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The hidden story about vaccines, autism, drugs and food… Americas health has been BOUGHT. Your health, your family’s health. Now brought to you by Wall Street… “If you thought they hurt us with the banks, wait till you see what they’re doing to health care.” Vaccines. GMOs. Big Pharma. Three big, BIG, okay… HUGE topics in one film. Why? Why not 3 films, why put all this in one movie? Great question, 2 answers. 1st and most importantly: We need to band together. We need a mainstream film, not another radical movie that only interests the “already converted”. Over 5 million people supported Prop 37 in CA. Reportedly, over 2 million worldwide marched against Monsanto in a global protest. There...ane vaccine expansion, and our love affair with pharmaceuticals- it’s the same villain. It’s a risky story to tell, but would be a tragedy to passively consent to with silence. There is something horribly wrong with health care today. Huge money, billions and billions of dollars flowing into the same pockets. Meanwhile, MD’s aren’t being allowed to actually practice the art of medicine and anyone who questions vaccination safety, pharmaceuticals, factory farms, etc. is ridiculed and belittled. Meanwhile, the billions keep flowing, carried on a river of pain and anguish. Huge corporations funded by individual misery, one broken life at a time. Three huge stories, each worthy of multiple films, but each brought together by one staggering fact: it’s the same villain. These three story lines converge on Wall Street, in a tale of corruption, greed and shocking lack of conscience.


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All the News Posted April 26, 2010

Click here for all of the Dr. Andrew Wakefield GMC/Lancet Decision Articles and Videos

►June 2010 - Parechoviruses in children: understanding a new infection - journal article (Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases)

►May 1, 2010 - H1N1 "Swine Flu" Vaccine Market Review (Revenues, Forecasts, Lessons for Future Pandemic Vaccines) - Kalorama Information via

* ►May 2010 - Characteristics of US public schools with reported cases of novel influenza A (H1N1) - journal article (International Journal of Infectious Diseases)

* ►May 2010 - Inflammation and social experience: An inflammatory challenge induces feelings of social disconnection in addition to depressed mood - journal article (Brain, Behavior, and Immunity)

►May 2010 - Update on gene therapy for immunodeficiencies - journal article (Clinical Immunology)

►April 30, 2010 - Novel nasal secretion collection method for the analysis of allergen specific antibodies and inflammatory biomarkers - journal article (Journal of Immunological Methods)

►April 27, 2010 - $3m raising for a good night's sleep - The Sydney Morning Herald - "MEDICAL device investor and incubator Leading Edge Instruments has struck a deal to acquire and commercialise a nasal implant aimed at treating sleep apnoea."

* ►April 27, 2010 - What doctor didn't order - Sydney Morning Herald - "Doctors are failing to diagnose children with deadly diseases and are unnecessarily giving others powerful antibiotics, putting lives at risk, a study says."

* ►April 27, 2010 - Reactions to flu shots baffle health experts - The Age, Australia - "Why 55 toddlers in Western Australia had convulsions and a child in Brisbane died after having influenza jabs has so far baffled health authorities but they hope to have some answers by next week."

* ►April 26, 2010 - Flu vaccine baby still fighting for life - The West Australian via

* ►April 26, 2010 - Parents urged to report flu vaccine concerns - Australia's chief medical officer has appealed for more reporting of adverse reactions to the seasonal flu vaccine. -

* ►April 26, 2010 - Flu jab sick toll passes 250 - West Australia's chief health officer says there are now 251 confirmed cases in the state of children aged under five having adverse reactions to flu vaccinations. - - "Dr Weeramanthri says he is working with other states and territories to determine the scale of the problem. 'We don't have any idea for national figures. We've agreed on a standard way to report the cases nationally. All states and territories are gathering the information very actively and we should be in a position to share that information nationally by the middle of next week,' he said."

