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Daily News 2015-11-23


BOUGHT Watch the BOUGHT Movie  - FREE!... November 20, 2015 - December 1, 2015 - Is Your Family's Health Being Traded For Profit? New BOUGHT Documentary Exposes Ugly Truth Behind Vaccines, GMO's and Big Pharma...

Announcing The Reopening and  Relaunch of the  Vaccine Research Library.

DTP vaccine alert after child's death

Heroin vaccine project gets $1.6M - Scripps Research-led study to perform preclinical testing with eye to human trials

Day 2 at IDC New York 2015: Vaccine-preventable diseases set for a comeback (video)

Proof that the vaccine industry never wants a cure for the flu to be made public

Murdered Holistic Doctors Had Discovered Autism/Cancer-Causing Enzyme Intentionally Being Added to All Vaccines

Flu shots and chemotherapy are 'systemic health care frauds' warns Mike Adams in Health Revolt interview

Livestock antibiotics to be replaced with vaccines by 2030

From Vaccines to Creationism, Ben Carson’s Views Perplex Some

US CA: $1.6m Grant Awarded For Heroin Vaccine Study

Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty in the Spotlight - Age of Autism

Healthy scepticism is feeding irrational vaccination fears - Success of free immunisation may have led to complacent attitude to serious childhood diseases

‘India must be wary of new influenza viruses’

Uber — the next home healthcare provider?

Pregnancy vaccine for whooping cough used by just one in four London women

Pfizer, Allergan Agree on Historic Merger Deal - Deal, valued at more than $150 billion, would create world’s biggest drug maker

Now's the time to sort out your flu vaccine, says Scottish Government health chief

Merck Animal Health Pioneers H3N2 Canine Influenza Vaccine

Weekly Wrap: Almost At the Top - by Dan Olmsted Age of Autism

Study shows Celldex Therapeutics cancer vaccine reduces death risk from glioblastoma by 47%

Governor Signs Nine Bills by Dr. Richard Pan - New laws by Dr. Pan will guard Sacramento from floods, better protect college campuses and surrounding communities, support local businesses, boost immunization rates and more

The First Rule Of Vaccination Club: Don’t Talk About Anti-Vaccination

Adult vaccinations can prevent outbreaks, complete childhood series

Luxembourg Health Ministy strongly recommends vaccination

Got 3 Minutes? Here's Everything You Need To Know About Vaccines And Their Controversy.

Public waits for made-in-Vietnam vaccine, stopping depend on foreign suppliers - Unlike previous years before, it has seen a severe shortage of vaccine this year, especially five-in-one and six-in-one vaccine and chicken pox vaccine hence the public is waiting for the day when local vaccines will meet increased demand.

Toughest obstacle to HPV vaccinations? Pediatricians

USDA Issues Second Call to Stock Up on Bird Flu Vaccines

House hearing on influenza vaccine turns tense

King Saud University inks deal to develop vaccines in Saudi Arabia with Sabin PDP

Speaker talks Disneyland, herd immunity and vaccines   

Aussies Cut Benefits for Anti-Vax Parents

Schools take steps to prevent H1N1 flu

GeneOne Life Science and Inovio Pharmaceuticals’ MERS Vaccine Approved for First-in-Human Study

700 000 children in Kebi to receive measle vaccinations

Vaccines and their critical role in realising the vision of a developed India

Council targets 30, 814 children for measles immunisation - Buoye said that this fresh round of immunisation became necessary as children, who were delivered after the last campaign in 2013 and had never received routine immunisation, were now at risk.

Vaccinations urged as whooping cough cases continue to rise

Dendritic Vaccines Improves Survival in GBM Subset

Ebola global response was 'too slow' - Study

The last lap on the road to polio eradication in India

Dear Dr. Roach: 'Stomach flu' is not actual flu

CDC Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report

CDC Situation Update: Summary of Weekly FluView Report

How Do You Keep Vaccines Cool? Try Spacecraft Insulation

Parasitic worm 'increases women's fertility'

Ebola review calls for reforms to boost global outbreak response

News Scan for Nov 23, 2015 - BioWatch capabilities; Flu vaccine protection; More chikungunya cases; Malaria funding; Cholera in Iraq


Not too late for flu vaccination

To quote the Centers for Disease Control: Vaccination can still be beneficial as long as flu viruses are circulating. CDC recommends that providers ...

Healthy children are assets of nation: DM

Reaching the launch of the pulse polio campaign, which was organised at the Government girls inter college BanBhulpura, the district magistrate ...

The last lap on the road to polio eradication in India

Before the year ends, India will introduce a new injectable inactivated polio vaccine (IPV), in its immunisation schedule. This will be one of the few ...

Measles: Kwara To Immunise 767200 Children

The kwara State government said a total of 767,200 children (ages 1-5years), would be vaccinated against measles disease in the ongoing nation ...

Beyer: Bats, Skunks Carry Rabies

The incidence of rabies in animals such as pet dogs and cats has been greatly reduced through vaccination. State laws now require that all dogs and ...

