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Tiptoeing Through The Minefield of Possible Vaccine Reactions - Mainstream Media's Sins Of Omission

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Over and over it happens.  A story is reported, an awful connection having been made between some putative causative agent(s) and an untoward event.

And over and over it happens that, in spite of the relevance,  little or no mention is made of vaccines as one of the possible causes.

Take for example the numerous reports on mercury toxicity.  Get rid of your mercury thermometers - they could break!  Don't eat fish high in mercury if you are pregnant, nursing or a child!  Even mercury amalgam has a detractor in the popular media.

On the other hand, where is the questioning, the disgust, the outrage, over the notion that injecting mercury into the bodies of tiny babies could in any way be harmless?  Why has most of the media, with a few notable exceptions, appeared to have bought, "hook, line and sinker", the ridiculous argument, made without a hint of embarrassment, that the alleged lack of evidence specifically against the mercury in vaccines is proof of  its inability to do any damage?

Where is common sense?

Then there's the question of what might be causing the alarming rise in chronic disease.  How often does the media issue reports dealing with the growing concern that vaccines might be undermining the immune system, particularly the fragile infant one, with the result being the inability to ward off chronic illness?  Instead the banners blare that infants can handle 10,000 vaccines, without a shred of real evidence to support it.  (If the infant immune system is so strong, why the need for colostrum, for breastfeeding?  Why, even, the need for vaccines?)  Meanwhile, there was no disclosure that this "study" was authored by a doctor,  Dr. Paul Offit, who is paid by the vaccine manufacturers to educate other doctors about the safety of vaccines.

Why no apparent concern about this inconvenient fact?

What about the rise in childhood cancers, particularly those of the head and neck?  Until recently, and only when the article has been about SV40 specifically,  which over the years many studies have connected to cancers, including brain tumors, has the notion that vaccines might be involved even come up.

Most recently has been the hue and cry over possible blood risk for CJD.  Is there ever any mention that vaccine cell cultures have a long history of being contaminated with animal diseases, including bovine ones?  Isn't there the slightest media concern about the consequences of injecting such pollutants into our bodies?

When did the the mainstream media become the mouthpiece, the champion, of the vaccine manufacturers?  What will it take to end this conspiracy of media silence?

Sandy Gottstein  

Date: 8-30-2002