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Daily News 2012-11-11

All set for polio campaign in SWA: PA

South Waziristan—Political Agent South Waziristan Agency Shahidullah Khan chaired a high level meeting here at his office to review arrangements for the upcoming anti-polio campaign in the agency starting from November 19. APA Ladha Abdul Nasir ...
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Can the world beat polio once and for all?

“If we don't complete the job, polio will come back and there will be many, many cases,” said Frank Mahoney, chief health officer for polio response at the Center for Disease Control. At a market in Abuja, Nigeria's capital, 20-year-old polio victim ...
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Anger as free jabs cancelled

Mark Cozens said yesterday his newborn son Will was booked for an eight-week immunisation plan at Port Kennedy Child Health Centre but his wife Claire was told they should go to a GP or a clinic in Kwinana. He said the centre cancelled Will's six-week ...
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Role of community healthcare workers in caring for children with pneumonia is key

Effective vaccine for pneumonia caused by pneumococcus exists - yet children who are likely to be at a high risk of pneumonia are least likely to get the protection. Lung Week is 12-17 November. Despite huge adverse impact of pneumonia on child's ...
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Area health care providers didn't buy tainted meningitis steroid

Federal health officials said Monday that 30 people have died from meningitis, caused by fungus in steroids. There have been 419 non-fatal cases in Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey ...
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Country shifting to middle, not right

The day after the election, I received a press release in my email from one of the myriad tea party organizations that still dot the country like a serious case of measles. Disgusted with Mitt Romney's loss to President Barack Obama, this press release ...
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Avoid the pox: Shingles vaccine readily available

The vaccine is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control for people over the age of 60; however those with risk factors who are over 50 might benefit from the vaccine as well. The vaccine is only about 50 percent effective in preventing shingles ...
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Boko Haram Is Threat Against Polio Eradication, Say Rotary Chiefs

WITH fresh cases of polio undermining previous successes, Rotary International has said insecurity in Northern Nigeria is a serious threat to effective administration of vaccines and immunisation of children. Unfortunately, Nigeria, once reported to ...
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Combined efforts to control pneumonia stressed

Now with the availability of pneumococcal vaccine in EPI centers for free, all stakeholders including pediatrics, government, public health experts, Social and community leaders, elected representatives and medical practitioners should play an active ...
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Health Unit expands free HPV vaccine program

Girls that missed out on a publicly-funded Human Papillomavirus (HPV) immunization program before graduating Grade 8 now have a second chance to get their shots. The Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit will now be offering free HPV vaccines to girls in ...
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Legislative hearing to examine Mass. oversight of pharmacies in wake of ...

BOSTON — The state's oversight of compounding pharmacies will be the subject of a legislative hearing. Massachusetts lawmakers called for the Statehouse hearing on Wednesday in the wake of a nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak linked to a steroid ...
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Health Department Schedules Vaccination Clinics

The Rhode Island Department of Health will begin public vaccination clinics for pertussis (whooping cough), seasonal influenza, and pneumonia across the state over the next two months, including one in Woonsocket Dec. 3. “I encourage all Rhode ...
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GSK rotavirus shot chosen for UK immunisation campaign

Rotarix, a two-dose oral vaccine squirted into the baby's mouth, will be added to the childhood immunisation schedule for three years from September 2013 to vaccinate all babies aged 6-24 weeks, the government said. Rotavirus is a common and highly ...
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Meningitis: Pace of Outbreak Slows

The number of people afflicted in the continuing fungal meningitis outbreak continues to climb – reaching 438 cases in 19 states -- but the pace is slowing, judging by numbers reported by the CDC on Friday. Since the last report Wednesday, 15 new cases ...
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MedPage Today

Steroid-Meningitis Toll Now 32 Dead, 438 Sickened, CDC Says

FRIDAY, Nov. 9 (HealthDay News) -- Thirty-two people have now died and 438 have been sickened in the fungal meningitis outbreak linked to tainted steroid injections, U.S. health officials reported Friday. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and ...
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Rotavirus vaccine to be introduced for babies

A vaccine to prevent illness caused by rotavirus will be introduced in the UK, much of the media reports. The news is based on a Department of Health announcement that the rotavirus vaccine, Rotarix, will be added to the routine childhood vaccination ...
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Andrew Wakefield versus Brian Deer - Tim Bolen Reports | The ...

Jake Crosby, Age of Autism, Tim Bolen, Texas, Andrew Wakefield, Dismissal, Appeal, Court, Brian Deer, BMJ,

HPV Vaccine Not Associated with Increased Sexual Activity

Specifically, the study reported no differences between girls who did and did not receive the HPV vaccine regarding: testing for sexually transmitted infections, ...

HPV vaccine may benefit HIVinfected women study finds

(Medical Xpress)—Women with HIV may benefit from a vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV), despite having already been exposed to HPV, a study finds.

