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Sometime before the end of the year, this website will be going full archive unless I can get support for maintaining the daily RSS feeds.  That means there will be no updating, although you will still be able to access the articles archived here.  Regardless, you also will no longer be able to deduct any donations you make because Vaccination News will no longer be a non-profit.  (Because I got so few donations in the past, we lost our “public charity” status some years ago and had to become a foundation, which costs much more to file with the IRS, and I am no longer willing to subsidize those costs.)


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Sandy Gottstein

President, Vaccination News

President, Vaccination News, A Non-Profit Corporation

Sandy's Column - Shining a light on the vaccine debate

Past and current columns by Sandy Gottstein

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10-16-13 - Risky Business

10-03-13 - Let there be sunlight! Is sunscreen implicated in the development and rise in the incidence of autism?

06-20-13 - HPV Vaccine – What Will It Take?

04/16/13 - Vaccine Injury Anecdotes Are No Joke

04/09/13 - Autism and Alzheimer’s: Matching bookends?

04/01/13 - Gladness Reigns in Autism-Land

09/21/11 - The Attempted Hijacking of “Science” by the Ultra Pro-Vaccine Crowd

07/22/11 - Ghostwriting in the sky?

03/21/11 - The Boy W.H.O. Cried Wolf

03/16/11 - Has Thimerosal Been Absolved of Causing Vaccine Harm?

03/09/11 - Who’s On First? The Sometimes Zany World of Twitter

02/23/11 - Can and Should We Try and Eliminate Disease? Part 1 – Can we?

01/24/11 - Evidence-based medicine: What’s not to like?

01/19/11 - Does Vaccination Play a Role in the Incidence and Apparent Rise of Epilepsy?

01/18/11 - And They Wonder Why We Don't Trust Them

01/12/11 - VAERS - I'm Not Laughing

06/17/10 - Forced Vaccinations: Musings on what the road to Hell is paved with - update

04/12/10 -  Friendly Fire in the "War on Disease" - Blog at Age of Autism

04/08/10 -  Breast-feeding: When Mother Nature Really Does Know Best

03/09/10 -   VAERS - Is the Joke On Us?

03/05/10 -   Sleepwalking Through Vaccine-Land

02/08/10 -   Political Science and You!

02/02/10 -   The GMC Scores a Victory! “Religion” 1, Science 0!

04/11/08 -    Is Changing The Vaccine Schedule Enough? 

03/11/08  -   The Shots Heard 'Round the World 

02/18/08  -   On cheating "the other guy"

02/11/08  -   The Power of Fear 

11/26/07  -   A Half-Truth In The Vaccination Era - Serious Measles and the Role the Measles Vaccine Plays in Preventing It 

11/21/07  -  Forced Vaccinations - Musings on what the road to Hell is paved with 

11/19/07 -   Flashback - Reasonable People Can Disagree:  The rationale for allowing philosophical exemptions to vaccinations - POSITION PAPER ON MANDATORY VACCINATIONS 

11/17/07 -   An Uncommon Cold and Global Warming - Ties That Blind? 

11/15/07 -   Should we believe the latest CDC vaccine study? 

04/15/06   - Is the recent mumps outbreak really such a mystery?  

04/10/06 -  Introducing the American Academy of Pediatrics’ new “Two Wrongs Make a Right” policy!  

04/05/06 -   Are vaccines involved in Gulf War Syndrome, autism and other chronic diseases? 

02/06/06 -   Ethylmercury Shmethylmercury 

12/23/05 -   The Perfect Business Plan 

10/31/04 -   Warning:  Vaccine Sacred Cows May Endanger Your Health 

10/22/04 -   Has Dan Rather Once Again Failed To Responsibly Investigate An Important Issue?

Note:  This column and all future columns will be dedicated in loving memory to Nicholas Regush, my mentor, my adviser, my inspiration, but most of all, my friend. 

02/17/04 -   The Irresponsible Media Coverage of the Institute of Medicine Meeting on Autism and Vaccines 

02/05/04 -   Concern About Bird Flu But Indifference to Using Avian Cell Cultures To Create Vaccines, Including Flu Vaccine 

01/07/04 -   Another Unnecessary Vaccine?  Here Comes the Hype for a New Meningitis Vaccine 

01/02/04  -  On "mad cows" and sick monkeys: From the people who brought you SV40 in vaccines.... 

12/22/03 -   Senator Frist Frivolously Dismisses Vaccine Damage 

12/2/03  -    Is Rubella Vaccination Playing A Role In The Rise In Autism? 

09/12/03 -   Shoot First, Don't Ask Questions Later 

09/05/03 -   Adding Insult to Injustice to Injury Redux 

06/27/03 -   BMJ Tackles Conflict of Interest 

05/23/03 -   Something Rotten In The State Of Research - The Twisted Tale Of Pneumonia Vaccine For Adults 

04/25/03 -   Whose job is it, anyway? 

04/04/03 -   Advice Worth Following - Be Wary of "Experts" 

03/14/03 -   Adding insult to INJUSTICE to injury - Senator Frist is at it again 

03/07/03 -   "But Faith, fanatic Faith, once wedded fast To some dear falsehood, hugs it to the last." - Thomas Moore - update and "flashback") 

02/28/03 -   Death By Lethal Injection - From The Heart Of One Mother to Another ("flashback") 

02/14/03 -   Avoidance Of Vaccine Truth But Not Consequences -  Are We "Knee Deep in the Big Muddy"? 

