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03/14/03 -   Scandals - Adding insult to INJUSTICE to injury - Senator Frist is at it again

11/29/02 -   Scandals - The Homeland Security Act - The Aftermath

11/22/02 -   Scandals - The Homeland Security Bill - Is It Being Used As An Excuse To Federalize the Model (State) Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA)?

08/02/02Scandals - Stop the Frist Bill (pre-Homeland Security Bill)

Posted March 13 - updating

►March 9, 2004 - Researchers are looking for volunteers to test new vaccines - St. Louis Post Dispatch - 3/10/04

►March 9, 2004 - Trial of smallpox vaccines to be conducted at SLU (requires registration) - AP via Kansas City Star - 3/10/04

►March 8, 2004 - Homeland security seen as vital to state - Jobs, investment seen as possibilities by state senator - Charleston Daily Mail - 3/10/04

►March 9, 2004 - Vaccinia Virus — Developing Drugs to Mitigate Complications from Smallpox Vaccination (update) - FDA/CBER - 3/10/04

►March 8, 2004 - FDA Issues Recommendations on Development of Drugs to Treat Side Effects of Vaccination Against Smallpox - FDA - 3/10/04 

►March 9, 2004 -  Firms Say Anthrax Drugs Show Promise, Report Says - Reuters via Yahoo! - 3/10/04

►March 9, 2004 - Companies Detail Promising Tests of Anthrax Treatments (requires registration) - The Washington Post - 3/10/04

►March 8, 2004 - Vaccinations for smallpox hit 2nd phase - St. Louis Post-Dispatch - "Missouri soon will begin offering the smallpox vaccine to police, firefighters and paramedics...The vaccination program is the second phase of an effort to protect the state if a terrorist attack using the virus occurred here, said Brian Quinn, a spokesman for the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. The first phase of preparation involved vaccinating health care workers most likely to come in contact with people infected with smallpox. About 1,200 health care workers in Missouri and 376 in Illinois got smallpox vaccinations." - 3/10/04

►March 9, 2004 - First responders next in line for smallpox vaccine - St. Joseph News-Press - 3/10/04

Posted March 11

►March 8, 2004 - Elusys Presents Data on Anthrax Antibody at American Society for Microbiology's Biodefense Research Meeting - Antibody Prevents Death in Animals Exposed to Anthrax and Shows Unexpected Protective Benefits - press release - Elusys Therapeutics, Inc. via PRNewswire via Yahoo! - 3/9/04

►March 9, 2004 - Anthrax treatments look promising - Two developers say experimental drugs safe - Washington Post via MSNBC - 3/9/04

►March 9, 2004 - Firms Say Anthrax Drugs Show Promise, Report Says - Reuters - 3/9/04

►March 9, 2004 - Anthrax Treatments Promising In Tests - Two Developers Say Experimental Drugs Are Safe for Humans (requires registration) - The Washington Post - 3/9/04 

►March 7, 2004 - Science takes aim at terror - Los Angeles Times via The Buffalo News - 3/9/04

►March 7, 2004 - U.S. Funnels Billions to Science to Defend Against Terrorism - Air monitors, national sensor networks and GPS shipping containers are some of the projects. (requires registration) - The Los Angeles Times - 3/8/04

►March 7, 2004 - MOD Report Admits 'Trials' of Vaccine - The Sunday Mirror, UK - "THE Government experimented on British troops without their knowledge and injected them with vaccines which had not been fully tested, a leaked Ministry of Defence report reveals...Defence chiefs gave the order for the unproved jabs to be given to our armed forces during both Gulf Wars." - 3/8/04

►March 7, 2004 - Anthrax Scare at Local Bank - - 3/8/04

►March 5, 2004 - NIU receives anthrax threat - UP still seeking information on Wednesday's bomb threat - Northern Star Online - 3/7/04

►March 4, 2004 - BioPort Supplies FDA-Licensed Anthrax Vaccine to Taiwan - BioPort via Business Wire - 3/7/04

►March 5, 2004 - Acambis' Springboard: Smallpox - The little biotech has done well supplying a vaccine to the U.S. CEO Gordon Cameron discusses how it plans to sustain its success - Business Week - 3/7/04

►March 2, 2004 - Diluted Smallpox Vaccine Dose Equally Effective - Central News Agency via (abstract) - 3/7/04

►March 3, 2004 - Acambis Hopeful of Smallpox Vaccine - Financial Times via (abstract) - 3/7/04

►March 4, 2004 - Fears linger after Anthrax mail hoax - County, city offices remain closed - Erie Times News via - 3/5/04

Posted March 8

►March 3, 2004 - Justice Seeks Dismissal of Anthrax Lawsuit (requires registration) - AP via The Kansas City Star - "The Justice Department wants a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit brought by six members of the military who are challenging the Pentagon's use of a vaccination against anthrax...Court papers filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court contend the suit has no merit because the Food and Drug Administration ruled on Dec. 30 that the vaccine was safe and effective." - 3/4/04

Comment:  Never mind the fact that the FDA miraculously found reason to approve it just days after the judge declared the vaccine experimental, and put a (what turned out to be) temporary hold on the military's anthrax shot program.

►March 4, 2004 - Criticism, skepticism surround anthrax vaccine - BioPort defends product despite lawsuits, studies - The State News - "BioPort Corp. executives are the first to admit that a cloud of doubt seems to linger above their anthrax vaccine...Critics relentlessly question if the Lansing-based company's product would be effective against a bioterrorist attack. Others contend the immunization is harmful to those who receive it...Company executives, however, maintain that scientific fact and a series of medical studies vouch for the safety and effectiveness of the nation's only federally licensed anthrax vaccine." - 3/4/04

►March 2, 2004 - Anthrax vaccine inquiry soldiers demand - Medical News Today - 3/4/04 

►March 4, 2004 - Drug to treat hepatitis B proves useful in blocking anthrax toxin - The University of Chicago Chronicle - "'These toxins pack a one-two punch that makes inhalational anthrax extremely harmful,' said Tang, Associate Professor in the Ben May Institute for Cancer Research at the University. 'For the first time, we have a clinically approved drug that, at least in tissue culture, completely eradicates half of that toxic team, and does it at non-toxic doses.'" - 3/4/04

Comment:  That is good news.  In my opinion, it is far better to develop drugs to treat those exposed to anthrax, rather than expose everyone to the known and unknown risks of anthrax vaccination, whether they need it or not.

►March 15, 2004 - Looking Back at Smallpox - journal article (Clinical Infectious Diseases) - "Examination of clinical variants suggests that severity of illness was usually determined by host responses during the incubation period. Control of viral replication was aided by early postexposure vaccination and might be strengthened by additional immunological interventions." - 3/3/04

►March 2, 2004 - Health experts laud the old-fashioned quarantine (requires registration) - Knight Ridder via The Charlotte Observer - "The best hope for stopping epidemics of infectious diseases, public health experts said Monday, may be a long-neglected tool: quarantining people...When modern medicine couldn't come up with antibiotics, vaccines and effective treatments against the contagious respiratory disease SARS last year, Canada and Asia dusted off quarantine laws and isolated more than 200,000 people. That stopped the disease." - 3/3/04

►March 2, 2004 - New Acambis CEO Announces Four-Fold Increase in Profits - press release - Acambis plc via PRNewswire-FirstCall via Yahoo! - "In developing new vaccines against infectious diseases, Acambis is aiming to maximise the value of its products by retaining rights to those vaccines for as long as possible. This means not only developing, clinically testing and licensing the vaccines but also, where possible, manufacturing, selling and distributing the product ourselves...The first of these primarily involves the development of our two key franchises: the smallpox vaccine franchise; and the travel vaccines franchise."
- 3/3/04

►March 2, 2004 - FBI hits wall in anthrax investigation - Suspect profile is only clue agency has after 2 years (requires registration) - The Chicago Tribune - 3/3/04

