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All the News Posted September 4-6, 2008

Posted September 6, 2008


* ►September 7, 2008 - Controversial autism guru offers Scots a £7000 'cure' - Scotland on Sunday - "Raun Kaufman insists he 'fully recovered' from the condition and can show others how to do the same."

►September 7, 2008 - Shortage of vaccines - editorial - The Post

►September 7, 2008 - Landmark in fight against cancer - Sunday Herald, UK - "As the scientific co-ordinator of the only charity that funds cancer research across the world, I feel elated and slightly awed. This vaccine is a big pay-off from the international effort to improve prevention, detection and treatment of this global disease."

* ►September 7, 2008 - Teen measles vaccination rate under 40% - The Yomiuri Shimbun

* ►September 7, 2008 - Ministers ignored parents' fears over cervical cancer jab - Go-ahead for programme to give girls HPV vaccine, despite concerns it would be 'a licence for promiscuity' - The Independent, UK

* ►September 7, 2008 - Allergic reaction risk to cervical cancer jab - The Sun-Herald via Sydney Morning Herald - "The Federal Government's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) said health-care professionals and patients should be aware as 'the occurrence of anaphylaxis and allergic reactions is not predictable and can occur in anyone regardless of whether they have a previous history of allergy or not'. The TGA has received 1013 reports of suspected adverse reactions to Gardasil, but has not changed its backing of the vaccine, which is given free to girls and women aged 12 to 26."

* ►September 6, 2008 - Truthfulness in reporting By Cynthia A. Janak - Renew America - "When I started on this journey of reporting about Gardasil, I knew that there would be some that would do their best to discredit my findings. That is typical of journalism. So I have been expecting the barrage that I am receiving from one source and his pro-better life through chemicals sect*."

* ►September 6, 2008 - Should I Vaccinate My Child? - - "Rather than question the safety and efficacy of vaccines, most physicians and parents blindly 'immunize' children. Rarely do they ask the lifesaving question of, 'Will a vaccine protect my child?' As a pharmaceutical chemist and parent, I researched that question six years ago. The answer was an astounding no."

* ►September 6, 2008 - Things Come Around By Kent Heckenlively, Esq. - Age of Autism

* ►September 6, 2008 - Obama and Corzine Listen To New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice By Kim Stagliano - Age of Autism

* ►September 6, 2008 - As autism cases grow in Ore., new laws may arise - AP via The Oregonian -

►September 6, 2008 - Show support for autistic children by urging a 'yes' vote on Ohio House Bill 170 - letter - Chillicothe Gazette - "Ohio House Bill 170 will change this, if the bill can be passed into law. Health plans in Ohio could no longer exclude treatment for autism."

* ►September 6, 2008 - Education Week Clears Up The Confusion On Palin and Special Ed Funding - Adventures in Autism

►September 6, 2008 - Family walking for autism awareness - The Times-Mail

►September 6, 2008 - Autism Awareness Celebrated in Eau Claire - WEAU-TV 13

* ►September 6, 2008 - Former FDA Official Testifies that Eli Lilly Lied about Drug Side Effects -

* ►September 6, 2008 - FDA Declares Bisphenol-A Plastics Chemical to be Safe, Relying on Industry-Funded Studies -

* ►September 6, 2008 - That Plastic Baby Bottle - editorial (requires registration) - The New York Times - "What do you do when one arm of the government says everything is O.K. and another tells you to watch out? That is what is happening with bisphenol-A — a chemical used in many plastics and epoxy resins now found in baby bottles and liners for canned goods. The answer is a truism in every family rulebook — when in doubt, especially when it comes to children, err on the side of caution. That means it is a good idea to keep the young away from bisphenol-A, or BPA."

* ►September 6, 2008 - A question of ethics - Homeopaths are peddling so-called 'vaccines' without any evidence that they are effective - Comment is free via The Guardian, UK

* ►September 6, 2008 - Govt extends measles vaccination until tomorrow - DailyNewsOnline, Tanzania - "He said several children who attended the vaccination had no severe effects, proving the safety of the vaccine. 'In some areas like Morogoro and Rukwa Regions where some children collapsed because of the vaccine, the response has not been good as was the case in the previous campaigns ,' he said.  He added that poor health conditions of the schoolchildren could have been the cause for such incidents and that children must be well fed before going for vaccination."

►September 6, 2008 - Vermont ranks fourth for childhood immunizations - Bennington Banner

►September 6, 2008 - New report puts Washington near bottom nationwide for vaccination rates - Many parents in Washington and Idaho fail to have their children vaccinated against deadly diseases, according to a report issued this week. - The Spokesman-Review

►September 6, 2008 - CDC: More Kansas kids get shots - The Wichita Eagle via

* ►September 6, 2008 - Could an epidemic be looming in Idaho? (includes video) - KBCI CBS 2

►September 6, 2008 - Health officials remind students, parents of need for vaccines - Fort Scott Tribune

* ►September 6, 2008 - Cancer vaccine ready for girls - Controversial medicine helps prevent cervical cancer - Canwest News Service via - "Alberta is forging ahead with a program to immunize schoolgirls against the virus that causes cervical cancer, despite controversy among religious leaders about the plan and a recent study linking the vaccine with allergic reactions."

* ►September 6, 2008 - Seeking Details, Lawmakers Seek Anthrax Details (requires registration) - New York Times

* ►September 6, 2008 - New Information on FBI's Case Against Ivins from NY Times and the FBI Briefing of Aug. 18 - Anthrax Vaccine -- posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.

* ►September 6, 2008 - Building on 'Outstanding Questions' - The FBI has completed its disclosures, and the media, bloggers and scientists have spent a month discussing the anthrax letters case and putative guilt of Bruce Ivins. Where does the case stand, and what remains to be answered? - Anthrax Vaccine -- posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.

►September 6, 2008 - Accurate information helps reduce losses from bird flu - The provision of accurate information regarding avian influenza will help the government make correct decisions in preventing and controlling the disease, said a workshop in Hanoi. - VietNamNet Bridge

►September 6, 2008 - Your Rx now includes flu shot - Governor signs law making state 49th to let druggists administer vaccinations. - Syracuse Post-Standard

* ►September 6, 2008 - H5N1 Vaccine Effectively Prevents Bird Flu - Bernama - "The test of locally-made influenza A/H5N1 vaccine on humans has proved successful. The Military Medical Institute 103 in August reported that the first phase of the test of H5N1 influenza vaccine on humans was completed."

►September 6, 2008 - Tetanus shot may be gardener's best tool - A potential killer lurks in the garden, and a scratch or puncture wound is all it needs to launch a hostile takeover of your nervous system. It's tetanus, the bacteria Clostridium tetani. - Star-Ledger via Seattle Times

►September 6, 2008 - CDC Teams Investigate E. coli Outbreak - Epidemiologist Thinks Outbreak Has Stopped Spreading - KHBS NW Arkansas

►September 6, 2008 - HIV-positive man sues McDonald's after firing (requires registration) - AP via Chicago Tribune

►September 6, 2008 - Government urged to do more in fight against HIV in Africa - Canwest News Service via

►September 6, 2008 - Cloning Animals for Food - Political Affairs Magazine 

►September 6, 2008 - Tie between lake toxins, disease rates unravels - Duluth News Tribune

►September 5, 2008 - Vaccines and Viruses May Fight Colon Cancer - EndoNurse

►September 5, 2008 - School vaccinations will protect against major diseases -

►September 5, 2008 - NM ranks 31st in nation for immunization rate - AP via

* ►September 5, 2008 - Exemptions from vaccines increase - Jackson Hole Star Tribune

* ►September 5, 2008 - District, state remind parents of the importance of vaccinations - The Casper Star-Tribune - "Noemi Amaro had no idea her daughter, Jocelyn, was missing part of her Hepatitis B shot series until the school nurse called....Amaro took her daughter to the Casper-Natrona County Health Department Wednesday for a free vaccine clinic. While they were there, Jocelyn also received vaccines for Hepatitis A and chicken pox, which aren't required but are strongly encouraged."

* ►September 5, 2008 - Vaccine Choice, or Risky Move? - Federal health authorities revealed yesterday that Chicago lags behind the state and the country in childhood vaccinations. Many kids don’t get their shots because parents decline them. Public health experts say that’s led to the resurgence around Chicago of a disease that had been nearly snuffed out. - City Room via Chicago Public Radio

►September 5, 2008 - Ministry wants mandatory baby check-ups - Jerusalem Post

►September 5, 2008 - Widow seeks compensation in chickenpox case - The - "It is alleged Mr Hodge died because his immune system was weakened by the steroid drugs he was still taking for his eye inflammation."

* ►September 5, 2008 - Afghan refugee among two new polio victims - Daily Times, Pakistan - "They said in Peshawar, Muhammad, a nine-month-old Afghan boy, had been found suffering from type-3 polio, a contagious and dangerous form of the debilitating disease. They said the boy was administered seven doses of routine oral polio vaccine (OPV)....They said the Barkhan case involved a 24-month-old boy, Muhammad. They said the boy had been diagnosed with polio. He said the boy received three OPV doses."

►September 5, 2008 - Atlantan gets West Nile virus - Incidence of disease is much lower this year than last (requires registration) - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

►September 5, 2008 - West Nile virus kills San Bernardino County man - The 48-year-old's death is the third West Nile fatality in California this year. (requires registration) - Los Angeles Times

►September 5, 2008 - Domestic AIDS Epidemic Ignored at Republican National Convention - AIDS Action via PRNewswire-USNewswire via Comtex via MarketWatch

►September 5, 2008 - Trial to begin over mercury storage, spill in RI - AP via Forbes

* ►September 5, 2008 - Judge to Unseal Documents on the Eli Lilly Drug Zyprexa (requires registration) - The New York Times

►September 5, 2008 - House Judiciary Wants Answers From FBI Chief on Anthrax - Anthrax Vaccine -- posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.

