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March 7, 2004

March 7, 2004                  

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Posted March 7, 2004:

►March 6, 2004 - Ex-teacher not indicted for mercury spill - AP via The Gleaner via

►March 6, 2004 - Officials: 7 recent meningitis cases not an epidemic - The Sun Herald

►March 7, 2004 - Meningitis determined to be viral - Picayune Item

►March 6, 2004 - 13 schoolchildren hospitalized with hepatitis in Cherkessk - Itar-Tass

►March 6, 2004 - The Geek Theory of Autism - At university, William K. met for the first time people with exceptional skills like his own - National Post via

►March 6, 2004 - Former livestock feed turned human dietary supplement - A Quest for Potent Antidote -  Having been introduced in the market October last year, Lactovitale is a relatively new product that is rapidly gaining popularity in the health food supplement industry. What’s even more amazing about this recent discovery is, it’s a Filipino invention. - The Manilla Bulletin Online

►March 7, 2004 - Report on Bt corn toxin confirmed - Norwegian bares results of lab test on blood samples - A Norwegian scientist claimed as “conclusive” the traces of Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt) toxin found in the blood samples of several residents living near a Bt corn field in a remote village of South Cotabato. - PNA via The Manilla Bulletin Online

►March 6, 2004 - Lansing-based Neogen to up production of bird flu disinfectant - AP via The Detroit Free Press

►March 6, 2004 - Maryland Officials Investigate Suspected Case of Avian Flu - AP via

►March 7, 2004 - Wild birds captured in bid to find flu source - The Japan Times

►March 6, 2004 - Weeks after outbreaks, Tyson hopes trade effects of influenza will subside - AP via Delmarva Now via

►March 7, 2004 - CVO holds ‘chicken fest’ -

►March 6, 2004 - Key ally of MMR doctor rejects autism link (requires subscription) - Times Online, UK

►March 6, 2004 - Scientists desert MMR maverick (requires subscription) - Times Online, UK

►March 6, 2004 - When autism causes aggressive behavior -

►February 27, 2004 - Vaxin CEO Frank Cano is vaccine-industry veteran - Birmingham Business Journal

►March 6, 2004 - Lyme Disease Support Group Formed - Voices via

►March 6, 2004 - Quarantine on bird-flu hit area in Gansu lifted - Xinhuanet via China View

►March 6, 2004 - Flu alarm rang falsely, state says - Portland Press Herald - "
As Maine's flu season winds down, it appears that predictions of an abnormally severe outbreak were overblown. The flu season in Maine was "not particularly noteworthy," state epidemiologist Kathleen Gensheimer said, despite reports from Western states that this year's flu strain was breaking out early and hitting hard...'There's a fine line between providing information and scaring people,' Gensheimer said. 'This story was sensationalized all the way up the channels.'"

►March 6, 2004 - State crafting smallpox plan (requires registration) - The Birmingham News via

►March 7, 2004 - Three-day polio campaign begins on March 9 - APP via Daily Times, Pakistan

►March 7, 2004 - Four Kids Die of Measles, Thirteen Infected in central Punjab - Pakistan Times

►March 6, 2004 - Muscle disease wrecks immune system - Times of India

►March 7, 2004 - Sick children untreated due to MMR fears - Families seek care in US as UK doctors dismiss complaints to avoid triple jab controversy - Sunday Herald, UK - "AUTISTIC children in Britain are being forced to fly to the US for treatment because of the ongoing political controversy surrounding the MMR jab...Up to 10 British children, including a seven-year-old from Edinburgh, have been treated at a specialist centre in Florida for painful bowel diseases after the NHS refused to recognise their symptoms...An investigation by the Sunday Herald has revealed that despite medical evidence of a link between the disorder and autism, NHS doctors are ignoring or dismissing the connection because they fear becoming embroiled in the triple jab controversy. Instead of acknowledging a previously unknown condition that inflames the children’s bowels, they say the painful symptoms are caused by constipation."

Comment: "BL Fisher (of NVIC) Note: Vaccine injured children are being victimized twice by mainstream medical doctors: the first time when they suffer an often preventable vaccine injury and the second time when they are denied acknowledgement and treatment that could take away their pain. One of the reasons more doctors will not step forward and help these children is because they are afraid that, like Andrew Wakefield, M.D., they will be targeted for destruction by government health officials and other doctors if they acknowledge a child's suffering is vaccine-induced."

