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The Archie Tapes - Uncut and Uncensored (2004) - Vaccination News

Daily News 2012-05-15

Vaccines Paul Offit, MD - This course will discuss issues regarding vaccines and vaccine safety: the history, science, benefits, and risks of vaccines, together with the controversies surrounding vaccines and answers to common questions that parents have about vaccines.

Vaccination is not immunization

Children without vaccines to be banned from school today

Health Tip: Do I Need the Meningococcal Vaccine? - Yes, if you're about to live in a college dorm.

A plea for vaccinating against whooping cough

AMERICANS FIGHT FOR VACCINE CHOICES - Vermont Philosophical Exemption Saved!

Welcome to the NVIC Advocacy Portal (NVICAP)

Are Vaccines Damaging Your Baby’s Liver?

Award Winning Medical Journalist, Dr. Corey Hebert, Publishes Controversial Manuscript, Condemning The Anti-Vaccine Movement, In the May 2012 Issue Of The Journal of Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics

HSE warns of measles outbreak

Medicago to Host Investor Day Event and Webcast

Malaria discoveries could pave way for new therapies

Vaccination rates among toddlers very low: study

Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains Vaccine Injury Claim

Low Rates of Influenza Immunization in Young Children Under Ontario’s Universal Influenza Immunization Program - journal article (Pediatrics)

Influenza vaccination in healthcare professionals - journal article (BMJ)

Groundbreaking new model for predicting vaccine efficacy and safety

Hepatitis Risk Assessment

Richard Feldman: A fraudulent link to autism

Should A Federal Agency Oversee The DSM? by Ed Silverman - Pharmalot

New treatment for brain cancer could extend life by two years

Soligenix announces Q1 results, highlights progress of biodefense unit

How Medical Practices Doubled Their Flu Vaccination Rates

... of evidence-based strategies saw significant increases in childhood influenza vaccination rates, according to interim results presented here at the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) 15th Annual Conference on Vaccine Research.
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Pertussis outbreak in King County

By SARAH KEHOE King County is experiencing a widespread pertussis outbreak, with 100 confirmed cases reported in the first 3 months of 2012. A county health representative says that's the highest number reported for this time of year in the past decade ...
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Flathead Pertussis Numbers Still Rising

The pertussis outbreak prompted Kalispell Middle School to cancel a concert last week, but health officials say they don't plan to cancel other school events in the Flathead at this time. “We try not to cancel events unless we really don't have enough ...
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Vaccination is not immunization

Many vaccines contain both aluminum and trace amounts of mercury. When you mix these 2 metals together it causes Extreme Synergistic Toxicity. As vaccinated disease rates go down (but not necessarily as a result of toxic vaccinations), ...
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Taking stupid to a whole new level: TLC's entry for the “Worst piece written ...

TLC: The attention paid to reports of an increased prevalence in autism and vaccines containing thimerosal, a preservative used in vaccines that contains mercury. Reality: To start with, this sentence isn't written in proper English — but I guess in ...
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No new bacterial meningitis cases in Lane County

The Register-Guard ( reports that no cases of bacterial meningitis had been identified as of Monday, three days after the death of Lillian Pagenstecher. Typically, someone exposed to the disease will show symptoms within three to ...
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Avoid Certain Vaccine-Biologic Combos

For vaccines that have carbohydrate-based antigens, which are largely T-cell independent (B-cell dependent), remember 'PHIM': Pneumococcus, H. influenzae B, Influenza A/B, and Meningococcus. Biologic agents that affect T-cells include methotrexate, ...
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Family Practice News Digital Network

12500 Kids Get Pneumonia, Diarrhoea

Dr. David Kwasi Amankwa believes the pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines would lead to a reduction in pneumonia and diarrhea which were amongst killer diseases of children under five years. Speaking to DAILY GUIDE after the launch of the new vaccines, ...
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Daily Guide

Impact of oral simvastatin therapy on acute lung injury in mice during ...

To directly test whether statins are protective against Streptococcus pneumoniae, the leading cause of CAP, we examined the impact of prolonged oral simvastatin therapy at physiologically relevant doses in a mouse model of pneumococcal pneumonia.
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Mark Directs Senators to Mobilise Constituents Against Polio

Senate President David Mark has directed all senators from Bauchi, Yobe and Jigawa states to move to their constituencies to monitor the on-going polio immunisation in their districts. Sen. Adamu Gumba, (Bauchi South), told the News Agency of Nigeria ...
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Indianapolis Star: One angry doctor attacks Andrew Wakefield

I was not in a mood to see Andrew Wakefield slammed by a doctor who doesnt give a damn about what's happening to our childrenall that matters is that it's ...

