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Daily News 2017-02-20

Robert F. Kennedy: The vaccine industry OWNS the media and controls everything they say about dangerous vaccines

Vaccine Policy by Full Measure Staff

VaxXed Stories: Sophia in Texas (video)

#VaXism NEWS #BigtreeVaccine Del Bigtree Ty InfoWars and Rob Dew! (video)

Whoever Makes Your Medical Decisions Owns You… - The single most important issue in HEALTH CARE REFORM today is NOT how the bill is paid but WHAT WE ARE BUYING. Opinion By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

Religious vaccine exemptions explode more than 50% in New Jersey

Lawmakers endorse compromise on student vaccination bills

Robert De Niro on vaccine safety: 'Something's wrong'

Pediatric infectious disease conference highlights vaccination wariness - Atlanta-based Dr. Robert Bednarczyk spoke on why some parents are hesitant to get children vaccinated

Vaccines Are Safe and There Is Plenty of Proof - Concerns about thimerosal are overblown. All the research says so.

#64 The vaccine industry and your rights

Taking the shot: The effectiveness of mumps vaccine could be waning

Sweden mulls universal chickenpox vaccinations for children

#VaXism NEWS Keep your eye on "Informed Consent" because WE DON'T HAVE IT!!! Time to GET IT BACK!!! (video)

Vaccines containing mercury are “medical genocide” that target black communities to damage their babies

#VaXism NEWS Ty Sharyl Attkisson Ty Timothy Welsh
We don't mind Tanner in the background <3

#VaXism NEWS #Oklahoma Wow! These parents appear to be serious about their rights!! Today at the capitol <3 Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice-PAC

Offering HPV Vaccinations in Pharmacies Improves the Numbers, Reduces Future Cancers

Muslim parents oppose MR vaccination

Winning the Vaccine War

Three Examples of Pro-Vaccination Hypocrisy

The Politics of a vaccine safety commission Episode 103

Dear Robert Kennedy Jr.: Here Are Two People You Can Give $100,000

New legal powers could send UK scientists into space to research vaccines and medicines

It’s True: Certain Neurological Disorders Occur In Children Vaccinated Versus Non-Vaccinated Kids

Vaccines under threat - The Irish Times

Robert F. Kennedy: The vaccine industry OWNS the media and controls everything they say about dangerous vaccines

Australia Sees Increase in Vaccinations After 'No Jab, No Pay' Policy Ties Tax Benefits to Immunizations

VaxXed Facts Episode 01: Senator Spotlight w/Richard Pan Take a look at a recent interview with California Senator Richard Pan and see how statements he made hold up to scrutiny. Vaxxed Facts, Episode 1 with Senator Richard Pan #vaxxedfacts #wearevaxxed

Bhatkal: False rumours against Rubella vaccine intensify – Doctors taken to task

Communication in the science community in under attack

WHY FACTS DON’T CHANGE OUR MINDS - New discoveries about the human mind show the limitations of reason.
WC Health expands measles vaccination drive

Delaying vaccines puts children at risk

Global Polio Vaccines Market Research Report 2017: Astellas Pharma, CSL, Emergent , BioSolutions, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson

Global Therapeutic Vaccines Market 2017- Northwest Biotherapeutics, Antigenics, Vaccinogen, CIMAB S.A.

Sanofi Pasteur: Why Human Vaccines Matter

Malaria vaccine shows promise in two trials, but has a way to go

Veterinary Vaccines Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast

Mumps immunization rates jump among unvaccinated, under vaccinated Tacoma students

Vaccines: Daniel Summers in WaPo says there’s nothing to debate. He’s wrong.

