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The List

Note:  The date next to this section in the frame to the left represents the last time anything was added to this page, i.e., the actual date any changes were made.  To see the last week that is represented here, go to picks of the week.  To find news/information since then, go to the daily news pages occurring after that date: /DailyNews/dailynews.htm.  If you have any questions, please email Sandy Mintz at

Most Updated 11/04/02 (thru July 21, 2002) More notes on dates - RED = RECENT ADDITIONS GREEN = MOST RECENT ADDITIONS

Adverse Reactions  - 10/11/02

Anthrax/anthrax vaccine/Gulf War Syndrome  - 11/04/02

Autism - 11/04/02

Autism and Mercury - 11/04/02

Autism and MMR - 11/23/003

Bills (MEHPA) -  8/26/02

Books - 8/26/02

Chickenpox/chickenpox vaccine - 11/04/02

Conflict of Interest  - 11/04/02

Congressional Hearings - 2/9/02

Contamination - 10/10/02

Diphtheria/diphtheria vaccine - 8/27/02

DPT/Pertussis/Whooping Cough - 11/04/02

Effectiveness - 11/04/02

Ethics - 11/04/02

Flu/Flu vaccine - 10/10/02

General/overviews - 11/04/02

Haemophilus Influenza/Hib vaccine 

Hepatitis A/Hep A Vaccine - 8/27/02

Hepatitis B/Hep B Vaccine - 10/11/02

Legal/political - 11/04/02

(The) Lure of Vaccine/Drug Dollars -  8/28/02

Lyme Disease/Lyme disease vaccine - 8/24/02

Mandatory Vaccination/Parental, Healthcare Rights, Privacy  - 10/11/02

Media - 10/11/02

Meningitis/meningitis vaccine - 3/20/02

MMR Vaccine/measles, mumps, rubella - 11/04/02

Model State Emergency Health Powers Act - 11/04/02

Pet/animal vaccines - 10/10/02

Pharmaceutical Industry - 10/11/02

Pneumonia/pneumonia vaccine/prevnar - 8/24/02

Polio/polio vaccine - 11/04/02

Politics - 10/10/02

Rabies/rabies vaccine - 8/28/02

Rally Documents

Research, medical fallibility - 10/11/02

"Science", government, the media clearly running amok - 11/04/02

Shortages - 11/04/02

SIDS  - 11/04/02

Smallpox/smallpox vaccine - 10/11/02

Tetanus/tetanus vaccine - 10/11/02

"The Condition Our Condition Is In" (The State of Medicine) - 11/04/02

Treatment/prevention alternatives - 11/04/02

Vaccines in the Pipeline - 11/04/02

VAERS/Compensation Act - 8/16/02

Who Do You Trust? - 10/11/02

* Sections/ articles in red are the most recent additions


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