New Global Vaccine Strategy Glosses Over Basic Immunisation Gaps

Geneva — A new, ten-year, multi-billion dollar action plan for global vaccination may fail to deliver if it does not directly address the weaknesses in routine immunisation programmes. Nineteen million children are being missed each year and this ...
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Bactrim gardasil

bactrim gardasil Gardasil-HPV (series of 3 injections) $435; Typhoid $55; Meningitis $115; Medications. Albuterol $20; Amoxicillin 500mg #30 $5.50; Antacid ...

Gardasil | Biotech Blog

Have a look. Australian government rejects subsidy for a cervical cancer vaccine and now it is being used in a campaign for promoting Australian biotechnology ...

Parents urged to vaccinate children after measles outbreak

AN OUTBREAK OF measles amongst teenagers in West Cork has led the HSE to urge parents to vaccinate their children against the disease. All of the teens who contracted the potentially fatal disease were not vaccinated against measles.
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Collateral damage?: Measles outbreak kills 12 children in Waziristan

By AFP A measles outbreak has killed 12 children in the North Waziristan tribal region and is spreading as fighting, power cuts and curfews cause a vaccine shortage, doctors said on Monday. North Waziristan, which is infamous for its alleged Taliban ...
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The Express Tribune

Euro 2012 fans face risk as measles hit Ukraine

By Eoin Farren SOCCER fans travelling to Euro 2012 could be at increased risk of contracting measles, an expert has warned. The disease has reached epidemic levels in the Ukraine, one of the tournament co-hosts, with 5000 cases detected in the first ...
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Watch out for the signs of meningitis

I WAS so sorry to read in your article on May 9, how six-year-old Cieran Kelso lost his legs when he caught meningitis, aged one. However, everyone at Meningitis UK was encouraged to read he is doing well and, with his dad Gary and stepmum Gemma ...
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Social Networks Influence Flu Shot Decision among College Students

College students who perceived support for flu vaccination from spouses, parents and friends were also more likely to perceive the vaccine as safe and to intend to be vaccinated. * Future influenza vaccine promotions on college campuses should target ...
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Hundreds Of Area Students Still Not Vaccinated

The state gave students eight months from their first day of school in 2012 to meet state immunization requirements. That compliance date was extended two weeks until mid-May, with the exact deadline depending on the first day of the school year, ...
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Whooping Cough Epidemic Hits Washington State

Public health officials say there is an epidemic, with nearly 1300 cases this year, over 10 times last year's numbers. Dr. Jeffrey Duchin, chief of Communicable Disease and Immunizations for King County, Washington, told Here & Now's Robin Young that a ...
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Here And Now

Measles kills 12 children in North Waziristan

By AFP MIRANSHAH: An outbreak of measles in North Waziristan has killed 12 children in three weeks and is spreading due to a shortage of medicines, doctors said Monday. Doctor Mohammad Ali Shah, chief of the main hospital in Miranshah, the biggest town ...
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The Express Tribune

Measles outbreak reported in West Cork, so get your kids checked

The HSE South is urging parents to keep an eye on their kids and to get them vaccinated against measles, as there is currently an outbreak of the disease in Cork. So far the disease is mainly affecting teenagers who have not been vaccinated against the ...
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Measles outbreak kills 12 children in NWA

MIRANSHAH: A measles outbreak has killed 12 children in a tribal district North Waziristan and is spreading as fighting, power cuts and curfews cause a vaccine shortage, doctors said on Monday. “For the past three weeks, we are daily receiving five to ...
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Amid Rise in U.S. Measles Cases, High School Parents Divided on Vaccinations

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declared measles officially eliminated in the United States in 2000. But after 222 measles cases and 17 outbreaks surfaced in the United States in 2011, the virus is experiencing a life after death.
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U.S. News & World Report

Gastroenterology special issue focuses on new directions of viral hepatitis ...

by Jordan J. Feld "Is Hepatitis Virus Resistance to Antiviral Drugs a Threat?" by Jean-Michel Pawlotsky "Will There Be a Vaccine to Protect Against the Hepatitis C Virus?" by Benoît Callendret and Christopher M. Walker "Epidemiology of Viral Hepatitis ...
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The Shingles Vaccine Returns

But you've never seen a broadcast ad for the vaccine before, or a public service campaign by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, because year after year Merck, the drug's manufacturer, couldn't produce enough of it.
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Shingles, chicken pox both related

By RACHEL QUARBERG, MD, On Call Q: I heard that anyone who has had chicken pox can get shingles when they get older. Is this true? Shingles (also known as herpes zoster) is a painful skin rash that is caused by the varicella-zoster virus.
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Missoula Co. seeing its worst pertussis outbreak ever

Health department officials say this is the worst pertussis outbreak they've ever seen in this county, but can't say where some of the cases were reported in the community. However last week, the Missoula County Public Schools confirmed it had a ...
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Top of the Morning: UN and Syria Tussle over Humanitarian Aid; Palestinians ...