►March 2, 2004 - VaxGen reports Phase I clinical trial results of anthrax vaccine candidate - VaxGen, Inc. via - 3/3/04 

►October 12, 1999 - Anthrax Vaccine: Safety and Efficacy Issues (Testimony, 10/12/1999, GAO/T-NSIAD-00-48). - U.S. GAO via - 3/3/04

►October 11, 2000 - Anthrax Vaccine: Preliminary Results of GAO's Survey of Guard/Reserve Pilots and Aircrew Members (Testimony, 10/11/2000, GAO/GAO-01-92T). - U.S. GAO via
- 3/3/04

►September 20, 2004 - Anthrax Vaccine: GAO's Survey of Guard and Reserve Pilots and Aircrew (20-SEP-02, GAO-02-445). - U.S. GAO via
- 3/3/04

►October 22, 1999 - Medical Readiness: DOD Faces Challenges in Implementing Its Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (Letter Report, 10/22/1999, GAO/NSIAD-00-36). - U.S. GAO via
- 3/3/04

►July 21, 1999 - Medical Readiness: Issues Concerning the Anthrax Vaccine (Testimony, 07/21/1999, GAO/T-NSIAD-99-226). - U.S. GAO via
- 3/3/04

►February 5, 1998 - Gulf War Illnesses: Research, Clinical Monitoring, and Medical Surveillance (Testimony, 02/05/98, GAO/T-NSIAD-98-88). - U.S. GAO via
- 3/3/04

►April 14, 2000 - Contract Management: DOD's Anthrax Vaccine Manufacturer Will Continue to Need Financial Assistance (Testimony, 04/14/2000, GAO/T-NSIAD-00-140). - U.S. GAO via
- 3/3/04

►December 1, 2003 - Smallpox Vaccination: Review of the Implementation of the Military Program (01-DEC-03, GAO-04-215R). - U.S. GAO via
- 3/3/04

►April 30, 2003 - Smallpox Vaccination: Implementation of National Program Faces Challenges (30-APR-03, GAO-03-578). - U.S. GAO via
- 3/3/04

►June 30, 1999 - Contract Management: Observations on DOD's Financial Relationship With the Anthrax Vaccine Manufacturer (Testimony, 06/30/99, GAO/T-NSIAD-99-214). - U.S. GAO via
- 3/3/04

►April 29, 1999 - Medical Readiness: Safety and Efficacy of the Anthrax Vaccine (Testimony, 04/29/99, GAO/T-NSIAD-99-148). - U.S. GAO via
- 3/3/04

►March 29, 1999 - Gulf War Illnesses: Questions About the Presence of Squalene Antibodies in Veterans Can Be Resolved (Letter Report, 03/29/99, GAO/NSIAD-99-5). - U.S. GAO via - 3/3/04

Posted March 4

►March 1, 2004 - Military Vaccine Flattens GI, 17 - CBS News - "Amid all the war stories that have come out of the conflict with Iraq, Tyran Duncan's hasn't been widely told. The willing soldier became an unwitting victim to the vaccinations he was required to take to deploy. And as CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports, he's not the only one." - 3/2/04

►March 1, 2004 - Anthrax Jabs Blamed for Baby Deaths - PA News via The Scotsman - 3/2/04

►March 1, 2004 -  Soldiers link baby deaths to jabs - Some UK Soldiers who served in Iraq have expressed fears for their unborn babies after claiming a number of child deaths are linked to anthrax jabs. - BBC
- 3/2/04

►March 1, 2004 - Anthrax jabs blamed for baby deaths -
- 3/2/04

►March 1, 2004 - BioPort to sell anthrax vaccine to Taiwanese government - AP via The Detroit Free Press
- 3/2/04

Bio-Terrorism Countermeasures – Requirements & Funding - King Publishing Group - conference alert - March 9-10, 2004 at The George Washington University in Washington, DC - 3/2/04

Military Vaccine Dangers - CBS News Video - 3/2/04

►March 1, 2004 - Anthrax Vaccine Paralyzes Soldier - WVLT via - 3/2/04

►March 2, 2004 - Troops ‘gagged’ over anthrax jab concerns - The Herald, UK - "SOLDIERS calling for an inquiry into the possible effects of Iraq war anthrax vaccinations on the health of their unborn children have accused the Ministry of Defence of attempting to gag them." - 3/2/04

Posted March 2

►February 28, 2004 - Anthrax: Vital fact the diggers weren't told - The Australian - 3/1/04

Posted March 1

►February 29, 2004 - Scandal of the Anthrax Babies - Five soldiers lose their babies.  They all had the anthrax jab. - The Sunday Mirror, UK - "Among the general population, around one in 20 babies are still-born." - 2/29/04

Comment:  Can that statistic be right?

►February 20, 2004 - Questions Linger Over Pentagon’s Use of Multiple, Simultaneous Vaccinations - Nuclear Threat Initiative - 2/28/04

►February 20, 2004 - U.S. Smallpox Vaccination Program Hindered by Overburdened Health System, Study Finds - Nuclear Threat Initiative - 2/28/04 

►February 23, 2004 - Anthrax attacks stump FBI, but remain priority - The Washington Times - 2/28/04 

►February 23, 2004 - Australian troops anthrax shot problems - New Zealand Herald - "It said the vaccination programme was secretly suspended for two months after 75 per cent of the 1500 Afghan deployment in 2002, including elite special forces, fell ill." - 2/28/04 

►February 23, 2004 - Defence's anthrax headache continues - TV Program Transcript The 7.30 Report Australian Broadcasting Corporation - 2/28/04 

►February 27, 2004 - Smallpox: Child Killer - The Korea Times - "Maximillian Taubles came to Seoul in early February 1886 over the muddy path that served as the road from Chemulpo to Seoul...The first impressions of Korea must have shocked him. Just outside of Seoul he was surprised to see groups of corpses, most of them children, unburied and exposed to the elements. Feral dogs roamed among them eating parts of the partially frozen bodies." - 2/28/04

►March 5, 2004 - The development of antimicrobials and vaccines against bacterial bioterrorism agents – where are we? (requires registration or subscription) - Over the next five years, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) plan to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to discover and develop or improve treatment and prevention modalities for agents of bioterrorism. The NIH has recently funded eight centers designated as 'Research Centers of Excellence.' These centers have been awarded $350 000 000 to develop new antibiotics and vaccines to protect the US population from agents of bioterrorism, as well as novel means to detect them. Several other programs are currently under consideration and/or development at the NIH to further expand our scientific armamentarium against these agents. Similar funds are being spent to upgrade the sadly neglected public health infrastructure. The salient question is: will this strategy prove successful in protecting the US from future bioterrorism attacks? - Drug Discovery Today via BioMedNet Magazine - 2/28/04

►February 19, 2004 - HemoCleanse wins grant to develop bioterror treatment - Journal and Courier via - 2/28/04

►2004 - Cold, Flu, Anthrax Symptoms  - - 2/28/04

Posted February 28

►February 26, 2004 - 'No permanent' anthrax jab problems - - 2/27/04

►February 27, 2004 - Smallpox vaccine pioneer lectures - The Johns Hopkins News-Letter - 2/27/04

►February 21, 2004 - Anthrax vaccine serious side-effects kept from soldiers who were vaccinated - Medical News Today - 2/26/04

►February 22, 2004 - Australian defense chiefs lashed for not telling of anthrax vaccine ailments - AFP via - 2/26/04

►February 22, 2004 - Report: Anthrax shot sickened troops (requires registration) - The Chicago Tribune - 2/26/04

►February 24, 2004 - War veterans criticise anthrax vaccinations - radio transcipt - - 2/25/04

►February 25, 2004 - Defence had no anthrax safety data - The Australian - "THE Australian Defence Force admitted in confidential documents that it had "no available safety data" on its 5000 doses of anthrax vaccine less than six months before troops were deployed to Iraq." - 2/25/04