We Are Vaxxed was live. Yesterday at 2:57pm ·  message to my British peeps #vaxxed #PrayBig (video)

We Are Vaxxed How do the majority of Californians feel about SB277? (video)

More evidence that Zika mRNA vaccines can stop viral replication in mice

Study confirms vitamin D protects against colds and flu - Daily or weekly dose had greatest benefit for those with significant deficiency

H7N9 analyses hint at genetic mutations, drug resistance

Curiosity—not just knowledge—about science influences public perceptions about vaccines, climate change

Since Everyone Else Got The Vaccines, I Don’t Have To, Right? Wrong

Editorial: Good, bad and fake news on vaccines

Study finds patient pressure can sway antibiotic prescribing

Vietnam reports H5N6 and H5N1 outbreaks as Europe battles more H5N8

News Scan for Feb 20, 2017 - Six new MERS cases; Antibiotic resistance in kids; Seoul virus in the Midwest; Zika spread, birth defects


Flu vaccine proven to be 48 percent effective this year

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this year's flu vaccine has proven to be 48 percent effective in preventing the ...

Survey soon to assess effect of MMR campaign

Now we are planning to conduct a post coverage survey to assess how we succeeded in reaching our goal to eliminate measles mumps and rubella.

If you don't vaccinate your kids, Australia won't pay for your child care

Panic began to spread among parents. By 1999, just 73.6 percent children between the ages of 24 and 27 months were fully immunized in the country, ...

Bhatkal: Parents stage protest in New Shams School against Rubella Vaccinations; Students ...

Bhatkal 19 February 2017: Parent of the students of Shams English Medium school Bhatkal today staged protest against the Vaccinations given to ...

Parents alerted to mumps at Kansas high school

BARTON COUNTY Health officials in Barton County are alerting teachers, students and parents to a possible case of mumps at the high school in ...

Swine flu outbreak: Vaccination for prevention

The weather is changing and while the breezy climate comforting to some people in Telangana, flu outbreak, especially the H1N1 swine flu has ...

Eradicating polio in Nigeria will be our greatest achievement Gates Foundation

We are going to kick polio out, and we are actively vaccinating and doing surveillance, so eradicating polio in Nigeria will be our biggest achievement ...

56th Anti-Polio Vaccination Campaign Starts in Cuba

Cuba was the first country in Latin America to eradicate poliomyelitis. (File photo / Oscar Alfonso Sosa). The Cuban Public Health system has ...

Lawmakers endorse compromise on student vaccination bills

The bills deal with situations when parents opt against immunizing their children and the steps that need to be taken to then enroll their children in ...

Lawmakers endorse compromise on student vaccination bills

Lawmakers endorse compromise on student vaccination bills ... are few accomplishments in public health that are more important than immunizations.

US surge in mumps despite vaccine

Fifty years ago, mumps was a childhood rite of passage, the illness that gave you puffy cheeks and swollen jaws. That all changed with the arrival of a ...

A 'no-brainer': NB medical community welcomes HPV vaccine for boys

The HPV vaccine has been available to Grade 7 girls in New Brunswick since 2008. Starting this fall, it will also be offered through the school system ...

Robert De Niro on vaccine safety: 'Something's wrong'

Robert De Niro still can't fully support vaccination. ... The Center for Disease Control and Prevention declared that there is no connection between and ...

Ongoing protest affecting immunisation programme

The programme was organised by Child Health Division under the Ministry of Health scheduled for February 17 and 18, but postponed for infinite ...

Vaccine Safety Documentary Widens Release to Europe Despite Censorship Attempts

The film, which calls for safer vaccines, was released in 2016 in North America amidst significant controversy for its criticism of the CDC and the ...

Researchers Working on Treat for DogsA Better Flu Vaccine

If Fido doesn't want to fetch or eat, if he's sneezing or coughing or has a fever, he might have the flu. Like humans, birds, pigs and horses, dogs can ...

Enlightenment on MMR vaccine at mass prayers

Sunday mass prayer in churches in Dindigul city has become an opportunity for the municipal health officials to enlighten participants on MMR vaccine ...

