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The Archie Tapes - Uncut and Uncensored (2004) - Vaccination News

Daily News 2016-08-22

VaxXed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe DVD

The film Vaxxed could be outlawed in California, if this bill passes by Jon Rappoport

Medical kidnapping? Canadian children were injected with vaccines without their parents’ consent

Back to school shots: How your child is being programmed

The Underused HPV Vaccine

Marketing study for HPV Vaccines

Zika Virus Vaccine Clinical Trials Proceed In Human Test Subjects

Irrational stance on vaccinations is dangerous

Denied a Vaccine Medical Exemption? Don’t Give Up!

When It Comes to Flu Shots, Do Pharmacists Practice What They Preach?

Comic or Raging Bull? Open The Conversation About Vaccine Injury! - Age of Autism

GUEST VIEW: Division over mandatory vaccinations

For the Next Generation by Cathy Jameson - Age of Autism

Best of: A Torrent of Leaks Reaches Flood Stage - Age of Autism

Sitting on her mother Dunay Victores’ lap, 7 year-old Olivia

VAXXED Stories: Hannah Robinson (video)

New state vaccine law could cause enrollment problems

Dr. Sin Hang Lee recommends China postpone HPV vaccinations

Global Anti-Infective Vaccines Market 2016 with Company Profile and Forecast 2020

Parents say getting regular injection flu vaccine will be tough (video)

New flu strains and old antibodies: How sinful is 'original antigenic sin'?

WHO Manual Directing "Authorities" On How To Respond To Vaccine Deniers In Public

Florida governor allocates funds to fight Zika in Miami-Dade

Infectious disease field loses 'commander-in-chief' D.A. Henderson

Two big changes to vaccinations parents need to know about

Why Parents are Opting Out of Vaccinations for Their Kids

Bombshell: Zika fraud leads to toxic mosquito spraying and autism

Preparing for global pandemics

Big drop in whooping cough cases in Victoria but not the south-west

Cognate to make dendritic cell cancer vaccine in $2.2m deal with Astorias - Asterias Biotherapeutics has selected Cognate BioServices for the process development and manufacture of its autologous dendritic cell vaccine candidate, AST-VAC1.

CSL is too expensive: even if shakes off the flu, challenges to growth remain

Monkeys with Sudan ebolavirus Treated Successfully

States With the Highest (and Lowest) Vaccination Rates

COMMENTARY: Vaccinate all students before they go off to college

VBI Vaccines to Continue Enrolling Participants in the Phase I Trial of its Preventative Cytomegalovirus Vaccine Candidate

Following Successful Data Safety Monitoring Board Review

Nurse Whistleblower: Hospitals Vaccinating Patients by Force Without Their Knowledge

China Prophylactic Hepatitis B Virus Vaccines Industry 2016: GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Sanofi, Kaketsuken

This new vaccine could tackle both Zika and Dengue at once

Child-vaccination rates have not dropped

Lack of flu jabs among aged care workers killing our elderly, warn experts

University of Maryland receives $14.4 million for HIV study


News Scan for Aug 22, 2016 - New chikungunya cases; Ohio Crypto outbreak; Resistant E coli in drinking water; African Salmonella


When Will a Zika Virus Vaccine Be Launched?

The Zika virus, for a lot of people, is a mild infection that doesn't cause too much harm. However, with pregnant women, it can be really harmful to the ...

Time to get a flu shot

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people get vaccinated against the flu before October to ensure as many people as ...

Monday Medical: Check in, check up, check out

#More information: Low cost blood tests, immunizations and flu shots, free blood pressure will be available. Pre-registration is required and opens Aug ...

D.A. Henderson, doctor who eradicated smallpox, dies

Henderson "led the World Health Organization's successful 10-year effort to eradicate smallpox, one of the greatest public health achievements in ...

Return of the wild polio virus

ON 24 July 2014, for the first time ever, Nigeria interrupted the transmission of the wild polio virus, leading to its removal by the World Health ...

