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Daily News 2017-08-11

A Few Words on Mandatory Vaccinations (video)

Gov't passes public vaccination bill

CDC Whistleblower Case Three Years Later: Nothing Happening by Dr. Brownstein

Video—As Sanofi plans 70M flu shots in U.S., Ryan Riboldi explains role of new quality facility

Back to the Future: Shalala Takes Away Compensation for DPT Injured Children by Barbara Loe Fisher

Stoking the Culture of Alarmism

VAXXED TV Entire Family Injured (video)

We Are Vaxxed's live video

We Are Vaxxed Dr Suzanne Humphries New Zealand herd immunity #vaxxed #truth #praybig (video)

We Are Vaxxed 4 unvaccinated children who are super healthy #vaxxed #truth #science #praybig #NewZealand

We Are Vaxxed Q&A Te Papa #NewZealand #vaxxed #science #truth #praybig

No More Pricks – Quick Dissolvable Tablet is Set to Disrupt the Vaccine Industry

New FDA-approved Hepatitis B vaccine found to increase heart attack risk by 700%

Lying Australian press and the Vaxxed scandal: what they're not telling you about film producer's visa cancellation by Jon Rappoport

Most U.S. teenagers do not get HPV vaccines to prevent cancer

Still No Cause Found for Mysterious Paralysis in Children - Several, but not all, patients tested positive for enterovirus

Italy Passes Mandatory Vaccination Law

Autoinflammatory Syndromes Induced by Adjuvants: A Case for PFAPA

Philippines reports first H5 outbreak; new events in Laos, South Africa

Aedes mosquitoes entered California years before detection

Rx for healthy life, get those vaccines

Oral Vaccines Market Top Key Vendors, Benefit, Value, Volume 2017 with Status and Prospect to 2022

HPV vaccine lowest in disadvantaged schools

CDC Swine Influenza A (H1N1) Infection in Two Children, Southern California, March-April 2009 Listen to this podcastListen (9:07)

CDC Pandemic Basics

Global Halal Nutraceuticals & Vaccines Market 2017- Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad, Abbott Laboratories, Nestl, Amway, Herbalife International of America

Do Parents Accept Community Pharmacists as Immunization Providers?

For antibiotics, a history lesson may prove helpful

‘Yellow fever mosquito’ came to California via two invasions

Scientists Use Tobacco Plant As Cheap, Scalable Zika Vaccine Factory

Don’t Let Vaccinations Make You Sick: The Interactive Process and Vaccination Policies

Cancer Vaccines Market to Reach $12.8 Billion by 2023: Analysis By Technology, Type, Indication, End Use & Geography - Research and Markets

Cancer and Other Dangerous Diseases Vaccines Could Prevent By 2027

Global Recombinant DNA Vaccines Market 2017 Risk Analysis, Future scope, Choice Modelling and Forecast by 2022

Students entering college require up-to-date vaccinations

Seven Things You May Not Know about Women's Health

Correcting Vaccine Misinformation May Reinforce False Beliefs Instead

Correcting Vaccine Misinformation May Reinforce False Beliefs Instead

News Scan for Aug 11, 2017 - MERS cases in Saudi Arabia; More papaya Salmonella; H3N2v cases in Ohio; Vaccine-derived polio


North Carolina pertussis outbreak grows to 17 confirmed cases

... North Carolina, possibly linked to incomplete vaccinations, has prompted a warning from the Department of Public Health. This year, the department ...

State Agriculture Commissioner Advises Horse Owner to Vaccinate for EEE and West Nile

McMillan and State Veterinarian Dr. Tony Frazier recommend vaccinating ... For more information on public health mosquito surveillance and control ...

Universal Vaccination In Alaska Has Nearly Eliminated Hepatitis A

There is no evidence that links autism to vaccinations, but still the myth persists. Even the US President spouts this unscientific nonsense via (where ...

Back to school boosters: Required and recommended vaccines

They also get a tetanus booster, which has proteus added to it, and then also the introduction of the HPV vaccine. The Human Papilloma Vaccine ...