Fresh and Fit: Here's how to prevent cervical cancer, even as risk has grown

The human papillomavirus vaccine may be one you haven't heard of, but it's an important one to consider, especially for your kids. It's also worth ...

Local briefs 2-19-17

The Rotary Clubs of Cheyenne and Laramie County Community College will sponsor an End Polio Night during the men's and women's basketball ...

Not too late to get a flu shot, CDC says

At least for this year, the CDC recommends the injectable flu vaccines. The report, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that flu ...

Measles outbreak warning in Sydney

Health authorities are urging residents to watch for measles symptoms after a young adult with the disease frequented Sydney hot spots. The young ...

If you don't vaccinate your kids, Australia won't pay for your child care

In Australia, there used to be widespread agreement that vaccinating ... on a fraudulent, wholly discredited paper linking the MMR vaccine to autism.

Due to Anti-Vaccination Conspiracy Theories, Measles Return to Croatia

Due to Anti-Vaccination Conspiracy Theories, Measles Return to Croatia ... in Zagreb as well, confirmed the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Children in 183 schools refuse vaccine during MR- immunization drive in Kalaburagi

The measlesrubella (MR) vaccination drive, which entered the 12th day on Sunday, has received mixed response with opposition from parents in ...

Shabana Azmi lays stress on vaccine for diarrhea

Actress Shabana Azmi on Sunday emphasised the importance of rotavirus vaccine which helps prevent diarrhea and save lives. "India loses one child ...

Flagstaff History: Campus measles quarantine helped Valentine Dance

1917: On account of the 1917 winter measles epidemic quarantine in the dorm, the Valentine Dance was held in the Lecture Hall. Since no one could ...

Let's immunise, save every child from diarrhea: Shabana Azmi

Mumbai, Feb 19 (PTI) Actress Shabana Azmi has raised her voice for immunisation of children for diarrhea by the administration of rotavirus vaccine.

Ministry of Health holds polio outbreak exercise workshop

Muscat: Muscat- Ministry of Health (MOH) conducted a training workshop on Polio Outbreak Simulation Exercise (POSE) at the Radisson Blu hotel last ...

Tripura: Union Health Minister launches Rotavirus vaccination programme

Rotavirus kills approximately one lakh children every year. To prevent this, vaccination is important. Rotavirus vaccination could only prevent this ...

Efforts to eliminate measles rubella by 2020: Health Ministry

Accelerating efforts to eliminate measles and control rubella, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, convened a meeting of an Expert Advisory ...

Flu vaccine a good match so far

NEW YORK (AP) This season's flu vaccine seems to be working pretty well, weakening the punch of a nasty bug that's going around, U.S. health ...

University of San Diego Students Prepare for Trip to Ghana o Provide Free Medical Assistance

The Medical Brigade Chapter of University of San Diego is one of eight North American Chapters allowed in Ghana since the Ebola scare. By Rafael ...

Flu shot lessens burden

For some, getting the flu shot is something that has become habit each year. But for just as many, or more, the vaccine is something that is rejected.

Weekend Doctor

This virus stays in your body after being exposed to chickenpox, or after getting the chickenpox vaccine, and can reappear many years later to cause ...

Bill Gates Warns Of Epidemic That Will Kill Over 30 Million People

Next up was Ebola. Suddenly Ebola gained attention (even though it had been around for years) because the number of cases increased beyond ...

Law mandates rabies vaccine

The dog's rabies vaccine status was no longer current. When I asked her if there ever had been a reaction to a rabies vaccine allowing her to get ...

Chickenpox season is here and this is what you should do if your child has it

It is perhaps the most common of childhood illnesses - and one of the most uncomfortable. Chickenpox season, the time between March and May ...

93 Days gets global recognition, selection

With Nigeria's poor documentation of history and heroic feats, 93 Days (title of the movie on Ebola disease outbreak of 2014) saves the day with ...

