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July 8, 2003

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July 08, 2003             


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E-News: Parent Groups Support TX Law (NVIC)

Faulty MMR Jab Cases Prompt Urgent UK Warning - Reuters via ABC News

Provocation poliomyelitis: vaccine associated paralytic poliomyelitis related to a rectal abscess in an infant - journal article

VAERS search: PREVNAR/Lederle

Eczema: Promise And Pox - Drugs Improved, but Smallpox Fears Loom - The Washington Post

State allows smallpox shots despite warning Panel opposes vaccinations for first responders -

Cost-Effectiveness of Vaccine Prevention - Ivanhoe via

Vaccinating Your Children -

Vaccination Reaction! - The Pet Center

Vaccines for Adults - The New York Times via naccho

Infection of human B lymphocytes with MMR vaccine induces IgE class switching. - journal article

Media Reports Ask The Question: Is The Cure Worse Than The Disease? - NVIC

Cancer Vaccines: Between The Idea And The Reality - Nature

US Company Denies Plan to Abandon AIDS Vaccine Test in Thailand -

Vaccine Trial May Offer Hope for African Children - Reuters via ABC News

Accelerated vaccination for Ebola virus haemorrhagic fever in non-human primates - journal article

SLU leads HIV vaccine study in U.S., Africa -

Autistic boy may lose Medicaid services -

This Boy's Life -

Boys, Girls Differ in Autistic Trait Expression - journal article

Do more infections mean less asthma? - Science

Invasive Disease Due to Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae among Children in Arkansas - journal article

Measles infection in pregnancy - journal article

Theory Says Disease Tendencies Begin in Womb - The Washington Post

Vital Signs: Nutrition; Exploring The Absence Of Asthma - The New York Times

Infectious virus linked to development of mental disorders - Post-Gazette

Gut reaction - A bacterium that causes ulcers and stomach cancer is on the decline, but not everyone is celebrating. John Whitfield talks to the experts who have misgivings about its impending extinction. - Nature

FDA Approves New West Nile Virus Test - AP via

Officials Warn Travelers of Hepatitis - Contra Costa Times via naccho

Gene therapy for Lou Gehrig's disease shows promise - AP via CNN

Ginseng may lower blood glucose -

GOP to Move Bill to Limit Medical Damages - Senate Democrats Expected to Filibuster - The Washington Post

Bedside Rationing - Are Doctors Withholding Information and Treatment Options? - ABC News

More doctors refuse crucial procedures, blaming lawsuit risk -

Taking off the gloves over medical malpractice -

Cancer sleuthing Bay Area companies among those profiling the disease -

Chill Therapy Is Endorsed for Some Heart Attacks - The New York Times

Do Medications Really Expire? - Try An Experiment With Your Mother-In-Law -

West Recruits Bacteria Assassins -

Vital Signs: Treatments; When Choices Are Elusive - The New York Times

Task force gives vitamins less than glowing review - Reuters Health via

Zinc – a prostate cancer risk? -

Testing Method May Be Culprit Behind Abnormal Pap Test Results -

Schafer Autism Report, July 08, 2003 -

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