►February 25, 2004 - Cosgrove defends anthrax vaccinations for ADF - radio transcript - The World Today via
- 2/25/04

►February 24, 2004 - ADF Admits it Should  Have Done Better on Anthrax Vaccine - An Australian Defence Department report has conceded it must do a better job of keeping its personnel informed about the health risks of innoculations. -
- 2/25/04

►February 24, 2004 - Anthrax: troops to be monitored - AAP via The Australian
- 2/25/04

►February 24, 2004 - Anthrax under control - Zimbabwe Herald Online
- 2/25/04

►February 24, 2004 -UK vets warn on anthrax vaccine - AAP via Herald Sun - 2/25/04

►February 23, 2004 - Anthrax vaccine no threat to troops: Hill - AAP via - 2/24/04

►February 22, 2004 - Sydney: Defence chiefs under fire over vaccine - Australian defence chiefs were criticised today for failing to warn soldiers heading to Iraq that side effects from an anthrax vaccine had forced them to suspend their inoculation progamme during the Afghanistan campaign. - New Straits Times via - 2/24/04

February 23, 2004 - Anthrax jabs safe - Lindsay - Townsville Bulletin - "SIDE effects experienced by troops who received the controversial anthrax vaccine were normal vaccination reactions, Member for Herbert Peter Lindsay said yesterday...A number of Townsville soldiers and airmen had the vaccination and did not experience any long-term side effects, he said." - 2/24/04

Comment:  What on earth does the alleged fact that "a number of Townsville soldiers and airmen had the vaccination and did not experience any long-term side effects' have to do with whether or not some/many others did suffer long-term effects? 

►February 23, 2004 - Anthrax attacks stump FBI, but remain priority - The Washington Times - 2/24/04 

►February 23, 2004 - Australian troops anthrax shot problems - New Zealand Herald - 2/24/04 

►February 23, 2004 - Defence's anthrax headache continues - TV Program Transcript The 7.30 Report Australian Broadcasting Corporation - 2/24/04 

►February 23, 2004 - Did Government Poison NZ Troops in Afghanistan? - Scoop Media, NZ - 2/24/04

►February 21, 2004 - Govt misled troops about anthrax vaccinations: Opposition - - "Senator Evans says dozens of troops were sent home for refusing the anthrax vaccinations and while most agreed to the injections, many did so reluctantly...'Clearly the attitude of some of the troops may have been different if they had known about the severe adverse reactions by earlier troops to the inoculations,' Senator Evans said." - 2/22/04

►February 21, 2004 - Australian government keeps mum about side effects of anthrax vaccine - AP via - "The Australian government is admitting it kept silent about possible side effects of the anthrax vaccine." - 2/22/04

►February 21, 2004 - Australian troops not told of anthrax vaccine concerns - AP via USA Today - 2/22/04

►February 21, 2004 - Australian troops fall ill following anthrax vaccinations - AP via
- 2/22/04

►February 19, 2004 - Biological warfare: An interview with a Mayo Clinic specialist - Mayo Clinic
- 2/22/04

►February 20, 2004 - Anthrax Shots Made Australian Troops Sick - Report - Reuters
- 2/22/04

►February 21, 2004 - Anthrax Shots Made Australian Troops Sick - Reuters
- 2/22/04

►February 18, 2004 - Vaccination order criticized - The Baltimore Sun via Fort Worth/Dallas Star-Telegram - "The U.S. Army has sent at least four soldiers to Iraq who refused to be vaccinated against anthrax, despite the Pentagon's long-held insistence that the vaccine is mandatory for all service members assigned to areas of combat or probable terrorism...The deployments by base commanders in Indiana, Kentucky, New York and Wisconsin has led Pentagon critics to question the seriousness of the anthrax threat and the fairness of penalties meted out earlier for scores of service members nationwide who refused the vaccine." - 2/22/04

►February 19, 2004 - British Team Develops 'Black Death' Vaccine - Times, UK via (abstract) - 2/22/04

►February 22, 2004 - Aus troops in dark about anthrax - NZoom - New Zealand - 2/22/04

►February 21, 2004 - Anthrax vaccine serious side-effects kept from soldiers who were vaccinated - Medical News Today - 2/22/04

►February 22, 2004 - Row over anthrax vaccine side effects - Gulf Daily News - 2/22/04

►February 20, 2004 - Redistribution Plan Aids Anthrax Spread - Mail & Guardian via - 2/21/04

►February 21, 2004 - US office sealed after Anthrax powder was found in Indian passport - - 2/21/04

►February 20, 2004 - HIV immunity may stem from ancient smallpox - Gannett News Service via The Arizona Republic - 2/21/04

Comment:  That's all well and good.  But what if having immunity to HIV doesn't really mean much?  What if HIV has nothing to do with AIDS, as some believe?

Posted February 26

►February 21, 2004 - Anthrax shots made troops sick - - "THE SAS and other Australian forces sent to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban suffered severe side effects from the anthrax vaccine, according to confidential Defence documents...The documents also reveal that 97 crew aboard HMAS Darwin in the Gulf last year reported ill after being given the controversial vaccine...Only a year earlier, the temporary side effects of the anthrax vaccine among troops bound for Afghanistan were so severe that the entire vaccination program for the 1550-strong deployment was suspended for two months...However, the Howard Government did not disclose this to the troops bound for Iraq last year, who were also required to have the anthrax vaccination." - 2/20/04

Comment:  Will our media report this critically important news?

►February 18, 2004 - A soldier's grim homecoming - Questions: A World War II veteran wonders if Iraq played a part in the apparent suicide of his grandson, Spc. Jeremy S. Seeley. - The Baltimore Sun - "Ray Seeley, a hale 78, has heard about the suicides of those who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. To some, his grandson's death fits a disturbing pattern of soldiers making it out of Iraq only to die after coming home...The Army says 21 soldiers have killed themselves in Iraq or Kuwait since the war began last March, a rate officials concede is higher than that in the overall Army population. But the figure does not include nearly 70 suicides in the United States after a tour in Iraq, according to the National Gulf War Resource Center, a veterans advocacy group." - 2/20/04

►February 12, 2004 - Breastfed Baby Exposed to Smallpox Vaccine Virus - Reuters via Yahoo! News  - 2/20/04

►February 17, 2004 - Mass Vaccination Not Needed to Contain Smallpox Outbreak, Researchers Say - Nuclear Threat Initiative - "Conducting a mass vaccination against smallpox in the United States could save some lives in the event of an outbreak, but the risks of vaccine side effects would outweigh most benefits, researchers announced Friday (see GSN, Jan. 30)." - 2/20/04

►February 19, 2004 - Russian 'Vector' lab probes secrets of smallpox - Reuters AlertNet - "It was one of the world's most deadly plagues, and some fear it might again be unleashed on mankind if bio-terrorists could get their hands on the virus...A quarter of a century after the last known case of smallpox, scientists at a heavily-guarded installation called Vector, deep in Siberia, are still conducting research on 120 strains of the virus...Responsibility for safeguarding the stockpiles lies with men like Sergei Netesov, Vector's deputy general director." - 2/20/04

Posted February 24

►February 18, 2004 - Anthrax Scare Closes Brussels Train Station - It Was Sugar - via - 2/19/04

►February 17, 2004 - Anthrax threat targets probation department - Officials: No substance found - Poughkeepsie Journal - 2/18/04

►February 17, 2004 - Hepatitis Drug May Help Anthrax Victims - Study - Reuters via Yahoo! News - 2/18/04 

►February 17, 2004 - Bioterror simulations back targeted treatment - New Scientist - 2/18/04

►February 14, 2004 - Missoula One of 75 Sites to Test New Smallpox Vaccine - AP via (abstract) - 2/18/04

►February 16, 2004 - Chip slaps cuffs on pox bug - A chip that can sense a single virus could lead to revolutionary medical diagnostic tools - - "American researchers have demonstrated a chip capable of detecting and potentially analysing a single virus. The microelectromechanical system (MEMS) silicon device reacted to a single particle of vaccina virus and the researchers say this could lead to chips capable of identifying many thousands of different kinds of viruses, toxins and bioagents. It was created using variants of standard silicon chip production technology." - 2/17/04

Comment:  While this might well have some benefits, it also has the potential to be mis-used to create hysteria over nothing.

