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The hidden story about vaccines, autism, drugs and food… Americas health has been BOUGHT. Your health, your family’s health. Now brought to you by Wall Street… “If you thought they hurt us with the banks, wait till you see what they’re doing to health care.” Vaccines. GMOs. Big Pharma. Three big, BIG, okay… HUGE topics in one film. Why? Why not 3 films, why put all this in one movie? Great question, 2 answers. 1st and most importantly: We need to band together. We need a mainstream film, not another radical movie that only interests the “already converted”. Over 5 million people supported Prop 37 in CA. Reportedly, over 2 million worldwide marched against Monsanto in a global protest. There...ane vaccine expansion, and our love affair with pharmaceuticals- it’s the same villain. It’s a risky story to tell, but would be a tragedy to passively consent to with silence. There is something horribly wrong with health care today. Huge money, billions and billions of dollars flowing into the same pockets. Meanwhile, MD’s aren’t being allowed to actually practice the art of medicine and anyone who questions vaccination safety, pharmaceuticals, factory farms, etc. is ridiculed and belittled. Meanwhile, the billions keep flowing, carried on a river of pain and anguish. Huge corporations funded by individual misery, one broken life at a time. Three huge stories, each worthy of multiple films, but each brought together by one staggering fact: it’s the same villain. These three story lines converge on Wall Street, in a tale of corruption, greed and shocking lack of conscience.


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All the News Posted February 8, 2011

Sandy's website Immunization News Click here for all of the Dr. Andrew Wakefield GMC/Lancet Decision Articles and Videos

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Upcoming Show: 2/8/2011 6:30 PM The LABVIRUS Show Episode #20 Featuring special guests Louise Kuo Habakus and Mary Holland, co-authors of new book Vaccine Epidemic from Skyhorse Publishing.

Scientists Claim to Find "Holy Grail" of Flu Vaccines

New vaccines possible with discovery

Media Culpable In Vaccine Controversy

Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Children Make Us Sick: Amity Shlaes

The C-Word An obsession with corporations is driving the left crazy.

Anaphylactic reactions to Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine in three children with allergies to hen’s egg and cow’s milk "Therefore, we recommend that all children not only those who were sensitized to foods should receive the MMR vaccination in a setting that is equipped to deal with anaphylactic reactions. As stated by WHO in Immunization safety surveillance: “Each vaccinator must have an emergency kit with adrenaline, and be familiar with its dosage and administration.”

No Vaccination, No School—That’s the Law A new California law mandates that all students in grades seven through 12 get new whooping cough vaccinations before school starts next year.

A Polio-Free US Thanks to Vaccine Efforts

Health officials urge vaccination as flu season nears peak

Case report: probable transmission of vaccine strain of yellow fever virus to an infant via breast milk

New FDLI's Food and Drug Policy Forum Focuses on Liability Issues in Vaccine Design Defect Claims

The Fifth Dose of Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Vaccine "Local reactions to the fifth dose of the DTaP vaccine that require medical evaluation are uncommon, but the risk of those reactions is significantly higher when the vaccine is injected in the arm. These findings suggest that the thigh should be considered as an acceptable site of injection for this vaccination."

HPV Vaccine and Your Child - WebMD

Glaxo downsizes from Center City to $81M Navy Yard site

Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 two-dose immunization of US children: An observer-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled trial 

"Pandemrix H1N1 Vaccine - An Unwise Choice?"

Determinants of A (H1N1) vaccination: Cross-sectional study in a population of pregnant women in Quebec

Immunogenicity and Safety of Trivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccine: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Multi-Center, Phase 3 Clinical Trial in a Vaccine-Limited Country

Attitudinal and demographic predictors of measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine acceptance: Development and validation of an evidence-based measurement instrument

Immunogenicity of attenuated measles virus engineered to express Helicobacter pylori neutrophil-activating protein

Immunogenicity and safety of a combined diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis, and inactivated poliovirus vaccine (DTaP–IPV) compared to separate administration of standalone DTaP and IPV vaccines: A randomized, controlled study in infants in the Republic of Korea

Antigenic stability of H1N1 pandemic vaccines correlates with vaccine strain

Employee designation and health care worker support of an influenza vaccine mandate at a large pediatric tertiary care hospital

French healthcare workers in geriatric healthcare settings staunchly opposed to influenza vaccination: The VESTA study

Italian Vaccine Awareness Group Confronts WHO Pandemic Vaccination Policy

Auckland under the Risk of Measles Outbreak

Department of Health Advisory: Possible Measles Exposures in Perry and Dauphin Counties

Acceptance of a vaccine against pandemic influenza A (H1N1) virus amongst healthcare workers in Beijing, China

The effectiveness of trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine in children over six consecutive influenza seasons

Pandemic influenza A/H1N1 vaccine administered sequentially or simultaneously with seasonal influenza vaccine to HIV-infected children and adolescents

The development of vaccine viruses against pandemic A(H1N1) influenza

Natural antibodies against several pneumococcal virulence proteins in children in the pre-pneumococcal vaccine-era: The Generation R Study.

Hepatitis B to be part of routine immunization

WHO: Glaxo Vaccine & Narcolepsy To Be Probed

Anti-hepatitis B core antibody is not required for prevaccination screening in healthcare workers

Vaccine adjuvants alum and MF59 induce rapid recruitment of neutrophils and monocytes that participate in antigen transport to draining lymph nodes

Primary care physician perspectives on providing adult vaccines

Flu on the rise: Coastal areas hardest hit, DHEC says, but it's not too late to get vaccination

Immune responses induced by heat killed Saccharomyces cerevisiae: A vaccine against fungal infection

Influenza Virus Infection Aggravates Stroke Outcome

From Science II to Vaccinology II: A new epistemology  Gregory A. Poland, J. Rogers Hollingsworth

Clonal and clinical profile of Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 19A causing pediatric invasive infections: A 2-year (2007–2009) laboratory-based surveillance in Madrid

Met accused of 'campaign' against shaken baby witnesses Three leading pathologists have accused the Metropolitan Police of attempting to discredit them as expert witnesses in so-called Shaken Baby court cases.

