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The Archie Tapes - Uncut and Uncensored (2004) - Vaccination News

Daily News 2012-01-31

Facebook links and vaccination newsHPV Vaccine Policy: At Odds With Evidence-Based Medicine? – Medscape by The Refusers

Corporate-dominated FDA fights its own employees to keep dangerous and ineffective medical devices on the market by The Refusers

Why vaccines are ineffective – Science Daily by The Refusers

Open Letter to the Town of Leroy, NY: Learn Lessons from the Autism Epidemic by Kevin Barry - Age of Autism

Sir Crispin Davis and James Murdoch No Longer on GSK Board - Age of Autism

Tics and Toxins: Just Before Mystery Illnesses Hit Leroy NY, School Built New Playing Fields by Dan Olmsted - Age of Autism

Responses to UBC vaccine paper a problem for free scientific inquiry and expression - UBC researchers raise questions, experience backlash

SaneVax open letter to educators worldwide: Watch for side effects of HPV vaccines

The annals of "I'm not anti-vaccine," part 9 (The first volley of 2012)

Are Dormant Viruses Killing You: Even While They Are Asleep? - Topic of Holy Hormones Radio Show on February 6

Pneumonia bug evolves to evade vaccine, study says - "Remarkably, the exchanged genetic material came from precisely that part of the genome responsible for making the cell's coating, the area targeted by the vaccine. The bacteria, in other words, had kept their virulence intact but changed their outward appearance. "Imagine that each strain of the pneumoccoccus bacteria is a class of schoolchildren all wearing the school uniform," explained Bowden. "If a boy steals from the corner shop, a policeman -- the vaccine -- can easily identify which school he belongs to by his uniform."

Breastfeeding Goes Against Big Pharma Vaccines

Boulder Valley vaccination rates low

Synthetic particles 'could boost vaccines' - “Tiny capsules engineered to mimic part of the body’s immune system could strengthen its response to vaccines,” reported the BBC today.

Molecular Relationship between Field and Vaccine Strain of Measles Virus and its Persistence in Pakistan

TapImmune Chairman and CEO Provides Corporate Update to Current and Future Shareholders

About 100 students still need meningitis vaccinations

Look Up: The New Age of Inoculation Is Aerial Vaccines and Nano Delivery Systems

FDA hacked into private Gmail accounts of its own whistleblower scientist using covert spy technology

NIH-funded HIV clinical research sites to join pediatric tuberculosis vaccine study

Targeted DNA Vaccine Using an Electric Pulse

Free Pertussis Vaccine Clinic at GVHS Until 1 p.m.

La Niña weather pattern linked to influenza pandemics

To protect national exchequer, PPRA wants rule exemption for EPI vaccines

Cue the puppies: How drug ads downplay health risks - Critics say drug ads mislead consumers by showing happy images as they recite health risks.

Experts want suicide risk warning on ADHD drug

Drops full of hope

The purpose – to train them in administering polio drops, recording results and working with parents who may refuse to get their children vaccinated or children who are not present. Success of the three-day nationwide polio drive, which was launched on ...
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Children and Infectious Diseases Vaccine Preventable Diseases and ...

26 Why Global Eradication of Infectious Diseases Immunization is one of the most cost effective health interventions in existence If polio is eradicated by ...

Rare local case of measles identified

The best prevention is immunization with the combination vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella. Most children are vaccinated at 12-15 months and receive the second dose at 4-6 years. Measles can be difficult to diagnose due to the sporadic nature of ...
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Delaware reports fifth measles case since 1995

The Division of Public Health in Delaware has identified a laboratory-confirmed case of measles in a six-year-old girl from Clayton, which marks only the fifth case of measles in the state since 1995. The case was clinically diagnosed on January 13 by ...
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Vaccine News Daily (blog)

More on shingles

n People who had chickenpox are susceptible, usually later in life. The National Institutes of Health estimates that 99 percent of adults over age 40 have had chickenpox, even if they don't remember it. n The risk goes up as people age and their immune ...
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When Scientists Lie

Editors at The Lancet retracted a 1998 study by Andrew Wakefield that linked the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine with autism.

Child immunisation benefits

The Australian General Practice Network is reminding parents to keep up to date with their child's immunisations so they can receive the family tax benefit part A supplement this year. Network chairman Dr Emil Djakic said that to receive the benefit of ...
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Responsiveness of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells to thimerosal

Responsiveness of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells to thimerosal and mercury derivatives - Sciences Indexed Since 1998.

