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Daily News 2017-08-21

An interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. on vaccines

Safety Implications of Microneedle Patches for Influenza Vaccine

Australia Launches Massive Campaign To Take Down Anti-Vaxxers

Doctors Often Avoid Flu Shots

Letter: Parents have rights on issue of vaccines

Why You Should Never Sign the Refusal to Vaccinate Form

Warning Incomplete Vaccinations Could Result In School Suspensions

VAXXED TV My daughter is unvaccinated and super healthy

VAXXED TV Immigration vaccines injured me (video)

We Are Vaxxed 4 month vaccinations killed my baby boy #vaxxed #truth #science #Praybig (video)

We Are Vaxxed vaccines injured my boy #vaxxed #Praybig (video)

We Are Vaxxed morning update from the bus #vaxxed #Praybig (video)

We Are Vaxxed my 3 daughters are vaccine injured #vaxxed #Praybig (video)

We Are Vaxxed Vaccines gave my son autism #vaxxed #Praybig (video)

Vaxxed team on Kristen Harper's Radio Show via VoiceAmerica (pdf download)

We Are Vaxxed i will never vaccinate my family ever again #vaxxed #Praybig

Interview with Polly Tommey, Producer of the Documentary VaxXed (video)

Fake evidence used in the Oklahoma Bombing - How official "science" is deployed to advance a political agenda by Jon Rappoport

Securities and Exchange Commission Updates to Commission Guidance Regarding Accounting for Sales of Vaccines and Bioterror Countermeasures to the Federal Government for Placement into the Pediatric Vaccine Stockpile or the Strategic National Stockpile

Vic teens to get free meningococcal vaccines (video)

Free meningococcal vaccine to fight killer bug that killed Victorians this year (video)

GSK faces row over vaccine shortage

Opioid Vaccine Could Make the Brain Immune to Heroin

Negative information about vaccines received during pregnancy delays infant vaccinations

Broader definition of polycystic ovary syndrome is harming women: Australian experts

Texas Biomed Part of Team Receiving Five-Year, $4.4 Million NIH Grant for Novel TB Vaccine Testing

The unending battle of getting the world vaccinated

Vaccines run out; hundreds still in line

Vaccines should be called 'equines' to reflect true origin, says expert - The word 'vaccine' comes from the Latin for cow, vacca, but the treatment may have more to do with horses

CVS Health Corp (NYSE:CVS) Study Reveals 66% of Americans Believe That Flu Shots Work

Cases of flu on the rise as free vaccines missed

Do repeated vaccinations impact flu vaccine effectiveness?

Seeking the secret ingredient in the original smallpox vaccine

Survivor of severe infection on mission to save lives

Few problems seen thus far with new vaccination rules

Column: Don’t forget Meningitis B vaccine

Drs. Oz & Roizen: On cancer vaccines and fighting dementia before it happens

FDARA: Making a Difference for Industry and Patients

Hit and Run Vaccine Policy of the British Government Revealed: Damage Settlements Go from Hundreds to Zero in Four Decades. by John Stone - Age of Autism

America's Opioid Crisis: Just What the Doctor Ordered - Age of Autism

Forsyth officials to parents: Get children vaccinated now
Women and children in the spotlight

1 dose of cholera vaccine as good as 2 doses for first six months, review says

More than half national 88,000 flu cases recorded in NSW (video)

Altimmune Submits Investigational New Drug Application for NasoVAX in Preparation for Phase 2 Trial - 60 volunteers to be enrolled Data expected in the first quarter of 2018

From the Doctor: Vaccines protect your child and your community - Population vaccination results in the suppression of diseases.

Study finds high disability rate in Ebola survivors

Pharmacy becomes go-to for influenza vaccinations

Altimmune Submits Investigational New Drug Application for NasoVAX in Preparation for Phase 2 Trial

Vaccine education paramount during National Immunization Awareness Month

Global DT-Based Combined Vaccines Market 2017 – GSK, Changsheng, CCBIO, Aleph Biomedical, Sanofi

2017-2022 Global Classical Swine Fever Vaccines Market Analysis : WINSUN, CAHIC, Merial, MSD Animal Health, Chopper Biology

Just The VAX — Parents Reminded About Importance Of Vaccinations

France reports local chikungunya cluster

Overcoming the last line of antibiotic resistance against bacterial infections - How S. aureus cause infections: Implications for antibiotic resistance

Mosquito Research from NIAID (video)

Zika virus stifles pregnant women's weakened immune system to harm baby, study finds

80 fresh swine flu cases in Lucknow: Not enough vaccines for medical staff? - Getting swine flu vaccine has become a difficult task for health staff, particularly those dealing with swine flu patients. A week ago, the health department had said the vaccine would be provided to hospital staff, particularly those assigned duty of screening, testing or care of swine flu patients.

