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Daily News 2014-08-13


The HPV vaccine, causing deaths? Why getting compensation in these cases isn’t easy

Abbey Hulton mum's nightmare after five-month-old baby reacts to vaccination

An Inside Job: The DHHS-Funded RAND Corp. Vaccine Safety Review - NVIC

Back-to-School Vaccines: Know the Risks and Failures - NVIC

Scream #98: Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness - The Vaccine Research Library

Unproven Ebola Vaccine Raises Question: Who Gets It?

Canada's Ebola vaccine recipients to be picked by WHO - Ebola has killed more than 1,000 during West African outbreak

Ebola experimental drugs and vaccines in early days of testing - Data on experimental Ebola drugs too limited to assess safety and efficacy in humans

Anti-Vaxx And Ebola Superstition Endanger Public

The Race to Develop an Ebola Vaccine

Carlsbad HS Students Caught in Vaccine Controversy - Age of Autism

Midweek Mashup: Drinking the Mercury by Dan Olmsted - Age of Autism

Dachel Media Update: Slamming Celebs by Anne Dachel - Age of Autism

No Shots, No School, Not True! Exemptions Available in All 50 States

No Shots, No School, Not True!!!!

The ABCs of Back to School Vaccinations

The Vaccine Debate and Suppression of Free Speech in America

Back to School Immunizations Don’t Wait, Vaccinate Today!

Three more vaccines required for Durham students - Government’s new legislation includes vaccines against chicken pox, whooping cough

NY State Physicians and Public Health Officials Launch "IMMUNIZE NY" - Vaccine Preventable Diseases are on the Rise in this Country Due to Lack of Immunization

Kids can have depression, too, even toddlers. Here’s how to tell.

Health officials encourage whooping cough vaccine

Malibu Vaccination Rates Way Below State Average

Wisconsin school nurses encourage back-to-school vaccinations

Vaccinations are not just for kids, but why is coverage among adults so low?

Oklahoma hospitals meet 92 percent influenza vaccine challenge

West Parry Sound Health Centre a leader in flu prevention - Immunization shot rates against among staff a provincial best

NYC hospitals don’t make health workers get vaccinated

Linking Community Partners to Increase Tetanus Immunizations Among Farmers

Sanofi Pasteur Announces Publication of Positive Data for Fluzone® High-Dose Vaccine in The New England Journal of Medicine - Study Demonstrates Fluzone High-Dose Vaccine 24.2 Percent More Effective Than Standard-Dose Fluzone Vaccine in Preventing Influenza in Adults 65 Years of Age and Older

High-Dose Flu Vax Protects Seniors Better

U.S. Urges Polio Vaccine for Travelers To and Fro Cameroon

Saudi Arabia demands pilgrims vaccination - Measures against Ebola, MERS spread

Seven polio cases detected as year’s toll rises to 115

Letter: Sabin vaccine, not Salk, removed polio’s terror

Centre may initiate JE vaccination in Arunachal Pradesh

Human parechovirus found in 14 Kansas City-area newborns

Bacterial Meningitis Incidence Drops in the United States

CDC vaccine advisory panel recommends Prevnar 13 for those age 65, older

Merck Statement regarding Role of PNEUMOVAX® 23 (Pneumococcal Vaccine Polyvalent) in Updated ACIP Recommendations for Pneumococcal Vaccination in Adults

Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Votes to Recommend Pfizer’s Prevnar 13® Vaccine in Adults Aged 65 Years and Older

Freshers advised to have meningitis C vaccine

New measles case reported in Waikato

Pertussis epidemic strikes Monterey County

Microvax cancer vaccine first in human clinical trial in Singapore

HPV vaccine could 'close the gap' on Indigenous health

Supreme Court to check DCGI records for cervical cancer vaccine approval

Teenage STI rate has plummeted since vaccine

HIV Cure: Virus-Free Cells Possible Based on Promising Vaccine According to New Study

Scientists boost potential of passive immunization against HIV

Chinese animal vaccine industry report- market value RMB 17.5 billion by 2016

EMA Invites Comments on New Guidance for Vaccine Development

Vaccination campaign for 70,000 cattle in Twic East and Duk




The Greater Good A Documentary Film looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program.

The PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now"

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