►April 26, 2010 - More than 200 WA children sick after flu jab - Australian Broadcasting Corporation via

►April 26, 2010 - WHO says dodgy vaccine batch 'unlikely cause for reactions' - A World Health Organisation influenza expert says it's unlikely that a dodgy batch of seasonal flu vaccine is responsible for bad reactions in children. - AAP via Herald Sun

* ►April 26, 2010 - WHO says dodgy vaccine batch 'unlikely cause for reactions' - AAP via - "Ian Barr, the deputy director of the World Health Organisation influenza centre in Melbourne, told the ABC the cases involved several different batches of the vaccine. 'If it was a single batch then you might think that that might be the case,' he said."

* ►April 26, 2010 - Adverse flu shot reactions tracked (includes audio) - The World Today via - "FRAN KELLY: Does it worry you Jim as the chief medical officer that you and the Queensland health authorities didn't know that a child had died in Queensland 12 hours after receiving a flu jab? Isn't that a breakdown in some kind of reporting system? JIM BISHOP: Well we are, we depend on doctors and parents and others to report and we'd urge them to but I think the advantage of having an alert go out on Friday of course is that it brings this into sharp effect and therefore we anticipate a high level of reporting and we'd encourage people to report."

* ►April 26, 2010 - Toddler flu vaccine death to be investigated (includes audio) - AM via - "ANDREW PESCE: There will be some reactions to flu vaccine. We know that that is a statistical fact. The question is; are they at a level which in general protects the public and can give them the confidence that by far and away the public including children are better off vaccinated than not vaccinated? Because the flu itself can kill people."

* ►April 26, 2010 - Two year-old dies after flu vaccination - International Business Times - "The bereaved father, David Epapara said he could not believe this was coincidental. Mr Epapara said both children had been "perfectly fine" until they were inoculated with the combined jab for seasonal flu and swine flu."

* ►April 26, 2010 - Flu vaccine records defended by chief - AAP via Sydney Morning Herald - "'The seasonal flu vaccines have been used for about 40 years with an incredibly good safety record,' he said. 'What we do each year is we don't change the vaccine - the vaccine is essentially the same - but there's very minor genetic changes in some of the strains, as we keep up with the usual change of the flu.' Prof Bishop said the changes didn't necessarily warrant a new round of testing, and there was nothing to suggest the swine flu component of the seasonal vaccine was the problem.'"

* ►April 26, 2010 - Flu vax reactions not from single batch: WHO - Dozens of children in Queensland and Western Australia suffered fevers, vomiting and convulsions after being immunised. -

* ►April 26, 2010 - Illnesses halt vaccine for under-5s - New Zealand Herald - "New Zealand's Health Ministry has told doctors not to give the Fluvax brand of vaccine to children under 5, after the Australian government ordered a halt in that age group because of an unexpectedly high number of cases of fever-related seizures in Western Australia."

►April 26, 2010 - TGA suspends seasonal flu immunization in children pending investigation of Western Australian reports of adverse reactions - Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is investigating reports of an increase in adverse events to the seasonal flu vaccine in Western Australia where all children six months to five years have been offered a free seasonal flu vaccination. (requires subscription for full article) - The Pharma Letter

►April 26, 2010 - Australia investigates flu vaccine concerns - Radio Australia

►April 26, 2010 - Flu Vaccine Killer Comes From Multiple Vaccine Batches - The One Click Group

►April 26, 2010 - New Zealand Bans Flu Vaccine - New Zealand Herald via The One Click Group

►April 26, 2010 - Tough lessons - Swine flu provides test run for next epidemic - AP via Hamilton Spectator

►April 26, 2010 - Flu Vaccine Stolen in Peru - Latin American Herald Tribune

* ►April 26, 2010 - 1,000 doses of flu vaccine stolen in Peru - IANS/EFE) via Thaindian News - "The vaccine doses that were stolen were in multiple-dose containers, each bottle intended for several people and their incorrect use could cause adverse reactions, the ministry said Sunday."

