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The hidden story about vaccines, autism, drugs and food… Americas health has been BOUGHT. Your health, your family’s health. Now brought to you by Wall Street… “If you thought they hurt us with the banks, wait till you see what they’re doing to health care.” Vaccines. GMOs. Big Pharma. Three big, BIG, okay… HUGE topics in one film. Why? Why not 3 films, why put all this in one movie? Great question, 2 answers. 1st and most importantly: We need to band together. We need a mainstream film, not another radical movie that only interests the “already converted”. Over 5 million people supported Prop 37 in CA. Reportedly, over 2 million worldwide marched against Monsanto in a global protest. There...ane vaccine expansion, and our love affair with pharmaceuticals- it’s the same villain. It’s a risky story to tell, but would be a tragedy to passively consent to with silence. There is something horribly wrong with health care today. Huge money, billions and billions of dollars flowing into the same pockets. Meanwhile, MD’s aren’t being allowed to actually practice the art of medicine and anyone who questions vaccination safety, pharmaceuticals, factory farms, etc. is ridiculed and belittled. Meanwhile, the billions keep flowing, carried on a river of pain and anguish. Huge corporations funded by individual misery, one broken life at a time. Three huge stories, each worthy of multiple films, but each brought together by one staggering fact: it’s the same villain. These three story lines converge on Wall Street, in a tale of corruption, greed and shocking lack of conscience.


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All the News Posted January 22, 2010

* ►February 3, 2010 - The expanding vaccine development pipeline, 1995–2008 - journal article (Vaccine) - "Because rapid growth in earlier research phases has not yet led to growth in Phase III, it is not yet clear whether recent industry expansion will translate to an increase in the number of available vaccines in the near future."

* ►February 3, 2010 - Augmented humoral and cellular immune response of hepatitis B virus DNA vaccine by micro-needle vaccination using Flt3L as an adjuvant - journal article (Vaccine) - "CTL response to the vaccine was stronger than that stimulated by intramuscular or micro-needle injections alone. Our study suggests useful strategies for improving the efficacy of vaccines against HBV and other pathogens."

* ►February 3, 2010 - Cloning and assessment of tumorigenicity and oncogenicity of a Madin–Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cell line for influenza vaccine production - journal article (Vaccine)

* ►February 3, 2010 - Epidemiological, antigenic and genetic characteristics of seasonal influenza A(H1N1), A(H3N2) and B influenza viruses: Basis for the WHO recommendation on the composition of influenza vaccines for use in the 2009–2010 Northern Hemisphere season - journal article (Vaccine)

* ►February 3, 2010 - A randomized, double-blind, dose-finding Phase II study to evaluate immunogenicity and safety of the third generation smallpox vaccine candidate IMVAMUNE - journal article (Vaccine)

* ►February 3, 2010 - Comparability of antibody response to a booster dose of 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in infants primed with either 2 or 3 doses - journal article (Vaccine)

* ►February 3, 2010 - Immunizing school-age children and adolescents: Experience from low- and middle-income countries - journal article (Vaccine)

* ►February 3, 2010 - Adult immunization services: Steps have to be done - journal article (Vaccine)

* ►February 3, 2010 - Developing sustainable funding for vaccine safety infrastructure - journal article (Vaccine)

* ►February 3, 2010 - Heat-stable measles vaccine produced by spray drying - journal article (Vaccine)

►February 3, 2010 - Stable expression of a foreign protein by a replication-competent rubella viral vector - journal article (Vaccine)

►February 3, 2010 - Bordetella pertussis vaccine strains and circulating isolates in Serbia - journal article (Vaccine)

►January 23, 2010 - Scientists call for greater research on infectious diseases at meet - Indian Express

* ►January 23, 2010 - Animal research study shows many tests are full of flaws - Whether you support or detest such experiments, it's important to know if they are well conducted - The Guardian, UK

►January 23, 2010 - Homoeopathic remedies and drug-regulatory authorities  - journal article (The Lancet)

* ►January 23, 2010 - Swine Flu Count Plagued by Flawed Data - Wall Street Journal

►January 23, 2010 - Petitions challenging import of vaccines from India dismissed - The News International, Pakistan - "Justice Asad Munir of the Lahore High Court (LHC), Rawalpindi Bench, here on Friday dismissed two writ petitions of a private pharmaceutical company challenging the policy of the federal government for importing tetanus toxoid TT and BCG vaccines from India."