►September 5, 2008 - Bereft of choice, Chinese vaccines head for Bihar - Expressindia

►September 5, 2008 - Sinovac launches Anflu vaccine for 2008-2009 period - Xinhua via Comtex via Trading Markets - "Currently, Sinovac could produce 20 million doses of pandemic influenza vaccine or five million doses of seasonal influenza vaccine each year."

►September 5, 2008 - Canada outlines 21 goals for Afghanistan - CBC - "Eradicate polio in Afghanistan through vaccine. In 2007, 27.7 million vaccines were administered, but 17 cases of polio were reported nationally."

* ►September 5, 2008 - Barack Obama dines with donors at Bon Jovi's house - The Star-Ledger via - "As Obama's motorcade drove up to Murphy's house, he waved from his car to a group of about 50 people rallying on a nearby lawn to express their concern about what they consider excessive vaccination of school children....Louise Habakus said she began intensive research on vaccinations after both children as infants suffered severe inflammatory bowel disease. She and others in her group, New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice, believe a host of childhood ailments could be side effects of vaccines."

* ►September 5, 2008 - Measles - Exploring Vaccines - "When considering the risks or benefits of the vaccine, consider this:  Once a population is exposed to measles in childhood, few infants or adults will contract it as they will have acquired immunity for life.  The vaccine simply can not do that. All it has done is decrease the virulence, the circulation cycle of the disease, and pushed the disease incidence to older persons and infants when the disease can be more harmful and deadly."

* ►September 4, 2008 - Rubella and CRS - Exploring Vaccines - "As you can see, the Rubella vaccine has had little impact on reducing the number of CRS cases over the last 40 years since its introduction, yet it increased CRS cases in some years. There are even incidences were women had high levels of antibodies to Rubella before pregnancy, yet the babies had CRS. There are also some women who will never seroconvert (show positive antibodies) no matter how many times they are vaccinated."

* ►September 4, 2008 - Mumps - Exploring Vaccines - "The Mumps vaccine program has essentially put all adult males at a greater risk, since it can be cause more complications in adulthood.  If the vaccine had only been offered to susceptible males and females after puberty, who had not acquired a natural case in childhood, we might very well see a different picture than we see today."

►September 4, 2008 - Pertussis (Whooping Cough) - Exploring Vaccines

►September 4, 2008 - Autism and measles vaccine: no link found -- again - Booster Shots blog via Los Angeles Times

►September 4, 2008 - Discovery Health Profiles the Inspiring Kirton Family in Autism x6 - Hour-Long Special Chronicling Life With Six Autistic Children Premieres Wednesday, October 1, at 8 PM (ET/PT) - Discovery Health via Sun Herald

►September 4, 2008 - Autism technology start-up settles lawsuit to end squabble with former CFO - Idaho Business

►September 4, 2008 - Congo, DRC, CAR join forces to eradicate polio at their borders - African Press Agency

►September 4, 2008 - Pandemic Flu Concerns Prompt One-of-a-Kind Handbook (includes video) -

* ►September 4, 2008 - Anthrax: The Demon in the Mailbox - Anthrax Vaccine -- posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.

►September 4, 2008 - Pro-Con: Do parents have a duty to vaccinate their children? YES - Kansas City Star

►September 3, 2008 - Chicken Pox/Shingles/The Vaccines - Exploring Vaccines

►September 3, 2008 - Docs fear mumps outbreak will spread - Extra shots offered to halt the spread of disease - The Province via

►September 3, 2008 - Mumps outbreak hasn't hit city - Burnaby case unrelated to outbreak that began in the Fraser Valley - Burnaby Now via

►September 3, 2008 - Global Inquiry Groups focus on mercury pollution - William and Mary News

►September 3, 2008 - Drug information for ordinary people in PubMed -  Discovering Biology in a Digital World via Science Blogs

* ►September 3, 2008 - Remember When: Polio once spread fear through Rock River Valley - Rockford Register Star - "Photo 19 of 22 - Then-polio experts thought DDT was a 'miracle insecticide,' that would kill polio 'bugs.' Airplanes dumped DDT on Rockford’s east side, and hospitals were sprayed with the insecticide, Page 1 of the Aug. 8, 1945, Rockford Morning Star reported."

►September 2, 2008 - Pacific outrage at HIV quarantine suggestion - Radio Australia

* ►September 2, 2008 - MMR Vaccine - MMR vaccine is it safe or effective? You be the judge based on the medical literature that is available to you. - Explorning Vaccines

* ►September 1, 2008 - Measles - Exploring Vaccines - "If anyone should be wary of Measles transmission it is the unvaccinated from the vaccinated. Right in the package insert, it states that MMR vaccinated children can excrete Measles Virus and the Mumps virus into the environment. The Chicken Pox vaccine can also be excreted with the MMR-V or Varicella vaccine. Babies, unvaccinated, the immunodeficient, and even older persons can be at risk from newly vaccinated people. Why aren’t parents being told this?"

* ►August 30, 2008 - New polio case reported - Pakistan Daily Mail - "Dr. Santosh, a member of the team, said that the child’s father told them that his son had been administered drops more than once during previous campaigns."

►August 30, 2008 - Sherry accuses EDOs Health of polio drive's failure - The Nation, Pakistan

►August 29, 2008 - Gastro enteritis claims 3 lives in Sokoto - Vanguard, Nigeria - "She also disclosed that polio vaccines were being rejected in some communities in the area and called for the government’s intervention."

►August 28, 2008 - Thousands of children didn’t get polio drops - Pakistan Dawn

►August 28, 2008 - Mumps outbreak raises ethical questions - Vancouver Sun via

►August 20, 2008 - Mandatory HPV Vaccines? (includes video) -

►August 14, 2008 - Argentina investigates deaths of vaccinated kids - Argentine authorities are exploring a possible link between the deaths of 14 children and an experimental vaccine they were taking in a clinical trial run by GlaxoSmithKline. - AP via Seattle Times

►August 14, 2008 - Red Bull drink lifts stroke risk: Australian study - Reuters

Vaccine Coverage and Billing Strategies Under Part D - Audioconference: Thursday, September 25, 2008 - AIS Health


Posted September 5, 2008


►October 2008 - Congenital myopathies. Neuromuscular diseases - journal article (Current Opinion in Neurology)

* ►September 6, 2008 - Trials start on flu vaccine that could end yearly jabs - The Independent, UK - "Clinical trials of a new universal flu vaccine that could offer long-term protection against strains including human mutations of bird flu are starting at Oxford University."

* ►September 6, 2008 - Flu vaccine could help fight to control pandemic - A vaccine that could signal the end of the annual flu jab is being tested. - The Telegraph, UK

►September 6, 2008 - Parents consent sought on vaccination - Fiji Times - "The parents of girls between the ages of 9 12 years will be made aware of the administration of the proposed cervical cancer vaccination."

►September 6, 2008 - Schoolgirls hit by reaction to Gardasil jab - The West Australian

►September 6, 2008 - Cervical cancer vaccine heads for India - Already tried out in US, India launch by November - Expressindia

►September 6, 2008 - Vaccination surveys starts this Saturday - Public asked to cooperate - Netherlands Antilles Daily Herald

►September 6, 2008 - Virology: How Does Herpes Simplex Virus Cause Inflammation Of The Brain? - Worldwide, about 80% of young adults are infected with herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1). - Journal of Clinical Investigation, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS via ScienceDaily

►September 6, 2008 - Adults give kids the whoops - Adults with whooping cough pose a threat to children, reports Health - Ten years ago, fewer than 50 per cent of cases of whooping cough -- widely regarded as a childhood disease -- were recorded in adults over the age of 20. Now the proportion is over 80 per cent. - The Australian

* ►September 6, 2008 - Autism: A different life - As the number of autistic children continues to rise, the question of who cares for them once their parents have died becomes pressing. One family is striving to provide answers, and hopes to create a village for autistic adults to live and work in. - The Telegraph, UK

* ►September 6, 2008 - Village head sacks wife over polio vaccine - The Punch, Nigeria - "A village head in Borno State, Alhaji Bulama Ali, has allegedly divorced his wife for making his children take the Oral Polio Vaccine. Ali, who is the village head of Suleimanti Ward in the Maisandari District of the Maiduguri Metropolitan Council, has since been removed over the incident."

* ►September 5, 2008 - Vaccine maker asks Mo. court to void $8.5M award - Vaccine maker asks Mo. Supreme Court to overturn $8.5M award for man who contracted polio - AP via CNNMoney - "Roger Yoerges, representing American Cyanamid, told the judges Thursday that based on the FDA's explanation of its own regulations, the company did the tests it was supposed to. He said the jury's verdict is based on a faulty interpretation of what tests are required and should be tossed out....Yoerges also argued that Strong's paralysis may have been caused by an adverse reaction to a normal vaccine and that he should have been forced to prove otherwise. If that were the case, Robertson countered, vaccine makers - who are protected from lawsuits if they follow all regulatory procedures - would have an incentive to skip testing. 'Why waste the money on testing when they can't prove that they wouldn't have gotten it any way?' Robertson said."

* ►September 5, 2008 - Study Fails To Clear MMR/Autism Link by Barbara Loe Fisher - Vaccine Awakening

* ►September 5, 2008 - NVIC Vaccine E-Newsletter
Study Fails To Clear MMR/Autism Link by Barbara Loe Fisher

As the latest study attempting to disprove a link between vaccination and autism demonstrates: if you really don't want to know the answer, just ask part of the question. When medical researchers take a reductionist approach to investigating vaccine risks, the public can always count on spin doctors to position the conclusions of a narrowly focused study in a way that appears to totally exonerate vaccines from association with all risks, especially autism.