Rx for healthy life, get those vaccines

After you get a vaccine, your immune system responds quickly to virus ... their Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) booster (recommended every ...

Hepatitis A Vaccination Among The Alaskan Children Nearly Eliminates The Virus

The successful Hepatitis A vaccination has nearly wiped out the virus in the Alaskan children. This vaccination program established in the 1990s in ...

Less than a quarter of Nigerian children complete vaccination — Survey

The report also states that though only one in four children received all recommended vaccines, more children are fully immunised in the southern part ...

Serian continues to record high number of animal bites

A total of 873 people have received anti-rabies vaccination,” said the ... “The total number of vaccinated pet animals so far is 29,784 comprising 22,142 ...

40% of Nigerian children not vaccinated –Survey

The National Immunisation Coverage Survey 2017 has revealed that 40 per cent of the children aged between one year and 23 months are not ...

Correcting Vaccine Misinformation May Reinforce False Beliefs Instead

Numerous studies have disproven the notion that vaccinations cause ... Its authors say public health officials should test pro-vaccination strategies ...

Meijer pharmacies to offer flu vaccinations

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan (WDTN) – Meijer pharmacies announced Thursday they will offer flu vaccination shots arcoss its 235 store in the Midwest.

7 bats in Utah test positive for rabies

“Signs of rabies include obvious changes in normal behavior like ... be tested for the infection to determine if the bite victim needs a rabies vaccination.

Metro Schools: Over half of 7th graders don't have immunizations

Before entering the seventh grade, students need to have the tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis booster, or "Tdap" vaccine. They also need to show proof of ...

Half of Nashville seventh-grade students could be sent home over missed shots

By law, parents must show proof that seventh-grade students got a tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis booster and a second dose of chicken pox vaccine.

Dynavax Gets Ready To Go It Alone With Heplisav-B

... million (at $15 a share), DVAX appears to be positioning itself to ramp up production and marketing of Heplisav-B, its Hepatitis B vaccine, on its own.

Back-to-School Checklist: See your doctor now for necessary vaccines

So far in 2017, Texas has experienced more than 300 mumps cases, making it one of only four states with such high numbers, according to the CDC.

Medical Experts Speak about The Importance of Vaccinations During Immunization Awareness ...

One vaccine ingredient that has been studied specifically is thimerosal, ... Ideally, parents should start vaccines at birth, the first being for Hepatitis B, ...

APC Flag Bearer Aspirant & Their Chances

Throughout the Ebola period, Dr. Kaifala Marah ensured that, salaries were paid and no Civil Servant and/or Public Servant were made redundant.

Skin Cancer Vaccines Now Exist — Here's What You Need to Know

Skin Cancer Vaccines Now Exist — Here's What You Need to Know ... due to the antibiotics ability to fight against infectious diseases (i.e. cancer cells) ... As for the German team, researchers created a proprietary vaccine with RNA.

Inside Arts - Life of adversary inspires local artist

"I grew up with polio and couldn't walk," he said. "I was born with rheumatic fever, polio, and an s-curved spine. I should not (have) lived. At a young ...

Public health lab warns of rabid bats in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Public Health Laboratory is reminding the ... for the infection to determine if the bite victim needs a rabies vaccination.

School is just a week away. Are your kids' immunizations up-to-date?

... met the Missouri immunization requirements for the upcoming school year. ... 3+ doses of hepatitis B and 2 doses of varicella (chicken pox) vaccine.

Back-to-school immunizations encouraged

... de Fijter, ODH state epidemiologist and bureau chief of infectious diseases. ... They also may spread diseases, like pertussis, which are serious or ...

6 books on science Mark Zuckerberg thinks everyone should read

Zuckerberg wrote that public-health workers recommended "On Immunity" to him, given all the science in favor of vaccinations. As vaccines lead to ...

Florida's cat overlords deny access to dog registration data

At first, I was told that the Florida state law requires a rabies vaccination with the animal owner's name, street address, phone number, and animal tag ...

Seven bats test positive for rabies in Utah

NEVER handle a bat with bare hands. The bat may have rabies and must be tested to determine whether the bite victim needs rabies vaccination." ...