►February 16, 2004 - Worker files $12 million anthrax claim against government - AP via The Daily Press - 2/17/04

►February 16, 2004 - Approved drug blocks deadly anthrax toxin - University of Chicago Medical Center via - "In the online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a team led by Wei-Jen Tang of the University of Chicago shows that in vitro adefovir dipivoxil (sold as Hepsera®) can effectively reduce the effects of edema factor, one of the two deadly toxins produced by anthrax...'These toxins pack a one-two punch that makes inhalational anthrax extremely harmful,' said Tang, an associate professor in the Ben May Institute for Cancer Research at the University of Chicago. 'For the first time, we have a clinically approved drug that, at least in tissue culture, completely eradicates half of that toxic team, and does it at non-toxic doses.'" - 2/17/04

►February 17, 2004 - Alert on anti-smallpox vaccinia - Households cautioned about virus transmission - Seattle Post-Intelligencer - "Soldiers and health care workers who take the smallpox vaccine should take extra precautions against spreading the live virus used in the vaccine to members of their household, according to a new report." - 2/17/04

►February 17, 2004 - U.S. Army Makes Exceptions To Anthrax Shots Rule (requires registration) - The Hartford Courant - "
The U.S. Army has sent to Iraq at least four soldiers who have refused to be vaccinated against anthrax, despite the Pentagon's long-held insistence that the vaccine is mandatory for all service members assigned to areas of combat or probable terrorism...The deployments by base commanders in Indiana, Kentucky, New York and Wisconsin has led Pentagon critics to question the seriousness of the anthrax threat and the fairness of penalties meted out by the armed services earlier for scores of service members nationwide who refused the vaccine." - 2/17/04

Posted February 19

►February 10, 2004 - Anthrax Spores Can Germinate, Grow and Reproduce in Soil - University of Michigan Health System via Newswise - 2/15/04

►February 13, 2004 - Genetic AIDS immunity traced to smallpox, not plague - - 2/15/04

►February 14, 2004 - Smallpox vaccine tested in Missoula - The Missoulian - 2/15/04

►February 15, 2004 - Anthrax can reproduce without host animal - Business Day - 2/15/04

►February 14, 2004 - Surveillance and containment would be effective intervention against deliberate smallpox attack - Emory University Health Sciences Center via - 2/15/04

►February 13, 2004 - Virus in Smallpox Inoculation Spreads - Atlanta Journal-Constitution via (abstract) - 2/15/04

Posted February 17

►February 10, 2004 - Smallpox Vaccine Spread Virus Through Family - HealthDay Reporter via - "By his accounts and those of his 27-year-old wife, the soldier followed all precautions. Although he slept in the same bed as his spouse, he washed his hands, kept the site covered with gauze until it had fully healed and had limited contact with his 5-month-old daughter who was still breast-feeding...Nevertheless, in mid-May, the wife developed red, tender swelling around both her nipples. The area blistered, then ulcerated, leaving open sores around the nipple area. No one, including her doctor, suspected it was a vaccinia reaction, so she continued breast-feeding until May 29, when it became too painful...On the day she stopped breast-feeding, her baby developed a tell-tale blister on her upper lip, which turned into a pustule and formed a crust. The next day, she developed a similar lesion on her left check. On June 2, a pediatrician saw the facial lesions as well as one on her tongue and diagnosed her with suspected vaccinia. She was transferred to Madigan Army Medical Center, where she came under Fairchok's care...No one knows exactly how the transmissions occurred." - 2/11/04

February 10, 2004 - Breastfed Baby Exposed to Smallpox Vaccine Virus - Reuters Health - "Breastfeeding women who live with someone who has been recently vaccinated against smallpox should take extra precautions to prevent their infants from being exposed to the virus used in the vaccine, according to a new report...Doctors at the Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington, have documented the case of a breast-fed infant who was exposed to the vaccinia virus, which is used in the smallpox vaccine...The baby's mother had not been vaccinated against smallpox but her husband, a soldier, was given the vaccine soon before the baby developed symptoms." - 2/11/04

Posted February 15

►February 9, 2004 - Officials declare NJ postal facility anthrax-free - - 2/10/04

►February 10, 2004 - New Germ Labs Stir Debate Over Secrecy and Safety (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times - "A flood of federal money has led to a building boom for high-security "hot labs," where the world's deadliest germs and potential bioterrorist weapons can be studied...The laboratories would more than triple the space to develop vaccines and treatments for anthrax, plague, hemorrhagic fevers and other killer pathogens, officials estimate." - 2/10/04

►February 8, 2004 - Bioterrorism work fascinates students - Oakland Tribune via - 2/10/04

►February 11, 2004 - Anthrax alert lost in rush to war - The West Australian - "THE Australian navy deliberately rushed sailors to war in the Gulf without first warning them they would need anthrax shots and without recording the details of vaccines they were given, a secret defence investigation has found." - 2/10/04

►February 10, 2004 - Granville soldier deployed without vaccine - AP via The Advocate - "The Army dropped one charge against an Ohio National Guard member convicted once and charged again with disobeying a lawful order after he refused to take the anthrax vaccine, then deployed the soldier to Iraq without the shots." - 2/10/04

►February 10, 2004 - Soldier Who Refused Anthrax Vaccine Returning to Iraq - Ohio News Network - 2/10/04

►February 3, 2004 - Judge will weigh Feds' plea for delay in lawsuit over anthrax death - South Florida Sun-Sentinel - 2/9/04

►February 3, 2004 - Smallpox vaccine study is seeking volunteers - Local researchers hope to get 80 participants for national study. - The Wichita Eagle - 2/9/04

►February 3, 2004 - FBI still looking for a suspect in 2001 anthrax attacks - Miami Herald - 2/9/04

►February 3, 2004 - BioSante and U.S. Army Co-Developing Ricin Vaccine for Biodefense - Business Wire - 2/9/04

►February 6, 2004 - 'The Challenge is to Stay Vigilant' - Can the nation deal with a bioterror attack?  A top health official says that 'substantial' progress has been made since 2001 -- but more work lies ahead. - Newsweek via MSNBC - "But one issue associated with the smallpox vaccine is the potential for toxicity. Because of that, we got involved rapidly in some contract arrangements to develop a second-generation smallpox vaccine. We already have it in phase one clinical trials and have pilot lots. Within a reasonable period of time, we’ll have a smallpox vaccine that is much less reactive, and therefore much more safe, than the current one." - 2/8/04

►January 20, 2004 - Pediatric Infectious Disease Issues: Smallpox, Combination Vaccines and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Highlights of the American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting - Medscape "However, the combination of multiple vaccine antigens presents several challenges. It should be recommended that the components of the vaccine be administered at the same time. However, the reactogenicity and potential side effects of the combined antigens have not yet been determined. Since there is the potential for physical and chemical interaction among the vaccine components and the buffers and preservatives, the immunogenicity of each component needs to be addressed to determine whether these are similar to and as effective as the components given individually.[10]" - 2/6/04

Comment:  From the horse's mouth.  But not only should the "reactogenicity and potential side effects of the combined antigens" be determined, as well as the immunogenicity of each component be compared to combined ones, the potential for lethal and otherwise harmful combinations should be researched.  For a highly disturbing study, in which harmless viruses recombined with lethal results, click here(Note that while affirming the potential risk of such combinations occurring, the only apparent concern in this paper was for the immunogenicity of the components, not any safety issues which might occur as a result of them interacting.)

