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Daily News 2017-06-26

John Oliver makes case for vaccines using infant son's health struggles

Vaccines: Good Or Bad?, Part 4

Maternal Antibodies Hinder Antigenic Responses to Vaccines in Infants

We Are Vaxxed Fully Recovered From Autism (video)

VAXXED TV Fully Recovered From Autism (video)

We Are Vaxxed Bellingham parents speak out about vaccines #vaxxed #Praybig #science #Truth #PeoplesStudy (video)

Autism: The Tragedy of Increasing Health Complications & Earlier Death by Teresa Conrick - Age of Autism

Schools: We're Drowning in Special Needs Students by Anne Dachel - Age of Autism

We Are Vaxxed I choose to not vaccinate my children #vaxxed #Praybig (video)

We Are Vaxxed Bus update #vaxxed #Praybig (video)

We Are Vaxxed I choose to not vaccinate my children #vaxxed #Praybig (video)
New Bessborough revelations show wider range of products tested on children

We Are Vaxxed DPT vaccine killed my son at 32 years old #vaxxed #peoplesStudy #Praybig #truth #science (video)

Harvard Mumps Cases Found…University Isn’t Saying Vaccine Statuses

We Are Vaxxed Silence = blood on your hands #vaxxed #PrayBig #peoplesStudy #truth #science (video)

OSE Immunotherapeutics halts recruitment in cancer vaccine trial -  OSE Immunotherapeutics SA has halted recruitment in a Phase III trial of its cancer vaccine Tedopi (OSE2101).

We Are Vaxxed Dr Taylor Bean discusses vaccine injury #vaxxed #truth #science #PrayBig #PeoplesStudy (video)

Tracking Bird Flu in Delaware Bay (video)

We Are Vaxxed Back again with Bellingham WA stories from parents #vaxxed #peoplesStudy #Praybig #truth #science (video)

WHO Admits Vaccines Caused Polio Paralysis In ISIS Regions

We Are Vaxxed Q&A Redmond WA #vaxxed #truth #science #Praybig #PeoplesStudy (video)

We Are Vaxxed Bellingham WA parents stories of their vaccinated and Unvaccinated children #truth #science #Praybig #vaxxed #peoplesStudy (video)

We Are Vaxxed 6month vaccines gave my son autism and allergies #vaxxed #praybig #truth #science #peoplesStudy (video)

BE Licenses Takeda's Measles and Pertussis Vaccines for India and China

We Are Vaxxed World gone mad #vaxxed #praybig #truth #science #PeoplesStudy (video)

Study: Shingles and MMR Vaccines May Trigger Anaphylaxis in the Meat-Allergic

We Are Vaxxed My daughter died following her 1 year vaccinations #vaxxed #science #truth #PeoplesStudy #Praybig (video)

Response to AMA’s Status Quo Vaccine Policy, Trumping Safety

We Are Vaxxed Injury from infant vaccinations eventually killed my 20 year old son #vaxxed #truth #science #peoplesStudy #PrayBig (video)

Help Chanda and her children

The Children’s March For Humanity, Washington, DC Vaccines Revealed For What They Truly Are: Scientific Frauds

Forrest Maready Some people believe most problems are natural, and can only be solved by man-made solutions. Others believe problems tend to be man-made, and are best solved by returning to a natural state. Which one is right? Which one will win? (video)

The Impacts of Vaccines: Aluminum, Autoimmunity, Autism and Alzheimer’s Rebutting Big Pharma’s Talking Points About the Safety of Aluminum (and Mercury) in Vaccines

What is H1N1? Preventive measures you should take - The death toll in Mumbai from H1N1 virus has reached 10 since January 2017. According to a statement by BMC, a total of 285 confirmed cases of the disease have been recorded in the city. Here is everything you need to know about H1N1 virus

Three Mutations Could Turn Bird Flu Virus Into A Human Pandemic

Is The Selective Vaccine Cycle Safe? 'Last Week Tonight' Takes On "Alternative" Vaccine Schedules

