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Protect Your Right To Choose Unconventional Medical Treatment - New York (and other interested parties) POLITICAL ACTION ALERT - Consumers Health Freedom Coalition - 7/18/02

New York AB9508    New York AB9508A

New York SB5841    New York SB5841A

New Yorkers for Vaccination Information and Choice (NYVIC) -  

Farina v. The Board of Education of the City of New York

New Yorkers for Vaccine Information and Choice - Emergency Health Powers Act Information and Links

New York State Emergency Health Powers Act -  New York ACTION ALERT - 3/5/02

New York Assembly Bill9508 - Emergency Health Powers Act

New York SB5841 - Emergency Health Powers Act - NY Vaccine Information Center

New York ACTION ALERT re: emergency health powers act - 12/11/01

New York Model Emergency Health Powers Act Bill - 12/10/01

New York Emergency Health Powers Act Action Alert - 12/10/01 - New York State Vaccination Law - posted 6/30/01, received March 2, 2001 - New York State Health Law - posted 6/30/01, received March 2, 2001

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