* ►April 26, 2010 - Kentucky H1N1 Vaccine Advertisement Misleads Public At Taxpayers Expense (includes video) - Republic Media

* ►April 26, 2010 - Follow-up file: Woman slowly recovers from bout with H1N1 - The State Journal-Register

►April 26, 2010 - Denying foreigners H1N1 shots a bad idea - letter - Malaysia Star

►April 26, 2010 - Six antigov't protesters in Bangkok have swine flu - Press Trust of India

►April 26, 2010 - Free A(H1N1) vaccines won't be used for politicking – DoH - Manila Bulletin

►April 26, 2010 - Bangladesh reports first A/H1N1 flu death this year - Xinhua via China Daily

►April 26, 2010 - Officials to review response to H1N1 - Meeting to include health, emergency representatives - The Chronicle Herald

►April 26, 2010 - Wait for turn on A(H1N1) vaccination, DOH appeals to pregnant women (includes video) -

* ►April 26, 2010 - A year later, 5 lessons from swine flu outbreak - USA Today

* ►April 26, 2010 - Autism doesn't play favorites - Sioux Falls Argus Leader - "Sam has undergone all of the genetic testing for autism to date. He has none of the known genetic biomarkers of the disorder. There are thought to be more than 200 biomarkers. Sam repeatedly has documented toxic levels of mercury in his tissue and blood. He also has an overburden of testosterone. Testosterone inhibits the natural excretion of heavy metals, namely mercury. As we address both of these issues, our son progresses and improves slowly but surely. These questions remain: Why our son? Where was he exposed to toxic levels of mercury other than his childhood vaccines? And if no one can answer these two questions, whose child is destined to be next?"

* ►April 26, 2010 - Why the Autism Speaks Scientific Advisory Committee Needs to Resign By Katie Wright - Age of Autism

* ►April 26, 2010 - Old Promises Never Kept at Autism Speaks By Kim Stagliano (includes video) - Age of Autism

* ►April 26, 2010 - PBS Frontline to Air The Vaccine War on April 27 - Age of Autism

►April 26, 2010 - Shonda Schilling Featured Speaker at Autism One's Dinner Dance - Age of Autism

►April 26, 2010 - CBS Utters Autism Profanities: The C Word and the P Word - Facing Autism in New Brunswick

►April 26, 2010 - Mother, daughter fight autism, inspire others - Texarkana Gazette

►April 26, 2010 - Autism programs try to meet rising need - Parkersburg News

►April 26, 2010 - Temple Grandin offers window into autistic life - San Francisco Chronicle - "Q: What do you say to educators?  A: Sometimes it's something as simple as changing the lightbulb in a classroom. With kids on the spectrum, there are a lot of sensory issues. Some of these kids can't tolerate 60-cycle florescent lights. It can make the whole room look like a discotheque."

►April 26, 2010 - WI Families Optimistic Observing National Autism Awareness Month - Public News Service

►April 26, 2010 - Class helps autistic kids learn to socialize - Mansfield News Journal

►April 26, 2010 - When It Comes to Autism, Where Did the Love Go? - Autism Blog via

* ►April 26, 2010 - The GMC Vs. Dr Sarah Myhill - Update - The One Click Group

* ►April 26, 2010 - One Click Opens Twitter Account For Breaking GMC Vs. Dr Sarah Myhill News - The One Click Group

►April 26, 2010 - St. Louis Doctors Get $2.5 Million From Pfizer, Lilly, Glaxo, Merck - St. Louis Business Journal via The One Click Group

* ►April 26, 2010 - Stunningly Incompetent UK Department Of Health Screws Up Care Records Database Cancellation - Pulse via The One Click Group

* ►April 26, 2010 - Arrowhead Announces the Appointment of Former FDA Commissioner and National Cancer Institute Director Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach to Its Board of Advisors - press release - Arrowhead Research Corporation via Business Wire - "'Science and technology are revolutionizing medicine, and nanotechnology is at the forefront of that progress,' said Dr. von Eschenbach. 'I am pleased to provide guidance to Arrowhead Research as it endeavors to translate the science of nanotechnology into products that will save lives and eliminate disease.'"