Don calls for renewed efforts to reduce child mortality

The don canvassed further investment in the local production of vaccines for immunisation as cost effective measure to prevent diseases among ...

College Station hosts Doggie Day at the Pool

To participate, dogs need to be older than four months old, be on a leash, have proof of rabies vaccination and be accompanied by at least one person ...

SC rejects CCI order against GSK, Sanofi

The two companies were accused of colluding in bids for the Quadrivalent Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccine in tenders floated by the Union Health ...

Rotavirus Vaccine Cut Kids' Hospitalization, Medical Costs

10 in the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society. "Our findings confirm the sustained impact and effectiveness of the rotavirus vaccine ...

Principal resigns overr anti-vaccination issue at Perth school

... the delivery of the education that is anti-vaccination,” she said. “Steiner schools take the responsibility to pass on public health information seriously.

Anti-Vaccination Movement Going to the Dogs?

Some believe autism could be a possible side effect of pet vaccinations, even though autism has never been diagnosed in a dog. (There is no ...

Ministry of Public Health, with UN agencies and donor support, strengthens efforts to protect ...

Beirut, August 10, 2017 – The Ministry of Public Health announced today the acceleration of Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) provision to all children ...

Rotavirus vaccines reduce diarrhea hospitalizations in kids

A recent study suggests the rotavirus vaccine is effective at reducing ... other childhood vaccines, such as diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis, ...

How to take your dog on holiday

They need a rabies vaccination before travelling anywhere, along with a tapeworm treatment before coming back into the UK. Tick treatments need to ...

Fledging drone technology bringing medicines to remote regions

Several companies are working on drone technology to deliver medical supplies, including rabies vaccinations in Rwanda and blood in Switzerland.

Pet of the Week: Prince

Owners must show proof of current rabies vaccination. For more information on the Doggie Dip and pet adoption, visit the shelter's website here.

Cancer and Other Dangerous Diseases Vaccines Could Prevent By 2027

Ebola virus, according to Healthline, causes fever and excessive bleeding, which are often life-threatening. It's transmitted from animals to humans, ...

Free and low-cost vaccination clinics set in Southwest Washington

Children who do not meet all school vaccination requirements can be ... do to protect their child's health,” said Brianna Dannen, public health nurse.

Family Welfare Deptt to be made more vibrant, result-oriented: Bali Bhagat

... rules, evaluation and monitoring of national immunization programme (Pulse Polio), regular disbursement of salaries to the employees, especially ...

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

They not only protect vaccinated individuals, but also help protect entire communities by preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases.

Bioterrorism threats require common global experimentation oversight, expert says

“The eradication of smallpox was one of the world's great public health triumphs,” ... on the planet and people no longer have to be immunized against it.” ... However, bioterrorism and other ongoing threats to public health for more ...

More than 30 groups come together to form HPV Vaccination Alliance

According to the new HPV Vaccination Allicance urgent action is needed to address the fact that the number of girls getting the HPV vaccine has fallen ...

Plymouth dispenses Vaccine Group

University of Plymouth created a new spinout, Vaccine Group, on Tuesday to commercialise vaccines for use in infection control and for diseases that ...

39 Sarawak samples taken from animals test positive for rabies

39 Sarawak samples taken from animals test positive for rabies ... the vaccination effort to undergo medical checks and to be given the anti-rabies jab.

Cholera vaccines less effective for children under five: study

"Yet for years, these vaccines have not been widely available, have been fairly expensive for broad public health use and have been associated with a ...

Liberty, Fairness and the 'Contribution Model' for Non-medical Vaccine Exemption Policies

Liberty, Fairness and the 'Contribution Model' for Non-medical Vaccine Exemption Policies: A Reply to Navin and Largent. Alberto Giubilini.

Vaccine funding must continue — the health of American children is at stake

hen it comes to saving lives and minimizing health care costs, vaccinating children against infectious diseases is one of the most cost-effective public ...