►February 4, 2004 - Ricin in Senate also suspected in White House mail - Word of incident in Nov. comes amid havoc in Congress, but no illness - The Baltimore Sun - 2/6/04

Posted February 13

February 5, 2004 - Gulf war syndrome: the legal case collapses - The Guardian, UK - "An eight-year, multimillion pound legal battle by more than 2,000 veterans for compensation for Gulf war syndrome has collapsed because there is not enough scientific evidence to prove their case in court." - 2/5/04

►February 2004 - Gulf-war vaccination (requires registration) - In The News - Nature - 2/5/04

►February 3, 2004 - Scientists work on strategies to defeat ricin - Antidotes and vaccines for the poison could be on their way - MSNBC - 2/5/04

►February 5, 2004 - GFI Needs Volunteers For Anthrax Vaccine Testing - - 2/5/04

►February 4, 2004 - Fighting terrorism on the food front - - "Safeguarding America’s food supply against possible terrorist threats will eat into a considerable chunk of the USDA’s budget next year. The country is also planning to stockpile animal vaccines, following concerns that diseases such as BSE and Avian Influenza could be used in acts of bioterrorism." - 2/5/04

►February 3, 2004 - Experts: Ricin Not As Dangerous As Anthrax - Ricin Not On 'A-List' Of Bioterrorism Threats - - 2/5/04

►February 1, 2004 - Baby Is Gulf War Syndrome Victim - Sunday Mirror, UK - "FIGHTING for breath with a mass of tubes keeping him alive, tiny Scott Bowen is Britain’s youngest victim of Gulf War Syndrome...Weighing just 2lb 4oz, the tragic tot was born two months prematurely after both his parents returned from serving in Iraq...Dad Justin, 27, and mum Vicky, 20, had multiple vaccinations before going to war last year and developed symptoms of the Syndrome...They are now sure the cocktail of jabs – especially the controversial anthrax shot – is behind their new-born’s desperate condition." -  2/4/04

►February 2, 2004 - Smallpox vaccinations may be risky - UPI via - "New studies show people vaccinated against smallpox pose a low risk of infecting others if they follow proper bandaging and hand-washing procedures." -  2/4/04

►January 29, 2004 - Democrats: Smallpox vaccination plan needs retooling - Eyeing a national smallpox vaccination program they say is stalled, House Democrats are urging the U.S. government to reinvigorate the plan for health-care workers if officials still believe terrorists may use smallpox as a weapon. - CNN -  2/4/04

►February 5, 2004 - Marathon inventor gets patent on anthrax-killing mailbox - Miami Today -  2/4/04

►February 2, 2004 - University of Maryland Oral Anthrax Vaccine - 2/4/04   

►February 4, 2004 - DOR BioPharma, Inc. Provides Update on Ricin Vaccine Development Program - Business Wire2/4/04

Comment:  How about developing an antidote for ricin, to only be used by those exposed (a highly unlikely event), rather than provide a vaccine for the masses?  Or is the cost thought to simply be too prohibitive, given the expected rarity of the event?  In which case, isn't any potential vaccine risk not worth taking?  (If the government wants to help the drug companies, how about helping them develop the antidote, rather than covering their vaccine liability?)

►February 4, 2004 - Stock in Firm Working on Ricin Vaccine Skyrockets - Miami Herald via (abstract)2/4/04

►February 3, 2004 - Utah Smallpox Program Falls Short of Its Goals - Salt Lake Tribune via (abstract)2/4/04

►February 2, 2004 - Grant Allows Researchers to Develop Oral Anthrax Vaccine - AP via (abstract)2/4/04

2004 - Smallpox fear at cemetery - Fears have been raised that rotting coffins contained in a South London cemetery may contain traces of smallpox - icSouthLondon - 1/28/04

►January 26, 2004 - Make vaccine voluntary - editorial - Army Times - "Five years after the Defense Department began forcing service members to roll up their sleeves for the anthrax vaccine, the battle over whether the shots are safe, effective or even legal still rages...But there’s another question that gets far less attention: Has anyone reassessed the potential threat that prompted the vaccine program in the first place?...More than eight months after major combat operations ended in Iraq, U.S. officials have failed to find a single drop of the thousands of gallons of anthrax supposedly stockpiled by Saddam Hussein." - 1/27/04

►January 27, 2004 - New smallpox vaccine being tested in the Valley - - "'Only half of the population of the United States is immune to small pox right now and should something go wrong, everyone should be vaccinated.'...Kelly Morris, who's researching the test, says there is not enough of the old smallpox vaccine for everyone in this country. So now the goal is to find a new more effective vaccine then make more of it." - 1/27/04

Comment:  Let me get this straight, half the population is thought to be immune but everyone needs to get vaccinated in the event of reemergence of smallpox?  And then because everyone will need the vaccine, we need to find a new, more effective one because there isn't enough of the old one for everyone, even though half are already immune?  How about instead, if there is a need for a a newer, more effective (how about safer, too?) vaccine, then go ahead and develop one.  But only vaccinate those who are not immune and choose to be vaccinated, knowing that at the outset half the population is already immune and may not want or need it.

►January 25, 2004 - Ohio National Guard Member Charged For Refusing Anthrax Vaccine - AP via - "An Ohio National Guard member has been charged by the Army with disobeying a lawful order after he again refused to take the anthrax vaccine...Hickman could go to jail and be discharged if convicted...Pfaff said the charge is separate from Hickman's court martial in Ohio last month." - 1/26/04

►January 25, 2004 - Front lines local in bioterror war - State dependent on county agencies to take lead in fighting health emergencies - - "When a bioterrorism attack happens in Kansas, officials say, local health departments will be on the front lines, and Douglas County is no exception." -  1/25/04

Comment:  "When", not "if"?  Is this merely careless speech or reporting?  Do they know something we don't, but should, know?   Or is this just more scare-mongering?

►January 25, 2004 - How smallpox affected our cemeteries - Corsicana Daily Sun - "My only experience with smallpox occurred when I was vaccinated as a child for the disease. My memory of the incident is that the vaccination left an ugly round scar on my shoulder. I also remember everyone saying don't touch or scratch the scab until it was completely healed. As a teenager, I was very self conscious of the scar especially when we went swimming. I really don't know why I had these thoughts since everyone I knew had a similar looking mark."1/25/04

►January 24, 2004 - Shots Have Healthy Repercussions Smallpox Vaccination Effort Helped Officials Learn How To Prepare For Disaster, Doctors Say - The Hartford Courant - "A year ago today, with the impending war with Iraq as a backdrop, three Connecticut doctors rolled up their sleeves and kicked off the nation's smallpox vaccination program...Anxiety about a smallpox attack and the vaccination program itself have almost disappeared. In retrospect, say those who were involved, it wasn't the vaccination effort that was important but the act of preparing for disaster." - 1/24/04

►January 22, 2004 - Little interest shown for small pox vaccines - The small pox inoculation is coming up small among first responders, according to the Montgomery County health department. - The Mercury - 1/24/04

►January 22, 2004 - Small-molecule inhibitors of anthrax lethal factor identified - Findings hold promise for developing new anthrax therapies - The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases via - 1/23/04

►January 23, 2004 - Biodefense Agency Urged for Safety of U.S. Troops - Lack of New Vaccines Points to Need, Report Says - The Washington Post - "The Pentagon has not developed a single new vaccine against biological agents since the 1991 Gulf War and should create a new biodefense agency to respond to the growing threat of biological attacks on U.S. forces, according to a congressionally mandated report released yesterday." - 1/23/04

►January 22, 2004 - Report urges update to biological protection efforts - Scripps Howard News Service via - 1/23/04