The most recent paper purporting to clear MMR vaccine from any relationship with the development of regressive autism in previously healthy children was published by researchers at the CDC and Columbia University in the online journal of Public Library of Science . The authors report on a federally funded initiative to address the hypothesis published in 1998 by Andrew Wakefield, M.D. and others that some children who receive MMR vaccine develop inflammatory bowel disease and regressive autism due to persistent measles virus (MV) infection.

The examination by three laboratories of intestinal tissues from 25 autistic children, five of whom developed gastrointestinal (GI) and autistic symptoms after MMR vaccination, confirmed the presence of measles virus RNA in one child with autism and one control case. Even though the study only included five children who were previously healthy before regressing into autism after MMR vaccination, it is being touted as concrete proof that MMR vaccine is not in any way involved in the development of regressive autism in previously healthy children.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

While Wakefield may have imperfectly described the biological mechanism for development of MMR vaccine induced autism in 1998 (proposing a persistent measles virus infection in the GI tract that affected the brain), he certainly DID correctly report an association between receipt of MMR vaccine in previously healthy children and subsequent simultaneous development of serious bowel disease and autism. It was an important clinical observation and call for further research published in a respected medical journal (The Lancet) but one that Wakefield and his colleagues would pay for dearly. The hypothesis has been furiously denounced for a decade by mandatory vaccination proponents in government, industry, and medical organizations in Europe and the U.S. as they scramble to defend aggressive one-size-fits-all MMR vaccine policies being used in measles eradication campaigns worldwide.

Thoughtful House, a pediatric care facility and research institute in Austin, Texas founded by Dr. Wakefield, issued a response to the study which said in part: "We are pleased to see that this new study provides further confirmation that children with autism suffer from gastrointestinal problems that deserve to be addressed as a priority. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Executive Director of Thoughtful House Center for Children, whose work has focused on intestinal disease, and on the possible role of MMR vaccine in regressive autism in children with GI symptoms, welcomed these new findings. Dr. Wakefield was a co-author of the 2002 paper that, unlike yesterday's study, examined children in the majority of whom there was a clear temporal link between MMR exposure and regression. Dr. Wakefield comments, "The search for the 'footprints' of measles virus in the intestine is merited, based upon the previous findings and the intestinal disease that is commonly found in these children. This new study rules out only one possibility - that the measles virus must remain for the long term in the intestine. We need to consider that the MMR vaccine can cause autism as a hit-and-run injury, but not necessarily leave the measles virus behind."

The biological mechanism for MMR vaccine induced regressive autism - as well as autism that develops in previously healthy children following injection with other vaccines like DPT/DTaP, hepatitis B, varicella zoster, pneumococcal - could well involve an interaction between individual genetic vulnerabilities (autoimmunity, allergy) and the known ability of drugs and vaccines to induce immune mediated inflammation in the body, especially brain inflammation. The most serious and feared complication of the very first vaccines - smallpox and rabies - is inflammation of the brain (encephalitis/encephalopathy), which can be mild or severe with a constellation of acute symptoms that are subtle (deep sleep with difficulty arousing) to dramatic (convulsions, high pitched screaming).

Mild to severe brain inflammation can lead to permanent brain dysfunction in at least one-third or more of all who experience it. The residual effects of brain inflammation can vary from learning disabilities and ADHD/ADD to medication resistant seizure disorders, autistic behaviors and mental retardation.

In 1998, officials of the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) published a review of vaccine injury and death claims submitted to the VICP involving measles vaccine either alone or in combination (such as MMR). They analyzed the medical records of 48 children ages 10 to 49 months who either had died or suffered mental regression and retardation, chronic seizures, motor and sensory deficits and movement disorders following receipt of measles containing vaccines. The authors concluded that "The onset of neurologic signs or symptoms occurred with a nonrandom, statistically significant distribution of cases on days 8 and 9" and "This clustering suggests that a causal relationship between measles vaccine and encephalopathy may exist as a rare complication of measles immunization."

Immune mediated chronic inflammation of the brain, gastrointestinal tract and other parts of the body in previously healthy children following receipt of MMR and other vaccines may not be as rare as CDC officials would have the public believe.

Researchers have found evidence of chronic inflammation in the brains of patients with autism, particularly in the cerebellum. Brains of those suffering with autism have been observed to be in "a chronic state of specific cytokine activity." The suggested biological mechanisms for the observed brain inflammation included chronic disease or an external environmental source. In addition, there is a good possibility that genetic predisposition to immune system dysfunction (autoimmunity, allergy) may be a key to development of regressive autism following vaccination in some children.

The recent study out of the CDC and Columbia University is not good enough evidence to disprove the autism-MMR link first reported by Wakefield and others in 1998. The scope of the most recent investigation was far too narrow and enlightened pediatricians and informed parents know it. As autism advocate Rick Rollens and national autism groups have pointed out, more methodologically sound research must be done before the public jury questioning MMR vaccine safety will stand down. A good start would be a prospective case controlled study comparing immune and brain function of highly vaccinated children to that of unvaccinated children for a period of at least ten years, which has been requested by parents of vaccine injured children for several decades.

For a comprehensive summary of the decade- long persecution that Andrew Wakefield has endured at the hands of individuals with major financial conflicts of interest with government and industry, visit the Cryshame website at maintained in Great Britain. A new essay by British journalist Martin Walker entitled "An Interest in Conflict" examines the tactics used by those determined to punish Wakefield for daring to publish an hypothesis discussing the association between vaccines and autism.

The Cryshame website also features a video tutorial by British pediatrician Richard Halvorson on measles, mumps, rubella, and MMR vaccine. Questions Dr. Halvorsen poses and answers include:

• How dangerous is measles?
• Is measles a killer?
• Can measles be good for you?
• Does vaccination give life-long protection?
• Is MMR necessary?

COMING UP IN THE NEWS: On Monday, Sept. 8, the Dr. Mehmet Oz show on the Oprah & Friends Network is scheduled to broadcast a radio debate on hepatitis B vaccine (; On Tuesday, Sept. 9 the new daytime CBS show "The Doctors" will feature a segment on Gardasil vaccine; On Sept. 18, "The Doctors" will broadcast a segment on mandatory vaccination. For more information or to post a comment after the segments have aired, go to

"We are certain that there's no link between autism and the MMR," Dr. W. Ian Lipkin, director of the Mailman School of Public Health Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, said at a Wednesday teleconference...... Not everyone is convinced, however, that the vaccine does not play a role in causing gastrointestinal problems that can precede the onset of autism. "This study addresses one hypothesis. This study, by itself, does not exonerate the role of all vaccines. There are many biological mechanisms where environmental factors could present in the development of autism," said Rick Rollens, the father of an autistic son and one of the founding members of the M.I.N.D. Institute at the University of California, Davis. Rollens was also part of the teleconference." - Serena Gordon, U.S. News & World Report (September 4, 2008)

"While several researchers said this study is "conclusive" proof that there is no link, Tampa pediatrician, Dr. David Berger says the study is too small (38 children) to make that claim and not comprehensive enough to give parents 100 percent assurance. Dr. Berger says larger, longterm studies are needed. The Tampa board certified pediatrician advises parents to separate the live combination virus vaccine so they can tell if their child has had an allergic reaction to any of the vaccines. That will help parents when it comes time to give kids their MMR booster shot around kindergarten.....'If this study was done in an attempt to try and replicate the original research that was done by Dr. Wakefield, the researchers completely missed the point. Dr. Wakefield specifically looked at children- who had developed symptoms of both autism and intestinal abnormalities after receiving the MMR vaccine, and in those particular patients he was able to identify the presence of the measles virus. In this current study 80% of the patient'st had abnormal gastrointestinal symptoms prior to receiving MMR.'" - Heather VanNest, Tampbays10-TV (September 4, 2008)

"For years, parents have claimed that MMR triggered their child's subsequent GI (gastrointestinal) disease and autism. In a 2002 paper where the majority of autistic children were found to have measles in their intestines, the children examined showed a clear temporal link between MMR exposure and regression. The CDC's attempt to replicate the 2002 study fell far short of proving the safety of the MMR vaccine.....Inflammatory bowel disease in the absence of MMR RNA does not mean that MMR shot didn't precipitate the GI disease and didn't precipitate autism." - National Autism Association (September 3, 2008)
►September 5, 2008 - With the fear of autism lifted, vaccinations must not be rejected - The Times West Virginian

►September 5, 2008 - Autism and Vaccines: Why Bad Logic Trumps Science - LiveScience

* ►September 5, 2008 - Study Shows No Connection Between Autism and Persistence of MMR Virus RNA - Autism Speaks

* ►September 5, 2008 - NIH to fund Research to Advance Vaccine Safety - Autism Speaks

* ►September 5, 2008 - Autism Center of Pittsburgh to Present Controversial Conference on Autism and Environmental Toxins, Vaccines - press release - AutismLink via PRNewswire-USNewswire - "...Pittsburgh Autism Expo on  Friday, October 24 and Saturday, October 25, 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA. Details on the conference and registration can be found at"

►September 5, 2008 - Sarah Palin Raised Special Education Funding in Alaska - Adventures in Autism

►September 5, 2008 - McCain Mentions Autism in Acceptance Speech - Age of Autism

►September 5, 2008 - Parents of autistic son seek to raise awareness, funds - Valley Dispatch

►September 5, 2008 - Free medical conference on autism to be held next week in Riverside - Press-Enterprise

►September 5, 2008 - Autism: Are 38 Children a Study? - Free Market News Network

►September 5, 2008 - Men Walk Across County For Autism Awareness - Robert Williams, Bobby Genese Started Walk In May 2008 -

►September 5, 2008 - Researchers Pinpoint Genes Linked to Childhood Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Two genes that up the risk of IBD in kids offer new therapy targets - Scientific American

►September 5, 2008 - San Jose Seeks to Keep "Toxic" Fillings From Bay (requires registration) - San Jose Mercury News

►September 5, 2008 - Fears of long-range side effects fuel vaccine debate - The Daily News of Newburyport

* ►September 5, 2008 -  IAC Express 2008 Issue number 751 - Immunization Action Coalition - "Read 'Ask the Experts' Q&As from CDC experts"

* ►September 5, 2008 - US FDA to list drugs under early safety probes - Reuters

* ►September 5, 2008 - 20 Drugs the FDA Is Watching - First New Quarterly Report IDs Drug Side Effects Under FDA Investigation - WebMD

* ►September 5, 2008 - Judge OKs class-action lawsuit against Eli Lilly - Indianapolis Star - "A federal judge has ruled that pension funds, labor unions and insurance companies may sue Eli Lilly and Co. as a group over its schizophrenia drug Zyprexa. Judge Jack Weinstein, of New York, certifies the class-action lawsuit against Lilly in a 295-page ruling issued today. He denied class-action status to individuals with claims against Lilly."