Survey finds lack of trust in polio drive in high-income localities

KARACHI, Nov 10: While assessing the knowledge and perception of parents in Karachi about polio vaccine during two sub-national immunisation drives in Sept to Oct 2011, researchers found that the refusals were clustered in two groups. However, what ...
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Polio Hides Out In A Few 'Sanctuaries' In Nigeria

There have been twice as many polio cases as last year, and a few communities, where kids chronically miss vaccines, are serving as "sanctuaries" for the poliovirus, giving it a place to replicate and survive. At the same time, monitoring polio's ...
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NPR (blog)

Vigo Co. students receive chickenpox vaccine in free clinic

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - Health officials battle a Vigo County schools chickenpox outbreak with vaccination clinics. The Vigo County Health Department hosted a chickenpox clinic at Terre Haute South High School earlier today. It comes after the ...
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gardasil boy » Sociology Lens

gardasil boy · Source: Consumer Reports · Leave a Comment · Gender, Sexuality , and the HPV Vaccine: Part 2. Leave a Comment. Click here to cancel reply.

Gardasil: Evidence of Immense Harm | Gaia Health

The implementation of Gardasil and Cervarix vaccination programs is entirely irrational. A recent study investigated their safety claims and found them sorely ...

Gardasil Sales Data - U.S. Pharmaceutical Statistics

View detailed sales data for Gardasil, updated quarterly. Subscribe for email updates.

HPV Vaccine Risks vs. Benefits: Is It Worth It?

There are two HPV vaccines. The first vaccine (known as Cervarix) targets HPV types 16 and 18. The second vaccine (known as Gardasil) targets HPV types 6, 11, 16, and 18. Physicians are recommending that females and males (ages 9 to 26) get the ...
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Decoded Science

Mercury, Vaccines and Autism

In the years after I became alerted to the potential reality of vaccine damage, by Andrew Wakefield's report on his work published in the Mail on Sunday in 1996, I had learned of the use of mercury in vaccines. I started to apply basic enquiry methods ...
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Measles case identified at Woodland Primary School

Woodland Primary School is alerting parents and guardians that a student has a case of measles, a highly contagious viral disease. Superintendent Michael Green sent home a letter with students Thursday listing the symptoms and the precautions taken by ...
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China to verify measles elimination progress

The MOH planned to keep the incidence rate of measles below 1/1,000,000 by 2012, and no endemic transmission of the virus exists. China achieved its annual target concerning the measles incidence rate in 2011, and this is ready for verification ...
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Rotavirus vaccine 'only for babies,' says Department of Health

All babies in the UK are to be offered a vaccination against a highly infectious vomiting and diarrhoea bug, which causes around 14,000 young children to be hospitalised every year. The vaccine against Rotavirus is to be offered from September 2013 and ...
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BBC News

Rotavirus vaccine plan for babies

"Rotavirus affects large numbers of under-fives causing them diarrhoea for a few days. This vaccine will mean less pressure both on distressed parents who have to care for their children and of course the GPs and hospital services who are treating them.
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Season's first influenza cases appear at Wichita hospitals

This year's vaccine includes two influenza A strains — H3N3 and H1N1 — and an influenza B strain, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. During the flu season last year in Kansas, influenza A, H3 strains, made up 79 percent of ...
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Three more polio cases confirmed in KP

He said Peshawar district reported four polio cases, Swabi two, Mardan three, Lakki Marwat two, Torghar two, Charsadda two and one each case in Kohat, Karak, Dera Ismail Khan, Shangla, Haripur, Buner and Upper Dir. He said the Federally Administered ...
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EPI Khyber Pakhtunkhwa holds awareness seminar on Pneumoccocal vaccines

He informed the Pneumococcal vaccine is new addition to vaccination programme and Pakistan has the first country in South Asia which is providing this expensive vaccine free of cost in its routine immunisation programme. He further added that the EPI ...
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50 Meningitis Cases Reported in Va.

There are now 50 reported cases of fungal meningitis in Virginia as an outbreak of the potentially fatal bacterial infection continues to spread. State public health officials say that new number includes three West Virginia residents who became ...
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Professor urges parents to 'accept' rotavirus vaccine

Professor David Salisbury, director of immunisation at the Department of Health, has said he would encourage all parents of young children to "accept" the rotavirus vaccine. From September next year, infants aged between two and four months will be ...
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ITV News

Scottish health minister welcomes rotavirus vaccine

Rotavirus is the most common cause of diarrhoea in young children and I welcome the use of any vaccine that can protect them. In some of the most serious cases, the infection can result in a hospital stay, which can be distressing for the children and ...
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GSK rotavirus shot chosen for UK immunisation campaign

LONDON (Reuters) - GlaxoSmithKline's Rotarix vaccine has been chosen for Britain's first routine rotavirus immunisation programme to protect babies and children against the most common cause of severe diarrhoea and vomiting. Rotarix, a two-dose oral ...
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Parents failing children by not protecting them against killer diseases ...

PARENTS are putting their children at risk by not getting them immunised against life threatening illnesses. The shocking revelation comes as a report into Sefton's public health reveals childhood immunisation levels in the borough are below World ...
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