►January 21, 2004 - BIOLOGICAL WAR-FEAR: FDA fails to halt anthrax anxiety - After judge stopped controversial vaccine feds declared it safe - by Timothy W. Maier - Insight magazine, via  - "'Only after the issuance of an injunction, up pops a federal rule,' Sullivan declared with acid sarcasm to Justice Department attorney Shannen Coffin, who is representing the Pentagon in the lawsuit filed by the six John Does. 'And you're telling me it's coincidental?'...'I'd stand on a stack of Bibles and tell you it's coincidental,' Coffin replied to Sullivan...'That's an amazing coincidence,' Sullivan shot back." - 1/22/04

►January 22, 2004 - Blueprint on Way for Vaccine Factory to Combat Terror Strikes - The Scotsman -"Plans for a Government-owned factory to produce large amounts of vaccine in the event of a terrorist strike could be finalised within weeks, it emerged today...The rapid response facility would produce vaccine for people contaminated by a chemical or biological attack." - 1/22/04

►January 21, 2004 - Local company testing anthrax vaccine - - "Bioterrorism is a constant threat, and now the government wants a new vaccine to protect us from anthrax...Now the race is on to find a safer vaccine. That's where federal researchers and those at GFI, a research company, come in...'What they've actually developed now is not only a vaccine that's been on the market for years, we're actually involved in a trial on a new vaccine to potentially protect the public,' said Dr. Randall Stoltz, Medical Director of GFI." - 1/22/04

Comment:  Gee, why would we need to race to produce a "safer" vaccine?  And here I thought the one they were using was already plenty safe.

Posted January 23

January 15, 2004 - Smallpox emergency plan to be presented to health district board - Bloomfield Journal - via - 1/16/04

►January 19, 2004 - Smallpox mixes make a stir - - "To many public-health experts, it's disturbing enough that plain old smallpox lives on, albeit under lock and key, at the CDC and a second lab in Russia. Now the World Health Organization's committee on smallpox research is grappling with what to do about strange variants of the deadly virus. While urging the CDC to get rid of the old-fashioned hybrids, the panel is weighing proposals to create new smallpox chimeras using the powerful tools of genetic engineering." - 1/16/04

►December 12, 2003 - HHS Issues Rules for Smallpox Vaccine Injury Compensation Program - US Dept of Health and Human Services - 1/16/04   

►January 15, 2004 - Ohio National Guard soldier again refuses anthrax vaccine - Mansfield News Journal - "An Ohio National Guard member again refused an anthrax vaccine Wednesday, an action that could trigger his court-martial or administrative discharge, his lawyer said...Spc. Kurt Hickman said he feels it’s illegal for the government to force his vaccination, lawyer Kenneth Levine said." - 1/15/04

►January 13, 2004 - Report blames Gulf War vet sickness on injections - ABC Local Radio program transcript via - 1/14/04

The Dangers of Smallpox Vaccination - - "The public is now getting lots of medical propaganda about the eradication of smallpox through vaccination.  But in fact, the consensus among leading medical historians that have studied the question have maintained that the eradication of the zymotic, or "filth" diseases, like cholera, dysentery, typhus, plague, in the past that are popularly attributed to mass vaccination campaigns, had actually been due to improvements in diet, hygiene, sanitary measures, non-medical public health laws, and to a host of new non-medical technologies, like refrigeration, faster transportation, removing horse manure from cities, and the like (McKinlay, 1977;  McKeown, 1979;  Moberg & Cohen, 1991;  Oppenheimer, 1992;  Dubos, 1959)." - 1/14/04

Anthrax Vaccine is Dangerous - The following warning on the pending anthrax vaccine also recalls the hazards of aspartame, the artificial sweetener.  Not coincidentally, the current U.S. Secretary Of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, was the influential head of GD Searle, the pharmaceutical company that won FDA approval for aspartame after the FDA advisory committee had recommended AGAINST approval of aspartame –- also known as Nutrasweet™. - - 1/14/04

Comment:  It is not clear that it is "not coincidentally".  That is sheer speculation, in my opinion.

January 13, 2004 - Smallpox Scare at Pioneer Valley Hospital - KSL News - "A simple case of Chicken Pox brought out the health department and caused quite a stir at West Valley's Pioneer Valley Hospital...It's not everyday a common childhood disease attracts so much attention. But that's all changed in our post September 11th world with worries over terrorists, getting their hands on chemical and biological agents." - 1/14/04

Posted January 20

►January 13, 2004 - Grid computing volunteers aim to end deadly - "Deadly diseases like cancer and smallpox just might have found a powerful new foe in the form of a global grid computing initiative launched by Austin, Texas-based United Devices Inc." - 1/13/04

►January 13, 2004 - Granville soldier still embroiled in anthrax dispute - The Newark Advocate - "As a battle over the safety of anthrax vaccines heats up, Spec. Kurt Hickman of Granville is left with few clues on how his refusal to take the vaccine will affect his military future...'I think it is only a matter of time before he is asked to take it again,' said Hickman's attorney Kenneth Levine. And if Hickman again refuses -- and Levine would expect him to -- he could face a second court martial hearing, this time by the Army." - 1/13/04

►January 13, 2004 - Australian Defence Force defends pre-Gulf War vaccinations - Radio Australia via - "The Australian Defence Force has defended its vaccination program after British findings of a possible link between pre-Gulf War vaccinations and serious health issues...The ADF does not recognise any link between its vaccination program and the so-called Gulf War Syndrome, reports Alicia Gorey." - 1/13/04

Comment:  They do not "recognise any link" because, just like someone who has chosen to put a paper bag over their head, they are refusing to see what is happening.

►January 13, 2004 - Action call on Gulf War Syndrome - The Advertiser, Australia - "AUSTRALIAN veterans today called on the Department of Defence to acknowledge and provide treatment for Gulf War Syndrome, after a top British defence doctor linked vaccines to the troops' severe health problems." - 1/13/04

►January 13, 2004 - UK call for inquiry into Gulf War illness after medical report - - "British military veterans of the 1991 Gulf War have called for an inquiry into what they claim are illnesses many thousands of them have suffered since the conflict...Mr Izett says he wants his case to benefit the 9,933 British Gulf War veterans who share his symptoms." - 1/13/04

►January 9, 2004 - Monkeypox may complicate bioterror efforts - Similarity to smallpox could make detection of deadlier disease tricky - - 1/12/04

►January 12, 2004 - More anthrax cases continue to surface - (Zimbabwe) - 1/12/04

►January 12, 2004 - Official report links vaccine to Gulf War syndrome (requires registration or subscription) - - "For 13 years, the Ministry of Defence has denied that the vaccines , some of which were classified as “secret”, could be blamed for the wide range of debilitating diseases...A copy of the report, dated September 22, 2001, but never made public, has been handed to The Times by Mr Izett, who won a landmark ruling at a war pensions appeals tribunal in July last year which awarded him a 50 per cent disability pension. ..The MoD did not appeal against the ruling but maintained that the vaccines could not be the cause of any Gulf War syndrome of illnesses.  - 1/12/04

Comment:  How many secrets are we going to have to discover before realizing we have not been told the truth about vaccines?  For a recent letter from a Congressman concerning a possible CDC cover-up, click here (pdf).