* ►September 5, 2008 - Most U.S. Kids Getting Recommended Vaccinations - 90 Percent Get Most Shots, More Than 77 Percent Are Fully Inoculated, Federal Officials Say - HealthDay via ABC News

►September 5, 2008 - Hawaii Ranks Third in the Nation for Infant Immunizations According to National Immunization Survey - Hawaii Reporter

►September 5, 2008 - Estimated 78 percent of Colo. kids fully immunized - AP via

►September 5, 2008 - Why the Panic over Parents Who Don't Vaccinate? - Age of Autism

* ►September 5, 2008 - House Judiciary Wants Answers From FBI Chief on Anthrax -

* ►September 5, 2008 - Firm wins $55 million contract for smallpox drug - CIDRAP News

* ►September 5, 2008 - More taxpayer-funded Gardasil propaganda - Hilary's Desk via Beyond Conformity

►September 5, 2008 - Girls’ cervical cancer jabs hailed - Daily Post, UK

►September 5, 2008 - Compelling case for cancer jab - Belfast Telegraph

►September 5, 2008 - Students offered a jab to cut cervical cancer - Furness schoolgirls and students are to be offered a vaccination which could cut cases of cervical cancer in Cumbria by nearly three-quarters. - North West Evening Mail News, UK

►September 5, 2008 - Cancer jab is the way forward - column - Liverpool Echo - "Yet there are still people who poo-poo the idea, arguing it may encourage girls to skip regular smear tests and even promote promiscuity. Others dither over the long term effects of vaccination. The first argument is flawed, the second a no-brainer."

►September 5, 2008 - Support for cancer jab - Liverpool Echo

* ►September 5, 2008 - Pharmacists in New York Now Able to Give Immunizations - Safe, Cost Effective Vaccinations Now More Widely Available to Public - press release - American Lung Association of New York via readMedia

* ►September 5, 2008 - The super vaccine that gives lifelong immunity to ALL types of flu - Daily Mail, UK - "The new vaccine will initially be used on volunteers to test the dose before further studies are done to check its effectiveness in people exposed to flu. Researchers led by Dr Sarah Gilbert say more tests are needed to ensure its safety and efficacy before it could be used routinely in as little as five years. She said a universal vaccine would drastically change the way flu vaccine is used."

* ►September 5, 2008 - CDC chief states flu pandemic is coming - La Crosse Tribune

* ►September 5, 2008 - Flu outbreak 'could affect 750,000 under fives' - An outbreak of pandemic flu could affect 750,000 children under five and leave the NHS unable to cope, the Government has admitted. - The Telegraph, UK

* ►September 5, 2008 - Dutch patient dies from Tamiflu-resistant H1N1 virus - CIDRAP News

* ►September 5, 2008 - Flu virus causes birds to be destroyed - AP via Jackson Hole Star-Tribune

►September 5, 2008 - Maxim Health Systems to Provide 25,000 Flu Shot Clinics Nationwide - Maxim Health Systems via Infection Control Today

►September 5, 2008 - Afluria flu vaccine now available - Prescribing Reference

►September 5, 2008 - Update: CVS Caremark Presents Influenza Vaccine Data at 2008 DMAA Annual Meeting - press release - CVS Caremark via PRNewswire-FirstCall

* ►September 5, 2008 - CVS Caremark Presents Influenza Vaccine Data at 2008 DMAA Annual Meeting - Study Results Indicate Flu Vaccinations May Reduce Hospitalization Rates - press release - CVS Caremark via PRNewswire-FirstCall

►September 5, 2008 - Mumps outbreak incites fear in schools - Nanaimo Daily News via

►September 5, 2008 - Outbreak of mumps affects 20 in Mayo - Irish Medical Times

* ►September 5, 2008 - Novartis Offers Republicans A Swanky Boat Ride - Pharmalot - "Novartis officials talked up the company’s new $600 million vaccine plant being built in Holly Springs, North Carolina, which is scheduled to start production in 2010. “We thank you for hosting this lunch,” Richard Burr, a Republcian Senator from the state. “But more importantly, we thank you for investing in North Carolina’s future in bricks and mortar and jobs created.”

* ►September 5, 2008 - I was a government guinea pig, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt - Gargantuan US child health study - all take? - The Register - "What will the US government owe the hundreds of thousands of Americans it will swab, prick, track and trace over the next 21 years, in the largest children's health study ever? So far, the answer from the National Children's Study is "not much".

* ►September 5, 2008 - Flu Vaccinations Begin On October 1 - Maxim Health Systems via Medical News Today

* ►September 5, 2008 - Emergent BioSolutions Receives $24 Million Development Contract From The DHH To Fund Continued Development Of Anthrax Monoclonal Antibody - Emergent BioSolutions via Medical News Today

* ►September 5, 2008 - FDA to Post Quarterly Report of Potential Safety Issues - FDA

* ►September 5, 2008 - Down's signs 'seen in stem cells' - Scientists have revealed the earliest developmental changes that lead to Down's syndrome. - BBC

* ►September 5, 2008 - Data Suggest CEL-SCI's CEL-2000 Vaccine Prevents or Retards Permanent Damage of Rheumatoid Arthritis - press release - CEL-SCI Corporation via PRNewswire-FirstCall via Comtex via MarketWatch

►September 5, 2008 - Hepatitis E continues to bite, 7,727 cases registered - Uganda Red Cross via ReliefWeb

►September 5, 2008 - Teenager returns to school after bout with meningitis - The Jackson Citizen Patriot via

►September 5, 2008 - Back home - the little fighter who beat all the odds - ChronicleLive - "Robbie’s parents woke to find him covered in black and blue bruise-like marks, which they thought was an allergy. But doctors at the University Hospital of North Durham confirmed he had group B meningococcal septicaemia."

►September 5, 2008 - Review panel criticizes Great Lakes health study - AP via

* ►September 5, 2008 - Great Lakes pollution can't be tied to health woes, review finds - Detroit Free Press - "The CDC asked the Institute of Medicine, an independent board, to review the 2007 report. Today, the 11-member committee of the Institute of Medicine said the data in the report was not analyzed and synthesized in a statistical way and was not valid. The health problems could come from something other than the polluted sites, it said."

►September 5, 2008 - The Basics on the Foodfight Over Irradiation - Should you look for the "radura" symbol? - U.S. News & World Report

* ►September 5, 2008 - 3 dogs not current on rabies shots euthanized after contact with rabid raccoon in East Spencer - Salisbury Post - "State law requires that pets not current on their rabies shots be euthanized or quarantined for six months at a veterinary clinic after contact with rabid animals. The six-month quarantine can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 per dog depending on the clinic."

►September 5, 2008 - Researchers Discover Critical Link in Understanding Anthrax - Anthrax bacteria tricks the brain into thinking it's safe, thus causing anthrax meningitis. - SDSUniverse

►September 5, 2008 - Anthrax kills wildlife near Turner's ranch - AP via Great Falls Tribune

►September 5, 2008 - Go East, Young Man: Pharma’s Race To India - Pharmalot

►September 5, 2008 - Thousands of African refugees in Israel not receiving tuberculosis tests, reports - Thousands of African refugees have been released from the Ketziot detention center in the Negev region of Israel without being tested for tuberculosis or receiving preventive treatment despite a rise in TB cases among detainees. - News-Medical.Net

►September 5, 2008 - Ebola's Cell-Invasion Strategy Uncovered - University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston via Medical News Today

►September 5, 2008 - Your Funds on Drugs: Any Questions? - U.S. News & World Report

►September 5, 2008 - Genetic Data Reveals an Easter Egg in Experimental Drugs - Wired

►September 5, 2008 - NRC: Funding to Search for Ways to Help 500,000 Children Breathe Easier - NRC immunologist receives funding to research asthma drug - Merck Frosst Canada Ltd. via Marketwire

►September 5, 2008 - Mystery disease claims another life -

►September 5, 2008 - Alte Biosciences Files Patent For New Inflammatory Bowel Disease Drugs - Unique Compositions Of Matter To Treat Gastrointestinal Disorders - Alte Bioscience via Medical News Today

►September 5, 2008 - Mind That Child : Allergies in children - Tanzania Standard Newspapers

►September 5, 2008 - Lexi-Comp Provides Clinicians With Direct Links to PubMed - Lexi-Comp via PRWeb

* ►September 4, 2008 - Measles Vaccine Has No Link To Autism: Study - Pharmalot

* ►September 4, 2008 - Cyprus and Ireland Add Wyeth's 7-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV7) to Their National Immunisation Schedules - Wyeth via PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX via MarketWatch

* ►September 4, 2008 - Lilly Fights Release Of Zyprexa Documents In Alaska - Pharmalot

* ►September 4, 2008 - NIH Sends Conflict Reminders To Universities - Pharmalot

* ►September 4, 2008 - Medical law and protection of children - journal article (BMJ)

* ►September 4, 2008 - Survey shows Idaho has low rate of immunized kids -

►September 4, 2008 - Do Corticosteroids Reduce Mortality in Pediatric Patients With Bacterial Meningitis? (requires registration) - JAMA via Medscape Pediatrics

* ►September 4, 2008 - M3(R2) Nonclinical Safety Studies for the Conduct of Human Clinical Trials and Marketing Authorization for Pharmaceuticals - FDA/CDER

* ►September 4, 2008 - Pandemic Plans - 1410 AM - La Crosse - Dr. Julie Gerberding Tells a Pandemic Conference in La Crosse Today That Private Business and All Levels of Government Should be Prepared for Many Deaths and Long Illnesses.

