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I welcome the opportunity to continue as before by receiving the necessary funding, so am giving everyone enough of heads up to possibly come up with it.  Costs, including legal and technical fees, are about $20,000/year, most of which I have been covering for many years.

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Posted August 29

Next stage of smallpox plan delayed - AP via - 6/30/03

Study: Influenza May Be Next Bioterror Weapon - Reuters via ABC News - 6/30/03

Monkeypox Outbreak in the US: An Expert Interview With Cathy Roth, MD - Medscape - 6/29/03

Good news for smallpox vaccine volunteers: Acne-like outbreak not vaccinia - - 6/28/03

Smallpox shots to continue despite warnings - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 6/27/03

The spread of epidemiology - With the United States on high alert over the possibility of bioterror attacks, epidemiologists are in huge demand, says Virginia Gewin. - Nature - 6/27/03

Biotech firm set to test anthrax drug on humans - AP via The Boston Globe - 6/26/03

Report Cites Safety of Military Vaccination Program - Los Angeles Times via naccho - 6/25/03

Smallpox Shots Linked To Heart Problem - AP via - 6/25/03

Smallpox Vaccine Has "No Serious Side Effects," Military Study Concludes - - 6/25/03

Vaccination For Smallpox Is Rated Safe - The New York Times - 6/25/03

Response to Smallpox Vaccine in Persons Immunized in the Distant Past - journal article - 6/25/03

Focal and Generalized Folliculitis Following Smallpox Vaccination Among Vaccinia-Naive Recipients - journal article - 6/25/03

Pox to pimples; study says acne-like outbreak not vaccinia - Vanderbilt researchers hope study will allay anxiety of reaction if vaccine given widely - - 6/25/03

Tests on Humans for Anthrax Drug to Begin - AP via The Herald-Sun - 6/25/03

Military Smallpox Vaccine Program Deemed Safe - Side effects from 450,000 vaccinations were lower than expected, researchers conclude. - - 6/24/03

U.S. Studies Weigh Safety of Smallpox Vaccinations - Reuters Health via NIH - 6/24/03

Smallpox Shots Linked to Heart Problem - The Herald Sun - 6/24/03

Questions Mount Over Anthrax Shot - CBS News - 6/24/03

Posted August 28

Anthrax vaccine a deadly defense? - - 6/23/03

CDC panel: Don't expand smallpox vaccine program - CNN - 6/23/03

Smallpox Vaccination Plan's Future Unclear - USA Today via - 6/23/03

Ill. To Offer Vaccine Against Monkeypox - AP via  - 6/23/03

Posted August 27

Smallpox vaccination plan's future unclear - USA Today - 6/22/03

Posted July 28

HealthBeat: CDC Comments on Smallpox Program - - 6/21/03

Posted July 24

Health officials probe ‘inadvertent’ vaccinations of pregnant women - Some women conceived before smallpox vaccination, CDC officials said. - - 6/20/03

Panel Urges Caution on Smallpox Inoculation  - The Washington Post - 6/20/03

Experts Urge Hold on Smallpox Shots - NIH - 6/20/03

After The War: Biological Defenses; 2 Programs To Vaccinate For Smallpox Come to a Halt - The New York Times - 6/20/03

Ill. to Offer Vaccine Against Monkeypox - AP via The Herald-Sun - 6/20/03

“Few Sickened by Smallpox Vaccine” - 6/20/03

Posted July 19

Panel Warns on Danger of Smallpox Vaccine - AP via The Herald-Sun - 6/19/03

Few Health Workers Get Smallpox Vaccine - AP via - 6/19/03

After The War: Biological Defenses; 2 Programs To Vaccinate For Smallpox Come to a Halt - The New York Times - 6/19/03

Court stands by decision on Gulf war syndrome - BMJ - 6/19/03

Biological Hazards Ahead - The New York Times - 6/19/03

Posted July 17

Raccoons, prairie dogs, and airplanes - by Randall Neustaedter, OMD - The Natural Health Newsletter - 6/18/03

WHO chief says SARS 'stopped dead in its tracks' - AP via - 6/18/03

Smallpox Vaccine Program for Monkeypox Attracts Few Volunteers - AP via naccho - 6/17/03

Tests don't indicate human-to-human monkeypox sprea - Two suspected cases would be first in Western Hemisphere - CNN - 6/17/03