►January 13, 2004 - Troops' illness linked to vaccines - Herald Sun - "VACCINES administered to Australian troops before their departure to the first war against Iraq may have caused long-term symptoms known as Gulf War Syndrome...A British medical report has found a link between a pre-deployment immunisation program and long-term medical problems...Australian Gulf War Veterans Association yesterday seized on the British report as evidence that Australian troops also suffered permanent side-effects from their vaccination program." - 1/12/04

►January 19, 2004 - Researchers step up battle against ongoing anthrax threat - Early detection, quick treatment and a new-generation vaccine are all part of a multipronged effort to disarm the deadly bacterium. - - 1/12/04

►January 12, 2004 - Jabs linked to Gulf War Syndrome - A Ministry of Defence doctor has said a cocktail of vaccines may be to blame for a range of debilitating illnesses known as Gulf War syndrome. - BBC - "Mr Izett, 33, who now lives in Bersenbruck, near Bremen in Germany, was inoculated like other troops against anthrax, botulism and other biological agents...He said he went public with the confidential report, dated September 22, 2001, so that other soldiers vaccinated with the same 'secret' injections could claim compensation for the physical and mental illness they may have suffered as a result." - 1/12/04

►January 2004 - “DoD and the Anthrax Vaccine” - message from William Winkenwerder, Jr., MD, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs - - "I want to address the recent controversy created by a U.S. District Court decision December 22 to order a preliminary injunction against our anthrax program and the subsequent lifting of that injunction, January 7. Although the litigation has not been finally resolved, we are pleased the Court lifted the preliminary injunction. DoD is now vaccinating service members again to protect them against the threat of anthrax. The facts, the best medical science, and the FDA’s December 30 final rule, fully support all of DoD’s actions and speak for themselves." - 1/12/04

►January 9, 2004 - BioPort Wins $245 Million Contract to Supply Anthrax Vaccine - AP via (abstract) - 1/12/04

►January 12, 2004 - Vaccine link to Gulf War syndrome - AFP via The Australian - "GULF War syndrome was probably caused by vaccines administered to soldiers before their departure to the region, according to a medical report whose findings are published in today's edition of The Times newspaper...The confidential report by senior army specialist Lieutenant Colonel Graham Howe, who examined a British soldier who suffered osteoporosis and depression after the Gulf War, found that 'secret' injections he received before his expected deployment to the Gulf 'most probably led to the development of autoimmune-induced osteoporosis'...The theory has extra credibility because the soldier in question, ex-Corporal Alex Izett, did not end up going to the Gulf. His regiment, based in Germany, was not deployed there." - 1/12/04

►January 19, 2004 - Smallpox mixes make a stir - Virus Research - - "Cleaning out the freezer usually turns up old stuff that's been long forgotten. That holds true even for the supersecure freezers that safeguard vials of deadly smallpox virus deep within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. A recent inventory unearthed unusual chimera viruses created 40 years ago by crudely combining smallpox with other pox viruses...To many public-health experts, it's disturbing enough that plain old smallpox lives on, albeit under lock and key, at the CDC and a second lab in Russia. Now the World Health Organization's committee on smallpox research is grappling with what to do about strange variants of the deadly virus." - 1/11/04

►January 8, 2004 - Judge clears anthrax shots in the military - The Daily News -  "Geld said the matter has been under review by the FDA for more than two decades...'These deliberations have been going on for years,' Geld said. 'The timing is not related to the ruling. It just so happened that it came out now.'" - 1/10/04

January 9, 2004 - Pentagon Advisers Review Troop Vaccine Safety - Global Security Newswire via - "A U.S. Defense Department advisory board is reviewing the military’s practice of giving soldiers multiple, simultaneous vaccinations to protect them from certain biological agents and natural diseases...Ellen Embrey, deputy assistant secretary of defense for force health protection and readiness, last October requested the review by the Armed Forces Epidemiological Board (AFEB), which is composed of top civilian experts from around the country. The board is expected to present its findings at a regular meeting next month...The request was made while a subcommittee of the board and another panel were investigating a possible relationship between military-administered vaccines and the illnesses or deaths of four personnel." - 1/10/04

►January 9, 2004 - BioPort wins $245 million contract to supply anthrax vaccine - AP via - "BioPort Corp. said Friday that it has entered into a three-year, $245 million contract with the Pentagon to provide anthrax vaccine following a government ruling that the vaccine is safe...The Lansing, Mich.-based company has been the nation's sole supplier of an anthrax vaccine for years but has struggled with safety and reliability issues. BioPort President Bob Kramer said Friday the contract 'demonstrates the Pentagon's faith in our company.'" - 1/10/04

Posted January 16

►January 8, 2004 - Hospitals get funds to fight bioterrorism - Area facilities will create rooms for infection cases - The Post-Crescent - 1/9/04

►January 9, 2004 - Macandrews & Forbes and Transtech Pharma Complete 10,000,000 Investment in Siga Following Stockholder Approval - Business Wire via The Scotsman - "SIGA Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SIGA and FRANKFURT: SGW 919 473), a biopharmaceuticals company developing products for the prevention and treatment of serious infectious diseases, including products for use against biological warfare agents such as smallpox, announced today that MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc., a corporation wholly-owned by Ronald O. Perelman, and TransTech Pharma, Inc., a privately held drug discovery company, have funded the final portion of their 10,000,000 investment in SIGA following the approval by SIGA’s stockholders at today’s meeting." - 1/9/04

►January 8, 2004 - Public Meeting on How to Proceed with Emergency Smallpox Vaccinations in the Northwest Corner will be held Jan. 20 - Kent Tribune - 1/9/04

►January 8, 2004 - Pentagon Resuming Anthrax Vaccinations After Judge Lifts Restraint - AP via (abstract) - 1/9/04

January 8, 2004 - Covalent Group Initiates Global Counter-Bioterrorism Vaccine Program - PRNewswire-FirstCall via - 1/9/04

January 8, 2004 - DoD resumes anthrax shots after judge lifts ban - CIPRAP News - 1/9/04

Posted January 14 - updating

►January 8, 2004 - Judge Reverses Anthrax Ruling - Pentagon May Resume Vaccinating Members of Military - "Zaid said he will soon ask Sullivan to reissue an order blocking mandatory anthrax inoculations because the FDA's approval of the vaccine was itself flawed, based only on animal research. Another government investigation of the vaccine, being carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and based on human research, will not be completed until 2007, he said." - 1/8/04


►January 7, 2004 - Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program Resumption (pdf) - Memorandum for Secretaries of the Military Departments; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Under Secretaries of Defense; Assistant Secretaries of Defense; General Counsel of the Department of Defense; Inspector General, Department of Defense; Directors of Defense Agencies; Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard - - "Therefore you should immediately resume the anthrax vaccination program." - 1/8/04

►January 8, 2004 - Judge Decides Pentagon Can Resume Anthrax Vaccinations (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times - "In his two-page order issued on Wednesday, Judge Sullivan wrote, 'Although the timing of the issuance of the rule is arguably highly suspicious, nevertheless, the rule has been issued and the principle reason for the issuance of the injunction has been addressed by the government.'...Mr. Zaid, a plaintiffs' lawyer, said after the court action that the agency's rule should be interpreted as an admission that the vaccine 'was being used illegally by the Department of Defense before that time.' He said any military personnel or Pentagon civilians penalized for refusing the mandatory vaccine 'were unjustly punished.'" - 1/8/04

►January 5, 2004 - U.S. Army Buys $30 Million in Anthrax Shots - Reuters via (abstract) - 1/8/04

►January 7, 2004 - Judge OKs military anthrax vaccinations - Santa Maria Times - "A federal judge Wednesday allowed the military to resume anthrax inoculations, although he questioned the timing of a government announcement declaring the vaccine safe." - 1/7/04

►January 7, 2004 - Judge OKs military anthrax vaccinations - A federal judge cleared the way Wednesday for the Pentagon to resume vaccinating military personnel against anthrax after lifting his injunction against the mandatory inoculation program. - CNN - U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan granted a motion from Defense Department attorneys to limit the effect of his vaccine ban to the six plaintiffs who are suing the government...'In the absence of a proven correlate of immunity between humans and animals, specific to anthrax infection, the FDA's Final Rule's reliance on animal data is illegal, and reflects an arbitrary and capricious decision. Therefore, the government's victory today may only be fleeting,' said attorney Mark Zaid." - 1/7/04