Inovio moves closer to "universal" flu vacccine with new data, it says

Inovio Pharmaceuticals (AMEX:INO) said Tuesday that is moving closer to a "universal flu vaccine" as animal studies showed protective antibody immune responses against multiple H3N2 and Type B strains. Investors cheered the news, with shares rising ...
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Proactive Investors USA & Canada

vaccines Quotes & News Quotes

Diamond Shamrock operated under mandate from the government, and our actions were safe, proper, and legal..SOURCE: Age of Autism 2012-01-30 10:51 00 ...

Even dogs have their day with the flu

By Mary Meehan — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, known as the go-to government source for human health information, recently put together this Q&A about the dog flu. What is canine influenza (dog flu)?
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Lexington Herald Leader

Study rejects connection between Gardasil and autoimmune ...

A two-year study funded by Merck & Co., the maker of human papillomavirus vaccine Gardasil, found that the HPV vaccine does not cause autoimmune ...

Gardasil Injuries on mainstream media news! Excellent! : Vaccine ...

Gardasil HPV Vaccine, Government experimentation on the public, Personal Stories Vaccine Injuries. Gardasil Injuries on mainstream media news! Excellent!

And Now for a Public Cervix Announcement

Of course, a whiff of cronyism surrounds the decision since Perry's former Chief of Staff Mike Toomey was a lobbyist for Merck at the time Perry signed the ...

Family's tribute to teen after meningitis death

TRIBUTES have been paid to a Sheffield Hallam University student who died suddenly from meningitis earlier this month. Ryan Sweatman, aged 19, died in his sleep after returning to the city from his home in Norfolk. His family has now set up a fund to ...
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The Star

Meningitis C vaccines should be moved from infant schedule, says DH

By Nigel Praities | 31 Jan 2012 Department of Health advisers have recommended that a meningitis C vaccine dose should be moved from the infant schedule and replaced with a booster in teenagers. The recommendation from the Joint Committee on ...
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Falak contracts meningitis, still critical

NEW DELHI: The two-year-old battered girl at AIIMS was battling for life today after contracting meningitis, a potentially life threatening infection, even as police failed to track her parents or the man who handed her over to his teenaged girlfriend.
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The Herculean task of eradicating polio heads to Qasba Colony in Karachi, a high risk area for polio, to speak with family and their young family member who contracted polio.
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CHAD: Why polio is so hard to eliminate

DAKAR, 31 January 2012 (IRIN) - Poor-quality emergency immunization campaigns and low routine polio immunization coverage are helping the polio virus to spread in Chad, with 132 cases reported in 2011 - five times the number in 2010.
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Earnings Preview: Merck report keys on new drugs

He'll likely note the company, based in Whitehouse Station, NJ, got five products approved last year, including breakthrough hepatitis C drug Victrelis. Frazier likely will discuss progress on his strategy to boost revenue and profit by limiting ...
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The Value of Life, Statistically Speaking

... adverse reactions, injury, or even death. For vaccines, the enormous societal benefits trump the tragedies of the few. And in order to keep the vaccine ...

Thimerosal – Parents of Affected Kids “Pearl Harbored” | Autism

As stinging as that is, the most critical lie the NPO sharks told to moms and dads was Autistic children would have the necessary funding for Thimerosal and ...

HPV Vaccine Policy: At Odds With Evidence-Based Medicine?

This is 2.5 times lower than the rate of serious adverse reactions from Gardasil that have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System ...

Association seeks comprehensive national immunisation programme

By Wale Adepoju 13 hours 2 minutes ago The Medical Women's Association of Nigeria (MWAN) has recommended the inclusion of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine and the Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) in the National Programme on Immunisation of ...
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Rep. Dan Burton to retire

In the House, Burton has been a passionate advocate in fighting autism, suggesting that vaccines that contained thimerosal contributed to the spread of the ...

Whooping Cough Symptoms Spread in Riley County

By AP Residents should consider being vaccinated against pertussis, even if they've been vaccinated in the past. ... AP information from: The Manhattan Mercury.

