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The Archie Tapes - Uncut and Uncensored (2004) - Vaccination News

Daily News 2016-11-29

Study linking vaccines to autism pulled following heavy criticism

Anti-vaccine research – another retracted article being promoted

Robert Kennedy Jr Speaks Out Against PharMercury In Children: World Mercury Project - Age of Autism

Laura Hayes Asks NYU President About Controversial Anti-Medical Rights Lecture - by Laura Hayes - Age of Autism

Dachel Wake Up: Drain The CDC Swamp! by Anne Dachel - Age of Autism

9 investigates reports of serious injuries after receiving flu shot (video)

Letter to the editor: Why we chose to not vaccinate

CDC Current Vaccine Delays and Shortages Update

BMJ authors blast 'unacceptable' vaccine pricing practices

Babies to get new vaccines from next month

Adult Vaccines Market 2016 About Medical And Clinical Research

Study: Poor children most likely to lack vaccinations

Selecting a needle size for childhood vaccinations

NIH, others launch 'historic' HIV trial with vaccines from GSK, Sanofi

EMS Has a Responsibility to Be Vaccinated Against Influenza

GSK submits MAA to EMA seeking approval for shingles vaccine, Shingrix

Almost half of daycare children found to have respiratory virus

Report raises doubts over effectiveness of measles vaccine

Vaccinations key to childhood health

Italian region bans non-vaccinated children from public daycare

Yellow Fever Vaccine Effective Even At Lower Dose

Immunovaccine’s Ovarian Cancer Therapy Gains Orphan Drug Status in EU

Urgently Needed: A New Financial Model for Vaccine Development

Bavarian Nordic completes Phase 3 enrollment for Imvamune smallpox vaccine study

Trieste makes vaccinations obligatory for pre-school - Council decision to take effect for next school year

Influenza-stricken patients flocking to Calgary emergency rooms

FluSure XP® Vaccine With Strain Update Now Available From Zoetis

RSV vaccine development theory includes three approaches to treatment

Flu cases on the rise as doctors renew calls for vaccinations

Influenza Therapeutic Pilot Study at Johns Hopkins (video)

Improving Shingles Vaccination Coverage in Older Adults

Science has developed the “first ever melanoma vaccine”

Family of Iowa girl who died from flu urges vaccinations (video)

Handing over the reins to three excellent doctors

Obama advisers warn the US is facing a legitimate threat of bioterrorism

McHenry County offers low-cost rabies vaccinations, microchip clinics

Pneumonia vaccines critical in saving lives during flu season

Global Cancer Vaccines Market Growth Will Account to $7.5 billion To 2022 – Robust Growth Driven By Increasing Prevalence, New Therapeutic Vaccine Approvals And Strong Uptake Of Treatments Targeting CD19

Human Vaccines Market 2015-2022 Growth Trends and Forecasts

Texas woman likely acquired Zika from mosquito

MERS infects 3 more in Saudi Arabia44

UK report finds drug-resistant Campylobacter rising in poultry

Flu Scan for Nov 29, 2016 - Avian flu in Nigeria, Japan; Novel antiviral study

News Scan for Nov 29, 2016 - Trump unveils HHS pick; Ebola lab worker healthy


About 73 confirmed, suspected mumps cases at Missouri school

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) Officials say at least 73 confirmed and probable cases of mumps have been reported at the University of Missouri.

Ford County Public Health schedules two more flu clinics

PAXTON The Ford County Public Health Department has scheduled additional flu vaccination clinics for 9-11 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 8, and 2-4 p.m. ...

Study Debunks Flu in Pregnancy-Autism Link

Zerbo's team also examined the relationship between maternal influenza vaccination during pregnancy and risk of autism spectrum disorder. No study ...

University of Missouri mumps outbreak continues as case count reaches 73

The mumps outbreak on the University of Missouri campus is continuing, with 73 cases diagnosed and more students reporting illness while on ...

Study linking vaccines to autism pulled following heavy criticism

A study linking vaccines to autism and other neurological problems has been removed by a Frontiers journal after receiving heavy criticism since it ...

Study finds no link between pregnancy flu, autism risk

Nor did it find any link between autism and vaccination against the flu ... of increased risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with maternal vaccination ...

First HIV Vaccine Trial in 7 Years to Start in South Africa This Week

A new vaccine against HIV, called HVTN 702, is to be tested in South Africa, ... at preventing HIV infection over a 3.5-year follow-up after vaccination.

Arkansas studies mumps vaccine effectiveness

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - The Arkansas Department of Health is studying whether the mumps vaccine is less effective against the type of mumps ...

UA Researcher Explores Male Perceptions About HPV

Four types of HPV most commonly link to adverse outcomes in men and women (6, 11, 16, and 18). Gardasil, one HPV vaccine, protects against those ...

Are PCPs a barrier to HPV vaccination?

Clinician knowledge was associated with higher human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination rates. Why this matters. Identifying gaps in knowledge and ...

Arkansas studying mumps vaccine effectiveness

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) The Arkansas Department of Health is studying whether the mumps vaccine is less effective against the type of mumps ...

New HIV Vaccine Trial Underway In South Africa: Cautious Optimism For Historic Breakthrough

A new HIV vaccine trial is set to commence in South Africa today. ... a role in research that will ultimately put an end to the illness's infectious rampage.

Maternal flu not linked to autism in offspring, study finds

New research looks at the link between maternal influenza infection and vaccination during pregnancy and the risk of ASD development in offspring.

