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The Archie Tapes - Uncut and Uncensored (2004) - Vaccination News

Daily News 2012-05-27

Nobel laureate joins anti-vaccination crowd at Autism One

... still pushing the thoroughly disproven link between mercury and autism, ... Jenny McCarthy has been a leader of the anti-vaccine movement for over a ...

Government Of Rwanda Introduces Merck's ROTATEQ® (Rotavirus Vaccine, Live ...

By Business Wire 05/25/12 - 07:18 AM EDT Merck (NYSE: MRK), known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, welcomes today's launch in Rwanda of Africa's first national rotavirus vaccination program with ROTATEQ ® (rotavirus vaccine, live, oral, ...
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Our View: Vaccinations key to healthy families

Whooping cough may have a strange name but there's nothing funny about this serious public health risk, also called pertussis. Local health officials are concerned about an outbreak of this highly contagious lung infection that is sweeping through the ...
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Whooping cough is on the rise and parents have themselves to blame

By Jeffrey Kreisberg Whooping cough, or pertussis, is a highly contagious bacterial disease that in rare cases can be fatal to children. It leads to severe coughing that causes children to make a distinctive whooping sound as they gasp for breath.
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Charlie has high hopes for meningitis fund-raiser

Charlie Titmuss, aged 20, who is studying physics at Exeter University, is hoping to raise £1500 for the Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) by completing the six-day trek. Mr Titmuss, of Madresfield, near Malvern, said: “I am really looking forward ...
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The CIA's fake vaccination drive has damaged the battle against polio

Although Dr Afridi had pretended to provide a hepatitis B vaccination, not normally a door-to-door delivery, the news had a particularly strong impact on those working in polio eradication, where door-to-door vaccination is the norm.
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The Guardian

Mass immunisation exercise continues

Zulia Namuzale, a health worker at Mulago Hospital says all the required drugs materials are in place and in plenty at all centers where the immunisation is taking place. Measles outbreak has been reported in more than 45 districts.
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Doctors fear immunisation rates could fall

Illawarra doctors fear immunisation rates among children could fall after the Federal Government scrapped an incentive payment scheme to general practitioners. Dr Russell Pearson, deputy chair of the Illawarra Shoalhaven Medicare Local board, ...
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Dept. of Health warns of whooping cough

According to the Centers for Disease Control, data from 2009 reports that the national incidence of pertussis is 1.1 per 21000 people. Pre-1940, there were approximately 200000 cases diagnosed in the United States per year. However, with the advent of ...
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How Polio Can Be A Global Emergency When Cases Are At An All-Time Low

And the polio eradication effort, run by Rotary International, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, and the United Nations, is short $945 million, a funding gap of 50%, because governments are giving less money due to tough economic times.
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Star Trek-style needleless injections invented by scientists could end fears ...

The breakthrough will be a welcome relief for those with phobias of needles who may avoid immunisation because of their fears. No more fears? The breakthrough is bound to be a welcome relief for those with needle phobias In the hit science fiction ...
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Daily Mail

65th World Health Assembly closes with new global health measures

“Universal health coverage is the single most powerful concept that public health has to offer,” added Dr Chan. “Public health should be one of the top priorities in our development projects, because without health, no development is possible,” says ...
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Islamic Republic News Agency

Minister for concerted efforts to eradicate polio

KARACHI - As many as 16 cases of polio have come to the fore in the year 2012 and two of them in the province of Sindh, said Sindh Minister for Health Dr Sagheer Ahmed while presiding over a meeting to review the polio-eradication campaign on Saturday.
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Giving Up

And, together we will always be stronger because of what happened to our children. Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.

Spacing of Tdap after a Td vaccine

tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis-booster vaccine (Tdap), unless the risk of pertussis ... Datalink. Vaccine. 2009;27(32):4257-62. 6. American Academy of Pediatrics.

Scoop Jackson never forgot his roots

Scoop was someone who survived smallpox. He was someone who first learned to navigate Everett's washboard roads in a Ford Model T. (He even got to see Roald Amundsen, the famed polar explorer and pride of Norway.) It's ancient history, yes, ...
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Requiem for a son of the South

Most died of smallpox while Confederate Army inmates of the island's Civil War prison camp. All died without knowing the outcome of their war. In grave number 474 rests Sgt. Martin Sims of the 4th Alabama Cavalry. He died Feb. 13, 1864, age 26, ...
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White House honoree boasts roots in Colville

Rather, it's his role in stamping out smallpox and helping to set a global agenda for tackling the world's worst health problem. That much of it started in the small shops and schools of Colville makes his legacy especially rich for Eastern Washington.
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Whooping cough breaking out in county; vaccinations urged

On Thursday, Chippewa County's director of public health had just come back from a state conference during which the outbreak of what is officially known as pertussis was a prominent subject. She found that on Wednesday alone her office received four ...
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County health officials offer advice to Tahoma School District on whooping ...

