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July 28, 2003

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July 28, 2003          

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MMR:The facts, the fears, the lies, the studies, the doctors' views... The Mass Confusion -

E-News: Whooping Cough in Oregon (NVIC)

GM vaccine for cattle TB points to help for humans -

Strengths and weaknesses of current polio vaccines--a view from industry. - journal article

Moxico: Over 80.000 children vaccinated against polio -

Kidney Cancer Vaccine - ABC Local News

Researchers Develop Kidney Cancer Vaccine - Injection Triggers Immune Cells to Attack Cancer -

Differences in female-male mortality after high-titre measles vaccine and association with subsequent vaccination with diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis and inactivated poliovirus: reanalysis of West African studies. - journal article

Bush: Get Anthrax Vaccine - Newsday via

Inoculated into oblivion - When families hit the Capitol last week, they demanded answers about the source of their children's autism. - (2000)

Vaccine Exemption Forms - Online by State or Country - The Center for Unhindered Living

Bacteria let loose by modern living - BioMedNet

“A Dose of Hope vs. Alzheimer’s” -

“Detrick Anthrax Vaccine Tested” -

“In a Rush? It’s OK to Double Up on Shots” -

“Indian Team Develops HIV-1 Prototype Vaccine: Minister” -

“Namibia: Immunization Drive Falls Short of Target” -

“Northeast India Launches Mass Immunization to Prevent Polio Outbreak” -

“SARS Experts Search for an Effective Vaccine, Fast Response to Outbreak” -

“Study of Health Risks to Follow 100,000 Children From Womb” -

Anger over UK professor's claims that unruly behaviour, including autism, 'is being falsely attributed to medical syndromes' -

The gift of dyslexia - They may take longer to learn to read, but dyslexics outshine the rest of us in skills such as spatial perception. ALANNA MITCHELL examines a new movement that's taking the stigma out of the condition -

Mercury Wars- The beginning of a new awareness -

SSRI's found to adversely affect newborns during first days of life - AHRP

Association Between Essential Tremor and Blood Lead Concentration -

A Taste for Heavy Metal - Researchers call for model to help us understand plants that hoard heavy metals. - Nature

Automobile Industry Largest Source of Lead Pollution Today - Child Health Advocates, Environmentalists Call for Phase-out of Lead Car Batteries - Press Release -

Poison Wind - It took 70 years to get the Ethyl Corporation’s lead out of our gas tanks - Now, Ethyl’s back with a new toxic additive: MMT - by Nicholas Regush (1992) - Mother Jones via

The Low Level Radiation Campaign: Researching the effects of low level ionising radiation/demanding a re-evaluation of the risks from man-made fission products - website

Drug firms increasingly barred from exam rooms  - The Boston Globe via

Race Plays Role in New Drug Trials - Treatment by Genetic Origin, Ethnicity Divides Medical Profession - The Washington Post

RNA-mediated control of virulence gene expression in bacterial pathogens - BioMedNet

Day 100: lessons from SARS - BioMedNet

Health officials: Alabama woman first to die from West Nile this year - AP via

Molecular parasitology of malaria in Papua New Guinea - BioMedNet

CDC Unveils Data System for HIV Cases - AP via

Obesity may raise risk of Alzheimer's - Preliminary study suggests overweight elderly women more prone to dementia. - Nature

Parkinson's drug may hasten Alzheimer's - Common treatment might exacerbate brain build-ups. - Nature

Study to look at early surgery to treat epilepsy - CNN

Music may be a key to kids' recall of words -

Kids with Chronic Illness - Ivanhoe

FDA Approves Lilly's Growth Hormone for Healthy Children - AHRP

FDA OKs years of growth-hormone shots for short but healthy kids - AP via USA Today

Blue Cross Contest on Internet Won the Disdain of Senators -

Anemia is risk factor for physical decline in older adults - Report from researchers at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center -

Accuracy of Survival Predictions - Ivanhoe

Impact of a Workplace Stress Reduction Program on Blood Pressure and Emotional Health in Hypertensive Employees - journal article

Catching Alzheimer’s Disease Early - Ivanhoe -

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