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All the News Posted March 25, 2011

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AAAAI: Kids May React to Milk Proteins in DPT Shot "We identified seven patients who reported convincing allergic reactions to tetanus vaccines," reported Scott Sicherer, MD, professor of pediatrics at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, during his poster presentation at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology here."...The protein was identified as casamino acids derived from cow's milk, contained in medium used to process the vaccines."

Allergic Reactions to Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Acellular Pertussis Vaccines Among Children with Milk Allergy "Each reported symptoms consistent with a diagnosis of anaphylaxis promptly after receiving the vaccine. Symptoms included: wheezing (5/7), urticaria (5/7), sneezing/nasal congestion (3/7), angioedema (3/7), and repetitive cough (2/7). Treatments included antihistamines (5/7), epinephrine (3/7), inhaled beta-agonists (3/7), and corticosteroids (2/7). Assays were performed on 2 different lots of the tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis vaccine, confirming the presence of milk protein in one lot (30 ng/mL)."

It shouldn't be too easy to opt out of vaccinations When it comes to legislation pertaining to childhood vaccinations, state lawmakers should heed the experts – like the Washington State Medical Association and the Washington Academy of Family Physicians.

Minnesota MnVFC Vaccines for Children Pediatric Influenza Vaccine Order Form "*Preservative-free vs. thimerosal-free - Vaccines with trace amounts of thimerosal are labeled as preservative-free. - Vaccines that do not contain any thimerosal are labeled as thimerosal-free. Thimerosal is still used in the early stages of manufacture of a few vaccines to ensure the production line is sterile. It is removed through a purifi cation process, with only trace remaining (about 1/100th of the amount found in older vaccines).

Do Egg-specific IgE Levels Predict Reactions to Seasonal Influenza or H1N1 Vaccination?

Pneumococcal Vaccine Responses in Children with Down Syndrome

Impaired Pneumococcal Antibody Titers in Children with Down Syndrome

Low Dose Pneumococcal 23-valent Vaccine is Effective in Children with Poor Responses to 7-valent Conjugated Pneumococcal Vaccine

Immunodeficiency in Down Syndrome: Revisiting Recurrent Infections in the Post-Pneumococcal Vaccination Era

FDA Okays Shingles Vaccine for Younger Age Group "Approval for the new indication was based on a 22,000-patient multicenter study in the U.S. and four other countries. Patients ages 50 to 59 were randomized equally to the vaccine or placebo and were followed for a year."

Prevenar Shots to Resume in Japan in ‘Near Future,’ Pfizer Says

The Shot Heard Round the World "Sometimes the shots were physically forced on people, outraging their sense of personal freedom and—when the vaccine sickened some and killed others—galvanizing suspicion of vaccination programs. The episode, Mr. Willrich says, prompted large swaths of Americans to insist that "the liberty protected by the Constitution also encompassed the right of a free people to take care of their own bodies and children according to their own medical beliefs and consciences."

A Hudson Valley Parent speaks out on the Autism versus vaccines controversy A health report spurs immunization debate

Free vaccinations for high risk groups

Hennepin offers low-cost vaccination clinics which includes measles

Measles cases in neighboring Minnesota reminder to check immunization status

Use of a Novel Real-Time PCR Assay to Detect Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) Shedding and Reversion in Stool and Sewage Samples after a Mexican National Immunization Day

PAKISTAN: Militancy, floods, “negligence” hit fight against polio

Chieftains informed about importance of polio vaccination campaign

Bie to vaccinate over 400,000 children against polio

Novartis Acquires Chinese Vaccine Company

Cocaine Addiction Vaccines in Clinical Trials

Vaccines: Dual TLR hit for vaccine success

Zona pellucida-based contraceptive vaccines for human and animal utility

School vaccines get push New state mandated requirements will impede enrollment if ignored

Reduction in Pediatric Rotavirus-related Hospitalizations After Universal Rotavirus Vaccination in Belgium

Emergent BioSolutions Awaits Expected Gov't Contract "When you're a company with one product and one client, you really want to know when that client will sign its next contract. Emergent BioSolutions (EBS) is such a company. It makes the anthrax treatment BioThrax and sells it to the U.S. government.

Glimpses of Ghana "Parker said the experience will help her relate to patients when she becomes a family practice doctor. For example, when she has patients who may not want immunizations for their children, Parker can tell them firsthand what she saw in Ghana. “I saw kids who didn’t have the luxury of being immunized for tetanus or polio,” Parker said. “I saw kids die from those diseases that we immunize for in America.”