* ►September 4, 2008 - Neurological Adverse Events Associated With Antipsychotic Treatment in Children and Adolescents - journal article (Journal of Child Neurology)

* ►September 4, 2008 - Bird Flu Suits To Be Worn By Hospital Staff - UKMedix Health News

►September 4, 2008 - FDA Approves DNA Test to Measure Hepatitis B Virus Levels - FDA

* ►September 4, 2008 - Idaho bird farm quarantined after bird virus found - AP via Montana's News Station

* ►September 4, 2008 - Florida Supreme Court finds hospital law unconstitutional - Medical center cannot use special privilege to override physicians' rights and obligations -

* ►September 4, 2008 - FDA staff note deaths in Pfizer bone drug study - Reuters via The Washington Post

►September 4, 2008 - EUREKA grants awarded (requires registration) - The Scientist

* ►September 4, 2008 - New superbug strain loose in the community - There is a new super strain of the superbug, which began in Queensland and has spread throughout Australia - and not just in hospitals. - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

►September 4, 2008 - Prions jump species barrier - Test tube experiments may help identify the most hazardous prion proteins. - news (Nature)

* ►September 4, 2008 - House committee widens probe of Vytorin safety - AP via Forbes

►September 4, 2008 - FDA: Manufacturers of TNF-Blocker Drugs Must Highlight Risk of Fungal Infections - Agency invokes new authorities under FDAAA to alert patients and prescribers to risk - FDA

►September 4, 2008 - Link found between Apobec3 gene and neutralizing antibody response to retrovirus - Scientists have uncovered new evidence that strengthens the link between a host-cell gene called Apobec3 and the production of neutralizing antibodies to retroviruses. Published in the Sept. 5 issue of Science, the finding adds a new dimension to the set of possible explanations for why most people who are infected with HIV do not make neutralizing antibodies that effectively fight the virus. - NIH via News-Medical Net

►September 4, 2008 - Director Of Controversial TMAP Program Leaves - Pharmalot

►September 4, 2008 - Anadis Commercializing "BioGard" Adjunctive Therapy for HIV & AIDS - Anadis via Business Wire via MarketWatch

►September 4, 2008 - Strong Performance of Novartis Pharmaceutical Company Paves Way for Continued Growth, an Industrial Info News Alert - Industrial Info Resources via Market Wire via COMTEX via MarketWatch

►September 4, 2008 - Genomics institute secures its future - $400-million endowment edges Broad Institute towards independence. - news (Nature)

* ►September 4, 2008 - Four DTC Leaders Named to DTC Hall of Fame - DTC Perspectives via PRNewswire via COMTEX via MarketWatch

►September 4, 2008 - BioCryst autoimmune drug stalls in clinical trial - Birmingham Business Journal

►September 4, 2008 - Cancer complexity slows quest for cure - Genomic analysis reveals multiple mutations in tumours. - news (Nature)

►September 4, 2008 - Web-based Tool Reduces Excessive Use of Antibiotics in Hospitalized Patients - Infection Control Today

►September 4, 2008 - Lawrenceville bioterror lab opening on hold indefinitely - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - "In addition to fixing the ventilation problems so no pathogens are released to the outside environment, a door must be replaced, a lab maintenance training program must be implemented and the facility must receive federal certification before the county can open it."

* ►September 4, 2008 - Autism study meets skepticism at Austin conference (includes video) - Texas Cable News via - "But not everyone agrees with the findings, including autism experts now holding their annual conference in Austin. Holly Robinson Peete served as the conference’s keynote speaker....'My study is my kid -- I took him to get this MMR shot, and he was never the same after that,' said Peete."

►September 4, 2008 - A Family with Autism Matters to John McCain - Adventures in Autism

►September 4, 2008 - Barack Obama To Speak In NJ, Autism Parents to Go - Adventures in Autism

►September 4, 2008 - Roche hepatitis B test wins US FDA approval - Reuters

►September 4, 2008 - Study shows no connection between measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism - In a case-control study, the presence of measles virus RNA was no more likely in children with autism and GI disturbances than in children with only GI disturbances. Furthermore, GI symptom and autism onset were unrelated to MMR vaccine timing. - Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health via

►September 4, 2008 - Christian group blamed for mumps outbreak -

►September 4, 2008 - Vaccines are safe - letters - Newsday

►September 4, 2008 - Child vaccination rates hit record levels - Reuters, UK

►September 4, 2008 - Texas childhood immunization rate hits 5-year high - AP via Houston Chronicle

* ►September 4, 2008 - Seroquel Litigation: 8787 Lawsuits Filed against AstraZeneca -

* ►September 4, 2008 - Liver-Damaging Effects of Cholesterol Drug Zetia Hidden by Merck, FDA Documents Reveal -

►September 4, 2008 - Retrovirus Resistance Linked to Single Gene - Science via MedPage Today

►September 4, 2008 - Clinical Trial Protocol Against Cancer Therapy Side Effects (Mucositis) Approved - Medical News Today

►September 4, 2008 - Spokane man's suit claims popcorn led to lung disease - 'I would eat four to six bags a day' - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

►September 4, 2008 - Editorial: Labs Have More To Offer Than Nukes - East Mountain Telegraph

►September 4, 2008 - CDC: 3 of 4 Ariz. toddlers get recommended vaccinations - Cronkite News Service via

►September 4, 2008 - Human Plague In US: The Importance Of Regional And Local Climate - Biology Letters via Medical News Today

►September 4, 2008 - Global Warming Bakes Plague Conditions - EcoGeek

►September 3, 2008 - Antivax: new evidence shows (again) no link to autism - Bad Astronomy via Discover Magazine

►September 3, 2008 - BPA may interfere with learning, remembering - CTV

►September 3, 2008 - Mankato dentists try to eliminate mercury pollution in wastewater - Mankato Free Press via

►September 3, 2008 - New UNC lab to test water's arsenic levels (requires registration or subscription) - UNC News Services via Herald Sun - "People around the world ingest naturally occurring arsenic through their drinking water supplies. The ultimate goal is to find out why some people exposed to arsenic develop diseases while others exposed to the same level of the contaminants do not get sick."

►September 3, 2008 - Panacea Pharmaceuticals issued U.S. patent for anti-HAAH antibodies - Panacea Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced the issuance of U.S. Patent Number 7,413,737 covering antibodies against human aspartyl (asparaginyl) beta-hydroxylase (HAAH), a proprietary human cancer biomarker and therapeutic target. -

* ►September 3, 2008 - OraSure AIDS Test Has High Rate of Error, Seattle Report Says - Bloomberg

►September 3, 2008 - Oklahoma Center of the Largest E. coli O111 Outbreak in US History -

* ►September 3, 2008 - Bias alone could account for benefit attributed to flu vaccine, study finds - journal article (BMJ) - "The reduction in mortality seen among elderly people who have been given the flu vaccine could have more to do with a "healthy user" effect than any protective value of the vaccine itself, a study has found."

* ►September 3, 2008 - An alternative approach to combination vaccines: intradermal administration of isolated components for control of anthrax, botulism, plague and staphylococcal toxic shock (pdf) - journal article (Journal of Immune Based Therapies and Vaccines)

►September 3, 2008 - Cancer Jab Is Offered to Girls Across Northern Ireland - Belfast Telegraph via (abstract)

►September 3, 2008 - New vaccines and screening can reduce cervical cancer incidence in poor countries - journal article (BMJ)

* ►September 3, 2008 - Yankee Doodling Jabbering about jabs - journal article (BMJ)

* ►September 3, 2008 - Officials to Review Battle Plan in Mumps Outbreak - Toronto Globe & Mail (Canada) via (abstract)

* ►September 3, 2008 - Acting as an expert witness Where now for expert witnesses? - journal article (BMJ)

►September 3, 2008 - European paediatric clinical trials miss priority needs, warns review - journal article (BMJ)

►September 3, 2008 - Tackling health inequities - WHO report calls for global action to ensure health equity within and between countries - journal article (BMJ)

* ►September 3, 2008 - Medical error We need to develop wider vision to reduce errors - journal article (BMJ)

* ►September 3, 2008 - Idaho Joins Parade Of States Suing Lilly - Pharmalot

►September 3, 2008 - EU ends 6-year ban on Chinese poultry imports - WorldPoultry.Net

►September 3, 2008 - OraSure AIDS Test Has High Rate of Error, Report Says - Bloomberg

►September 3, 2008 - Eight cold facts - New Scientist

* ►September 2, 2008 - Two doses of chickenpox vaccine are needed, US figures confirm - journal article (BMJ)

* ►September 2, 2008 - Scotland starts HPV vaccination programme - journal article (BMJ)

* ►September 2, 2008 - HBV Vaccine Nonresponders May Respond to Combined Hep A/B Vaccine - Reuters Health Information Services via (abstract)

* ►September 2, 2008 - HTR2A variation and sudden infant death syndrome: a case–control analysis - journal article (Acta Paediatrica)