No link between flu jab in mums-to-be and autism in bubs

US scientists say there's no link between having the flu or a flu vaccination during pregnancy and an increased risk of children developing autism ...

14 starving, 4 dead dogs found, Millsboro man arrested

25 on 18 charges of animal cruelty and multiple other charges concerning housing, care, rabies vaccination, and dog licensing violations. Division of ...

Global Hepatitis C Drug Market - Merck & Co, Kenilworth, Roche, Basel GlaxoSmith, Gilead ...

Vaccines are available only for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B viruses. Research into the development of a vaccine for hepatitis C is under way.

No Association Between Mother's Flu in Pregnancy and Increased Child Autism Risk

The authors report no association between increased risk of ASD and influenza vaccination during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

HPV prevalence down among young women as vaccination increases

Between 2009 and 2012, the proportion of young women in the United States completing the human papillomavirus vaccine doubled.

Doctors find 'no link between flu in expecting mums and autism in children'

But there was a suggestion of increased risk of autism if an expecting mum has a flu vaccination in the early stages of pregnancy - but the researchers ...

Putnam County Last Chance Public Flu Vaccination Clinic

The Putnam County Department of Health (PCDOH) is hosting a public flu vaccination clinic Tuesday, December 6, coinciding with National Influenza ...

Haiti - Cholera : More than 729000 people vaccinated

The Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) is nearing completion of its vaccination campaign against cholera, having reached more than ...

A Winter Mitzvah

The Mitzvah of getting vaccinated is not just limited to veNishmartem ... and a hepatitis B vaccine series if they're between the ages of 19 and 59.

Older people across Denbighshire and Conwy and those 'at risk' urged to get flu jab this winter

An annual Beat Flu immunisation programme has been launched across ... Public Health Wales are putting out a clear message to groups whose ...

A New HIV Vaccine Could Be The 'Final Nail In The Coffin' For The Disease

A new vaccine being tested in South Africa could be the nail in the coffin of ... of the US government's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease: If ... Even a moderately effective vaccine would significantly decrease the ...

Fevers, headaches, swollen glands? Mumps is in season

COLUMBIA At least 73 cases of mumps, both confirmed and probable, had been reported at MU as of Nov. 23. Many of the cases have links to the ...

RSV vaccine development theory includes three approaches to treatment

... blocking polymerase, are currently undergoing clinical testing, according to a presentation at the 2016 Infectious Diseases in Children Symposium.

South Africa Starts HIV Vaccine Trials

Anthony Fauci, the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease has stated that a successful vaccine together with a number of ...

Sinovac Reports Unaudited Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results

Vaccine deliveries resumed in the third quarter after the interpretation of .... Sinovac's product portfolio includes vaccines against hepatitis A and B, ...

Fear and Smear: The "Vaccine Resistance" Playbook

I also can't stand the way that the "VAXXED team" denigrates children with autism and scares parents away from vaccines. Frankly, I think their "quest" ...

Two-dose regimens of Gardasil 9 noninferior to three-dose regimens

Abstract: Among girls and boys aged 9 to 14 years receiving 2-dose regimens of a 9-valent HPV vaccine separated by 6 or 12 months, immunogenicity ...

Eliminating viral hepatitis can save seven million lives Experts

Experts have said about 20 million Nigerians are carriers of the hepatitis virus, ... He also urged those who are infected to go for vaccination.

SUNY New Paltz mumps spread to public schools

NEW PALTZ There is a probable case of mumps at New Paltz High School. The Ulster County Health Department has notified SUNY New Paltz, ...

First HIV vaccine study in seven years underway

An experimental HIV vaccine regimen is being tested in South Africa, a new ... S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part ... Even a moderately effective vaccine would significantly decrease the ...

Dachel Wake Up: Merck Hopes to "Scare Up" Adult Vaccination Rates

Merck isn't the only drugmaker to turn to scare tactics latelyand vaccine makers in particular have jumped on board with the strategy. It's hard to ...

First HIV Vaccine Trials to Begin in South Africa

The first clinical trials for an HIV vaccine will finally be launched. ... Health's (NIH) National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), said in a ...

State studying if vaccine fits mumps strain

Haselow isn't the first to question the vaccine's effectiveness when an unusual strain emerges. A 2008 study in the Journal of Infectious Diseases ...

Scientists Reformulate HIV Vaccine, Major Trial In South Africa Strikes Hope

After decades of battling the growing number of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infections across the globe, a new major HIV vaccine trial is set ...

What The New Cervical Cancer Screening Scheme Means For You

"The HPV vaccination -- introduced in 2007 -- protects against the two most dangerous forms of HPV which cause the majority of cervical cancers," ...

CDC Changes Public Comment Request After Knowing Details About MMR And MMRV Vaccinations

CDCs have made certain changes in the vaccine information statements for MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) and MMRV(Measles Mumps Rubella ...

Harford Health Department to offer free flu shot clinics next month for school-age children K-12

The Harford County Health Department will offer three free flu vaccination clinics in ... This year, there are some key changes about influenza vaccination ... (given as a shot) are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and ...

Cancer survival must defy geography

Cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable via HPV vaccination for girls and cervical screening, with treatment of pre-cancererous growths. None of ...

CREDIT: Getty Images

Even a moderately effective vaccine would significantly decrease the ... in countries and populations with high rates of HIV infection, such as South Africa. ... If an HIV vaccine were found to work in South Africa, it could dramatically ...


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