Student shot clinic goes high-tech Video link over Internet used between school, clinic

Immunization Works March 2011 Issue

VBI eyes refrigeration-free vaccines

Unbroken "The author, Laura Hillenbrand suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome/ME.  I know, sounds sad and disturbing, right?  I agree.  And yet it's one of the most profound and uplifting stories I've read in years. I've been spending a good deal of time recently on chronic fatigue syndrome/ME websites.   I don't know if you're aware of this, but lately they've been striking some pretty good blows for the autism community.  There has been preliminary data linking both autism and chronic fatigue syndrome/ME to the XMRV retrovirus and it has some of the traditional opponents of the autism community concerned."

Planning for the Control of Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) in Los Angeles County and the United States

Hospitalised patients with suspected 2009 H1N1 Influenza A in a hospital in Norway, July - December 2009.

Immunogenicity and Efficacy in Hemodialysis Patients of an AS03A-Adjuvanted Vaccine for 2009 Pandemic Influenza A(H1N1): A Nonrandomized Trial

Multicenter prospective evaluation of a novel rapid immunochromatographic diagnostic kit specifically detecting influenza A H1N1 2009 virus

H1N1 influenza infection in children: Frequency, pattern, and outcome of chest radiographic abnormalities

Govt consults on pandemic flu strategy

New Research Suggests Wild Birds May Play a Role in the Spread of Bird Flu

British Medical Journal Remains Ethically Challenged Over Brian Deer’s Journalism

Opinion: Broadcasting misconduct Sometimes going public with an accusation is the only way to bring the truth to light

Health care professionals who return to work after influenza illness may still shed virus

Elderly Minnesotans hit hard in latest flu wave

Tackle the flu and meet a sporting hero

Antiviral immunity: IL-21 comes with age

HPV: The Top 5 Drugs that Work

Oxford Immunotec: UK's NICE Recommend Replacing Mantoux With TB Blood Tests For Key Patient Groups

Leslie Christian Survives Tetanus Infection

The tumorigenicity of human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells

CDC Reports on Salmonella and E. coli Outbreaks

Infectious Diseases in Children’s sister company, joint sponsor receives ACCME Accreditation with Commendation

MMWR – Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

Reminiscing the Sixties at the Meadowlands Museum

The decade included advances in medicine and science. An ad for the polio vaccine, pictured, encouraged people to take the pill form of the vaccine.
The decade included advances in medicine and science. An ad for the polio vaccine, pictured, encouraged people to take the pill form of the vaccine.

Meningitis confirmed at OSU-Newark

Canadian Study Shows Risk Of Prion Disease From Urine-Derived, Injectable Fertility Products

Transfer of KPC-2 carbapenemase from Klebsiella pneumoniae to Escherichia coli in the same patient: first case in Europe.

North Korea: FAO says urgent vaccine and equipment needed to contain Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Though rare in dogs and cats, rabies is deadly; vaccination a must

Medical Residencies Closing The Door On Pharma?

Q1 FDA cGMP warning letters in-PharmaTechnologist presents a round up of current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) related warning letters sent by the FDA in the first quarter.

Negative results are published

A prospective study on the role of CXCL13 in Lyme neuroborreliosis

Recently released market study: Lyme Disease Global Clinical Trials Review, Q1, 2011

Mucosal immunology: Steps for keeping calm

Analysis of Psychiatric Records of Anthrax Suspect Bruce Ivins Released Today;

Health Department Probes Anthrax Scare At Hospital

Holt remains skeptical about conclusions in anthrax investigation

Childhood Intussusception in Uzbekistan: Analysis of Retrospective Surveillance Data

Pharmaceutical Industry Being Pressured to Change Marketing Strategy

With FMD over, new precautions unveiled by gov’t Officials admit they botched their responses after earliest outbreaks

Cerebral Palsy: Signs and Causes

South Africans at high risk of cervical cancer

On my mind, part II

Precautionary measures controlled highly-resistant Gram-negative microorganism transmission

Contact your MP! British readers should help to change libel laws that suppress global scientific discussion.

What Microsoft Taught Gates On Philanthropy

Scientists should cut waste too

Trends in Tuberculosis --- United States, 2010

The fight against tuberculosis Victory proves elusive

Tuberculosis cases at an all-time low in the U.S., the CDC says

Time to detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis as an alternative to quantitative cultures

Lucica Ditiu: putting people at the forefront of tuberculosis care

March 24 designated as World TB Day

Effect of viral upper respiratory tract infection on the urge-to-cough sensation

Seven days: 18–24 March 2011

Notifiable Diseases and Mortality Tables

Salmonella Attorney Bill Marler Calls On Del Monte To Pay Medical Expenses For Victims

UK budget aims to attract & keep pharma manufacturers The UK has drafted a budget to attract and keep business but there are still significant barriers to investment, warns the CIA.

Understanding the roots of medical dysfunction

Dr Adam Rutherford investigates topical science stories on BBC iPlayer

‘The missing genes: what happened to the heritability of psychiatric disorders?’

