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The Archie Tapes - Uncut and Uncensored (2004) - Vaccination News

Daily News 2016-12-05

Association ≠ Causation reminder on ‘racket sports reduce risk of death’ stories

You are needed RIGHT NOW to change the course of history!! Stop HR (video)

URGENT: Tell Senate to strip out government fast-tracking of ALL new vaccines

French GPs show vaccine hesitancy, discrepancy in recommendations

Mercury and autism: New research provides yet more damning evidence that mercury exposure leads to ASD

Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC by Dr. Mercola - Age of Autism

We Are Vaxxed Dr. Suzanne Humphries On Gardasil (video)

Anti-vaccination proponents hope for an ally in Donald Trump

A first-of-its-kind HIV vaccine will move to phase II trials in 2017

Advice For Doctors Talking To Parents About HPV Vaccine: Make It Brief

My interview with former CBS star reporter: fake news at CBS by Jon Rappoport

The Price is Right? by Anne Dachel - Age of Autism

Autism, It Changed Everything by Cathy Jameson - Age of Autism

How The CDC And Vaccine Court Create An Epidemic Of Autism

What Do Stakeholders Think About the GAP for Influenza Vaccines' First 10 Years?

Trump Isn’t an Anti-Vaxxer. He’s a Slow Vaxxer. His position is still a nonsensical attack on science. It also helps explain his appeal.

A Zika vaccine is being developed at warp speed, but will there be a market for it?

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Over the Top and Under Their Skin by Dan Olmsted

Breaking the Big Four: vaccine oligopoly unlikely to be challenged, analyst - Long lead times and high barriers to entry will restrict competition in the vaccines market, leaving GSK, Sanofi, Merck & Co. and Pfizer dominant, a Jefferies analyst says.

French connection: Vaccine biomanufacturing service providers Accinov and Biodextris merge - Accinov has teamed up with Canadian clinical research organisation (CRO) Biodextris to provide a transatlantic biomanufacturing ‘plug and play’ service for biopharmaceuticals—with a particular expertise in vaccines.

Researchers Teach Computer to Read the Internet

Multistate (USA) - Update: Mumps, more cases

The history of vaccinations in the light of the autism epidemic.

Week highlights reminder to get your flu vaccine

A Shot In The Arm

Chinese scientists create live-virus vaccines to tackle deadly viruses

Reevely: Thousands of warnings go out over Ottawa students' vaccination records - Ottawa’s health unit will start ordering children suspended from school over their vaccination records in the new year, even though its top managers know that’s just about the worst thing they can do for kids whose parents haven’t gotten them their shots.

Experimental Vaccines Unleashed on Public? Lame Duck Congress Fast Tracking Bill

Advice For Doctors Talking To Parents About HPV Vaccine: Make It Brief

Detailed examination of the pediatric vaccines market feasibility & assessment research

Travel vaccines coming to pharmacies - Ontario health minister announces 13 shots that will be available locally

In vaccine debate, nation's top pediatrician says caring about children is more persuasive than science
Texas Doc: Anti-Vaxxers Risk 'Measles Time Bombs' in 2018

New, more effective strategy for producing flu vaccines

Vaccination is vital for those over 60

Therapeutic Vaccines Market Clinical Review, 2016

'Sweet' study underway to trap flu virus before you're sick (video)

FLUAD Flu Vaccine With Adjuvant

This Week in Zika: Texas Sees First Local Transmission - Also, travel warnings downgraded again for Miami area

Avian influenza outbreak: Human symptoms of potentially fatal virus ‘bird flu’ revealed

Plan for $38 million LI vaccine research center scrapped

Three SJI children have whooping cough

New, more effective strategy for producing flu vaccines

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Market - Expected to Reach $4 Billion Across the Seven Major Markets - Research and Markets

Yellow Fever Epidemic in Africa Shows Gaps in Vaccine Pipeline

UW-Madison meningitis outbreak spurs widespread vaccination - Three cases of meningitis were treated at UW. At the U, there has been one fatal case in 27 years.

Adding interventions to mass measles vaccinations in India

Off-label drug marketing: Who will decide what’s “truthful” when the evidence can’t be trusted?

16th Euro Global Summit and Expo on Vaccines and Vaccination
EPFD's Final 'Vaccinations for Health' Dates for 2016 Set

IPV remains unavailable in private hospitals

Randolph Health Department offering flu vaccinations

Influenza escalates to heartbreak in Lakes area

Influenza Activity — United States, 2015–16 Season and Composition of the 2016–17 Influenza Vaccine

Flu Vaccine Effectiveness: Questions and Answers for Health Professionals - How do we measure how well influenza vaccines work?