Skyhorse How To Prevent Autism Author Dara Berger on Watching The Hawks - Age of Autism (video)

How anti-vaxxers teamed with the Nation of Islam to warn of vaccination ‘holocaust’ against black kids

Zika, HIV: the abstract vs. the concrete in the pursuit of logic by Jon Rappoport

Genomic Vaccines - Vaccines composed of DNA or RNA instead of proteins could enable the rapid development of preventives for infectious diseases

Better engagement is needed to combat the growing anti-vaxxer movement

Opinion: Elderly Poor at Greater Risk for Pneumococcal Disease

Vaccine Ingredients: America’s Dirty Little Secret

Area private schools see a rise in conscientious exemptions to vaccines - Still, the coverage rate for individual vaccines remains steady

Vaccines, Not Diet, Are Causing Epidemic Of Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes According To New Paper From Classen Immunotherapies Inc.

Adverse childhood events likely to be passed in generations, are root of many chronic conditions
Avista supporting cGMP manufacture of hapten for opioid vaccine development -  Avista Pharma Solutions, Inc. has been contracted to manufacture an opioid-derived small molecule, which is a component of a conjugate vaccine being developed to treat opioid addiction.

Takeda, Biological E. In Deal To Develop Low-Cost Combination Vaccines

BE Licenses Takeda's Measles and Pertussis Vaccines for India and China

The Wistar Institute appoints associate professor

Sentiment Turns Bullish on Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVAX)

Zoonotic diseases to challenge Australia - Australia's chief doctor, Dr Brendan Murphy says a flu pandemic, zoonotic diseases and antimicrobial resistance pose the greatest threat to health security.

Shaken-baby defendant, freed but facing retrial, pleads guilty to assault (video)

Genetic analysis of H7N9 finds adaptations, clade patterns

NIAID awards grant to GeoVax Labs, Inc. to support novel Zika virus vaccine development program

​ A Look at Immunovaccine’s Major Recent Milestones

VBI Vaccines (VBIV) Receiving Somewhat Critical Media Coverage, Study Finds

Two-dose Cervarix HPV vaccine remains noninferior to three doses at 36 months
Pioneering British firm wins patent for 'cancer vaccines' technology

Global H1N1 Vaccines Market to Witness Growth Acceleration by 2021

Don't vaccinate? You're betraying your country

Yemen's cholera outbreak grows by 5,000 cases per day

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Jun 26, 2017 - C diff in cancer patients; Contact precautions for MRSA, VRE; Antibiotic-resistant acne

News Scan for Jun 26, 2017 - Saudi MERS cases; Southern Hemisphere flu rise; Pediatric Lyme


HHS Secretary Defies Trump on Ebola Travel Ban

At the height of the Ebola outbreak in 2014, days before the World Health Organization declared it an international public health emergency, Donald ...

Woody's Toy Story Polio Backstory Debunked as Fake News

Disney's Toy Story series is already dark enough as it is, but it got a lot darker when a toy designer claimed to have inside information about the fate of ...

Rabies alert issued for Chip Place area of Stockbridge

During this alert, residents living within this area should make sure that all of their companion animals have a current rabies vaccination. If not ...

Artes Biotechnology partnered with BioSun Pharmed to develop and manufacture HPV vaccine in ...

Artes Biotechnology GmbH. Germany / Tools, Services, and Manufacturing. Other. This is a sample profile. To view the full content of this profile and ...

Opinion: Elderly Poor at Greater Risk for Pneumococcal Disease

Pneumococcal disease is a bacterial infection that can cause pneumonia, meningitis and bloodstream and ear infections. Pneumococcal bacteria can ...

'This is the moment my heart broke': Mother shares gut-wrenching photo of her newborn son in ...

Whooping cough (also known as 'pertussis') is a highly contagious bacterial infection of the lungs and airways. The government health website says ...

Toy Story Consultant Shares the Super Depressing Story of Andy's Dad

Per Mozart as relayed by the video's host, Jonathan Carlin, Andy's dad was stricken with polio as a young boy and later diagnosed with post-polio ...