ICMR partners with IVI, invests Rs 3.20 crore for vaccine development in India - Under its latest Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), ICMR will be focussed on research and development of vaccines combatting various infectious diseases.

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Aug 21, 2017 - MCR-1 in Dutch chicken; Residents' prescribing; Trial for new antimalarial; Alternatives to carbapenems

News Scan for Aug 21, 2017 - Backyard poultry and Salmonella; New polio cases; Cholera in Yemen rebel areas


Rumour proves costly for vaccination drive in old city

Hyderabad: Religious and political forces in old city have joined hands to quell malicious rumours that have hit measles and rubella vaccination ...

Women and children in the spotlight

“First, consider the success story of the HPV vaccination,” says Dr Alderman. “Australia was the first country with a national HPV vaccination program, ...

19 new cases of animal bite registered

Cumulatively up to yesterday, it said 1,007 people had received anti-rabies vaccination. However, JPBN explained that not all people bitten by dogs ...

Vaccines run out; hundreds still in line

Hundreds of people, many in line since 6 a.m., came to the Simon Sanchez High School Cafeteria for free health clinic that offered free immunizations ...

Soldiers help contain avian flu outbreak in Nueva Ecija

Also, flu vaccination and individual health screening facilitated by the Provincial Health Office (PHO) of Nueva Ecija was conducted in order to ...

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

The purpose of this observance is to highlight the importance of immunizations, one of the top 10 public health accomplishments of the 20th Century, ...

Kelseyville Rotary donates to Polio Plus

Thanks to huge support from the Lake County community, Kelseyville's Sunrise Rotary Club has been recognized for its contributions to Rotary's “Polio ...

Himachal Pradesh vaccination drive against measles, rubella targets 18.6 lakh children

Nearly 18.6 lakh children, up to the age of 15 years, would be vaccinated against Measles and Rubella (MR) under an immunisation programme to be ...

Ebola : Russia is testing a new vaccine in Guinea

This is a new stone in the garden of Ebola, and this one comes to us from Russia. During a press conference Thursday, August 17, the Russian foreign ...

18.6L children in HP to be vaccinated against measles, rubella

shimla, Aug 20 Nearly 18.6 lakh children, up to the age of 15 years, would be vaccinated against Measles and Rubella (MR) under an immunisation ...

Is Liberia Outstripping Louisiana When It Comes to Health Care?

People await treatment in the outpatient lounge of Redemption Hospital, formerly an Ebola holding center, on February 2, 2015, in Monrovia, Liberia.

Kogi As Nigeria's Health Metaphor By Pius Adesanmi

They remind me of how Lagos health officials handled the Ebola matter very impressively; they remind me of how these kinds of public health ...

Vaccination alone unlikely to end Gorakhpur deaths

JE patients can also be treated at primary and community health centres, said K Srinath Reddy of Public Health Foundation of India. But the state has ...

Immigration watching ant-vax advocate Kent Heckenlively

A controversial US anti-vaccination advocate who bills himself as the ... there was a link between the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and autism.

FTA negotiations are underway with Turkey, Thailand and Iran to get access for Pakistani products ...

Three thousand eight hundred twenty-four teams have been constituted to administer anti-polio vaccinations to the children. Meanwhile, tight security ...

3500 feral dogs get sterilised and immunised in Jammu

"Till date more than 3,500 stray dogs have been sterilised and immunised ward-wise in Jammu city and the programme is catching pace due to ...

Rabies discounts at fire houses throughout week

As they have done in the past, county commissioners are paying $3 of the total $8 cost for each vaccination. Pet owners pay only $5. Rabies is an ...

Kevin McClintock: Following virus outbreak, JHS plans low-cost vaccination clinic

Vaccines for both dogs and cats will be administered by professionals at extremely low prices: We're talking $10 for canine distemper, rabies and ...

How The Ebola Crisis Is Helping Sierra Leone Deal With The Aftermath Of The Deadly Mudslides

“During Ebola we had a lot of community engagement, so they knew how to be ... Ebola's rapid spread across Sierra Leone came in part because it ...

Plants Will Be Turned into Vaccine Factories for Polio

Colleagues at the John Innes Centre in Norfolk claim that they managed to override plants to produce synthetic polio vaccine. This project has the ...

How Blake Mitchell's quick action saved his daughter Mia from deadly meningococcal

“It clicked in my head for some reason 'meningococcal',” he said. ... But the B-strain vaccine is not currently offered on the taxpayer-funded program.