$15-million donation funds immunization clinic at B.C. Children's Hospital

For second round of meningitis vaccine, UW asks students to go through insurers

2 Sizzling Hot Biotechnology Stocks: Novavax, Inc. (NVAX), Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (VRTX)

New UK spy law allows government to collect data from, spy on all citizens

Study with CureVac's RNAdjuvant® Technology Published in Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, Demonstrates Equal responsiveness of blood cells from Both Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) Patients and Healthy Subjects to the RNA-based adjuvant

Drugs for your dogs? Big Pharma just won FDA approval for canine anxiety meds

Virus found in multiple foxes in NH that is fatal to pets unless vaccinated

Researchers find worrisome CRE on US swine farm

More avian flu reported in Germany, France

Saudi officials announce 4 new MERS cases

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Dec 05, 2016 - Antibiotic prescribing in kids; MDR-TB in China

News Scan for Dec 05, 2016 - High-yield flu B vaccine; Zika monkey challenge; More US AFM cases; New chikungunya cases


'Vaxxed' Director Andrew Wakefield: Anti-Vaccine Movement Galvanized By Donald Trump's Win

[The anti-vaccine movement led by Andrew Wakefield] see in Donald ... advisory committee in place to oversee the CDC and moving vaccine injury ...

Getting a flu shot is recommended by professionals

Residents in Clare, Gladwin, and Isabella counties can get a flu shot by making an appointment or visiting one of our local health department branch ...

Polio Jigawa targets 1.7m children for Immunisation

Polio Jigawa targets 1.7m children for Immunisation. The govt said enough personnel has been engaged to conduct the exercise simultaneously ...

Heart attacks could be more in winter: HMC official

The best way to prevent the flu is to get the flu vaccine, which provides good protection and lasts one year. However, those with existing health ...

Rabies death toll reaches 20 this year

Pune: A 58-year-old man from rural Satara died of rabies at the Pune ... However, he had not taken any anti-rabies vaccines to counter the virus.

Punjab Govt works on healthcare, keeping polio incidence nill

Minister for Primary and Secondary Healthcare Kh Imran Nazir has directed the Executive District Officers (EDO) to personally monitor the polio ...

Three-day polio campaign to begin from 19th

KHANEWAL: The Health Department will start a three-day anti-polio drive from December 19 to vaccinate at least 498,739 children of under five ...

Celebrating 65 years helping the community

The beginning of March of Dimes started out as fundraising for polio and the eradication of polio, Kennedy said. It's really evolved many times over ...

The key to fighting the next 'Ebola' outbreak is in your pocket

When a toddler called Emile Ouamouno, in the village of Meliandou in Guinea, died from Ebola in December 2013, it took three months for the rest of ...

The brutal economics of healthcare is keeping us unprepared to stop the next pandemic

We know that the Ebola outbreak began with Emile, a two-year-old boy in southern Guinea. The disease spread undiagnosed between December ...

Death-trap shisha bar boss 'caused chaos' by claiming he had ebola. Now he's been jailed...

A fugitive who claimed he had ebola in a bid to escape justice has been jailed after handing himself in. Wali Yaqub triggered a regional health scare ...

The Film Blog: 'Salt' is a pretty good ebola narrative

This is why, despite the fact that 93 Days did such a fine job of telling the story (and stories) of Ebola in Nigeria, both on a large and a small scale, ...

What It's Like To Handle The Nastiest Pathogens As Your Day Job

Pandemic flu, Ebola, Nipah virus. Emmie de Wit has held all of them in her hands (with three layers of gloves in between, of course). She's a virologist ...

New Findings Suggest No Link Between Flu Vaccine and Autism in Children

New Findings Suggest No Link Between Flu Vaccine and Autism in ... the scientists were able to conclude that neither vaccination nor contracting the ...

Study Finds that the Flu Vaccine During Pregnancy Doesn't Cause Autism in Kids

A new research study manages to strengthen the findings of other similar studies seeking to combat the idea that the flu vaccine causes autism in kids.

Autism, It Changed Everything

My son doesn't have the kind of autism that's featured as a 'feel good' story at the end of a .... Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.

Lanarkshire uptake figures for flu vaccine for children is below 40 per cent

Less than 40 per cent of Lanarkshire children entitled to a flu vaccination have been given the treatment. The figures were released as health chiefs ...

UA notebook

FAYETTEVILLE -- A mumps outbreak in Northwest Arkansas now includes two confirmed cases involving University of Arkansas students, according ...

Flu left me paralysed: Midwife trapped in her own body and left unable to walk after a common cold ...

Nikki Turner, Immunisation Advisory Centre director, told the flu vaccination works about 60 to 70 percent of the time, and that rate drops if ...

Flu vaccine is a safeguard for community's health

A stigma with the vaccine, this experience is actually common and will usually last only one to two days. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ...

Take me home

She has been spayed, gotten all her shots and is microchipped. ... Kentucky law requires that rabies shots be up to date and given by a veterinarian.

HIV vaccine starts clinical trial in South Africa, offers new hope for a cure

HIV vaccine starts clinical trial in South Africa, offers new hope for a cure ... Sates, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Flu or flu vaccine in pregnancy not tied to autism in kids, study suggests

Pregnant women who get the flu, or a flu vaccine, are not increasing their baby's risk for an autism spectrum disorder, a new study suggests.

Free flu vaccination available for children

(KTVI) Saturday area kids were vaccinated against the flu. ... vaccinations were given out today by the St. Louis County Department of Public Health.


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