Hopes rise for development of universal flu vaccine

Harnessing the immune system's response to the peptides could produce an all-encompassing multi-strain vaccine, the scientists believe. Current flu vaccines produce an antibody response to surface molecules which alter rapidly to keep one step ahead of ...
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Hopes rise on universal flu vaccine

Newly discovered flu molecules shared by most strains of the virus could help scientists develop a "universal vaccine", it is claimed. Researchers identified the molecules after subjecting healthy volunteers to flu infections.
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Batavia Morning News

The district also ruled out the Gardasil vaccine, revealing that that many of the girls affected by the tics, did not receive the Gardisil vaccine. The statement went on to say the constant attention to the illness has had a negative impact on the ...
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Canadian immunization committee recommends HPV vaccine for boys

by Peter Baklinski OTTAWA, Ontario, January 30, 2012 ( – Current sexual practices in Canada among boys as young as 9 years of age have motivated the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) to recommend the use of Gardasil to ...
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Latest In LeRoy Tics Case

Gardasil, the human papillomavirus [HPV] vaccine, has also been ruled out, as many of the girls did not receive it. District leaders say they've been working with medical professionals, the NYS Dept. of Health, the Dept. of Environmental Conservation ...
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Deadly cervical cancer can be prevented, says survivor

Is this vaccination truly worth combating one of the LEAST concerning .... record stating that the rate of serious adverse reactions to the HPV vaccines was ...

Dr Andrew Wakefield interview with Alex Jones NaturalNewstv

Here's a really interesting interview of Dr Andrew Wakefield by Alex Jones, conducted in January, 2011. Dr Wakefield responds to the hoax of fabricated ...

Andrew Wakefield « Radio Freethinker

Posted by Ethan Clow on January 30, 2012. A couple weeks ago on the show I mentioned the latest developments regarding the disgraced Andrew Wakefield.

Falak contracts meningitis, still critical

PTI | 06:01 PM,Jan 31,2012 New Delhi, Jan 31 (PTI) The two-year-old battered girl at AIIMS was battling for life today after contracting meningitis, a potentially life threatening infection, even as police failed to track her parents or the man who ...
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Interview with Dr Andrew Wakefield about vaccines and autism ...

Here's an amazing interview between Dr Andrew Wakefield and Robert Scott Bell, who discuss the current smear campaign being engineered by the conventional ...

Researchers identify key peptides that could lead to a universal vaccine for ...

These internal structures are found in all strains of influenza virus - thus, a vaccine that targets such peptides may provide immunity against all strains of influenza, including seasonal (yearly), avian (bird), and swine flu, for many years.
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Neurological Disease In N.Y Teens Tied To Gardasil Video

Kanaeta's video about gardasil twelve girls leroy new york N.Y vaccine damage sanevax big pharma injury side eff documentary on

Hospitals Fail to Report Suspected Cases amid NW China Polio Outbreak

Four hospitals failed to report suspected cases of polio in a far northwestern region of China that experienced an outbreak of the disease last August, the regional government said Tuesday. During the epidemic monitoring period, the hospitals, ...
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Child vaccine anaphylaxis 'rare'

... 16 in the UK and Ireland with suspected anaphylaxis following immunisation and found an estimated incidence was 12 per 100000 doses for the single component measles vaccine and 1.4 cases per million doses for the bivalent HPV vaccine (Cervarix).
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Cervical cancer screening encouraged

What are current recommendations about Pap tests and the HPV vaccine? A. This is an important question that affects females of all ages, and now is the time to be proactive. January is National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.
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HPV Vaccine Not Linked To Autoimmune Disorders Study

A two-year study of nearly 190000 girls and women, finds that Gardasil, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine made by Merck & Co, does not trigger ...

LeRoy Schools Confident in Their Conclusions RE: Tics

The Gardasil vaccine was ruled out because many of the girls did not receive the vaccine. The Department of Environmental Conservation reaffirmed the evaluation that there is no evidence of environmental factors. The District will certainly welcome ...
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Anti-polio drops: over 5.3 million children of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Fata to be ...

About 5.3 million children in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 0.1 million children in Federally Administration Tribal Areas will be given anti-polio drops during a three-day anti polio, which was started, here on Monday. KP, Minister for Health, Syed Zahir Ali ...
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More than wishes needed to end polio

The three-day drive for eradication of polio, which ends on February 1, is expected to target some 35 million children under the age of five. – AP Photo ISLAMABAD, Jan 30: As the nation-wide polio campaign commenced to contain the crippling virus, ...
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Three-day anti-polio campaign launched

Sindh Expanded Programme on Immunisation Director Dr Mazhar Khamisani said that 20000 independent teams (two in each team) would administer polio drops to 6.5 million children under five years of age in the province during the house-to-house campaign, ...
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Vaccinate teenagers against meningitis, say DH advisers

