls from 2013. The vaccination ...
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Discovery of immune cell reveals target for better vaccine design

The finding will help scientists to design better vaccines for conditions such as cancer and hepatitis B. The cell is a type of human tissue dendritic cell and was identified by researchers from Newcastle University in collaboration with A*STAR's ...
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It's like meningitis without the men

It's like meningitis without the men. July 27th, 2012 at 12:25 am by arielbrown under Interns. Today I got to wear the headset again… and it's getting less and less intimidating, I haven't gotten to the point where I can completely multitask..but I'm ...
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New vaccines to save lives

The introduction of three new vaccines in Fiji's immunisation program will help prevent new born babies from contracting diseases. Pneumonia, meningitis, gastroenteritis and cervical cancer are the biggest causes of death in Fiji's women and children.
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Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

Zimbabwe immunise children against pneumonia

Ministry of Health and Child Welfare Expanded Programme on Immunisation manager Mrs Mary Kamupota said with effect from Friday, children will be immunised against BCG at birth as before. But other vaccines will be administered at six, 10 and 14 weeks ...
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Uganda takes strides in handling epidemicsPublish Date: Jul 30, 2012

At one time or another, in the last 50 years or so, Uganda has faced a number of epidemics namely leprosy, plague, cholera, meningitis, Ebola, Marburg fever, Polio, Hepatitis E and lately the nodding disease, which claimed hundreds of lives. But ...
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New Vision

Trying to double check my thoughts on vaccines...

The pertussis vaccine is only manufactured combined with at least diphtheria and tetanus. However, it is possible to get diphtheria and tetanus without pertussis, but the DT vaccine contains 0.3 mcg mercury. A tetanus-only vaccine is available starting ...
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California may avoid nation's whooping cough threat

Despite record-breaking cases of whooping cough across the United States, California has managed to avoid a major outbreak, due in part to mandatory vaccination requirements for incoming seventh-grade students. At the start of last school year, there ...
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Australia steps in with vaccines for Fijians

Acting Australian High Commissioner Glenn Miles said that two of the new vaccines, Pneumococcal and Rotavirus, will be given to Fiji's newborns from ...

Red Spots almost like chicken pox but not....

I feel confident after talking to pediatrician and looking up online that it is not chicken pox. She has no fever, doesn't act like it itches and is not fussy. Well today, instead of taking her usual two 45-60 minute naps, she has slept a total of ...
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Cervical cancer vaccine could cut death rate in PNG

Many of those lives could be saved through early diagnoses of cervical cancer and treatment with the Australian developed vaccine Gardasil. The World Health Organistsion is supporting the idea of universal immunisation for women against cervical cancer.
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Ministry of Information

New Vaccine to reduce Child Mortality - In its bid to reduce child mortality, the Ministry of Health launched two new vaccines-Pneumococcal and Rotavirus ...

Discovery of immune cell reveals target for better vaccine design

The discovery of this new dendritic cell subtype, as revealed by this research, will help scientists to design better targeted vaccine strategies to treat cancer and virus infections such as hepatitis B. "These are the cells we need to be targeting for ...
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Wellcome Trust

Mounting Evidence Shows Many Vaccines are Ineffective and ...

Starting approximately three years after prior vaccine dose, attack rates ... the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) started directing physicians, ...

The solution to the rising incidence of pertussis: vaccination

Public-health officials believe the series of DTaP vaccine shots kids receive from birth to kindergarten wears off somewhere around age 8 or 9. The vaccine for teens and adults, Tdap, is recommended at age 11. The federal Centers for Disease Control is ...
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Health District: Vaccinate for school now

State law mandates the shots children need entering kindergarten to protect children from measles, mumps, rubeola, rubella, chicken pox, hepatitis B, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus. Children who do not have these immunizations within the ...
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Should all children be vaccinated against flu?

The move follows recommendations from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, which advises the Department of Health. They recently concluded that while there were significant challenges involved in extending the programme, evidence ...
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JE resurfaces after a six-month gap

Special immunisation rounds against JE in the affected region was undertaken by the Centre last year, after which the JE vaccine was included in the routine immunisation for 35 districts of the state and has been regularly administered to children ...
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VIEW : A polio-positive Pakistan? — AR Siddiqi

The pro-Taliban Frontier tribesmen — mainly in the two Waziristans, north and south, would not have the three-day polio vaccination campaign of the World Health Organization (WHO) to proceed. They see it as an espionage cover similar to the hepatitis ...
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Six children die of measles in Mohmand

GHALANAI, July 28: Six children died and several others were hospitalised as measles broke out in remote areas of Ambar tehsil of Mohmand tribal region. In the Loya Shah village of Ambar tehsil, 60km from agency headquarters Ghalanai, two children of ...
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