* ►September 2, 2008 - Direct to consumer advertising of prescription drugs - Even attenuated forms such as cross border advertising can lead to unnecessary harm - journal article (BMJ)

►September 2, 2008 - Effect of illicit direct to consumer advertising on use of etanercept, mometasone, and tegaserod in Canada: controlled longitudinal study - journal article (BMJ)

►September 2, 2008 - Antipyretic treatment for feverish young children in primary care - No persuasive evidence shows benefit of combining paracetemol and ibuprofen - journal article (BMJ)

►September 2, 2008 - Paracetamol plus ibuprofen for the treatment of fever in children (PITCH): randomised controlled trial - journal article (BMJ)

►September 2, 2008 - Russia's international research ties under threat - Responses to Russia's military action in Georgia have implications for non-proliferation, space exploration, climate negotiation and the European Union's framework programme. - news (Nature)

►September 2, 2008 - Charity calls for better training of police in handling mentally ill people - journal article (BMJ)

►September 2, 2008 - Energy-Saving Bacteria Resist Antibiotics - Society for General Microbiology via Biocompare

►September 2, 2008 - How Salmonella Bacteria Contaminate Salad Leaves -- It's Not Rocket Science - Imperial College London via Biocompare

►September 2, 2008 - Peanut allergy may be transferred by lung transplantation, case shows - journal article (BMJ)

►September 2, 2008 - Legislature should outlaw 2 chemicals - letter - Ann Arbor News via - "The Michigan Legislature needs to restrict two dangerous chemicals: lindane, a treatment for lice on children; and deca-BDE, a flame retardant in mattresses, furniture, computers and televisions."

* ►September 2, 2008 - Pesticide or Genocide? Human Experimentation on U.S. Citizens - West Nile Virus Fraud! Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) Fraud! - OpEdNews - "I am aware, however, of the U.S. government spraying weapons of mass destruction on us, in the form of toxic nerve agents (malathion, pyrenone 5,25, Checkmate OLR-F, Checkmate LBAM-F) with the excuse of protecting us from non-threatening fruit flies, light brown apple moths, and mosquitoes allegedly carrying the West Nile Virus (which is almost no threat to humans)."

►September 2, 2008 - State Debate: Cut mercury emissions 90% by 2015 - The Capital Times via

►September 2, 2008 - Vitamin D Can Heal Tuberculosis? -

►September 2, 2008 - Insurance dispute closes clinic - Plum Spring in Southern Village offered alternative therapies - The Chapel Hill News

►September 1, 2008 - Idaho measures mercury problem - AP via The Olympian

►September 1, 2008 - Chickenpox vaccine does a number on the number of cases - USA Today

* ►September 1, 2008 - Administration of Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Acellular Pertussis Vaccine to Parents of High-Risk Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►September 1, 2008 - Immunization Uptake in Siblings of Children With Autism - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►September 1, 2008 - Immunization Uptake in Siblings of Children With Autism: In Reply - journal article (Pediatrics)

►September 1, 2008 - Safety Monitoring of Drugs Receiving Pediatric Marketing Exclusivity (full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►September 1, 2008 - Optimal Intramuscular Needle-Penetration Depth (full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►September 1, 2008 - Varicella Prevention in the United States: A Review of Successes and Challenges - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►September 1, 2008 - Medication Errors in Pediatric Inpatients: Prevalence and Results of a Prevention Program - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►September 1, 2008 - Free Radical Injury and Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability in Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►September 1, 2008 - Elevated Temperature After Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy: Risk Factor for Adverse Outcomes - journal article (Pediatrics)

►September 1, 2008 - Chromosomal Integration of Human Herpesvirus 6 Is the Major Mode of Congenital Human Herpesvirus 6 Infection - journal article (Pediatrics)

►September 1, 2008 - Diagnosing Hypersensitivity Reactions to Cephalosporins in Children - journal article (Pediatrics)

►September 1, 2008 - Infant Growth and Child Cognition at 3 Years of Age (full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►September 1, 2008 - Understanding the Behavioral and Emotional Consequences of Child Abuse - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►September 1, 2008 - From Suspicion of Physical Child Abuse to Reporting: Primary Care Clinician Decision-Making - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►September 1, 2008 - Incidence of Fractures Attributable to Abuse in Young Hospitalized Children: Results From Analysis of a United States Database - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►September 1, 2008 - Child Abuse and Neglect: A System That Still Needs Pediatric Leadership - journal article (Pediatrics)

* ►September 1, 2008 - International Trends in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Stabilization of Rates Requires Further Action - journal article (Pediatrics)

►September 1, 2008 - Diffusion Tensor Imaging of White Matter and Developmental Outcome - journal article (Pediatrics)

►September 1, 2008 - Difference in Celiac Disease Risk Between Swedish Birth Cohorts Suggests an Opportunity for Primary Prevention - journal article (Pediatrics)

►September 1, 2008 - Long-term Mother and Child Mental Health Effects of a Population-Based Infant Sleep Intervention: Cluster-Randomized, Controlled Trial (full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

►September 1, 2008 - Computer-Based Documentation: Effects on Parent-Provider Communication During Pediatric Health Maintenance Encounters - journal article (Pediatrics)

►September 1, 2008 - Inflammatory Gene Polymorphisms and Susceptibility to Kawasaki Disease and Its Arterial Sequelae (full text) - journal article (Pediatrics)

►September 1, 2008 - Facial Nerve Palsy Complicating Kawasaki Disease - journal article (Pediatrics)

►September 1, 2008 - Early Language Outcomes of Early-Identified Infants With Permanent Hearing Loss at 12 to 16 Months of Age - journal article (Pediatrics)

►September 1, 2008 - Validation of the Clinical Dehydration Scale for Children With Acute Gastroenteritis - journal article (Pediatrics)

►September 2008 - Catapult-like release of mitochondrial DNA by eosinophils contributes to antibacterial defense - journal article (Nature Medicine)

►September 2008 - Vitamin D status and health correlates among German adults - journal article (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition)

►September 2008 - Oxidative stress-inducible lentiviral vectors for gene therapy - journal article (Gene Therapy)

►September 2008 - Generation of lentivirus vectors using recombinant baculoviruses - journal article (Gene Therapy)

►September 2008 - Strategies for improving the transduction efficiency of single-stranded adeno-associated virus vectors in vitro and in vivo - journal article (Gene Therapy)

►September 2008 - Endocannabinoid signaling as a synaptic circuit breaker in neurological disease - journal article (Nature Medicine)

►September 2008 - Genetic variation in nitric oxide synthase 2A (NOS2A) and risk for multiple sclerosis - journal article (Genes and Immunity)

►September 2008 - HLA-DRB1*15 allele influences the later course of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis - journal article (Genes and Immunity)

►September 2008 - Confirmation of association of IRGM and NCF4 with ileal Crohn's disease in a population-based cohort - journal article (Genes and Immunity)

►September 2008 - Flash: Vytorin Study Not A Conspiracy - Forbes

►September 2008 - Industry concern over EU hepatotoxicity guidance - Recent draft guidance highlights the challenges that industry and regulators face to predict rare drug-induced liver injury. - journal article (Nature Reviews Drug Discovery)

►September 2008 - The Future of U.S. Science Policy - With an administration change at hand, research could come out of the shadows and into the political light. - The Scientist

►September 2008 - The Future of U.S. Science Policy - With an administration change at hand, research could come out of the shadows and into the political light. - The Scientist

►September 2008 - Science and Politics - The call for a presidential science debate went unheeded, but it was worthwhile. - journal article (Nature Structural & Molecular Biology)

►August 31, 2008 - Ray of hope after life's tough start - The Canberra Times - "Queanbeyan couple Megan and Terry were ecstatic when their first child arrived seven months ago tomorrow. It turned into a nightmare when their four-month-old son developed meningococcal meningitis..."

►August 31, 2008 - Deadly inattention to HIV - A new infection every 10 minutes in the U.S. is not acceptable; it's time to renew the AIDS fight - op-ed (requires registration) - Baltimore Sun

* ►August 29, 2008 - U.S. Soldiers - Refuse Deadly Mandatory Anthrax Vaccine - video - YouTube

►August 29, 2008 - AIDS expert details worldwide ‘plague’ - David Ho speaks to WPI freshmen - Worcester Telegram

►August 29, 2008 - Marler Clark: Oklahoma Outbreak A Rare Strain of E. Coli - Business Wire via MarketWatch

►August 29, 2008 - Kawasaki disease diagnosis ends mystery - Pioneer Press via

►August 29, 2008 - Health officials: 16 typhus cases in Austin area - Texas Cable News

►August 28, 2008 - Bill and Hillary Single Out Autism at Democratic Convention - But Do They Understand What's Really Needed? -

►August 28, 2008 - Here's a way to fight diseases that plague our pets - Anaheim Hills couple's fundraising idea helps provide money for veterinary research into cancer and other health woes that affect animals. - Orange County Register

►August 28, 2008 - NICE Issues Updated Guidance For Rhesus Negative Women During Pregnancy - Medical News Today

►August 28, 2008 - Maine, NH kids recruited for arsenic study - AP via Kennebec Journal via

►August 28, 2008 - CDC and FDA Defend Handling of Salmonella Investigation (includes audio) - MedPage Today

►August 28, 2008 - US college students needing TB testing now have benefit of QFT - Medianet International-AsiaNet via Antara

►August 28, 2008 - Mumps Pushes Start of School Back In Norwich - CD98.9 - "According to the Oxford County Board of Health 44 cases have turned up in Norwich. It started in a conservative religious group that is against immunization - and as a result the start of classes at the Rehoboth Christian School has been postponed by one week."

►August 28, 2008 - The consequences of mumps - Discovering Biology in a Digital World via Science Blogs

►August 27, 2008 - Listing of historical Pharmaceutical Corporate mergers - Scientific Misconduct Blog

►August 27, 2008 - NIAID describes challenges, prospects for an HIV vaccine - NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases via EurekAlert!