Update shots for new school year

A new school year is already here and children's shots need to be updated and you must show proof of immunizations. If documentation is not ...

Building hope in Sierra Leone after ravages of Ebola

between half a million and a million people in west Africa. However, with a return to stability, the future of this west African country is looking brighter, ...

Nigeria: 'WHO Greatly Concerned About Nigeria's Failure to Avoid Polio New Cases'

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Sunday it was concerned about the outbreak of new cases of polio in Nigeria, noting that it in no way ...

Polio victim on wheelchair sells rosary beads to earn a living instead of begging

MANILA, Aug. 21 Paralyzed from waist down due to polio since age 10, Jess M. Sales, now 52, is unfazed of his health condition and continues to ...

Dr. Campbell: Immunizations and back to school

All children must be immunized and must present a certificate of immunization to the school prior to enrollment. While there are exemptionseither ...

Minister to States on implementation of SOMLP4R: We won't release more money to you except we ...

... efforts related to the indicators such as encouraging routine immunisation through meetings with Local Government Chairs and Traditional Rulers.

Wiesman: Put vaccines on kids' back-to-school list

August is National Immunization Month, and a perfect time to increase ... where less than 50 percent of the kids have the required immunizations.

COMMENTARY: Vaccinate all students before they go off to college

As a result of my passiveness, my son died from bacterial meningitis, a vaccine preventable disease. Meningococcal disease, or meningitis, is a ...

Must read: Mandatory vaccines for Haj pilgrims

HAAD's Haj vaccination program was developed to ensure healthy travelling and to protect travelers from being infected with infectious diseases.

Our view: Back to school checklist should include immunizations

Vaccinations don't just keep immunized children safe they help protect children who cannot safely be vaccinated from deadly diseases as well..

Spokane high school students due for chickenpox vaccination

Spokane high school students due for chickenpox vaccination. By Jonathan Glover, (509) 459-5013. . You've viewed 1 ...

HPV Shots Still Controversial Despite Benefits: What Do You Miss Out On When You Opt Out?

There are three HPV vaccines available: Cervarix, Gardasil 9 and Gardasil. Each vaccine is given in three rounds after the first shot, the second one ...

Flu season in full swing, with 1300 floored in a week

Experts have urged people who missed their flu vaccination to book in now as full protection against influenza is usually achieved within 10 to 14 ...

READER LETTER: River Torridge sewage a cause for polio and typhoid concern

I remember vividly as a girl, people contracting typhoid and polio from ... In fact, one of my friends caught polio and though he survived, he was left ...

University students get menW vaccine reminder

STUDENTS heading off to university for the first time who have not been vaccinated against a potentially deadly strain of meningitis are urged to ...

For the Next Generation

Then, learn how to treat disease and know what, if any, long-term effects may ... 4 Learn which vaccines are on the current recommended vaccine ...

Pertussis outbreaks infect many people in northern province

Medical workers have detected 168 infection cases having respiratory disease including 49 people having pertussis in northern province of Cao Bang, ...

Ulverston will turn purple for the Rotary Club's last push to eradicate polio

FLOWER power is being used to draw attention to a campaign being run by a local community group. The Rotary Club of Ulverston will soon be ...

Polio victim on wheelchair sells rosary beads to earn a living instead of begging

MANILA Paralyzed from waist down due to polio since age 10, Jess M. Sales, now 52, is unfazed of his health condition and continues to earn a ...

Strawberries from Tropical Smoothie Cafe Linked To Hepatitis A Outbreak in Virginia

The officials said that a hepatitis A vaccine or immune globulin within the period of two weeks of exposure to the virus could be effective at preventing ...

31-year struggle to wipe out polio

Oral drops of polio vaccine being given to a child in Nigeria in 2013. Two cases of wild poliovirus have recently been discovered in Nigeria, which had ...

Immunisation screening for Primary Four pupils

"The implementation of the immunisation screening on Primary Four pupils is one of the efforts to improve immunisation coverage in the country.