(ABC-Australia When health ministers from WHO member states Geneva next week for the annual World Health Assembly they will declare Polio a Global Emergency. The virus is on the upsurge in the three countries in which it remains ...
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PAN Advocates for Pneumococcal Vaccination

The President, Paediatric Association of Nigeria, PAN, Dr Dorothy Esangbedo, has again reiterated that pneumococcal disease remains a significant burden in Africa, accounting for 20 per cent of under five deaths in Nigeria.
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Sinovac Reports Unaudited First Quarter 2012 Financial Results

In May 2012, Sinovac completed negotiations with the Shanghai Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Shanghai CDC) on the details of the Shanghai tender to supply inactivated hepatitis A vaccine in prefilled syringe form.
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Many students still not vaccinated

By Denise Allabaugh (Staff Writer) Hundreds of area students have not complied with Pennsylvania Department of Health's mandatory vaccinations against mumps, measles, chicken pox, whooping cough and other diseases. Still, some local school officials ...
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Doctors seek urgent answers on 'budget sleepers'

"For starters, we are very concerned at the Government's cuts to the GP immunisation incentive. This flies in the face of the proven effectiveness of this incentive in encouraging the strong uptake of childhood immunisation in Australia, ...
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Health Bulletin Board: HPV vaccine now recommended for boys ...

Kim Reed (left), a certified medical assistant at the Akron Children's Hospital Wadsworth office, administers the HPV vaccine to Jimmy Vala, 14, of Granger Twp., ...

The Risks of Bacterial Meningitis

By Jonathan Siegle The death of Lillian Paganstecher raises questions about the seriousness of bacterial meningitis. The disease is potentially fatal and can be contracted from close personal contact with an infected person. However, Dr. Patrick Luedke ...
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Preventing the Spread of Bacterial Meningitis

The death of a female University of Oregon student from bacterial meningitis over the weekend had many people concerned. As a result, since then Public Health and school officials say they're taking every precaution to make sure students feel safe.
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Conshohocken Catholic celebrates bittersweet final May Procession

“I had back-to-back chicken pox and measles, and I wasn't in school when they picked me. I never did get to practice. The first time I walked up that aisle [of St. Matthew Catholic Church] — wearing my white dress and veil from First Communion — was ...
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Anambra Will Remain Polio Free, Says Obi

By Beatrice Onuchukwu, 15 May 2012 Awka — Anambra State Governor Peter obi has said that the state will remain polio-free as his government is determined to ensure that the disease does not surface in the state. He said this yesterday during a ...
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Pertussis shows persistence

A. Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, has three stages, said Dr. Anna Barber, a pediatrician at Providence Pediatrics North. Stage 1 seems like a cold and lasts a week or two. You might be sneezing and congested, with a mild fever and dry cough.
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Free Immunization For 700000 Kids

RIMANDO PAGADIAN CITY, Philippines – Some 700000 children with ages nine months to seven years old in Western Mindanao have been targeted this year by the Region-9 office of the Department of Health (DOH-9) for vaccination against measles starting this ...
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Measles kills 12 kids in tribal areas in three weeks

MIRANSHAH, (SANA): An outbreak of measles in part of tribal areas of the country, has killed 12 children in three weeks and is spreading due to a shortage of medicines, according to doctors. Doctor Mohammad Ali Shah, chief of the main hospital in ...
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South Asian News Agency

Autism Acceptance and Aging Out

People with low and non-verbal autism, like my brother, will age out of high school without any services available to them. In addition, the increased ...

Measles kills 12 children in Pakistan tribal area

A measles outbreak has killed 12 children in one of Pakistan's lawless tribal districts and is spreading as fighting, power cuts and curfews cause a vaccine shortage, doctors said Monday. North Waziristan, a restive and deeply poor area bordering ...
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Medmeme, LLC. Identifies Competition-Changing Trends In Virology Treatments

Also reported, Merck's Gardasil and GSK's Cervarix continue to compete for dominance in the HPV market, while Merck is developing a broad-coverage follow-on HPV vaccine. Medmeme CEO Mahesh Naithani explains: “The virology topics of HIV, HCV, and HPV ...
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Wipe out polio, now!

