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Barbara Lewis

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Thank you, Barbara, for not only your welcome words of support, but also for your efforts at keeping Nicholas’ invaluable legacy, Red Flags, alive.  The world has lost a great man in Nicholas.  I will never forget him. - Sandy


I met Sandy Gottstein through my late husband, Nicholas Regush.

At the time, Nick had just begun publishing Red Flags Daily, a website devoted to probing "health and medical scientific issues in a manner that one rarely encounters in mainstream news reports."

Nicholas was an internationally renowned journalist, famous for his penetrating writing about many issues in the field of health and science. He was very careful with his time. So when I heard him spending hours on the phone with this mysterious woman from Alaska, Sandy Gottstein, I knew it must be about important business.

And so it was. 

Like Nicholas, Sandy was a tireless worker in her own field of expertise, vaccines and vaccine policy. She and Nicholas had “met” (in cyberspace) while he was still a producer at ABC TV in New York. He was also writing a column for ABC's Web site called, “Second Opinion.” When Sandy sent him an e-mail about one of his columns, she discovered that he had been checking the news on her website almost daily.

After Nicholas launched Red Flags, he and Sandy spent many evenings talking about Sandy's writing and the numerous hot issues that she felt she should be covering. Nicholas had a deep interest in her work and encouraged her to keep writing, even when, at times, she felt that she was a lone voice in the wilderness.

Nick believed in Sandy's mission to provide all sides of the vaccination controversy; that it was imperative that people should have a broader understanding of what was being published about vaccines so that they might grasp the complexity of the issue.

Nicholas and Sandy supported one another's Web sites: Vaccination News sponsored several conferences presented by Red Flags, and Nicholas edited Sandy's frequent "Scandals" column and highlighted it on Red Flags as a rare source of trustworthy information. They both knew they were doing vital work.

I'm sure that if he were alive today, Nicholas would be appalled to know that Vaccination News cannot find enough supporters. He would be firing off memos and planting "word bombs" as he used to call them, to get people's attention.

I am not the fiery wordsmith that my husband was. I can only urge those of you who have the means to do so - to donate generously to Vaccination News. Help sustain a vital resource that is desperately needed in these times when it is often near impossible to find reliable and honest information.

My best,
Barbara Lewis
CEO/Publisher, Red Flags Daily