Non-toxic derivatives of LT as potent adjuvants

Antibody responses in adult and neonatal BALB/c mice to immunization with novel Bordetella pertussis vaccine formulations

Outer membrane vesicles obtained from Bordetella pertussis Tohama expressing the lipid A deacylase PagL as a novel acellular vaccine candidate

The cellular immune response to influenza vaccination is preserved in rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with rituximab

Racial Bias in Child Protection? A Comparison of Competing Explanations Using National Data

Antibody levels against tetanus and diphtheria after polychemotherapy for childhood sarcoma: A report from the Late Effects Surveillance System

Haematological complications in otherwise healthy children hospitalized for varicella 

Antisense oligonucleotide inhibits avian influenza virus H5N1 replication by single chain antibody delivery system

Mycobacterium bovis (Bacille Calmette-Guérin) bacteremia in immunocompetent neonates following vaccination

Immunization with DnaJ (hsp40) could elicit protection against nasopharyngeal colonization and invasive infection caused by different strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae

Fast patient recruitment cuts clinical trial carbon footprint

Biosurveillance collaboration can save lives, improve health

SPL responds to US FDA warning letter

The FDA Criteria For Going After Pharma Executives

Resolution on parents’ rights draws support, opposition

Health Buzz: 3 Cholera Cases Confirmed in New York City

Idaho House targets children's rights treaty

Monsanto Executive Appointed to High Level Position in the FDA

House passes parental rights memorial 49-20, after much debate

Professional Development for the Infection Preventionist

Baxter: A Long Way To Zero Manufacturing Gaffes

Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Piperonyl Butoxide and Permethrin on 36-Month Neurodevelopment

From reinforcement learning models to psychiatric and neurological disorders

Patterns of Comorbidity, Functioning, and Service Use for US Children With ADHD, 2007

Prenatal Factors for Childhood Blood Pressure: Mediated by Intrauterine and/or Childhood Growth

Timing of Solid Food Introduction and Risk of Obesity in Preschool-Aged Children

Executive and Memory Function in Adolescents Born Very Preterm

Ohio University licenses drug candidates to N.Y. firm in $600k deal

Merck takes loss on drug, issues low forecast

Lilly staff bonuses tied to R&D progression

Merck ends discovery deal with Galapagos

Bell Co. relaxes rabies shots requirements

EMA opens EudraGMP inspection database to public

Credential disclosure sought by bill Proposed federal legislation would require health care professionals to avoid patient confusion by being transparent about their qualifications when advertising services.

Jury still out on whether EMRs improve patient care A study finds a lack of research showing the cost-effectiveness of using technology, despite claims of cost-effectiveness being a given.

Reducing readmissions: How 3 hospitals found success Better discharge planning and quicker follow-up care are keeping patients at home -- and helping to avert Medicare pay cuts.

Health care embraces the iPad: Doctors jump on new technology With competition for the Apple product coming, physicians will decide if tablet computers are their mobile device of choice.

Medicare pay panel latest target of GOP effort to repeal reform law Republicans continue to try to weaken the law, setting their sights on the Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board.

How to help prospective patients find a practice online

Medical liability: health reform's next step Congress should pass the HEALTH Act to restrain health spending growth while preserving patient access to high-quality physician care.

Health reform's primary care recruits: the National Health Service Corps Paying more doctors to work in shortage areas is one plan for mending the nation's safety net before increased demand breaks it.

HHS says it recovered $4 billion in fraudulent payments in 2010 Strategies outlined under health system reform include increased penalties and withholding payments to recipients who are being investigated.

New medical home standards stress care coordination Practices with electronic medical record systems will have an easier time becoming NCQA-certified medical homes than those relying on paper records.

2 health plans in New England to enter merger discussions Harvard Pilgrim and Tufts say a combined company would lower costs, saving members money.

How Can Autism Be Treated?

Feeding A Beast: Pfizer And Its Nutritional Business

Disabled children set to pay the price

Teaming up for wellness, prevention -- and saving money

Hospital accommodated resident with Asperger's

Letters to the Editor - Feb. 7, 2011 Improve childhood nutrition by barring junk food from food stamp program

News briefs: Health U.S. life span lags behind other countries due to smoking, obesity - Heart disease costs to triple by 2030

News briefs: Government & Medicine Colorado high court rejects challenge to medical marijuana law - Insurers contest HHS estimate of reform's impact on premiums - Children's health care varies widely by state

News briefs: Professional Issues Ohio hospitals save $13 million by cutting infections - Imaging services are part of self-referral law, Maryland appellate court rules

News briefs Business California insurers agree to hold off on rate hikes - HIMSS forms Latino health IT initiative - Union membership dips for health care workers

Prostaglandin E2 and SOCS1 have a role in intestinal immune tolerance

Glia- and neuron-specific functions of TrkB signalling during retinal degeneration and regeneration

Risperdal Overcharge Trial Looms Over J&J

Solid food for infants should be carefully timed to lower obesity risk
A Better Understanding of BPA Metabolism, with Frederick vom Saal

Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Goes Forward The complaint was filed in Federal court in the Eastern District of North Carolina.

Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 7, 2011




The Greater Good A Documentary Film looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program.

The PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now"

Click here for all of the Dr. Andrew Wakefield GMC/Lancet Decision Articles and Videos

Click here for the most recent articles by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

Click here if you might be interested in participating in a study of never-vaccinated children


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