►January 23, 2010 - Scientist working on malaria vaccine awarded - Times of India

►January 23, 2010 - Curses - a pox on the family - Waikato Times via

* ►January 23, 2010 - Autism: A healing, not a cure - Rupert Isaacson believes riding has transformed his autistic son. Now he wants others to benefit from his experience. But is it too good to be true? - The Guardian, UK

* ►January 22, 2010 - Dr. Wakefield, MMR & the GMC Hearing – Calling the British Media’s Bluff By John Stone - Age of Autism

* ►January 22, 2010 - Should Any Vaccines Be Required for Children? Pros and Cons and Current Research at New Website - press release - via PRNewswire-USNewswire - ", a nonpartisan 501(c)3 nonprofit public charity dedicated to promoting critical thinking, created the new website to explore the core question 'Should any vaccines be required for children?'"

* ►January 22, 2010 - UN: Children in Haiti at Risk of Being Trafficked - UNICEF says there is documented evidence showing many children have been taken out of the country illegally. - Voice of America - "On another matter, UNICEF says it will begin an urgent vaccination campaign against measles, polio and tetanus on Monday.  It says it plans to immunize 360,000 children under five against these deadly diseases."

* ►January 22, 2010 - Coma teen wins payout after flu jab - Shanghai Daily - "A teenager has won 110,000 yuan (US$16,113) compensation from his local government after falling into a coma when he got the city's H1N1 flu vaccination. The boy, a middle school student in Guangzhou, southern Guangdong's capital, is the first person to show such severe adverse reaction and have nearly died after the jab, today's Guangzhou Daily newspaper reported."

* ►January 22, 2010 - Foetal death not caused by swine flu jab -

* ►January 22, 2010 - France talks tough with drug firms on flu vaccines - AFP via Yahoo! Canada - "France earlier this month moved to cancel purchases of 50 million swine flu vaccines after ordering far more than needed, but was confident at the time that it would not have to compensate the big companies that provide them. But the negotiations with the British drug firm GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi of France and Novartis of Switzerland are "extraordinarily tough," the minister, Roselyne Bachelot, told Europe 1 radio station on Friday."

* ►January 22, 2010 - How the CDC Counts H1N1 Cases - The Numbers Guy via Wall Street Journal

* ►January 22, 2010 - CDC: Most flu indicators continue to drop - CIDRAP News

* ►January 22, 2010 - Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 - update 84 - WHO

* ►January 22, 2010 - 2009-2010 Influenza Season Week 2 ending January 16, 2010 - All data are preliminary and may change as more reports are received. - CDC

* ►January 22, 2010 - Swine Flu Shots Catching on at Colleges (requires registration) - The New York Times - "Although only about 9 percent of students had been vaccinated as of mid-►January, on some campuses more than 25 percent had had shots."

* ►January 22, 2010 - Mary Feely: So glad I had swine flu jab -- even though it KO'd me - opinion -

* ►January 22, 2010 - Health Minister Says Those Who Avoid H1N1 Vaccine Put Others at Risk - Minister of Health and Social Services Paula Risikko is urging Finnish residents to get vaccinated against the swine flu. She says the second wave of swine flu could be more aggressive than the first. On Friday Risikko rolled up her own sleeve to get the jab at the healthcare centre at Parliament. - YLE Uutiset, Finland

* ►January 22, 2010 - Parents urged to get children vaccinated against swine flu - Western Mail via WalesOnline - "Wales’ chief medical officer has repeated calls for parents to get their children vaccinated against swine flu. Dr Tony Jewell’s appeal comes as the latest figures show that the number of people with flu-like symptoms is falling rapidly in Wales."