►January 6, 2004 - Anthrax Vaccine Litigants To File Class-action Complaint Against DOD (requires subscription) - - "Plaintiffs challenging the Pentagon’s 5-year-old mass inoculation program against anthrax will amend their complaint within the next 24 hours to include a class-action certification, according to one of the lead attorneys...The move constitutes the latest salvo in a legal tit-for-tat with the Bush administration following a federal judge’s Dec. 22 injunction against mandatory anthrax inoculations, which the Defense Department gives military personnel serving abroad in regions where they may face a biological threat." - 1/7/04


►January 6, 2004 - Commentary: Senseless ‘opt-out’ anthrax ruling must be reversed - The Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News - "The decision of Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of the D.C. District Court, which will be binding until the full court can hear the trial or the Supreme Court overturns it, was based on 1998 federal legislation that says service members cannot be forced to take experimental drugs...Granted, it was a piece of bad legislation based not on scientific evidence but rather on kowtowing to “Gulf War Syndrome” activists." - 1/7/04


►January 7, 2004 - BioSante Pharmaceuticals Announces DynPort Subcontract to Develop Anthrax Vaccines Using Nanotechnology-Based Alternative Delivery Systems - Business Wire - 1/7/04


►January 6, 2004 - Acambis expands portfolio beyond smallpox - Business Weekly - "Cambridge based Acambis continues to build a global vaccines powerhouse around the world-class science that won it two contracts to supply the US government with smallpox vaccines." - 1/6/04


►January 6, 2004 - Some await anthrax shot antidote - The Daily News - "James Muhammad says that those who check his record will see he was a good Marine. An honor graduate from several military courses, he also received at least one meritorious promotion. In only two years and 11 months, he was promoted to sergeant on Nov. 1, 2002 - a rapid rise through the chain of command...Muhammad refused to take the vaccine. Less than six months later, on April 9, 2003, he was sentenced to 60 days in the brig, demoted to the rank of private and received a bad conduct discharge. He was jailed, strip-searched and housed with violent criminals." - 1/6/04

►January 6, 2004 - New Insight Into How Anthrax Bacteria Can Evade A Host's Immune Response - University of California, San Diego via - 1/6/04

►January 4, 2004 - Colorado State Funded for Bioterrorism Data - Boston Globe via (abstract) - 1/6/04

Posted January 11

►January 5, 2004 - Full story needs airing on military anthrax vaccine (Editorial) - - "Having 800,000 service people vaccinated without positive proof that the vaccines caused any deaths would seem to be sufficient evidence to continue the program for service people heading into areas where the threat of anthrax might be high...However, the problems the manufacturer had with the FDA suggests a full court hearing should be conducted to bring out all of the facts surrounding the manufacturing process before any members of the armed forces are required to take more shots. This hearing should be scheduled quickly." - 1/5/04

January 5, 2004 - Anthrax ruling a victory for local mom - Missoula woman says judge's decision isn't end of fight over vaccine - Missoulian Online - "'I went looking on the Internet for something that was not hysterical, not emotional; I wanted facts,' says Hubbell, who runs a public relations firm out of her Missoula home. 'I found that when I came across the site sponsored by Maj. Sonnie Bates.'...Bates, Hubbell says, is the highest-ranking officer to refuse the anthrax vaccine, costing him his military career...'His letter to his commanding officer explaining why he would not take it had a military precision to it,' she says. "'t was just fact, fact, fact, fact. It convinced me there was a real problem here, and I had to get involved. The people this is affecting can have their pay docked, be demoted, be court-martialed. They can't speak up, so I figured it's up to the parents to do it.' - 1/5/04

►January 5, 2004 - Smallpox vaccine elusive - Public demand for vaccination has subsided.  Concerns about side effects may outweigh fear of disease. -  The Morning Call Online - "Even a potentially safer experimental vaccine against the deadly disease being tested by the National Institutes of Health has insufficient takers. After a year, program officials have enrolled 130 of the 185 participants needed." - 1/5/04

Comment:  Given that the smallpox vaccine is known to have (an unknown number of) serious reactions and the risk of getting smallpox is probably small, it would seem that the public does know best.

Comment:  Unless they expect serious adverse reactions to occur in more than 1/185 people, a study of this size certainly cannot be expected to identify serious adverse reactions.

►January 4, 2004 - Greater awareness of smallpox threat advocated - Star-Telegram - "The risk of a smallpox attack may have waned in the public's eyes. But some still regard smallpox as a credible bioterrorist threat, and they have criticized the health care community's weak response." - 1/5/04

►January 12, 2004 - Public health found still not ready for bioterrorism - Past neglect of the system requires a lengthy and consistently funded repair effort, officials say.  - - 1/5/04

Posted January 10, 2004

►January 4, 2004 - Colorado State funded for bioterrorism data - The Boston Globe - 1/4/04

January 3, 2004 - Guardsman who refused vaccine to be deployed - AP via - "An Ohio National Guard member convicted of disobeying a direct order by refusing to be vaccinated against anthrax is expected to be deployed next week with his unit, the guard said Friday." - 1/4/04

►January 2, 2004 - U.S. Army Buys $30 Million in Anthrax Shots - Reuters - "The Defense Department announced on Friday a $29.7 million order for anthrax vaccine based on the assumption that a federal judge's ban on mandatory inoculations will be reversed...Privately held BioPort Corp. of Lansing, Michigan, was awarded the Army order on Wednesday as part of a $245.6 million contract, the Pentagon said." - 1/4/04

Comment:  If this isn't arrogance of power and doesn't show contempt for the taxpayer, I don't know what does.

►December 31, 2003 - Anthrax Vaccine Safe, FDA Says - Washington Post via (abstract) - 1/1/04

December 30, 2003 - FDA's Issuance of Final Rule Concerning Anthrax Vaccine Reflective of Legal Gamesmanship - 18 Year Delay In Issuing Final Rule Calls Into Question FDA Conduct - Press Release, Mark S. Zaid, Esq. and John J. Michels, Jr., Esq. - 12/31/03

December 31, 2003 - FDA Issues Final Rule And Final Order Regarding Safety And Efficacy Of Certain Licensed Biological Products Including Anthrax Vaccine - FDA via ScienceDaily - "To complete the review of the safety and effectiveness of certain bacterial vaccines and toxoids licensed before July, 1972, FDA today issued a final rule and order that makes final determinations concerning the safety and effectiveness of such products and amends certain biologics regulations. The final order states FDA's conclusion that the licensed anthrax vaccine, Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed, is safe and effective for the prevention of anthrax disease - regardless of the route of exposure." - 12/31/03

Comment:  How conVENient.

December 31, 2003 - Pentagon's past errors heighten vaccine fears - - "The Pentagon's shameful record of stonewalling active military members and veterans about toxic exposures inspires no confidence in the claim that the vaccinations are safe. Soldiers have been guinea pigs many times before." - 12/31/03

December 31, 2003 - F.D.A. Rules Shots Effective for Anthrax That Is Inhaled (requires registration or subscription) - The New York Times - "In its statement on Tuesday, the F.D.A. said the new 'final rule and order' made clear that it 'does not regard the approved anthrax vaccine as investigational for protection against inhalation anthrax.' The new determination, the statement said, was 'relevant and should be considered in any further litigation in this matter.'...But Mark S. Zaid, a lawyer who is challenging the Pentagon's mandatory anthrax vaccine program, said the timing of the announcement was driven by politics, not science...'This alleged final rule is nothing more than after-the-fact gamesmanship to overrule the court's findings,' he said in a telephone interview. 'It appears reflective more of policy duress than independent analysis.'" - 12/31/03

December 30, 2003 - FDA: Anthrax vaccine 'safe and effective' - CNN - "Lawyers for the plaintiffs in the lawsuit issued a statement saying that the FDA's ruling is nothing more than 'after-the-fact gamesmanship to overrule the Court's findings.'...Attorney Mark Zaid cited research from an FDA panel in 1985 -- which was also mentioned in the FDA statement Tuesday -- that said that 'no meaningful assessment of [the vaccine's] value against inhalation anthrax is possible,' Zaid said." - 12/31/03

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