►April 26, 2010 - Parents reminded of importance of vaccinations - South Wales Echo via Wales Online, UK

* ►April 26, 2010 - Study Confirms Link Between Autism and Use of Cells From Abortions in Vaccines? - Greg Laden's Blog via ScienceBlogs

►April 26, 2010 - BioSante Pharmaceuticals Enters Option Agreement to its 2A/Furin Antibody Expression Technology - press release - MarketWire via Business Wire

►April 26, 2010 - Symphogen Announces Publication in Molecular Biotechnology of Sympress ™ II Production System Allowing Single-Batch Recombinant Polyclonal Antibody Manufacturing - Company demonstrates ability to manufacture for large therapeutic markets - press release - Symphogen A/S via Business Wire

* ►April 26, 2010 - Provenge Uses Body's Immune System to Fight Prostate Cancer - Benefits Come With Far Fewer Side Effects That Traditional Cancer Treatment (includes video) - Good Morning America via ABC News - "The vaccine, known as Provenge, was developed by Seattle-based Dendreon Corp. It stimulates the body's own immune system to fight cancer cells."

* ►April 26, 2010 - Annual Conference on Vaccine Research to Highlight 40-Year Progress - press release - National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) via PRNewswire - "Scientists at the 13th Annual Conference on Vaccine Research (ACVR), sponsored by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID), will reflect on the remarkable growth of vaccine biotechnology in the last several decades and focus on the growing number of challenging illnesses that may become vaccine-preventable or vaccine-treatable in the coming years."

►April 26, 2010 - Health Ministry orders investigation into death of six children after administering HPV vaccine -

* ►April 26, 2010 - HPV vaccination more likely if mothers approve - Dartmouth College via NewsRx

* ►April 26, 2010 - Pevion Announces Excellent Preclinical Results for PEV4 RSV Vaccine Candidate - Previon via BusinessWire via Euro Investor, UK

* ►April 26, 2010 - ALK proposes to acquire the largest allergy vaccine company in the Netherlands - Fornix BioSciences via Euro Investor, UK

* ►April 26, 2010 - Global Polio Eradication Partners Respond As Polio Outbreak Claims First Victims In Tajikistan - UNICEF via Medical News Today

* ►April 26, 2010 - U.N. Agencies Issue Warning, Appeal For Funds To Tackle Measles Outbreak In West, Central Africa - Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report via Medical News Today

* ►April 26, 2010 - Hepatitis B - Drug Pipeline Analysis and Market Forecasts to 2016 - GlobalData via - "The value of the unmet need in 2009 was calculated to be $220m. This could be captured by novel molecules, targeted to fulfill the current void left by the existing treatment options, mainly the development of anti-viral resistance. Thus the Hep B market has high potential for further research and development (R&D) activities and to change the current standard of treatment."

►April 26, 2010 - Follow-up file: Woman slowly recovers from bout with H1N1 - The State Journal-Register via

* ►April 26, 2010 - Health Office: Parents, don't skip your kids' measles vaccinations (includes audio) - World Radio Switzerland

►April 26, 2010 - H1N1: Public health looks for lessons from pandemic's first year - Government agencies and others are examining their response to the virus and looking at how to handle future public health challenges. -

* ►April 26, 2010 - Researchers' work from Bavarian Nordic GmbH, Department of Research focuses on vaccinia - PloS One via NewsRx

* ►April 26, 2010 - Doctors make game out of learning infection control - Two medical school buddies who bonded over geek culture have founded a gaming company aimed at medical students. -

* ►April 26, 2010 - Internet first choice for many women seeking medical information - About 30% of women responding to an online survey said online communities help them prepare for a visit to the physician. -

* ►April 26, 2010 - Dendreon Will Run on Provenge OK: Poll -

* ►April 26, 2010 - Grassley Wants Conflict Data From CDC Committees - Pharmalot

* ►April 26, 2010 - EU drug agency committees “overwhelmed with work” - PharmaTimes