►March 7, 2004 - Autism debate underscores research difficulty, cost of disproving bad science - CP via - "When Dr. Noni MacDonald starts talking about the debate over whether childhood vaccinations cause autism, her words are steeped in anger. She thinks the public ought to be angry, too...The source of the emotion? The years of time, effort and research funding that has been spent disproving a piece of British research that last week was repudiated by most of the team responsible for it."

Comment:  Do any of those who are using this opportunity to discredit the research linking the MMR to autism care that the research has not actually been disproved?  Do they care that all that has happened is that a potential conflict has been raised?  Do they care that, although regrettable, a potential for conflict of interest does not in and of itself disprove research, but merely raises the specter that the research has been tainted and/or influenced by the conflict?  Have any of these self-righteously angry decriers ever once complained about the clear and obvious conflicts of interest in support of the MMR vaccine?

►March 7, 2004 - Dangerous disease - opinion - Scotland on Sunday - "Up to now, parents who fundamentally oppose the MMR have either had to source and pay for single injections - at up to £350 per course - or gamble that if they leave their children unprotected they will not catch one of the diseases. The former option is becoming increasingly rare, with sources of single inoculations drying up - at the moment the mumps vaccine is almost impossible to obtain. A mass order for single vaccines from the NHS would soon have manufacturers vying to meet the demand, of course, and it looks increasingly sensible to offer parents that alternative, so long as they are willing to pay for a service which is above and beyond basic need. Some will see this as caving in to ill-informed prejudice but this would be a small price to pay to protect all our children from disease."

►March 7, 2004 - Leading article: The MMR superstition (requires subscription) - The Times Online

►March 6, 2004 - Autism link claim took vaccine from hero to villain (requires subscription) - The Times Online

►March 7, 2004 - The needle and the damage done - opinion - Scotland on Sunday - "THE hours after her one-year-old son Victor was injected with the MMR vaccination were among the longest of Iustina Del Veneziano’s life...After an agonising decision process before deciding to go ahead with the jag, the Edinburgh mum was watching for any small indication that she might have made the wrong move. She didn’t have to wait long."

►March 5, 2004 - House committee votes to kill immunization bill - AP via Charleston Daily Mail - "A bill that would have allowed parents to refuse to have their children immunized for religious reasons was killed by a House subcommittee...A House Health and Human Resources subcommittee voted 6-1 to postpone indefinitely consideration of the proposal, preventing further legislative action on it this year."

►March 5, 2004 - Bill seeks to broaden druggists' powers - Measure would let them administer flu vaccine - The Baltimore Sun

►March 5, 2004 - Attorney disbarred - The Journal News - "Filenbaum also represented clients in a private practice, taking on several cases defending parents' rights not to have their children vaccinated. He was considered an expert on immunization law, lecturing on the laws and testifying in other courts on the issue...F. Hollis Griffin, a longtime public defender who has worked with Filenbaum since 1986, said many of the cases involving vaccinations were handled by Filenbaum. Griffin said he lost one Justice Court case as a prosecutor and it was to Filenbaum."

►March 5, 2004 - Rumours and vaccines - The Globe And Mail - "So much is riding on northern Nigeria's verdict on the polio vaccine that any delay is frustrating. It had been expected that the government and Islamic religious leaders in Nigeria's Kano state would announce this week whether vaccinations against polio would resume. On Wednesday, officials with the United Nations World Health Organization said the state had postponed any decision until March 15."

►March 3, 2004 - Emerging Illnesses "The New Normal" - The Cox News Service via - "The numerous outbreaks of previously unrecognized diseases that occurred during the past two years were no anomaly, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned Sunday evening: They are a 'new normal' for which governments are not yet prepared."

Comment:  What, if any, role my vaccination play in the emergence of new diseases?  For more on this, go to Scandals: Changing Disease Epidemiology Via Vaccines - Are We "Robbing Peter To Pay Paul"?