By Stephen Robinson, 31 January 2012 Millions of teenagers may be set to receive a 'booster' dose of the meningitis vaccine following recommendations from government advisers. DH: new advice from the joint committee on vaccines and immunisation.
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Crook County Confirms Sixth Meningitis Case

By Barney Lerten, KTVZ.COM PRINEVILLE, Ore. -- An older teen out of high school was confirmed Monday as Crook County's sixth case of meningococcal disease in the past 10 months. The most recent case was diagnosed over the weekend, said Karen Yeargain, ...
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Baby Falak suffering from meningitis: AIIMS

Doctors at AIIMS said that the toddler is suffering from meningitis. "Falak is suffering from meningitis. Future course of treatment depends on how the baby responds to the treatment. Her chances of survival have severely gone down," Sumit Sinha, ...
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Inovio Pharmaceuticals Moves Closer to "Universal" Influenza Vaccine by ...

31, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. /quotes/zigman/374264/quotes/nls/ino INO -5.29% announced today that its synthetic vaccines for influenza Type A H3N2 and Type B achieved protective antibody responses in immunized ...
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Hinton farmer one of first in country to have bionic ear

"It was after I had the chicken pox," he recalled. "Teachers noticed it first. I'm not sure if we were having hearing tests back then or if they noticed I wasn't responding in class." Whether the chicken pox was responsible for Muecke's hearing loss is ...
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Retro - January 2001: Fears over MMR jab

DOCTORS were battling to reassure parents everywhere the MMR vaccine was safe. Hundreds of parents withdrew their children from the jab following public unrest over a possible link between the measles, mumps and rubella jab to autism.
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Yorkshire Evening Post

Hepatitis A vaccination rates vary greatly from state to state

A new survey on the hepatitis A vaccine recently released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that vaccination rates vary greatly from state to state. In two states, Alaska and Oklahoma, approximately 85 percent of children are ...
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Vaccine News Daily (blog)

Kansas health department reports six measles cases

The Finney County Health Department and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment are reporting that there have been at least six cases of measles identified in Garden City. The six cases represent more cases than were seen in all of Kansas last ...
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FDA: Shingles vaccine now recommended for age 50 and up

By Susan Hemmingway - Herald Health Correspondent Nearly all baby boomers can remember getting chicken pox, the highly contagious childhood illness that swept through elementary schools. Chicken pox usually wasn't serious but it caused discomfort and ...
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Bradenton Herald

Daily News 2012-01-30 | Vaccination News

As a part of this update, they propose significant changes to the diagnoses ... Anne Dachel, media editor of Age of Autism, explains that just because the .

New rule to make flu shots mandatory for doctors

... it will be compulsory for all the medical practitioners working in London hospitals to get the influenza vaccine, providing they are not allergic to it.

Pertussis cases going up in Virginia

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention especially recommend pertussis vaccine for anyone 65 or older who has close contact with infants, plus pregnant women, new mothers who are breastfeeding and health care or childcare professionals who have ...
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Polio Monitoring posts Residents condemn selection of favourite people

TANK: The residents of Tank have strongly condemned the apathy of World Health Organization (WHO) for allegedly selecting dull and favorite people for the posts of Polio Monitors.Criticizing the resent recruitment of WHO the citizens complained that ...
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Frontier Post

Midland College Sees Decline in Enrollment Due to New Requirement

By Anayeli Ruiz MIDLAND - A new state law requires college students to have the meningitis vaccine but many didn't get it and others couldn't find out. That's affected their enrolment. Midland College says they've come up with a plan to help those ...
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Capiz elderly to avail immunization

Information Officer Joeffry Espiritu of the Capiz Provincial Health Office disclosed that the 1318 indigent senior citizens who were identified under the National Household Targeting System (NHTS) will start receiving their pneumococcal and influenza ...
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Generation Rescue's tax form 990 for 2010

Simply put: Andrew Wakefield. That's the organization he created after ... Been wondering how Andrew Wakefield is paying the bills since losing that job?