►August 27, 2008 - H.I.V. Is Spreading in New York City at Three Times the National Rate, a Study Finds (requires registration) - The New York Times

►August 25, 2008 - Health warnings failed to curb use of antipsychotic drugs in seniors: study - CBC

►August 25, 2008 - Local Baby Battles Rare Illness (includes video) - - "Little Kylie Simmons of Chaffee has an illness, doctors tell Heartland News hasn't been seen in the U.S. in 20 years. It's called Proteus Meningitis."

* ►August 20, 2008 - Transmitted duplication of 8p23.1-8p23.2 associated with speech delay, autism and learning difficulties. - journal article (European Journal of Human Genetics)

►August 2008 - Fibrous Dysplasia in a Child With Mitochondrial A8344G Mutation - journal article (Journal of Child Neurology)

►Volume 11 Issue 2, 2008 - Sleep problems in children with neurological disorders - journal article (Developmental Neurorehabilitation)


Posted September 4, 2008


* ►September 8, 2008 - Immunity To Reason - India plans to adopt a pneumonia vaccine that doesn't work and has ill side-effects - - "How would you react if you were told that your child had contracted a lifelong ailment because of the side-effects of a vaccine that is part of the government's immunisation programme? And what if it's discovered that the vaccine didn't even offer protection in the first place against the disease it was meant to provide immunity from? It all sounds incredible, but may well be true if foreign donor agencies and pharmaceutical firms have their way with the government."

* ►September 5, 2008 - Cervical cancer info sought after high reaction rate - Allergic reactions among Australian girls to the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil have been up to 20 times higher than expected. - The Dominion Post via

* ►September 5, 2008 - No link found between measles vaccine, autism and gut disease - Study is latest to dispute work of Andrew Wakefield, head of Thoughtful House in Austin. - Austin American-Statesman

* ►September 5, 2008 - National, State, and Local Area Vaccination Coverage Among Children Aged 19--35 Months --- United States, 2007 - MMWR/CDC

* ►September 5, 2008 - Laboratory Surveillance for Wild and Vaccine-Derived Polioviruses --- Worldwide, January 2007--June 2008 - MMWR/CDC

►September 5, 2008 - QuickStats: Percentage of Adults Aged >18 Years Who Used Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM),* by Selected Diseases and Conditions† and Sex --- National Health Interview Survey, United States, 2007 - MMWR/CDC

►September 5, 2008 - Notice to Readers: National Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month --- September 2008 - MMWR/CDC

►September 5, 2008 - Notice to Readers: Public Health Informatics Fellowship Application Deadline --- November 14, 2008 - MMWR/CDC

►September 5, 2008 - Notifiable Diseases/Deaths in Selected Cities Weekly Information - MMWR/CDC

►September 5, 2008 - Surveillance for Cancers Associated with Tobacco Use --- United States, 1999--2004 - MMWR/CDC

►September 5, 2008 - There's More To HPV Prevention Than Gardasil - RH Reality Check

* ►September 4, 2008 - Polio vaccine maker asks Missouri Supreme Court to reconsider award - AP via Columbia Missourian - "A vaccine maker wants the Missouri Supreme Court to reject an $8.5 million verdict for a St. Louis man who contracted polio after being vaccinated as an infant. Cortez Strong got polio in 1987 and has limited use of his left arm and right hand. In 2005, a jury awarded Strong money for pain and suffering and future lost earnings. Strong contends American Cyanamid Co. didn't properly test his polio vaccine. But attorneys for American Cyanamid argued Thursday that the company complied with federal regulations....New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company Wyeth bought American Cyanamid in 1994."

* ►September 4, 2008 - "Conclusive" vaccination study? - Tampa Bay's 10 - "While several researchers said this study is 'conclusive' proof that there is no link, Tampa pediatrician, Dr. David Berger says the study is too small (38 children) to make that claim and not comprehensive enough to give parents 100 percent assurance. Dr. Berger says larger, longterm studies are needed. The Tampa board certified pediatrician advises parents to separate the live combination virus vaccine so they can tell if their child has had an allergic reaction to any of the vaccines."

* ►September 4, 2008 - Autism Researchers Comment on New Study and Welcome the Affirmation of Previous Measles Findings - press release - Thoughtful House - "In that this new study affirms the reliability of Professor O’Leary’s laboratory and therefore of his previous findings, a major impact upon the current hearings in vaccine court is likely, wherein the government’s defense relies largely on the claim that Professor O’Leary’s finding of measles in the intestinal biopsy of Michelle Cedillo (a child with severe autism and epilepsy) was unreliable. The historical reliability of the measles assay used in Professor O’Leary’s laboratory is now confirmed. The authors of the PLOS1 study make the erroneous claim that epidemiological studies have not supported an MMR-autism link, when in fact the CDC’s own study published in 2004 shows a significant association between autism and younger age at the time of MMR vaccination.(2) We are pleased to see that this new study provides further confirmation that children with autism suffer from gastrointestinal problems that deserve to be addressed as a priority."

►September 4, 2008 - Thoughtful House Comments on MMR Study and Welcomes Affirmation of Previous Measles Findings - Age of Autism

* ►September 4, 2008 - Study firmly shows no connection between measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism - Focus on children with autism and gastrointestinal symptoms; findings show GI symptoms and autism onset both unrelated to MMR timing - Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health via EurekAlert!

* ►September 4, 2008 - Another Study Vindicates Vaccines as Cause of Autism - Mercury Preservative Has Long Been Suspected as a Contributor to Epidemic - The Daily Green

►September 4, 2008 - CDC MMR/autism study - wrong questions asked, wrong children studied, wrong conclusions NAA says - A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study released today claims there is no link between the MMR vaccine and autism. The National Autism Association (NAA) says this study does nothing to dispel the growing public concern over a vaccine-autism connection and raises several questions concerning design and methodology. -

►September 4, 2008 - Original MMR/Autism research revisited; no link found - Ars Technica

* ►September 4, 2008 - Will a New Study End the MMR-Vaccine Controversy? It's Unlikely! -

* ►September 4, 2008 - Vaccination doesn't cause autism volume what-are-we-up-to-now? - Aetiology via Science Blogs

* ►September 4, 2008 - Vaccine Watch Posted by Sharyl Attkisson - Primary Source Blog via CBS News - "Now, there's an indication that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) believes, like their former Director Dr. Healy, that there are still many important unanswered questions. The NIH recently posted a solicitation for grants to conduct new research on vaccine safety."

* ►September 4, 2008 - CDC Releases 'Very Good' Immunization Report for 2007 (includes Julie Gerberding, MD audio) - MedPage Today - "The U.S. gets top marks on its 'immunization report card' for 2007, said CDC Director Julie Gerberding, M.D., M.P.H. In a telephone press briefing, Dr. Gerberding said 77.4% of children got all their shots in 2007, according to figures from the National Immunization Survey."

* ►September 4, 2008 - Immunization Rates Remain Strong - Measles outbreaks highlight importance of adhering to recommended immunization schedule - press release - Every Child By Two via PRNewswire-USNewswire

* ►September 4, 2008 - Idaho child immunization rates third lowest in country - Idaho Business Review - "The state is implementing a campaign to raise awareness about immunization, including radio, television, billboard and bus-side advertising. The health and welfare officials also say Idaho medical providers are forming a statewide coalition to address the low immunization figures – focusing on some parents’ concerns that vaccinations actually do more harm than good."

►September 4, 2008 - Childhood Vaccination Rates Remain High Despite Worries - Wall Street Journal Health Blog

►September 4, 2008 - Immunization rates down slightly in Washington -

* ►September 4, 2008 - Austin Autism Conference Showcases Treatments - CBS 42 - "The USAAA conference runs from September 4-7 at the Hilton Austin Airport Hotel located at 9515 Hotel Drive."

* ►September 4, 2008 - Living with Asperger's By Jake Crosby - Age of Autism

* ►September 4, 2008 - Jenny McCarthy and Lance Armstrong Ante Up for Autism - Age of Autism

* ►September 4, 2008 - NYT Health Blog: Blaming the Media for Gardasil Hype? - Age of Autism

* ►September 4, 2008 - While the Anti-Vax Movement Strengthens, Their Arguments Only Get Weaker - Reality Base Blog via Discover Magazine

* ►September 4, 2008 - Doctors address parents’ vaccine concerns (includes video) - NewsChannel 9 WSYR

* ►September 4, 2008 - African ministers agree to roll out vaccine to fight meningitis – UN agency - - "Over the next six years, some 250 million people up to the age of 29 and 23 million will be inoculated with the meningococcal A conjugate vaccine under the meningitis prevention and control plan, covering 25 countries in the troubled continent."

* ►September 4, 2008 - Syracuse University partners with Serum Institute of India to develop vaccines for children - Chemistry assistant professor Robert Doyle will lead the research project - Syracuse University via EurekAlert! - "The Institute recently awarded $250,000 to a team of SU researchers led by Robert Doyle, assistant professor of chemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences, to develop new oral vaccines against tetanus and rotavirus, a severe form of diarrhea that affects infants and young children worldwide."

►September 4, 2008 - "Not enough" school nurses for HPV vaccine scheme - Nursing in Practice 

►September 4, 2008 - Statewide discussion on autism planned for Sept. 15-16 - - "Where: Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Studios, 5601 Universal Blvd., Orlando"

►September 4, 2008 - Gene may hold key to neutralizing HIV - US study - Reuters

►September 4, 2008 - Prostitutes hold Aids cure key - Daily Nation

* ►September 4, 2008 - New book documents Vioxx's fall from grace - The Calgary Herald via - "Nesi's carefully researched chronicle of the Vioxx saga, called Poison Pills: The Untold Story of the Vioxx Drug Scandal, has just been published by New York-based St. Martin's Press. In a phone interview from his New Jersey home, the former pharmaceutical executive is surprisingly opposed to taking drugs for pain. He says that men, in particular, need to 'listen to our bodies.'"