Fat-reducing treatment might aid Heart Attack prevention

Scientists had begun the medical experiment towards testing this immunization subsequent to examinations which had included rats became effective.

Harvard reports mumps cases, one case linked to Biolabs facility

Infographic aimed at college students depicting symptoms of mumps and steps they can take to protect themselves. The report states that two cases ...

In the doghouse: Unlicensed pets could net small fines for Keene owners

The city of Keene gets information about dogs and their owners from veterinarians, who are required to report when they give dogs rabies vaccinations ...

Dog owners: The flu vaccine is here. Should your pup get it?

She added that some people resist the vaccine because of concerns about over-vaccination. Ertugrul attended a recent seminar on dog flu and one of ...

Flashback: French glamour, a polio panic and a long-awaited crossing

1977: Havering's healthcare professionals admitted they had worked flat out for six months to make sure a borough-wide polio vaccination drive had ...

Toy Story writer says that heartbreaking 'origin story' for Andy's dad isn't all it seems

According to Mozart, almost all of Andy Snr's toys were destroyed when he contracted Polio as a kid. But he managed to save Woody, Mr Potato Head ...

Original 'Toy Story' Consultant Reveals Heartwrenching Story of Andy's Father

The heartbreaking backstory centered around Andy's dad dying from polio. It looks like it's the latter, but let me give you a fair warning: However bad ...

Toy Story writer debunks Woody's polio-filled "backstory"

Pixar veteran Andrew Stanton, who co-wrote the movie with Ranft, says that the whole Andy and Woody polio heartbreak rodeo is totally bogus.

Rabies clinic set for San Benito

Veterinarian James N. Gomez provides rabies vaccinations at Victoria Heights Elementary in Brownsville as the City of Brownsville Health Department ...

Rabies clinic set for San Benito

SAN BENITO Rabies is usually spread through an animal bite. Animals ... The animals must be at least 3 months old to receive the vaccination.

Everyone can stop retweeting that bogus meme about Mitch McConnell and polio now

Plenty of people have been forwarding a meme exposing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as a hypocrite for wanting to repeal Obamacare ...

'Toy Story' Writer Andrew Stanton Slams Rumors Andy's Dad Died Of Polio Before 1995 Film

Toy Story writer Andrew Stanton recently slammed rumors that Andy's dad died of polio prior to the events that took place in the 1995 animation.

Teenage boys face long wait for HPV vaccine

The powerful HPV vaccine won't be rolled out to teenage boys until September next year at the earliest, the Sunday Independent has confirmed.

Toy Story writer debunks Woody's polio-filled backstory

But even Pixar's darker work rarely goes so dark as to cite polio, which is why fans of the films were kind of surprised when someone claiming to have ...

Toy Story Consultant Shares The Super Depressing Story Of Andy's Dad

But his recovery didn't last forever, as he was later stricken with Post-Polio Syndrome. They moved into Andy's grandparents' house to survive, which ...

Anti-HPV jab group targets schools

The group behind a controversial campaign against the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil has written to schools across the country questioning their ...

Viral 'Toy Story' Origin Tale Debunked By Pixar Exec: No Polio For Andy's Dad

Andy Sr., in this telling, died of Post-Polio Syndrome less than a year before the events of Toy Story, leaving young Andy the key to an old toy box that ...

The Instantly Viral Story About Andy's 'Toy Story' Dad Is As Bogus As It Is Heartbreaking

Ranft revealed (according to Mozart) that Andy's dad died of polio and that Woody was Andy Sr.'s childhood toy. That means the doll was passed ...

'Toy Story' Writer Andrew Stanton Debunks Backstory of Andy's Dad

Sometime around 1959, after Andy Sr. had won Woody, he was diagnosed with polio. His toys were then destroyed, but he managed to spare Woody, ...

The Origin Story Behind Andy's Dad in 'Toy Story' is Genuinely Sad

And he dropped a bombshell on fans of the series: Andy's dad had polio, and Woody was originally his doll that he passed on to his son when he died.


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