Polio survivor takes to the track

The 66-year-old contracted polio when he was just three-years-old, a viral infection that can cause temporary or permanent paralysis which affected ...

Genetic risk factors for autism may affect family size

Age effect: Men and women at genetic risk for autism tend to become ... The study suggests that variants linked to autism also affect whether and when ...

Be aware of new immunization law for Pennsylvania students

Students enrolling in seventh grade need one dose of Tdap if five years has elapsed since the last Tetanus vaccine and one dose of Meningococcal ...

Measles scare: Perth Waldorf school agrees to on-site vaccination clinic

An alternative private school at the centre of a measles scare in Perth's south has agreed to have a Health Department vaccination clinic on-site.

New findings support decision not to use FluMist vaccine

... Division and one of the authors of the new study, told Infectious Disease News. “When the virus was killed in the inactivated vaccine, it worked.

Polio Vaccine Market – GSK, IPOL, Bibcol, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck & Co, Bio-Med

Global Polio Vaccine Market Report provides detailed analysis of Polio Vaccine market, enclosing detailed study of Polio Vaccine market for last few ...

Call for a new global plan to defeat meningitis by 2030

The latest data available (2015) suggests there were approximately 380,000 deaths caused by meningitis that year around the world. Over one million ...

Rabies zone declared in Trang after cows die

TRANG - A rabies outbreak zone has been announced in Yan Ta Khao district after eight ... The remaining cows have received the rabies vaccination.

Mid-Michigan counties beating state average vaccination rate

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends at least a 95-percent vaccination rate, which is considered the threshold necessary ...

Hepatitis Vaccine Market – GSK, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck & Co

Global Hepatitis Vaccine Market Report provides detailed analysis of Hepatitis Vaccine market, enclosing detailed study of Hepatitis Vaccine market ...

B&C Hospital to commence swine flu treatment in Jhapa from Friday

It may be noted that the government has not been able to arrange swine flu vaccine from its level as it is expensive. The hospital's executive director ...

'Annabelle: Creation' With Talitha Bateman Is Classic Horror And A Creepy Delight [Opinion]

Even at age 15, Bateman gives a stellar performance as the delicate and polio afflicted orphan Janice. Not as strong as the other girls, it is Talitha ...

Romania's Government adopts draft bill on vaccination

According to the bill, the categories of compulsory vaccinations are: ... who, through the nature of their activity, are exposed to infectious diseases.

Near-record number of confirmed flu cases in Queensland

Mr Dick said Queenslanders could still take steps to prevent themselves from getting the flu, including getting the vaccination and staying home from ...

MR vaccine to launch on Aug 17

Hyderabad, Aug 10 (UNI) The Measles-Rubella (MR) vaccine will be ... Measles is a highly infectious disease and of the major causes of death or ...

Rotavirus vaccines continue to reduce diarrhea hospitalizations, medical costs in US kids

Rotavirus vaccines continue to reduce diarrhea hospitalizations, medical ... MD, formerly of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at ...

B&C Hospital starting treatment for H1N1 virus from tomorrow

The pathology test for the swine flu is relatively expensive and sample ... not been able to arrange swine flu vaccine from its level as this is expensive.

Polio Vaccine Market Strategy Analysis 2017 To 2022

Global Polio Vaccine Market Research Report 2017 to 2022 presents an in-depth assessment of the Polio Vaccine including enabling technologies, ...

Hepatitis Vaccine Market Research Report 2017 To 2022

Global Hepatitis Vaccine Market Research Report 2017 to 2022 presents an in-depth assessment of the Hepatitis Vaccine including enabling ...

FDOH: Back to school vaccines important

FDOH: Back to school vaccines important ... Local county health departments statewide are providing free immunization services for eligible ... polio, varicella (chickenpox) and hepatitis B. Students entering college should check with ...

School immunizations go up after law takes effect

Opponents believe vaccinations lead to autism and other disabilities. Under the new state law, personal belief exemptions were abolished; however, ...

Be prepared for back-to-school; get your children vaccinated

"The widespread availability of vaccines has been cited as one of the ten great public health achievements, and we want to be sure people are ...