►September 4, 2008 - Ablynx NV and Merck KGaA Sign ‘Nanobodies’ Development Agreement - Belgium´s biotech Ablynx NV, developing next generation antibody drugs – nanobodies - using llamas, has signed a drug development deal with Germany´s Merck KGaA worth up to $ 484 million dollars (335 million euros) against unspecified targets in cancer and the immune system. - NetworkMedica

►September 4, 2008 - Tobacco-Tied Cancer Cases Top 2 Million - More Than 2 Million Cases of Tobacco-Related Cancers Diagnosed in U.S. From 1999 to 2004, Says CDC - WebMD

►September 4, 2008 - Nassau pesticide spraying postponed - Newsday

* ►September 4, 2008 - Vaccine may have contributed to dog's death (includes video) - - "'I take in three dogs, perfectly healthy,' he says. 'Bring home three dogs, very ill.' Higgs filed a claim with Pfizer asking to be compensated for vet and travel expenses. He also wants Pfizer to give pet owners a mandatory disclosure form to sign before any vaccine is ever given. 'It should be required to list all drug reactions, all drug interactions,' he says, 'effects on pets with preexisting conditions, effects on pets of a certain size and weight and breed.'"

* ►September 3, 2008 - New Study: Measles Vaccine Doesn't Cause Autism - Researchers hope finding will encourage parents to vaccinate children - Scientific American - "Rick Rollens, who has an autistic son who suffers from a 'horrible bowel disorder,' called the new research sound science and praised it for calling attention to an underserved subset of the autism spectrum: those children who also suffer from GI problems. But he insists that it does not give the all clear to all vaccines. 'I'm totally convinced that a vaccine caused the autism my child suffers from,' Rollens says. 'This study by itself does not exonerate the role of all vaccines'—only the MMR."

* ►September 3, 2008 - Study: No link between measles vaccine and autism (includes video) - CNN - "'This really puts this issue to bed,' said Andy Shih, vice president for scientific affairs of 'Autism Speaks,' an advocacy group....But the Autism Society of America cautioned that the cause of autism is complex and more research is needed to fully understand the role, if any, of the vaccine. Another autism advocacy group, the National Autism Association (NAA), said the study is flawed."

* ►September 3, 2008 - U.S. study clears measles vaccine of autism link - Reuters via Forbes

* ►September 3, 2008 - 2008 Natural Living Conference features Vaccination Topic - Vaccination: Featured Topic at 2008 Natural Living Conference - Event Scheduled for October 18th in Mahwah, NJ - press release - NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice

* ►September 3, 2008 - Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine - Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, UK - "Only reactions that are suspected to be related to the vaccine (and not those associated with the injection process) should be reported via the Yellow Card Scheme. If having considered this advice, you wish to report a possible psychogenic response, please include only the main diagnosis or event as the suspected reaction (eg, ‘faint’, ‘vasovagal syncope’, or ‘panic attack’). Any signs or symptoms associated with these events (eg, loss of consciousness, injury, limb jerking or tingling, difficulty in breathing, hyperventilation) should not be reported as a suspected adverse reaction."

►September 3, 2008 - Girls' cancer jabs to start this month - EDP24, UK

* ►September 3, 2008 - Get ready - Inside Autism via Orange County Register - "Jenny McCarthy, on Oprah, Sept. 24. (And Sept. 23 for her new book.)"

►September 3, 2008 - Sarah Palin's Message to Special Needs Parents - Adventures in Autism

►September 3, 2008 - Early results in M.I.N.D. hyperbarics study - Inside Autism Blog via Orange County Register

►September 3, 2008 - Idaho files lawsuit against pharmaceutical company - AP via Idaho Statesman via - "The state in July sued the company in 4th District Court, accusing it of downplaying the risks of the prescription drug Zyprexa that's used to treat some mental health concerns."

►September 3, 2008 - Government questions safety of plastic in baby bottles - AP via The Oregonian via

►September 3, 2008 - 'Mother's little helper' returns as drug-takers use more Valium as cheap alternative to heroin - Mail on Sunday, UK

* ►September 2, 2008 - Where Do They Find These Scary Statistics III - Let’s Make a Few Assumptions - Hepatitis B - Inside Vaccines

►September 2, 2008 - Meningitis vaccine mandatory in state - All sixth-graders must get shots - Asbury Park Press

►September 2, 2008 - Prematurity should not delay vaccinations - The Star-Ledger via

►September 1, 2008 - Et tu, Lance? - Respectful Insolence via Science Blogs

►September 2008 - Silent treatment • Study shows pediatricians reluctant to report all cases of suspected child abuse (requires subscription) - AAP News

►September 2008 - Progress report • Vaccine financing experts outline accomplishments of AAP-AMA Immunization Congress (requires subscription) - AAP News

►September 2008 - Get Smart about Antibiotics Week, Oct. 6-10 (requires subscription) - AAP News

►September 2008 - Got breast milk? • Buying human milk online from strangers or even sharing among friends puts babies at risk of disease (requires subscription) - AAP News

►September 2008 - CDC issues new rules for storing VFC vaccines (requires subscription) - AAP News

►September 2008 - Too many drugs? • Research raises concerns about psychotropic medication overuse in foster children (requires subscription) - AAP News

►September 2008 - Task force recommends newborn hearing screening (requires subscription) - AAP News

►September 2008 - Update on status of licensure, recommendations for new vaccines (requires subscription) - AAP News

►September 2008 - Many kids with peanut allergy don’t have epinephrine accessible (requires subscription) - AAP News

►September 2008 - AAP calls on political parties to make children top priority (requires subscription) - AAP News

►September 2008 - Violence-prevention strategies effective when used during well-child visits, study shows (requires subscription) - AAP News

►September 2008 - Lessons learned from Tuskegee study guide future biomedical research (requires subscription) - AAP News

* ►September 2008 - Calling parents ‘ignorant’ detracts from our vaccine message (requires subscription) - AAP News

►September 2008 - Autism Research Institute Newsletter -

►August 31, 2008 - Dave Richey: CWD our worst nightmare - Traverse City Record-Eagle - "The worst disease any sportsman, deer-lover or right-thinking conservationist could imagine has arrived in this state. No one yet knows whether the Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) found in one deer on a game farm near Grand Rapids has spread to other pen-raised deer."

►August 31, 2008 - Keep back to school from turning into home sick - A little prevention can keep common childhood ailments at bay - Chillicothe Gazette

►August 30, 2008 - Students rush to get vaccines - Deadline to receive immunization shots one month away - Beloit Daily News - "The Wisconsin Student Immunization law changed March 1 and requires students to have more vaccinations at the start of the 2008-09 school year."

►August 30, 2008 - Study: Women living in mercury's shadow - Midwesterners are better off, but the more money you make could mean higher levels of the toxic metal (requires registration or subscription) - Chicago Tribune

►August 30, 2008 - Mercury in fish (requires registration or subscription) - Chicago Tribune

►August 30, 2008 - Vaccines causing autism in kids? - Wyoming Tribune

►August 29, 2008 - Consumer-Products Agency Faces Looming Deadlines on Rules (free preview) - Wall Street Journal

►August 29, 2008 - Schools to be closely monitored for mumps - But 'we have not had a concerning increase' in cases of disease, Vancouver health officer says - Vancouver Sun via

►August 29, 2008 - Muslims Sensitized on the importance of immunization - GNA via Modern Ghana

►August 29, 2008 - Breakdown of devolution system impeding polio immunization - Associated Press of Pakistan

* ►August 29, 2008 - Child Immunization: Safe or risky? - Petoskey News-Review

* ►August 29, 2008 - NHRC issues notice to AIIMS - Times of India - "The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has issued a showcause notice to the health ministry and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) over the deaths of 49 infants during clinical trials, even as the nationally renowned institution defended the experiments."

►August 29, 2008 - Newark launches free immunization program - The Star-Ledger via

►August 28, 2008 - Religious group refuses to immunize children, leading to mumps outbreak - Vancouver Sun via

* ►August 28, 2008 - Broken Compact Fluorescent Lights Release Mercury Into the Air: Over 100 Times the EPA Limit - - "'We found some very high levels [of mercury] even after we tried a number of cleanup techniques,' said Mark Hyland, director of Maine's Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management. In some cases, mercury levels exceeded the federal government's chronic exposure maximums by up to 100 times."

►August 28, 2008 - Under-tongue therapy may ease bee-sting allergy - Reuters India

►August 27, 2008 - Mumps could spread as schools reopen (includes video) - CTV British Columbia

►August 27, 2008 - CDC Releases 1918 Pandemic Flu Storybook - Medical News Today

►August 25, 2008 - Controversial decision to separate MMR vaccine - (includes video) - Tampa Bay's 10

►August 21, 2008 - CDC Director Named To Forbes List of 100 Most Powerful Women - press release - CDC

►August 13, 2008 - Organic labels not always honest -

* ►July 28, 2008 - Where Do They Find These Scary Statistics? Part II: Gross Estimation–Diphtheria Statistics Defy Reality - Inside Vaccines

* ►June 16, 2008 - Where Do They Find These Scary Statistics? - Inside Vaccines

* Pesticides and Polio - Images Of Poliomyelitis - A Critique Of Scientific Literature - Jim West via

The MCPA Presents: Raising Healthy Children & Overcoming Common Childhood Conditions - When: Saturday, Sept. 13th, 2008...Westland, MI - Presented by Phillip DeMio, M.D. and Mary Tocco - Welcome to the Maryland Chapter of Vaccination Liberation! - website
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