►April 26, 2010 - Will Pfizer Seek Triple Damages In Protonix Case? - Pharmalot

►April 26, 2010 - 'Allergy hell' of woman who had to coat her possessions in nail varnish due to reaction to nickel - An allergy sufferer from Northamptonshire was so sensitive to nickel she had to coat her possessions in nail varnish to protect herself. - Northampton Chronicle, UK

►April 26, 2010 - Meserve Fund gives $2,500 to visiting nurses for healthy kids - The Ridgefield Press via

►April 26, 2010 - Scourge of asthma is acute in N.E. - Treatment lags, study contends - The Boston Globe

* ►April 26, 2010 - Reports outline mental retardation study findings from Women's and Children's Hospital, S.A. - The Journal of Medical Genetics via NewsRx

►April 26, 2010 - School change has parents of life skills students concerned - The Intelligencer via

►April 26. 2010 - You Can Have Asthma And Be Active - Canadian Lung Association via Medical News Today

►April 26, 2010 - New law establishes Malaria center - Manila Bulletin

►April 26, 2010 - Ugandan revolutionises treatment - Daily Monitor, Uganda

►April 26, 2010 - Ghanaian Doctors Dance Into The Future - GhanaWeb

►April 26, 2010 - How 'viral tricks' can fool the body's immune system and trigger cancer - Nature Cell Biology via The Scotsman

* ►April 26, 2010 - Research and information is much less research on adults with autism - TopNews

* ►April 26, 2010 - Merck Provides Information on Impact of U.S. Health Care Reform Legislation - Web Newswire

►April 26, 2010 - MultiCell Technologies Is Granted European Patent for the Treatment of Cancer - MultiCell Technologies via PRNewswire-FirstCall

►April 26. 2010 - Urging school children to pay attention to dairy intake may be too late to optimize their bone health: Research - Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology via News-Medical.Net

►April 26. 2010 - Lotus Pharma Expects Approval to Begin Trials of Asthma Drug - ChinaBio Today via Seeking Alpha

►April 26, 2010 - Congress chance for nurses to influence health policies - WalesOnline, UK

►April 26, 2010 - Chronic stress linked to health problems - Suburban Chicago News

►April 26, 2010 - The Uncertain Etiology of PMS and a Link to Infectious Disease - Aetiology Science Blogs

►April 26, 2010 - Taking ARVs is very important - I am HIV-positive. If I went to do another HIV test, would it show that I am taking ARVs? - Jamaica Observer

►April 26, 2010 - Paid sick leave bill limits those covered - The New Haven Register

►April 26, 2010 - Student health insurance faces scrutiny - Policies for college students may be pricey, exclude preexisting conditions and have low caps on coverage, New York attorney general says. -

►April 26, 2010 - Temporary high-risk insurance pools to start in July - The success of the programs could hinge upon coverage affordability, experts say. -

►April 26, 2010 - Health reform law expands False Claims Act - The changes could expose physicians to additional liability while empowering whistle-blowers to play a greater role in rooting out fraud. -

►April 26, 2010 - Infection checklist effort expands, but national rates unchanged - Central-line bloodstream infections kill 31,000 people each year, yet many hospitals have not implemented changes shown to prevent these infections. -

►April 26, 2010 - Asylum seekers get help from physicians - Doctors document the scars, broken bones and mental anguish of people who were tortured in their native lands. -

►April 26, 2010 - What editorial writers are saying about requiring restaurants to post calorie counts - As part of the health reform law, the nation's chain restaurants must post calorie counts for items on their menus and near drive-through windows. -

►April 26, 2010 - Personal health records most likely to be used when doctors recommend them -

►April 26, 2010 - News in brief: Government & Medicine - CMS nomination of Dr. Berwick official - Massachusetts health reform chief moves on - N.Y. steps up Medicaid anti-fraud efforts - Health IT money would go to mental health under bill - Prosthetics, orthotics coverage parity proposed -