Autism linked to unhealthy weight in OHSU study

Children with an autism diagnosis are more likely to be overweight or obese than kids of the same age without the disorder, according to a study from ...

In Kwara: Council targets 30, 814 children for measles immunisation

The five-day immunisation exercise for children against measles in Irepodun Local Government area of Kwara is targeted at 30, 814 children, the ...

Council targets 30, 814 children for measles immunisation in Kwara

Measles-immunization The five-day immunisation exercise for children against measles in Irepodun Local Government area of Kwara is targeted at 30 ...

Day 2 at IDC New York 2015: Vaccine-preventable diseases set for a comeback

Day two of the annual Infectious Diseases in Children symposium features several discussions regarding the importance of continued immunization ...

Nigeria: 5 million children to be vaccinated against measles in 3 states

Health officials in Nigeria are going out in force to vaccinate children against the very contagious viral disease, measles, with at least three states ...

Weekly Wrap: Almost At the Top

That we have a Web site called Age of Autism that a surprising number of people read and respond to with insightful comments, that we are out on ...

Shared Autism Resources

That's happened a few times outside of what I share here on Age of Autism. I'm always grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and my family's ...

Toughest obstacle to HPV vaccinations? Pediatricians

A Bryn Mawr start-up firm is trying to boost vaccine uptake with an ... Johnson, director of disease control at the city Department of Public Health.

Public waits for made-in-Vietnam vaccine, stopping depend on foreign suppliers

Yet the vaccines have not met the increased demand following the Ministry's statistics, nearly 30 infectious diseases need to be vaccinated.

The dangers of the flu

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend the flu shot for anyone over the ... Your doctor can advise you as to which vaccine is best.

Polio stole my legs, but now I have a new lease of life, says single mum

I was born normal, but unfortunately at eight months, I got a polio attack which weakened my legs. Because of that setback, my legs lost their stability ...

Common viruses associated with rashes

Few complications of chickenpox include: pneumoniae, encephalitis (fever, headache, seizures, lethargy, loss of consciousness), and shingles.

Chester midwife alleges unfair dismissal in swine flu jab case

A midwife who alleges she developed narcolepsy after receiving the swine flu vaccine as a frontline NHS employee claims she was unfairly dismissed ...

Quarantining Islam

... influence on men's passions, and protect them from the more violent forms of fanatical fever, as we are protected from smallpox by vaccination.

Nashik: Pentavalent shots at govt hospitals to start today

At the same time, the child is also given Hepatitis B vaccine on the right thigh, all the three times. The vaccine is repeated when the child is ...

Brokerages Give Average Recommendation of "Hold" to Sinovac Biotech (NASDAQ:SVA)

The Company is engaged in sales, marketing, manufacturing, and development of vaccines for infectious disease. The Company is developing ...

Serious efforts being made to eradicate polio: President Mamnoon

Islamabad: President Mamnoon Hussain has said serious efforts are being made to make Pakistan free of polio. Speaking at the annual conference of ...

Measles Immunisation Records Huge Turnout In Kebbi

Measles immunisation exercise which started yesterday in all the northern states of Nigeria has witnessed remarkable turn out of parents in just few ...

Three new Ebola cases reported

AP In the March 2015 photo, men, foreground, take part in a traditional ceremony for people who died due to the Ebola virus and that got cremated at a ...

WVU Medicine: Optimas Winner for General Excellence

A year ago, the threat of Ebola had the United States in a panic, and understandably so. As outbreaks of the deadly virus spread across African ...

Timing of HPV vaccine intervals among United States teens in 2013 with consideration to the ...

Timing of HPV vaccine intervals among United States teens in 2013 with consideration to the current ACIP schedule and two-dose schedules.

Liberia: Yet again three new cases of Ebola

In Liberia but three new cases of Ebola disease has been rediscovered. Health Minister Bernice Dahn said the disease was confirmed in a ten year ...

Autism rate doubles, but here's why you don't need to worry

Autism rate doubles, but here's why you don't need to worry ... According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, autism spectrum ... repetitive and often impaired, compared with what is usually seen in an age group.

Ebola re-emerges in Liberia

The World Health Organization declared Liberia of Ebola on May 9, but a resurrection of the disease the next month sickened four individuals, two of ...

Vaccines and their critical role in realising the vision of a developed India

The government certainly recognises the positive and disproportionate impact vaccines can have on its public health system and has been doing its ...

Ten-year-old being treated for case of Ebola in Liberia

Health officials said Friday that the boy and his two immediate family members were taken to an Ebola treatment center outside the capital city of ...

Ebola case confirmed in Liberia

After attending school Monday and Tuesday, the boy was admitted to a hospital and was transported to an Ebola treatment unit Wednesday, the ...

NBC's Chuck Todd & Co. Decry 'Freakout' Over Syrian Refugees

But those same descriptions -- fear, suspicion, blame, and political opportunism -- apply to what happened just a year ago during the Ebola scare.




The Greater Good A Documentary Film looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program.

The PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now"

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