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Boyd Haley

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Thank you, Boyd.  You can't imagine how much it means to have helped you in the extraordinary work you are doing. - Sandy

About Professor Boyd Haley


I will be sending in a donation this week.  I personally know how expensive it is to keep up a website not even counting the time it takes to locate and make the articles presentable.  Many times in the late evening when someone has asked me during the day if I “heard about” something regarding the multiple vaccine issues I go to your Vaccine News website to see if I can find out what they were talking about.  I usually do, and to be able to do this allows me to offer help sometimes where it is needed.

The autism issue will in time pass and be resolved, but the problems with vaccines in general will not.  We still face a federal bureaucracy that never meets a vaccine it doesn’t love and pharmaceutical manufacturers who are driven by the profit motive.  The mass media is in the pockets of the latter group and honest reporting of a pharmaceutical or vaccine issue is exceedingly rare.  If the public wants to develop mainstream lines to the truth of all of these issues they are going to have to support identifiable and honest reporting websites.  If it weren’t for the internet just think where the autism spectrum disorders issue would be today---the public would have no idea that it existed.

Brevity is the heart of good communication, so I will stop now and encourage all who read this to make a donation to your cause no matter the size.  We must support each other if we are to have a country that is as healthy as it is rich and creative.

Boyd Haley