►April 26, 2010 - News in brief: Professional Issues - Volunteer doctors would be protected under Calif. bill - Doctor accused of assisted suicide in Georgia pleads not guilty - Stroke risk lower in women who walk frequently -

►April 26, 2010 - News in brief: Business - Medical service inflation outpacing rest of economy - "Meaningful use" of EMRs subject of AHA ad - PHRs should be certified, standards group says -

►April 26, 2010 - Medicare pay cut stopped again; doctors decry lack of permanent fix - Continued close calls over short-term pay patches are causing stress and administrative headaches for physicians. -

►April 26, 2010 - Drastic drop in infant mortality - Zawya

►April 26, 2010 - Vaccination drive as measles reappears in Greater Manchester - Rochdale Online, UK - "Three confirmed cases of measles have been reported in the last week from across Greater Manchester. The cases are aged between one and 10 years and are responding well to treatment at home."

* ►April 26, 2010 - FDA cites Pfizer for pediatric antipsychotic trial errors - Fierce Biotech IT

* ►April 26, 2010 - Adderall Associated with Serious, Life-Threatening Side Effects - Emax Health

* ►April 26, 2010 - Food safety bill's ban on BPA resisted - Washington Post - "The food industry and major business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, are threatening to withdraw support for a long-pending bill to improve food safety, saying they are upset by a proposed amendment that would ban bisphenol-A, a controversial chemical, from food and beverage containers."

* ►April 26, 2010 - Defend Gilles-Eric Séralini and Transparency in GMO Risk Assessment! - Institute of Science in Society

►April 26, 2010 - Pediatricians Urged to Watch for Abused Caregivers - Pediatrics via MedPage Today

►April 26, 2010 - DCOs to take charge of polio eradication drive - The News International, Pakistan

►April 26, 2010 - Bill Gates's New Plot Against Polio - Members of the World Health Organization are working on a new strategy to combat the persistent disease. - Tonic

* ►April 26, 2010 - Outbreak Of Paralysis Points To Polio's Return - Shots Health News Blog via NPR

* ►April 26, 2010 - Maharashtra: Polio returns as Muslims refuse vaccine - Indian Express - "According to [Dr Bharat] Wagh, Mohammed’s family had given the child only two doses of polio during the national immunisation round. “There were 10 rounds in high-risk areas, but the child was not given the dose during those rounds,” said Wagh, adding that exposure to the two rounds of polio meant that the child had developed immunity which led to a mild polio attack with residual paralysis in the leg."

* ►April 25, 2010 - Let there be lights: Kandahar residents want power instead of Cdn polio shots - Winnipeg Free Press

* ►April 25, 2010 - Vaccine death a surprise for Qld health - Queensland Health's chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young said she is unaware of any toddler dying as a direct result of receiving a 2010 seasonal flu vaccination. (includes video) -

* ►April 25, 2010 - Widespread pH1N1 Tamiflu Resistance In South Korea - Recombinomics

* ►April 25, 2010 - Increase in Pandemic H1N1 Cases Reported in Cuba: Implications for Elevating the Alert Level in Haiti - Haiti: Operational Biosurveillance

* ►April 25, 2010 - Australian Toddler Dies 24 Hours Post Seasonal Flu Vaccination - Age of Autism

►April 25, 2010 - Kevin Kwok, 17 Year Old With Autism Missing In Toronto, Erik Lippmann Still Missing in Santa Cruz. - Age of Autism

►April 25, 2010 - Boy with autism races in swim competition -

►April 25, 2010 - Autistic teen from Scarborough located - Youth was missing overnight - Toronto Star

►April 25, 2010 - Hundreds Walk Through Bangor For Autism Awareness - WABI TV 5

►April 25, 2010 - Muskogee resident is passionate about awareness, cure for autism - Muskogee Daily Phoenix

►April 25, 2010 - Autism and its effects on siblings, family members and the community - Brownsville Herald