►February 2004 - Drug Approval Highlights for 2003 - Nurse Practitioner via

►March 6, 2004 - DNR, hunters oppose attempt to expand deer farming - AP via The Charleston Gazette

►March 5, 2004 - Promise, peril and progress - The Washington Times - "Ever since they were discovered by scientists, embryonic stem cells have been thought to hold both distinct moral peril and great medical promise — that they might one day be used to cure diseases like Parkinson's and juvenile diabetes — but at the cost of devaluing the sacred gift of life. Those dilemmas framed President Bush's August 2001 decision to restrict federal funding of such research to a limited number of stem-cell lines. However, the policy needs re-evaluation in the light of recent circumstances."

►February 2004 - Hospital Mortality for Patients With Bacteremia Due to Staphylococcus aureus or Pseudomonas aeruginosa* - Chest via

►February 2004 - Pulmonary Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma*: An Unusual Case and a Review of the Literature - Chest via

►February 2004 - Prospective Multicenter Study of Relapse Following Emergency Department Treatment of COPD Exacerbation* - Chest via

►March 4, 2004 - Cigarette Smoking Increases Lupus Risk - Risk of Autoimmune Disease Higher Among Smokers - WebMD Medical News

►March 4, 2004 - Scripps scientists describe dangerous cocktail of alcohol, brain peptides, and neurotransmitters - Scripps Research Institute via

►March 7, 2004 - CVO holds ‘chicken fest’ -

►March 5, 2004 - Louisiana: Fourteen Elementary Students Test Positive for TB - AP via

►March 5, 2004 - Safeguarding science - A new government panel will attempt to prevent research data from falling into the hands of terrorists - Newsday

►March 4, 2004 - Researcher is healthy, leaves isolation - The Baltimore Sun

►March 4, 2004 - U.S. extends restrictions on Canadian exports, welcomes Mexico's acceptance of American beef - AP via The San Diego Union-Tribune

►March 7, 2004 - Juniors get a taste of Special Olympics - The Journal News

►March 5, 2004 - Parents furious as strike chiefs snub talks plea - The Scotsman

►March 6, 2004 - Move to Florida Began Tailspin for Mother and Daughter - The Ledger - "It was the frigid weather and high rent in New Jersey that got Valerie Lowe thinking about a move to Florida...As a single mother caring for a daughter with profound cerebral palsy, Lowe, 41, said she couldn't afford $850 a month for a two-bedroom apartment in a decent part of town...Not while working as a sales associate for Old Navy...Lowe loved her job, so after asking her employer to be transferred to a sunny, Florida location, she wound up at Lakeland Square mall...That was August 2002, and the beginning of Lowe's tailspin into joblessness and welfare."

►March 7, 2004 - Single MMR jag demand soars despite claims - The Scotsman - "Accusations that research linking the triple jag to health risks was 'fatally flawed' has only served to further entrench public scepticism over the jag’s safety, according to doctors providing single-vaccine alternatives."

►March 3, 2004 - Health Highlights: - Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by editors of HealthDay via

►March 3, 2004 - Polio Immunisation: Debating Against Life - This Day (Lagos) via

►March 3, 2004 - Analysis: More vaccine makers needed - UPI via - "Health officials say the recommendation that doctors withhold doses of a childhood vaccine because of shortages underscores the need for more pharmaceutical companies to enter the vaccine-making field...In a hastily assembled news briefing during the 4th International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases, officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised U.S. doctors to hold off administering the third and fourth doses of the popular and effective vaccine that had slashed incidences of pneumococcal disease in children."

►March 3, 2004 - Elk River Clinic Announces Chickenpox Vaccine Recall - PRNewswire via - "The RiverWay Clinic in Elk River today announced that it is contacting approximately 1,200 patients who received immunizations with varicella (chickenpox) vaccine at the clinic between Dec. 1998 and Dec. 2003 to ensure that they are adequately protected from the chickenpox...An audit of vaccine freezers at the clinic in January found a temperature variance in one freezer containing varicella (chickenpox) vaccine that may have resulted in the loss of effectiveness of the vaccine stored inside."