Today, the flame of polio is near extinction — but sparks in three countries threaten to ignite a global blaze. Now is the moment to act. During the next two weeks, on two continents, two events offer the chance for a breakthrough.
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Ghana Business News

Pharmacy Vaccines Can Help Prevent Getting Shingles

It's caused by the same virus that causes Chicken Pox. “HIV, career, emotional stressors, the shingles virus is an opportunist that's going to jump out and reactivate and cause a new disease” said Carol Wojnarowski, Infection Control Nurse at Holyoke ...
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Walkers in tribute to tragic Leeds dad

RAISING AWARENESS: Stuart Kirwin s family took part in the walk to support research into meningitis vaccines. Below, Stuart, who died from meningitis. By Katie Baldwin The family of a 40-year-old who died from meningitis have raised thousands in his ...
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Yorkshire Evening Post

Richard Feldman: A fraudulent link to autism

The research linking the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine to autism was a hoax, a complete fraud. The English study's author, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, deceived the world and parents looking for a cause of their autistic child's unfortunate condition.
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Hospital taking precautions

Kalispell Regional Medical Center remains on alert and ready for pertussis cases with the latest health department updates distributed to every department. Infection control specialist Shari Courser said no one was in the hospital with pertussis on ...
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Adults At Risk By Not Getting Regular Vaccinations

In addition, doctors recommend adults be routinely vaccinated against whopping cough, hepatitis A and B, and even, the mumps, measles and rubella. They also suggest getting a vaccine for pneumococcal and HPV, if you are a woman or man between the ages ...
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Measles outbreak affects 25 children in Cork

None of those infected had been immunised with the MMR vaccine, which protects against mumps, measles and rubella, public health doctors confirmed. MMR immunisation rates here have still not recovered following discredited research in 1998 linking the ...
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Flu shot program misses children under two in Ontario: study

By Helen Branswell By Helen Branswell The Canadian Press Getty Images/Justin Sullivan A nurse fills syringes with influenza virus vaccine before the start of a drive-thru flu shot clinic October 2, 2009 in Napa, California.
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Mwingi Cops Forcibly Take Sick Kids to Hospital

By Phillip Muasya, 13 May 2012 Police accompanied by two chiefs in Mwingi county yesterday intervene and forcibly took eight children suffering from measles to Mwingi District Hospital for treatment. The children's parents, who are members of the ...
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Measles outbreak in west Cork

The HSE South is urging parents to ensure their children are protected against measles following an outbreak of the disease in west Cork. The health executive says the outbreak is mainly affecting teenagers who have not been vaccinated.
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HSE issues warning in bid to curb measles outbreak

By Eoin English Parents have been advised to withdraw unvaccinated children from a West Cork school following a major outbreak of the highly contagious measles disease. The HSE South has confirmed 25 cases of measles have been reported in its region in ...
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Polio: Bauchi Procures 2.6m Vaccines, Targets 2m Children For Immunisation

The Bauchi State government has procured 2.6 million doses of polio vaccines for the May 2012 Polio Plus immunisation exercise in the state. The Executive Secretary of the state's Primary Health Care Development Agency (PHCDA), Dr. Nisser Umar, ...
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Woman claims she bought bed bug infested furniture

“I thought he was getting chicken pox,” said Johnson. Instead, she said she gave Fantasy Furniture $250 for the furniture, and a nest of bed bugs. “As a business man, I can't take the furniture back,” said Fantasy Furniture owner, Walter Lock.
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Meningitis: 'One case does not constitute an outbreak'

Lane County Public Health officials recommend that young adults between the ages of 11 and 18 be vaccinated against meningitis, but they admitted the available vaccines are not full proof. University of Oregon student Lillian Pagenstecher died from ...
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Pertussis caseload grows

Flathead County now has 19 confirmed cases of whooping cough (pertussis), according to county Health Officer Joe Russell. Russell said Monday there were three new confirmed cases on Monday. “We haven't done case investigation on the three yet,” Russell ...
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Time Running Out For Hepatitis A Vaccines

Time is running out for those who dined at Evansville's Lone Star Restaurant to receive their free Hepatitis A vaccine. A person must receive the vaccine within 14 days of exposure, and that window closes on May 17th. Lone Star Patrons who dined at the ...
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Parents need to immunize their children, Brunswick doctor says

Dr. Lawrence Losey, a pediatrician at Parkview Adventist Medical Center in Brunswick, who was recently honored by the US Centers for Disease Control for his work with vaccinations, performs a check-up on one of his young patients.
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'8.75 million expectant mothers, children die yearly'