* ►April 25, 2010 - Autism conference in May 'most comprehensive' ever offered - AutismOne & Generation Rescue join forces to present the most comprehensive conference on autism ever assembled from Monday, May 23, to Sunday, May 30, at the Westin O'Hare Hotel in Rosemont. - Pioneer Press

* ►April 25, 2010 - One out of 110 - The effects of Autism aren’t just felt by those who have it - Oklahoma State University

* ►April 25, 2010 - Boost Your Child's Immune System: Let Him Play in the Dirt - Opposing Views

►April 25, 2010 - Autism Society is now Autism LifeSpan - Chico Enterprise Record

►April 25, 2010 - Lengthening time a drug remains bound to a target may lead to improving diagnostics, therapy - Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology via EurekAlert!

►April 25, 2010 - New Autism Team in Minot - KXMCTV Minot

* ►April 24, 2010 - New Insights Into the Implications of Autism Onset Patterns - Kennedy Krieger Institute has announced new study results showing that when and how autism symptoms appear in the first three years of life has vital implications to a child's developmental, diagnostic, and educational outcomes. Published this month in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, this study found children with early developmental warning signs may actually be at lower risk for poor outcomes than children with less delayed early development who experience a loss or plateau in skills. - Kennedy Krieger Institute, via EurekAlert! via ScienceDaily

►April 25, 2010 - National Infant Immunization Week - Pediatrics Blog via

►April 25, 2010 - Vaccination Week begins to create awareness among parents, children - The Ministry of Health has launched a campaign to create awareness among parents and children concerning the importance of vaccination to prevent some infectious diseases. - Arab News

* ►April 25, 2010 - Malaria vaccine trials for Kenya (includes video) -

* ►April 25, 2010 - Pediatric Care - On Your Cell Phone And In Your Neighborhoods - Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing via Medical News Today - "Through 51-character texts three times a week, Text4Baby delivers messages about topics such as seasonal flu, prenatal vitamins, breastfeeding, and immunizations."

* ►April 25, 2010 - Key Expert Calls FBI's Theory About Accused Anthrax Terrorist 'Impossible' - Is the FBI prematurely closing the books on a still unsolved terror case? - AlterNet

►April 25, 2010 - 13.80 lakh children administered polio drops in Haryana - Press Trust of India

►April 25, 2010 - Salmonella Risk? Judge Orders FDA to Reconsider Turtle Ban - Food Poison Journal

►April 25, 2010 - UC Davis researcher challenges salt-is-bad dogma - Sacramento Bee - "'For instance,' [Judith] Stern said, 'Dr. Michael Alderman found that in only five of 11 studies did salt (reduction) improve heart attack (incidence).'  Alderman, professor of medicine and epidemiology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, studied 2,000 men with high blood pressure and found an 'unexpectedly high' incidence of heart attacks in those who were put on salt-restricted diets."

►April 25, 2010 - Fully-human Monoclonal Antibodies Against Human EphrinB2 and EphB4 for Use in the Study of Cancer Pathogenesis - TechCombo

►April 25, 2010 - Half the world at risk of malaria: WHO - Times of India

►April 24, 2010 - Dab the AIDS Bear visits Yuma - Yuma Sun

* ►April 24, 2010 - Seattle biotech firm on verge of a groundbreaking cancer vaccine - A prostate-cancer treatment, if approved this week, could launch a whole new way to battle tumors — by firing up the body's natural defenses. - Seattle Times - "Analysts estimate a course of Provenge will cost between $50,000 and $75,000. As many as 100,000 men a year develop the advanced form of prostate cancer the treatment would initially be prescribed for. At that rate, Dendreon could rack up well over $1 billion in annual sales in a few years, said David Miller, president of Biotech Stock Research in Seattle."