►March 2, 2004 - Dolls help comfort children - AP via

►February 2004 - Drug-Endangered Children - FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin via

►March 4, 2004 - Camco is 6th in asbestos deaths - Courier-Post via

►March 3, 2004 - Foot-And-Mouth Disease Eradication Urged By Governments, Private Sector - PAHO

►March 3, 2004 - Health officials alarmed by increase in syphilis cases -

►March 1, 2004 -Urticaria and Angioedema: A Practical Approach - University of Iowa

►March 4, 2004 - As wave of veterans rolls home, VA hospitals prepare to treat all symptoms - Knight Ridder Newspapers via

►March 4, 2004 - HHS Will Lead Government-Wide effort to Enhance Biosecurity In "Dual Use" Research - New Advisory Board Established To Provide Guidance - HHS News U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

►March 4, 2004 - Study: Virus extends life in some HIV men - UPI via

►March 3, 2004 - Old Diseases Fall Off Public Health Radar; Complacency Allows Malaria, TB To Flourish - USA Today via - "Microbial killers such as drug-resistant malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and syphilis continue to ravage the world. Health experts say they know how to prevent and treat these diseases, but first they need to overcome a different kind of public health enemy: complacency...Public attention in the past two years has focused on new diseases, such as SARS, and new threats, such as bioterrorism, but scientists here at the International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases say the lack of attention to older diseases is allowing them to flourish."

►March/April 2004 - The Next Worst Thing - Is the federal government's expansion of biodefense research paving the way for the bioweapons of the future? - - "It has been called a modern-day Manhattan Project—a spending spree so vast and rapid that it might change the face of biological science. In the wake of 9/11, the U.S. government is funding a massive new biodefense research effort, redirecting up to $10 billion toward projects related to biological weapons such as anthrax. The Pentagon's budget for chemical and biological defense has doubled; high-security nuclear-weapons labs have begun conducting genetic research on dangerous pathogens; universities are receiving government funding to build high-tech labs equipped to handle deadly infectious organisms; and Fort Detrick, Maryland, once the home of America's secret bioweapons program, is about to break ground on two new high-tech biodefense centers."

►March 3, 2004 - Britons urge tighter meat imports - The health of people in the UK could be at risk from bushmeat imports and other forms of "food crime", campaigners say. - BBC

►March 1, 2004 - SARS distress hit nurses hardest: survey -

►March 2, 2004 - CDC Searches For Cause To Mystery Deaths - AP via

►March 2, 2004 - Analyst stands behind MedImmune -

►March 2, 2004 - Vaccinating children protects adults as well - American Society for Microbiology via - "Since the approval of a vaccine against pneumococcal bacteria for young children in 2000, there has not only been a drop in the incidence of severe disease caused these bacteria in children but also a significant decline in the disease in adults. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report their results today in two studies at the International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases...'We were pretty confident when we recommended this vaccine for children it would help them,' says Cynthia Whitney, a researcher on both studies. 'What was a pretty pleasant surprise was the amount of benefit we've seen in unvaccinated populations.'"

►March 2, 2004 - Study suggests better use of web could improve infectious disease reporting - Penn State via

►March 1, 2004 - Marshfield Clinic gives name to newly-found bacterium - Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune via

►March 5, 2004 - Men, Empathy, and Autism - A British researcher offers a new theory about the developmental disorder that has skyrocketed among children -

Comment:  For some insight into the furor that this theory has caused, go to Scandals: Adding Insult to Injustice to Injury Redux.

►March 4, 2004 - Changing rules for the disabled - It is an uphill battle but parents and caregivers are supporting the Bar Council’s ongoing signature campaign to end discrimination against the learning disabled in the education system, writes Pang Hin Yue. - 

►March 3, 2004 - Acambis Hopeful of Smallpox Vaccine - Financial Times via (abstract)

►March 3, 2004 - Animal Diseases Threaten Humans - Atlanta Journal-Constitution via (abstract)

►March 3, 2004 - U.S. Further Rations Meningitis Vaccine - Wall Street Journal via (abstract)

►March 2, 2004 - Diluted Smallpox Vaccine Dose Equally Effective - Central News Agency via (abstract)

►March 2, 2004 - Even With Vaccination, the 'Whoop' Is Back - New York Times via (abstract)

►March 2, 2004 - Flu Season Seems Over, Officials Say - New York Times via (abstract)

►March 2, 2004 - MedImmune Flu Vaccine Will Not Help Profits Until 2007 - New York Times via

►March 2, 2004 - New, Deadly Flu Pandemic 'Inevitable,' Experts Warn - USA Today via (abstract)

Comment:  How do they know it is "inevitable"?  Do we really know why the 1918 flu pandemic occurred and that it is a repeatable event?  If so, how do we "know" that?

