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Conflict of Interest  

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Updated 11/04/02 (thru July 21, 2002) More notes on dates - RED = RECENT ADDITIONS

Scandals - The Ivory Tower: Not So Lily White

Scandals: Pediatrics Peddling Vaccines

American Heart Association did not declare interest in alteplase

Auditors take wider look at smallpox vaccine deal

Bartlett Democratic Club Speech - pick of the week

Bill to Boost Industry Fees That Fund FDA - Critics Fear Conflicts

British Journal Lancet States FDA Far Too Cozy With Drug Industry  

Burton Critical of Vaccine Approval Process

Cash fury over jab experts

Cash link to smallpox contract denied

Conflict of Interest and the Public Trust

Conflict of interest fear over study of autism

Conflict-of-Interest Policies for Investigators in Clinical Trials

Conflicts of Interest

Congressional Hearings

Congressional Hearing Exposes Conflicts of Interest

Critics say drug trials often a marketing tool

(The) Death of Medicine: No Cure, No Vaccine, No Treatment

Delusions and dupes

Docs Get Bonus For Giving MMR Vaccine

Doctors abandon bonus scheme for MMR jabs

Doctors accept $50 a time to listen to drug representatives

Doctors criticised over drug company payments

Drug companies and charities accused of conflict of interest

Drug firms accused of distorting research

Drug firms hype disease as sales ploy, industry chief claims

Drug firms score by paying doctors for time

Drug tycoon in £50,000 Labour link

Ethical issues concerning the relationship between medical practitioners and the pharmaceutical industry

Ethics of undisclosed payments to doctors recruiting patients in clinical trials

Exposed: MMR experts' cash link to vaccine firms

Financial Contributors to the Immunization Action Coalition

Follow the money on vaccines - by Phyllis Schafly - pick of the week

Special Report: part one - Fraudulent Conduct That Takes Lives: Why Criminal Prosecution of Medical Researchers with Financial Conflicts, Who Fabricate Safety Data, Has Become an Essential Component of Regaining the Integrity of Device and Drug Research

GAO says research community needs to prevent financial conflicts of interest

German doctors face investigation in drugs scandal

Glaxo probed over doctor freebies

Greed and Guinea Pigs: Risking the Health of the U.S. Military

Harvard School of Public Health refuses tobacco funds

How They Rule - Tracking Boardroom Interconnections

Infants Can Handle Multiple Vaccines: Experts

Influencing Doctors- How Pharmaceutical Companies Use Enticement to ‘Educate’ Physicians - pick of the week

Integrity in Science - Non-profits ties to industry

Jab advisers in drug firm links  

JAMA- Don't believe everything you read

Journal Sees Fault in Studies - pick of the week

Journals demand that authors declare their independence of sponsors

Journals fail to adhere to guidelines on conflicts of interest  

Just how tainted has medicine become? - pick of the week

Labour claims unravel over vaccine deal

Lawmakers Propose New Protections for Human Research Subjects

Maintaining the integrity of the scientific record

Medical board members tied to company

Medical Editor Rips Into FDA

Medical Journal Eases Conflict Rules: New England Journal of Medicine Relaxes Conflict-of-Interest Rules - pick of the week

(A) Medical Journal Eases Conflict Rule

Medical Journals Hooked on Drug Money

Medical Payola: And You Thought The Radio Scandals Of The 1950's Were Bad?

Merck Is Said to Limit Perks in Marketing to Physicians

MMR chief has a £10,000 stake in firm which makes vaccine

MMR group's cash links to vaccine firm

MMR target cash 'should be scrapped'

Most doctors who set guidelines have industry ties

New England Journal loosens its rules on conflict of interest

New Report Unmasks United Seniors Association as Hired Gun for Drug Industry

Opening Statement Conflict of Interest Hearings

Practitioners and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Prescription Drugs | Vermont Governor To Sign Bill Requiring Drug Makers To Report Gifts To Doctors 

Prescription for Profit

PREVNAR- A Critical View of a New Childhood Vaccine  

Report Urges Review of Researchers' Ties

Scandal of scientists who take money for papers ghostwritten by drug companies - pick of the week

Scientists Often Mum About Ties to Industry  

Second Thoughts on Mercury in Fish

Shady Deal - The New England Journal of Medicine Stoops Lower

Some Known Conflicts of Interest

Special Interests Undermine Objectivity of Scientific Research

Study Says Clinical Guides Often Hide Ties of Doctors

Suit Says Company Promoted Drug in Exam Rooms 

(The) Ties That Bind

Ties to drug company raise vaccine questions

(The) tightening grip of big pharma

Unhealthy influence - There is a danger that WHO's new partnership with drug companies will skew its health policies

University accused of violating academic freedom to safeguard funding from drug companies

US drug companies will meet more than half the cost of drug approval

Vaccine campaigners highlight links to makers of controversial MMR triple jab - Protest over watchdogs who hold drug shares

Vermont to Require Drug Makers to Disclose Payments to Doctors

When a Buyer for Hospitals Has a Stake in Drugs It Buys

Whistle-Blower Says Marketers Broke the Rules to Push a Drug

Who Is Protecting the Public Health?  Can We Trust the Regulators?

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