* ►January 22, 2010 - Taiwan to launch home H1N1 vaccination service - The Central News Agency - "Taiwan's health authorities announced a plan for a home H1N1 vaccination service to boost the inoculation rate, which has dropped to new lows due to concerns over the vaccine's safety."

* ►January 22, 2010 - GPs struggle to reach pay thesholds as swine flu 'too low to estimate' - Healthcare Republic - "Vaccination against swine flu remains important, the DoH has stressed as data show that uptake in England is falling short of GP pay thresholds."

* ►January 22, 2010 - H1N1 virus threat still looms - Corpus Christi Caller-Times - "Dr. William Burgin Jr., Nueces County’s health authority, said the vaccine is safe, and taking the best precaution should be a no-brainer. 'If you can protect yourself, protect yourself; don’t be silly,' Burgin said."

* ►January 22, 2010 - EU Panel Backs Conditional Marketing OK For Glaxo's Arepanrix (free preview) - The Wall Street Journal - "The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use, or CHMP, said Friday it recommends granting a conditional marketing authorization for a fourth pandemic vaccine, Arepanrix (split virion, inactivated, AS03 adjuvanted influenza H1N1 pandemic vaccine), from GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals (GSK), intended for the prophylaxis of influenza in an officially declared pandemic situation."

►January 22, 2010 - State health department shuts down H1N1 hotline - Lexington Herald Leader via

* ►January 22, 2010 - New York State Health Department receives 50,000 unused H1N1 vaccines - The Ithacan Online

►January 22, 2010 - Malaysia Has Potential To Be A Major Producer Of Halal Vaccines - Bernama

►January 22, 2010 - H1N1 Clinics Return To Area Schools - Vaccine Shortages Stopped School Clinics In Fall -

►January 22, 2010 - Oklahoma leads region in H1N1 vaccinations -

►January 22, 2010 - County's swine-flu clinics administer 10,000 doses - San Diego Union-Tribune

►January 22, 2010 - Still a H1N1 risk - London Madison Press

►January 22, 2010 - Health Department Reminder: Kids Need Second Dose of H1N1 Vaccine (includes video) -

►January 22, 2010 - What's killing H1N1 patients? - The number of people dying of swine flu complications has spiralled out of control since December. But why, when treatment is available? - Ahmedabad Mirror

►January 22, 2010 - Few line up for H1N1 vaccine -

►January 22, 2010 - Flu outbreak kills three horses in Red Bluff and Cottonwood - Redding Record Searchlight

* ►January 22, 2010 - Dealing With the Financial Burden of Autism (requires registration) - The New York Times - "When Jeff Sell’s twin sons were found to have autism 13 years ago, he, like so many other parents in the same situation, found himself with a million questions: Will my children be able to function? What are the best treatments and where do I find them? How will this affect the rest of my family?"

►January 22, 2010 - Autism treatment ruling devastates Hamilton dad - Hamilton Spectator - "Paul Ceretti learned earlier this month that the Superior Court of Justice upheld a decision by the local autism program to discharge one of his seven-year-old twin daughters from a specialized therapy program."

►January 22, 2010 - Chronic Disease on the Rise - Age of Autism

►January 22, 2010 - HBO and Barnes & Noble Invite You to Meet Temple Grandin Monday in New York City - Age of Autism

►January 22, 2010 - The anti-vaccine movement strikes back against Trine Tsouderos and The Chicago Tribune - Respectful Insolence via ScienceBlogs

* ►January 22, 2010 - Lack Of Facilities Poses Challenges For Autistic Adults - Channel 4's Michelle Wright Concludes Week-Long Series On Autism (includes video) - WTAE - "Jeanne Akbay told Wright that her son, who is 6 feet, 2 inches and 254 pounds, is becoming increasingly difficult for the single mother with health problems to care for. Akbay said she tried to find a facility nearby so she could still see him everyday, but the only location currently available is two hours away."