Delaying vaccines puts children at risk

In fact, the global eradication of smallpox was endorsed by the World Health Assembly in 1980 and there were only six known cases of wild polio in ...

Vitamin D Supplements More Effective For Flu Or Cold Than Vaccination? Details Here!

The risk of respiratory tract infections could be reduced by implementing daily intake of these supplements. (Photo : Chris McGrath/Getty Images for ...

Flu cases on rise this year, report shows

The Health Department notes that it is still not too late to get a flu shot, and the CDC reports this year's vaccine is a better match for the primary strains ...

Autism biomarkers in infancy discovered through MRI's

New Delhi: 80 percent infants who have older siblings with autism have chances of developing the disorder themselves at the age of two years, ...

Qld to offer free meningococcal vaccine

Queensland has become the fourth state to offer teenagers a free meningococcal vaccination to combat the rise in the W strain of the potentially fatal ...

Qld to offer free meningococcal vaccine

More than 300,000 Queensland teenagers will be offered a free meningococcal vaccine this year to target the rise in the W strain of the disease.

DGHS reviews vertical health programmes

Discussing the polio situation in the province, the DGHS reviewed the polio campaign in response to the polio case reported in Lodhran. Dr Faisal ...

Micro census fieldwork for polio immunization completed

Field work of Micro Census with the objective of redesigning of micro plan for immunization of children against the polio disease has been completed ...

India to expand use of rotavirus vaccine

Rotavirus vaccine along with proper sanitation, hand washing practices, ORS and zinc supplementation will go a long way in reducing the mortality ...

Immunization of children still a hot debate

Allen County Immunization Program Director Lisa Horstman, a proponent of vaccinations, said the primary benefit of vaccination is disease prevention.

Polio victim dies

BADIN: A six-year-old boy, Imran Jat, who was paralysed by the polio virus, died late on Friday evening at his home in Qasim Jat village of Shaheed ...

Free meningococcal vaccine to be made available for Queensland teens

Mr Kaa shared his story today to coincide with the announcement of a new State Government health program to give free meningococcal vaccines to ...

More evidence that Zika mRNA vaccines can stop viral replication in mice

Vaccine developers have successfully protected mice against Zika by ... of the mice, says study senior co-author Michael Diamond, infectious disease ...

USD 428: Possible mumps case at Great Bend High School

GREAT BEND, Kan. (KSNW) The Barton County Health Department is investigating a possible mumps case at Great Bend High School. Jennifer ...

Possible case of mumps reported at GBHS

However, it is important that your child has had two doses of the MMR (mumps-measles-rubella) vaccination to be fully protected. Anyone who has ...

Dani Garavelli: A deadly shot in the arm for anti-vaxxers

My second son was born in March, 2000, which meant he was due to be vaccinated at the height of the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) crisis.

Great Bend High School has possible mumps case

(KWCH) The Barton County Health Department is investigating a possible mumps case at Great Bend High School, according to a letter sent out to ...

CoverGirl 'Male Ambassador' James Charles Under Fire for 'Racist' Joke

CoverGirl's only male brand ambassador, James Charles, has come under fire for a racist joke about the Ebola virus that he made on Twitter this ...

University of San Diego Students Prepare for Trip to Ghana o Provide Free Medical Assistance

Since the Ebola crisis spawned in West Africa in late 2013, the Medical Brigade chapter of USD and other factions like it across the continent were ...

Pediatric infectious disease conference highlights vaccination wariness

A pediatric infectious disease conference was held in Banff this week, with a Saturday session devoted to vaccination hesitancy, led by Dr. Robert ...

Insidious myths mar mass immunisation campaigns

It is important, therefore, for the public health authorities, medical professionals, media and other stakeholders to provide the people with informed ...

CoverGirl spokesman apologizes for Ebola tweet

The first male spokesperson for CoverGirl cosmetics has apologized for saying he was scared to be traveling to South Africa because he was afraid ...


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