Text Bulletin 1500 hrs

... eight hundred thousand children up to five year of age will be administered anti-polio vaccinations in Quetta, Pishin, Qilla Abdullah and Mastung.

Free meningococcal vaccine to fight killer bug that killed Victorians this year

FREE meningococcal vaccines will be rolled out statewide to try to stem a surge in cases of the horror disease, which has killed four Victorians this ...

Free meningococcal vaccine to fight killer bug that killed Victorians this year

FREE meningococcal vaccines will be rolled out statewide to try to stem a surge in cases of the horror disease, which has killed four Victorians this ...

Stella Adadevoh : 3 years ago, this hero saved Nigeria from the deadly Ebola

Dr. Stella Ameyo Adadevoh died of Ebola on August 19, 2014 after keeping infected Liberian-American , Patrick Sawyer from leaving the First ...

Anti-polio drive to begin in 4 districts of Balochistan from Monday

Three-day anti-polio campaign will be started from Monday in four districts of Balochistan. Provincial Chief Coordinator Emergency Operation Centre, ...

Text Bulletin 1300 hrs

Azadi Train has arrived at Bahawalpur and welcomed by a large number of people at the railway station. Three days anti-polio drive will start from on ...

Clinics offer chance to get rabies shot at discount

This week continues the efforts by most of our local veterinary clinicians to assist in the protection of your dogs, cats and ferrets from rabies as they will ...

Karen Wiggers: Ready for School? Check shot records

A fact sheet about Pennsylvania's school immunization requirements can be found at How can you ...

Aussie tells how he contracted rare disease in Thailand

The diphtheria vaccine has virtually wiped out the disease in developed ... Sydney infectious diseases specialist Dr Bernard Hudson said people ...

Schools to resume classes this week in 3 local districts, immunization issues may keep some ...

“A lot of kids are going to have issues with immunizations this year,” said Michael Pawlik, East Lycoming School District superintendent. “They've ...

Flu season in Queensland putting pressure on stretched ambulances

"I think it's a particularly vicious flu season because we've got that influenza A strain which is part of the vaccination, but that can be quite a debilitating ...

Column: Don't forget Meningitis B vaccine

When she was a child, Emily had been vaccinated for meningitis, but was never ... According to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control, ...

Few problems seen thus far with new vaccination rules

Area school officials say changes to vaccination requirements for the ... Pennsylvania had to report its immunization rate to the CDC before the ...

Anti-Vaxxers Next Victims? Dogs

Rabies is, for all intents and purposes, 100% fatal for humans. And yet fears of autism appear to be behind the latest anti-vaccination craze targeting ...

Macomb County health officials urge parents to get kids vaccinated as school year approaches

“Getting children all of the vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control's immunization schedule is one of the most important things ...

McHenry urges parents to keep kids up to date on vaccines

“Each dose of every vaccine is important to protect your child and others in the community from infectious diseases.” Recommended schedules for ...

The H1N1 roll in the state is alarming

Q What is the reason behind the sudden spike in swine flu cases in Gujarat? ... Q As far as prevention is concerned, does taking flu vaccination work?

Anti-rabies vaccination camp

Imphal, August 19 2017: Yening Animal Foundation (YAF) carried out a free anti-rabies vacination cum Deworming camp in different parts of Imphal ...

Protect yourself from swine flu

This year, Maharashtra has recorded 3,750 cases of swine flu, with 381 ... Ensure the vaccine has strains of influenza A and influenza B which cover ...

Luciano: Beloved pet returns home, thanks to dogged police work

She took the dog to a Pekin vet for a rabies shot July 11, then registered the dog with PCAPS July 14. Why the wait? She told the officer “she did not ...

Scores of pets find homes during 'Clear the Shelters'

He was found roaming the city with his original rabies vaccination tags. They got a call, and "we drove that night to Chicago to pick him up," they said.

Twin Cities' Sierra Leone community seeks to help homeland hit by mudslide

For a nation battered by civil war, and more recently by the Ebola virus, last week's massive mudslide came as yet another terrible blow. Torrential ...

Sierra Leone mudslides: Fears up to 1000 people could be dead and some bodies will 'never be ...

Priti Patel, Secretary of State for International Development, said: “This tragedy comes shortly after the Ebola crisis which Sierra Leone has worked so ...

Measles management

“At the doctor's clinic, my family realised that the baby had really missed a dose of the anti-measles vaccine that is usually administered to children ...

Study shows effects of negative vaccine information

New research has shown that negative information about immunisation ... was having a stronger influence on decisions around immunisations.


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