►March 2, 2004 - Non-Profit Experiment Tests Drug Industry's Assumptions - Financial Times via (abstract) - "Volunteers who enrolled at St. Louis University for a clinical trial of an experimental tuberculosis (TB) vaccine are among the first in a new attempt at nonprofit drug and vaccine development in the industrialized world, with not-for-profit organizations challenging the dominance held by pharmaceutical companies over the world of medicine."

►March 1, 2004 - China More Forthcoming on Infectious Diseases--WHO - Reuters via (abstract)

►March 1, 2004 - Parents Lobby to Ease Immunization Laws - St. Louis Post-Dispatch via (abstract)

►March 1, 2004 - Uganda: New AIDS Vaccine Coming for Trials - Africa News Service via (abstract)

►March 5, 2004 - In Texas, Hire a Lawyer, Forget About a Doctor? (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times - "As domestic security director for 16 north Texas counties, Greg Dawson of Fort Worth has many dealings with doctors and hospitals, preparing for a terrorism emergency he hopes will never come...So, Mr. Dawson said, he was stunned this week to find that his name had been added to a little-known Internet database for doctors attacking "litigious behavior." His offense: filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against a Fort Worth hospital and doctor over the death of his 39-year-old wife, whose brain tumor was missed, and winning an undisclosed settlement."

►March 4, 2004 - Group Seeks Ban of Anti-Cholesterol Drug - AP via Yahoo!

►March 5, 2004 - Companies Facing Ethical Issue as Drugs Are Tested Overseas (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times -

►March 4, 2004 - 4 subjects challenge Lilly over drug trial - Outside overseer says he found no indication that suicide victim was depressed - Indianapolis Star via - "Four participants in an Eli Lilly and Co. drug trial in California said the clinic's staff told them that Traci Johnson, who committed suicide last month during the same study in Indianapolis, had a history of depression...But Dr. Rafat Abonour, chairman of the institutional review board that reviews all Lilly drug trials at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, said his review of Johnson's records showed no such history."

►March 4, 2004 - U.S. Lawmakers Push for Drug Monitoring Systems - Reuters via Yahoo!
►March 1, 2004 - IRS Allows Weight-Loss Tax Deduction - AP via Yahoo!

►March 5, 2004 - Will an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away? - Saint Louis University Health Sciences Center via Newswise

►March 4, 2004 - Teen Obesity On The Rise, Study Shows - Obese Teens Face Potential Health Problems -

►March 5, 2004 - Another bird flu suspect found in Thailand - Xinhuanet via China View

►March 5, 2004 - GSDF get bird flu cleanup duty - Kyodo News via Japan Today

►March 5, 2004 - Canada to set up bird flu vaccine centers - Xinhuanet via China View

►March 5, 2004 - 10 scientists retract conclusion on autism - International Herald Tribune

►March 5, 2004 - Acambis' Springboard: Smallpox - The little biotech has done well supplying a vaccine to the U.S. CEO Gordon Cameron discusses how it plans to sustain its success - Business Week

►March 4, 2004 - NYU student had meningitis, recovered - New York Newsday

►March 4, 2004 - Minnesota DNR finds no deer with chronic wasting disease - Star Tribune

►March 5, 2004 - Students to receive Boostrix vaccine - Stawell Times News via

►March 5, 2004 - New rattlesnake vaccine available - Sierra Star

►February 18, 2004 - U.S. Experts Struggle with Next Year's Flu Vaccine - Reuters via Yahoo!