►April 24, 2010 - Swine flu: The after effects - The Hindu

►April 24, 2010 - H1N1 through the eyes of a grieving friend - Lansing State Journal

►April 24, 2010 - Health-Care Worker Vaccination Rates Remain Perilously Low - Science Magazine

* ►April 24, 2010 - Gainesville BOE looks at in-school flu vaccine - Access North Georgia - "[Steven] McCoy expects 25 to 30 percent of the students will participate in the voluntary program, with 30 to 40 percent of the teachers."

►April 23, 2010 - Shergold offers view on vaccine proposal - Horsetalk, New Zealand

* ►April 23, 2010 - Research and Markets: Licensing Opportunities: Cancer Vaccines - Analysing Drug Developments, Commercialisation Activities & Potential Opportunities - Research and Markets via PharmiWeb

►April 23, 2010 - Tas joins flu shots suspension - Tasmania's health authorities have suspended season flu shots for children under the age of five in line with the rest of the country. -

* ►April 23, 2010 - Flu jab linked to fever in 60 WA children - More than 60 West Australian children may have had adverse reactions to the flu vaccine, the state's health department says. (includes video) - World News Australia via

* ►April 22, 2010 - International group renews push to fight avian, pandemic flu - CIDRAP News

►April 22, 2010 - Surviving swine flu: A year of H1N1 - Whitman Pioneer

►April 22, 2010 - National Infant Immunization Week April 24 through May 1 - Corsicana Daily Sun

* ►April 22, 2010 - Neonatal encephalopathy: a prospective comparison of head US and MRI - journal article (Pediatric Radiology)

►April 22, 2010 - Childminder organises walk for meningitis charity - Ulster Star via Lisburn Today, UK

►April 22, 2010 - Daily Malaria Drug Matches Twice-a-Day Novartis Pill (Update1) - Bloomberg via BusinessWeek

* ►April 21, 2010 - Winter babies prone to allergies - Babies born in autumn or winter are more likely to develop a food allergy than those born in spring or summer, US researchers have found. - The Journal Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology via BBC - "The Boston scientists believe the trend may be explained by a lack of the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D. Vitamin D from natural sun exposure is needed for the healthy development of a child's immune system, experts believe."

* ►April 17, 2010 - The role for osmotic agents in children with acute encephalopathies: a systematic review (pdf) - journal article (BMC Pediatrics)

►April 17, 2010 - Is buckwheat honey more efficacious than dextromethorphan at treating cough associated with upper respiratory tract infections in the pediatric population? - journal article (The Internet Journal of Academic Physician Assistants)

►April 13, 2010 - Association among lung function, exhaled nitric oxide, and the CAN questionnaire to assess asthma control in children - journal article (Pediatric Pulmonology)

* ►April 8, 2010 - Lactational exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, and dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene and infant growth: an analysis of the Pregnancy, Infection, and Nutrition Babies Study - journal article (Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology)

* ►April 8, 2010 - Medicinal Systems of Complementary and Alternative Medicine: A Cross-Sectional Survey at a Pediatric Emergency Department - journal article (The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine)

►April 8, 2010 - Short-term Associations between Ambient Air Pollutants and Pediatric Asthma Emergency Department Visits - journal article (American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine)

* ►April 05, 2010 - Maternal intake of vitamin D during pregnancy and risk of advanced beta cell autoimmunity and type 1 diabetes in offspring - journal article (Diabetologia)

►April 2010 - Medical and Nutrition Management of Eosinophilic Esophagitis in Children - journal article (Nutrition in Clinical Practice)

►April 2010 - Interdisciplinary Care for Feeding Problems in Children - journal article (Nutrition in Clinical Practice)

►February 4, 2010 - What's In Your Vagina? - video - YouTube

►October 2009 - Tampax Tampons: Toxic Death Sticks (pdf) - Meghan Telpner

Live Facebook Chat: Dr. Allen, Ph.D., CCC-SLP on autism - Autism Support Network - "Date: April 30th
Time: 2 P.M. ET"

* Grade 6 National Immunization Poster Contest - CPHA Centenary Celebrating a Century of Public Health Leadership




The Greater Good A Documentary Film looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program.

The PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now"

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