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Sophie's Story - A Terrible Typical Tale

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I am Mom to a beautiful daughter, who I almost lost due to vaccines.

When my Child was 2 months old, I took her in for a well baby visit. I was wary of vaccines since my pregnancy, having carefully researched the risks and benefits, and I had decided, at first, to vaccinate my child as little as possible.

I stood there in the Pediatricians office and told Sophie’s doctor that I only wanted to have 1 vaccine for the day. I explained that I was in no rush to flood her body with vaccines and I was concerned for her safety.

Her doctor suddenly got very nasty with me.

“Well, the state of NJ has very specific recommendations and rules for Vaccinations you know, This is here to help her!”

I calmly told her that I only wanted 1 vaccine for the day or I would leave.

“This is mandated by the state”, she snipped “If you don’t have these shots,

I am well within my rights to call DYFS for medical neglect”

I was terrified, I was a new Mom with a tiny baby. Here I was being forced into shots and being threatened with Child protective services.

I asked what she would be given and the doctor said “Not that much, we give this to all infants at this age.”

A nurse walked in with 4 needles. Without a word she shot them into my child’s legs. “WAIT WAIT WAIT” I yelled as she just injected my daughter “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GIVE HER? CAN YOU WAIT A SECOND!”

“Calm down”, said the nurse “She just got her DPT, Prevnar, Hib/HepB” I picked up my daughter, half naked and still screaming and ran out.

That afternoon, her health began to decline. She had been refusing to eat, she could not focus her eyes or smile, her cooing stopped. I figured that she was just all screamed out.

That night I woke up to the most horrific thing a mother can think of. My was choking and gasping for air, she was bluish red, a thick clearish phlegm kept coming up our of her little throat.

I had no idea what to do...I kept patting her back and just praying and crying while I held her.

I called the doctor and explained what was happening to her. A nurse practitioner got on the phone and told me “You are just over reacting, she probably just got a cold suddenly and your being hypersensitive”.

I fumed and slammed down the phone.

For weeks, Sophie lay in this semi-alert stage. She didn’t have the strength to feed properly, she wouldn’t smile. She couldn’t focus her eyes, and did little more than squint her eyes in pain and lay in that state for hours on end. This was not the child I knew. At 2 months, before the shot, my daughter would smile and laugh, she could bring her legs straight and try to stand on my lap when I held her.

After the shot, her legs had 2 hard baseball sized black and blue lumps. She could barely move them. She would have these fits of choking for weeks.

I called up the doctor many times to report what was going on, they REFUSED to see her saying that this was just her personality and I was over reacting to “simple coughs”.

After 3 months of this horrible lifeless state, my daughter would slowly regain more and more movement and consciousness. When she finally smiled again, I promised myself and her that she would NEVER endure that horrible pain again.

The doctors office was refusing to report her reaction to VAERS, or even to write it down in her chart!!!!! I was furious, so I reported it myself.

I showed up at that Pediatricians office for her well baby visit, a few months later with my still recovering daughter, the choking episodes, Thank God, has stopped. I had a mission now “She is now off her schedule for Vaccinations and needs to be caught up! Do you know how many she’s missed?” Said the Ped.

“You hold on right there, You almost KILLED my daughter with these shots.” I went on to repeat all she had been through and I was once again threatened  with everything from rare diseases to having Child Protective services called on me”. The doctor went on to say that she “MAY have been allergic to the Pertusis Vaccine” and she wanted to just “try it again and we’ll see what happens, Just one more shot”.

I told her NEVER Again. I picked up my baby, and walked out. I haven’t gone back to that terrible office.

I don’t live in fear of disease, I don’t live in fear of CPS. I do live in fear of having to see my daughter in that horrible state ever again.

She is now, Thank God, a healthy bright strong toddler. She does however, have some trouble drinking and eating but she will be fine. Her Motor Skills are back and above normal now, She can talk very well for her age, she can run, jump climb and flush her toys down the toilet, like any normal toddler.

I believe that “Just one more shot” would have killed her.

I will post my story to the list again, My newborn nephew was just injured himself by vaccines. I tried my hardest to dissuade my sister for having him shot up with those terrible poisons. She didn’t listen, nor did she learn from my terrible experience.

Her 2 month old son was given Polio/Hib/HepB/D/P/T all in one day. He was screaming non stop for weeks on end, he had blood in his stool and was not feeding properly. He was even too weak to cry for a time. Now the ped believe he has some heart damage, his was fine at birth and at other visits before the vaxes. Then last week the doctor thinks he “should see a Pediatric Cardiologist”.

History repeats itself once again.