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Starting in July 2018, Vaccination News will no longer be manually updating the news because I can no longer afford to do it and I get almost no financial help.  I have tried numerous solutions, including charging $10/yr but even that was too much for but a few people.

To see what the news will look like, scroll down the page to the RSS feed articles.

I welcome the opportunity to continue as before by receiving the necessary funding, so am giving everyone enough of heads up to possibly come up with it.  Costs, including legal and technical fees, are about $20,000/year, most of which I have been covering for many years.

All the best,

Sandy Gottstein

President, Vaccination News, A Non-Profit Corporation

The Archie Tapes

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The Archie Tapes - Uncut and Uncensored (2004)

The remarkable Dr. Archie Kalokerinos and I (Sandy Gottstein) years ago agreed that it was important to preserve his words for posterity once he was no longer able to speak them, and at long last they are posted here.  My dear friends Bill Baker and Pamela Jennings donated their considerable video expertise  and time for this interview. RIP, Archie.  You are sorely missed.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Vaccination News would appreciate being given proper attribution for these tapes.  Our preference is that you only link to the two pages.  However, AT A MINIMUM, we deserve links to the two pages (1,2) in addition to whatever formatting is done on individual sites.  The cost was not insignificant to me, but even had it not been, it is common courtesy.

Archivides "Archie" Kalokerinos interview, Part 1 (includes sound check)

Archivides "Archie" Kalokerinos interview, Part 2

Archivides "Archie" Kalokerinos interview, Part 3

Archivides "Archie" Kalokerinos interview, Part 4

Archivides "Archie" Kalokerinos interview, Part 5

Archivides "Archie" Kalokerinos interview, Part 6

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