►March 3, 2004 - Mysterious virus may thwart HIV - New England Journal of Medicine via New Scientist

►March 4, 2004 - Ancient virus may be HIV help (requires subscription) -

►March 4, 2004 - Persistent HIV/hepatitis G co-infection provides significant survival benefit -

►March 5, 2004 - Traces of Bt toxin found in lumads blood samples - Mindanao News via

►March 4, 2004 - Johns Hopkins Team Successfully Transplants 3 Kidneys - New Procedure Eliminates Risk Of Refusal After Transplant Operations -

►March 4, 2004 - "Triple Swap" Kidney Transplant Operation a Success - Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions via Newswise

►March 4, 2004 - MMR Doctors Reject Own Autism Link Report - Ten doctors who co-authored a controversial study in Britain that suggested a link between childhood vaccinations and autism said this week there was not enough evidence to draw that conclusion. - Reuters via Planet Ark

►March 4, 2004 - Scientists retract earlier MMR-autism tie - UPI via The Washington Times

►March 4, 2004 - Autism? Dyslexia? Try Mozart -

►March 4, 2004 - BioPort Supplies FDA-Licensed Anthrax Vaccine to Taiwan - BioPort via Business Wire

►March 5, 2004 - Australia to help RI with flu, dengue - The Jakarta Post

►March 4, 2004 - State: Bird flu isn't a threat - Found in 4 markets none are in Hudson (requires registration) - The Jersey Journal via

►March 5, 2004 - New vaccine means fewer jabs for babies - Today Online

►March 5, 2004 - 100 Years Ago: Today: 5 March 1904 - The Statesman

►March 4, 2004 - Vitamins Don't Prevent Pneumonia in Male Smokers - Reuters

►March 4, 2004 - Multiple sclerosis: Taming of a shrew - UPI

►March 4, 2004 - Authors of MMR study retract findings - The Herald, UK

►March 3, 2004 - House debates malpractice bill (requires registration) - The Kansas City Star

►March 4, 2004 - Bills seek to allow greater access to flu shots - Legislation would expand pharmacists' powers to give vaccinations - Baltimore Sun

►February 2004 - Antibodies to infectious agents in individuals with recent onset schizophrenia - journal article (European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience)

►February 2004 - Immunological and infectious aspects of schizophrenia - journal article (European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience)

►February 2004 - Childhood central nervous system infections and risk for schizophrenia - journal article (European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience)

►February 2004 - Childhood meningitis, brain maturation and the risk of psychosis - journal article (European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience)

►March 3, 2004 - Pest control company faces brain-damage lawsuit - Did residential pesticide spraying cause child's autism brain injury? - Inman News via

►March 5, 2004 -MMR doctors disown jab study - Daily Mail via

►March 4, 2004 - Controversial MMR and autism study retracted - The Lancet via New Scientist

►March 2004 - Neurodevelopment in Children Born Small for Gestational Age: A Randomized Trial of Nutrient-Enriched Versus Standard Formula and Comparison With a Reference Breastfed Group -journal article (Pediatrics)

►March 2004 - Incidence of Outpatient Visits and Hospitalizations Related to Influenza in Infants and Young Children - journal article (Pediatrics)

►March 2004 - Patterns of Injury in Children: A Population-Based Approach - journal article (Pediatrics)

►March 2004 - The Multi-Country Evaluation of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness Strategy: Lessons for the Evaluation of Public Health Interventions - journal article (American Journal of Public Health)

►March 1, 2004 - Prevalence of Chemokine and Chemokine Receptor Polymorphisms in Seroprevalent Children With Symptomatic HIV-1 Infection in the United States - journal article (Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes)

►March 5, 2004 - Only 14 viral pneumonia patients remain in hospital - Vietnam News Agency

►March 5, 2004 - Rubella Dangers - Medstar via

Comment:  For a perspective on rubella vaccine dangers, go to Scandals: Is Rubella Vaccination Playing A Role In The Rise In Autism?

►March 5, 2004 - Liberia: New Vaccine Storage Facility to Support Immunisation Programmes - IRIN via

►March 5, 2004 - Vaccine For Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Shows Immunologic And Clinical Activity - Journal of the National Cancer Institute via Doctor's Guide

►March 5, 2004 - New animal model for Alzheimer's vaccine - Alzheimer's Association via

►March 5, 2004 - Researchers: Alzheimer's vaccine shows promise in animal model - AP via

►March 5, 2004 - Monkeys May Speed Alzheimer's Vaccine - Animal Model Shows Promise to Speed Plaque-Removing Vaccine - Alzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders via WebMD