Washington State and King County are experiencing a widespread pertussis outbreak. King County is experiencing the highest number reported for this time of year in the past decade, and more than the reports received in all of last year.
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Doctors say yes; some parents unsure

Ferrer recommends the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's site at and the American Academy of Pediatrics website at Nikki Buskey can be reached at 857-2205 or
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Record ED success

Mr Ryall says five district health boards, Wairarapa, Hawke's Bay, MidCentral, Lakes and Southern, have reached the 95 per cent result with the immunisation target. "Nationally we have achieved 92 per cent coverage which is a great improvement from ...
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Hard candy

She watched re-creations of “European explorers meeting the Aztecs of Central America” where “no one had to be concerned with smallpox,” and “re-created Maya gladly told the re-created Spaniards about chocolate: 'Please, why don't you have some, ...
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New York Post

The Measles & Rubella Initiative Welcomes World Health Assembly Commitment to ...

The Western Pacific Region aims to eliminate measles next and has made notable progress reducing measles incidence and introducing a combined measles-rubella vaccine in most countries of the region. The European region has pledged to eliminate measles ...
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DCOs told to take part in anti-polio campaign

LAHORE, May 26: Commissioner Jawad Rafique Malik ordered on Saturday the district coordination officers (DCOs) of the Lahore division's four districts to ensure their active participation in a three-day anti-polio drive and contribute their efforts to ...
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'Two polio cases reported in Sindh this year'

There have been 16 polio cases reported in the country during the current year so far including two from Sindh, provincial Health Minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed said on Saturday. The minister was presiding over a meeting to review the polio eradication ...
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Enjoy GOP In-Fighting? SD-25 Has You Covered.

Michelle Bachmann's claims that Rick Perry's HPV vaccine causes Autism, Tim Pawlenty's catchy "Obamneycare", and Newt's fights to reveal Romney's "pious bologna" are sadly behind us. Do not fret fellow spectators, for we have our very own mudslinging ...
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Thimerosal the Preservative Found in Childhood Vaccines Medical ...

Thimerosal the Preservative Found in Childhood Vaccines Learn about a new study showing that thimerosal, the mercury-containing preservative found in ...

Nationwide measles immunization starts in Uganda, targets 6.9 million children

"Measles is a highly infectious disease and when it is untreated it kills the children but the advantage with it is that when a child is immunized he is prevented from catching this illness. With Polio, it causes lameness, it disables a child," said ...
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Free flu shot program missing under 2s

Ontario's universal flu shot program isn't making much progress with the under-two crowd, a new study suggests. Vaccination rates among children aged six to 23 months is very low and has been since Ontario started offering free flu shots for all, ...
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Musical tribute for Calgary doyenne of arts

By Tony Seskus, Calgary Herald May 25, 2012 CALGARY — Frances Miller was a toddler when she contracted polio, a disease that left her right arm and both legs partially paralyzed. She was a child of the Great Depression, her father eking out a living ...
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'Polio cases reduced'

KARACHI: The Sindh Health Minister, Dr Sagheer Ahmed, has said that two cases of polio were reported in Sindh in 2012 as compared to 11 in 2011. In a release here on Saturday, he said that a total of 16 cases of the disease were reported in Pakistan as ...
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BMC Public Health | Abstract | Assessment of eight HPV vaccination ...

Cervix cancer, preventable, continues to be the third most common cancer in women worldwide, especially in lowest income countries. Prophylactic HPV ...

Love GOP In-fighting? SD-25 Has You Covered.

Michelle Bachmann's claims that Rick Perry's HPV vaccine causes Autism, ... ad alludes to Jones' prized endorsement by Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR), ...

Parents urged on measles immunisation

The minister of health has begun a three day measles vaccination exercise across the country with a call on parents to take all their children six years and below for immunisation. The vaccination is aimed at providing an extra dose following a measles ...
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Measles breaks out at military academy

KHARTOUM, Sudan, May 26 (UPI) -- An outbreak of measles among Sudanese military recruits forced Khartoum health authorities to put those affected by the virus under quarantine, officials said. The Sudan Tribune said Friday 37 students contracted the ...
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Andrew Wakefield « Revolution In Media

The rising tide of Autism. (NaturalNews) Autism was once thought to be a psychological disorder because of the lack of eye contact that is hallmark in the child ...

Whooping cough in Centre Wellington

GUELPH — Due to an increase in the number of confirmed and suspected cases of whooping cough in the Fergus area, public health is offering free immunization clinics to help protect the broader public. Although a child might be fully immunized, ...
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Every woman needs a 'gynae'

Gardasil HPV vaccine is administered to girls between the age of 9 and 13. The assumption is that, at this stage, young women are not yet sexually active. The vaccine is not very popular because it is expensive,” she says. Gardasil is available and ...
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