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Risky Business

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by Sandy Gottstein

It’s not easy to fool Mother Nature.  Really.

And it would seem that until the modern Medicine Men get that simple fact, really get it, there will be no end to the grief caused by their unabashed tinkering with her complex system.

The most recent example of the harm that can come from modern hubris arrives in the guise of mutations due to Hepatitis B vaccination.  It is no small irony that the spread of hepatitis B in Asia, where the mutations have been discovered, was largely due to the W.H.O.-acknowledged use of re-usable needles in vaccination campaigns there.  It is also no small irony that the solution to this vaccination-induced outcome was further vaccination.

And now we find that this very vaccination solution is leading to mutations that will lead us who knows where, although where it leads us will apparently be via more vaccination.

Unfortunately, it is not news that vaccination causes mutations. Simply put, viruses and bacteria mutate in order to survive, something they do very well (e.g., 12).  In Changing Disease Epidemiology Via Vaccines - Are We "Robbing Peter To Pay Paul"?, circa 2002, I wrote about and provided documentation for the ongoing discovery of these changes.  Even earlier, in 1996, Hilary Butler provided a fascinating account of one such example. 

Given that we are most assuredly in our infancy as concerns the immune system (After all, a heretofore unknown part of the immune system was just discovered!), perhaps it would behoove us to be more circumspect about the use of powerful biologicals in an immune system that we don’t fully understand.

Furthermore, as Montaigne once so wisely asserted, "Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know."  In the current faux scientific environment, commonly reported observations (observation being a requirement of the scientific method, yet so easily dismissed when disparagingly called “anecdotes”), that don’t fit current dogma are rejected because they can’t be explained by what we think we know.  Perhaps it is time to thoroughly investigate, rather than reject, such observations.  As aptly noted in the Rig Veda"One has to be humble if he desires to acquire knowledge."  Perhaps it would behoove us to truly recognize the limits of our understanding.

Clearly, there is much we don’t know about the consequences of vaccination, with the recent hepatitis B vaccination mutations report being merely the latest example of this fact.  Perhaps it would behoove us to admit that any risk/benefit analysis of vaccination that does not include recognition of these limits is bad science at best.  Now that would be a risk worth taking. 


Sandy Gottstein

Date: 10-16-2013


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