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The old "Recommended List" - Model State Emergency Health Powers Act                           


Model State Emergency Health Powers Act                           

Updated 10/09/02 (thru June 30, 2002) More notes on dates - RED = RECENT ADDITIONS

Scandals: MSEHPA - Why Government and Medicine Shouldn't Mix

*The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, State Legislative Activity* (as of November 1, 2002) - Center for Law and the Public's Health - 12/9/02

AAPS Tells Gov. Bush: Veto Forced Drugging Bill - Florida Bill Threatens Civil Liberties, Gives Unprecedented Power to Unelected Officials - pick of the week

DRAFT 2, Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act

Center for Law and the Public's Health

Sample "Model" Letters


AAPS Comparison of MSEHPA Drafts  

AAPS MSEHPA Action Alert

AAPS New York MEHPA Testimony

Agency Weighs Buying Drug to Protect Against Radiation-Induced Ailments

Alternative Remedies for Bio Weapons? The Government is not Happy



Bill would give governors absolute power  

Biological Terror: A Consideration of Ancient and Alternative Treatments of Catastrophic Diseases

Bioterror Drugs Stall Over Rules and Logistics

Bio-terror Response Plan Would Invade Civil Liberties, Says Critic

Bush plans forced immunizations, quarantines

CCHC Minnesota Legislative Report #6

CDC Advances Totalitarian Legislation Under Guise of "Public Health"- Forced Drugging and Injections Are On The Horizon - pick of the week

CDC proposal is extreme

Children: Inoculate or Confiscate? - Your Choice. States Declare War on Remaining Parental Rights

"Comprehensive Medical Care for Bioterrorism Exposure - Are We Making Evidence-Based Decisions? What Are the Research Needs?"

'Cure' for Bioterror May Be Worse Than the Disease

Despite Some Concerns, Civil Liberties Are Taking a Back Seat 

Don't Amplify Bioterror Fears, Say UK Researchers

Drug Industry Has a Muscular Lobby Tries to Shape Nation's Bioterror Plan 

Drug Makers to Help U.S. Inform Doctors

Emergency-powers bill gaining momentum

E-News: Bioterrorism Bill Passes

E-News: Cliff Kincaid Interviews Barbara Loe Fisher

E-News: Critics fight model bill in Florida

E-News: Sweeping bioterrorism measure gutted

Enforceable, Mandatory Vaccination Seen Necessary in Event of Smallpox Attack

Ethical Challenges of Bioterrorism

Fascism at the door - by Joseph Farah - pick of the week

Forced Vaccination

Germs- Biological Weapons and America's Secret War

Governor's "Emergency" Power to Control Your Lives

Health bill endangers civil rights

He Routed Smallpox, Now Tackles Bioterror

Homeland Health - An Unhealthy Alliance?

House Minerals Committee Defeats Anti-Terrorism Bill

House Panel Urged to Consider Homeopathic Medicine As Weapon Against Bioterror Threat

Hysteria Over Bioterrorism

Info, Not Quarantine, Key to Bioterror Response

Maryland lawmakers take a careful approach to health emergency law

Mass hysteria is seen as main threat from bioweapons

Mass Inoculations Opposed by Nation's Largest Doctors' Group

Military Police Internment/Resettlement Operations

Model State Bioterror Law Stirs Controversy - World Net Daily

Model State Emergency Health Powers Act? Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!

(The) Model Emergency Health Powers Act Creates Its Own Emergency: This Is Not a Healthy Piece of Legislation

Model Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA) Turns Governors into Dictators  

Model health law empowers states

Mr. Quarantine, Meet Miss Liberty

(A) Muscular Lobby Tries to Shape Nation's Bioterror Plan

Negotiators Reach Compromise on Measure to Strengthen Safeguards Against Bioterror

(An) Overreaction to the Bioterrorism Threat- Why the "Emergency Health Powers Act" is Not The Answer

Panel- U.S. needs central vaccine site

Political war profiteering 

(The) politics of immunization in public health

Poll finds bioterror concerns widespread

Power Grab Over Health Care

Preparing for Patient Zero

Prescription for disaster by Jonathan Turley

Q: Do the States Need Expanded Powers to Prepare for a Bioterrorism Attack?

Review of The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act - University of Missouri

Review of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act - Home School Foundation


Smallpox and Forced Vaccination - What Every American Needs to Know - pick of the week

Smallpox scare spurs emergency powers bill

State Model Emergency Health Powers Act - Resolution, Constitution Party

States Seek to Strengthen Emergency Powers- Movement Is Raising Privacy and Civil-Liberties Concerns

States Urged to Update Antiquated Public Health Laws - The CDC proposes a model statute

States Weighing Laws to Fight Bioterrorism

Tell Your State Legislator To Scrutinize MEHPA

Terrorism High Alerts as Voodoo-Like Nocebos: The Impact on Health

Testimony to the House Government Reform Committee on Complementary Medicine and Bioterrorism

U.S. Officials Reorganize Strategy on Bioterrorism

The Vaccination Tax

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