AMA Pushes Bioterror Preparedness Effort - The New York Times - 6/17/03

Posted July 16

Smallpox 1947: "People were terrified" - Public health officials averted an outbreak with the largest mass vaccination in U.S. history. - - 6/15/03

Indiana OKs using vaccine for monkeypox - - 6/14/03

Wisconsin Offering Smallpox Vaccine toThose Possibly Exposed to Monkeypox Virus - AP via - 6/14/03

Posted July 11

Animal bans, smallpox shots ordered - AP via - 6/13/03

Indiana OKs using vaccine for monkeypox - - 6/13/03

Attitudes of healthcare workers in U.S. hospitals regarding smallpox vaccination - journal article - 6/13/03

Monkeypox – Not Yet Wildfire, But Soon: Attack of the lowly prairie dog - Randall Neustaedter OMD - Natural Health Newsletter - 6/13/03

Monkeypox Virus Infections and Blood and Plasma Donors - FDA - 6/13/03

Wisconsin officials: Monkeypox spread from person - Prairie dog sales banned; officials recommend smallpox shots - CNN - 6/13/03

Patient may have spread pox to nurse - USA Today - 6/13/03

Coroner rules vaccinations contributed to reservist's death - - 6/12/03

Smallpox Vaccine Includes a Dose of Risk - - 6/12/03

Smallpox Vaccine Research at the Medical College of Wisconsin - - 6/12/03

CDC: Smallpox vaccine can prevent monkeypox - Prairie dog sales banned as investigation expands to 15 states - CNN - 6/12/03

CDC's Monkeypox Plan Offering smallpox vaccine - - 6/12/03

Smallpox Vaccinations Are Urged and Prairie Dogs Are Banned to Halt Monkeypox - The New York Times - 6/12/03

Monkeypox Update: Bans, Vaccinations - Don't Release Infected Animals Into the Wild, CDC says - WebMD - 6/12/03

Monkeypox shows gap in bioterror readiness - UPI - 6/12/03

Questions and answers on monkeypox - AP via The Herald-Sun - 6/12/03

Monkeypox - Scientists are wondering whether the spectre of smallpox might be rising from the dead. Perhaps reincarnated in its close relative monkeypox, which is alive, well and spreading in Central Africa. -  - 6/12/03

Posted July 9

U.S. Urges Smallpox Vaccine for Monkeypox Exposure - Reuters Health via NIH - 6/11/03

Government bans prairie dog sales, calls for smallpox vaccine to control monkeypox - AP via - 6/11/03

As Monkeypox Rises, Smallpox Vaccines Will Be Offered - The New York Times - 6/11/03

HHS Proposes Smallpox Vaccination Compensation Plan - HHS - 6/11/03

HHS Announces Contracts to Develop Safer Smallpox Vaccines - - 6/11/03

Secretary Thompson to Release $100 Million to Assist States with Smallpox Vaccination Programs - - 6/11/03

Marine pleads not guilty in anthrax vaccination case - - 6/10/03

Posted July 5

E-News: Marine Refuses Anthrax Vaccine (NVIC) - 6/9/03

The Suicide Squaddies - Two young soldiers have killed themselves after falling ill with suspected Gulf War Syndrome following the latest conflict in Iraq. -  - 6/9/03

In post-9/11 world, vaccine research gains new respect - Bioterror, other scares fuel funding, technology, outside interest in science - - 6/9/03

Treasure trove of toxins - Scientist warns that pharma industry's castoffs could be source of new chemical weapons - - 6/9/03

Posted July 2

20 Cases of Disease Related to Smallpox Found in the U.S. - The New York Times  - 6/8/03

4 get monkeypox virus from prairie dogs - AP via The Herald-Sun  - 6/8/03

Pox-Like Outbreak Reported - 19 Ill in Midwest; CDC Issues - The New York Times  - 6/8/03

Posted June 28

BioSante, Army to create vaccines - - 6/5/03

“Direct Order”: An Award-Winning Documentary Tells the Story of Members of the Military who were Ordered Against their Will to Take the Controversial Anthrax Vaccine - - 6/4/03

Biodefense Plan Greeted With Caution - Drug Firms Want Better Guarantees - The Washington Post - 6/4/03

Posted June 27

E-News: Public Debate on Model Health Law (NVIC)  - 6/3/03

Health Checks for U.S. Troops Coming Back from Iraq  - HealthScout  - 6/3/03

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