By Augustine Ehikioya, Abuja 1 hour ago •Emir of Dass, Alhaji Bilyaminu Usman (right), administering Oral Polio Vaccine on a child at Anguwa Sarkin Noma, Gamawa, Bauchi State. PHOTO: NAN NO fewer than 8.75 million women and children die yearly from ...
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WHO to declare polio global health emergency

NEW DELHI: A historic resolution by the World Health Organization (WHO) will declare polio a global health emergency in the upcoming World Health Assembly (WHA) to be held from May 21 to 26. Even as the world celebrates India's success in stopping ...
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Meningitis Vaccine In the News

The death of a student at the University of Oregon from meningitis last week has health officials reminding parents to get their kids vaccinated. Dr. Christina Lancioni at Oregon Health and Sciences University, says meningitis spreads like the cold.
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Visitation Underway For CMU Student Killed By Meningitis

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero spent hours trying to convince "Occupy Lansing" protestors to leave Reutter Park tonight. The park closed at 10pm. The demonstrators do not have a camping permit and may beget more >> Two people had to be pulled from a ...
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No new cases of bacterial meningitis reported

By Jeff Wright While an incubation period still needs to play itself out, Lane County health officials are cautiously optimistic that the bacterial meningitis that took the life of University of Oregon student Lillian Pagenstecher on Friday is an ...
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Microneedle devices could replace painful vaccine jabs

THE DEVELOPMENT of microneedle patches means that in the not so distant future we may no longer need to go to our local GP for vaccinations such as the flu jab and other injections. Even better, the new microneedle devices will be completely painless.
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Shot@Life: Amanda Peet, United Nations Foundation Team Up For Vaccination ...

"If we take all of the children [in the US] who are entering kindergarten this fall, a little fewer than half of that number is how many children die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases," Peet said, referring to measles, polio, ...
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Whooping cough outbreak in Skowhegan

Doctor Mike Lambke of Redington-Fairview General Hospital said pertussis more commonly known as whooping cough is a highly contagious disease that can easily spread from person to person. "It's spread by coughing or what we call droplets.
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Fast-Rising WBC Associated With Severe Infant Pertussis

May 14, 2012 (Thessaloniki, Greece) — Infants with pertussis and high or rapidly increasing white blood cell (WBC) counts are more likely to become critically ill than those with lower counts, according to research presented here at the European ...
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Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains Vaccine Injury Claim ...

The Inception of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. This program, enacted in the late 1980s, was intended to prevent costly lawsuits over ...

HPV and Oral Cancer (1 Letter)

To the Editor: Re “Fewer Young Women Complete HPV Vaccine” (Vital Signs, May 8): Human papillomavirus has been linked to throat cancer, and many more studies are under way to see whether there are connections with oral cancers.
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Whooping cough outbreak has public health officials wary

As of last week, Washington reported 1284 cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, this year, according to federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's more than 10 times the number of reported cases at the same time last year.
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Tobacco virus may help prevent Parkinson's, University of Louisville ...

They hope this knowledge can be used to develop a preventive vaccine. Source: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke; Dr. Robert Friedland, University of Louisville The same tobacco leaves that kill hundreds of thousands of smokers ...
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Weybridge man helps battle polio

By John Flowers JASON SCHNOOR PLACES two drops of the polio vaccine into the mouth of an Indian child during a Rotary International humanitarian visit in February. MIDDLEBURY — Jason Schnoor in February got to witness India's Taj Mahal, one of the ...
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Researchers Survey Doctors for Opinions on Controversial HPV ...

What doctors wanted everyone to know about their concerns and attitudes, parents concerns and attitudes.

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month

Hepatitis A and B can both be prevented with vaccines. Cases of hepatitis A have dramatically declined in the United States over the past 20 years largely due to vaccination efforts. The Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended for all children at one year ...
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Official: 500 have sought vaccinations since Hepatitis A exposure at restaurant

By Max Roll EVANSVILLE — The Vanderburgh County Health Dept. is urging diners who ate at Lone Star Steakhouse during the days an employee infected with Hepatitis A worked to receive a free vaccination. Vaccines will be administered at the department's ...
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Researchers closer to meningitis B vaccine

Researchers said Monday they were a step closer to developing a vaccine against the type of meningitis that mostly affects Europe and North America and kills hundreds every year. A trial in adolescents in Australia, Poland and Spain showed them ...
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New York Daily News

Peter Bruce McIntyre

He became Director of the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in 2004 and also sits on the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation, the Communicable Diseases Network of Australia and ...
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'Most post-immunisation deaths coincidental'

The death of three-month-old Megha Devkari last week within hours of vaccination is the third case of post-immunisation death in the city this year. After a clean slate in 2011, when not a single case of immunisation-related death was recorded in the ...
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