Rotavirus vaccines continue to reduce diarrhea hospitalizations, medical costs in US kids

The estimates, from a new study published in the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society, provide additional evidence for the substantial ...

Rotavirus vaccines continue to reduce diarrhea hospitalizations, medical costs in US kids

Following the start of routine rotavirus vaccination in 2006, diarrhea hospitalizations decreased by between 31 percent to 55 percent from 2008 to ...

Research report explores the conjugate vaccine market size 2017 to 2022

The product landscape of the Conjugate Vaccine market Pneumococcal, Influenza, Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis, Meningococcal. Each product has ...

Pennsylvania in focus: Pennsylvania lawmakers want you to help pay for $2 billion budget gap

The law used to allow eight months for kids to get all their shots. ... students entering 12th grade now need an additional dose of meningitis vaccine.

Nigeria: Measles - 140 Cases Reported in Taraba - Official

About 140 cases of measles have been reported across 10 local governments in Taraba state, an official said. According a statement, Innocent Vakkai, ...

Measles: 140 cases reported in Taraba ― Official

“Government had embarked on a massive measles campaign with more personnel trained and deployed to ensure wide and effective coverage,” he ...

Camp provides special summer for those with special needs

... age while gaining some important life-enhancing skills. Members of the media were invited Wednesday to Camp Awesome at the Autism Society of ...

TOMORROWLAND, TODAY | Area inventors, entrepreneurs embrace the high-tech age

Meet Ricky, a self-learning therapy “dogbot” serving children with autism. Ralph Morin, who lives in Malibu on the county line, is Ricky's Geppetto.

Low-Cost Immunization For Students

Classes are about to start and local clinics are offering low cost immunizations for students.

Hospital will face trial after allegedly firing workers who refused flu shot

A North Carolina hospital will have to go to trial over accusations it terminated employees who refused to take a flu shot based on religious grounds.

Free film addresses cancer from HPV

Health officials recommend boys and girls get vaccinated against HPV at age 11 or 12, but the vaccine can be given to children as young as 9.

Merck inks pact Baylor College of Medicine to advance vaccine research & development for ...

... Center for Vaccine Development (Texas Children's CVD), to advance vaccine research and development for neglected and emerging infections.

A Tale Of Two Vaccines

Before the HBV vaccine was approved in 1981, one in 20 children under the age of ... Evidently, HPV vaccine coverage segregates along economic lines. ... at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology in Taiwan.

Govt doctors handling with swine flu cases under risk

Various resident doctors in government hospitals treating the swine flu patients are at high risk of catching the infection, if they are not vaccinated ...

Why Your Daughters (and Sons) Need the HPV Vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that young adolescents (ages 11 to 14) receive two doses of the HPV vaccine, ...

Fall Natick Common Guide Now Available

There are peer support groups, flu vaccination days, a Red Cross blood drive and a chance to hang out and eat bagels with the Board of Selectmen.

Parents told to ignore 'fake news' over teen HPV jabs

The Gardasil vaccine protects the body against the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is a group of 170 similar viruses that are spread through ...

Nursing home run by HSE failed all but two standards in inspection

... children's and women's groups is urging parents to disregard the 'fake news' about the virtually non-existent side-effects to the HPV vaccine that can ...

Invitation to Participate in Short Survey on Immunization-Related Capabilities in EHRs

We are writing to invite you to participate in a short, four-question* survey regarding immunization-related capabilities for electronic health records ...

Chandigarh: Another boy passes out after MR vaccination

Meanwhile, an official statement from UT read, “Day 4 of Measles Rubella Immunisation Campaign in UT Chandigarh, 35 schools were covered by the ...

Health officials urge children to get vaccinated before school begins

For parents of incoming college students, Texas colleges and universities require vaccinations against infections like meningitis. Consult your ...

Robot uses UV light to tackle dog flu

"Back in 2014, when the Ebola outbreak happened this system was used in Dallas in order to help disinfect the rooms where the Ebola patient was.".

A polio-free country

Although the government is expected to take adequate steps to fight against polio, it is also equally responsible for providing safety to polio workers.