Support for HPV vaccine increased when 'Opt-Out' option was added

Researchers found that just 21% of parents considered the vaccine idea to be ... The meningitis vaccine is given in two doses and protects against four ...

Parents Okay With HPV Vaccines If Opt-Out Choice Given

Although the Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines is the only vaccine that has ever been created specifically to prevent a form of cancer, it has a ...

Dr. Magryta: Measles is a serious disease

August 15, 2016: A measles case has surfaced in Wake County in an unvaccinated teenager returning from Europe. Whether this index case will ...

Columbus Rotary's 'Shots Felt Around the World' set for Saturday

This fundraiser will benefit local programs supported by the Columbus club, as well The Rotary Foundation's global efforts to eradicate polio.

Monitoring of vaccinators to boost anti-polio campaign

PESHAWAR: Small issues may hamper the province's polio eradication drive if monitoring of field vaccinators and standard operating procedures ...

$115000 Ebola exercise at Joint Base Charleston

I guess it's kind of a coincidence that I was reading that book while I was inside, said LaPierre, who volunteered to act as an Ebola patient for the ...

Health officials encourage hand washing, flu shots as back-to-school nears

To help prevent the flu, the CDC recommends all children ages six months and older should receive a flu vaccination each season. Perkins said ...

New state vaccine law could cause enrollment problems

Chief among them: home-school, two lawsuits and even appointments with anti-vaccine doctors who write children immunization exemptions saying a ...

Smoothies from Tropical Smoothie Cafe may be linked with Hepatitis

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ... Vaccination for this infection is available sin 1995, and the Virginia Health ...

State health department recommends tetanus shots for flood victims

Health officials said flood victims should protect themselves against infections like tetanus with vaccinations. The health recommendation is for people ...

Nation-World briefs

Donald D.A. Henderson, an American epidemiologist who led the international war on smallpox that resulted in its eradication in 1980, died Friday at ...

Africa declares war on disease

The meeting will also discuss management of the African Public Health Emergency Fund, which has funded the vaccination campaign to contain the ...

Ebola tested on monkeys by Ministry of Defence MONKEYS have been deliberately infected with ...

Defence chiefs say the tests help to develop vaccines and protect troops and the public from attacks using biological and chemical weapons.

Irrational stance on vaccinations is dangerous

By The Falling Rates Of Immunization Of Schoolchildren In Texas Sends A Message About What Some People Think About Civic Responsibility.

Virginia health officials warn of hepatitis A in strawberry smoothies from Tropical Smoothie Cafe

5-8 may still benefit from a vaccine or immune globulin to prevent the disease. Anyone who has had hepatitis A or has been vaccinated is already ...

Letters: Brexit trade negotiations must recognise that Britain is in control

For more than 30 years, Rotary International has been part of the fight against polio. Thousands of our members have visited polio-stricken areas to ...

Dani Garavelli: Show mercy for suffering of Ebola nurse

It wasn't when she became the first Scottish aid worker to contract Ebola. It was a week earlier a few days after Christmas 2014 when Scotland on ...

Mechanisms of synergy between ionizing radiation and a therapeutic HPV vaccine

Title. Mechanisms of synergy between ionizing radiation and a therapeutic HPV vaccine. Speaker: Professor Eric Deutsch, Gustave Roussy, France ...

Android app launched to check immunisation

PESHAWAR: The health authorities have launched a mobile phone application and distributed it among Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) ...

Malaria infection boosts Ebola survival rates

A review of medical and epidemiological data has shown people who are infected with malaria at the same time as becoming infected with Ebola have ...

Hepatitis A In Virginia Linked To Smoothies

Those who have had a strawberry smoothie on August 5 to 8 can still take a hepatitis A vaccine, as any vaccine administered within two weeks of ...

Genki Hepatitis A Outbreak: Should you get inoculated?

Hawaii pharmacies are getting a windfall from the hepatitis A outbreak as customers rush to get vaccinated against the virus-borne ailment that state ...


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