National anti-polio campaign kicks off

The Incharge Basic Health Unit Khesana Mori Dr Rajesh Kumar who was assigned as Incharge Union Council Sawan Gopang for Polio Eradication Programme, has been relieved to Head Office Sindh Health Department on account of his negligence in duty during ...
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Polio vaccine: LHC seeks quality report from Punjab health dept

By Mudassir Raja The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday directed the Punjab Health Department to submit a report on the quality and procurement of polio vaccines. Justice Rauf Ahmed Sheikh of the LHC's Rawalpindi Bench directed the Punjab health ...
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The Express Tribune

Meningococcal meningitis spreads in five Vietnam localities

The meningococcal meningitis epidemic has spread in five provinces and cities in Vietnam, including Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Long An, Binh Phuoc and Quang Tri, the Preventive Health Department under the Health Ministry reported.
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LeRoy Superintendent: "School is Safe"

Health leaders say they have also ruled out PANDAS, a disorder associated with streptococcal infections, and the Gardasil vaccine, as not all the affected girls received the vaccine. Superintendent Kim Cox said, "The Le Roy Central School District and ...
See all stories on this topic » » Blog Archive » AGE OF AUTISM: The Situation ...

HERE. The lesson is this. We should not expect our colleagues in pharmaceuticals, media, and government to repent or fall on their swords. Some believe their ...

Hepatitis C cases rise in Cortland

The hepatitis C virus affects the liver and can result in serious complications. Carriers may show no symptoms for 20 or more years, according to the Health Department. There is no vaccine and only a blood test can confirm infection.
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TRICARE Beneficiaries Have Many Easy Options for Flu Protection

Getting a flu vaccine is easy and inexpensive for TRICARE beneficiaries. You may be able to get your flu vaccine for free from any military medical clinic or hospital, or you may choose to get it at one of 50000 participating TRICARE retail network ...
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HSD receives grant for canine influenza virus

Humane Society of the Delta is one of the 1400 animal shelters and rescue groups that received the NOBIVAC Canine Flu H3N8 vaccine. Nearly one million doses were distributed in 49 states on behalf of the Foundation and Merck Animal Health ...
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Flu vaccine is best protection

By Staff Report Editor, Each year for the past 35 years, the flu has peaked in February. There is no evidence that this season will be any different. The flu shot takes less than two weeks to produce effective immunity, so if you haven't had the time ...
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National polio immunization campaign kicks off in Turbat

TURBAT: A three-day anti-polio drive started in the Turbat district on Monday, during which 131539 children under five years of age will be vaccinated against the fatal disease. Deputy Commissioner Kech Hafeez Hoth inaugurated the campaign drive by ...
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Countrywide polio eradication campaign begins

Ambassador of Polio Eradication Campaign, Aseefa Bhutto Zardari inaugurated the campaign in Karachi by administering polio drops to children. During the campaign, mobile teams of health department would visit door to door to administer polio drops to ...
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And now, Bill Gates falls for 'augmented' polio emergency plan

Even though Pakistan is constantly transgressing in the fight against polio, the country's political leadership has succeeded in convincing Bill Gates, chief executive officer of Microsoft and head of the famous Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ...
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Inactivated Polio Vaccine should be in immunisation programme

By Paul Oluwakoya 6 minutes ago TO have a complete polio eradication, Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) should be incorporated into the immunisation programme. This was the submission of cross section of Nigerian health practitioners at a stakeholders' ...
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Anti-polio campaign launched in KP, Fata

PESHAWAR: The three-day anti-polio vaccination drive was launched on Monday in the restive Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and adjoining tribal areas amid reports of propaganda against vaccines by clerics in certain areas. The Expanded Programme on ...
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House passes bill lifting HPV vaccine rule

Virginia was the first state requiring girls to receive the HPV vaccine. According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease, and at least half of sexually active people get the virus ...
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Beloit school district working to make sure students are immunized

"It may have increased slightly based on parent fear of immunizations at times, but the Centers for Disease Control and public health departments have come out with information confirming the safety of immunizations, versus getting the actual illness.
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Free pentavalent vaccine pulls crowds

THRISSUR: The government's immunization drive is peaking up in the district after 7044 kids were given their pentavalent shots in December 2011. Before this public health drive, Hepatitis B and DPT vaccines were administered to 5048 kids in November, ...
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Skagit County Public Health Department schedule changes

(MOUNT VERNON)— The Skagit County Public Health Department says that starting Wednesday, February 1 st , their Public Health Nursing Clinic one will be open only on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's due to staff reductions this year.
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Pertussis symptoms spread in Riley County

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is a bacterial disease easily transmitted through the air. It's marked by weeks of a prolonged cough with a distinctive "whooping" sound, and is especially serious for infants. Kufahl told commissioners that ...
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Pertussis symptoms spread in Riley County

The Manhattan Mercury reports ( ) that five people in Riley County had symptoms of ... that residents should consider being vaccinated against pertussis, ...