►January 22, 2010 - Mom asks Facebookers to help autism association - Zanesville Times Recorder

* ►January 22, 2010 - Autism Speaks responds to recent publications citing autism clusters in California - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News - "While the exact causes of the clustering in California are unknown, ongoing studies exploring environmental exposures and social factors will be useful in providing answers."

* ►January 22, 2010 - Zimbabwe Health Officials Say Not Moving to Compel Vaccination by Sect Members - Officials told VOA that while the ministry is concerned by the rising number of children succumbing to measles and other communicable diseases, it is still trying to persuade parents to allow their children to be vaccinated - Voice of America

* ►January 22, 2010 - Phase 1 Trial of the Plasmodium falciparum Blood Stage Vaccine MSP142-C1/Alhydrogel with and without CPG 7909 in Malaria Naïve Adults - PLos One via Elites TV

* ►January 22, 2010 - Slowing demand for H1N1 virus vaccine sign of complacency, health officials say - Lehigh Valley Breaking News

►January 22, 2010 - Disease risk as vaccination rates decline - Central Western Daily, AU

►January 22, 2010 - Double trouble: Bacterial super-infection after the flu - American Journal of Pathology via EurekAlert! via Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

►January 22, 2010 - Pacific flu testing in state lab's hands - The facility will aid other islands in the region, allowing for faster reporting of infectious diseases - Star Bulletin

►January 22, 2010 - Antidepressants Tied To Preterm Births: Study - Pharmalot

►January 22, 2010 - Public Workshop: Emerging Arboviruses: Evaluating the Threat to Transfusion and Transplantation Safety - FDA

►January 22, 2010 - Merck & Co: potential remains for HIV drug despite trial disappointment - Datamonitor via COMTEX via Trading Markets

►January 22, 2010 - Autism cuts brutal for child, family - I'm mother to Toby McNutt, an autistic child losing his therapy program here in Victoria the end of this month. I met Children's Minister Mary Polak when she visited with our families for 20 minutes back in October. -

* ►January 22, 2010 - First Oral Bacteria Found Linking a Mother and Her Stillborn Baby - Yiping Han, a researcher from Department of Periodontics at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, reports the first documented link between a mother with pregnancy-associated gum disease to the death of her fetus. - ScienceDaily

* ►January 22, 2010 - Communication Problems in the Brain - For brain cells to communicate, the contacts to each other must function. The protein molecule neuroligin-1 plays an important role in this as it stimulates the necessary maturation processes at the contact sites (synapses) of the nerves. - University Hospital Heidelberg, via EurekAlert! via ScienceDaily

* ►January 22, 2010 - Switch Identified That Activates The Allergic Response - NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases via Medical News Today

►January 22, 2010 - Preview-Big Pharma faces tougher 2010 despite US boost - Big drugmakers' fourth-quarter and full-year earnings * Boosted by one-off flu gains, but 2010 looks less rosy * Impact of U.S. healthcare reform to be key topic * Time to rethink in-house drug research? - Reuters

►January 22, 2010 - Engineered maize toxicity claims roundly rebuffed (requires registration) - New Scientist - "MONSANTO, the giant of genetically modified crops, has for the first time been forced to release raw data from toxicology studies it carried out on three strains of its modified maize. An external analysis of the data claims it shows that eating the maize could result in damage to the liver and kidneys, but this has been dismissed as unsupportable by a government agency and independent toxicologists."

►January 22, 2010 - DTC Ads Drove Website Traffic To These Brands… - Pharmalot

►January 22, 2010 - Should The FDA Tell Abbott To Withdraw Meridia? - Pharmalot

►January 22, 2010 - A review of Extraordinary Measures (requires registration) - The Scientist - "Rare diseases and drug discovery don't usually make for Hollywood blockbusters. But today (January 22) a film about a genetic affliction that strikes fewer than 10,000 people worldwide hits movie screens, and it has some serious star power behind it. Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser head up the cast of Extraordinary Measures, a new movie that may lift Pompe disease from the shadows of obscurity into the spotlight, as the focal point of an inspirational story of paternal love and scientific innovation."

