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Current political Action - S15 - Frist again and again! - updated 3/25/03

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03/14/03 -   Scandals - Adding insult to INJUSTICE to injury - Senator Frist is at it again

11/29/02 -   Scandals - The Homeland Security Act - The Aftermath

11/22/02 -   Scandals - The Homeland Security Bill - Is It Being Used As An Excuse To Federalize the Model (State) Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA)?

08/02/02Scandals - Stop the Frist Bill (pre-Homeland Security Bill)

Posted January 10, 2004 - updating

Dear Senator Frist....Allow All Vaccine-Injured Children Into the NVICP and Civil Court and Give Them a Good Shot For Once (pdf) - National Autism Association (NAA) Ad #1 - 12/31/03

Dear Senator Frist...Vote Against the Frist/Gregg Vaccine Legislation and Give Them a Good Shot For Once (pdf) - National Autism Association (NAA) Ad #2 - 12/31/03

Comment: For more on Senator Frist's inappropriate use of the word "frivolous", go to Scandals: Senator Frist Frivolously Dismisses Vaccine Damage

Posted November 30 - updating


Mark Shields: The business lobby's campaign against McCain - CNN - "After pharmaceutical companies had put more than $30 million into congressional campaigns to elect their friends, the drug chiefs want and expect a friendly Republican-run Congress to kill any profit-threatening price controls on prescription drugs or any liberal scheme to allow citizens to buy cheaper, generic versions of expensive brand-name medicines...The Republican House promptly showed its gratitude by secretly inserting provisions in the anti-terrorism Homeland Security Bill to allow Eli Lilly to escape liability for any childhood autism linked to its smallpox vaccine and to allow American companies that move their legal address offshore just to avoid paying U.S. taxes to win federal contracts paid for by American taxpayers." - To go to Senator John McCain's Straight Talk America, click here. (November 27, 2002) - 11/15/03

Posted November 29

Eli Lilly and Thimerosal - In These Times - 11/11/03


"Good Doctor" Frist Doesn't Care About Women's Health - N.O.W. - "Case in point: While the homeland-security bill was being drawn up at the end of the session in 2002, someone in the Senate inserted a two-paragraph provision that would shield pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly from lawsuits brought by parents convinced that a preservative used in the company's vaccines caused autism in their children. Frist never owned up to adding the provision, but it was nearly identical to one he had authored earlier in the session." (Spring 2003) - 11/10/03

Posted June 12

E-News: Senate Backs Away from Compensation Reforms (NVIC) - 5/19/03

Posted May 19

E-News: Senate Backs Away from Compensation Reforms (NVIC) - 5/19/03

The Class Action Unfairness Act - The New York Times  - 4/25/03

Posted May 7

Frist bill further safeguards doctors from vaccine lawsuits - The legislation also would enhance the rights of children injured by vaccines. - - 4/20/03

Posted May 5

Ripping Off the Rights of Children - Drug Companies are Enlisting the Help of Heavy Hitters to Protect Themselves from Liability-Senators Frist and Gregg Look Like Minions of High Profit-Vaccine Industry - PRNewswire via Yahoo! - 4/17/03

Posted May 1

E-News: VICP Legislation (NVIC) - 4/12/03

Posted April 30

Senate Panel Drops Vaccine-Damages Bill - The Washington Post - 4/11/03

Vaccine Liability Compromise Collapses - The New York Times - 4/10/03

Senate Panel Drops Vaccine-Damages Bill - The Washington Post - 4/10/03

GOP pushing to protect makers of vaccines - - 4/10/03

Childhood vaccine bill hits legislative roadblock - Reuters Health - 4/10/03

Posted April 27

Action Postponed on Vaccine Lawsuits - Senate Panel Drops Plans to Overhaul Program to Compensate Kids Injured By Vaccines - AP via ABC News - 4/9/03

Bill moving through Senate would nullify vaccine lawsuits -  The Daily Times - 4/9/03

Bill to Nullify Vaccine Lawsuits Moving - AP via - 4/9/03

Bill Would Force Out Autism Lawsuits - Senate Bill Would Force Out Lawsuits That Claim Link Between Childhood Vaccines and Autism - AP via ABC News - 4/9/03

Childhood Vaccine Bill Hits Legislative Roadblock - Reuters Health via Yahoo! - 4/9/03

Republicans Press for Bill to Shield Vaccine Makers From Suits - The New York Times - 4/9/03

Senate Delays Action on Nullifying Suits - AP via - 4/9/03

E-News: Senate Bill Held Again (NVIC) - 4/9/03

Posted pre-April 27

S754 - Improved Vaccine Affordability and Availability Act - To amend the Public Health Service Act to improve immunization rates by increasing the distribution of vaccines and improving and clarifying the vaccine injury compensation program, and for other purposes. - introduced by Senator Frist and referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions - posted 4/26/03 in 4/8/03

Bill Would Force Out Autism Lawsuits - AP via - posted 4/26/03 in 4/8/03

Deal on Frist vaccine bill may be set - UPI Washington Politics & Policy Desk - posted 4/26/03 in 4/8/03

Republicans Press for Bill to Shield Vaccine Makers From Suits - The New York Times - posted 4/26/03 in 4/8/03

Frist do us no Harm: Angry Parents of Vaccine-Injured Mercury-Poisoned Children Jam Fax Machines Before Frist's Legislation Goes Back to Markup This Wednesday - PRNewswire via Yahoo!  - posted 4/25/03 in 4/07/03

Letter from an autistic boy to our U.S. Senators  - posted 4/25/03 in 4/07/03

E-News: Senate Bill Held Again (NVIC) - posted 4/3/03

E-News: Senate Republicans Move On Vaccine Bill (NVIC) - posted 4/3/03

E-News:  Frist bill Removed from Senate Mark-up (NVIC) - posted 3/19/03

A Commitment To The Vaccine Injured Is Kept: Burton To Introduce "Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Improvement Act Of 2003" - posted 3/18/03

Parent Coalition For Vaccine Injured Children Calls On Congress To Slow Down Compensation Bill - posted 3/18/03

Senator Frist Has Done It Again: The Autism Autoimmunity Project to Sponsor DC Rally This Wednesday in Protest of S15 - posted 3/17/03

Recently-repealed Homeland Security Bill Provisions get Special-Interest Sequel Courtesy of Senator Bill Frist & S. 15 - Press release - posted 3/17/03

**Eli Lilly rider news and information** - last updated 3/2/03 (note new format)


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