02/07/03 -   "Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it."  - George Bernard Shaw - Musings on the heavy burden that taking responsibility 

01/31/03 -   Vaccine Effectiveness - An ineffective argument 

01/17/03 -   Vaccinations  - Garbage In/Less Than All The Garbage Out? 

01/03/03 -   Prescription For Disaster - Is Vaccine Policy A "House of Cards"? 

12/13/02 -   Run, Don't Walk 

12/06/02 -   No Better Friend - A Special Thanks to Congressman Dan Burton 

11/29/02 -   The Homeland Security Act - The Aftermath 

11/22/02 -   The Homeland Security Bill - Is It Being Used As An Excuse To Federalize the Model (State) Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA)?  

11/15/02 -   Why We Won't Take No* For An Answer (*No relationship between MMR and autism) 

11/01/02 -   Changing Disease Epidemiology Via Vaccines - Are We "Robbing Peter To Pay Paul"? 

10/25/02 -   The Institute of Medicine Review Of SV40 Contamination of Polio Vaccine and Cancer 

10/18/02 -   Vaccine-related infant deaths - When is enough, enough? 

10/11/02 -   "Too much medicine? Almost certainly " ("Flashback") 

10/04/02 -   Vaccine Shortages: It's hard to know what to believe 

09/27/02 -   Thank You, Congressman Shays 

09/20/02 -   For No Good Reason: The Utterly Misguided Universal Infant Hepatitis B Vaccination Policy 

09/13/02 -   Measles In The Vaccination Age:  Is It Now Deadlier? 

09/06/02 -   Don't Worry, Be Happy 

08/30/02 -   Tiptoeing Through The Minefield of Possible Vaccine Reactions - Mainstream Media's Sins Of Omission 

08/23/02 -   Look Who's Paying OR Why the Insurance Companies Might Want to Consider Investing in Vaccine Safety Research  

08/16/02 -   More Hepatitis B Vaccine Reactions Among Children Reported Than Cases Of the Disease - NVIC ("Flashback") 

08/09/02 -   Contemporary Legends - How To Lie With Statistics I 

08/02/02 -   Stop the Frist Bill 

07/26/02 -   Whooping cough vs. whooping cough vaccine-associated infant deaths 

07/19/02 -   Does rubella vaccination prevent congenital rubella syndrome?    

07/12/02 -   The real scandal of the MMR debate - by Walter Spitzer, Ph.D. ("Flashback") 

07/05/02 -   Is the theory of "herd immunity" flawed? 

06/28/02 -   Are wolves in sheep's clothing trying to pull the wool over our eyes? 

06/21/02 -   Important and Timely 1962 Congressional Testimony concerning Health Freedom ("Flashback") 

06/14/02 -   Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me. 

06/07/02 -   Playing With Fire - It's Not EASY To Fool Mother Nature 

05/31/02 -   "Knowledge being to be had only of visible and certain truth, error is not a fault of our knowledge, but a mistake of our judgment, giving assent to that 
which is not true." (John Locke) /"Appearances often are deceiving." (Aesop) 

05/24/02 -  "But Faith, fanatic Faith, once wedded fast To some dear falsehood, hugs it to the last." - Thomas Moore 

05/17/02 -  On Falsely Reassuring The Public - Safe Minds' Response to the AAP Press Release Concerning the IOM Report on Thimerosal in Vaccines  

05/10/02 -  When is an oops not really an oops?  When you get to solve the problems you cause, and make money doing both! 

05/03/02 -   The Ivory Tower: Not So Lily White 

04/19/02 - “He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts—for support rather than illumination.” - Andrew Lang - More confusing disease stats 

04/12/02 -  How much anecdotal evidence does it take to change a.......make a light bulb go on? "Why are my five children autistic?" - Mary Robinson's story 

04/05/02 -  Wanted: Dead or Alive? Is IPV really safer than OPV? 

03/29/02 -  The CDC and “The New Math”, where 1 + 1  does not equal 2 

3/22/02 -  "There are no secrets that time does not reveal" (Jean Racine) - What time and the legal system are beginning to reveal about what vaccine 
manufacturers and the CDC know 

03/15/02 - The Thimerosal/SV40 Connection  - Public Health's Ongoing Scandal 

03/08/02 - The more things change, the more they stay the same - School Nurse Congressional Testimony on Hepatitis B Vaccine ("Flashback") 

3/01/02 - “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” 

02/22/02 - Infant Vaccine Deaths - But Who's Counting? (No news is NOT good news.) 

02/15/02 - A Scandal of Epidemic Proportions: The media and government on autism - asleep at the wheel or in bed with the drug companies? 

02/08/02 - MSEHPA - Why Government and Medicine Shouldn't Mix 

02/01/02 - What Is Wrong With This Picture? 

01/25/02 - What Do We Really Know About Polio and the Polio Vaccine? and Pediatrics Peddling Vaccines 

*All columns, with the exception of certain "flashbacks", by Sandy Gottstein 

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