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Sometime before the end of the year, this website will be going full archive unless I can get support for maintaining the daily RSS feeds.  That means there will be no updating, although you will still be able to access the articles archived here.  Regardless, you also will no longer be able to deduct any donations you make because Vaccination News will no longer be a non-profit.  (Because I got so few donations in the past, we lost our “public charity” status some years ago and had to become a foundation, which costs much more to file with the IRS, and I am no longer willing to subsidize those costs.)


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President, Vaccination News, A Non-Profit Corporation

San Francisco Chronicle Articles on SV40

San Francisco Chronicle Articles on SV40, polio vaccine and cancer

Rogue virus in the vaccine: Early polio vaccine harbored virus now feared to cause cancer in humans

New documents show the monkey virus is present in more recent polio vaccine

Simian virus in polio shots tied to cancer: Two studies support widely disputed theory











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