Lost childhoods (includes video)

Study suggests outbreaks on cruise ships worse than reported

Public debate on trial pathway changes needed; AIFA There should be a public debate on how the traditional clinical trial pathway can be modified to shorten time to market, says the AIFA.

Cumberland launches EDTA-free Acetadote formulation Cumberland Pharmaceuticals has introduced an Acetadote (acetylcysteine) formulation that is free from stabilisation or chelating agents.

Curbing Infections in American Hospitals

Canada's second vCJD case likely not caught here

Gairdner Foundation names global health award winner

And the 2011 Gairdner International Award winners are…

Novartis’s $48,000 Pill Spurs U.S. Price Increases for Older MS Treatments

Pfizer Drug Tricks Immune System to Shrink Pancreatic Tumors in Research

The Most Innovative Countries In Biology And Medicine

Pozen licenses migraine med to J&J; Bayer prevails in Yasmin patent fight;

Health Ranger to host Alex Jones show this Friday, March 25th (second half, beginning at 12:30 CST)

Animal research: replacing the lab rat

Should I take vitamin D? Video

Lipitor Paradox Video

Patients getting improved NHS care

QuickStats: Percentage of Children Aged <18 Years with Reported Food, Skin, or Hay Fever/Respiratory Allergies* --- National Health Interview Survey, United States, 1998--2009

Recombinant allergens for specific immunotherapy

Are senescence and exhaustion intertwined or unrelated processes that compromise immunity?

Efficacy and safety of high-dose peanut oral immunotherapy with factors predicting outcome

Asthma diagnosis breakthrough In a world-first study, Hunter medical researchers have found a simple blood test may be all that's needed to diagnose asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

Relationships among environmental exposures, cord blood cytokine responses, allergy, and wheeze at 1 year of age in an inner-city birth cohort (Urban Environment and Childhood Asthma study)

Eczema more severe in children with food allergy

Maxim Health Systems Partners with ImmuneTech to Provide Innovative Allergy Test to Corporate Wellness Clients

Announcement: Epi Info Training --- May 26--28, 2011

Uncommon Headache Syndromes in the Pediatric Population

Heated milk may induce tolerance to unheated milk

Diabetes drug Actos reduces risk of developing the disease The diabetes drug Actos reduces the possibility of developing Type 2 diabetes for high-risk patients, study finds.

Japan: the aftermath

Radiation Emergencies

American Association of Poison Control Centers Assists with Public Health Response to Radiation Exposures Linked to Japan Earthquake

Radiation risks unknown Scientists struggle to calculate long-term effects of low-dose exposures in Fukushima.

On the heels of Fukushima disaster, Germany vows to completely phase out nuclear energy

Radioactive fallout from Fukushima approaching same levels as Chernobyl

Biotech firm may have answer to radiation sickness

Ominous smoke plumes, contaminated water and food, neutron beams -- but everything is just fine in Japan, suggest authorities

Lethal in Japan - the real story on radiation

Child Quake Survivors Relive Trauma as Radiation Adds to Fear

Children with severe eczema may not outgrow their allergies to milk, eggs

Multiple Sclerosis: Risk Factors in Children Canadians have one of the highest rates of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the world with approximately 1,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Primarily striking in adulthood, physicians and researchers with the Canadian Pediatric Demyelinating Diseases Network (CPDDN), a multi-institutional and multidisciplinary group, have found that MS is being increasingly diagnosed in children. A study by the CPDDN published in the journal Neurology, identifies a particular gene involved in the immune response that puts certain children at a higher risk of developing MS.

Incidence of IgE-Mediated Cow's Milk Allergy in Pediatric Patients with a History of Cow's Milk Protein-Induced Proctocolitis

Preventive antibiotics lowered risk for infection in ICUs with low antibiotic resistance

New Treatment May Prevent Deadly Radiation Sickness

More funding for drugs protecting against radiation

State Department Promises Move Toward CRC Ratification

A Jagged Little Pill Newer, expensive drugs for cardiac care may be only marginally more effective, but are prescribed aggressively. India needs strong prescription guidelines to keep treatment costs in check.

The case for a global rare-diseases registry

Effect of consent rituals on mortality in emergency care research

Raised liver enzymes in patients taking statins

Raised liver enzymes in patients taking statins — Authors' reply

Martin Sheen Testifies for James Marshall in Suit Seeking $11M from Maker of Acne Drug Accutane

Helicobacter pylori Chronic Gastritis in Children: To Eradicate or Not to Eradicate

Eskimo study suggests high consumption of omega-3s reduces obesity-related disease risk Fish-rich diet linked to reduction in markers of chronic disease risk in overweight/obese people

Pfizer’s CEO Pay for Non-Performance

Glaxo Calls Abbott Greedy Over HIV Drug Price

Disasters and a register for foreign medical teams

Key indicators of health in the USA

Number Of Americans Without Health Insurance Rises

Sanofi’s $7 Billion Debt Sale Leads Busiest Issuance Since 2009

GSK joins UK Gov innovative manufacturing initiative GSK is participating in a UK Government-backed innovative manufacturing initiative aimed at revitalising the sector.