►January 22, 2010 - Suzanne Dixon, MPH, MS, RD, is an internationally recognized expert in nutrition, chronic disease - New Gingko Study Raises Old Controversies - American Chronicle

►January 22, 2010 - Are 'Superfoods' Overhyped? - SuperFoods: What´s in a Name - American Chronicle

►January 22, 2010 - Pelosi doesn't have votes to pass health bill - The Washington Times

►January 22, 2010 - Healthy immune system may start with mould-proofing - The Hamilton Spectator

►January 22, 2010 - Politicians welcomes the roll-out of cervical cancer vaccine this year - Kilkenny Advertiser

►January 22, 2010 - Anthrax outbreak cases reach 15 - A further case of anthrax has been confirmed in a drug user in Scotland bringing the total number of cases in this outbreak to 15. - BBC

►January 22, 2010 - BioWatch: Federal biosimilar regulation gathers support - O'Malley, Mikulski urge 12-year data exclusivity for biotech innovators - The Gazette

►January 22, 2010 - Cell 'surfing' aids virus spread - Some viruses may be able to accelerate around the body by helping each other find uninfected cells to attack, scientists say. - BBC

►January 22, 2010 - Llamas may be next weapon against bioterror - Naturally occurring antibodies in llamas inhibit one of the toxins atop the CDC's list of potential bioterror threats, researchers find. - Mother Nature Network

* ►January 22, 2010 - US holds pre-Olympics bio-planning exercise -

►January 22, 2010 - Mercury likely will go to Texas, not Whitewater - Grand Junction Sentinel - "The best place to store the nation’s stockpile of mercury is probably in Texas, the U.S. Department of Energy said. The Energy Department listed Waste Control Specialists, a company in Andrews, Texas, as its preferred alternative to handle as many as 14,000 tons of mercury stored in various locations around the United States."

►January 22, 2010 - Ritter lauds DOE for dumping mercury in Texas, not Grand Junction - The Colorado Independent

* ►January 21, 2010 - Safety and Antibody Response, Including Antibody Persistence for 5 Years, after Primary Vaccination or Revaccination with Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine in Middle‐Aged and Older Adults (free full text) - journal article (The Journal of Infectious Diseases)

* ►January 21, 2010 - State employees vaccinated as Maryland braces for more H1N1 - The Daily Times

* ►January 21, 2010 - Safety of and Immune Response to a Malaria Vaccine (MSP1 42-C1) With or Without CPG 7909 Adjuvant - Sponser: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) via

* ►January 21, 2010 - Seasonal Flu Numbers Down, Could H1N1 Be The Reason?Seasonal Flu Numbers Down, Could H1N1 Be The Reason? -

►January 21, 2010 - Swine Flu, Proper Treatment and Prevention - PRAVDA

* ►January 21, 2010 - University of Miami psychologists use non-expert student observers in autism research - University of Miami via News-Medical.Net

►January 21, 2010 - Behavioral Innovations opens its first autism treatment center in Texas - Behavioral Innovations via News-Medical.Net

* ►January 21, 2010 - Autism: Dr. Stephen Shore, adult on the autism spectrum, interview Part 1 -

* ►January 21, 2010 - Science briefing: Grey matter to keep us ahead in the game (requires registration) - PLoS One via Financial Times - "Three groups of tissues deep in the cerebral cortex – the part of the brain concerned with thought, perception, memory and, significantly, problem-solving – are larger in successful video games players than other individuals. So much larger, in fact, that researchers claim to be able to predict how well individuals will play the game simply by measuring the size of these tissues – the caudate nucleus, putamen and nucleus accumbens."

