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HPV Vaccine – What Will It Take?

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by Sandy Gottstein

“The health ministry (Japan) has issued a nationwide notice that cervical cancer vaccinations should no longer be recommended for girls aged 12 to 16 because several adverse reactions to the medicines have been reported.”

“Several”.  Several?  Several!

I wrote some years ago about our apparent smug self-satisfaction when it comes to public health concerns as compared to “lesser” other nations, and just how misplaced this self-satisfaction can be.

Well, here we go again!

In Japan it apparently only takes “several” adverse reaction incidents to withdraw or modify support for a vaccine.

In the United States what does it take?  As of 6-15-13, there have been over ten thousand emergency rooms visits and 85 deaths attributed to the various HPV vaccines reported to VAERS.* (Given the fact that a passive reporting system like VAERS is expected to result in only “a small fraction of actual adverse events”, one can only speculate just what the reported numbers actually represent: 10%? 1% ?%. And wonder why the FDA and CDC don’t require active surveillance of products that are nigh universally mandated.)

Moreover, in order to understand how little the CDC and FDA actually care about this information, one only need look as far as the “recovery” category.  One would think that someone who never recovered would also be classified as having had a “serious” reaction.  But a large number of those classified as “not recovered” were also classified as “not serious”.  Rather than raise a red flag, pointing to at least the need for further clarification, this obvious incongruity is simply ignored, further evidence of their utter disinterest in receiving and cataloging accurate and meaningful information.

Yet, in spite of expected considerable under-reporting and the little effort made to understand the significance of those reports that has been made, “Judicial Watch announced it has received documents from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealing that its National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has awarded $5,877,710 dollars to 49 victims in claims made against the highly controversial HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccines. To date 200 claims have been filed with VICP, with barely half adjudicated.” (1)

Only the CDC knows its true motives.  We, however, can be clear about one thing:  judging by their actions (or inactions), we can say with near certainty that they have no genuine interest in understanding the extent of vaccine injury and death.  Furthermore, we can only wonder if there is any number of HPV vaccine-associated reactions in the United States that will result in modification of HPV (or any other) vaccine policy, meaningful follow-up, and consequent protection of the public from what appears to be a dangerous vaccine.

And if, as it would seem, it is not the public that is being protected, then who is?


Sandy Gottstein

Date: 6-20-2013

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