Enforce 'no jab, no pay' at schools: AMA

Vaccinations are mandatory in Australia under "no job, no pay" laws, which block parents who opt out from receiving various child care payments.

Back to school: Does your child have all legally required vaccinations?

“Although all immunizations listed in the Publicly Funded Immunization Schedule are recommended, specific immunizations are legally required for all ...

Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVAX) Stock Move Reflects Expectations

Their product pipeline targets a variety of infectious diseases, with clinical vaccine candidates for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and Ebola virus ...

Deer Park to waive pet adoption fees at event

"We're offering half-price adoptions, provided the new pet owner covers the cost to have them spayed/neutered and to get a rabies vaccination," she ...

'False HPV vaccine claims putting 19000 lives at risk'

It is a “national scandal” that 19,000 girls missed out on the HPV vaccine last year because of a misinformation campaign, a rights advocate has said.

Measles-Rubella campaign from August 17

Hyderabad: The Centre for World Solidarity (CWS) on Wednesday conducted awareness programme on measles and rubella. Religious leaders who ...

Measles-Rubella campaign from Aug 17

Hyderabad: The Centre for World Solidarity (CWS) on Wednesday conducted awareness programme on measles and rubella. Religious leaders who ...

Measles cases in state up seven-fold since 2012

Ahmedabad: After a significant dip in the first half of a decade from 2007, from 2012 onwards measles, caused by rubella virus is making a comeback ...

Immunizations: What Does My Child Need?

There's new immunization requirements for Washoe County students. Elaine Cudnik with Renown Pediatrics, explains what all parents need to know.

Back-to-school preparations include vaccinating children

California law requires students to receive certain immunizations in order to attend public and private elementary and secondary schools, as well as ...

Alaskan vaccination program nearly eliminates Hepatitis A

Universal vaccination has nearly eliminated hepatitis A among all age groups in Alaska, according to a study presented at the World Indigenous ...

Vaccine program in Alaskan Natives eliminates acute HBV, early HCC

The Liver Disease and Hepatitis Program, which includes universal newborn hepatitis B vaccination and mass screening and immunization, has ...

Hepatitis A vaccination for Alaskan children has wiped out the virus

Hepatitis A virus (HAV) vaccines were licensed in 1995 and recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice (ACIP) for routine ...

Study shows universal vaccination has wiped out hepatitis B and associated liver cancer in ...

Study shows universal vaccination has wiped out hepatitis B and ... and acute symptomatic HBV infection as a public health threat among AN children.

Study shows universal vaccination has wiped out hepatitis B and associated liver cancer in ...

Updated research presented at this year's World Indigenous Peoples' Conference on Viral Hepatitis in Anchorage, Alaska, USA (8-9 August) shows ...

Immunization rates up as school year approaches

California law says children need to be immunized if they aren't already. Immunization rates for kindergartners are up to 94.7 percent in San Diego ...

Immunization rates up as school year approaches

SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - It's back to school time. California law says children need to be immunized if they aren't already. Immunization rates for ...

Meningitis vaccine required for students

“There's no grace period with the state,” said Blunt, but students who aren't immunized by the first day of school can be put on a provisional certificate ...

Fact Check: Do vaccines cause autism?

As millions of students around Texas prepare to start their first day of the new school year, there's one obstacle that must be addressed unequivocally: ...

Take advantage of affordable rabies vaccinations

More than 90 percent of all animal cases reported annually to CDC now occur in wildlife; a shift from the 1960s. Vaccinations have practically ...

August is National Immunization Awareness Month: Ensure a healthy future

Back-to-school season is here. It's time to make sure you and your children are up to date on their vaccines to limit various illnesses.

What's Happening: Music on Main Thursday; immunization clinic set

The Butte-Silver Bow Health Department will have back-to-school immunization clinics from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 25 W. Front St. Details: 406-497-5020.

What's Happening and Calendar for Aug. 10, 2017

The Butte-Silver Bow Health Department will have back-to-school immunization clinics from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 25 W. Front St. If you have questions ...

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