►January 21, 2010 - Fisher: Learning about Lyme disease the hard way - San Jose Mercury News

►January 21, 2010 - Lyme Disease: See film, talk to experts - York Dispatch

►January 21, 2010 - Study shows U.S. birth weights inching down, but researchers can't say why - AP via C-Health Canoe

* ►January 21, 2010 - Mum welcomes jab to fight meningitis - Jarrow & Hebburn Gazette

* ►January 21, 2010 - Vaccine additive broadens flu protection - Adjuvant increases both breadth and strength of immune response to H5N1 vaccine - Emerging Health Threats Forum - "The adjuvant, known as MF59, is manufactured by Novartis, and was the first of the ‘oil-in-water’ type to be commercialised. It has been used extensively in Europe, but is not yet licensed in the USA. Other manufacturers, such as GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi-Pasteur, now make similar adjuvants. 'Our study revealed a previously unappreciated capacity of oil-in-water adjuvants… to directly reshape the quality of the antibody response against the influenza antigens,' the researchers write. The study was led by Hana Golding, of the US Food and Drug Administration, and includes collaborators from Novartis and the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre in Nashville, Tennessee, USA."

* ►January 21, 2010 - N.J. health officials warn of swine-flu comeback, push shots - New Jersey Real-Time News via

* ►January 21, 2010 - H1N1 flu shots given to 3.7 million in England - Reuters, UK

* ►January 21, 2010 - Cancellation of jab delivery will save some 80 million euros - Kathimerini, Greece

►January 21, 2010 - Senator wants more details about victims of epidemics like H1N1 -

►January 21, 2010 - A third of Penn's campus is now vaccinated against H1N1 - Penn's distribution seen as 'a model' for other areas - The Daily Pennsylvanian

* ►January 21, 2010 - Indiana officials: State's kids overdue for second H1N1 vaccine dose - Evansville Courier & Press - "The Indiana State Department of Health says in its weekly swine flu report that more than half of the nearly 300,000 Indiana children ages 6 months to 9 years who received one dose of the vaccine at least a month ago have not received a second dose."

►January 21, 2010 - Autistic Children Change Families' Lives - Having Autistic Child Affects Family Dynamic (includes video) - WTAE

* ►January 21, 2010 - Report finds OSU president acted within his authority in ending anthrax study - - "An Oklahoma State University faculty report has declared that university president Burns Hargis was acting within his authority last year when he stopped a research project on anthrax vaccines that would have euthanized baboons. Hargis decline participation on October 6 for a study that was to be funded by the National Institutes of Health that would have tested anthrax vaccines and treatment on baboons, which would then be euthanized."

* ►January 20, 2010 - A fourth death in Gardasil age group - Hilary's Desk via Beyond Conformity - "Thanks to an observant reader of the blog, who sent me this link , a fourth 'mysterious' death has come to light. There is a new term for these deaths. They are being called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome'. So there you go. What this means is you shouldn't be surprised when a 'child' of any age, dies in their sleep  But here's the rub. The one common feature is that all these dying adolescents are in the targetted age group for the Gardasil vaccine."

* ►January 20, 2010 - NH Conscientious Belief Exemption Bill Hearings  by Dawn Richardson NVIC Director of State Advocacy - - "The New Hampshire Coalition for Vaccine Choice ( led by NVIC members Eileen Landies and Melanie Streeter will be participating in a public hearing on Jan. 28, 2010 in Concord, New Hampshire on proposed legislation for conscientious belief exemption to vaccination (HB 1555). They need the support of everyone who wants to help secure the right to make informed, voluntary vaccine decisions in New Hampshire."

* ►January 20, 2010 - Compulsive Dogs Yield Clues to Human OCD, Autism - Palm Beach Post

►January 20, 2010 - Gene Linked to Schizophrenia May Reduce Cancer Risk - People who inherit a specific form of a gene that puts them on a road to schizophrenia may be protected against some forms of cancer, according to a new study by scientists at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research. - North Shore-Long Island Jewish (LIJ) Health System, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS via ScienceDaily

►January 20, 2010 - Novel Treatment Cuts Recurrence of C. difficile - New England Journal of Medicine via MedPage Today

* ►January 20, 2010 - Risperdal Kickback Case: J&J Tried to Freeze Out Lilly; 72% Market Share Not Good Enough! - BNET Pharma Blog