ITC Probes Merck For Nuvaring Patent Infringement

stop fluoride being added to Australia's water supply

Medical Marijuana Sales Grow to Rival Viagra's: New Report

Marijuana called pot, grass, weed -- and now investment?

New Accreditation Opportunity for State, Local, Tribal Health Departments

Dirty Dining: What Would You Do? Hidden Cameras Roll as Waiter Drops Food on the Floor and Serves It (includes video)

Consumer activists unite to demand labeling of genetically modified foods

Why you need to take the GMO threat personally, not academically

Interactive Food Sovereignty Map tracks states, localities that have passed food freedom laws

Immune system misinterprets threats and attacks body's own cells and tissue

'Health system could bankrupt country'

Ultrasound at $59,490 Spurs Aetna Outrage in Suit Naming Doctors

Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Resettled Bhutanese Refugees --- United States, 2008--2011

Breastfeeding and Infant Size: Evidence of Reverse Causality

Impact of Breastfeeding Duration on Age at Menarche

Adverse Reactions to Antiepileptic Drugs in Epileptic Outpatients: A Cross-Sectional Study in Iran

Obstructive sleep apnea in children with epilepsy: prospective pilot trial

Association of Cerebrovascular Events With Antidepressant Use: A Case-Crossover Study

Outcomes in pediatric neurology: a review of conceptual issues and recommendationsThe 2010 Ronnie Mac Keith Lecture

What Is Williams Syndrome?

UK Researchers to Use Agilent, Illumina Chips in 12,000-Sample Developmental-Disorders Project

The Arc has changed the outlook for those with developmental disabilities

A theoretical molecular network for dyslexia: integrating available genetic findings

Duplications of the neuropeptide receptor gene VIPR2 confer significant risk for schizophrenia

Differentiating Developmental Outcome between Infants with Severe Disability in Research Studies: The Role of Bayley Developmental Quotients

The GABAergic deficit hypothesis of major depressive disorder

Effects of a genome-wide supported psychosis risk variant on neural activation during a theory-of-mind task

Anxiety in personality

What I did today... Prof Michael Fitzgerald Child Psychiatrist

Dangerous Wandering a Lesser Known Side of Autism Many parents have stories of autistic children wandering off, running away unexpectedly

A double hit implicates DIAPH3 as an autism risk gene

12-Year-Old Autistic Boy Studying At IUPUI

Reportlinker Adds Epidemiology: Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autistic traveler protests TSA handling (includes video)

Creating Mice with Autistic Behaviors (includes video)

Services database for autistic children

Blind boy inspires crowds with singing
(includes video) "But now, with years of musical therapy and love and support from his adoptive family, the so-called autistic savant is pleasing crowds wherever he travels."

Autism Gene Studied in Lab Mice

Acute effects of bilateral subthalamic stimulation on decision-making in Parkinson’s disease

Asperger's experts to assess Gary McKinnon before extradition decision

Autistic Staten Island Teen: Asst. Dean Body Slammed Me

Dealing with Cyberbullying: 5 Essential Parenting Tips

Alleged bullying has mom worried

Wagga mum disgusted at school's response

A young girl dragged to a dark place

Think pink to prevent dementia: natural pigment astaxanthin protects brain

Acupuncture for Pain No Better Than Placebo -- And Not Without Harm, Study Finds Although acupuncture is commonly used for pain control, doubts about its effectiveness and safety remain. Investigators from the Universities of Exeter & Plymouth (Exeter, UK) and the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (Daejeon, South Korea) critically evaluated systematic reviews of acupuncture as a treatment of pain in order to explore this question. Reporting in the April 2011 issue of PAIN®, they conclude that numerous systematic reviews have generated little truly convincing evidence that acupuncture is effective in reducing pain, and serious adverse effects continue to be reported.

Why people like processed foods

Donor-derived adult T-cell leukaemia

Cancer Doctor Speaks Out on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour

Phase IIa Clinical Trial of Curcumin for the Prevention of Colorectal Neoplasia

Lower your triglyceride levels and reduce your stroke risk

IHRSA Applauds Passage of Senate Resolution 97 to Combat Obesity and Chronic Disease through Physical Activity




The Greater Good A Documentary Film looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program.

The PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now"

Click here for all of the Dr. Andrew Wakefield GMC/Lancet Decision Articles and Videos

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