►March 5, 2004 - Presence of Anti-Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibodies Highly Suggestive of Elderly-Onset Rheumatoid Arthritis - Rheumatology via Doctor's Guide

►March 5, 2004 - Student diagnosed with meningitis at Poplarville Lower Elementary - Picayune Item

►March 5, 2004 - School meningitis case worries mom - Sun Herald

►March 5, 2004 - Injection of sense (requires subscription) - Times Online, UK

►March 5, 2004 - BI Vetmedica Launches New Form of Vaccine - Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. via

►March 2004 - Gumming Up Your Heart - Better Dental Care Can Prevent Disease and Keep You Healthier From Head to Toe - AARP Bulletin

►March 5, 2004 - NIU receives anthrax threat - UP still seeking information on Wednesday's bomb threat - Northern Star Online

►March 5, 2004 - UNICEF to use horses to reach children in anti-measles campaign in Chad - UN

►March 5, 2004 - Researchers Reject Famous MMR-Autism Study - Experts Say Likely to Close the Door on MMR Vaccine Controversy - WebMD

►March 5, 2004 - Grab the tissues: Warm spell brings early allergy season - AP via San Francisco Chronicle via

►March 5, 2004 - Medtronic Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Art Collins to Serve as Chairman of AdvaMed - Collins Calls Upon Industry to Join in Concerted Effort to Improve Patient Access to Breakthrough Medical Technologies - Medtronic via Business Wire

►March 5, 2004 - Meningitis Warning Issued After Death of Student Who Visited UCD -

►February 2004 - Do We Spend Too Much on Immunizations? - Health Care Policy Center, Independence Institute

Registry Standards of Excellence in Support of an Immunization Program (pdf) - American Immunization Registry Association

►February 20, 2004 - Researchers Find a Type of Stem Cell May Have the Ability to Repair the Brain (requires subscription) - The New York Times

Sixth Annual Celebrity Golf Challenge - The Autism Coalition

First Annual L.A. Celebrity Golf Challenge - The Autism Coalition

►March 3, 2004 - Commission to investigate complaints over autism funding - CBC Ottawa

Immunization Tracking - Source Code and Application - Item number: 3664884194 - Starting bid: US $5,000.00 - Ends Mar-11-04 18:40:11 PST -

Treating the Biology of Autism: an approach to interventions for spectrum disorders (pdf) - conference alert - ASA/OCC Biology of Autism Treatments - April 3 & 4, 2004  in Pontiac, Michigan 

►March 5, 2004 - MMR: the controversy continues - Even though Dr Andrew Wakefield, the leading protagonist of the MMR-autism link, has been discredited, and the Lancet paper that launched the scare in 1998 has been repudiated by 10 of its 13 co-authors, the controversy continues. This suggests that the key factor in the scare is not Dr Wakefield's flawed science, but the wider climate of fear of environmental dangers and suspicion of scientific, medical and political authority. -

►Healthy Skepticism - Improving health by reducing harm from misleading drug promotion -

►December 1997 - MaLAM, a medical lobby for appropriate marketing of pharmaceuticals - We can protect scientific medicine from misleading promotion - journal article (Medical Journal of Australia)

►March 2004 - Predictors of Future Fight-Related Injury Among Adolescents - journal article (Pediatrics)

►March 2004 - Effectiveness of an Herbal Preparation Containing Echinacea, Propolis, and Vitamin C in Preventing Respiratory Tract Infections in Children - A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter Study - journal article (Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine) - "
Conclusion  A preventive effect of a product containing echinacea, propolis, and vitamin C on the incidence of respiratory tract infections was observed."

►March 2004 - The Impact of Reminder-Recall Interventions on Low Vaccination Coverage in an Inner-City Population - journal article (Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine)

►March 2004 - Childhood Immunization Rates Before and After the Implementation of Medicaid Managed Care - journal article (Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine)

►March 2004 - Effects of an Advocacy Intervention to Reduce Smoking Among Teenagers - journal article (Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine)

►March 3, 2004 - Ancient Virus May Help HIV Patients Live Longer - HealthDay via Yahoo!

►March 3, 2004 - School Program Curbs Teen Suicide Attempts: Study - Reuters via Yahoo!