►January 20, 2010 - 30,000 and counting vaccinated for H1N1 in Bloomington alone - Indiana Daily Student

* ►January 20, 2010 - Girls must get three cancer vaccine doses, says expert - The Irish Times

* ►January 20, 2010 - Study: HPV shot will slash cervical cancer rates - FierceVaccines

►January 20, 2010 - Wanted: Records of revoked grants (requires registration) - The Scientist

►January 20, 2010 - Researchers Find That Common Stomach Pathogen May Protect Against Tuberculosis - University of California - Davis - Health System via Biocompare

►January 20, 2010 - Membrane-Coat Proteins: Bacteria Have Them Too - EMBL discovery could yield evolutionary insights and new model organism - European Molecular Biology Laboratory via Biocompare

►January 20, 2010 - New Visible Light Photocatalyst Kills Bacteria, Even After Light Turned Off - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign via Biocompare

►January 20, 2010 - Promising Probiotic Treatment For Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Society for General Microbiology via Biocompare

►January 20, 2010 - NSF slaps school over grant (requires registration) - The Scientist - "A small university in Georgia has agreed to pay back $500,000 of a multi-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation for failing to accurately document some expenditures associated with the grant program."

►January 20, 2010 - Here's That Critical Merck Info You Missed - The Motley Fool

►January 20, 2010 - Friendly Bacteria Love The Humble Apple - BioMed Central via Biocompare

►January 19, 2010 - Effect of heptavalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccination on invasive pneumococcal disease in preterm born infants (pdf) - journal article (BMC Infectious Diseases)

►January 19, 2010 - Missouri lawmakers start debate on requiring coverage for autism spectrum disorders - Kansas City Star

►January 19, 2010 - WHO Announces to Launch a Review Response on H1N1 - TopNews

►January 19, 2010 - Defense: Healers Thought Dying Son Had Cold or Flu (requires registration) - AP via The New York Times

►January 19, 2010 - New York State Senator Roy McDonald Calls for the Creation of an “Autism Bill of Rights" -

* ►January 18, 2010 - Swine flu science update: 18 January 2010 -

►January 18, 2010 - Officials Urge 2nd Swine Flu Vaccination Round for Some Children - Eyewitness News Memphis

►January 18, 2010 - Scientists Hope To End Sleeping Sickness By Making Parasite That Causes It Self-Destruct - American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology via Biocompare - World Journal of Gastroenterology via Biocompare

►January 18, 2010 - Bacterial Phylotype Alterations In Irritable Bowel Syndrome - World Journal of Gastroenterology via Biocompare

►January 18, 2010 - How Sunlight Causes Skin Cells To Turn Cancerous - Study Could Point Way to Drugs to Fight Skin Cancer - Loyola University Health System via Biocompare

►January 15, 2010 - Engineering cellular synchrony (requires registration) - The Scientist

* ►January 14, 2010 - Transcript of virtual press conference with Dr Keiji Fukuda, Special Adviser to the Director-Generalon Pandemic Influenza, World Health Organization (pdf) - WHO

►January 4, 2010 - BTLA mediates inhibition of human tumor-specific CD8+ T cells that can be partially reversed by vaccination - journal article (The Journal of Clinical Investigation)

►January 2010 - Symptomatic treatment of the cough in whooping cough. - journal article (Cochrane Reviews)

►January 2010 - Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses. - journal article (Cochrane Reviews)

►June 23, 2009 - Tragedy: Rotorua Family Loses Another Daughter - Rotorua Daily Post - "Kate Brewer was a fit and healthy 20-year-old, but died suddenly on June 12, doctors putting it down to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome."

* The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) - Hubert H. Humphrey Building - Room 800 - 200 Independence Ave, SW - Washington DC February 3-4, 2009 Draft Agenda as of January 20, 2010 -

* Last Day! Please Help the National Autism Assoc. win $1 million - Vote for them TODAY in the Chase Facebook competition - The Autism Action Coalition

* Vaccines - - website

The Health Case for Reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act: Executive Summary -




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