SLU doctor's study: No autism, vaccination link

By Pat McGonigle St. Louis (KSDK) -- A new study, set to appear Monday in Missouri Medicine, the medical journal of the Missouri State Medical Association, will urge parents to get their child vaccinated for measles, mumps and rubella.
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Cuyahoga County Board of Health offers low-cost vaccines at several locations

The board of health provides all vaccines recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices including chickenpox; flu; hepatitis A and B; measles, mumps and rubella; and HPV.
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Plain Dealer

Anti-polio campaign launched in KP, Fata

The Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) in collaboration with UNICEF and World Health Organisation (WHO) is set to vaccinate 5.3 million children under five years, including 350, 000 Afghan kids, in Khyber Pakh-tunkhwa.
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Vaccine can prevent blindness

PARENTS of newborns are being encouraged to have their children immunised for chickenpox after a report found more than 900 North Coast children seemed overdue. Marianne Trent, immunisation co-ordinator for the Lismore Public Health Unit was so ...
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Riley County treating at least 8 for symptoms of whooping cough

The Manhattan Mercury reports ( ) that five people in Riley ... that residents should consider being vaccinated against pertussis, ...

Which Cabinet Minister Has Chicken Pox?

The Scottish Secretary Michael Moore has caught chicken pox just days before he is due for a key meeting with First Minister Alex Salmond. The timing is particularly unfortunate as it comes on the day Mr Salmond revealed his plans for a referendum.
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Sky News (blog)

Vaccine reduces risk of shingles

Dr. Allen Ditto, family practitioner at Potomac Family Medicine, said shingles — known as herpes zoster — is a rash that is caused by the chickenpox virus. “It's the result of having chickenpox when you were a kid,” he explained. “If you had ...
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Idaho Technology, Inc. Seeks FDA Clearance for the Expanded FilmArray(R ...

The additional five pathogens are: Bordetella pertussis, Chlamydophila pneumoniae, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Coronavirus 229E, and Coronavirus OC43. There are currently no FDA cleared assays for these five pathogens. The Bordetella pertussis outbreaks in ...
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Measures needed to prevent costly pertussis outbreaks

Pertussis “pseudo-outbreaks” can occur because of improper specimen collection and environmental cleaning practices, lack of standard polymerase chain reaction protocols, and inaccurate result reporting, according to results of a study published online ...
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Tics and Toxins: Just Before Mystery Illnesses Hit Leroy NY ...

About all you do know is that the kinds of tests the consultants performed wouldn't pick up this kind of problem." Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism ...

Man dies in first Massachusetts rabies case since 1935

... weakness or discomfort, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Disease in humans often can be prevented by quickly administering vaccine and antibodies if a person knows he or she has been exposed to rabies, officials say.
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Bill would restore vaccine funding

By Andrew Jensen, Alaska Journal of Commerce After cuts in funding from the Centers for Disease Control took effect in 2011, the state of Alaska was no longer able to provide vaccinations to uninsured adults. A bill pending in the Legislature ...
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Project OfficerCoordinator Schoolbased immunis Contract North ...

Contract It Job in North Sydney , Australia. The technology job posting for Project Officer/Coordinator - School-based immunis is now accepting applicants.

DNA study reveals how bacteria evaded childhood vaccine

The researchers from the University of Oxford and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) used the latest DNA sequencing techniques to investigate how pneumococcus bacteria evolved after the introduction of a childhood vaccine in 2000 ...
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Experts Call for Safer Sex, More Vaccinations to Fight Oral HPV Rates

Oral HPV infections are much higher than expected among American adults, according to a new study of 5500 people. Experts say the study also paints a picture of changing sexual practices in the US and advances the case for expanding vaccination against ...
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ABC News

Danilo Casimiro–one of the world's top vaccine developers, and a Filipino

Danilo Casimiro, the only Filipino scientist who was part of the team that worked on Gardasil, the world's leading vaccine against the human papillomavirus (HPV), is now busy working with colleagues on a vaccine to help prevent dengue.
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Oral HPV Rates Higher In Men Than Women

Natural history studies of cervical HPV infection were essential for the development of public health interventions, such as HPV vaccination to prevent and HPV detection to screen for cervical cancer. Natural history studies of oral HPV infection are ...
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