►March 2, 2004 - Children in Shelters Hit Hard by Asthma (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times

►March 4, 2004 - Antibacterial Products Don't Reduce Infection Symptoms - Annals of Internal Medicine via Ivanhoe

►March 3, 2004 - Shortage forces cutback in infant vaccine - Health officials asked doctors to further reduce the number of vaccine doses given to protect infants against meningitis and deadly blood infections, in order to stretch out a short supply. - Reuters via CNN
►March 1, 2004 - Effect of Otitis Media and Tympanostomy Tubes - journal article (American Family Physician)

►March 2004 - Determinants of Insulin Sensitivity and Secretion in Very-Low-Birth-Weight Children - journal article (Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism)

►March 2004 - Short Children Born Small for Gestational Age and Treated with Growth Hormone for Three Years Have an Important Catch-Down Five Years after Discontinuation of Treatment - journal article (Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism)

►March 2004 - Normative Neurobehavioral Performance of Healthy Infants on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Network Neurobehavioral Scale - journal article (Pediatrics)

►March 2004 - Use of Safe Cribs and Bedroom Size Among African American Infants With a High Rate of Bed Sharing - journal article (Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine)

►March 2004 - The epidemiology of extrahepatic biliary atresia in New York State, 1983-98 - journal article (Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology)
►March 4, 2004 - Web Program Helps Kids With Diet, Exercise - HealthDay via Yahoo!

►March 4, 2004 - Vitamins Don't Prevent Pneumonia in Male Smokers - Reuters via Yahoo!

►March 4, 2004 - Dairy May Lower Risk of Kids Obesity - AP via Yahoo!

►March 4, 2004 - Tobacco should be excluded from free trade agreement - BMJ via

►March 4, 2004 - Kids Who Eat Too Much Fat, or Too Little, Prone to Weight Gain - And too many aren't eating enough dairy products, study finds - HealthDay via USA Today

►March 5, 2004 - New Children's Heart Pump May Save Lives - AP via Yahoo!

►March 6, 2004 - High IQ in childhood may protect from cognitive decline - journal article (BMJ)

►March 6, 2004 - Prognosis for teenagers and young people with cancer fails to improve - journal article

►March 6, 2004 - Retraction of an interpretation (requires registration) - journal article (The Lancet)

►March 6, 2004 - A statement by the editors of The Lancet (requires registration) - journal article (The Lancet)
►March 6, 2004 - A statement by Dr Simon Murch  (requires registration)- journal article (The Lancet) 

►March 6, 2004 - A statement by Professor John Walker-Smith (requires registration) - journal article (The Lancet)  

►March 6, 2004 - A statement by Dr Andrew Wakefield (requires registration) - journal article (The Lancet)   

►March 6, 2004 - A statement by The Royal Free and University College Medical School and The Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust (requires registration) - journal article (The Lancet)  

►March 6, 2004 - Watchdog keeps drug firms true - The Australian -
"PETER Mansfield is an unlikely revolutionary...Sitting in his 'office' in his southern Adelaide home, the quiet, bespectacled man seems more like a university lecturer than a man who has spent 20 years fighting an unequal battle against drug companies around the world...His chosen fight?...Targeting the elimination of inappropriate marketing of drugs by pharmaceutical companies...Dr Mansfield, a part-time GP, leads Healthy Skepticism, an organisation with core funding of $8000 a year, facing an industry whose annual Australian promotional budget is believed to be more than $1 billion."

►March 6, 2004 - Coaches to get immunity from prosecution - The Guardian, UK

►March 6, 2004 - GSDF sent to Tanba for bird-flu cleanup - The Ashai Shimbun

►March 6, 2004 - Parents make bone marrow plea to save lives of four sons - Telegraph, UK

►March 6, 2004 - Hundreds pledge to help brothers - More than 1,000 people have offered to become bone marrow donors after hearing of the plight of four brothers who have one of the world's rarest diseases. - BBC

►March 6, 2004 - Bacterial meningitis may have killed student - Porterville Recorder

►March 6, 2004 - Kyoto pref. govt's bird flu leaflets faulted - Yomiuri Shimbun

►March 6, 2004 - Govt must do more to fight bird flu - Yomiuri Shimbun

►March 6, 2004 - Ranbaxy Launches Branded Drug In UK - The Financial Express


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