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Daily News 2014-07-14


Full statement by MMR scare doctor Andrew Wakefield: 'The Government has tried to cover up putting price before children’s health'

Dear Little Thomas - Death by Vaccine?

Study shows HPV vaccination for boys not yet cost-effective

CDC temporarily closes influenza and anthrax labs after bird flu incident

CDC Seasonal Influenza (Fllu) Summary of the Inadvertent Shipment of an Influenza Virus H5N1-containing Laboratory Specimen

Cover-up Scandal: CDC’s Vaccine Research Exposed as Flawed and Falsified

CDC Newsroom Timeline For Influenza H5N1 Incident

Smallpox vials gone missing from government lab unexpectedly found in cardboard box: this is security?

Inquiry into US government labs finds flu virus cross-contamination

CDC Accidentally Ships Lethal Influenza Virus

Two Surveys On National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program - The below surveys are being conducted by Beth Clay, Hawk International. - Age of Autism

Tetanus Shot: How Do We Know That It Works? ~ By Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD - The Refusers

Missing Anthrax Vaccine Cargo Found in Siberia

Vaccine Ingredients and Vaccine Secrets

Professor Brian Martin discusses a new ‘skeptic’ tactic

Vaccine Radio, Law & News

Epilepsy Without Vaccinations — The Risks

HPV Vaccine Trials in India: Is Merck above the law? by Norma Erickson - SaneVax

Microbix alleges VIRUSMAX patent infringement in Europe by Novartis

PLAGUE: Tsunami Judy and the Liberation of Scientists by Kent Heckenlively - Age of Autism

Haley vs Offit: A Virtual Debate re The Greatest Medical Controversy of our Time - Bio-chemist Dr. Boyd Haley disputes the claims of vaccine proponent Dr. Paul Offit point by point in our pilot video.

GOP Congressman Who Warned About Unvaccinated Migrants Opposed Vaccination

Anti-vaxxers are a public-health threat

Vaccines May Be Costly, but They Save Lives

OPINION: Newman on right track but anti-vaxers needer harsher dose

An open letter to government officials about vaccines

Dachel Media Update: Alyson Camerota To Anchor at CNN by Anne Dachel - Age of Autism

Age of Autism Weekly Wrap: Trouble in Ecotopia by Dan Olmsted - Age of Autism

KU seeking state funding commitment for drug, vaccine program

2014 Influenza Vaccine Information Sheet

Their study was recently published in the journal Vaccine.

Why Aren't All Vaccines Needle-Free? (video)

WER: Update On Human Cases Of Influenza At Human-Animal Interface

Vaccine plea for children after spike in mumps cases

Public Health Officials Alerting Public of New Immunization Rule

UPDATE: Meningitis vaccine to be required at Missouri's public colleges

New Life New Hope by Cathy Jameson - Age of Autism

GIS Technology Helps Eradicate Polio - World Health Organization uses geographic information systems to find and reach the few remaining locations where polio lurks.

Is the Ohio measles outbreak nearly over? (video)

Vaccination during pregnancy

Vaccination changes for 2014-15 year

Vanishing vaccinations - Drug costs are curtailing childhood immunizations

At 5 billion, PATH’s life-saving labels make vaccines more effective

Walgreens Expands Vaccination Availability Across More Than 800 Locations Statewide as New Florida State Law Takes Effect

Vaccine for Chikungunya being created in Raleigh lab

Parents warned against 'chickenpox parties'

Genticel's phase II RHEIA-VAC study of ProCervix therapeutic vaccine reaches halfway mark for patient recruitment

Could Smallpox Come Back?

Measles Vaccine Costs Pennies yet not Available Everywhere

NanoViricides President Dr. Diwan Presented FluCide Data at the 3rd Annual Influenza Conference held by GTC Bio on Friday, July 11

Deadliest, Rarest Form of Plague Contracted Near Denver

Vaccine business on show - STAFF at MSD Animal Health are busy creating vaccines to protect animals from a range of diseases.

Nihon Fukushi University to Donate Vaccines to Developing Countries Based on Number of University Entrance Applications

Vaccinations important for a healthy summer

Washington state has highest measles outbreak reported in 18 years

Measles contamination warning at Royal Perth Hospital

Free measles vaccination is offered   

Measles cases hit 18-year high in Washington state

Hospital measles alert

Four more measles cases reported in Sedgwick County

RI warns patients of potential measles exposure

Measles – Don’t let it catch you off guard

Measles threat to migrant workers

Measles spike in state, but Peninsula remains free of it

Namibia: Measles Outbreak in Khomas

Never mind SARS or MERS, worry about measles

DOH-12 moves to curb measles incidence

Abnormal Respiratory Function in Autism Immune Cells

Families of infection victims seek answers (video)

Americans Are Too Stupid For GMO Labeling, Congressional Panel Says

WHO: 3 of 9 MERS patients had camel exposure

Chikungunya outbreak exceeds 355,000 cases

News Scan for Jul 14, 2014 -  CDC handling of anthrax agent; More West Africa Ebola; Moral debt for Haiti cholera; Tattoo product recall




The Greater Good A Documentary Film looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program.

The PBS NewsHour series "Autism Now"

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